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By the Bay #3

The Lies I've Told

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From USA Today bestselling author J.L. Berg comes a brand new By the Bay stand-alone novel...

Everything was going according to plan...

After years of working my way up the corporate ladder, it was finally my time to shine. I was about to receive the promotion of a lifetime.

But just like that, my life was destroyed with a single career crushing email.

Now, I am headed back home to North Carolina, under the ruse of an extended vacation to help run the family inn while my sister is on maternity leave. After all, what is family for? Plus, a few days at the beach could definitely help uncomplicate this crazy life of mine.

Enter Aiden Fisher.

Aiden is a guest at my sister’s inn. He’s wicked hot, a huge flirt and has one of the sexiest British accents I’ve ever heard. But beyond all that, I see a darkness in his soul, as if he’s carrying a great weight upon his shoulders.

I find myself pushing back my trip home to Florida in hopes that maybe I’ll look into those hazel brown eyes and finally see truth shining back instead of lies. That maybe he’ll stop running and tell me the truth for once.

But you know what they say about liars? It takes one to know one and I’ve been telling the biggest lie of all – I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Aiden.

And isn’t that the scariest truth of all?

First published May 25, 2018

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About the author

J.L. Berg

30 books2,232 followers
J.L. Berg is the USA Today bestselling author of the Ready series, the Walls duet and the Lost & Found series. She is a California native living in the beautiful state of historic Virginia. Married to her high school sweetheart, they have two beautiful girls that drive them batty on a daily basis. When she's not writing, you will find her cuddled up, watching a movie with her family, obsessing over minions or devouring anything chocolate! J.L. Berg is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC.

VIST MY AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE! http://amzn.to/2plf54L

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655 reviews66 followers
June 4, 2018
The Lies I’ve Told is the third novel in the By The Bay series and it’s my favorite of the series so far. It’s even one of my favorite books by JL Berg! This book is sweet, emotional, beautiful, unique and romantic. I couldn’t stop reading. I loved it from cover to cover. The epilogue was perfect and beautiful.

Aiden is an artist. He’s becoming a famous one, but then he gets some devastating news and he needs an escape. Someone wants him to create something for a little island. Aiden goes to the island and he will stay in the By The Bay inn. Millie is currently running the inn, to help her sister. Millie was also in need of an escape and she will find it at the inn. Aiden and Millie spend a lot of time together and they like what they learn about each other.

Millie is sweet, loving, hardworking and ambitious. Millie couldn’t wait to move away from the island when she was little. She always wanted and dreamed of bigger things. She was glad to move away, but she still likes visiting the island. Aiden is talented, strong, passionate and hardworking. He was devastated by the news he got and he isn’t sure what to feel or do about it.

Aiden and Millie haven’t been successful in love. Both of them weren’t looking for love, but there is an attraction and connection between them from the beginning. They fight against that attraction for some time, because they both want to focus on other things. The wait was worth it. Their love is strong and that love is worth fighting for when things happen. Aiden and Millie deserve all the love and happiness they have at the end.

I love the setting, a small island where everybody knows everybody. I love going back to the By The Bay inn and reading how people fall in love with each other there. I already can’t wait to go back there in the next novel in the series!

-- My honest review is based on an advanced reader copy of this book. --
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2,060 reviews711 followers
May 19, 2018
Oh my heart!!! This was such an amazing, beautiful, heart wrenching read! I absolutely loved every single moment of it!

Millie gave up on her dreams in order to help push others toward their aspirations.


In the process, she’s lost so much of herself and what she truly wants. She returns home to Ocracoke broken in a way she never would have imagined.

Aiden has been given news that will alter his future. Living in New York, he’s tried to honor the memory of a loved one by dedicating his life to his talent, a talent that in his mind, is not his own.


When he returns to Ocracoke to replace the destroyed memorial he had carved for the town, he’s really just running away. He’s never felt fully whole due to his past, but now he is completely broken and lost. Bidding his time until the inevitable, the last thing he expected was Millie.

Together they begin to let go of their fears and open to one another and in the process perhaps find what they each truly want out of life.


This couple absolutely stole my heart! I loved that they each supported the other and encouraged them to reach further than they ever had before. Than either of them ever imagined.

This is a story rich in emotion and steeped among all the insecurities is the foundation of love. It is laced with humor, infused with passion, and perfection is its name. It will touch your heart and leave you wrecked but in the very best possible way.

Dual POV
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Author 30 books2,232 followers
May 11, 2018
It couldn’t get much worse than this...

That was the lie I told myself when I was handed the devastating test result that effectively ended my art career. The day I hopped on a plane to take a commission for a piece I probably would never be able to finish.

The day the universe decided to introduce me to her.

I’d never been one to believe in love at first sight, but the moment I laid eyes on Millie McIntyre, I became a believer in all of it. True love, happily ever afters. Every bull shit fairy tale I’d rolled my eyes at as a kid--Millie made me want to believe it it all.

But I am a ticking time bomb, and she deserves better.

As hard I try, I can’t seem to walk away and soon I am in over my head, falling so hard and fast I know I’ll never be able to walk away. Would she still love me if she knew the truth? If she knew the lies I’d told to protect her?

Or have I broken her trust one too many times?

Coming June 4th!
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2,873 reviews932 followers
June 5, 2018
4.5 stars

Wow, I loved this book! A gorgeous British hero, a feisty heroine and a sweet and sexy romance that is functional and swoony, with a heartfelt and emotional twist that makes this a really special read. Bringing us back to the island of Ocracoke and the fantastic bunch of characters that have been introduced in this series – though this could be read as a standalone – this was a great little read, and I loved it.

Millie is the sister of the heroine from book #1 of this series, The Choices I've Made. She has a high-flying career in fashion and is just about to get the promotion she’s worked so hard for when her life pretty much blows up in her face. Suddenly without a job and needing to lay low, she heads home to Ocracoke and to her family’s inn, which she will temporary run while her sister is on maternity leave.

Aiden Fisher is a well-respected sculptor whose work graces the island of Ocracoke in a memorial for a ferry tragedy. He has had a difficult life, and has just received life-changing news that he is struggling to deal with. When his Ocracoke sculpture is vandalised, he sees it as the perfect opportunity to run away from his problems for a bit, so he travels back to the island to make a replacement. And of course while he’s there, he’ll be staying at the best inn on the island.

From the moment that Aiden and Millie meet, there are fireworks. Their attraction is instant and a few drinks to drown their respective sorrows quickly ends up in a drunken evening and a naked and very awkward morning after because Millie can’t remember a thing that happened between them. She is appalled and embarrassed about it all, and she tries to keep Aiden at a distance, but their attraction still sizzles, and with the two of them living under the same roof… let the fun begin.

I love Aiden and Millie together! The early stage of their relationship is full of fun and banter and sizzling sexual tension, and I was quickly swept up in their explosive chemistry.

“Jesus Christ, Millie,” he whispered. “I remember everything.”

“I remember every minute of that night. Every bloody second. And, when I look at you, I can’t help but want to pull you into my arms and make you relive it all, so you can know the misery I’ve been living for the past two days, knowing I’ll never have it again.”

It doesn’t take long for things to progress, and I was right on board as they surrender to the pull between them, and holy damn it’s freaking hot! But as easy and natural as it feels, they both know there is a time limit on them being together. Millie is only in town temporarily, with no idea what her future holds, and Aiden’s secret battle prevents him from committing to anything serious. They both have things to deal with, but the way that they give themselves over to all they are feeling and just go with it in spite of it all, is beautiful.

“I’m not giving up on you, Aiden Fisher,” she whispered, her lips quivering with meaning. “Not now, now ever.”
“I told you I couldn’t give you more,” I said, feeling like the worst kind of fraud. “I warned you to guard your heart.”
She smiled, moisture rimming her brilliant blue eyes. “It wasn’t mine to protect any longer,” she said.

There is drama, but the angst is minimal and works to create a heartfelt intensity that made me feel everything! My heart ached for these two and all that they were faced with, but I thought their story played out beautifully and realistically, with lots of swoon, and I loved how it all finished up.

The characters from the previous books are all a part of the story and I loved catching up with them and seeing them living out their HEAs. And I can only hope that we get to see more of Aiden’s brother, James, at some point in the future, because he is all kinds of amazing!

I loved this one. It’s a quick read, but sweet, romantic and full of heart.

4.5 stars.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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9,520 reviews149 followers
May 26, 2018
Aiden knows how to goad Millie, “well, a guy has to eat.” She muttered obscenities all the way to the car as I followed close behind, trying not to laugh." Millie very much appreciates when her man walks around half naked, “something wrong?” I turned to see a very sweaty, very sexy Aiden standing in the doorway. He’d just come in from the patio, and I smiled, happy that the shirt he’d left there was still absent from his body." Millie's mom tends to catch her and her man in awkward situations, "her eyes went briefly to Aiden’s hand and my *** before focusing back on mine. “As much as it pains me to do so, I must remind you that the inn is a place of business and—” I loved this book, I fell in love with Aiden.
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2,828 reviews143 followers
June 8, 2018
Based on the title of the newest book in J.L. Berg’s By the Bay series, I knew that I was heading into an emotionally charged journey - one that would take time to understand the main characters’ respective pasts and what their hidden truths and their concealed secrets would mean in the present and if any kind of future could be built between them when it’s unclear if they truly know one another given the lies they’ve not only told to others but perhaps even believe themselves.

Millie McIntyre and Aiden Fisher clearly have one thing in common from the start; instead of facing their problems head-on, they run away, which allows them to almost forget about the very reasons that sent them running in the first place…But, as their lies seem to compound, creating a deeper hole that could bury them, they’re so focused on staying ahead of the truth that when the lies are finally revealed, there’s nowhere to hide, which means that anything that was created under false pretenses has the ability to do irrevocable damage to Millie and Aiden’s head and heart.

I’m always interested in learning the whys when it comes to characters’ desires to move away from their hometown as soon as possible; Millie’s desire to be part of the fashion world is her reason for the abrupt departure, but the fact that she comes back home to escape the ‘reality’ of everything that happened to her down in Florida speaks to the fact that coming home again might just be her best decision.

Like Millie’s initial reaction, Aiden Fisher intrigued me from the moment he was introduced; there’s just nothing like a handsome man with a sexy British accent, but beneath Aiden’s attractive physique is a man who seems to have the weight of the world on his shoulders - a pressure that creates a darkness around him, but until he’s ready to face the truth, his lies will continue to prevent him from moving forward and perhaps finding something worthwhile with Millie.

The small island town of Ocracoke, North Carolina, is the perfect place for Millie and Aiden to run because it has a comforting calmness to it, which is a need for both of them given the chaos that is swirling around in their heads.

The Lies I’ve Told is a sweet and sexy romance that has Berg’s signature emotional feel in it. Try as they might, Millie nor Aiden can fight their attraction to each other, so while they attempt to keep their defenses up and hold onto their insecurities, the passion that is just beneath the surface as well as the desire to bare all of their sins and lies to each other is what will have them going all in because even if what’s revealed destroys what they’re building, at least they stopped running from the truth for once in their life.

4.5 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
June 2, 2018
*ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review*

4.5 "Patience and Love" Stars!!!

When I found out that Millie was going to get her own book in the By the Bay series, I couldn't wait. I was intrigued to say the least. I needed to know more about her and know her story. And this book definitely did not disappoint.

Millie has always had dreams of designing her own clothes. But instead of perusing her dream, she's helping others pursue theirs. And just when she thinks she's about to have an opportunity of lifetime the rug is pulled from under her. An unfortunate unforeseen incident happens that has her running. She runs to the one place she was so desperate to leave in the first time, home. Home to North Carolina and the small island of Ocracoke.

Aiden, a stone carver has finally made a name for himself. After years of scraping by and working his butt off, his hardwork is paying off. But at the height of his success, he's faced with some devastating news that could change everything. Not knowing what to do or how to handle this news, he receives an email at just the perfect time that'll take him on a journey he wasn't expecting.

Millie and Aiden are two people that instead of facing their problems head on, they run. And together, maybe they'll stop running and help each other find their way. There was a definite attraction between Millie and Aiden, they had such amazing chemistry. It was obvious these two were supposed to meet, it's as if the start aligned perfectly for their paths to cross. And when it did, it was inevitable for Millie and Aiden to be together. And then, it was up to them if they ran again, in different directions or if they finally found a reason to stay, together.

The Lies I've Told was filled to the brim with emotion. It had its humorous moments, but in the end it's a story that'll touch your heart. Another great addition to the By the Bay series. And I'm happy there's going to be another book in this series. I can't wait to return to the island of Ocracoke.
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2,763 reviews1,338 followers
June 7, 2018
So, I read The Lies I’ve Told over the weekend and I am still trying to come up with the words to articulate just how much I loved this story. Seriously, I’ve been hooked on this amazing By the Bay series since book one The Choices I’ve Made, and have been waiting for Millie’s story since then. And whoa, who knew I’d find myself with a new favorite couple, but I just absolutely adore everything about Millie and Aiden.

Their romance isn’t easy—they’re both hiding some truths, some really big truths that will turn around and bite them on the ass. But as the truth is revealed, I couldn’t help but root for them to get over themselves, to get over their hurt and really get it together because they’re so damn perfect for each other!

I loved their connection, their fun, their quirkiness. Their hella-sexiness too! *fans self* I loved all the little moments. The seemingly small things that they wanted to remember—to keep etched in their minds. Because even in the most mundane things, love builds and grows. That’s true love and pure romance at its finest. And that ending. Jeez, I’m teary just thinking about it. Time for more tissues. ~ Missy, 5 stars (really more like 25 stars!)
Profile Image for Flo.
1,742 reviews
May 29, 2018
Great addition to the By The Bay series. I love how JL Berg manages to weave her stories seamlessly between books. Aiden and Milly where made for eachother and I was rooting for them to find their hea and for Aiden to overcome the obstacles in his way.
5 star- great addition
Profile Image for K.  Ramjohn.
1,940 reviews
May 28, 2018
What a beautifully-written story. I absolutely love it. The Lies I've Told is the third book in the By The Bay series by author J.L. Berg and it will grab you and have hooked until the end.
Millie and Aiden, two complex, well developed characters will find a place in your heart and you will be rooting for these two throughout the entire story. With both of their life seemingly crashing down around them, these two find their way to the island of Ocracoke and then to each other.
This story was emotional and at times angsty. It will make you laugh and bring you to tears but at the end of it all you will be pleased.
I really enjoyed this novel. It was a fantastic read and I would highly recommend it.
**I voluntarily reviewed an early copy of this novel.**
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1,997 reviews85 followers
June 3, 2018
* A review copy was provided by the author for the Blog Tour *

~ 5 Crunch or Melt Stars ~

The Lies I’ve Told has had my interest piqued since it was announced. I just had to know what the secrets were going to be that Millie and Aiden were hiding.

I am glad to say I wasn’t disappointed in this story at all. This, like The Scars I Bare, was another emotional ride for me. I was happy, sad, and angry throughout this whole book. I will say I did end up with a HUGE smile on my face after the epilogue. I LOVED the epilogue ;)

Just like with any J.L. Berg series, I am absolutely loving this one. I have truly loved all the characters she has introduced us to. And the storylines have been entertaining and emotional. Just the perfect mix of steamy and pulling on your heart strings.

The Lies I’ve Told is a standalone novel and is told in Dual POV. But like with any interconnected series standalones, I would definitely read these in order. They don’t have to be, but to get the full understanding and dynamic of these characters, I feel it’s best to read them in order. I thought the pace and flow of this story worked well. I know I was sucked into this story and I really didn’t want it to end.

In this story we follow Millie and Aiden. We’ve met Millie in the previous books, she is Molly’s (heroine book 1) sister. Millie has run into some trouble and is forced to leave her job. So when Molly goes into labor, Millie offers to come for a while and look after the Inn for Molly. Aiden is a sculptor and did the memorial structure after the ferry accident. But when that is vandalized, Dean calls in a favor to Aiden asking if he would make a new one. Aiden just getting bad news decides to go to Ocracoke to do a new piece for the city. Needing a place to stay Dean puts Aiden up at the only Inn in town. From here we have a journey of two people trying to put their lives back together. Can Millie and Aiden find their HEA?? Read this book to find out.

I loved that we got to see all the past characters and keep up with what they have been doing.

I would 100% recommend this book to everyone who likes a love story that makes all your emotions come alive. If you are a fan of JL Berg’s books then you don’t want to miss out on this series. I look forward to the next book in this series to come out.

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1,811 reviews55 followers
May 21, 2018
5 stars photo: Rate 5 Stars Rate5.gif

Advanced Readers Copy Courtesy of Author...:)

Poignant, moving, touching, affecting, powerful, stirring, emotive, heart-rending, heartbreaking, heart-warming, soul-stirring, uplifting, impassioned......to name just a few synonyms that describe this beautiful book that I have just finished reading....

I absolutely adored Millie and Aiden's story and to say that the author has done a fantastic job does not do this book justice. She truly outdid herself and this is without a doubt my fave in the series so far....

What I love the most about these books, is that these characters are not perfect. They are flawed...perfectly flawed.....be it emotional or physical, and perhaps that is why it is so easy to relate to them as we are all like these characters in one way or another. My heart broke for both Millie and Aiden as we took this journey together with them and I did not want it to end.

I do recommend reading them in order as the characters are all interwoven through the stories.

Millie is Molly's sister and after suffering a blow she decides to come home and help run her family's inn for a few days while her sister Molly is off having her baby. She quickly meets Aiden a sculpture who is on the island to make a memorial statue for the victims of the ferry boat accident. His last one got vandalized and after running away from some life altering news given to him, he decides to hide on Orcacoke Island and do a new one. When these 2 meet their connection is immediate and even though they are both running from something, there is no hiding what they feel for each other.

A great story from start to finish and one that will no doubt take you on a emotional roller coaster from start to end. Cannot wait to read the next one!!!!

Profile Image for Jenny.
102 reviews
June 14, 2018
Remember, I rate by how engaging the story is and I read this book in one day. It’s a heartwarming book about fighting for the love you deserve and fighting for the one you love. I appreciate that this author doesn’t make it easy on her heroes and heroines. They have to do a bit of work on themselves to get their happily ever afters, but it works out.
Profile Image for Ana Rita.
1,597 reviews33 followers
June 5, 2018
Dayum.... I was so mad the day this book arrived. But don't get this the wrong way. I was mad with other things and let me just say that when I saw this cover I was instantly hooked. Lol. No more sadness... But hey... How could it? That V is my undoing.
J. L. Berg had managed to stole my heart with her precious books and I was beyond happy to read a new book. Her writing is beautiful, sweet and heartfelt with a few bumps on the road... get ready...
The Lies I've Told is her latest release and it's the third book from the By The Bay series. But let me give you an advise. Despite all books are standalones you should read all books in order... Go for it...
This book explores the lifes of Millie and Aiden.
Finally Millie has her own book... I was super anxious for it and it made my day.
Millie, if you had read the other books, is always helping others. She keeps losing opportunities in order to keep others happy but she has her owns dreams. Since she was a kid she wanted to design clothes but, like I said, she prefers to help others and not pursuing her dream. When she sets her mind on going for it....
Aiden after years of struggle made a name for himself. Being a stone carver isn't easy but he made it but with fame...
These two are something else. Instead of facing their problems they run. It's easier to do so instead of fighting for it... But can they face their problems?
I'm not saying much... I can't... I can't spoil.
This book, just like the others from this series, is amazing. Is stunning...
The plot is intense, super engaging and powerful, with so many problems and feelings in between. I'm still shaking...
Things were happening in a way that I wanted to slap someone. I wanted to cry... Why did they had to suffer so much? But I loved it.
This book presented us with love and loss, happiness and sadness, heartache and loneliness. So many things all at once.
These two share an amazing chemistry but not everything is a bed of roses.
I'm stunned about this one and I didn't want it to end...
Oh J. L. I'm at a loss for words... How can I explain what I'm feeling? Can't wait for the next one...
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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94 reviews17 followers
June 10, 2018
The Lies I've Told is the third installment of - and a great addition to - the By the Bay series by J.L. Berg. It is the story of Millie McIntyre, who we previously met in the first two books of the series, and sculptor Aiden Fisher. Circumstances in each of their lives lead Millie and Aiden to Ocracoke at the same time. Millie is returning home to the island after losing the career that she's dreamed of for so long. Meanwhile, Aiden has just received a devastating health diagnosis that will change his life forever. Neither were expecting that their time in Ocracoke would be anything but temporary but from the moment they met their connection was instant and strong. What follows is a heartwarming, emotional story about overcoming obstacles in order to achieve your dreams. I enjoyed this book very much and am looking forward to the next addition to the series!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review
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1,013 reviews142 followers
June 5, 2018
J.L. Berg continues her By the Bay series with the third, stand-alone book, The Lies I’ve Told, and it’s another phenomenal addition to a fantastic series. Neither Aiden nor Millie are looking for love when they find themselves temporarily on the small island town of Ocracoke, North Carolina, but something powerful and effortless ignites between them almost instantaneously after they meet. Both have complicated lives that are in transition, and they attempt to resist their attraction and burgeoning feelings, but find themselves intensely drawn to each other with an almost unrelenting pull. But Aiden has secrets and needs to lower his defenses and bare all, if they have a chance at a future together.

Berg isn’t afraid to deliver an emotional, heartrending punch in her love stories, which makes her storytelling so compelling and authentic. She balances reality and fantasy perfectly and ensures that the reader feels deeply, and this is especially true with The Lies I’ve Told. It is a moving, sexy and heartfelt romance that will stay with you long after you read it.

Recommendation appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After on May 15, 2018.
ARC provided, but this review was voluntarily and honestly written.
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5,631 reviews17 followers
May 31, 2018
The Lies I´ve Told by J.L. Berg is the third book in the By The Bay Series. Every book can be read as a standalone, for better understanding I recommend to read the books in order. The previous books are The Choices I´ve Made - Jake and Molly´s story; and The Scars I Bare - Dean and Cora´s story.

Aiden Fisher is a successful artist, he could be on top of the world, but fate has a way to be cruel. He´s on his way to Ocracoke to repair one of his statues - a memorial for the ferry accident and it´s victims. He´s checking in the islands B&B and there he´s about to meet a outstanding woman.

Millie McIntyre works in the fashion industry in Miami. A scandal forced her to quit and now she´s back at the family´s B&B to help out her twin, Molly. Yes, the parents named her twins ;Millie and Molly.
Millie and Aiden have this crazy through the roof high insta-chemistry and they could have something great. But both are a bit mangled up, have issues and baggage. And in the end their secrets and lies threaten to destroy not only their love, but the life too. Everything is about 6to fall apart and both are more than miserable - ´til one of them grows a pair and chases the other. Some ugly truths are revealed and only true love can conquer all.

The Lies I´ve Told is a emotional, raw and gritty read. The story had me captivated from the first chapter and I read the book in one sitting. I had to know what happens to the characters.

The Lies I´ve Told was nothing like expected and everything I could have asked for at the same time. I recommend the book and give 5 stars.
Profile Image for Suzanne.
2,435 reviews40 followers
June 7, 2018
I have read all the books in this series so far, and this one is by far my favorite. There is just something about how this story progressed and how two such broken people in different ways come together and create something so stunning that it leaves you breathless. I have always loved Millie. Right from the start, I loved her spunk and sass and her drive! Then when things hit the fan, I honestly could not blame her for taking the route that she did to tuck tail. Enter Aiden. Oh my stars what a broken soul he is. I just want to hug him and tell him it will be okay. Their chemistry right from the start is unbelievable but the way they connected on a completely different level blew me away.
Overall, this is a stunning story that was emotionally beautiful. I loved every moment of it. The banter, the passion, everything. I really loved the way that Millie fought for Aiden even though he didn’t want it. The whole concept and the Aiden’s story is just heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. I highly recommend this book and this series! It is utterly brilliant!
Profile Image for Anna.
1,072 reviews7 followers
August 26, 2018
I liked this story a lot!!
What a heart wrenching one...
No cheating, both not virgins, LOL... Its pretty new around here.
The hero did push away his woman, but he grovel just right.
I will not give more spoilers, but i repeat, i liked this one a lot!!!
2,172 reviews31 followers
June 4, 2018
Not gonna lie, this story was magnificent!!!! OMG!!! I am suffering from an emotional book coma. Aiden's story had me bawling. J.L. Berg had my emotions all over the place. LOVED IT!!!!!!!

I will confess, I am an obesessed fan of the authors books. They always make me feel so much more that I though possible. Her characters are so easy to love. The story is realistic. The story building has me falling into the book, not wanting to leave. I find myself reading deep into the night not wanting the story to end.

The Lies I've Told is no different. It was addictive. My heart bled for Aiden and Milly. The close knit community of Ocracoke is always a joy to visit. They have survived tragedy. They have survived crushed hearts. They have survived crazy storms. In this story, Milly an Aiden must survive the lies and discover the importance of truth.

Molly (The Choices I've Made) asks Milly to help at the Ocracoke Inn until her parents arrive. Maternity leave has to start earlier than expected. All of a sudden Milly, the workaholic, has all the time in the world. She can come immediately and stay as long as necessary. She is running from something. The lies begin.

Aiden Fisher receives a call from Dean (The Scars I Bare) at the most opportune time. He arrives in Ocracoke to discuss the replacement of a sculpture he carved that was destroyed. He has fled the city, running from something. The lies begin.

My heart bled for Aiden. His life has been ugly. His life has been challenging. Now he is in the fight of his life. My imagination was all over the place trying to figure out what was wrong. The author teased. The author poked this reader. The author had me addicted to the story, dying to know what was really going on. The author had me grabbing tissue after tissue. The author had me wanting to reach through the pages, knocking some sense into Aiden.

I could feel the connection between Milly and Aiden. I wanted them to work. I needed them to work. The chemistry was explosive. The sex was out of this world. The conversations were interesting, teasing. The lies were destructive. The truth will set you free or you will run. But how long can Milly and Aiden run from the lies, from each other, from their future?
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2,275 reviews35 followers
June 4, 2018
From an exceptional author comes not only a fabulous addition to her “By The Bay” series but also an emotionally charged, beautifully complicated read.
The flow was faultless, the tempo and tone worked perfectly and the characterization was absolutely on point. With just enough angst to be interesting, there was little not to like about this the third in the series.
I couldn’t help but find myself cheering from the sidelines for both Millie and Aiden, I got that they each had their issues and that they were far from easy to get a handle on but I just felt drawn to them both and read much of the book with my fingers crossed for the two of them.
Be prepared to run the gamut of emotions with this story, I found myself chuckling on a number of occasions, probably inappropriately at times but by the end, I couldn’t help but wipe away a tear or two.
Highly recommended.

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June 9, 2018
A girl who gives up on her dreams, someone I know very close and to help others and their aspirations, yeah when I ever learn...

Some runaway for a better future.
Some get away to forget the problems.

But we all know running away won’t solve those problems and they are like boomerangs until we can break the circle.

We loose so much of ourselves it’s really hard to get again on track. Some of us think we’re not worthy of any talents. But we feel safe when we’re home.

We can’t do this alone, this couple least expected when they returned home.

Together they’ve acknowledge their fears, each encourages the other to pursue what they want out of life.

I have to read the series, this one was an arc request to review. I’m glad I did.
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1,330 reviews
June 4, 2018
4.5 Simply Amazing Stars!

I can always count on Jennifer to write a story that invokes a range of emotions in a beautifully written little package...and Aiden and Millie's story was no different. Millie has lost herself through the years, even though she did well and seemed happy. Aiden found himself through the his art, but is now faced with a life changing condition that he does not want to deal with. Fate brought these two together - they are fun and sexy, strong and sweet. This is truly a story of GROWTH and learning sprinkled with LOVE making it hard to put down and even more difficult to forget! Can't wait for Aiden & Millie updates in future By The Bay installments.
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May 21, 2018
Aiden and Millie's story intrigued from start to finish. From book 1, Millie was a strong secndary character; an independent woman who seemed too perfect in her fashionista, little sister role. As Millie is pulled (or...as she runs) back to the wondrous world of Orcacoke, I knew there was more to her to be revealed and I wasn't disappointed! From the moment she challenged Aiden, when she arrived to pick him up from the airport, I admired her. Her strength to rise above a career ending scandal and her ambition dust off her own dreams are heroic in my eyes.

Aiden stole the show for me though. (Sorry Millie!:)) His unique and creative profession, his secretive background, the anger he buried deep inside...and maybe his sexy accent kept me intrigued. The raw, emotion in the final chapters had my heart bleeding. Overcoming one's disability is not easy and it is something many never do.

This story was a great way to bring (and tame) more of the chaotic, outside world onto the beautiful island of Orcacoke...making me contemplate a move there myself. :) Or at least a short stay there. Thanks for the chance to read this ARC and add it to my "Berg Collection".

Eagerly waiting for the next one, J.L Berg!
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June 4, 2018
J.L. Berg is destroying me piece by piece with this series.

The books in this series keep getting better and better and more heart wrenching. I was not expecting this book to hit me the way it did. Aiden and Millie will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. This book was fun at times, sexy, and soul searcing. Berg did a great job writing this story it was beautifully written. My words won't do this book justice. Buy a copy and read it. I promise it is worth it.
260 reviews
May 21, 2018
The Lies I’ve Told by JL Berg is the third story in the by the Bay Series, but can be read as a stand-a-lone. It tells the story of Aiden an artist and Millie whose career was recently ruined after an indiscretion in the office.

Millie and Aiden both end up in Ocracoke, N. Carolina at the same time. Millie to help her sister who just gave birth and Aiden to recreate a sculpture that has been damaged. The connection is immediate and there is an instant attraction.

Both are weary of a relationship, as they both have secrets and baggage. After going back and forth a couple of times we do get our HEA.

JL Berg always writes such beautiful stories and The Lies I’ve Told is no exception. You root for this couple as they go through their journey.

I look forward to the next book in the series.

I voluntarily read an early copy of this book.
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1,001 reviews11 followers
May 23, 2018
Come sail away to the island of Ocracoke once again! I absolutely loved Aiden and Millie! Aiden is the sculptor who created the memorial in town. Vandals destroyed it and he is commissioned to do another one. He is needing out of New York and away from his brother. So he arranges to have it done in Ocracoke. Millie comes to help her sister, Molly, while she is having her baby with Jake. She is running too. Both have secrets they are hiding. Can they find a safe haven with each other? Get ready for Millie's version of Twenty Questions and Aiden's slow melt of his M & Ms. Read this book and watch the sparks fly between these two. Such a great love story!

***I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review.***
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112 reviews
May 28, 2018
I’ve been lucky enough to Beta read this, and then read an ARC. I love this story. Absolutely love it. Aiden being a transplant from the UK to the US, just like me, easily became a favorite. Millie, full of sass with a major addiction to junk food is a character most of us can relate to in one way or another!
Aiden, faced with news he doesn’t know how to handle, runs to Ocracoke to hide from the reality waiting to slap him in the face. Millie, having been dealt a harsh blow in her own life, returns home to Ocracoke to figure out her next move. The two are pulled together through amazing chemistry, and a fair bit of humor.
This story has everything - humor, romance, sizzling chemistry, and of course, appearances from our favorite Ocracoke residents, including the precocious Lizzie!
This is a wonderful addition to Jennifer’s By the Bay series. It has everything you could ask for in a romance, with a perfect happily ever after. Go forth and buy, you won’t be disappointed.
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June 17, 2020
I Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book!

J.L. Berg continues to detonate her stories and send ashes our way sprinkled fairy dust. This novel was captivating and enthralling at every turn. I couldn't get enough of this book!

Millie returns home to the small island town of Ocracoke in North Carolina. From the hussle and bussle of Miami and other famous cities to do a favor for her family by watching over the Inn. However, this time is also a favor to herself by allowing herself to reflect on her career, the loss of it and her love life. All have found her in limbo and in need of searching to help her move forward. However, the arrival of Aiden Fisher has just thrown her out of orbit and into a tangle of what ifs and confusion. Yet, this man and this place help her to discover so much more than she bargained for and when decision time comes, she is all up to take a risk. Or is she?

Aiden Fisher has just successfully sold all his pieces of his work at a famous art gallery in New York city. With his pieces selling like hotcakes you would think he would be overjoyed. Oh, on the contrary. Aiden has also just been delivered terrible news that will destroy his future. And all by his closest confidant, his brother. When he receives an email that offers him the opportunity to not only escape but allow him to work, he jumps at the chance to retreat. However, Millie was never a factor. Ocracoke wasn't a factor and the beautiful family he finds wasn't even on his radar. His all but small life has changed and now he has to decide if running is still an option?

I couldn't get enough of this book! Yes, I said it again! I loved this story. I will admit to putting it down for a day because I knew it would be intense and heartbreaking. Yet, thus author weaves together beautiful stories with hidden treasures along the way and has a habit of alternating her readers perceptions. This story truly defys all tru love stories.
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Author 15 books977 followers
June 11, 2018
If you haven’t read J.L. Berg before, I’m here to offer you a bit of reassurance. Although ‘The Lies I’ve Told’ is the third book in the By the Bay series, it is easily read as a stand alone novel. Please don’t let that #3 scare you away from giving this romance your immediate attention.

This is the story of Aiden Fisher and Millie McIntyre, two people that each suffer a life-changing jolt. The Prologue sets up the book so perfectly, I won’t even try …

“Somewhere, in the dead of night, in a small, sleepy town, surrounded by the sea, two things happened almost simultaneously.

Two things that would seal the fate of two unassuming strangers.

A crime was committed, and a woman went into labor.

As the stone carving of the town’s beloved memorial was crushed in anger, the perpetrator reducing it to nothing but rubble and the woman cried out for her husband in the middle of the night, two strangers, though worlds apart, had no idea their lives were about to change.

For better … for worse … forever.

And wasn’t that the way with this crazy little thing we called love?”

Aiden is a successful sculptor. Originally from London, he now makes his home in New York City, As the book opens, he has just been delivered with devastating personal news. Reeling from shock, he next receives a call for help to replace a vandalized memorial sculpture in the remote beach town of Orcacoke, North Carolina. Aiden doesn’t hesitate to flee the city and put some distance between him and his predicament.

Millie McIntyre is an ambitious career woman, working her way up in the fashion world. She walks into work one morning expecting a promotion, only to be publicly humiliated and resign by lunchtime. With nothing to occupy her time, she decides to take a trip to her hometown in the Outer Banks. Millie’s sister has given birth slightly ahead of schedule, and so Millie agrees to help out with the family’s bed and breakfast inn. Her first assignment is to pick up a VIP guest at the local airport and bring him to the B&B where he will stay while he works on replacing the town’s iconic centerpiece.

Upon their introduction, both Aiden and Millie are not in the best of moods but make an impulsive decision to have a drink together, which leads to more drinks, which leads to the morning after when Aiden has bared his soul to a captivating woman and Millie wakes up in his bed, not remembering an iota of it.

From here, Aiden and Millie are unsure how to proceed. They like one another a great deal, but neither has intentions of remaining in North Carolina for long. They both have secrets they’d rather keep to themselves, but they also can’t resist the attraction that builds between them. Eventually, they are unable to resist temptation, convinced they can enjoy their island romance and then return to the rest of their lives without complications. And as we all know, the road to hell is paved with best intentions …

The Lies I’ve Told is a great introduction to the writings of J.L. Berg. I connected with Aiden and Millie, cheered for them, and shed a tear or two as reality eventually closed in around them. The cozy setting of Ocracoke Island is full of well-developed and interesting characters. As soon as I finish writing this review, I’ll be adding Book 1 in the By the Bay series (The Choices I’ve Made) to my Kindle. Having now read Book 2 (The Scars I Bare) and Book 3, there are no doubts it will be an enjoyable journey. If you’re a fan of heart-warming, beachside romances and are looking for a new series to immerse yourself in, I happily recommend this book.
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