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The magic has come back to the Plains. The Warrior Priests are no more. The traditions are changing—too quickly for some.

Joden has only ever wanted to be a Singer, to know all of the songs. When the time comes for his Trials, he is challenged to take the old paths—and it ends in disaster. But his broken heart and broken body are found by Amyu . . . and she knows what it is to live with pain.

Amyu should have gone to the snows long ago, but instead chose to live in shame. Cast out of her tribe, she now serves Queen Xylara and the Kingdom of Xy. Her new mission is to find the key to defeating the wyverns who attack from the sky—but can a girl from the Plains control beasts who soar in the air?

She knows that Joden has been brought to her by the winds, and they do what they will. Their love is forbidden by the Plains, and their dreams pull them in different directions—but together they heal each other. If only they could heal their people, who are struggling with the ultimate goal:

Who will be WarKing?

335 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 23, 2018

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Elizabeth Vaughan

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Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

Elizabeth A. Vaughan is the author of the Chronicles of the Warlands, a fantasy romance trilogy from Tor Books: Warprize (her first novel), Warsworn, and Warlord..

She's always loved fantasy and science fiction, and has been a fantasy role-player since 1981. By day, Beth's secret identity is that of a lawyer, practicing in the area of bankruptcy and financial matters, a role she has maintained since 1985.

Beth is owned by three cats, and lives in the Northwest Territory, on the outskirts of the Black Swamp, along Mad Anthony's Trail on the banks of the Maumee River.

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768 reviews2,184 followers
May 26, 2020
I have read Elizabeth Vaughan’s writing since the very first time I laid my eyes on the Warprize trilogy, and at that time it really only was a trilogy. I was AMAZED, ADDICTED, and ASTONISHED that such a fantasy romance series even existed. By now I must have read the first three books a dozen times. They made me look for similar books, which made me pick up The Golden Dynasty – which started my Kristen Ashley obsession.

So, Elizabeth Vaughan’s books have a special place in my heart. I have them in paperback and ebook – just to be sure I always have them with me. Addicted MUCH!!

Being able to read the last book in this amazing series was bittersweet but also very satisfying. Because it all comes to a closure. Full circle.

Warsong was about Joden’s journey, a singer on his way to his trials, but it also was about so much more. The story continued with side arcs, visited beloved and favorite characters, continued the wyverns arc, and delivered an amazing twist I never saw coming. Joden’s journey and happy ending gave me the happy feel I came to rely one with this author. She gives her characters what they NEED, not necessarily what they want.:D And Joden has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning, so reading about his HEA made me very happy.

This is NOT a book you should jump into without reading book 1-5. Because of it’s detailed world, and many important characters, it’s crucial that you read from the very beginning. The author created an amazing world, a high fantasy that prims with fascinating characters, ROMANCE, and a society that left me wanting more.

Because Warsong is book 6 in this series, I’m not going into detail, all I can say is, if you love high fantasy with a great romance you must pick up this series. The first three books are about my favorite couple, the last three books are about three supporting characters that deserved their own happy ending. All six novels are about one continuing storyline and should be MUST READS for anyone that loves fantasy with a priority on romance.

If you read The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley, you MUST read Warprize, book1.

Find more reviews and book recommendations on my blog.

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2,990 reviews870 followers
February 21, 2023
Warsong is the final installment in the series and my heartfelt so bittersweet upon picking up this book because I just didn't want this series to end and say goodbye to this world. I do know that her other series "Palins" is connected but not sure how it is connected. (so if you are aware of the connection, let me know) Now this is Joden's book but is also the conclusion of the series and what has been building the past couple of books, so to be warned that it has multiple plot lines and POV's. But most of the plot lines are all the favorite characters and their own journey as they come together in the end so I delighted in that. We see many delights from Keir and Lara, Simus, Marcus and Liam, and of course Joden and Amyu. For some part of the book we see Joden's journey into becoming a singer and yeah his trials aren't easy and loses the ability to speak clearly and it was a struggle to see him go through his challenges and this is where Amyu really plays such a vital role. She aids him when he needs it the most, and they find a connection together. Amyu has had her own struggles in life is not being able to bear children and is viewed as a "child" with not much worth in her tribe and is now reduced as a mere servant. The villain in the story "Antas" is building his revenge against Keir and has some pretty evil plans ahead for everyone. Keir and Lara are celebrating their twin's being born. And there is a level of mistrust that unfortunately builds between Keir and Simus due to outside factors and not being able to communicate. And finally, we see Marcus and Liam get their HEA ( I have to say their story is the one I was most looking forward to since reading Warprize. And it was beautiful seeing them come together FINALLY)

Overall I found Warsong to be a thrilling final installment that brings everything to a conclusion with a bit of a teaser in the epilogue and hoping this author will be writing more books in the future. I have found if you love high fantasy then you need these books in your life, they are superb in every way that matters.
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1,011 reviews213 followers
May 24, 2019
4.2 rocky skies stars

A great ending for the Warlands and Palin Series.
(Though I wish I rather re-read all the books because frankly I get a bit lost with the events , it would be better read all the books one after another :P You know, us readers should not be so critical after all with the info-summaries , this time I need it one XD )


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2,094 reviews143 followers
April 15, 2018
4/5; 4 star; A

I really enjoyed this book. It brought a satisfying conclusion to many plot threads that have been developing over the course of the whole series. I can’t review it in the context of a stand alone story because I’ve long been a fan of the series and have read all the books (including the tangential Palins books) more than once. Much of my enjoyment came from seeing long standing characters continue in their development and also from seeing developing understanding and respect between the people of the plains and the people of Xy.

A couple of books ago the predatory wyverns were introduced. A big part of this book is written around one of the characters, Amyu, who is actively seeking answers from the long distant Xyian past that will allow them to combat the wyverns. In the course of that quest quite a few interesting things are discovered, things long forgotten. Amyu, who is considered broken, a child, by her own people because she is barren, really comes in to her own in this story. That was satisfying!

In the meantime, the massive social and political changes put into motion by Keir in the early books have continued to develop and a lot of those converging story lines come to a resolution in this book. I felt like this was a satisfactory place to end the series and was really happy to see several long standing characters find some sort of HEA or even just peace with their lives. My only bit of dissatisfaction would be that the very last part of the book, the Epilogue. It felt a bit rushed and maybe too encompassing in terms of time frame. Other than that, I really loved this whole series and feel that Warsong was a great addition.

I received an advance reader copy of this book from the author for which I am grateful. I don’t often read ARCs for review because I don’t want to feel obligated to say something constructive and nice for a book I didn’t like. In the case of this book, I eagerly pursued the chance to get an advanced reader copy because she is an auto buy author for me. I know for sure I will like whatever she writes and it proved to be true once again. This book comes out next week.
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2,629 reviews194 followers
April 12, 2018
Well here it is finally in what has turned out to be a must read for anyone looking for a fantasy story chock full of romance . This book is exciting, explosive, fast-paced with wonderful characters and a winding plot that will keep you gripped until the very last page.
All the characters we have grown to love are here and I loved that as much as I wanted to stick with certain ones the author cunningly kept switching it up by transporting the action to other factions. Yes that’s Amyu on the cover and of course our favourite would be Singer Joden is about to be tested beyond all measure but as old magic reawakens so too does a more insidious one that threatens the Plains. It seems that war is inevitable as Keir and those who believe in him prepare to fight those who should stand with them . Danger isn’t always where you expect it but hope can be found in the highest and strangest places.
This is fantasy with the most incredible world building and yes romance that pulsates with emotion. I cannot recommend this series highly enough so if you are new to this authors incredible work then please start with Warprize because you definitely won’t regret it.
This voluntary take is of an advance copy and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
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832 reviews269 followers
May 18, 2018
I'm really glad Amyu got to kick-ass as the heroine in this story. The romance between her and Joden was very quick. The plot kept them apart for a lot of the book. The story was great. Complex and high stakes with several players as well as the MCs. I was at 95% and thinking there was another book after this one then everything wrapped up suddenly. It was a little anticlimactic. But I love this series and have picked up the spin-off, Dagger-Star, to start after this.
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949 reviews105 followers
Want to read
March 27, 2021
I started to read this out of series order, but reading previous books is necessary. I plan to read the others and come back to this one.
32 reviews
September 28, 2018
I started this series this year, after reading about it in a review on another book, so I did not have to wait for years to read the last 2 books. It was obvious in WarDance that I had missed some huge event, and assume it must be in the other series of 3 books "Epic of Palin" which I had not read; if this is not explained in those books, then I am clearly missing something really important. At the least, I expected this crucial event to be better explained in WarDance or WarSong, but it was not. The new characters who are likely related to this event made brief cameo appearances, no explanation for their talents. SPOILER ALERT: Right up until the last chapter in this book, I was sure there would be at least one more book with the defeat of the wyverns, unification of the Plains and Xy, perhaps the return of the Sweat, as was hinted by Joden. The last chapter winding that up in a few pages was nice on one level, did not have a cliffhanger and long wait for the next book, but quite disappointing in the slapdash manner in which it was done, as if the author was told she had 5 minutes to finish the book or else. The last chapter had "the end" on the last page, but it was not, because an epilogue was stuck on after "the end" which almost made up for the rush to complete the book in last chapter. The epilogue started out as quite satisfying, until the very last few lines, turning all of the great accomplishments, challenges faced by the beloved characters, blending of cultures with the bonding formed between the major players into ash. So, what do we make of an epilogue where the cultures lived and prospered for generations, then the Sweat came back and "all that had flourished was lost in a plague and death, war and chaos" leading to a new beginning involving "the restoration of the Blood of Xy?" Another trilogy? Completely depressing and unfortunately not a series I can recommend, at least at this point when all that was wonderful turned out to be for nothing. Should have ended the epilogue with the "cheers of the people." Even if the last few lines are really a lead in for the next series, in my humble opinion, Ms. Vaughan could have just started the next series with a chapter on the apocalypse caused by the Sweat, because right now, I am not sure I will read it, if it even is planned; if it is not, then I might just put the rating, for the series, down to one star.
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22 reviews
February 23, 2021
Un digno final para una magnífica serie. Si he de encontrar un pero es en lo apresurado de algunos desenlaces. Y subrayo en el plural porque la autora no ha dejado ninguna historia sin su cierre. O como diría ella sin su principio.
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Author 13 books565 followers
August 4, 2019
I was gifted the WarSong paperback to add to my series collection by the author. The gifting did not determine the review/rating, which reflects my honest opinion. I was hoping for a great partner for Joden, and I wasn't disappointed in the writer matching him with Amyu. What a great conclusion to the series (and if not the conclusion, so much was resolved, I'm not sure where things could go after this). All the open threads were wound up, and I'm satisfied with each of the characters' pairings and choices. The Chronicles of the Warlands series is well worth the read, and the series covers the relationships and challenges of the stand-out secondary characters, too.
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935 reviews18 followers
April 22, 2018
At the time I stumbled across the first book in the Chronicles of the Warlands, Warprize, what might be called in some quarters "barbarian romance" was not exactly my reading of choice. The reviews were so glowing, and in the end so well-deserved that I was immediately immersed in the story. Master Healer and Daughter of the Blood, Xylara of the Kingdom of Xy and Kier, Warlord of the Plains were unlikely romantic partners, hampered by mutual misunderstanding; as are the people of Xy and the Plains. Over the course of the series, Vaughan has built a fantasy world that is believable, relatable and filled with well-loved characters.

Warsong's main storyline is that of Joden, aspiring Singer of the Plains, and Amyu, also of the Plains. Joden has been one of the cornerstones of the series from the beginning, but Amyu is a later addition. Amyu is considered a child and discounted by the Tribes because she has produced no offspring. In fact, according to Plains traditions, she should have committed suicide long ago. Instead, Xylara has taken her into her household. I knew that Amyu was destined for great things upon first meeting her.

Warsong ties up all the loose ends in the series, and the epilogue paints a picture of a prosperous future for the blended Kingdom of Xy and the Plains. However, there are suggestions of dire happenings in future generations. One can hope that more stories in this world are in the works. Until then, one of the best things about books is that they can be reread! Warprize is now available as an audiobook, with more to come.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Vaughan for an advance copy. I highly recommend reading the series in order and Warsong to lovers of adventure, and epic fantasy with a healthy dose of romance. The opinions are my own.
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2,608 reviews135 followers
May 2, 2023
Series: Chronicles of the Warlands #6
Rating: 4 stars - It was really good

Joden has only wanted to become a Singer and when he finally is able to take the trials, he decides to take the old paths. This leads to unexpected side effects and new abilities that challenge everything he believes, but Amyu helps him see his new path.

These two were not the couple I was expecting but I really enjoyed them. Amyu has been cast out of the tribe because she did not go to the snows after her infertility became known. She serves Queen Xylara now and is determined to find the one creature that can defeat wyverns - the airions. I really liked Amyu and her character development. She has grown so much since she started serving Lara. She may have been a bit reckless in her journey, but she uses it to embrace who she is and accepting a new path of life for her. I also appreciated that we didn’t have her infertility be magically cured now that she has magic.

Joden is a character that I have loved since the first book. He speaks his truths even when he knows it will hurt his friends feelings. I was not surprised that he took the most dangerous path to learn the Singer’s truths but the outcome was unexpected. I wasn’t expecting Joden’s abilities but it made me love him even more because he overcame his fear and upbringing and survived.

Amyu and Joden’s relationship was unexpected but also really wonderful. These are two broken people finding love and healing with each other. I enjoyed the fact that they also went their separate ways for a while to achieve their full potential but also to realize how much they cared for each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. I really enjoyed these two and how they helped save Xy and the Plains.

We also get two other relationships in this book, which was a wonderful surprise. Reness, the Eldest Elder Thea, and Hanstau, the healer from Xy, were a very cute couple and I loved watching them fall in love as they escaped Antas the Boar. We also finally get to see Liam confront Marcus about their relationship and it was wonderful. I really wish we could have seen more of these two together because I love Marcus so much.

While this book may not have been what I was expecting for the end of this series, I really enjoyed it. It was great seeing Keir achieve his dream of being Warking and uniting these two kingdoms and saving his people. I would love to read more books in this world because it is a very fascinating universe.

Trigger Warnings: death of ill, injured, and disabled people and children discussed; death and grief; Amyu is infertile; speech impairment caused by trauma;

You can also find my reviews at Red-Haired Ash Reads.
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Author 91 books97 followers
August 19, 2019
Binge-Read the Entire Series
April 23, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition

USA Bestselling Author Elizabeth Vaughan brings all the strings together and weaves them into a wondrous pattern, completing the ninth book in her extended series about the Warriors of the Plains and the Kingdom of Xy, much as the warriors dance their patterns to the Elements. The question isn’t whether this is a fine example of fantasy writing, as well as romance. It is, of course. While a self-contained story of its own, it furthers not only the plot lines of its immediate predecessor (the awesome WarDance), but hearkens back to all that went before it. The real question is why readers and fans of epic fantasy don’t stop griping about when some author is going to finish the seventh book of his series or another author doesn’t finish the third book in his series and, instead, binge-read Vaughan’s entire series (WarPrize, WarSworn, WarLord, Destiny’s Star, White Star, DaggerStar, WarCry, WarDance, and WarSong). Quests, battles, strange customs, castles, wyverns, magic, warriors, kings, queens, healers, priests, singers, love, sex, and betrayal all await within the pages of this series, along with some of the finest, most detailed, and most logical world-building you will see in any epic fantasy, bar none. Netflix and the rest of Hollywood, take note. Heyla!
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25 reviews3 followers
April 22, 2018
This is yet again an outstanding read in one very rich and colourful world. The word pictures take you in and make you see, feel the emotions of two very different people struggling with a future that threatens to tear them apart. This story starts in Warprize introducing you to Keir and Lara. I found their story to be so compelling, I added this author to “Beloved” status. No matter the book budget, her books were on must buy. I received a free copy to review due to a miracle. God knew I could not wait any longer. This book ties up all the threads and really should be read in order to develop the love of the people you meet, the enemies you can hate come to a bad end (yes!). I hereby forgive Beth for Wild Winds, his fate feels right. Dear Beth I forgive the teases and “evil author” laughter, this book answers a lot of my questions, leaves me so grateful for a series I read again and again. Each time the words take me in and I am once again among friends/family. Until kindle, I would buy two copies so I did not have to lend My Copy/Mine. Now I will get my copy on release day and it will be Mine. I follow/stalk you on Facebook and pray there will be more wonderful books. I will be ready.
866 reviews12 followers
April 23, 2018
From the beginning this book is full of surprises. The Prologue has a fun tidbit about Joden, Simus and Keir.
There is one surprise after another throughout the whole book. We find out what happened to the cat Bethany left behind. We check in on little Meara a who survived the plague. This book sees the return of nearly all our favorite characters. There is even a visit from two more people from the Epic of Palin's series.

This book is full of action, humor and romance. Also look for ghosts and magical creatures. My favorite line is "Keir started it," Joden protested.

The only problem is that this book ended so abruptly. It really seemed to be setting up for another book and then there was a sudden wrap up of nearly all details. It felt like another book was planned but cancelled and she had to condense the future into a couple of paragraphs.
136 reviews
April 17, 2018
War song was a great book that tied all the strings together to complete a awesome series. I was sorry to see it end. I loved that because of Warprize the Warriors of the plains began to see that imperfections are not a reason to beg for mercy. It is a way to overcome trials and become better on the other side. Marcus and Liam, Jodan, and others become cornerstones and made the nation of plains better. I liked that the plains and Xy were once part of a nation and then separate. The bad guys met their much earned bad end and the good guys were rewarded. I love this book and have all of the series. I reread them all the time. A really super read.
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598 reviews43 followers
April 5, 2021
So by the time I got to no.6 I was expecting a typical parallel romance between Joden and a camp follower with nothing much new. Happily I was wrong. Elizabeth Vaughan develops both the main characters in an interesting way before he and Amyu are thrown together in the inevitable romance. Some parts of the novel seemed a little confusing (the magical elements) or convenient (the introduction of portals). The romantic subplots were also a little too fortuitous, but at the same time, I found the fact that they weren't typical heroic figures endearing. Watch out for the return of the old lady who sold cheese: room for a prequel there!
101 reviews1 follower
April 24, 2018

Ms Vaughn ended the Warprise saga of the merging of Xy and the Plains as artfully as she started it. The bonding of Kier and Lara, Simus and Snowfall, Joden and Anymu all with strong paths to walk to joy and happiness. It's rare too that supporting characters are so strong, Marcus, Liam, Reness, Hantsu, Anna, Other, Atira, and Heath. Not to mention Wild Winds. Delightful, strong, and let this truth be heard, change is hard and necessary for the cycle of life to continue.
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2,469 reviews
April 30, 2018
Warsong was a lovely close to the Chronicles of the Warlands. There were some stressful/tense moments, but overall the ending was happy with villains receiving their comeuppance and lovers long separated being reunited. I had wanted Amyu to have a happy ending, and she earned it, and I wanted a certain couple to get back together, and they did. The epilogue was both satisfying while leaving the door open to future series, and I hope the author is able to explore those ideas.
51 reviews1 follower
May 7, 2018
Excellent storytelling

Third in the trilogy, this book continues the exciting tale of the coming together of the two very different cultures of Xy and the Plains people. While not as strong as the first two books, this nonetheless wraps up the story with a satisfying ending (with another beginning hinted). I enjoyed the tie-in to the associated short stories, as well. I hope for more soon from this author.
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12.7k reviews447 followers
June 19, 2018
This book was a bit more quiet than many of these, not a lot of fighting. This one was more the journey people went on before the big fight. So many of our people seemed to find themselves and often who they were at the end was so different from who they were at the start, but in a good way. I especially like the changes that Joden and Amyu went through. Amyu especially seemed to find something to bolster her up.
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4,005 reviews103 followers
August 11, 2018
Joden has always wanted to become a Singer of the Plains. When given the option to learn and walk the old paths, he doesn't realize all that will be required of him or how high the costs will be.

Why I started this book: I was surprised and pleased to see that this book was already out... I have loved this series for a long time.

Why I finished it: Like a good conversation with an old friend, picking up just where we left off...
Profile Image for Tammy.
349 reviews
September 29, 2020
I'm afraid to say that this series has dragged on a bit too long for me. The fact that, in the middle of a pandemic, it took me three months to finish the book gives some suggestion as to how I felt reading the book. Not exactly a page-turner. I wonder if, perhaps the author had the same feeling, given how the book concludes.

Interestingly, the conclusion of the book gives me some hope for the next book. Whether I have been convinced to read the next book, I am not yet sure. But I think I might be willing to see where the next book begins, at least.
Profile Image for Vicki Stiefel.
Author 16 books812 followers
April 30, 2018
Thrilling conclusion... And the start of a new epic

I’ve read all of the books in the Warprize series and love them all. Elizabeth Vaughan, in this final book, brought her A game. Warsong is a thrilling, romantic, and epic read filled with beloved characters and daring deeds. The promise of a new series is at hand, once again set in the world of Xy and the Plains. I can’t wait.
Profile Image for Dawn.
394 reviews2 followers
May 3, 2018

Great wrap up of the series though I didn't like the epilogue. Everyone back together, New pairings and a good storyline. The big problems I found was that after the big buildup with Antas and Wild Winds, the end was a little lackluster. Good overall. I really enjoyed these books.
283 reviews
May 4, 2018
Unity and Peace

This is the culmination of the struggle to unite the people of two cultures to benefit both. Many enemies must be vanquished before the union can occur. Even harder is the destruction of old fears and resistance to change. This story ties up loose ends and brought lives into alignment. It was a God read.
Profile Image for Nicole Luiken.
Author 20 books160 followers
July 17, 2022
Enjoyable fantasy romance, which nicely wraps up the series that began with Warprize. I was happy to learn more of the Singers and there are some cool magic scenes. Joden and Amiyu carry the main story but by this point in the series, multiple POV were needed to show what was happening in various camps across the Plains and the city.
19 reviews
May 18, 2018
Very much enjoyed

Another excellent book i have enjoyed this series so much and would have liked for it to have had another couple of books to follow !! Will follow author have enjoyed her work
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