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Zombie Queen of Newbury High

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Quiet, unpopular, non-cheerleading Mia is blissfully happy. She is dating super hot football god Rob, and he actually likes her and asked her to prom! Enter Samantha?cheerleading goddess and miss popularity? who starts making a move for Rob. With prom in a few days, Mia needs to act fast. So she turns to her best friend, Candice, and decides to do a love spell on Rob. Unfortunately, she ends up inflicting a zombie virus onto her whole class, making herself their leader! At first she is flattered that everyone is treating her like a queen. But then zombie hunter hottie Chase explains they are actually fattening her up, because in a few days, Mia will be the first course in their new diet. She?s sure she and Chase can figure something out, but she suggests that no one wear white to prom, because things could get very messy.

200 pages, Paperback

First published March 5, 2009

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About the author

Amanda Ashby

26 books376 followers
Amanda Ashby was born in Australia but now lives in New Zealand where she writes romance, young adult and middle grade books. She also works in a library, owns far too many vintage tablecloths and likes to delight her family by constantly rearranging the furniture.

She has a degree in English and Journalism from the University of Queensland and is married with two children. Her debut book was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice award, and her first young adult book was listed by the New York Public Libraryʼs Stuff for the Teen Age. Because she’s mysterious she also writes middle grade books under the name, Catherine Holt and hopes that all this writing won’t interfere with her Netflix schedule.

She also runs writing workshops and loves to speak to people about Buffy (er, she means writing). See her Website for more information.

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977 reviews118 followers
June 23, 2016

Why this book?

I love zombie books

What I thought

Mia makes a big mistake when instead of casting a love spell, she casts a spell that changes the senior class into Zombies. This was a cute fast paced read that I enjoyed. I liked the characters for most part, even if Mia's Buffy obsession was a little weird for her age. This is a enjoyable read that is just to cute for words! It kept you guessing and it was really entertaining. If you're looking for a fun read this one is for you.
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819 reviews126 followers
October 21, 2015
I read this and I honestly enjoyed it but, there was nothing that really stood out to me.

I really liked the twist of zombies having a home queen lol.

3.5/5 (rounded down)
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796 reviews102 followers
July 3, 2020
This is a fun book although the paranormal aspect is on the juvinile and silly side

Mia find herself turning her whole school assembly into a horde of zombie when she thought she was only doing a love spell on Rob. Mia being the one who do the spell became the Zombie Queen means someone who every zombie want to devour.

Zombie infection comes in 4 stages. The infected person will first crave for meat and twitching uncontrollably. They follow Mia's every move and keep giving her food to fatten her up so they can have their meal. God its funny I know. Zombies also doesn't like water so Mia have to squirt herself with water every few minutes to make them back off

I like Mia's best friend Candice. She is really funny and a nutcase. Chase is so so.
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Author 5 books479 followers
November 4, 2012
Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadToo.com

Mia Everett is just a normal teenage girl: she fears heights, she loves the Buffy series, she has a crush on the hottest guy in school, she's the neighbor of the popular cheerleader, her sister is a popular wannabe, and...

She turned all of the seniors - and even some teachers - into flesh-eating zombies through a love potion gone wrong.

That's when Chase comes into the picture. He's always been the quiet, anti-social guy in her Biology class, but when he comes to her saying that she didn't perform a love potion - that she really performed a spell that turned her classmates and best friend, Candice, into zombies - well, she immediately starts to fall for her knight in shining armor.

And if all of this wasn't enough to take in, Mia also has to worry about her prom, which is just days away! Will she be able to cure her classmates, and her prom date, before the actual dance? And if not, what will happen to her friends and the students? Will they really become zombies? And why do all of them seem to salivate whenever she's around?

Amanda Ashby writes a very entertaining and quick read about a teenage protagonist who has to fix the catastrophic problem she created - or else she'll never be able to enjoy the ball with Prince Charming. Many readers will be able to relate to Mia and her quirky ways, and others will simply fall in love with her witty humor. And if that doesn't work, there are always hunks Rob and Chase.

ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH deserves the five stars. This is a very original story that isn't too far-fetched that teenage readers can't relate at all - it's the perfect mix of reality and imagination.
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235 reviews44 followers
February 24, 2017
Interesting book. Quick read! I didn't know what to expect. Parts of the book I liked and other parts I disliked a lot. Nice humor as well.

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Author 15 books228 followers
December 22, 2008
Mia has been happy being on the fringe of the popular crowd. She is happy to have her hypochondriac best friend, Candice, and watch what is going on around her until...Rob, the super hot football star, asks her to Homecoming.

Everything is going fine between Mia and Rob. They've been on five dates and she can't believe her good fortune. Her luck begins to change though, when Samantha, the extremely popular cheerleader, sets her sights on Rob. Samantha will stop at nothing to secure her spot as Homecoming Queen and since Rob is the most likely guy to be chosen as the Homecoming King, she is determined to get Rob for herself.

Mia begins to panic. She doesn't really stand a chance against Samantha so she resorts to a pretty extreme measure. Candice, being the hypochondriac she is, takes Mia to a place she goes for a lot of her natural medicines for a love spell to make sure Rob doesn't dump her for Samantha. They choose to perform the spell during a Senior assembly and boy does that turn out to be a mistake. The spell is actually an ancient ritual called Viral Zombaticus. The entire Senior class has been infected and will be going through the four stages of the zombie virus in the next couple of days. Since Mia performed the ritual, she is their queen and once everybody gets to stage four of the virus, they will want nothing more than to eat her.

Thank goodness for Chase. He's a new guy with a huge secret. As a team, Chase, Mia, and Candice work to reverse the Viral Zombaticus - even though Candice is suffering from the virus herself and has to fight the urge to take a bite out of Mia whenever she is around. Can Mia reverse the spell before she becomes a zombie meal? Is Rob really as great as she thinks he is? After her brush with popularity, will she be happy to go back to her place on the fringe?

ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH is a quick read. The characters are fun to get to know - Mia is likable, Candice is quirky, and Chase is calm, cool, and collected in a crisis. The story isn't complex, but the humor throughout the book makes ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH a great reading choice.
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787 reviews196 followers
December 28, 2019
Reviewed on Lili Lost in a Book

Mia is super stoked that she is going to prom with the popular and handsome Rob... until equally popular and self-proclaimed future prom queen Samantha sets her heart on stealing Rob for her self. Mia really likes this guy and will do anything to keep Rob's attention... Even do a love spell on him. Except said love spell doesn't do what its title claims, and instead them the whole senior class into zombies! How you get zombies from a love spell, I have no idea. But it's more ridiculous than it sounds, lol.

With the help of a new classmate, Chase, Mia sets out to correct the spell before her classmates fatten her up and eat her for lunch.

Okay, I seriously loved this book! When I first heard about it, it just sounds so silly and like such a fun and light read that I just HAD to have it! And I can happily say that it did not disappoint! While I occasionally enjoy the deep and emotional book that moves me and makes me cry, lately I've been preferring the light books that are funny and just make me laugh. Zombie Queen was exactly that and more! I found myself laughing out loud more often than not and I absolutely love that in any book! The situation Mia found herself in was just very amusing... I mean, how often do you hear of a love spell turning people into zombies? Seriously! Can you say epic fail? Lol.

Another component of the book that I loved and made me laugh was Mia's BFF Candice. I've never read a book before where a character was a hypochondriac, but I am telling you, Candice was HILARIOUS! This week she thought she had leprosy O.o Ever since starting nursing school I diagnose myself all the time... maybe I'm a hypochondriac, too! ;) Anyway, I loved Candice and all her quirkiness!

That book was very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed the voice Amanda Ashby gave it. I highly recommend this one!
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216 reviews46 followers
August 3, 2011
Oh boy, what is there to say? Usually, when sitting down to write a review, I am enthusiastic about picking apart the novel and figuring out what worked and what didn't. Only, with Zombie Queen, I'm not at all excited. Why? I think part of it has to do with the fact that I found it incredibly difficult to finish the book. Another reason may have to do with the fact that I am SO ready to move on to something else.

So what went wrong? Well, for starters, the characters were an issue from page one. I had difficult discerning Candice from Mia and found both characters very forgettable. Actually, I found all of the characters forgettable. With third person omniscient, I think it's imperative the author create unique characters and give the readers reason to care for them, especially since we aren't given the opportunity to slip into the protagonist's shoes like with first person narrative. So when that doesn't happen, as with Zombie Queen, it makes for a boring read.

The story itself is very linear and easy to follow, bumping the rating from one star to two. Though, for a more tenured reader, this book will probably be far too predictable and formulaic. There's no strong language, drinking or sexual themes, so it's absolutely suitable for the tween market but more savvy teens may find it a bit boring. Like with Vampire Stalker things happened in a clockwork manner, precisely when and how I expected them to. No surprises.

There's really not much more to say.
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1,188 reviews2,892 followers
March 1, 2009
Who would have thought I’d be reading another zombie novel, and a funny one at that! Zombie Queen of Newbury High is a quick and entertaining read. Mia is such a likeable character it’s hard not to relate to her, and her best friend Candice so quirky! She was cracking me up with her hypocondirac obsession!

The plot was ingenious as well, turning your whole school into zombies, classic! And it made for a great story! Ashby kept you guessing, just when I thought I knew something, she’s throw in another loop. It was actually nice to be kept on my toes. I really enjoyed reading Ashby’s novel and I’m looking forward to more!

Zombies, romance, and humor, you can’t ask for a better read.
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22 reviews
July 15, 2013
I decided to chose that book because my librarian have recommended me to read this as this story has a main female character in it. The static image cover looks interesting as they might do some evil stuff during the story, so it makes me drawled attention to be reading this book.

This book will fit a book with a felmale character on the bingo board as it got the felmale character during the story. The main character of the story is Mia who is describe as not popular person in the school. She is the person who argues with her sister Grace about stuff that her sister did, this is wasn't nice for her. The category of this book is isn't interesting because I think it will talk about evil stuff, not useful stuff to our future but something you can learnt from it is good.

My favourite character of the story is Mia because she is the main character of the story. She is the Zombie Queen during the story after Mia cast an spell on people at a formal assembly in their high school. It turned them into disgusting zombies. Mia have to work out how to reversed the spell using the book that the wisely woman gave her when she was at the magic shop at the early of this story buying that spell that worth 100 hundreds dollars. The first time she did the reversed spell didn't work because her best friend Candice forgotten to tell them the important note when she did the translation from Latin to English. The 2nd time, when she did it, it was hard because all the students have turned into Zombies as they were in Stage 4 (when they started developing the teeth and grip before eating someone)Their job for the reversed spell is getting them to drink it as the final note says which it was very touch and scary for them. Luckily, her best friend save them by getting all the grossly Zombies to drink the spell including her. In the end, they are all turned back to normal.

My favourite quote from this book is "..five actually, because going to watch him practice football probably didn't count as a date in the technical sense of the word". This makes me thinks that if you don't practice the football, you would missed the attendance to soccer training and get bad marks on the report, so I think this quote means to me practice hear to make it perfect. Same for English, you have to practice writing the essay to get good marks, otherwise you didn't practice writing essay you will get bad marks in the next report. This is counted to the report as it always.

I have learned from this book is DO NOT PANIC at something, if you do panic, you will make serious mistakes like Mia who can't do it property once because she didn't think it property before telling her to read out their translation form Latin to English. She should tell her to read out the whole information regarding to the spell on page(s). Also be brave at something like climbing up the cupboard or mountain as she scared of climbing the height of the cupboard.

You might not know this, at the start of the story, she happily walking to the shopping mall called Newbury. They have brought the spell from the wisely woman for hundreds of dollars as she tells them about the love spell, what does it do, how it worked etc. After buying it, they planned to do the spell at the assembly for some various reason as they wanted to try the new spell, what it do. Another thing I have learnt from this book is DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKES. Otherwise, you will ended up in trouble.
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2,711 reviews
July 3, 2012
This was a really entertaining, fast read. I would definitely recommend it to fans of zombie chick lit. It has the ridiculousness of a B horror movie and an addictive lighthearted humor. I didn't really like the main character, and was more attached to her best friend, Candice. Mia seemed like she was going to be a nice alternative to the brainless, makeup and boy obsessed teen, but in the end I had trouble differentiating her personality from the very girls she didn't like. The characters and plot molded themselves around the action in unrealistic ways, which was fun but not exactly fine literature. If you're looking for a fast, light read with horror elements but no actual scare factor then this is your book.

Characterizationdramatic, familiar
POV 3rd person following Mia
Story Lineaction-oriented, plot twists (predictable)
Frame contemporary, high school, urban/suburban
Toneheartwarming, humorous, melodramatic
Writing Style: colorful, dramatic

Red Flags None
Read AlikesBad Taste in Boys and I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It
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159 reviews
July 18, 2009
Mia is one of those people in a senior class that just isn't that noticeable. It's not that she is at the bottom of the fish pond but she isn't exactly miss popularity either - that role is one her younger sister holds. But Mia has been going out with the star football player, Rob, who has already invited her to senior prom. That should secure some popularity points. Mia can't wait for prom until she notices that Rob is spending a lot of time with uber-popular Samantha. Mia is devastated so she turns to her best friend, Candice for help. Candice recommends a love potion and she knows just the person to ask for help. Unfortunately, the love potion they are given is actually a spell that turns the entire senior class into zombies....with Mia as their queen. Being queen isn't all that bad until Mia realizes that her classmates are being super nice to her so that they can fatten her up to eat.

This book is one of those that I call mind candy. There is no real substance but just something to do for fun. And this is a fun book to read on a day when there is nothing really going on and you want a quick read to tie you over.
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867 reviews41 followers
July 26, 2010
Mia Everett thought she had made it. Rob Ziggerman, one of the cutest and most popular boys in school has not only taken her on 5 (maybe 6) dates, but he has asked her to the prom. However, recently Rob has quit sitting with her in biology class and instead is sitting with the uber-popular cheerleader, Samantha. In desperation, Mia takes the advice of BFF Candice and buys a love spell from the local woo woo shop. Shortly after she casts the spell, Mia is informed by the quiet, but surprising cute, new guy Chase Miller, that the spell was actually a spell that will turn the entire senior class into zombies. Well, everyone but her. As the person who cast the spell, she will be the queen. That is not as cool as it sounds, since the queen is first on the soon to be zombies' menu. Well, at least she will not have to worry about the prom any more.

I think this is a really fun book. Mia's voice rings true as a smart but socially inept teen. The senior class is a hoot as they worry about the upcoming dance while slowly turning into the living dead. This book will probably appeal to girls more than boys.
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93 reviews4 followers
January 6, 2016
I knew going into this book that it was going to be completely cheesy. It's about a high school girl who, in an attempt to win back her prom date, casts a love spell but it turns out to be a spell that turns people into zombies. I got this book for three reasons, (1) I'm obsessed with Zombies and I'll read anything with zombies in it, (2) I found it at a bookstore for only $2, and (3) The cover peaked my interests (seriously, the dress is cute and I would have rocked that at my senior prom). It wasn't a bad read, but it's one of those books that I probably would have enjoyed more in my first couple of years of high school. The main character, Mia was kind of annoying and zombie hunter "hottie" Chase was just ok to me. The other characters reminded me of all the side characters I've read in other books with high school settings. It's one of those books that is very predictable and contain a few eye rolling moments, but overall it was enjoyable.
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1,092 reviews159 followers
February 23, 2010
What would one teenage girl do for love? Buy a love spell of course. But wait, oops, did I just turn the entire school into Zombies? UhOhhh....

This was such an unexpected Gem! Zombie Queen of Newbury High is one of those rare books that you don't know what your in for till you read it.
I'll admit I thought the cover and title was cheesy, but now that I've red the book, I think it's perfect! This was a humorously entertaining read that is just to cute for words!

Lively characters, laugh out loud plot and the writing is evenly paced and will keep you intrigued!
Loved the quick-wit-comebacks and sassy banter. There's just enough of everything in this book, romance, humor and of course, Zombies!
If you like funny and entertaining mixed in with paranormal slender then this is the book for you!

Imaginative, feisty and tons of fun!
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2,994 reviews45 followers
March 4, 2015
I hate when authors don't create distinct characters. I spent half of the first fifty pages trying to figure out the difference between Mia and Candice. When I finally did, I didn't really care for either of them. Mia finally has a popular (but stupid) guy dating her and she is going to prom with him. But now the most popular girl in school is after her date, so she has do do something! The two friends chant a love spell that ends up creating zombies of the entire senior class. Of course, the zombie effects move in stages and there just happens to be a Paranormal Containment Officer in her class. He's cute, of course. The three kids save the day and no one gets hurt. Ugh. Why must most zombie novels be so mediocre?
4 reviews
February 21, 2012
The book, Zombie Queen of Nebury High, is so good! I loved it so much. Besides the fact that Mia changed everyone into zombie's and that Chase was a zombie hunter, I think that a lot of teenagers can relate to everything that was going on. I thought it was very detailed too. You really made me freak out for a second when I read that Chase and Candace were going to the prom together!! Mia and Chase deserve to be together. I'm not very big on reading books, but I liked this one, and couldn't stop reading it. I was a bit confused with all the stages though. I didn't quite understand why Mia used water instead of something else to spray on her. Otherwise it was very interesting. I think there should be a sequel to this book because it was very good!
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168 reviews1 follower
September 4, 2018
So I have to say this first. With this book I have completed the A to Z challenge, awsome!! So on to the book. I really, really enjoyed this one and I wish there was a sequel or a prequel or more of Chase! please, pretty please. Mia the main character is likable enough, she is a bit anoying to begin with but redeems herself along the way. Chase is a hot guy who also happens to be a zombie hunter wow I have to say I love hunters (shadowhunters, vampire hunters etc) and now zombies yay. Candice was good for a bit of humor. Good twist on why the zombies were created!!
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Author 71 books1,617 followers
September 17, 2012
In a nutshell, this is a fun, light read. It's not a serious zombie book by far and it's perfectly suited for younger teens and tweens. In some ways, it's like a Buffy episode, which isn't surprising since Buffy is referenced a lot by the characters.

I needed a change in pace from the more serious novels I've been reading lately, and this fit the bill perfectly.

I'm sending off my copy to my niece (who is 13), so she can enjoy it, too.

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44 reviews22 followers
February 4, 2011
Read this one last night since I couldn't sleep. While the writing wasn't that impressive, it was definitely entertaining and cute. Good way to pass a couple of hours!!!
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Author 1 book5 followers
February 2, 2022
It’s a rule of mine to always judge a book by what it is trying to deliver. On this, Ms. Ashby hit the nail on the head. While some people may look at this book and groan at a cheesy concept, or see the cover and think it’s tacky, I can’t recommend this book enough as a cute middle-grade romance novel. I needed a fun read, and this fit that need. The characters are funny and mostly likable, with highschool stereotypes done right, and by the end of the book I had fallen in love with them. The humor is upbeat and fitting, the serious parts hit you emotionally, the romance is cute and well earned, with sweet moments that make you want more. I liked the twist against the usual zombie outbreak- there is no secret plague in the water, or sudden flesh eating virus. Instead, it’s a simple case of a chaos maker, a witch from a shady shop, a paranormal investigative unit that tries to shut down these situations, and a highschool girl who wants a boyfriend.
She does get the boyfriend, but not the one she expected, a wonderful story twist. It’s a classic tale, with all the familiar story beats, but it’s so uniquely done. I love the tale of the highschool girl going from wanting the dumb but pretty jock, to wanting the quiet, weird kid. This novel, to my surprise, also has quite a bit of depth to the story. Unlike some highschool romances, it doesn’t play off as shallow.
This book is the one I chose for Z in my alphabetical romance read challenge, and I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed this read and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a cute, quirky romance with some paranormal elements.
2 reviews
August 6, 2017
To say that I hadn't read one of Amanda Ashley's books sooner is preposterous. This single book alone contrasts the feeling of drama and romantic details along with adding the genre adventure and thriller. I'd have to say that it most certainly contrasts a smooth plot and every page most certainly has an exciting event which makes me want to keep reading. The book may seem short and crammed, however, the story flows smoothly, for example, from the day Mia caught Rob with Samantha, to running away with the "weirdo" from someone, or something, capturing them both. When Mia wanted Rob back, she does everything in her power to do so, without thinking of the consequences. This got me thinking of how much that resembles me. I realize that when I act before I think, i get into a lot of trouble which is what is happening to Mia. This book inspires me to really think hard if i want to do something and think of the consequences. It made me really open my mind which earns its place for a five star rating.
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813 reviews13 followers
May 20, 2019
This is not your typical zombie book (hordes of undead chasing some poor sap into a dead end to fight a losing battle) but something more fun and creative. The story focuses around a teenage girl who loves a football player named Rob. When she thinks Rob loves the popular girl at the school, she resorts to buying a spell from a weird shop...but the spell starts to slowly turn everyone into zombies! So a lot of the book is about finding a way to reverse the spell before it's too late.

I found the book lighthearted and a bit funny. It's not really horror at all even though there are zombies in it. And I read the entire book in a few hours. It's very entertaining and kept me turning the pages. The story moved smoothly. There is also some light romance too.

The main character goes on a journey through the book too. She gets smarter about love. Maybe it's not good to fall for someone just because they ask you to the prom, especially if that person is turning into a zombie?
Profile Image for Nikki.
98 reviews6 followers
April 16, 2018
I don’t have a lot of experience with zombie fiction but I’m starting to enjoy it. This was an interesting spin on the high school setting and I loved all the Buffy and Supernatural references, there’s nothing wrong with being a super-fan! Mia was likeable and I liked Candice too, though her fear of illness was rather strange! I liked both Rob and Chase too. This is a nice, fun read.
138 reviews7 followers
February 19, 2019
I am not normally a big fan of YA novels, but this was surprisingly good. It was like a fluffy, sweet read with zombies. It was cute without being overbearingly sweet. I greatly enjoyed it to be honest.
Profile Image for A B Rhoads.
13 reviews
November 15, 2022
I really loved the aesthetic of this book. It was written in the 2000s and it has some of the best TV show references ever! This book really does transport you back in time to the 2000s. It's definitely a fun short read, that packs some punches.
Profile Image for Amy.
319 reviews
January 2, 2019
Light hearted funny read, actually was quite good.
Profile Image for Niti.
2 reviews
September 26, 2019
Beautiful plot and turn of events!! A must read for people who like romance and horror, along with a little magic.
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