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The Killing Type

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Susie and her sister have never been close. These days they barely speak. So when Danielle messages her out of the blue and begs to meet, Susie knows something must be wrong.

But what Danielle tells her seems crazy. Her husband, Simon, may be a bully, but surely he wouldn't hurt her?

Then the accident happens. And Susie is forced to rethink everything.

Who is lying?
Who is telling the truth?
And who, really, is the killing type?


'A dark, complex and compelling thriller that kept me turning the pages until the end' B A Paris

'Jane Corry is a true master of psychological suspense' Kathryn Croft

'The perfect summer read!' L J Ross

'Jane Corry hooks us from page one' Jane Holland

'Jane Corry is the new queen of the psychological thriller. Don't miss this' Kate Furnivall

'Fans of psychological thrillers will be hooked after the first page'

'Jane Corry weaves a morally complex, twisty tale' Kate Hamer

'A rollercoaster of dramatic twists' Elizabeth Haynes

50 pages, Kindle Edition

Published May 17, 2018

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About the author

Jane Corry

13 books1,347 followers
Jane Corry is a writer and journalist who has spent time working as the writer in residence of a high security prison for men - an experience that helped inspire her Sunday Times bestsellers 'My Husband's Wife' and 'Blood Sisters'. Jane runs regular writing workshops and speaks at literary festivals all over the world. Many of her ideas strike during morning dog-jogs along the beach followed by a dip in the sea - no matter how cold it is!

Jane's brand-new thriller 'The Dead Ex' is out now!

You can find Jane on Twitter at @JaneCorryAuthor and on Facebook at JaneCorryAuthor as well as Instagram.

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1,333 reviews7,101 followers
September 30, 2019
Ok, so at just 50 pages in length, it’s fair to say that this is too short for character development (I think a full length version of the story could have worked really well) but nevertheless it’s not a bad read.

Sisters Susie and Danielle have never hit it off, but how they end up marrying the same man, and someone ends up dead, I’m not saying! Be assured though, there are some nasty twisted characters, and some equally devious plotting here folks!
August 6, 2019
The Killing Type is a free short story from Jane Corry and boy does she pack in a lot, in 50 pages. Jane is a master of plot twists and surprises and this story has a few good ones.

Danielle and Susie are sisters, very close in age, (Irish twins) – 14 months apart. They are both very different in looks and personality with Danielle being prettier and outgoing while Susie is quiet, contemplative and a writer. “Rose Red and Snow White.”There is a thread of jealousy and they have drifted apart to the point they don’t communicate anymore. Surprising then that Susie receives a message from Danielle asking to meet, as she’s concerned her husband Simon is trying to kill her. Danielle has experienced strange accidents of late including a car crash that appears to have been caused by tampered brakes. Susie’s explanation to the police is that her sister is melodramatic with fanciful ideas. Case closed! Well with the police anyway.

Someone is ultimately killed, but who is responsible – who is the killing type?

Jane is masterful in her plotting and the twists she brings to her stories are fantastic. It is amazing that she manages to bring such surprises into such a short story leaving the reader fascinated. I was also impressed by how we managed to pick up the personalities of the sisters so quickly.

What is missing, however, is that festering harmful purpose or suspicious background that Jane brings in her other novels, and the character development of a wider cast, in particular, the husband Simon is barely developed.

As a quick read, I can highly recommend it and would rate it at 4.5 stars. As a short reading commitment, it delivers an enthralling and intriguing story that gives great insight into Jane Corry’s writing and plotting ability.
Profile Image for Linda.
1,195 reviews1,244 followers
September 11, 2018
Short and not so sweet........

Danielle and her sister, Susie, have quite the tale to tell here. They have been raised by a doting mother and are products of a non-existent father who has been out of the picture for years. Both girls seem to compete for all the oxygen in the room.

That pretty much sums it up......until Danielle marries Simon. Ol' Simon, according to our girl Danielle, is trying to do her in. Enter: Susie who may or may not be on Danielle's side.

The Killing Type almost killed me with its abruptness. Details were stark and an escalating anxiety rise was completely lacking. The assignment was probably to fill in a storyline within the required 50 pages. But even as a short story, it didn't deliver. This one should have been given a wide berth in book form instead. Ya just can't pack a watermelon in a zip-lock bag, folks.

I received a copy of The Killing Type through NetGalley for an honest review. My thanks to Penguin Books and to Jane Corry (who mightily deserves a second glance) for the opportunity.
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4,183 reviews2,243 followers
December 22, 2020
Loved this one so much!
It's gripping and dark.
Everything worked so well.
It's short but that's what it is!
The characters were really interesting.
I would have loved it more if Simon's character was a bit detailed.
The plot is good.
Who murdured who and why were explained and the motive too. But I still don't understand why both sisters had to go to that length of committing a crime together.
Seriously, the darkness of it all worked really well with the writing style.
Looking forward to more work by the same author.
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710 reviews236 followers
January 1, 2019
A punchy short story that will keep you gripped with its secrets and lies

Danielle and Susie are sisters,!only 14 months separate them but they are not close and are like chalk and cheese.

Danielle asks to meet her sister regarding her husband Simon, who she thinks is trying to kill her. After several accidents and a car crash as her brakes were tampered with, she turns to Susie for help. Unfortunately Susie tells the police that her sister is melodramatic and she does not believe her. The case is closed.

A few months later after a surprising marriage, Susie is in court being charged with murder!!

A great twist at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this short but sweet book. It certainly makes me wonder what would I do to protect my family and who when pushed is the killing type?

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.

Profile Image for Pauline.
737 reviews
May 27, 2018
The killing type by Jane Corry is a short story about two sisters. I found this story very rushed with long gaps in the storyline. I didn't engage with the characters at all.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Penguin Books for my e-copy in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Sue.
1,321 reviews5 followers
December 5, 2018
THE KILLING TYPE by Jane Corry is a short story, a dark psychological thriller about two sisters, Susie and Danielle, two sisters that aren’t close. Jane Corry is the best-selling author of My Husband’s Wife and Blood Sisters.

In this short story, Danielle reaches out to her sister, Susie, and says she wants to talk to her about Susie’s husband, Simon.

But what Danielle tells her seems crazy. Her husband, Simon, may be a bully, but he wouldn't hurt her? Susie tells her sister that Simon is trying to kill her.

Then the accident happens. Susie was in a car accident.

Months later, Simon is dead, and Susie is alleged to have murdered Simon in self-defense.

Who is lying? Who is telling the truth?

The Killing Type has an engaging plot with a satisfying ending.

Many thanks to Penguin Books for my digital copy.
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1,564 reviews262 followers
December 17, 2019
The Killing type.

While this was a twisty short story about two sisters and the man they (love ha!?) One sister thinks her husband is trying to kill her but the other sister tells the police she is making it up. Then the second sister wounds up with him..did not really get into the story all that much.

It's a good premise. And I like short stories. But there was to much put in to justify being so short. Twist after twist after twist in a story that takes under an hour to read. It was to much for me.

Also I did not like either sister nor could I get a grasp on who they really were. Actually I liked nobody in this story except for the sisters sweet mom. There was not alot of meat to this story as it ends rather quickly.

Not that it is bad or not well written. But I read so many mysteries and I really do need to feel like I know my characters and what their motivations are.

There was no character development but I guess there could not be much as the story was so short..just so much to cram in with such a short book. And the sisters left a bad taste in my mouth. Truth be told I could not stand either one of them.

I do like dark and intense stories and think I'd maybe have liked this more if it was full length.
Profile Image for Linda Strong.
3,882 reviews1,629 followers
May 17, 2018
Susie and Danielle are sisters. They aren't close anymore, but still they're sisters. Danielle sends Susie a text saying she needed to talk to her about Simon ... Susie's husband.

Susie swears up and down that Simon is trying to kill her. Danielle may not like Simon, but she doesn't see him as a killer, either.

Some months later, Susie is in a car accident. She's lucky no one was badly hurt but she's screaming to the cops that her husband has tinkered with her brakes. While at the police station, law enforcement questions Danielle. Danielle is quick to explain that Susie often imagines things and when Susie hears that she goes ballistic.

Six months later, Simon is dead.

What happened? Who's lying? Who's telling the truth?

This is a short story with a few stirring twists that will have you shaking your head and wonder where did 'that' come from. The ending comes as quite a surprise.
Profile Image for Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill.
523 reviews620 followers
June 6, 2018

This short story is about two sisters: Jane and Danielle. Both are considered very different in looks and personality. Danielle being bolder, more outgoing, an aspiring actress. Susie in contrast is quieter and a writer.
Danielle married a well to do banker named Simon, which only spurred on the jealousy between the sisters. Someone in this book ends up being the killing type. Can you guess who?

My thoughts:

I went in knowing this was a short story, but I was surprised at just how short of a read it was. With that being said, it was a fantastic, twisty tale. I love Jane Corry's books and this was a great sample of what her work is like. She managed to somehow not lose the suspense or thrill even in this condensed version. Entertaining read, I enjoyed it. It is a great introduction to Jane Corry's writing style if you have never read her books.

April 28, 2021
Hardly 49 pages, this novella by Jane Corry still managed to leave me gasping.

2 sisters who are not close, who have always been playing for favoritism with their mother. One of them is married but something is amiss. Danielle insists that Simon is doing everything to do away with her, Susie can hardly believe it. Well, one can’t blame her Susie knows Danielle’s penchant for drama.

Six months later, the sisters are in court with Simon’s death hovering over their heads.

The twisty ending is shockingly good but it is a novella so there’s no gradual development of the plot which gives the reader a feeling of abruptness.

For a short story, there’s definitely nothing sweet about it, The killing Type provides a glimpse of the huge talent that Jane Corry is.
Profile Image for Nicki.
623 reviews2 followers
September 18, 2018
Oh what a tangled web we weave,when we first practice to deceive. And deception is most definitely the name of the game in this twisty,gripping short story of lies,manipulation,murder and secrets with a added dash of poetic justice.

Susie and her sister Danielle have never been very close and are now barely on speaking terms. So when Susie receives a message out of the blue from her sister begging to meet. Susie knows something must be wrong.

Susie is shocked when Danielle informs her that she is terrified of her husband Simon and believes that he is trying to kill her. Susie doesn't believe Danielle who has a history of lying and being over dramatic. Susie knows that Simon is a bit of a bully but surely he wouldn't hurt Danielle?

But then the accident happens,the sisters circumstances change and Susie finds herself caught in a situation that forces her to rethink everything.

Who is lying?

Who is telling the truth?

And who,really,is the killing type?

What crime - and let's be honest here - are you capable of?

This riveting,short story is told in short,snappy chapters that alternate between Susie and Danielle and jump quite quickly through time. There is also a chapter that covers a traumatic event from the sister's past. Being a very short story,the reader isn't given much time to build a connection with either of the two sisters. But I can honestly say that I liked one sister a lot more than I liked her manipulative sibling.

I really enjoyed this compelling short story that had me hooked in from the very first page. I think this would have been a really enjoyable,twist packed,full length novel. Highly recommended but far too short.

Many thanks to Penguin Books UK for a arc of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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459 reviews89 followers
June 28, 2018
The Killing Type is a short story about two sisters named Susie and Danielle. The barely speak to one another, but Susie is the first person Danielle turns to when she becomes convinced her husband, Simon, is trying to hurt her. Neither Susie, nor the police, believe Danielle's claims. A few months later, someone dies, and only one question remains. Was it an accident—or murder?

This is one of the best short stories I'm truly impressed that such a compelling story with amazingly clever twists was accomplished with such brevity. I've read full-length novels that were nowhere near this unputdownable.

If you're a fan of short stories, do give this one a try. I have a feeling you'll love it!

I received an advance reading copy of this book courtesy of Penguin via Netgalley.
Profile Image for Mark.
1,099 reviews
August 14, 2018
Well when the blurb said short story it wasnt joking, 10-12 uninterrupted reading and twas done
A tale of 2 sisters and one husband and what the 3 got up to and why one of them is dead
No real shakes here, wasn’t long enough for that but fairly inoffensively not bad
Profile Image for Bridget.
Author 0 books81 followers
July 15, 2018
The Killing Type is a short story of two sisters seemingly wrapped up in a whirl wind of lies and deceit. You, also, won’t know who to trust in this wonderful, condensed thriller!

I would LOVE to see The Killing Type become a novel. It was engrossing and gripping but I needed more! I love all of Jane Corry’s books and this short story is no different!

Thank you to Netgalley, Jane Corry and Penguin Publishers for the opportunity to read The Killing Type.

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414 reviews368 followers
May 17, 2018
Super-Quick Psychological Suspense.

A fun, intriguing amusing short story, that’s deliciously devious, with a satisfying conclusion. Fans of Jane Corry will get a kick out of it! Also includes a sneak peek of Corry’s upcoming novel ‘The Dead-Ex’. Free to download for kindle. Enjoy!
Profile Image for Laura.
696 reviews100 followers
June 23, 2018
A (very) short story; more of a teaser trailer for the authors forthcoming full novel. As with many short stories, this was very blunt and didn’t offer much in the way of character development. For a free kindle read, it was okay.
Profile Image for Maggie61.
712 reviews3 followers
May 24, 2018
This would have been a fantastic story if I didn’t feel like huge chunks of it were missing.
It jumps from one day to four weeks later then four months later and on, there was no flow or anything to connect them. Just some different chapters tossed in with so many missing parts of a story.
I didn’t care for it at all.
Profile Image for Clare .
843 reviews49 followers
May 25, 2018
With thanks to Netgalley and Penguin for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

Despite the 14 month age difference Danielle and older sister Suzie never got along as kids, they were as different as chalk and cheese. As adults Suzie was a journalist hoping to get into the nationals some day. Danielle was an actress until she stopped work after marrying wealthy banker Simon King

One day Danielle sent a text to Suzie asking to meet. Four weeks later Danielle had a car crash and told the police Simon had tampered with the brakes. The police went to visit Suzie who confirmed Danielle had claimed Simon was trying to kill her when they met last. Suzie told the police Danielle could be melodramatic and Simon was not the killing type. Danielle overheard this and accused Suzie of fancying her husband, later Suzie got a text to say Simon had thrown her out of the house.

Four months later Danielle is shocked to discover Suzie and Simon are to marry. The story moves on six months and Suzie is in court of murdering Simon in self defence.

The story was told from the alternate POV of Danielle and Suzie. The chapters were short and snappy but got the point of the story across. I enjoyed the twist in the tale which surprised me. I enjoyed reading The Killing Type, for a short story it had an interesting plot with a satisfying ending.
Profile Image for Chanel Lindsay.
549 reviews6 followers
June 4, 2018
Having loved Jane Corry's previous books, I immediately downloaded this short story when I found it was free on Amazon; and to be honest I am in two minds about this one.

This short story follows Susie and her sister, Danielle, who have never been close. These days they barely speak. So when Danielle messages her out of the blue and begs to meet, Susie knows something must be wrong. But what Danielle tells her seems crazy. Her husband, Simon, may be a bully, but surely wouldn't hurt her? Then the accident happens. And Susie is forced to rethink everything. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? And who, really, is the killing type?

With just 50 pages, this short story was a lot storter then what I expected but Jane Corry, as usual, has delivered a plotline that is gripping and thrilling, and some very well-written characters. However, there was also massive gaps in the story that I really wanted to know, and I do think that this story would of been a whole lot better as a full novel rather then a short story.

Overall, an enjoyable read but just wish it was more detailed and longer!
Profile Image for Nicki Southwell.
712 reviews6 followers
June 10, 2018
Susie and Danielle are not close as sisters, partly because of a big age gap. Out of the blue, Danielle contacts Susie and says she needs to talk to her about Simon, her husband. Understandably;y she is intrigued, but shocked when she is told that Simon is trying to kill her.

After a car accident, when the brakes fail, things take a turn for the worse and nobody will believe that Simon intends to harm her. Then Simon dies.

There are some excellent twists to this story but sadly it is rather disjointed. The time jumps and I cannot feel that quite a lot is left out in order to fit this into a novella. I love the other books by Jane Cory, but this is not as great as her other work.

I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are all my own and completely unbiased. My thanks to NetGalley for this opportunity.
Profile Image for Ted Tayler.
Author 54 books246 followers
June 6, 2018
"Short-changed again"

Let's be honest, this is another device for authors to advertise their novels. I've read and reviewed half a dozen this year already where a short story/novella is followed by an extended extract from their latest book. This twisted tale is good, but I'd much rather read the novel and get this short story added as a bonus. Too much to ask?
Profile Image for Karen.
758 reviews83 followers
May 25, 2018
The Killing Type by Jane Corry

This was an excellent super short story that grabbed my attention from the first sentence and never let me go. My complaint is it was way too short. I wanted more. There is snappy dialogue between two sisters. Danielle and Susie are known to their mother as Danielle being like Rose Red and Susie being like Snow White. This was so interesting and fast paced that I believe this is the shortest story that I have ever read.

Two sisters who scheme and do the unthinkable. There is about 14 month's age difference between them. Susie is the quiet one always writing who is a journalist. Danielle has a passion for acting. The setting is in England. They both end up marrying Simon. This was so well told but again it was way too short.

We don't get a chance to see any character development of Simon. There was a sneak peek at the end of this outstanding short story of Jane Corry's next thriller called "The Dead Ex." I suspect that this small teaser was a prelude to her next book, but I think I am wrong. I am off to read that prelude now.

Thank you to Net Galley, Jane Corry and Penguin Books for my ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. It was my pleasure!
Profile Image for Sarah Elizabeth.
4,691 reviews1,268 followers
May 23, 2022
* Sisters Susie and Danielle meet in a coffee shop, Danielle wants to talk to Susie about her husband Simon.
* Danielle is in a car accident, and Susie is asked by the police - do you really believe that Danielle's husband is trying to kill her? And she tells them no! Danielle is making it up.

- This was quite interesting. Susie and Danielle had a turbulent relationship as sisters, and I was a bit iffy on whether this was a plan or whether it was just Susie trying to get back at Danielle, but the whole thing was done pretty well.
Profile Image for Heather W.
857 reviews12 followers
May 1, 2019
Short and sweet, this is a 50 page story following two sisters. One sister claims that her husband is trying to murder her, but the other says that he is not the killing type...who should we believe?

A very quick story that is easy to read. I love Jane Corry's writing style and hope that this will become a full length novel with perhaps some further twists down the line. I was gripped from the first page, and I loved both the twists (although I saw one coming). Another author to watch out for.

Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me an arc of this story in exchange for a fair review.
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