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Six Brothers Construction was built to reunite a family and heal a painful past. So far it’s opened to rave reviews. But the youngest sibling is about to discover that the right woman can shake even a rock-solid foundation . . .

Wyatt Thorne was so traumatized by his mother’s abandonment he didn’t speak until he was six. At 26, he’s still the quiet type—strong and silent, most comfortable with a hammer in his hand and work to do. But the reassuring rhythm of his life is interrupted when his brother Beckett decides to pay forward their unused office space to a needy start-up. Enter Rhia Hollis, flighty, impulsive, and outspoken—everything that drives Wyatt crazy. Only this time in the sexiest, most irresistible way . . .

Rhia is determined to disprove her reckless, party girl image by making her new company, Seize the Day, the premier event planning firm in Raleigh. She has big dreams, and the Thornes’ offer of a free command center is a huge help. But Wyatt’s gruff, stubborn resistance to her presence is an annoying hindrance. They’re as different as night and day, yet when they begin to meet in the middle, the sparks fly hot. Is this a case of opposites distract—or the beginning of a beautiful long-term project? . . .

229 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 18, 2018

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About the author

Lee Kilraine

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Lee Kilraine lives in the pine woods of North Carolina. When she isn't typing away on her computer with her golden retriever, Harley, destroying something at her feet, you might find her on her front porch swing plotting her next book while guarding her garden from the local gang of deer. She has a weakness for dogs, bacon cheeseburgers, red wine and Alpha heroes. She loves reading and writing stories with a HEA and if they make her laugh...well, that's perfect.

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September 5, 2018
This author has an amazing way of spinning a yarn that keeps you totally hooked and turning the pages. This is the first book of hers that I have read. If this is any indication of what is hidden between the covers then call me hooked. I am so in. Her humor during some of the tense and delicate moments is so real of a lot of people who get nervous so it made it feel real.

She makes you see that families are real and go through horrible times. They come out on the other side too. Yet, there are families who appear to have everything yet really have nothing when they can bully a loved one in order to get them to adhere to their way and not be their true selves.

She takes these five alpha brothers and shows their underbellies where the marshmallow oozes with the love for one another but for others that have gone through what they have also. They give back by paying it forward in their community. Yet, she truly shows each of their deep gut-wrenching scars too.

This book is centered on Wyatt Thorne the baby of the Thorne family. The one who was two when his mom left them all with their abusive drink drunk father. It wasn’t until nine when they were all put into the foster care system. They have all been reunited except for Ryder and they won’t feel complete until he is back with them or they at least make contact. But Beck the eldest has made sure they all got back together.

They started Six Brothers Construction. Where there is Beck, Gray, Ash, Eli, and Wyatt. Ash is only part-time due to being a professional hockey player. They did however just find out that they have an even younger member of their family a sister, Hope. So, they are in the process of finding her with a PI.

They have offered a grant for a year's free rent of office space right there in their building at their site. A way to pay it forward. The lucky winner is Rhia Hollis like Wyatt twenty-six. She has started her own party planning business and not having an office has been hard doing business.

Rhia has a lot riding on this she needs to prove herself to her family. You see everyone but her is in the science field. So they have all made her feel less than. She has never been able to do science or interested in it at all. Their IQ is way off the charts hers almost doesn’t register. She is creative. So, one her first day she finds out there is a fire so she’s bunking with the Jude Law look-alike brother for a little while. No biggie.

Well for Wyatt it’s a biggie. Until Wyatt sees Beck’s face and how stressed he is and finds out about the fire at Sam’s (Beck’s girlfriend’s place.) He knows he needs to suck it up. With his OCD that is not going to be easy for him but he will try. See all the antics and fun stuff that Rhia can get herself into from bunnies to porcupines. I give this: 5++++ stars. Provided by netgalley.com.

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September 6, 2018
Book 2 and I am so in over my head with these brothers! This is Wyatt's story and what a story it is!
Rhia is the youngest in an overachieving, driven, mensa gene pool family. Rhia inherited none of those family traits. Rhia is a live out loud, day dreaming young woman who just started her own business and needs a leg up. The leg up would be from Six Brothers who are offering free office space for a year to someone who needs that hand. Rhia is determined to get her application in, despite her suffering from the side effects of her sisters latest science experiment, one eye swollen shut, can't talk because her tongue is swollen and covered in hives. She shames her sister into driving her to the expo where they are taking the applications and Wyatt kindly helps her through it. They think she's got laryngitis, she's unable to talk, but she's brought along her business plan and paperwork done, she leaves. When the brothers meet to discuss business as the always do, they final review for applicants comes up. Rhia wins the space. Her new business is an event planner. Throwing a wrench into the works the morning she's moving in is a fire as Sam's business, and of course they use the available office to store her things and move Rhia in with Wyatt. Wyatt has rules, a list a mile long and although he tolerates his brothers touching his things, he's very OCD , neat and tidy. Wyatt is the king of that. They have a PI still trying to find their other brother Ryker and have since located a sister they never knew about and we meet her in this book. Hope fits in after a little bit of a crazy start, but seems like she can hold her own with the brothers. This is a good time to say if you haven't read book one, please do. It's a great story and gives you some basic backstory on the brothers. Although that said, with each book focusing on a brother, we get glimpses into a deeper level of their lives. Wyatt was no exception. Wyatt feels like he owes his brothers everything, especially since they put him through college and he's focused on taking the 7 part ACE exam to get his license, his logic is to pay back the guys for everything they did for him by saving them money as well. But Wyatt being around Rhia discovers some things about himself as well. When Wyatt fails one of the tests he blames himself and the his being distracted, sharing space with Rhia and Rhia is out. The space opens up down the hall and Rhia is relegated to her own space. Unhappily so for both of them. Wyatt has learned to open up and in turn he's also allowed her to feel comfortable and grateful she isn't like her snotty family. What a nightmare they are. I felt bad for her. There's a little commotion and Wyatt blows a nut and Rhia is done. I love how the brothers all wager with each other on things that are going to happen or may possibly happen. Money changes hands all the time. Both Rhia and Wyatt get a wake up call. So what does that mean for them and how if at all will it effect their future? Do they even have one? Night and day these two. I loved them together. Sigh. (did I just say that??)
I'm loving this series and will happily read every single book that comes out! Probably my favorite series in a while.
*arc from NetGalley and Publisher for an honest review.*
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September 20, 2018
Give and Take by Lee Kilraine is book Two in The Thorne Brothers series. This is the Wyatt Thorne and Rhia Hollis. I have read the previous book, but I feel you can make this a standalone book if you wish to do so.
Wyatt is a quiet, no frills hardworking man who along with his siblings had a tough childhood. When Wyatt mother left it hurt him so much that he was unable to speak until he was older around 6. So this has lead to him being reserved. Wyatt and his brother's started a construction company to bring them closer by working together and helping each other. Wyatt's brother Beckett took it to 'play things forward' by helping a start up business by offering a office space for them. Rhia is working on settling down her party girl ways and move forward with starting her own business, Seize the Day a planning event company. Wyatt and Rhia are so different as in oil and water...but sparks are flying. Once they start getting past their difference they start to find their feelings are getting real.
Enjoyed this book!!
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September 22, 2018
✦Review: GIVE AND TAKE (The Thorne Brothers) by Lee Kilraine https://wp.me/p3d0RZ-aT6
Publication Date: September 18, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna
Rated 5 Stars

I loved this novel and the Thorne Brothers. Wyatt was quiet and a bit fastidious – Rhia was a free spirit and a little quirky. I loved that neither one went to a stereotype or overboard on their personalities. They were both real and relatable – then you add in the brothers, and you have a place you want to move in and stay. Their easy banter and fierce loving loyalty tugged at me. I smiled, chuckled and teared up while reading this lovely romance. Sweet and sexy and a joy to read. Now I’m going to purchase book one in the series and look forward to the next one.

*Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Kindle $3.99 https://amzn.to/2xndfBw
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1,211 reviews81 followers
April 16, 2019
I picked up this book because it sounded fun, and it's nominated for a RITA. Now, Give and Take is diverting, but I can't really call it the best of romance. The author's writing style is breezy and does pull the reader in quite well. I could almost get sucked in without noticing how bonkers some of the plotting was. Almost.

So here's the premise: Rhia Hollis is the flighty and supposedly irresponsible member of her rather accomplished and academic family. She is in the process of starting an event planning business, except that she doesn't seem to have much of a business plan or many ideas on how to run her business. She was a good thrower of parties in college, though. What could possibly go wrong here? Stay tuned.

For reasons that never seemed fully explained, the Thornes are running some kind of contest to let a startup business occupy an extra space in their office(Six Brothers Construction.) Helpfully for the advancement of the plot, Rhia is the winner even though she is not totally prepared to give her pitch. In fact, she can't even talk when she gets there.

Once Rhia moves in, it turns out that...events... have caused a need for Rhia to share the office with Wyatt Thorne. Wyatt works hard in the brothers' construction business and he likes to stay on plan and organized. He's worked hard to overcome a difficult childhood and flightiness is not his thing. Yet Rhia does get under his skin.

Oddly, while I found Rhia profoundly irritating particularly in the first half of the book, I did enjoy seeing her effect on Wyatt. Sparks really do fly between these two, and that was one of the upsides of this book. In addition, the author does do a good job of showing Rhia's feelings of inadequacy in the face of her hyper-accomplished family. Because of these strengths, there were plenty of scenes in the book that I enjoyed.

However, just as I started to get invested in the emotional journey of the characters, something would happen to take me out of the story rather than drawing me more deeply into it. Rhia's flightiness would be too extreme or something completely bonkers would happen. Like, why is Rhia's "genius" sister using her as a human guinea pig and brushing what sounds like anaphylaxis like it's no biggie? I did enjoy this book at times, but it felt a little uneven to me.
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4,353 reviews56 followers
October 9, 2018
4 Stars

Give and Take is the second book in the Thorne Brothers Series by Lee Kilraine. I have loved Ms. Kilraine’s Cates Brothers series, so when I saw this pop up in my feed I knew I had to read it too. Even though this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a standalone without missing part of the storyline. Although it has definitely quirked my curiosity about the other characters, so I will absolutely be going back to get books #1 and #3 too, so I can catch up with this series. I really enjoyed this sexy, well written and erotic, contemporary romance. It had a really great pace and was so quick and easy to read. I zipped through it in an afternoon. I have found that Ms. Kilraine has a talent for writing complex, quirky and endearing characters. She is a great storyteller who easily pulls her reader into the story.
Wyatt Thorne is the strong silent type, which is understandable considering his traumatic childhood and the fact that he didn’t speak for the first six years of his life. But he has his brothers, and together they have formed Six Brothers Construction. Wyatt puts his architectural skills to good use in the brother’s venture. He’s organised, and a bit of a control freak- so when his brother offers some of their office space to a struggling business he’s got no choice but to come to terms with the perky, free-spirited and quirky woman who comes with the arrangement- and she is set to drive him crazy- but will it be in bad, or good way?
Rhia Hollis has a lot to prove, not just to herself, but to her overachieving family. She has a reputation as a party girl, so she’s determined to make a success of her Event Planning Business. The new office space is just the boost she needs. But working in an environment with Wyatt will test perky attitude, because he seems to be quite resistant to her being there. These two are complete opposites, but we all know what they say about opposites attracting. What ensues makes for some great reading!
The ending was great, and Ms. Kilraine wrapped everything up brilliantly.
I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series.

Thank you, Ms. Kilraine!
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1,738 reviews30 followers
July 17, 2018
+++ Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review +++
A light, fast-paced read with very funny moments and very lovable characters, “Give and Take”, by Lee Kilraine, is the second book in the Thorne Brothers series and we can glimpse wonderful stories about these siblings’ lives.
Wyatt and Rhia are good for each other, such opposite personalities but both gentle and kind. Rhya is a great female character, extroverted, bubbly, talented and full of life. Her kindness and supportiveness of Wyatt is great to watch. Her only problem is that she sells herself short; and her family, which sometimes seems a caricature.
I found Wyatt less interesting than Rhia; I was expecting a quiet and reserved hero, and we are told about his muteness during childhood, but little of that remains. Still, he’s honorable and dependable; his tenderness and protectiveness of Rhia, the OCD tendencies and the bond with the kitten made him a great hero too.
I loved the strong bonds between the brothers and sister, their different personalities and interactions, how they look after and take care of each other.
I’m looking forward for the next stories, especially Ryker’s, the lost brother.
I'm grateful to the publisher, Kensington Books/Lyrical Caress, and NetGalley for providing a free copy
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1,935 reviews3 followers
October 17, 2018
GIVE AND TAKE is Book 2 in the Thorne Brothers Series and I think it would be helpful to read book 1 just to understand the amazing dynamic that takes place in this family. If you don't have time - that's ok because you will still enjoy this one.

The author does such a fantastic job of giving each character individual traits while keeping the main thread of relationship going along. This series is building off each siblings experience growing up and how they now contribute to the family and world around them.

I think the author handles what could be sensitive subjects with a grace that allows the reader to stay immersed in the story and feel the feelings but not want to throw the Kindle out the window (or perhaps that's just MY experience). This book is full of humor (omg the first scene had me chuckling so hard) and heart and romance and sweetness and just over all goodness.

I originally rated this book as a 4 and then as I started writing the review, I thought I WOULD gift this book to a friend or buy it for myself at a signing so I've changed it to a 5.

I absolutely recommend this author, this series and this story.
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3,826 reviews79 followers
February 6, 2019
I love this family! They are all so dysfunctional and sweet! Wyatt is the quiet one in this bunch of alpha males, but when he gets saddled with a talker for an office mate he is going to have to learn how to speak up for himself! Rhia is a right brained, creative social butterfly in a family of scientists who treat her like an alien. In order to stop the constant stream of blind dates and annoying phone calls from Rhia's family, Wyatt steps in as her pretend boyfriend. Along the way he decided she also needs an advocate to counteract all the negativity from her family. I just love how Rhia and Wyatt start figuring each out and pushing each other to figure out how to be happier with their lives!

***COMPLAINT -- Wyatt never named the cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!****
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1,440 reviews15 followers
July 8, 2018
Within this one story you have humor, witty banter, wry dialog with a truly smart edge to it, I was thoroughly engrossed from page one. The author demonstrated just how well she excels at her craft with her ability to pull the reader into the lives of her characters. Bringing the story to life through the eyes of her characters transported me into story...the emotions were palpable, every movement portrayed so realistically. I have become a true fan of Ms Kilraine’s writing.

This ARC book was complimentary, provided by the Publisher and NetGalley. I am voluntarily providing my honest review.
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Author 33 books155 followers
September 20, 2018
Lee Kilraine just keeps getting better and better. She knows exactly how to write families that work together and are close and fun. But she can also pull the emotion from you. This story was another great example of an interesting couple who shouldn't have worked but absolutely did. Opposites in every way, they came together and combated their differences while eliciting feeling and making you cheer them on. Can't wait to see more from this series.
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5,055 reviews37 followers
November 11, 2018
Loved it! These Thorne Brothers are a fight knot group and as the youngest of the brothers Wyatt has a lot to live up to. He likes his world quiet and orderly. That gets blown up when his brother agrees to let party planner Rhia Hollis share his office space. She's loud, chatty, and total chaos. Everything that normally drives Wyatt nuts. So why is he so attracted to her?? Don't miss this book and entire series. I highly recommend.
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3,336 reviews12 followers
October 17, 2018
Give and Take by Lee Kilraine a four-star read you will want to take away with you. This was a great story and I plan on going back to read the first story in The Thorne Brothers series before moving on to the next chapter as this was great. Rhia was a brilliant character, she was the perfect compliment to Wyatt and his crazy hotness/urrggness. There was a great easiness to the story and a flow to the words that made it an easy read, I felt a little light depth may have mad the overall story a little better, but I have high hopes that once I go back and read the rest it will get better and better.
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1,120 reviews15 followers
October 16, 2018
Give & Take is is book two in The Thorne Brothers series by Lee Kilraine. My first read by this author. It's just the beginning of something beautiful. I was impressed beyond my wildest dreams. Elation at finding yet another epically talented author was an emotion that I became very familiar with. I don't know where they get all this talent. My talent can fit into my pinky nail. I am forever thankful for the time, effort and heart that goes into these stories. I just can't get enough of them.

Now about this mind blowing cast of colourful characters the endlessly entertain with this hilarious antics, amusing idiosyncrasies, and never ending awkwardness, attractiveness and sensuality. I was constantly laughing, but this story was so much deeper than what I could ever have imagined from the beginning, and gave me so much more than I could have possibly dreamed of. Wyatt was a deep and tender hearted man that shouldered doubt and insecurities. His family was his support and Rhia the very one he never knew he needed. Rhia had her own set of troubles, but was so seriously entertaining, I could read about her for years. On paper, they were polar opposites. In reality, there could not be a more perfectly imperfect couple. Give & Take was pleasure personified, and The Thorne Brother series is a must have addition to my library. 5 stars.
4,591 reviews15 followers
September 22, 2018
Rhia told her sister Steph that she had assured her this trial had no chance of failure. Steph said just because she was showing signs of an allergic reaction didn’t mean her experiment was a failure. Rhia had tried teaching for two years but Rhia just wasn’t made for teaching. Rhia had a double major- in English and Business. Rhia had been the event planner in her sorority, that is how she came up with the idea if starting an event planning business- Seize The Day. Rhia had never fit in with her brilliant Hollis family. But that hadn’t stopped her from trying and disappointing everyone especially herself. There was a Pay It Forward office space being giving to one person for a year. Today was the last day you could apply for the free office space at the SBC booth.. Rhia couldn’t even talk thanks to ehr allergic reaction so Steph had to do the talking, she said Rhia was there about the chance at free office space and Steph used the excuse of laryngitis why Rhia couldn’t talk for herself. The men at the booth were gorgeous. The men were brothers- Gray, Eli, and Wyatt Thorne. Wyatt offered to walk Rhia through the application and Rhia had never met anyone eluding such calmness as Wyatt. The brothers owned Six Brothers Construction Company. Wyatt was going to his first college friend’s first child first birthday. Wyatt had known Brian and Sarah since his first week if college. Wyatt liked quiet, order, and neat. Gray told him the party would be none of that. The brothers had been brought up by an abusive alcoholic father and their mother had abandoned them and the foster homes some good, others not so good. Three of the brothers were commitment phobes. Wyatt had a goal and a tight timeline to accomplish it.Wyatt’s number one goal was to pass the Architect Registration Exam- ARE. Wyatt had no time for a girlfriend and he had no social life. Wyatt couldn’t count all the things his brothers had one for him from taking a beating that was supposed to be his, to raising him , to finding a way to put Wyatt through college. The crappy childhood manifested itself in a few not so great neurosis and hangups. So you could say each Thorne brother was a tangled up emotionally closed off hot mess of a human being thanks to their parents. But lately what Beck- another brother-had went through made the brothers realize they didn’t want to keep letting their pitiful excuse for parents steal anymore happiness from them So they pushed each other out if their safe, isolated barbed wire spaces they had each escaped to. There was still one brother out of the six to be found- Ryker. Rhia grew up in a family feeling she was an exchange student trying to live with a host from a foreign land. She was the fanciful, daydreaming right brain girl in a family packed with left brain Mensas. Rhia was tired of being an outsider looking in. Rhia got a phone call from Beckett Thorne and she got the Pay It Forward business space for a year. Not having to pay rent on an office was just what Rhia needed right now. `Then Monday Rhia was to move in and ended up having to share an office with Wyatt.
Excellent book and I loved it I didn’t want to put this down. I loved how the author handled the child abuse and neglect. I was happy the way the brothers excepted Hope had a good childhood with their mother instead of being bitter for what they had went through. I loved how close all the brothers were and didn’t give up finding their brother Ryker even after ten years and they accepted Hope saying she needed a week to decide about Ryker as she was protecting him. I loved Wyatt and Rhia together and how they interacted and I was rooting them on. I hope the author does a book on Ryker and Hope and I get to read them. I chuckled at different times while reading this also choked up at different times. I happily couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book. I loved the plot and pace. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
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October 16, 2018
Give & Take is Book 2 in The Thorne Brothers series from author Lee Kilraine. These books are a part of a series but each one can be read and thoroughly enjoyed as a stand-alone. This author doesn’t disappoint with her incredible storylines and captivating characters. I cannot wait to see what other great stories I can read from this author, and what else she will bring to this series.

This book was amazing. It had everything you needed to make this an amazing read that I was unable to put down and had me hooked from the first page. The two characters Wyatt & Rhia in this book were captivating to read and loved everything about them. They both are independent, determined characters that both have some issues impacting their future. You can’t help but root for them and hope they get a HEA.

Wyatt & Rhia have an undeniable connection from the get-go. Both of them have a way of getting into a deeper part of the other, Rhia had a way of getting under Wyatt’s skin, yet it impacted his life in a way neither of them knew, and Wyatt had a way of impacting Rhia’s life in a way she always hoped she would get from her family. They have a brilliant banter that you can’t help but have a continuous grin on your face. This book has made me smile, laugh and even let a few tears slip, but it made this book even more brilliant, captivating.

Rhia & Wyatt brought out the best in each other, and I loved seeing Wyatt’s walls break down and go from the quiet and brooding to quiet and brooding and excepting all the things that drive him mad about Rhia and actually having fun, relaxing and being himself. Rhia was the complete opposite to Wyatt in so many ways yet that made them the perfect match! To see the support and encouragement he gave her when others didn’t, really made Rhia understand and realise she should believe, and pursue what she really wanted.

I loved the secondary characters in this book and can’t wait to read how their stories unfold - picking one of the Thorne brothers to be my favourite would just be cruel, but I loved their relationship with Wyatt and even how they immediately welcome Rhia.

This is a brilliant read that should not be missed! I highly recommend this book - I cannot wait for book 3 in this series to see who’s story we get to follow and hope this isn’t the last we read of Wyatt’s & Rhia’s story.
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1,327 reviews16 followers
October 17, 2018
“Six Brothers Construction was built to reunite a family and heal a painful past. So far it’s opened to rave reviews. But the youngest sibling is about to discover that the right woman can shake eve a rock-solid foundations...”

This was my first time reading anything from Lee Kilraine. Now this is the second book in a series, The Thorne Brothers to be exact, but it didn’t hinder my enjoyment of this one that I had not read the first. I will be going back to do so now that I know about it and have enjoyed this one so much. There was a wonderful flow to the writing banter that went back and forth between our two main characters that I just couldn’t get enough of. I hope to find more of that in future couples to come as well.

In this novel we get the story of Wyatt Thorne. He hasn’t had things so easy. In fact he had an extremely traumatic childhood. This led him to live a speechless few years until he was about six. From that age he found the peace he needed in creativity. In creating things with his hands. The solitude it provided him allowed him to come out of his shell just enough to blend into the world, and start a successful business.

“Fun? Thank you, Wyatt? No. I didn’t sign up for this. It was bad enough we had to use my office for meetings, but this- this sharing an office with a talking rainbow… no.”

Wyatt’s complex but in place life is blown upside down when Rhia Hollis sweeps into it. Fate and his older brother Beckett has decided to put her in his path and he has to figure out exactly what he is going to do now. She is the complete opposite of him; loud and boisterous, and worst of all she never stops talking! The one thing they do have in common is their creativity. Rhia is a party planner and starting up her party planning business.

“Seize the day.”

So if these two are such opposites and forced to work in such close spaces for so much of their time what will happen? You do know what they say about opposites attract? For all those juicy details and more you will have to pick up this little gem for yourself and read for yourself…

“Then since you know more about me than I apparently know about myself… tell me, Rhia, what does feed my soul if not architecture?”
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949 reviews28 followers
October 10, 2018
Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers #2) by Lee Kilraine was a okay read that has those good feels and some good chuckling moments.

My first read by this author and for this series, they read as standalones so no worries about reading out of order. This was a fun, light heart read that had me sort of hooked. I'll tell you why, it just felt like something I've read before that and, there was just something bothering be about our female MC.

I've read a lot of these types of books this year, and you start to see a pattern. And as much as the writing is witty and the feels are good, I just wasn't fully sucked into the story. There was this far-fetchedness to it that just kept pulling me out. Our female MC Rhia, she was a good character, but at times I felt like she was, too much, just a little. I didn't care much for the way her family acted especially her older sister. Maybe because I come from such a supporting family, that I just don't get how people that are suppose to love you just, are so disapproving and mean. I didn't like the the way it was implied that Rhia wasn't as smart as the rest of her family. I mean, starting a business, an event planning one, isn't anything to laugh at. Rhia is just as smart as her overachieving sister/family. She just using her brain and intelligence in a different, more creative way, and there's nothing wrong with that.

As for Wyatt, I liked him very much. He had this spark and really stood out. I don't want to call him a alpha, because though he showed those cliché's, he also didn't. He is what kept me reading, I loved it when it was his turn to tell the story. I think if this whole story was told in his POV, it would have been just... bamd! Just my opinion. Or maybe even starting with him, instead of Rhia.

Overall this book is as I said, a fun, witty, light heart read that is packed full of good feels, frustrating moments and all that romantic drama we romance lovers crave. This books gets my high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-E.A. Walsh
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August 25, 2018
Review also found at https://kristineandterri.blogspot.com...

** I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!**

This is the second in the Thorne brother series and let me tell you that I love the Thorne brothers. I was excited that this second installment followed the first so closely. It allowed me to spend more time with the brothers without forgetting how much I enjoy them. I can only hope the third book is released as fast. I would recommend starting the series at the beginning as there is a running plot throughout the series thus far and you would be missing out if you started with this one.

I have a soft spot for the somewhat nerdy, quiet type male lead. Wyatt was this to a tee, albeit a very attractive quiet nerdy type. I was a goner as far as he was concerned right from the beginning. Then pair him up with his extreme opposite and you know there will be fireworks. Rhia was someone who would probably annoy the crap out of me in real life yet perfect for this story. Someone who could get under Wyatt's skin and stay there.

In comparison to the first book, which I really liked, this one had amped up the humour factor. I found myself giggling the whole way through the story. For such an unlikely couple, Rhia and Wyatt really worked for me.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this book and the series thus far is the underlying theme of the importance of family, sticking together and facing life as a team. The bond between these brothers is the biggest charm for this series and is what makes me want to keep coming back for more. I don't know who the next story will feature but the groundwork is there for my favorite series from Kilraine so far.
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October 22, 2018
Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers Book 2)
By Lee Kilraine
5 Stars

Lee Kilraine knocks it out of the park with this fab book! Give and Take is an opposites attract book. From her witty one-liners to the steamy romance. This book delivers it all!

Wyatt Thorne is the quiet brother. With his mother’s abandonment, Wyatt was severely traumatized and it took a lot for him to get back on track. He loves his job and the quiet rhythm it provides to steady his life. But a helping hand his brother delivers to Rhia shakes up his world more than he is comfortable with.

Rhia has a reputation for being reckless. And yes, when she was younger that was true. But she has grown up and now wants to prove that she has put that recklessness in her past. A helping hand from one of the owners of Six Brothers Construction is just what she needs to get her new business off the ground. But opposition in the form of Wyatt Thorne is not making it easy. His annoying ways make her want to do reckless things. Can Wyatt learn to appreciate the quirks and outspokenness of Rhia and see what she is hiding inside? Can Rhia get past Wyatt’s gruff exterior and help heal his wounds and show him that a little recklessness can be good for the soul?

I really enjoyed reading this book. The chemistry between the main characters was awesome. The witty banter and one-liners made for great reading. The sub-characters were also enjoyable and fun to get to know in this book. Ms. Kilraine gives us complex and well-rounded characters that make them easy to love. The book had a good pace and was very quick and easy to read. Although this is book 2 in this series, it can be read as a stand-alone. But with such wonderful characters, I will definitely be buying books 1 & 3! Highly enjoyable. I recommend everyone pick this up and add Ms. Kilraine to your favorite author’s list!
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April 16, 2020
Great fun book about opposites attract.
Rhia Hollis is fun loving, eccentric, colorful, friendly, kinder hearted. She loves to rescue animals but in the eyes of her family, she wasn't enough.. All of her family were smart, geniuses without empathetic nor sympathetic gene on them. They constantly ridicules her for being flighty and not settling down and they keep setting her with all these geeky man. (Her parents are really bad.. ) Finally she decided to be party planner but nobody in her family supports her nor thinks it's a real job.
Wyatt borderlines OCD. He likes order, rules and silence until he had to share a office with Rhia. She loves colors, brings strays and noisy. He needs silence to study for his architecture exams but she is not helping.
They did not have anything in common. He was beige and she was rainbow. However, Wyatt's brother's really warms up to her and they really loves her personality. Wyatt never opens up to anyone until he slowly opens up to Rhia.
Rhia wanted to prove to his family she is better and Wyatt wants to show his appreciation to his brother by becoming an architect. Both wanted to prove to their family in a different way. When Wyatt started seeing what has been happening to Rhia, he decided to help her to stop the calls to annoy her.
That's a start for both and they do enjoy each other company and they will be helping each other in more ways than they imagined.
Will Wyatt finally find all his siblings and Rhia's paretns will finally see her for who she is.
I loved Rhia, Wyatt and all his handsome brothers. I didn't read the other ones but I can't wait to read about other Wyatt brothers. I loved how Rhia didn't quit and keeps on going.
Thanks to Netgalley and Lyrical Press for ARC in exchange for honest review.
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October 9, 2018
Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers)
By: Lee Kilraine
5 out of 5 stars

The story Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers) by Lee Kilraine is an amazing book that I loved reading. It hooked me in from the very beginning and I didn’t want to put it down until I had read the final page. It is a story that is humorous at times and also romantic as well. I loved reading about the characters of Wyatt Thorne and Rhia Hollis. Wyatt is a man that likes order. He is focused on his goals in life and doesn’t have the time for a social life. He is not one looking to commit to anyone. Then he meets Rhia. Rhia Hollis has always felt like an outsider in her own family. She is outgoing and has a wonderful personality and character. She is determined to make her new business a success. With the Thornes’ offer of a free command center, she has found herself right in the path of Wyatt. These two seem to be as different as night and day. There, however, is a spark between them and they are constantly distracted by each other. Will opposites attract? There is electricity in the air when these two are together and a connection being formed between them. Will they find that they are meant for each other? Will their attraction/feelings for each other lead to something more between them? Read this book to find out. I loved how Wyatt and Rhia interact and banter back and forth. These two have a chemistry together that is off the charts. There is dirty talking and steamy scenes included in this story. I also enjoyed reading about the other characters you are introduced to in the book. I loved how family is important to Wyatt and how the bonds between him and his brothers is a strong one. This is a wonderfully written story and one that I would highly recommend reading.
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October 20, 2018
Give and Take is the 2nd book in The Thorne Brothers Series by Lee Kilraine. There are 6 Thorne brothers and I’m sure that each will have their own book. Although the series revolves around the 6 brothers and their construction company Six Brothers Construction, each book can be read as a stand-alone. I hadn’t read the first book and did not feel that this hampered my enjoyment or understanding of this book.
The six brothers had an awful childhood and spent most of it split up and living with foster parent. They set up their company as a way of them all being together.
In Give and Take we have the story of youngest brother Wyatt. Wyatt feels that he owes his brothers so much as, being the youngest, he was shielded from much of the horrific life they lead. He is training to become an architect as this would save their company a lot of money and he feels that this is his way of paying his brothers back. When the brothers decide to help out a new company by giving them office space, we are introduced to Rhia Hollis. Rhia is everything that Wyatt is not. She’s loud, full of fun and a total scatter brain. It’s a match made in hell. She’s the family black sheep in a family full of scientists and she’s trying to prove to her family that she can be a successful business woman.
I loved reading Rhia and Wyatt’s story. Their interactions when they have to share an office are hysterical. They could not be any more different if they tried. I also loved the interactions of Wyatt’s brothers. The way that they do everything to get a rise out of him is so endearing.
I was gripped to this story right from the very beginning. I adore the characters in this book and really want to read the rest of this series to see what the author has in store for the rest of the brothers.
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October 22, 2018
Give & Take by Lee Kilraine was definitely a 5 star read for me. I have never read anything by this author but, I was hooked from the very beginning.

Rhia Hollis is flighty, impulsive and outspoken but, she’s awesome. I loved her character.
Six Brothers Construction is offering free office space to one lucky person starting their new business. Rhia is the lucky winner of that generous offer. She is to have an office within their building for one year rent free!

The morning Rhia shows up thinking she has her own office she is given space inside Wyatt’s office. His seems to be the largest and all the meetings are done there so what’s the big deal if Rhia is given a desk In the corner??? Well Wyatt is very controlled...likes quiet, and is studying to become an architect. Slowly but surly Rhia and Wyatt end up becoming friends.

Rhia has a large family but she has never been good enough for her parents. She was a teacher for a bit and has now become a party planner. No one in her family stands behind her.
Wyatt is the youngest brother who had a real crappy life growing up and feels like he owes everything to his older brothers.

Wyatt doesn’t understand how family can talk down to their own daughter as much as Rhia’s family does. He’s sick of all the calls coming in that Rhia ignores because she knows it’s her family, he’s sick of the strange men showing up at the office with hopes going on a date with Rhia. Wyatt agrees to pose as Rhia’s new boyfriend. Can Wyatt and Rhia actually help each other in the long run? Can something that starts out as a major annoyance actually turn into something great?
I really enjoyed reading this book and hope to read more on the brothers from SBC
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October 19, 2018
Give and Take by Lee Kilraine is the second book in the The Thorne Brothers series and follows the relationship of the youngest Thorne brother Wyatt and the colourful Rhia.

Wyatt is a quiet, orderly man, so when his work space is invaded by a young women who has been given a chance to have an office rent free for a year within the offices of the brothers construction company, the only problem is the office is in use and she will have to share with the quiet, serious brother.

Rhia has been always been the black sheep of her family, she has tried all sorts of jobs but now has started her own business as a event planner. She applied for the grant from the Thorne brothers to be able to have office space rent free for a year which would be a great help to her as she is short on funds at the moment but did not expect to be sharing an office with the bland, serious brother Wyatt.

As the story goes on you get to see the dynamic between Rhia and Wyatt grows throughout the story and it becomes a great chemistry. I loved the character of Wyatt as a main role, he was not a alpha male but a sensitive soul with a big heart and a loyalty to who he loves and respects. I loved the slightly scatty character of Rhia, especially as she had a poor relationship with her family and that Wyatt saves her in the end. The story was great and this story can be read as a stand alone, but as this is the first story I have read by this author I would love to read the first book relating to Beck and Sam's story. I would also love to read the other books in the other series Lee has written also.
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October 21, 2018
Give and Take by Lee Kilraine is book two of the Thorne Brothers Series. This book can be read as a standalone, which I did, but I get the impression you get more background on some of the other characters I’m book one so I suggest reading book one first.

Rhia isn’t like the rest of her family and she’s well aware of that. All she wants to do is prove to them she can be successful even if she doesn’t follow their chosen career path. For that reason, she is determined to make her business thrive. Step one is free office space which is how she meets the Thorne brothers and most notably Wyatt. Wyatt is quiet and is quite particular about things around the office. When he meets Rhia, she is the exact opposite of him and it truly grates on his nerves. Soon however, he realizes he quite enjoys her outspoken, colorful personality. Will Wyatt be able to step outside his perfectly constructed box and let Rhia into his life or will he keep everything tidy and Rhia at arms length?

I truly enjoyed this book. I was pleasantly surprised with the fun banter and I even got a good laugh a couple of times. Rhia knows who she is and for the most part, she’s not afraid to embrace that. Her family isn’t always in her corner and that was so frustrating to witness but she pulls herself back up and takes care of business. Wyatt had a bit of growth throughout the book as well. At times his growth was subtle but it was still nice to witness him making some changes even if he didn’t realize it at the time. I love how close the Thorne brothers are in the book. The relationships were so fun to read. I’m definitely going to read book one and see what I missed!
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September 16, 2018
Book 2 in The Thorne Brothers a series about 6 brothers who didn’t have the best of childhoods growing up but that hasn’t stopped them in fact it’s made them stronger they protect each other and are loyal to anyone who gets close to them and in Give and Take we get Wyatt Thorne’s story.
Wyatt was so traumatised as a child he never spoke til he was six but now he has found solitude in his job he loves nothing more than using his hands to create things and is very happy working alone in his quiet office well that’s about to change because his older brother Beckett had a great idea of paying it forward and giving Rhia Hollis free office space for a year problem is because of a couple of issues with other office space that means she will be moving into a corner of Wyatt’s office.......
Rhia is the complete opposite to Wyatt she is a Seize the Day type of girl she loves nothing more than working with music playing in the background and she will talk the hind leg of a donkey.......
Can Wyatt keep his OCD and sanity in check whilst dealing with the fun loving Rhia who has just invaded his space and will both of them want to move forward with the instant attraction between them well I guess you will need to one click this book if you want to find that out. I love this family and I love this authors style of writing she is not afraid to bring in subjects some authors steer clear off her characters have chemistry and light funny banter flows throughout the story. Looking forward to the next brothers story.
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September 19, 2018
Give And Take by author Lee Kilraine, is a funny and slightly emotional romance. This is the second novel from her series The Thorne Brothers, and it can be enjoyed as a standalone. Together, the Thorne brothers own a turnkey construction business, and each book focuses on one of the six siblings. This story is about Wyatt Thorne, the youngest brother and architect for the company. Wyatt also has amazing woodworking skills and his creations are painstakingly beautiful. Wyatt believes he owes his brothers everything, and as a result, he never rocks the boat.

Rhia Hollis is an event planner that wants to be a writer. Her family is composed of scientists and doctors, so she is the "odd woman out" at all times. Since she is not in the family business, she receives no support of any kind from her parents or siblings. In fact, she was extremely lucky her parents paid for her business degree, since they deemed her major to be entirely inferior. Her struggling business gets a huge boost when the Thorne's grant her free office space for a year. Sharing an office with Wyatt ends up being the greatest thing to happen to the both of them.

Wyatt and Rhia are a wonderful couple and their idiosyncrasies truly compliment each other. Their sexy times are hot, both in and out of the bedroom. The relationship between the Thorne brothers is truly unique, and their ability to lead fulfilling lives is an inspiration. Overall, a solid read.

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
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October 20, 2018
“Give and Take” brings an even more interesting brother. Wyatt has had a rough childhood and has lived with the trauma most of his life. He likes order, control, he has OCD. But here comes Rhia Hollis with her “Seize the Day” start-up business and that means chaos and bye-bye silence. Wyatt’s life is turned upside down and there is no chance to make it right.

Again, we have the most interesting couple and the most interesting personalities. The background story becomes more interesting with every chapter in the series. If we know already about a missing brother, we find out about a younger sister. There is something happening at every page. I am in love! Honestly, the way the elements of the story unfold and the way everything comes together is fantastic. But when you think you’ve figured it all out, guess what? You’re wrong.

Rhia is universes away from what Wyatt needs. But she is also what he needs to start living a little, to start distressing and to appreciate the beauty in all the chaos. They need to find that common frequency, in order to come together. They are so beautiful and they have those sparks around them all the time.

The series gives you more than one reason to stat the next book. We know something about every brother and we want to see each one in their respective books. But we also want to know what happens to the family. And I want to know what other amazing personalities the author creates. She is amazing and this series just gets better and better! Read it, it’s amazing!
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