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Snow in Love

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What's better than one deliciously cozy, swoon-worthy holiday story? Four of them, from some of today's bestselling authors.

From KASIE WEST, a snowy road trip takes an unexpected detour when secrets and crushes are revealed.

From AIMEE FRIEDMAN, a Hanukkah miracle may just happen when a Jewish girl working as a department store elf finds love.

From MELISSA DE LA CRUZ, Christmas Eve gets a plot twist when a high school couple exchange surprising presents.

From NIC STONE, a scavenger hunt amid the holiday crowds at an airport turns totally romantic.

So grab a mug of hot cocoa, snuggle up, and get ready to fall in love...

256 pages, Paperback

First published October 30, 2018

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About the author

Melissa de la Cruz

173 books14.7k followers
Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of many critically acclaimed and award-winning novels for teens including The Au Pairs series, the Blue Bloods series, the Ashleys series, the Angels on Sunset Boulevard series and the semi-autobiographical novel Fresh off the Boat.

Her books for adults include the novel Cat’s Meow, the anthology Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys and the tongue-in-chic handbooks How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less and The Fashionista Files: Adventures in Four-inch heels and Faux-Pas.

She has worked as a fashion and beauty editor and has written for many publications including The New York Times, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Allure, The San Francisco Chronicle, McSweeney’s, Teen Vogue, CosmoGirl! and Seventeen. She has also appeared as an expert on fashion, trends and fame for CNN, E! and FoxNews.

Melissa grew up in Manila and moved to San Francisco with her family, where she graduated high school salutatorian from The Convent of the Sacred Heart. She majored in art history and English at Columbia University (and minored in nightclubs and shopping!).

She now divides her time between New York and Los Angeles, where she lives in the Hollywood Hills with her husband and daughter.

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1,172 reviews98.2k followers
December 13, 2018
Snow in Love is a heartwarming holiday anthology that just came out at the end of 2018! This is a collection of four short stories, but I truly only recommend two of them. Seriously, this is a wild break down of two five star reads, and two one star reads. But I truly loved two and I hated two. Yet, I also truly believe the Kasie West and Nic Stone’s stories are so good that it would be worth it to pick up this collection, especially if you are in need of a little holiday cheer!

Snow and Mistletoe by Kasie West - ★★★★★
“I got you something…”

Holy shit, this was actual perfection for me. Again, I’ve never read anything by Kasie West before, but this was the most heartwarming holiday story I’ve read in a long time. Yes, it was a bit predictable, but I actually think that aspect sweetened the story and made it even more precious. And this story just had too many things that I personally love in literature; besides being adorable, it is a traveling story, with a snowed-in element, featuring a strong sibling relationship, with a scene in Vegas, and a hotel scene, that is all Christmas themed! Ah, friends, this story just makes me smile so big thinking about it! But the basic premise of this story is that a seventeen-year-old girl named Amalie is stuck in the Denver airport, while surprising her family for Christmas because she realized that studying abroad isn’t for her. But then she sees a familiar face from her old high school, who offers her a ride back home, even though it will take a few days. (Sawyer is high school boyfriend goals, by the way!) I loved this with my entire heart and soul and now I want to read everything by Kasie West!

Working in A Winter Wonderland by Aimee Friedman - ★
“It was a freaking Hanukkah miracle.”

Oh my gosh, this was such a letdown, especially after that last short story. The only really good thing I can say about this is that the main character is Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah. Besides that, yikes. Basically, the main character, Maxine, wants to buy an expensive dress for her best friend’s party, and a guy who she has had a secret crush on since high school, tells her that his father’s department store has an opening. Little does she know, that opening is to be a Christmas Elf. But Maxine is just rude, and negative, and honestly insufferable. Which would be fine, but this is supposed to be a happy holiday feel good book and it just made it feel like a chore to get through. I really disliked this one.

The Magi's Gifts by Melissa De La Cruz - ★
“But she was prettier than the whole lot of them put together…”

Actually, this short story was the worst! How did this happen? What editor decided to put Kasie West’s story first? Maybe I’m just too damn old to be reading about superficial high schoolers? Maybe the Lord is truly testing me? This didn’t give me any holiday feelings at all. Plus, like… combs and hair are a lot different than motorcycles and family heirlooms. Reading about catty girls and high schoolers who think their significant other is their soulmate, while not respecting their wishes to not show PDA, is just not my idea of a good time. I hated every second of this story.

Grounded by Nic Stone - ★★★★★
“Maybe this is exactly what Leigh needed: to get grounded. Literally and otherwise.”

I just want to stay in this happy bubble after reading this story forever. Holy perfection. Nic Stone blows me away with everything she writes, and this short story was no different. It is ownvoices, about two Black girls stuck in ATL airport. We follow Leigh, who is also Jewish, and who has just came out of a break up because she has finally realized that she is a lesbian, and she has known that she was attracted to girls since she was fourteen, when she was on a cruise with another girl who was a family friend. Well, that girl is also snowed-in at the airport, and they are texting and decided to play a game that is like a crossover between I Spy and Hide-and-Seek. This story is told mostly by text messages between Leigh and Harper, but also between Leigh and her best friend, Niecey, who is encouraging her on. But this sweet start to a sapphic romance? I was swooning so hard, so damn hard. And Nic Stone also seamlessly weaves in important themes and topics like systemic racism, and internalized racism. Friends, this was amazing, and I completely recommend it with my whole heart.

I know that these ratings are so polarizing and wild, but they are honest, like always. Maybe there is a way just to purchase the first and last stories of this collection? Because that would be the true holiday blessing! But I gave Snow in Love three stars overall, because out of a possible 20 stars (5 stars possible for each of the 4 stories) this collection accumulated 12 stars (60%)!

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❤⛄ I read this for #TistheSeasonAThon!
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1,478 reviews19.3k followers
December 8, 2018
Overall this feels like a 3.5 star read. I LOVED the first and last stories, but the two in the middle were just not right for me at all. This definitely put me in the holiday spirit though and I highly recommend to anyone that wants a little holiday cheer this month!

SNOW & MISTLETOE by Kasie West - 5/5 stars (GASP. I KNOW. I'm just as shocked as you are that I loved something by Kasie West)
WORKING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND by Aimee Friedman - 2/5 stars (This was FAR too cheesy to be enjoyable. Thank u, next)
THE MAGI'S GIFTS by Melissa De La Cruz - 1/5 stars (I’m sorry but who approved this story???? It was SO BAD. SO BAD. Isn’t De La Cruz a NYT Bestseller like a zillion times over? What HAPPENED?)
GROUNDED by Nic Stone - 5/5 stars (So cute, so queer, so perfect. *kisses fingertips*)
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158 reviews33 followers
Want to read
June 12, 2018
I’m only reading this because of Kasie West.
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858 reviews3,759 followers
December 9, 2018
3.75 stars

Snow and Mistletoe by Kasie West - 5 stars
So predictable but I don't mind because I realized I was grinning like a fool while reading the ending! Because you can see it coming, the short length was perfect to give you a dose of holiday fuzzies while not dragging anything out. I felt like I got to know the main character the best of the 4 stories, maybe because this was the only one written in first person. The road trip was interesting, the friends were enjoyable, the romance was sweet. Loved the healthy good guy love interest.

Working in a Winter Wonderland by Aimee Friedman - 2 stars
I really just felt stressed while reading this one. It's set in a retail store during Christmastime (YIKES) and secondly, the main character was grouchy about her job. It just wasn't an enjoyable vibe. One character is horrible and I did not enjoy any of their scenes. The romance was rushed, though I did think it was sweet. This is one that I think would have benefited from a longer format to develop things more, although I didn't enjoy the writing or characters enough to want to spend a whole book with this story.

The Magi's Gifts by Melissa de la Cruz - 3 stars
A good lesson, but the title gives it away and it felt very unoriginal since it didn't deviate much from the original story. It just gives you a feeling like you've read this before. Although I didn't really like this, I don't have anything particularly negative to say about it either.

Grounded by Nic Stone - 5 stars
Fantastic! Perfectly encompassed a holiday feel, romance, friendship.... A good exploration of coming out, race, and wealth. Characters felt appropriately developed for the length. The format is fun with about 50% of it being told in text messages. The other 50% was so beautifully written that it brought the setting to life and made me feel like I was there. Wow, just wow.
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Author 8 books353 followers
December 16, 2018
A collection of short stories by four different authors just in time for the holidays. I think my favorite was Kasie West’s story, the first one, which featured a group of friends trying to beat a snowstorm and get home for the holidays. Just the right amount of holiday cheer 😊.

Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered on screen reader.
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806 reviews3,797 followers
September 15, 2019
book #2 done for the contemporary-a-thon✔

anthologies, snow/winter centered, cuteness = i am 🗑️

Snow and Mistletoe - Kasie West: 4.5 stars
- this was so absolutely precious
- kasie west is my feel-good contemp author (even if her newer books have been a little meh lately) and this short story reminded me exactly WHY
- road trip!! + family!! + dorky friends!! + snow!!
- reading this was like drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows on a winter day 😭😭

Working in A Winter Wonderland - by Aimee Friedman: 2 stars
- this was,,,,,okay
- honestly nothing special, it's about a girl who wants to buy this ~*fancy*~ dress to impress this her crush and like alllriiighhtt i guess
- the main character was unlikable, i just found her kinda rude and obnoxious
- totally could tell where the story was headed but all the characters felt flat and predictable

The Magi's Gifts - by Melissa De La Cruz: 1 star
- what was the point of this so short story, i didn't find it cute if that's what youre asking
- the snotty rich girls who are totally bishes and full of themselves,,,,,that's suuuuchhh a fun trope (im sorry if you genuinely love that trope i just cannot with it anymore)
- also not a fan of the sis, does your mom know about this?

Grounded - by Nic Stone: 3 stars
- i really liked the text message bubbles, that was such a fun touch
- being stuck in an airport is my idea of a full-fledged nightmare just saying
- the I Spy & Hide and Seek game they played was LOTS OF FUN and the clues were 👌
- the writing wasnt the greatest, i found it kind of cheesy but overall a v good time
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534 reviews654 followers
January 13, 2021
Snow and Mistletoe - Kasie West ★★★★

This winter-y tale was really wholesome and cute and for such a short story, the plot was actally well done and pretty fun as well. Amalie, on her way back from Italy, gets stuck in an airport when her flight is cancelled because of a snowstorm. She ends up taking a road trip home with a few people from her school she has never really got to know until now, trying to outdrive the snow chasing on their heels. Sweet little story.

Working in a Winter Wonderland - Aimee Friedman

The first story was a great introduction to this book of short winter stories. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the rest later when I have the time!
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1,662 reviews5,143 followers
December 13, 2018
Like many of us in the fandom of YA contemporary reads, I love a good, fluffy Christmas story, but I find that “fluffy” contemporary works best for me in short formatting, so that I can just focus on a cutesy love story without needing much back story. Needless to say, I was excited when I heard about this collection coming out, because it’s exactly that: fluffy, cutesy contemporary romances set around Christmas!

→ L I K E S :

Two of the four stories in this collection were really enjoyable to read:
→ Snow & Mistletoe — Kasie West ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
→ Grounded — Nic Stone ⭐⭐⭐

“I have a feeling I could ask you anything right now and you’d tell me the truth. This could be trouble.”
“I am about to be in a huge amount of trouble.”
— Kasie West

The first story, and my favorite, was Snow & Mistletoe by Kasie West. I’ve only ever read one thing by Kasie before and I enjoyed it, but didn’t get the “hype” around her romances until reading this. I laughed and “awwww”ed through the entire story. It’s literally one of the cutest things I’ve ever read in my life, and even though the ending felt super predictable to me, it was in a good way, like one of those stories where you knew who was going to be the happy couple at the end and you got to just sit back, get cozy, and watch it all unfold in the cutest and sweetest way ever.

“Might’ve had a little crush on you when we were fourteen…”
“It was definitely mutual.”
— Nic Stone

The other story that I enjoyed overall (though as you can tell from the star rating, still wasn’t perfect) was Grounded by Nic Stone. Unfortunately, as with everything else I’ve read by her, I was reminded that I simply don’t enjoy Nic’s writing style and I think her narrative voice is very cringe-y and cheesy. That said, two queer black girls falling for each other in an airport? Cute as heck.

→ D I S L I K E S :

Unfortunately, the other two stories in this collection? Awful.
→ Working in a Winter Wonderland — Aimee Friedman ⭐
→ The Magi’s Gifts — Melissa de la Cruz ⭐

“Wow. Are you always this cynical?”
— Aimee Friedman

I’ve never read anything by Friedman before Working in a Winter Wonderland and I definitely won’t be after this. The protagonist is so rude and childish to everyone she meets, the story is boring, and the romance at the end is a complete joke. She treats the guy like human garbage and then has the nerve to pick on him for not thinking he liked her. The only nice thing about this was the own-voice Jewish rep, but even that wasn’t enough for me to forgive how awful Maxine treats everyone around her.

But she was prettier than the whole lot of them put together, and after all, they couldn’t call themselves the Beautiful People if they didn’t count the most beautiful girl in school among them.
— Melissa de la Cruz

And then, there was the worst of the bunch: The Magi’s Gifts by Melissa de la Cruz. I’ve never had a problem with the original story—not my favorite, but not the worst—but this retelling is downright terrible. The characters feel straight out of the most cliché mid-2000s YA book you could possibly find, the girl-hate with the “rich kids” is so gross and overly simplified, and the main character frankly doesn’t deserve her boyfriend in the slightest with the way she treats him. The entire ordeal is just gross and I hated every single page of this story. I mean… did you see the quote I used above this paragraph? That’s the main character, talking about herself.


So, overall, a major mixed bag. If you could get Kasie’s and Nic’s stories on their own in the kindle store or something, I’d honestly tell you just to do that and not even bother with the two middle stories because they were so bad. Overall, the star ratings average out to 2.5, but I’m rounding up to a 3 just because Kasie West’s story was so good.


People who love cutesy, fluffy contemporary Christmas romances.

All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release. Thank you so much to Point for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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1,375 reviews207 followers
December 7, 2018

Snow in Love wraps up four cute-as-can-be holiday stories to help readers get in the holiday spirit. Each one was fun and holiday-ish in its own adorable way.

My favorite story was by Kasie West. The woman does adorable…sorry I mean ADORABLE like no one else. I adore her style and characters. Snow and Mistletoe is filled with her trademark sibling banter, heart, and warmth. Plus she combined two of my favorites—road tripping and Christmas! Wait—three of my favorites! There was a boy who loved to read too!!! :) I had a lot of fun on the road with West.

And the other tales were…okay. Really there is nothing to complain about. The other three stories just didn’t make me twinkle and shine with joy as much as I hoped they would. Nic Stone is definitely on my authors-to-read-more-of list though.

Overall this was a quick, cute read filled with gifts, hidden crushes, elves, dares, love, and more. There was even a scavenger hunt!

Check it out from your local library.

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625 reviews111 followers
November 14, 2018
3.5 stars.

The real shining jewel in this collection was the story by Nic Stone, a story about two black girls stuck in an airport during a snowstorm doing a scavenger hunt. Even in just a few short pages I felt deeply connected to both girls and I really love the fact that it wasn't just a serving of cheese; Nic Stone delves into racism and how it doesn't disappear when people of color happen to be wealthy, which is kind of a crap idea I've seen people spew. This story was a 5 star read and has made me incredibly interested in Stone's other work. What a great piece.

The other stories are span from mediocre to just plain bad. Kasie West delivers just enough to be barely above average for me. The story by Friedman was silly in places, but I liked the representation of a Jewish character in this anthology, even if the story was still pretty Christmasy. I really hated the story by Melissa de la Cruz. I really love Gift of the Magi, but her spin on it felt really silly and kind of messed up. (If I sold a family heirloom to buy a gift for a high school boyfriend, my mother would beat my butt.) Ultimately, I don't think it really captured the essence of the story so much as perpetuate the idea that Christmas is about spending way too much money instead of cherishing those you love.

It's a fun anthology, but if I could unspend the money, I'd probably borrow this from the library.
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1,173 reviews1,307 followers
November 28, 2018
As an avid fan of any book about the holidays, I was thrilled when I heard about Snow in Love by Melissa de la Cruz, and so many other amazing authors. This anthology is comprised of stories from some of my favourite authors, and each story is so cute. My personal favourite had to be Nic Stone’s work. This book is the perfect thing to get you ready for the festive season.

Full Review on The Candid Cover
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2,134 reviews54 followers
September 2, 2019

Snow In Love esta formado por tres historias diferentes e independientes escritas por tres autoras.

La historia de Kasie West pese a ser un poco rapida y superficial me agrado bastante, no se exactamente que es lo que tiene de especial, ya que es muy sencilla pero realmente me parecio tierna y bonita.

La segunda parte no fue tan memorable, pero aun asi se deja leer, sobretodo por ser tan corta y ligera, tal vez me hubiese emocionado mas de haber tenido una historia de amor mas creible, no obstante, no puedo ponerme exigente con unos relatos tan cortos.

Y por ultimo, tenemos la tercera mini novela, fue la que me resulto mas superficial de todas, lo que es una pena, puesto que la pareja protagonista en mi opinion es la que mas potencial tenia para tener un libro propio, lo unico un poco desagradable fue la actitud ella al inicio, me parecio un tanto materialista, aunque hay que reconocer que al final los dos fueron muy desinteresados.

En conclusion, tres relatos de tematica Navideña que se leen en nada de tiempo, a grandes rasgos los tres me dejaron satisfecha y estoy segura que de haberlos leido en un momento mas idoneo los hubiera disfrutado con mas sentimiento.

2.75 Estrellas!
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913 reviews870 followers
December 26, 2018
3.5 stars

This is a very nice collection of short stories, perfect to read during the Christmas holidays.

Snow and mistletoe by Kasie West (4 stars)
It was a cute story. I really liked the group of friends, they were all quite funny. I love me a good road trip and this one didn’t disappoint.

Working in a winter wonderland by Aimee Friedman (2 stars)
Heath was a snob and I didn’t like him at all, which I guess was the point of his character. I don’t think there was enough building up for the relationship with Avery. Maxine and Avery interacted normally as coworkers do and then they were put together at the end of the story, not cool or believable.

The magi’s gifts by Melissa de la Cruz (3 stars)
Kelsey and Brenden were a cute couple but I didn’t like the fact that they spent all their money to buy each other presents. I know that they did out of love but I personally think that the true meaning of Christmas isn't about gifts.

Grounded by Nic Stone (5 stars)
I really enjoyed the text messages included, it was a nice touch.
I also appreciated that this book wasn't only about Christmas but also about racism and being black.
The two girls, Leigh and Harper, had the cutest reunion ever, I was so happy for them.
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156 reviews177 followers
June 3, 2021
I originally rated this 5 stars but thinking back on it I can't remember a single thing that happened in this book. Its 4 stories and I remember there's snow and holiday stuff in it because that's the title.

I went into this a few years ago just for Kasie's story and to maybe find a new author I would fall in love with without having to read a full length novel. But I don't remember clicking with any story and tbh I can't even remember Kasie's story. I normally can recite a novel front to back that I read in the 1st grade and what every single classmate had to say about it but my mind is blank when it comes to this.

I'll probably reread when the holiday season comes around to see if I'm going to keep it or unhaul it and you can get an updated review then.
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384 reviews376 followers
February 5, 2022
I adored Kasie West's story in this ~ 5 stars, super cute and breezy and the perfect chill out and read vibe.

Awkwardly, I didn't like any of the other 3 :( BUT it was worth it for Kasie's story alone, which I read in one sitting on Christmas day, and already am planning a reread. How does she do it?
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1,075 reviews
November 2, 2018
I was expecting more from this and I’m pretty disappointed. I love Katie West’s story because, obviously. She’s my queen. The last story was atrocious and the other two were just okay.
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695 reviews460 followers
December 16, 2018
I read this for Kasie West’s story. I loved hers and give it 5 stars. The others were just bleh for me.
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1,135 reviews379 followers
December 5, 2018
Really enjoyed the Kasie West story, thought the Aimee Friedman story was okay, didn't like the Melissa de la Cruz Story, though the Nic Stone story was okay.

So, this way okay!
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1,310 reviews72 followers
May 15, 2021
El frío viento está soplando y las calles están oscureciendo… nadie debe estar solo en Navidad'.

•Mi opinión puede contener Spoilers

•Esta destinada a ser un descargo personal no para que alguien más lea pero si lo haces y te ofende, me disculpo porque sé lo que es que te guste un libro y otros lo critiquen

❄️Snow in love, Three Stories de Melissa de la Cruz, Kasie West y Aime Friedman❄️


Qué mejor que una historia navideña deliciosamente acogedora y digna de desmayo? Tres de ellas, de algunos de las autoras más vendidas de hoy.

❄️De KASIE WEST, un viaje nevado por carretera toma un desvío inesperado cuando se revelan secretos y enamoramientos.

❄️De AIMEE FRIEDMAN, un milagro de Hanukkah puede simplemente suceder cuando una chica judía trabajando como elfa de una tienda departamental encuentra
el amor.

❄️De MELISSA DE LA CRUZ, la Nochebuena toma un giro inesperado cuando una pareja de secundaria intercambia sorprendentes regalos.

Así que, toma una taza de chocolate caliente, acurrúcate y prepárate para enamorarte…

Mí humilde opinión:

Estoy adelantando navidad aquí, no suelo agarrar algo navideño para leer hasta Diciembre pero no me pude resistir!!! Así que aquí voy!!!

❄️Snow and misteltoe de Kasie West:

¡Qué dulce historia! Fue divertido leer este viaje en carretera con este grupo de adolescentes regresando a casa para navidad, me reí con los retos y payasadas de Logan, Wes y Sawyer, Hether la hermana mayor al volante era genial cuidando a todos, me gustó sobretodo la fácil amistad entre todos ellos. Los personajes principales me mantuvieron enganchada con cada interacción y conversación hasta el final. Sawyer era tan atento y lindo con Amalie, todos esos pequeños regalos que consiguió durante el viaje? Morí de amor!

También aprecié los detalles navideños, la música, el ambiente con nieve y los aromas que me hicieron pensar en la navidad y fue un lindo toque el muérdago.

❄️Working un winter Wonderland de Aimee Friedman:

Amor en tiempo navideño no es fácil para una chica Hanukkah, Maxine termina disfrazada de elfo trabajando en un centro comercial, sufre una desilusión con el chico que le gusta y se siente un alien en noche buena pero no hay que perder la fe, la navidad siempre trae sonrisas y los mejores regalos y... el chico menos probable para curar el corazón.

Este cuento de navidad fue lindo. Me gustó cada detallito, podía imaginar NY en épocas festivas. Nunca pensé que Max pudiera gustarle a Avery, me pareció lindo el final cuando ella dice que está besando al príncipe cascanueces, fue como que encontró al final el chico correcto para ella. Desde el comienzo supe que Heath no lo era, pude fácilmente adivinar lo que le haría.

❄️The magic's gift de Melissa de la Cruz:

Este relato corto navideño tenía mucho tema superficial, el qué dirán y sobre las apariencias. No sé si los chicos de este libro actuaban como de 16 años pero lo que rescato es el mensaje que tiene de que no importa lo que los demás piensen de ti, de dónde vengas o lo que vistas, solo importa el interior de una persona.

Me gustó cuando los protagonistas sacrifican lo material, él su moto y ella su vestido vintage para venderlos y así poder comprar el regalo de navidad del otro porque navidad se trata de eso, de pensar en los que amas y hacerlos felices.

Disfruté mucho estas tres historias cortas juveniles de navidad, una más que otras, nunca leí a ninguna de estas auroras y espero leer más de ellas.

Reto gooleando libros 2021 Por amor a los libros: Portada navideña
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2,152 reviews11.3k followers
January 10, 2019
If you’re on the hunt for something that will leave with all the warm, fuzzy feelings that also has a holiday twist, you’ll be in luck with Snow in Love. This four story collection is basically just like a holiday rom-com done four ways, and I found it really enjoyable (even if it might not stay particularly memorable). Kasie West’s Snow and Mistletoe is about a girl returning from a year abroad studying music, who ends up stranded in Denver and joins a group of former schoolmates on a road trip to beat the storm home. (It’s adorable, even with its predictability, and I may have reread that ending moment multiple times.) Aimee Friedman’s Working in a Winter Wonderland is about a girl who ends up working in a department store’s Christmas Corner in an attempt to get closer to her longtime crush. Melissa de la Cruz’ The Magi’s Gifts is about a girl determined to get the perfect Christmas gift for the boy she loves. And Nic Stone’s Grounded focuses on the unexpected reunion of two former friends when they end up stranded at the Atlanta airport in transit. (It was delightful, and made me want to go around the Atlanta airport too.) If these stories appeal to you, or if you’re looking for something to go along with your holiday spirit, I’d certainly recommend checking this collection out.

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424 reviews24 followers
January 23, 2022
I challenged myself to read more anthologies this year and I think I’m doing pretty good considering this is the second one I picked up in January. Yay me!

Anthologies can always be a little hit and miss. Different authors, different stories, different styles. And for me the stories in this collection vary widely. As always I try to rate each individual story and calculate an average for the actual rating. Find the individual ratings below.

The first story in this book (Snow and Mistletoe by Kasie West) was so great. I was sucked into this world and so smitten with the characters, that I didn’t want the story to end. Even though I think it found a perfect ending.

After that the other stories just couldn’t convince me any more. Especially the second story (Working in a Winter Wonderland by Aimee Friedman) just wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the characters, I didn’t get the love story and thought everyone was just doing stupid stuff.

Here are the individual ratings for the stories:

Snow and Mistletoe: 4 out of 5 stars
Working in a Winter Wonderland: 1 out of 5 stars
The Magi’s Gift: 2 out of 5 stars
Grounded: 3 out of 5 stars
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December 15, 2018
Cute short stories that were predictable.

Snow in Love is a book that has about 4 short stories within it. Some you might enjoy and some that might annoy you a little bit. Whether it's a certain character (or two) or maybe the entire story line. At least for me, I had one favorite story and the others were just okay.

The first book, Snow and Mistletoe was one of my favorites. Probably because it was the first short story and it got me in the mood to finishing this book but the characters were just so likable. Now I will admit, this book (and short story) definitely made me think of another christmas-y(? - is that even a word? lmfao.) book. Which was written by John Green I think? Not quite sure if it's like Let it Snow but it did make me think of it.

Now besides wishing for snow instead of this rain that I'm getting, I really wanted to like the other stories/characters. Working in a Winter Wonderland was cute and all but I just hated Heath so much. Thankfully, the MC learned real quick what he was into (himself) and moved onto Avery.

Then there's The Magi's Gifts, which also made me think of previous books I've read. Even a couple of movies I've watched. It did have an adorable couple in it which made me smile because they truly loved each other.

Last, but not least, there's Grounded which was probably my least favorite. I think it was just how it was written. Luckily I have no idea what it feels like to be trapped in an airport over a holiday or winter storm - and I'm hoping that never happens. The girls were adorable and I figured that something was going to happen between them - which did warm my heart a little bit.. but other than, it was okay.

Overall, I'm glad that I dove into this book but it honestly didn't get me into the christmas spirit. Maybe I'll make myself some hot cocoa and watch a christmas movie or two.
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January 24, 2019
This was adorable. Exactly the winter snowy read you didn't even know you needed. It's four stories, not connected in any way and each show a different side to the holiday season.

I loved the mix of different stories. Of course, the first one is my favorite and by one of my favorite authors. The second one gives the typical push at consumerism with an adorable story. The third one was the only one I didn't love - it was a story told too many times. The fourth one was my 2nd favorite and was also adorable.

I wish I'd had this one in December. Absolutely adorable quick read.
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January 16, 2019
I put this on my list as soon as I saw Kasie West was a contributor to this collection and I should have saved hers for last, because not all of these stories hit home for me--definitely a case of my personal taste.

Snow & Mistletoe (Kasie West) - 5 Stars
Darling and utterly predicable, yet swoony and sweet. I loved the way the characters got to know each other in this snowy adventure.

Working in a Winter Wonderland (Aimee Friedman) - 3 Stars
Kind of short and shallow, but it does lend a few interesting aspects to the holiday season. I loved the character growth in such a short time period.

The Magi's Gifts (Melissa De La Cruz) - 3 Stars
A teenage take on this classic short story. I would have loved to see it developed into something more.

Grounded (Nic Stone) -1 Star
Not for me. I understand that not everyone is like me, and I can accept that, but I prefer my romances to be between a male and a female. Enough said.

Content: mild romance (lesbian relationship in last story); some language in the 2nd and 3rd stories
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December 20, 2022
2021 reread:
Every time I reread Snow and Mistletoe, I end up loving it even more. It’s the definition of perfection.


Had fun reading one story per day to start off my
Christmas reading.
Honestly worth getting just for the Kasie West story.
It’s one of the most beautiful and lovely heartwarming stories I’ve ever read.
Truth be told, sometimes my heart was just melting over how perfect her story was.
But just a heads up... I own Sawyer Harris. He belongs to me and I’m not sharing.

The other ones... well I wish they had been better.

Here’s my rating and review for each story:

Snow and Mistletoe by Kasie West
The impossible has occurred. I never thought I’d see this day come... I have a new favourite Kasie West story. Considering she’s one of my favourite authors and has a vast (and outstanding) catalogue, this was no easy feat.
This was perfect! The setting, the plot, the characters. I couldn’t have ever imagined a more beautiful and heartwarming Christmas story.

Working in a Winter Wonderland by Aimee Friedman
A well written holiday story. I could definitely feel the stress of dealing with a crowd of holiday shoppers.
Only thing I didn’t like is how rude the main character could be sometimes, but let’s face it, there are people who are like that.

The Magi’s Gift by Melissa de la Cruz
Obviously the title gives away the plot to the story. This is indeed a modern retelling if the very famous and oft retold The Gift of the Magi. So obviously this story was a bit predictable seeing that I know the original story so well.

Grounded by Nic Stone
Well written and I always LOVE when authors use texts in books, I find it fun, but considering this takes place on Christmas Eve... it barely felt like a holiday read. Considering this is a book about “deliciously cozy, swoon-worthy holiday stories”, I wanted it to feel like a holiday story like the previous three did. Other than the mention that it’s Christmas Eve, there’s a snow storm and there’s one sentence of a guy in a Santa suit... this was not a holiday story. So honestly I felt like... why even include it?
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November 2, 2018
3.5 stars
So this is an Anthology written in 4 stories about Christmas .. I liked most of them and here are my rating :)
Snow and Mistletoe by Kasie West: I don't need to say anymore .. KAsie has the ability to make me so gooey from the inside and I laugh from how adorable are her stories .. it's a definite 5 stars for me because it was just so CUTE <3

Working in A Winter Wonderland by Aimee Friedman: I liked this story a lot, it gave a good vibe for christmas spirit even if the main protaginist is jewish, I liked the story and the self discovery Maxine made .. 4.5 stars

The Magi's Gifts by Melissa De La Cruz: it was a nice story but I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous two, it had a good concept to it but it was just ok .. 3 stars

Grounded By Nic Stone: I really can't say much about this story since it's really not my cup of tea .. the idea was ok I guess but I didn't feel the vibe of christmas from it .. 1.5 stars

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