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Angel Series #5

Angel's Demon

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Protect Little Mother, when the time comes ...

Satan's archdemon, Asmodeus, is jealous of the relationship the earth-bound angel, Helena, has with his lord and master. He has devised a plan that will rid them of the harlot for good, one that requires stealth, loyalty and a sacrificial lamb.

Gina's children are awakening, only to find that someone is methodically torturing and murdering anyone who has met her. The self-proclaimed angel followers seek out Helena, who they're supposed to protect, each of them wondering what an immortal could possibly need protection from. They believe that in the end it is she who will protect them.

When Helena learns of what's going on in the world around her, she tries to save as many lives as she can. Yet to stop the carnage she must come face-to-face with another earth-bound angel and defeat him — or die.

376 pages, ebook

Published May 1, 2018

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About the author

Melanie Tomlin

10 books64 followers
Melanie Tomlin was born in Beeston, England. At the age of three her family moved to suburban Melbourne, Australia, where she has lived ever since. When she was twelve her parents bought her a typewriter, and she wrote her first novel that very same year. She still has the typewriter, which is somewhat worse for wear, but that first manuscript is now nothing but a distant memory.

Her first published book, Angel's Kiss, was released in 2015. The next four instalments in the 'Angel Series' -- Angel's Curse, Angel's Messiah, Angel's Body and Angel's Demon -- were released over the next three years.

For a change of pace, and something a little different, Melanie also published a book of poetry called Twisted Poems of a Warped Mind and a children's picture book called Lucy Vampoosy: The Little Vampire Dog.

Melanie is currently working on the sixth book in the 'Angel Series' -- Angel's Apocalypse.

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18 reviews1 follower
March 13, 2018

Angel's Demon

Angel’s Demon is a thought-provoking and ground-breaking novel that will make you cringe right from the first chapter. A very engrossing book from start to finish.

Angel’s Demon is the most different book from the Angel Series. How can I say that? Because it was not only narrated in Helena’s POV but others as well. The storyline so intriguing– I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen next—or whose POV will be next.

If you are going to ask me, this fifth book is combination of the plots of the first four books: Angel’s Kiss—the undying love of Danny and Helena, Angel’s Curse—losing the one you love and the pain of it, Angel’s Messiah—a child’s love for her parents—for her mother in particular, and Angel’s Body—having someone invading your life to ruin it.

So, really what was the point? Imagine the pain, the tears, the anger, the revenge, the action, the mystery, the loyalty and the unspoken love—all of it, combined in this book, it’s no longer roller coaster of emotion, it was an out of this world feeling. And to be honest, reading this book will make you cry, after reading the four books prior to this novel, you’d all grown attached to the characters, especially the main characters—Helena, Danny, and Drake, and you can feel with every page, the weight of the words claiming that the end is near…

Right in the first chapter—you will cry. There was some kind of pull that will make you wonder what the fuck did just happen and bang, you will crave for answers to your questions, and will realize that this book is unputdownable. (I was able to finish this book in just three hours.)

And… if you are really a fan of this book, you will know the love triangle between Helena, Danny, and Drake and now—there’s a breath-taking, yet heart-wrenching scene in this book—Helena needs to choose between Danny and Drake—and believed me, who Helena chooses, knowing what would happen to him, was so uncalled for—not that I blame her(and I can actually see her reason behind this) but it really sent me crying—even the regret, and the aftermath… It was so unfair.

Angel Followers will also be part of the books. Wait, what Angel followers? Well, if you are a fan of this series, you will be called an Angel Follower, and yes, there were lucky Angel Followers who have been part of this book! Their names were used and played a great role in both Helena, Drake and Danny’s life. Oh, how lucky for them (and how I wish to be part that too.)

Whoa— really, this book is so great, and even the author is cool and down to earth—who would have done that kind of thing? Making your avid readers part of the book? Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a round of applause to Ms. Melanie Tomlin for this thing she had done. She does not only give us wonderful books but also let her readers know that she doesn’t forget us, even if she is getting famous now. (Yes. Salute to Queen M for that! She is so cool)

So, really, let’s give some highlight why you should read and buy this book.

~ An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, Helena for a?
~ Helena finally chooses between Drake and Danny, but not that kind of choice we are expecting.
~ Angel Followers have been present in this book! If you are an angel follower, your name or your friend’s name might be on the list!
~ Perfect storyline, great characters, and a certified page-turner book.

Disclaimer: I received an Advance Reader’s Copy and voluntarily giving out an honest review.

Click here to read the full review.
1,155 reviews3 followers
April 30, 2018
Helena is in great danger from an old adversary and Melanie Tomlin takes us back in time to find what has gone before and how the current protagonists, good and bad, have come together at the end of the book. There is a much larger cast than usual and Melanie weaves them all together in various flashbacks through which we learn how they were changed to propel them to this point and what motivates them.
I loved the book but I was devastated at the end. This is a roller-coaster ride from the opening words till the last page and I was completely wrung out, and tearful, by the time I'd finished it. No spoilers so you'll have to read it to find out, and if you've read all the previous books I can guarantee you'll feel the same. If you haven't read this series, you definitely should because it is so imaginative and different and one of the best that I have ever read.
The series just improves with each book and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The quality of Melanie's writing is second to none.
Profile Image for Jennifer Lil'n  Dunski.
1,244 reviews14 followers
April 27, 2018
A Heart Stopping Read!!!!

**I received a copy from the author**

Melanie has brought an incredible story line that is not your typical read of Angel's and Demons! The characters are well written, the storyline is strong and powerful and the only reason I'm able to even write this review is because of the adrenaline coursing through my veins!

This series is a non-stop rollercoaster of emotional turmoil that has you sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for the next twist or turn in the story!

The suspense, the love, the horror, the marvel, the incredible journey through each story keeps dragging you in and wanting more! And Melanie has written a masterpiece that will dragged you into the bowels of hell with Helena with every step.
Profile Image for LisaMarie .
469 reviews1 follower
April 18, 2018
Melanie Tomlin does it again with Angel's Demon, the fifth book in the Angel series. A beautifully written story that had me intrigued from the start. I was pleasantly surprised in the direction of this book, bringing in to play the conversion of the Cardinal and the children now known as the Angel Followers. I also have to say how wonderful to have your name immortalized for all time (Congrats to you).

From hell to earth and the inbetween, Angel's Demon is a fast moving, intricate woven tale of true love, self-discovery, good vs evil, and so much more.
I can't wait to see how it all ends in Angel's Apocalypse.
Profile Image for Nikki.
597 reviews4 followers
May 1, 2018
Angel’s Demon by Melanie Tomlin is a 4.5 star read.
As a new reader to this world I was immediately sucked in from the first page and can’t believe I haven’t read the earlier books. This story is so addictive you can’t help but turn the pages to find out what happens next. I would highly recommend this book and if you haven’t read the previous books be like me and go read them next.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
Profile Image for Teresa.
892 reviews4 followers
March 17, 2018
The current Pythia finds Max and tells him he is the Voice of the Pythia. At first, he thinks she must be nuts. He trains with her to prepare himself to help stop catastrophic incidents.
Plenty of action and twists, well written, with a great plot and characters, couldn't put it down!
I received a complimentary copy and freely give my honest review.
Profile Image for Nicole Henderson.
681 reviews3 followers
May 11, 2018
Another amazing book added to this series by Melanie Tomlin. Angel’s Demon has an action packed storyline with lots of twists and turns along the way. I actually read this book in one sitting and didn’t want it too end and now I have to wait for the next book to come out to find out how it will all end. I can’t wait.
90 reviews1 follower
March 13, 2018
This book was okay not as good as the first rew in this series but worth it to read and go ahead in this story its worth the read
Profile Image for Alexis.
800 reviews64 followers
March 19, 2018
Amazing book loved it. Couldn't put it down. Enjoyed reading it
1,647 reviews8 followers
March 22, 2018
Yet another book in this series that I loved. Well written, fast paced, full of suspense and humour.
Profile Image for Felicitia.
172 reviews13 followers
May 29, 2018
I received an arc of this book in exchange of an honest review.
I was quite surprised to find that this fifth installment is not only written in Helena's POV but also from some other characters in the book, and I was a little bit disappointed (since I don't usually enjoy multiple POV's), but I understand that the different perspectives are kind of crucial in the overall storytelling. If you're like me and you have been following the series then you would know that the plot may have become darker and darker each book, and this one does not except. I was quite disoriented when I started the book since I just couldn't remember where the last one have left off, but the beautifully written narratives has easily pulled me back in the story! I just can't stop admiring Tomlin's ability in interacting with the audience's feelings, leaving us feeling as if we're a part of the story itself!

As if the book itself is not amazing enough, I just had to mention this as well, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of Melanie Tomlin's contest and she had a character named after me. Can we just...

(Melanie, If I haven't told you, you are amazing!!)

OK done, overall, if you're not sold over that sweet abs on the cover, yes I am recommending this!! although you should really start from the beginning.
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