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Blaire Gibson knows better than to have one-night stands.

She prides herself on her decision-making skills. It’s the one asset that has never let her down. But even the best thinkers have weaknesses.
Hers is a delicious business mogul with a quick tongue.
Unfortunately for her, that tongue is good for more than just talking.

Holt Mason doesn’t need to justify anything to anyone.

He wants Blaire. He pursues Blaire. And he gets Blaire because that’s how his life works.
Until it doesn’t.
What begins as a single night in a hotel room spirals into an unusual agreement. As late nights provide the space to trade secrets and walls come tumbling down, more is shared than just pillow talk.

They both should’ve known better. They should’ve shown restraint. Because when guards are dropped, hearts get shattered.

A one-night stand turns into something more in this heart-filled, steamy romance from USA Today bestselling author Adriana Locke.

308 pages, Kindle Edition

Published August 3, 2020

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About the author

Adriana Locke

66 books13.7k followers
USA Today Bestselling author, Adriana Locke, writes contemporary romances about the two things she knows best—big families and small towns. Her stories are about ordinary people finding extraordinary love with the perfect combination of heart, heat, and humor.

She loves connecting with readers, fall weather, football, reading alpha heroes, everything pumpkin, and pretending to garden.

Hailing from a tiny town in the Midwest, Adriana spends her free time with her high school sweetheart (who she married over twenty-five years ago) and their four sons (who truly are her best work). Her kitchen may be a perpetual disaster, and if all else fails, there is always pizza.

Learn more at adrianalocke.com.

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August 10, 2020
One chapter with Holt Mason and I was smitten! By chapter 4 I was consumed and couldn’t put this book down till I consumed every last word!

Finally getting Balire’s story has me on cloud nine! I have wanted the Gibson sisters story since Walkers book and my goodness it was everything I wanted and more! Blaire and Mason are the perfect balance! Not complete opposites but also not too much alike! They challenge and help the other be the best version of themselves!

Holt is straight forward and no nonsense! He doesn’t let Blaire speak in circles and he allows her to be who she is but also reminds her about the beauty and fun of life!

The mason family is amazing and I loved getting to see some old familiar faces! I will leave this review by saying that the Mason brothers are going to be an exciting adventure and I’m here for all of it!
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1,059 reviews30 followers
August 3, 2020
Eeekkkkk so i read a small snippet eons ago it feels like and she answered our prayers and gave us a book for Blair the sister from her Gibson family books and im here for it. It kicks off her new family series, the Mason family. And i can't wait!! Im not sure how she does it but i cant wait for all the rest of the men's books. Like i needs. I loveeeeee Holt. Gah. And we got to see Sienna and Walker which made me so happy i lovedddd that. But seriously cant get enough of this family already! Now go read it whatcha waiting for hahaha.
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3,914 reviews33k followers
September 28, 2020
4 stars


Blaire Gibson is a workaholic on her first vacation in forever. She meets Holt Mason and sparks fly from their first meet. Though Blaire thinks it can never go anywhere, the more time she spends with Holt, the more she realizes she might want it to… as impossible as it may seem.

Holt is smitten with Blaire from the start and only wants to spend more and more time with her. You can tell from the beginning, he has it bad. I loved this couples chemistry and their banter. They both are hard workers with great families and made a fantastic pair.

If you’ve read some of Adriana’s other books, you’ll recognize the Gibson and Landry names. It was so fun to see some of our favorite characters make appearances in this book. I also liked the Mason’s a lot. I’m looking forward to reading about Holt’s brothers.

I listened to the audiobook of Restraint and it was narrated by Wen Ross and Kelsey Navarro. Wen Ross did an amazing job (like always) voicing Holt. It was my first time listening to a book narrated by Navarro, and I liked her narration as well. I would recommend listening to this audiobook.

I enjoyed this book lots. It was fun, sexy, and even a bit angsty at times. I loved the crossover to her other series (but it can be read as a complete stand alone) and I’m looking forward to more Masons!
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1,482 reviews38 followers
November 24, 2019
UPDATE 2: They are getting their own book!!!! And their book kicks off a new series! Woho!

UPDATE: They don't have their own book and I'm so sad now. :(((((

I loved this! It felt like a sneak peek though so I hope we're getting more of Blaire and Holt. I mean, it kind of ended with a cliffhanger so they have to have their own book. I need to go through Adriana's books and look for their book. I'm gonna be so sad if there's no book for them
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566 reviews98 followers
September 19, 2020
Review 2018:
Damn. This was too intriguing to be this short. There’s got to be more to this story... right? Can’t just have stopped like that.... right?
This is short story about the sister from the Gibson brothers series. No HEA dammit! Please Ms Author, give me more!!

Update 2020:
3.5 stars. So when I heard the author wrote a full length story to complete the short story that I reviewed above in 2018, I jumped on it straight away. This was sweet and nice and gave me the follow up I asked for.
No need to read short story as it’s all combined into this book. Dual POV and an ok HFN epilogue due to other books in the series coming up.
465 reviews1 follower
March 21, 2022
5 Stars!!!

Blaire and Holt’s story is everything!!!

Blaire is a workaholic as is Holt but when Blaire’s siblings force her to take a vacation in Savannah she meets Holt, she was not expecting to be so drawn to him and finds herself opening up more and more and developing feelings she never thought she would.

Holt is all about his family business he doesn’t have time for anything other than work but when he meets Blaire he finds himself distracted more often and does not know how it would be possible to have both work and Blaire in his life.

Can these two figure things out and get the life they always wanted and someone to share it with?
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276 reviews179 followers
February 18, 2022
R A T I N G: 3 stars to Restraint ★ ★ ★

'But love is more than an emotion that makes you feel like your head is spinning. It’s respect. It’s support. It’s wanting both of you to be victorious in all you do. All of those things are why I didn’t fall into an abyss like I did with Jack. Because you can’t be in love without loving yourself first. And Holt helped me love me before I loved him.'

"We talk like friends and kiss like lovers,” I say wistfully. “It’s usually one or the other.”
“I understand.”
“I can see myself differently around him. I see my strengths but also my weaknesses without feeling judged. I’m a better version of me.” I smile to myself. “He walked into my life as if he belonged here. Imagining him not being here hurts.”

It's the case for us all to never know how a story will unfold until we make the decision to let it, and reading Adriana Locke's Restraint (which also happens to be my first Locke sampler) re-rooted the impression that taken though we might not be when we crack open a book for the first time, lingers does the odd that appreciation can still be found along the way. Restraint isn't a mountain among pebbles nor does it welcome a gross shift in originality but it's bright and realistic and on the ball without sketching an overblown ceremony. It's character-centred (if not as romance-expansive as I was hoping) and introductions to the Mason family certainly help to stir up an atmosphere. It is what it is, and that's a small town picture of growth and possibility rather than boasting a swish and swanky show-stopping scene.

While I wasn't engaged off the bat, that's not say that I wasn't interested in my first Locke romance, even if it took time to ease into the mood. Holt and Blaire's very immediate meet cute felt more like a casual happening rather than the scene itself initiating a pull, and I'm a reader that has every devilish desire to gush over a face to face that makes me anticipate every second that's sure to follow. That lent itself to a bit of a gauging moment; I took my lack of interest as an omen that the romance might look and feel as tepid as it appeared to me on the surface. I took a closer look. I let the story do its dance and realised that there's a very understated strength and sincerity to Restraint. The pull of possibility perceptible from the offset is actually very suggestive throughout the entire read. The dangerous seedling that of course doesn't know which way to grow, begins with a casual proposition and builds a life of its own, dressing the undercurrent of warmth and wonder in the garb of glib pleasure.

Even if neither Holt or Blaire were remotely close to facing it just yet, the thread held (and even though I personally felt that the romance didn't have the biggest chance to explore itself) the chemistry held, and brick by brick do things take shape. As with most romances 'To feel or not to feel' is the underswell as well as the overtone of this romance. We've got two headstrong protagonists who, professionally speaking, are aggressive successors. They've disciplined themselves to believe they don't require romantic companionship in another person. Restraint isn't without those sweet and spicy flavours. In places it's vulnerable, it's warm, it's conversational, it's soft and tense and teasing with mild flakes of angst that accompany the conflict. Even though this romance has a sexual presence (as most romances do), the author outmanoeuvres the sexual attraction with a companionable 'I want to get to know you more'. The steam isn't an overwhelming third party, the romance is more compact and the relationship isn't quite a relationship, but truth be told, I wanted more of both.

Locke's hero does hit the ground running though. Some could even call him persistently adamant for every attempt he makes at bringing Blaire and himself closer together. He's also persistently afflicted by that very same thing, always determined to keep her in his life by some means despite embracing a short-term relationship with open arms. We know the fictional sort. We also know precisely where it's heading (reader sixth sense is a truly reliable compass). Both he and Blaire are bound by some strong similarities in character. They aren't carbon copy cut-outs of each other but they are similarly characterised and there's definitely more to them than meets the eye. Eldest of their siblings, they're nose-to-grindstone career-centric sort of people. They're also similarly flawed and even openly admit to having little space for more than their professional lives, though this is more true of Blaire than Holt (enter the Mason crew).

Where this genre births a supreme male race of CEOs and high flying magnates who can do it all, be it all and have ample time to wine, dine and languish in the company of their love interest, here's what I liked about Locke's representation: it's much more realistic. Of two overworked workhorses who struggle with the idea of practically sharing a life, the author engages how time-sparse their lifestyles are, how working commitments might suffer when Blaire becomes another piece to the puzzle, even as far as Holt almost losing her because of his fear of professional collapse. Even if the romancer in me was thirsting for a suspension of reality in the ways that make me frothy and featherbrained for this genre, I did appreciate the realism while the heroine isn’t made to fall into the role of sacrificing her entire career. But the realism was slightly flawed because the suggestion of Blaire's conservatism in her own life led me to believe that Holt would be the one to give her a Savannah adventure, and bar the carriage ride there's no particular discovery of the southern setting besides a few descriptions.

While the romance wasn't particularly accomplished, and I developed a commitment for the story/chemistry further in, Blaire's character was perhaps the most surprising to me. She's demanding, straight-talking, matter-of-fact and work-obsessed. But she becomes brave and open in a way I didn’t anticipate someone with her disposition would be. When the mandatory separation looms over the non-couple, her character growth really showed in the way she accepted the leverage of being vulnerable. She learned a lot about herself, was open to changing the status quo and reflected on what might make her life better despite having had a life without true companionship. Blaire is someone who hadn't really had a steadfast female presence in her (friends included) so I loved the growing friendship between her and Sienna. Blaire thoughtfully embodies a fear of vulnerability. She's very capable of saving herself but this is more about letting people who matter become a part of her life.

In addition, the protagonists acted as people in their professions would, and even though the author decides to leave their ages out of the equation, I'm taking an educated guess that Holt and Blaire are on the maturer side of thirty. I did want more backstory, I did want a richer chemistry and Restraint didn’t have the broader style of storytelling that I love, but all that in mind, the story does own some good bones. A Savannah man in a suit and tie who lives in a lush house off-limits to all but a sensible alpha male-averse attorney. Restraint is what happens when it’s hard to let go of what happened to you. It’s also what happens when a career is built upon the premise that to be successful is to be unattached. Two grossly independent, self-standing people learn that love can be more than a practical impossibility in this small-town romance.

Content Warning: Mentions the past death of two parents, grief, thoughts of suicide/self harm. Bedroom scenes. Profanity.

E X T R A_T H O U G H T S:

1) The ending does feel a bit HFN-ish to me…
2) There were some misspellings and missing words from sentences that puncture the flow of the dialogue at times.


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Author 30 books2,279 followers
August 3, 2020
A meet cute for the record books and one that will keep you smiling throughout the story. I loved the journey that I felt I was on with these two as they learned so much about themselves and each other. The way Holt lusted after Blaire’s mind over anything else was so refreshing and made him even hotter to me. But if Holt is hot then Blaire is MAGMA! In and out of the bedroom!
From her brain to the way she’s navigating, and for once living life outside of the courtroom. She did it in a way all her own that was BOLD and endearing. We caught little glimpses of her in her brothers’ books, but to see her in her own element was really amazing. I think she learned more about herself in this book than any other character I’ve read lately. It was little things like that she likes to work poolside and that having a girlfriend is not as bad as she thought to bigger things like having a one-night stand with a man like Holt isn’t for the faint of heart! I loved every second of it. Every single second! And like true Adriana fashion the story was full of charm and wit, sweet and steamy and had a bromantical relationship between Holt and Oliver to absolutely adore! Only she can make a high powered romance feel small town and heartfelt. I can’t wait to see what comes next for the Masons and I look forward to the peeks we’ll get at Holt and Blaire in the books to follow!
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3,984 reviews468 followers
February 3, 2022
OMG, I am the worst! So of course, it’s my day to be part of the Blog Tour and I come to get my review and guess what? ...

Okay, so let me review *shakes head*

I haven’t read a whole lot of this author’s work in the past, so I was pretty much going in blind and I mean I had the greeeeatest time reading this story! I was captivated from the beginning. I wasn’t even done with the first chapter before I craved to read how it would all end. It was sexy and emotional with an overall flirtfest vibe to it. These two burn up not just the sheets, they had all kinds of different chemistry. What a great writer this author is! I can’t believe I haven’t read her past books. GAH!
Profile Image for Melanie (mells_view).
1,728 reviews351 followers
September 17, 2020

This story isn’t terrible, and Blaire and Holt sort of have a sweet story. Two closed off workaholics falling in love after what is meant to be a ONS. So yeah, it has good bones. There was just a ton of phone discussions and emotional baggage discussions with other people, so it just got a little tedious to read in my opinion. I wish it focused a little more on the couple, and a little less on them discussing what they did or didn’t feel for each other with others.
Profile Image for Dora  Koutsoukou.
1,872 reviews430 followers
January 31, 2021
3,5 💘💘💘⭐️s

A nice and well written romance read.
I liked Holt and Blaire being in their thirties (I assumed since the exact ages were not mentioned), and their strong and independent personalities. Both of them had trust issues and were so dedicated to their jobs that didn’t have the time to regard romance matters.

Their families and the relationships among them were fantastic and were nicely integrated into the story.
I would have liked a lengthier development of the main characters’ relationship instead of saying their I-love-yous after a few days.
Regardless, it was an enjoyable romantic story.

Thank you Anne OK for bringing this to my attention!! 🥰
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539 reviews32 followers
June 9, 2018
Please, pretty please tell me we will get more Holt and Blaire? This was so great, but I need more...lots more!
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1,434 reviews539 followers
August 1, 2020
Every time a book by Adriana Locke hits my Kindle, I have to get my grabby hands on it immediately. And that was the case with this one too. Though the personalities of these characters weren’t a perfect fit for me, I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish and read it in one sitting. These two workaholics may start their relationship in an unconventional way, but it's clear from the start that they are perfectly suited for each other.

The story follows Holt and Blaire, two strangers who both value their work more than complicated relationships. When they meet at an airport, sparks fly between them immediately, and it's not long before Holt is convincing the strong-minded Blaire to have dinner with him. Sharing one steamy night together, it seems like that's all that will ever be between them until an offer from Holt has both of their worlds spinning. As the two spend more time together - out of the bedroom this time - they realize that they might just fit together in a way neither one expected.

I love Locke's brand of romance; I always know I'm in for a good read when I start one of her books. This was exactly that. The pages flew by and this love story was over before I knew it. Really, the only thing that holds me back from a 5-star rating is personal preference. I struggled at times with how serious and unemotional these two are; their personalities are so similar that I needed something to lighten things up and feel the love. I wanted that hometown feel that I know and love from Locke, though you definitely get a feel for the family connections. It's a great start to a new series, incorporating old favorites while starting something completely fresh. We're introduced to the rest of the Mason family and I cannot wait to see where the series goes next. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC via Candi Kane PR and am voluntarily leaving a review of this sexy romance.
433 reviews2 followers
August 2, 2020
Adriana Locke

Reviews on goodreads. Amazon. Book bub. The book addicts

I stayed up till midnight so i could finish this story! I could not go to sleep without knowing what happened between Blaire and Holt.

This story is everything!
It will hold you captive !

I love the little snippets of previous characters, it made me all swoony and want to do some rereading.

To say I can’t wait for the next book is a understatement! I’m so ready for all these guy stories !! This is going to be another epic series !!

I forgot. I had to come back just to add!!

The sauna scene !! Omg !!! It was the best thing I ever read !!
Profile Image for Bookgasms Book Blog.
2,793 reviews1,379 followers
August 3, 2020
Landry lovers and Gibson lovers rejoice! There's something for everyone in this story - and a whole new band of brothers to fall in love with!

Admittedly, I was a little slow to warm to Holt and Blaire's story. There was something about their prickly edges and the decidedly physical nature of their attraction toward each other that kept me on the outside looking in for a little bit. Luckily Adriana Locke writes in such a way that even though I wasn't attached emotionally from the get-go, my brain engaged and was 100% on board with needing to know where the story was going. It was so utterly readable in a completely addictive way. And that's good news because eventually my heart did hop on board and embraced these two as they fumbled their way through their feelings for each other.

The pace is fast. The feelings develop pretty fast and furious, but there were some pretty emotional moments that helped fuel the fire. There were also some completely adorable moments and the banter - the flirty, cute banter - between Holt and Blaire were some of my favorite moments of the whole book seconded only by the sweetly adorable friendship that blossomed between Sienna Landry and Blaire. Watching Blaire come alive in her relationships was truly a satisfying thing to

In the end, I couldn't put this down. I adored Holt and Blaire for all their prickly edges and deeply wounded souls. I loved meeting this fun new Mason family and can't wait to dive into their stories. Adriana Locke is the master of family-based romance and I will luxuriate in her sweet spot for as long as she keeps churning these books out. Sexy, sweet, and super satisfying -- this was another delightful, romantic escape from Ms. Locke! ~ Shelly, 4 Stars
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468 reviews109 followers
July 9, 2021
I would have rated it 4 star if my previous novel wasn't 'Drive Me Wild' whose around 90% of the content matches this book.

All in all an enjoyable read with predictable twists. I look forward to read more of Adriana Locke's books!
Profile Image for J.M. Kelley.
Author 7 books1,204 followers
August 5, 2020

Dare I say, this one is my new favorite now. I know, I know, I say that every time, Adriana Locke releases a book. Sorry, NOT sorry. This book hit me with all the feels. It was so wonderful to be back in Savannah. The cute little glimpses we get from some of the Landry family were everything. And Claire and Sienna’s friendship really tugged at my heart strings. Restraint had me hooked from the first chapter. Holt and Blaire’s chemistry was electric from the start. I read the entire book with a silly grin on my face, well, except for the emotional angsty parts. Holy smokes! Holt and Blaire’s chemistry was fire smoldering off the pages that incinerated in the bedroom! 🔥🔥🔥 I highly recommend this book! It will keep you up reading all night and you will have no regrets in the morning.
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Author 73 books5,343 followers
August 5, 2020
“One chapter with Holt Mason and I was smitten!” - Patricia, Words We Love By Blog 
· sexy CEO in a suit
· badass heroine
· steamy one-night stand
· and has a family of five (delicious!) brothers that will make you smile and swoon.
Live now on Amazon and FREE in KU: https://amzn.to/2PhRQ6b
Profile Image for Laura.
374 reviews
August 2, 2020
Yes! Blaire and Holt's story is finally here and it was worth the wait! The first book in a brand new series but characters that we have already met and if your like me love! I was completely hooked from the minute I started this and I didn't want it to end.

I've been needing Blaire's story since she first appeared in her brothers books ( The Gibson Boys Series is a must read) and then when we had the brief short story featuring Blaire and Holt I just knew I was going to love them.

You are going to fall in love with Holt's brothers too and I seriously can not wait for their books.

Another amazing 5 star read!
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47 reviews13 followers
August 1, 2020
I needed this book more than I thought.

Blaire and Holt thought that life was just fine without love or complications. One night stand was the way to go.. or was it?

Adriana has be begging for Blaire’s story since she was first introduced earlier in the Gibson Boy’s series (which is amaze balls if you haven’t read it) and she nailed it.

This book had the trifecta- steam, sexy, and all the swoon. But you also get feels, smiles and laughter. I mean who doesn’t need a good book that makes you feel all the feel?

Grab this book. You won’t be disappointed.
Profile Image for Rozberry🍓.
278 reviews98 followers
September 23, 2020
3 stars - novella version, read in March 2018

4.25-maybe 4.5 stars(I haven’t made up my mind) - full length version, read in September 2020

I don't want to paint too harsh of a picture, but I'm glad I have read this author's material before & knew enough to stick with it, as I've previously enjoyed her loosely connected family series of the Landrys & the Gibsons to this new Masons series. I liked Blaire & Holt's very first meet-cute well enough, however, the way the ONS portion read that followed felt a bit 'a dime a dozen' storytelling tbh. The story didn't truly take shape for me until the end of Blaire's vacation when she is unexpectedly in need of a place to stay. And from there though - uuughhh…
Now Restraint hardly reinvents the wheel, but for what it is, it is so well done once the story gains breath. So be patient if you feel the same as me with the beginning. The rest is worth it. It's so swoony, vulnerable & sweet…& let's not forget the sexy — ooooh so sexy.
I don't feel slapping an insta-lust or insta-love label fits Restraint so easily, even despite their beginnings. Or at least not in the same overly abundant generic way or eye-rolling-unbelievable route I've often come across in contemporary romance. I won't say it's obvious from the start, but as the story gained traction, - I reflected back a bit & started feeling absorbed by their romance - I feel it was more on some level when they met, they just knew. Beyond attraction, a part of them seems to have an innate sense this person matters or could matter — Of the two, Holt feeling this about Blaire reads a bit more clearly at the beginning.

But let me back it up a sec & say I loved Blaire. There was more to her than I expected to get. AL used a budding friendship with Sienna(from the Landrys & Gibsons series/her brother, Walker's g/f) beautifully to unfold & create some good, solid character growth a very closed off character in Blaire. Her vulnerability & really beginning to recognize the loneliness in her life broke my heart a little bit for this woman & what she's been through. Make no mistake, she's not a damsel. She's human…& still a strong woman 😉 . I love how she found her way to be brave enough to be open & lay her heart out for Holt when complications happened & hit the fan between them. I found it interesting it didn't feel simply out of spite or desire to make him suffer. She was just being straight with him. So often I feel romance heroines fold a bit too easily & keep things in. It's possible to be emotional & hurt, yet take care of yourself too & say your truth. Not leaving important things unsaid out of spite.

Holt was no slouch. On the surface, he was this cocky, sexy mogul in the making. As the story evolved, we see beneath is a good solid man slowly suffocating to the pressures by his own fear of failing his family. His belief to accomplish it was to be so single-minded & to live a life he didn't really realize before Blaire was quite lonely. Whether purposefully or not, both of them were total workaholics just to keep themselves going.

As for what's to come with the Masons…
Call it a hunch, but I'm just gonna say it, I think Wade will be my favorite Mason when all is said & done with this series, & I hope whoever he ends up with completely & utterly knocks him right on his ass… hard 😂. He is so disassociated from even the idea of women & relationships(serious or casual). Seriously, he's so ornery about it 😂. With this in mind, it has all the makings of a hilarious & endearing story if AL throws him in the deep end & I REALLY REALLY hope she does 🤞🤞🤞.

All & all, this was a very satisfying read & easily one of my favorite AL books.
August 1, 2020
This all new small-town series started off with a bang! Holt and Blaire ran into each other and you could immediately feel the chemistry between them along with an immediate banter and that was all it took for me to be invested in them.

Blaire was beautiful, feisty, intelligent and extremely strong but I loved how Holt respected her for everything that she was and also the things he knew that were below the surface. Holt was all the things I love about a suit wearing CEO, wealthy, cocky, alpha but he was also had all of the things that come from being a a small-town southern gentleman with a huge heart, filthy mouth and an intense loyalty to his family.

This was the perfect mix of swoon, witty banter, heat, feels and meddlesome siblings that may drive you insane but at the end of the day you would move heaven and earth for each other.

I loved getting a glimpse of characters from Adriana Locke’s previous series while falling head over heels in love with another family she brings to life on the pages of my kindle.
Profile Image for Aundi Living That Book Life.
623 reviews53 followers
August 8, 2020
5 Savannah Crowns


I’ve been dying for Blairs story ever since I first picked up Crank and got lost to the world that Adriana created. I needed to know all about this powerhouse of a woman and what makes her tick. I always knew there was more underneath her need to take care of her rowdy and tumultuous brothers and I was not wrong. Blair and Holt will tug at your heartstrings and show you that even the most closed off person can open up when the right opportunity presents itself.

Blair is so much more than I anticipated, she’s still this strong independent woman who is a little cold at times and closed off. But underneath that façade is a woman who just wants someone to stay, she needs someone to show her that it’s okay to break down and trust another with your heart. My heart broke for her when she finally opens up to Holt and lets him see the real her. The one that was crushed when she was younger so she developed that cold persona so that she would never be hurt again. The girl needed someone and she didn’t get it, this Blair had Holt there to lean on and let her know that she was not alone.

I loved Holt. Gahhhh this man is Alpha personified and the tone of voice he uses when he wants Blair to submit, holy lord my Kindle almost burst into flames. He falls hard and fast for Blair because he could tell from the moment they meet that she is unlike any woman he has ever met. He is so used to woman falling at his feet having someone push back and make him work for it was exactly what he needed. She wasn’t with him for what she could get from him, she just wanted him.

These two are absolutely perfect for each other. They are both closed off and laser focused not leaving much time for anything else, so it was oh so satisfying watching as each of them slowly started to open up and become vulnerable to the other making my heart physically ache. I legit cried while reading this because of all the emotions that Adriana pulls from you.

I was beyond excited to delve back into this world that she so deftly and meticulously crafted and seeing some of the Landry’s and Gibson’s again made me smile. I missed Walker something awful. This story is beyond anything I could have asked for and I can’t wait to see where Adriana takes us next.

Voluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Complimentary Copy
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685 reviews138 followers
July 6, 2022
Enjoyed this, definitely feels like Sienna and... Walker? (I've already forgotten) had their own story so definitely looking that up. But, Holt and Blaire were definitely cute and hot together. They definitely gave off hot couple vibes. Can't wait for Coy's book!
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Author 135 books18.6k followers
August 6, 2020
One chapter with Holt Mason and I was smitten!” - Patricia, Words We Love By Blog 
· sexy CEO in a suit
· badass heroine
· steamy one-night stand
· and has a family of five (delicious!) brothers that will make you smile and swoon.

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August 3, 2020
Two words was all it took for me to get hyped for this. Blaire. Gibson. I've been wanting to find out about her since reading Crank 2 years ago. While this is the start of a new series (Yay) and you don't need to read Crank or any other story to enjoy this, why wouldn't you?! This author is the bomb dot com and it needs hype. From start to finish this had me hooked, just like almost every other AL book. She transports me to wherever she needs me to be (in this case Georgia/Chicago) and I love the journey. The mix of romance and family always makes me smile and no one does that better than Ms. Locke. I'm very intrigued to see where this series is going to go. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC via Candi Kane PR and am voluntarily leaving a review of this sexy romance.


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August 3, 2020
“One chapter with Holt Mason and I was smitten!” - Patricia, Words We Love By Blog 

· sexy CEO in a suit

· badass heroine

· steamy one-night stand

· and has a family of five (delicious!) brothers that will make you smile and swoon.

Live now on Amazon and FREE in KU: https://amzn.to/2PhRQ6b
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August 2, 2020
Restraint by Adriana Locke is an impossible collection of emotions. I just cannot imagine she created every single kind of feeling possible in romance in a single story! Sweet? Sexy? Heartaching? Angsty? Small town?Billionaire bad boy? Sassy heroine? Big family charm? Name it and you have it!

Blaire didn't know she will meet the absolutely charming and stunning yet emotionally unavailable Billionaire Holt Mason on her forced three day vacation to Savannah. They are basically a lot similar in personality. Both of them are workaholic and have almost no life outside work. Unless their big families push them. But Holt is intrigued by Blaire's beauty inside out and he wants more. Can he really let his reservations about relationship go? Can Blaire let her guards down?

Holt is the true Southern gentleman! He is so gorgeous and charming and just has all the weapons to win any girl's heart. And he is also the right kind of alpha and dominating. He is only stuck in the wrong mindset. No one said he cannot have a relationship as he has the responsibility of CEO. But he is afraid to fail his family and also the future girlfriend. He is scared he won't be enough for Blaire. On the other hand, Blaire is too scared to open up and trust anyone. She is a competent and well known lawyer. She is fierce and independent. She took care of her brothers through tough times. But somehow she is emotionally vulnerable. They are a curious combination but they make so much sense. They have incredible chemistry that made me swoon so hard. It was PURE FIRE. But they also changed each other's lives for better. Or for different. Blaire made Holt crave someone to love and care for and most importantly, to have someone as his true partner. Holt made Blaire safe and cherished. And for the first time she wanted all the happiness and love and protection rather than being a lone soul. Of course they are both clueless when it comes to feels. And they are going to mess it up terrible and make you almost die from the heartbreak. But all will be well. And let's not forget all the colourful members of Mason family! I cannot wait to read more as I am already obsessed.

Restraint by Adriana Locke is pure romance gold. All the steam. All the swoon. All the feels. You won't able to stop yourself from falling in love with Blaire and Holt's journey immediately! This is one of the best feel good romance ever with edge of intensity.

I reviewed an early copy of this book voluntarily.
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