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The ‘True Love’ Solution

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Jules Madigan loves his family and he loves his job. The only thing he’s missing out on is a Happy Ever After, like the ones written by his favourite romance author Ewan Byge. While he’s waiting for that HEA, Jules indulges himself in buying Ewan’s old typewriter as memorabilia – before realising he’s been defrauded. Through the fraud case, he makes friends with Police Constable Leonard Edgar – and through Leonard, Jules even gets to meet and work with Ewan Byge Himself! But the course of True Love never did run smooth, and soon Jules has to face some harsh realities.

136 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 1, 2016

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About the author

Julie Bozza

31 books281 followers
Ordinary people are extraordinary. We can all aspire to decency, generosity, respect, honesty – and the power of love (all kinds of love!) can help us grow into our best selves.

I write stories about ‘ordinary’ people finding their answers in themselves and each other. I write about friends and lovers, and the families we create for ourselves. I explore the depth and the meaning, the fun and the possibilities, in ‘everyday’ experiences and relationships. I believe that embodying these things is how we can live our lives more fully.

Creative works help us each find our own clarity and our own joy. Readers bring their hearts and souls to reading, just as authors bring their hearts and souls to writing – and together we make a whole.

Julie Bozza. Quirky. Queer. Sincere.

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February 10, 2016
The 'True Love' Solution is a quirky read. I enjoyed the very Britishness of it. The first few chapters drew in, but as the story progressed, I became more and more annoyed not just with Jules, the MC, but with the trajectory of the plot.

Jules, who's just turned 30, loves romance novels and, more than anything, wants to find The One and get his own HEA. He's obsessed with the work of one romance writer, Ewan Byge (pronounced "by" as Jules will tell anyone who'll listen).

When it turns out that Jules had been scammed when he purchased a piece of Byge memorabilia, a fraud case is opened and Jules meets the police constable in charge of the case, Leonard Edgar.

I enjoyed the story until Ewan Byge entered the picture, and Jules began chasing Ewan while completely dismissing poor Leonard. The plot deteriorated to a weird sort of love triangle, with Jules as the main player.

I had no idea what Leonard saw in Jules, who was flighty to a fault. I certainly felt no chemistry between them.

The steam was nonexistent; there are two brief scenes, one of them between Jules and Ewan, which was rather random and unnecessary.

Some of the banter between Jules and his foster sister Jem was bizarre rather than funny. Jules' dad, Archie, and Leonard were my favorite characters in the book.

Even when Jules finally "picks" Leonard, it's by default. I don't think he ever saw Leonard at all.

Ironically, this book has no HEA, just an abrupt HFN. I'm giving this one a low 3 stars because the writing is strong, and there were moments of humour and sweetness.
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February 5, 2016
4 stars

Jules is just like you and me. He reads a lot of romance and needs his Happy Ever After. When he gets a chance to meet his favourite gay romance author and there's an attraction between them, he thinks this is the romance he's been waiting for and that he'll finally get his own HEA. But, as avid romance readers, we, of course, know the man who's really right for Jules and we get to follow along until Jules also figures it out.

This was a delightful, sweet and very British romance. One thing I really loved was Jules' relationship with his father, Archie. Probably one of the best father/son relationships I've seen in gay romance.
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February 2, 2016
Talk about the worst case of being starstruck and therefore completely blinded leading to missing out on what’s right in front of your nose!!! Well yes, this is the case for Jules. Let me start however with Jules himself. Jules lives with his father and adopted sister in London. A complete hodgepodge of mismatched characters in every way but I love how Julie makes this work and you get to feel the love a family has together from Jule’s adoring and caring father Archie, his sassy and audacious adopted sister Jemima and of course Jules himself. All different but make up a happy little trio due to the love they have for each other; this is Jules’s family.

Sorry, I’m sidetracking…....so back to Jules. Jules practically bursts onto stage from the word go after opening the book. To say Jules is camp would be an understatement - lol - he is positively screaming and so flamboyant, he’s right in your face immediately. However, don’t get me wrong I mean this positively as he is seriously adorable. He meets every gay stereotype that was ever invented but after a while we get to see that he is a very caring and tender soul who believes in nothing more than finding The One and his own HEA with the man of his dreams.

He is the biggest romantic soul on legs and loves his romance novels. He is a complete fangirl for his favourite author Ewan Byge and buys memorabilia online. HIs most favourite novel being The ‘True Love’ Solution.
“There were romances to be read, and therefore all was right with the world.”

I think we can all appreciate that sentiment. However, the trusting soul that he is, he is soon scammed by a shady internet dealer and this leads to a police investigation, enter PC Leonard Edgar. Leonard is your typical caring detective. Yes, he actually cares about people being ripped off, however it soon becomes apparent that he probably cares a little too much for Jules and his case. A little more than professional distance would allow, therefore Leonard still plays the cool cop much to his detriment if you ask me. Due to the investigation Jules is the introduced to Ewan Byge personally. HAHA - oh my did I laugh as I could just imagine the look on Jules’s face when he enters the meeting room with Ewan Byge sat there personally. I could feel him squeeing underneath but as it’s at work in his accountancy firm he has to try and remain professional and keep things together. Yes, Jules has it bad, is starstruck and is completely giddy. Ewan asks Jules to become his personal accountant.

However, as soon as Ewan arrives on the scene I immediately got the slimy vibes that this person is shallow and a bit of a user. He may write romantic novels with HEA’s but he certainly doesn’t abide by what he writes as Jules believes. This is where Jules is taken for a second ride. Deceived online by a shady dealer and now about to be deceived again in the love department by a scummy git for an author. Geez, this was so frustrating! To see Jules blinded by his awe for this author and not see what is in front of his face and that is the adoration from a caring detective who would do anything for him. Everyone could see this, myself, Archie and Jem. They even try to tell him this through subtle and less subtle means which had me laughing too at times as the one thing Jemima isn’t is tactful. She definitely doesn’t beat around the bush and just lays it out there whether you like it or not. But there is also a deep love and caring there for Jules too.

Well, needless to say the disappointment once Jules has his rose tinted specs knocked off his nose is big but waiting in the scenes is the ever patient and caring police constable Leonard Edgar. In many ways they are polar opposites but together they compliment each other perfectly. It takes Jules a while to realise this but Leonard's patience pays off and Jules gets his romantic HEA with The One. Now we can all sigh.

This book has no big angst factor, no biting your nails, no heart breaking break-ups, big tear jerking making up or reunion scenes and no broken characters. It is light on the erotic but thoroughly entertaining as it focuses more on the characters, and what wonderful characters they are too. I was in immersed in this book from the beginning and thanks to Julie’s wonderful writing was introduced to another set of vibrant, lovable characters.

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February 29, 2016
I am frustrated by how this book went. I loved the premise of the story, but the execution was not good. It was a strong beginning, Jules wanted the whole romantic notion of being in love. He wanted the happily ever after, he is a true romantic at heart. Jules is in love with a very known romance author Ewan Byge pronounced like “Bi” that was the explanation in the book. I love that Jules was super fan, he brought memorabilia from the author, went to conventions, he basically day dreamed and swooned over the author. An unfortunate event leads him to Constable Leonard Edgar and his dream guy Ewan Byge.

Right there is when signals got crossed for me. The double love interest didn’t work because I feel like someone was getting the short end of the deal. I don’t blame Jules for being invested in one guy more because he had this notion in his mind from the beginning. I really liked Leonard, even thought some things were known about himself, but I felt like Leonard was so selfless about this situation. He wasn’t bitter, he was patient and that truly showed character. I don’t even Ewan but there wasn’t a connection outside of Jules mind about him. If anything he should have been a supporting friend and basically nudge in him the direction that was best for Jules. That’s in ad ideal world I guess. It kinda went uphill when I started reading it, and this drastically dropping like a roller coaster. The romance was a C class character in between everything else that was happening. It didn’t go how I would have imagined. FFS, I felt like Jem & Archie had to push Jules to see Leonard. That’s not how a true romantic should act in my opinion. I lost my connection with the story. My favorite thing about this book was Archie. I love seeing supportive parents in novels. I didn’t lose hope with this author, I’ll continue to read her work. This just wasn’t for me.
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Author 72 books2,484 followers
July 26, 2021
A short, warm, sweet but not too sweet story that left me with a smile. Jules is a ray of sunshine, sharing a house with his foster sister and the dad he adores, working a job he likes and can mostly do from home, but there's still a little shadow in his life. He's a huge romantic, (with a fan-boy crush on a favorite author) and there's no one special in his life.

His decision to spend more money than he should on a piece of author memorabilia, leads him to an encounter with fraud, a dedicated and attentive cop, and to a meet-up with his favorite author in the flesh. The outcome wasn't any kind of surprise, but the path there was fun and the characters were great.
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February 27, 2016
I needed to read something like this. Something that has a strong loving family, a character who loves to read romances and adores authors. It is also set in London which is of course the best city in the world, expensive but brilliant!

So I really enjoyed the simplicity of this story about Jules who is a working from home accountant who goes into the office once a week and works from home the rest of the week.

Let me explain my enthusiasm for working from home. You can stay in your PJs all day! You can have as much tea and coffee and other goodies as you like. There are no noisy or irritating colleagues. You can sleep until you are just about to start work. You do not have to take the tube, train, bus, car etc etc to work. You are at home when the parcels arrive. You get to work undisturbed in blessed silence. Oh yes! I have been there!

So I love Jules because he is a home worker who loves gay romances and cares for his Dad and his foster sister. Plus he knows how to cook. What's not to love about Jules?

Jules longs for real love and his own HEA but he enjoys life and very much enjoys collecting author memorabilia until he is defrauded. And it is this fraud that brings him into the path of his beloved favourite author Ewan Byge, and also into the path of the earnest and quietly determined Constable Leonard Edgar and then the fun begins!

There are two candidates for love but which one is the solution?

Look out bumpy road to love ahead!

Jules has to learn the meaning of true love for himself. And of course this isn't an easy lesson for any one, least of all a somewhat nerdy, idealistic, gullible accountant.

But he is also loveable, kind, hopeful and giving and this is why he is eventually able to reach out and hold on to the love solution that is just right for him.

I enjoyed this story. No surprises there because so far I have enjoyed everything I have read from Julie Bozza. Thankfully I have a few more of her stories to go but Julie you need to write more stories and write faster!!

This is a lovely story which is touching, gentle, beautiful in its simplicity but very realistic.

And it is going onto my list of exquisite reads for 2016!

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January 5, 2023
Nifty premise: Jules, a very gay accountant, adores the romance novels written by Ewan Byge and of course crushes on Ewan himself as well. On eBay, he buys the last page of the manuscript of his very favorite of Ewan's books; then the seller contacts him to offer other purported literary memorabilia, including the typewriter Ewan's publisher has obliged him to trade in for a laptop. Needless to say, the typewriter sale is a con.

What do you know, the PC investigating the swindle, Leonard Edgar, is a darling. And what do you know, in the course of the investigation Jules gets to meet Ewan and spend a fair amount of time with him. May the best man win, etc., and it is no kind of spoiler to say that it's Leonard, who is handsome and thoughtful. Whereas Ewan is ...

See, that's the thing, that's where I was baffled. I think we're supposed to see Ewan as a self-centered jackass, and we see him being self-involved and also, at a critical moment, pretty much chickenshit. But he also speaks eloquently at the conman's trial, and is it really Ewan's fault that Jules has some wishful notions, derived from Ewan's books, about his attitude toward love and romance? I'd be inclined to think he's just meant to be a complicated person, but Jules expressly compares him with George Wickham in Pride and Prejudice. As it happens I just listened to an audiobook of P&P (performed by the brilliant Adjoah Andoh!), so Mr. Wickham is fresh in my mind. And, damn, he is a nasty piece of work.

Then, to confuse me further, there's the character of Jules's foster sister, Jem. She and Jules are repeatedly presented as close and as loving each other dearly, but I wanted to bitch-slap that girl every time she opened her mouth. She calls Jules an idiot for being taken in by the scammer, which would be mean enough regardless but of course he already feels like a fool -- so why so unkind, supposedly loving sister-type person? This is not the only time she calls him names or just generally takes an impatient and unkind tone with him. I liked Ewan better.

Jules's family also has the dreadful habit of Treacly Nicknaming. Archie, the father, calls Jules "Jewels" and Jem "Gem," and the nicknames Jem uses for Jules when she's not being a jerk toward him are so awful that I have already shoved them down the Memory Hole.

The workings of British criminal law will amaze and astonish US readers accustomed to a carceral state. I had to take a breath, honestly: imagine, not every crime calls for a dozen years in maximum security. (Er, of course, if you're a man charged with sexual assault the carceral state might as well not exist, but whatever.)

3.5 stars, because there are some genuinely funny asides (I hope Julie Bozza cuts loose with the wit sometime!), because everyone should get points for careful editing and proofreading, and because though this book didn't work for me, I think it will for a lot of people. I'm not damning with faint praise when I call it sweet.
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December 11, 2016
I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

After buying the final page from his favorite romance novel, Jules is contacted by the seller offering him the chance to buy the typewriter that it was written on. When after a month the typewriter hasn't arrived Jules decides he has been scammed and contacts the police.
Leonard is the officer in charge of his case.
However, through the case Jules also meets the author Ewan Byge and is attracted to him.
Luckily, Ewan shows his true colors after being confronted by the scam artist.
I was rooting for Leonard all the way through. When the HEA came, it was a little quick for my liking but satisfactory.
A great cast of secondary characters with Jules' dad and foster sister.
An easy to read book which I read in one sitting.
A new author for me and I will read more from her.
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March 4, 2017
Mixed bag; stuff I liked and stuff I didn't like. I liked all the scenes with Jules, Archie and Jem. I liked Jules' infatuation with the author and his books. And I liked how he developed a friendship with Leonhard.
I didn't like the way his 'relationship' with Ewan developed. I didn't like that the 'Bad Guy' had no name. I didn't like the rushed final chapters.
Overall the first 60% or so gave me a good feeling, whereas the final 40% or so something was wanting.

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November 30, 2016
REVIEW @Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

3.75 stars

I discovered Julie Bozza in the Butterfly Hunter series and fell in love with her style. That’s the reason I soon jumped into the chance at reading The ‘True Love’ Solution. What I particularly like of this author is her way with words, she can always bring me into real and at the same time dreamy worlds. This is exactly what I felt with this last story.

I have to say Jules was my favorite, he has passion and a lot of love and care to spread around. How he loves his dad and his sister was deep and unconditional and this feeling flew easily to me thorught all the story. And he’s a greedy reader of romance, especially by his favorite author. And just this passion will lead him to be fraud, meet the cute Leonard and the same author in person.

Although I quite enjoyed the characters and the writing a lot, I’m not a fan of love triangle and that’s the reason why I’m not giving The ‘True Love’ Solution a higher rating. Even if the interest between Jules and Ewan never actually evolved and Jules and Leonard weren’t together yet, it still felt to me like he was betraying Leonard and the potential HEA I was waiting for.

The cover art by Natalia Bratslavsky is well done, I have to say I like all the covers by Manifold Press, plus I love flowers.

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December 17, 2016
A free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

This is a cute, sweet, low-steam book. The hero, Jules, is the most kind-hearted, earnest, and oblivious MC I've come across in a long while -- a true case of TSTL. I wouldn't have been surprised to learn that tiny woodland creatures help him with his chores around the house. Jules is a true romantic, and in particular he loves one author, Mr Ewan Byge (pronounced like Bi, as we are told far too often), so when he has the opportunity to purchase some memorabilia, he eagerly does so, even if it is more expensive than he ever would have imagined spending. Unfortunately, Jules learns the hard way that these items are forgeries, and what he goes through as a result ends up transforming his life. He ends up meeting two men, the somewhat intense police detective who is investigating the case, and Ewan Byge himself, who learns of the forgeries during the course of the investigation and is sympathetic to Jules' plight.

Before you can say it, Jules is smack in the middle of a love triangle, albeit one he doesn't seem to notice. The person who should win it is clear from day one, but that doesn't really detract from the story. This is a great read if you need something light or have a fondness for Disney characters.
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December 27, 2016
This was a lovely gentle read about a guy, Jules, who mainly works from home, loves romances, and loves cooking who follows authors and is scammed. After being scammed he meets the constable (Constable Leonard Edgar) working the case, but overlooks the potential romance there when he meets an author, Ewan Byge, who he has been obsessed with. A possible love triangle? Well, not quite. ☺

Jules, of course, falls hard for Ewan who isn’t quite a reflection of the characters in his romance novels. In the process, he initially overlooks the patient, caring constable.

When the author, Ewan, shows his true colors, Jules then realizes and ‘falls’ for the constable, who -- I think – he regarded as second best. I didn’t like that. So, they fall in love. No major angst. They get their shaky HEA. Good writing but little steam! Not enough obvious chemistry.

3.5 rounded up to 4 because the writing was solid.

**A free copy of this book has been provided to me by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.**
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May 30, 2017
I won this book in the Goodreads Giveaways a while ago, but only now had time to read it.
I thought it was a very quick read and found it hard to put the book down. I enjoyed it very much, even more so, because the writing (though very different from most authors) felt very familiar to me. I have this friend who also likes to write and I've read a lot of her work, which is atm more a hobby, but could become a career for her I'm sure. While I was reading the book, everything about it made me think of her, even the character's names. So, besides the fact that it is a great book, I also really liked it because of the fact that it reminded me of my friend's writing style.
I've already recommended it to a few people.

Julie Bozza, maybe you have a few tips for my friend, who would like to get published? Your writing styles are so very similar, so maybe you could help her a bit? Maybe you would even like to read something she wrote. It will blow you away, I'm sure, not just because of the similarities, but also because she writes with such spontanious honesty and passion. Her name is Kelly Dilliën. You can find her on Goodreads or Facebook.

I'm happy to have won the Giveaway!
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December 10, 2016
When The ‘True Love’ Solution popped up on my radar I was quite excited to read it. Having read Julie Bozza previously—her Butterfly Hunter series was quite lovely—and enjoying her work, I thought this one sounded promising as well. And, much of the time it was. It had lots of British quirk and charm, which I absolutely adore, as well as a couple of characters I immediately fell in love with. But, at times it was also sort of an exercise in patience. It was one of those, “I wanna hug this guy! Wait…I wanna smack this guy! Ohhhh…yes! That’s wonderful! Wait….Nooooooooo! Don’t do that!” There were some things I really, really liked, and then some things I really, really wish had gone differently.

One of the characters I immediately fell in love with was Jules’ dad, Archie. This guy…I can’t tell you enough how wonderful he was and how much I loved him to pieces. He was one of the best examples of unconditional and just…pure love I’ve ever read. He was a single parent through most of Jules’ life, which made them very close, and has now moved in with Jules and Jules’ best friend, Jem. Archie’s relationship with Jules (and Jem also, really) is solid gold. So, yeah…singing all the praises for him.

Without a doubt, my other favorite character was Leonard. Stalwart, kind, handsome, and sweet on Jules; he was such a catch. I loved his subtlety and how he so obviously respected and adored Jules. And, also how he straight away wanted to look out for Archie. He was such good people. Jules was also likeable for the most part. He was sweet, smart, and fun-loving. And, of course I loved that he loved romance novels. However fond I was of Jules, though, I also wanted to smack some sense into him on a few occasions during the story.

Ok, let’s talk about the actual story. I was completely on board when it started off. Jules was funny and adorable. I loved, and obviously could relate to, his obsession with romance novels. And, I found his infatuation with one author in particular—a Mr. Ewan Byge—to be endearing and fun. I loved that he bought the manuscript page, and how supportive and cute his dad was about it. I didn’t like how weird Jem was about Jules’ choice to buy the page, and then, later, the typewriter. Her reaction over him being defrauded with the typewriter purchase was completely out of left field. She acted like Jules had lost her money, and then immaturely stormed off. So weird. That aside, though, things started off strong in terms of story pacing, and where things were headed.

Then Ewan Byge showed up.

At first I thought it was cool that he was there. He felt bad about it being his item Jules was misled into thinking was genuine, and wanted to help with the case if he could. Great. It was even fine that he was being a bit cheeky and flirty with Jules. No matter that Leonard was already expressing interest…we knew that this was Jules’ “celebrity crush” and that his head would be turned. But, things went downhill for me when Ewan started being sleazy and obviously leading Jules on, and when Jules just blindly went along with it. They even shared an intimate moment that felt so incongruous and unnecessary. I was not a fan of the direction Bozza took things here at all. I get the Pride and Prejudice tie-in, which was even referenced in the book, where Byge is Wickham, and Jules needed to be involved with him in order to finally see his Darcy…but, I still didn’t like it.

I must say, though, despite being unhappy with how Jules was portrayed, and how much of a flake he looked like with the way he “chose” Leonard (I’m using quotes because he really only went to Leonard because Byge turned out to be a shit), I still thoroughly enjoyed the end of the book and how truly sweet they were together. Archie, Leonard, and the strength of the opening chapters and the final chapter saved this one for me.

Reviewed by Jules for The Novel Approach Reviews
116 reviews
March 3, 2017
A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
A great slow-burn romance with a HEA with added Britishness to sweeten the deal.
Firstly, I became interested in this book after reading the blurb, which turned out to be a true reflection to what happens in the book at the beginning. It gets better once the mystery leads us to know the other characters a bit more. I have to admit I was rather underwhelmed by the cover though, quite bland thanks to the publisher's option and making the book look cheap.
I struggled with the first 20% of the book as I just couldn't get to like Jules. To me, he sounded a bit too much, a bit too flamboyant. I simply found it difficult to put myself in his position. But soon enough he grew on me the more I read, I could connect to him more. Having finished the book, I see Jules as a dear friend, an endearing fellow and will miss him. HEA was totally deserved for him and his beloved. Now, onto our two love interests: Police Constable Leonard Edgar and romantic novelist Ewan Byge. Leonard started as the super likeable gentleman and I found myself extremely biased towards him. He is even compared to Mr Darcy almost at the end of the book, how perfect is that? Opposite was Ewan, who as the seemingly ideal romantic guy to Jules sounded like a flirty, bland mess to me only to turn into an asshole by the end of the book. He is even said to be the Wickham of the story by Jules himself!
Other characters of notice were: the unexplored and friendly co-worker Ryan, amazing dad Archie and the undefineable Jem. She was the free-loving, free-thinking female to counter and provoke her brother Jules. Dad Archie turned out to be just the best dad to our protagonist, always ready with a compliment or a much needed push for his son.
The plot was a bit slow due to the details put into the legal process of reporting the scam and how it gets dealt with. It offered a good insight but it made the plot start and stop a bit. That being said, the Britishness of it all and the literary references really added flavor to the book. The initial mystery about the typewriter was all too easily solved, obviously a plot device to get all 3 characters of our love triangle into contact. It broke my heart how both Jules and Leonard never thought they were good enough for the other until the end. How sad was to see Leonard give up on Jules to get his supposed HEA with despicable wimp Ewan. All the little things Leonard does and his interactions with Jules' family were truly adorable and built his character perfectly. The conclusion had a nice setting and took a good while to a get there but it was more satisfying for that very reason. It was definitely a perfect slow-burn romance with a deserved HEA.
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December 15, 2016
A free copy of this book has been provided to me by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. Jules Madigan, the MC in this book loves love. He is seriously enamored of the works of his favorite author Ewan Byge (pronounced by). So great is his devotion he endeavors to make a high value purchase of memorabilia from a seller who had high ratings on eBay. This was a direct purchase and poor Jules has been defrauded. Enter Constable Leonard Edgar who while working on Jules case facilitates a meeting between Jules and Ewan.

As I read this story the song Torn Between Two Lovers kept coming to mind. The story is well developed with a good foundation, steady progression and the kind of ending which just makes you stand up and cheer. The main characters interact well and the supporting characters keep the story going without being overwhelming. As you watch Jules move between Ewan and Leonard you find yourself rooting for one or the other. Personally, I was Team Leonard, but, to tell you why would spoil the story. You are just going to have to read the book for yourself to find out why, and, I highly recommend that you do.

I rarely award five stars but this book had it all: good story, well written, good editing.
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Author 54 books110 followers
February 8, 2016
Julie Bozza always writes a charming story, and The ‘True Love’ Solution is a fine example. Jules Madigan is a sweet character, whose naivete is nicely balanced with his integrity and the love and loyality he has for his family. He’s a bit goofy and easily swayed, but it’s easy to see why he’s of interest to both PC Leonard Edgar, the steady copper who investigates the fraud case, and the glamorous Ewan Byge, Jules’s favourite author, whom he comes to know during the course of a fraud investigation.

The narrative is peppered with references to other works, including Philadelphia Story, from which the title is derived, Jane Austen and even the Harry Potter series.

Julie’s breezy style makes this a lovely light read, and of course the reader will be cheering for one of the men in Jules’s life while Jules is busy being dazzled by the entirely Wrong Man. In that regard, it’s not a matter of wondering who Jules will end up with but devouring the story to find out how he’s going to come to his senses!

The ‘True Love’ Solution has a wonderful, happy cast of characters outside the three protagonists as well. Jules’s father Archie is the dad we’d all like to have, and his sort-of-sister Jem has the slightly abrasive yet thoroughly loyal tough-love that siblings can display.

All up, The ‘True Love’ Solution is a light, fun, gentle, sweet read that dances its sprightly way to a lovely and satisfying conclusion. It’s a perfect pick-me-up if life has seemed a bit dark lately, and a cheerful confection if life’s good and you want to celebrate True Love, even if it does wobble off course sometimes.
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3,434 reviews
September 11, 2017
This is a bit different to the other Julie Bozza's I have read in that the sweeping descriptions that pull you into the place are missing. What we do get is interesting personal dynamics and dialogues.
Jules is a conundrum - both a skilled number cruncher and a flighty young man. He is fixated on an author and gets pulled into an all too realistic scam. As the story is told from Jules's family pov, we get no insight into the thougts of Leonard (the policeman who helps on the fraud) or of Ewen (the author). Though they do come across as the nice guy (Leonard) and the grey guy (Ewen) - there was always something a bit iffy about him! Jules is just oblivious to both really! So the feelings between Jules/Ewen and Jukes/Leonard seem a bit sudden.
Perhaps the relatively short format didn't allow the depths of characters to be examined fully - Jules would be interesting for sure and I feel Leonard has a bigger hidden past!
Anyway, enjoyed. Bit of a lark! 3.5*
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February 25, 2021
This felt rather ’90’s British romcom, which I like, so it worked for me. It doesn’t have a love triangle per se, but we are left dangling up to very close to the end wondering who Jules will choose; however, it didn’t bug me that much, bc I could see why Jules was torn for as long as he was. It was very cute and cozy and I’ll likely reread it when I need a pick me up. (The ending is so good!)
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December 5, 2016
4 Stars!

Jules, Leonard, and Ewan. I hate books where the protagonist spends most of the book with one person and then just a tiny bit of the story with the person they end up with. That drives me crazy because I want to enjoy seeing the main characters together for more than a scene or two.

The writing was very good and the author is definitely talented. I personally enjoyed how the story started off, even if it seemed to drag in a few parts. However, after a while, I started to get highly irritated by the fact that Jules was still hung up on Ewan and not even thinking of Leonard as more than just a nice guy who's there. While this may be a very realistic situation, I don't particularly find enjoyment reading about it. Therefore, the second half of the story dragged on for longer than I felt the need to.

Leonard was sweet and sincere and from the very beginning, just a down-to-earth likable character. I was rooting for him instantly. Ewan, I didn't care for even though he wasn't a bad guy. I just didn't think he was as endearing as Leonard. As for Jules, I spent most of the book flipping back and forth on whether or not I liked him. I questioned his intelligence the whole time and wasn't at all impressed with his infatuation with Ewan.

It's hard to rate a book where you think the writing is very good technically but don't care for the characters or plot. I probably won't be recommending TheLove Solution to friends but the author is someone I'll keep on eye on for upcoming books. She definitely deserves another chance.

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*
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January 4, 2017
This was a family weird book to me. It’s extremely Brittish but that’s not the weird part necessarily. It’s the characters. Jules and his father and sister are a very strange bunch. It’s cute and fun and Jules makes it work the best he can. The fact that he’s chasing the wrong guy for him and the amount of time it takes for him to realize this is a bit strange. But I did enjoy the book very much. Just understand it’s……quarkie.

Jules wants his HEA and he loves books and romance. He’s one of us book geeks and he makes no apologies for it. He will go to great lengths to get a man that will make him happy.

Ewan & Leonard along with Jules make quite a threesome. Not sure that’s exactly what the three want but Jules is determined to have his happy so he’s gonna do what needs to be done.

The end isn’t expected, the beginning was awesome and there is great parts in the middle. Overall there were things I didn’t like but mostly I enjoyed this book very much. It’s different and well written with complex characters.

Highly Recommend!
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January 5, 2017
Jules is a 30 year old accountant living in London with his dad Archie and adopted sister Jem. He's got a great relationship with both of them, but he's a romantic and longs for a HEA of his own like in the romance novels he loves. When he falls for a scam when trying to buy his favorite authors typewriter, he reports it to the police in spite of his embarrassment.

Constable Leonard Edgar is assigned his case, and he's very attentive to Jules, meeting him regularly for coffee to update him on the case, and even helping with some projects around the house. He's rather overshadowed though when Jules meets his favorite author Evan Byge himself, though.

I enjoyed spending time with the main characters in the story, and I like stories about ordinary people like this. I just found it a bit too easy to put down, so I would have like a bit more tension to keep me more engaged in the story.

I was given a copy of this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review.
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March 31, 2016
I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads Giveaway program for an open and honest review. This was a cute story, and a new genre for me (I haven't read anything with gay main characters before). The author did a great job of depicting the dilemmas the main character found himself in as well as the familial dynamics between Jules, his father and his foster sister.
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March 8, 2016
I really liked Jules and loved his dad. I can understand Jules being a bit starstruck and oblivious to his "true love," and I was happy at how things worked out.
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March 28, 2016
Great writing as usual. Lots of humour, but not too much, and several ''aww'' moments, but not too sappy. Very British.
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April 22, 2017
I love Julie Bozza's writing and I love her quirky characters. This book is the exception. The writing was still good as ever and the plot had a lot of potential. I just didn't connect with the MC and his quest for romance. I get why Jules had the crush on his favorite author but I don't understand what the police officer saw in Jules. Jules was mostly disinterested for the majority of the book, choosing to chase his dream of love with his crush. It felt more like the father and sister pushing Jules to see what a good catch Leonard was than anything like true love. Disappointing.
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