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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the popular Black Dagger Brotherhood series comes a brand-new novel about arson investigator, Anne Ashburn, who is consumed by her troubled past, her family’s scorched legacy, and her current case: chasing a deadly killer.

Anne Ashburn is a woman consumed...

By her bitter family legacy, by her scorched career as a firefighter, by her obsession with department bad-boy Danny McGuire, and by a new case that pits her against a fiery killer.

Strong-willed Anne was fearless and loved the thrill of fighting fires, pushing herself to be the best. But when one risky decision at a warehouse fire changes her life forever, Anne must reinvent not only her job, but her whole self.

Shattered and demoralized, Anne finds her new career as an arson investigator a pale substitute for the adrenaline-fueled life she left behind. She doesn't believe she will ever feel that same all-consuming passion for her job again--until she encounters a string of suspicious fires setting her beloved city ablaze.

Danny McGuire is a premiere fireman, the best in the county, but in the midst of a personal meltdown. Danny is taking risks like never before and seems to have a death wish until he teams up with Anne to find the fire starter. But Danny may be more than a distraction, and as Anne narrows in on her target, the arsonist begins to target her.

From the creator of the bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood, get ready for a new band of brothers. And a firestorm.

416 pages, Paperback

First published October 2, 2018

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About the author

J.R. Ward

163 books47.9k followers
J.R. Ward is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. She lives in the South her family.

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2,271 reviews24.7k followers
August 18, 2018
Consumed is book one in the brand new Firefighters series by J.R. Ward. I am a new reader to this author. I’ve been trying forever to start her Black Dagger Brotherhood series and haven’t been able to get to it yet. So when I saw that she was starting a new contemporary series, I thought that it would be perfect for me since I had no predetermined opinions about her books. It was the best decision I have ever made. This book completely rocked my world. I did read two of The Wedding From Hell prequels and I feel like it really helped to set the stage for Danny and Anne’s relationship.

new brunswick fire department

Anne Ashburn has been with the New Brunswick station 499 Fire Department for a little over two years. She and Danny Maguire have been dancing around each other from the start. Then there was “the night” of Moose’s wedding when “it” happened. It’s been three weeks since then and the chemistry is still sizzling between them. Then everything changed. It was the night of the warehouse fire when she made a decision that would change both her and Danny’s lives forever.

Danny has been in love with Anne from the start. The night of his best friend’s wedding only cemented the knowledge that she was the only woman for him. Then came the night of the fire. The night that everything changed. The night that he saved her, only so that he could lose her.

structure fire

Anne can’t fight fires anymore so she trains to be a fire inspector. Just like she does everything else, she accepts the challenge and jumps in. She begins looking into a recent fire and also some previous fires and finds what she thinks is something that ties them all together. It’s been ten months since the last fire she fought. Where she fought to overcome every obstacle in her path, Danny took a different route to dull his pain. He did it with drinking and taking crazy risks at work. But one thing doesn’t change. As soon as they come face to face again it’s obvious that the chemistry they once shared is still there.


I can’t tell you enough how amazing this book was. It starts out right out of the gate stealing your breath away. After everything that happened in just the first few chapters I asked myself how the author could keep up this pace but somehow she managed. There is love, steamy sexy times, some smiles, and plenty of danger. Anne is one tough woman. But she’s also soft when she needs to be. And Danny, my oh my I love that man. He was so broken but still had so much love to give.

Taking a bubble bath for two.

I don’t know anything about the next book in the series. Only that I will read it whenever J.R. Ward writes it. This book swept me away. I was completely immersed into this community of men and women and their fight for survival. I can’t wait for more.

“Sometimes strength rested not in resistance, but in the release of arms against a foe of one’s own creation.”

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679 reviews4,626 followers
November 16, 2018
🔥 3.5 Stars (rounded up) for J.R. Ward's Consumed! 🔥

I have been a J.R. Ward fan for years. Over time I have faithfully devoured each book in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Consumed is the first book in her new series so of course I had to read it! I was happy to find that it mostly stays true to the writing style Ward's fans have come to love & expect with an added bonus that I loved - a mystery twist.

The book opens strong taking us right into a two-alarm fire that has life-altering consequences for two of our main characters - Anne and Danny. As to be expected from Ward we have strong-willed, emotional and relatably flawed lead characters. The book takes a turn from the initial opening scene and takes us through Anne and Danny's road to recovery as they deal with the physical and emotional scars left by the devastating decisions they had to make in the fire.

This was very much a "first book" in a series. It introduces us to the cast of characters and offers some backstory while setting the stage for more to come. I found the characters likable. The plot was interesting and I enjoyed the mystery twist with Anne becoming an arson investigator and having to uncover the truth behind a series of fires in the warehouse district.

Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable read. It did feel a bit slow towards the middle but it started and ended off strong for me which brought it all together. I understood it was a book 1 and as such was laying a foundation for the books to come so I gave some allowances for that. The title was very appropriate as the characters dealt with various things that "consumed" their lives - love, lust, work, ambition, desire, alcohol, etc. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what happens next with this cast of firefighters.

Thank you to J.R. Ward, Gallery Books and NetGalley for the advance copy.
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2,239 reviews3,426 followers
November 13, 2019
The strong do not wallow. They move forward.

We enter the world of the New York firefighters who are far from perfect.

There is this girl who had a hero father and wanted to be a hero and to prove to society and to the other firefighters that women can also save lives.
There is the man-whore guy who is secretly in love and tries to convince the girl to take him seriously.
There is this guy who got married only to prove a point that he can also be a winner and that he will be the one who gets the best girl in the end. Only he got a bitch instead.
There is this careless guy who played with needles and ultimately he played with his life and he will consequently lose the girl that he loves.
There is this hero firefighter who has been a liar and a cheater and who loved belittling his wife.
There is this guy who tries to overcome addictions and drugs.
There is the Fire Chief who tries to balance his life and to work with this variety of human characters and with limited resources.

These firefighters are a family. They have to be like this as they spend almost all their time together and because they need to depend to each other to survive.

“Two can play at that game.” She smiled a little. “I’ve got your back when you need it, too. I’m your partner, not a princess in a tower.”
“And that, my fair lady, is why I love you.”

The book mainly focuses on Anne Ashburn and Danny McGuire’s love story but it also contains bits and pieces of the stories of the rest of the crews from the 499 and 617 stationhouses.
It has a lot of angst. Let’s not forget that these people have to fight fires and save lives foremost. When there is a suspicion that a number of fires maybe arsons, their own life is in danger.

There will be betrayals, misunderstandings, lost friendships and newly found love.

I don’t think I have discovered a book by J.R. Ward that I did not enjoy. Pretty much her books are a safe bet for me. From her vampires, her angels, her southern gentlemen to her heroic firefighters, every one or her books is a treat.

I hope that you enjoy the book as much as I did. I keep my fingers crossed for more books from the Firefighters world.
Chief Thomas Ashburn begs to tell his story!


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1. The Rehearsal Dinner
2. The Reception
3. The Wedding from Hell, #3: Exclusive Excerpt of Consumed
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1,469 reviews260 followers
August 20, 2018
Wow! Just wow. Still processing but amazing story!
Let me tell you about Consumed. I got to know the characters through The Wedding from Hell novellas and I had to move up my review of this book simply for the fact that I had to read it as soon as I finished the mini intros.

Just thinking about this book and trying to put into words my feelings brings tears to my eyes. Danny and Anne have such an intense an explosive relationship. It’s emotional and it gets you right in the gut.

The author was bold and spared no punches in her writing. She gave us straight up raw emotion and I can only think that each time she wrote a chapter in this book, it had to be exhausting. Giving everything she had to create this amazing story that not only will I not forget, but I will have to read over and over.

You simply don’t forget the characters that she has created in this book. My emotions were all over the place. Crying, smiling, happiness, heartbreak; they went everywhere.

Plus, the story was inventive and very unique. She included huge twist at the end that will catch you by surprise. Her mastery of subtlety in the mystery portion was fabulous.

I hope that you take the time to get to know J.R. Ward and her writing skills. She truly has an amazing gift of storytelling that simply begs you to invest your time and energy into her books. Consumed is not to be missed if you love romance, mystery, and suspense. And J.R. Ward has mastered the formula.

* advance copy received for review consideration
full review - https://amidlifewife.com/consumed-by-...
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962 reviews477 followers
September 6, 2019
4.5/Se puede decir que soy fan de la Ward y de su saga La hermandad de la daga negra, así que, sí, me leo hasta el papel de la compra si lo ha escrito ella. En cuanto a esta novela, sencillamente me ha encantado! Es más madura, profunda y seria que su saga de vampiros, pero igualmente destila a la Ward. Deseando leer el segundo libro.
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583 reviews761 followers
October 11, 2018
What a awesome f##king read!!! This is one of the best thrillers I've read in along time. JR ward has taken it to a new level with this book,theirs so much heart and soul in this book. Her characters are so real and imperfect with so many layers that you feel like you've known them forever. This is a story about everyday men and women who are hero's, ones that out their lives at risk,but who have their on demons as well. Danny is fireman who doesn't play by the rules and after his brother die's fighting a fire he has a no holds bar attitude if he isn't rushing into dangerous situation 's he's going from women to women that is until anne. Anne is a take charge strong women who has to continually prove her self in a male dominated job and she's also running away from being anything like her mother who she she's as weak and a doormat. Anne is fighting not to become just another conquest to danny,but Danny is falling deeper and deeper for her. When Anne is trapped in a fire Danny will forced to make a decision that will change both their lives forever. This book is a great thriller mystery and their are many different things going on for not just Danny and Anne but for all the characters from ladder 499 ! The second characters like amy,duff,chip and one of faves rizzo love this dude!!! And Anne's brother tom!!! Lots of action and a twist i didn't see coming!!! And last but not least my boy soot love this brave sweet dog!!! I hope theirs more to come from ladder 499, I can't wait!!! Once again JR has out done herself!!💋💖😉

Thank you @bookish first for the copy of this fabulous read. It in know way influenced my review!
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2,333 reviews1,824 followers
July 24, 2018
Having never read anything by Ward before, I can't say I was salivating for this book but I was interested by the firefighter premise, particularly as we'd have a lady in the role instead of just arm candy for some brawny hero with a big hose, and so I was pretty happy when my 'wish' to review this book was granted by the publisher.

And by 2% (I'm not even kidding) I wanted to DNF.

Somehow I persevered and got through this book but I honestly don't know how. I didn't like a single thing about it; not the characters, the plot, the writing, nada. CONSUMED has a lot on the go, too, so you'd think some part of it would make for a win -- it's a sorta-second chance romance, it's a gritty dark edgy sorta-procedural, it has a Big Bad that may or may not play out in future Firefighters books, and plenty of damaged background characters to step up into the limelight for their own HEA. But holy god the stupid drama was relentless, nothing seemed to flow, I didn't find a single character sympathetic or intelligent or compelling and all the emotional angst was just.. nope.

While I'm usually fairly forgiving when it comes to authors I haven't read before, or for a 'first in a series', sometimes you just know it's not going to work out no matter where things go. And this is not a series I have any interest in continuing.

** I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher (thank you!) in exchange for an honest review. **
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403 reviews345 followers
November 22, 2018

From the creator of the bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood, get ready for a new band of brothers. And a firestorm . . .

Consumed had two things going for it right from the start: It was about firefighters–yes, please!; and it was written by J.R. Ward. How could it *not* be good, right? And oh my goodness, was this one stunning novel.
One of my favorite things about J.R. Ward’s writing is how fearless and real it is, even raw at times. She doesn’t pull any punches, she’s never scared of going where her stories are supposed to in her mind. Even if those decisions can be tough ones to put her characters through.

There were multiple POVs that kept things really interesting, as well as being a good way to get to know the multi-layered characters easier. I’m hoping that based on how many firefighters we met here, that Ward has enough characters to carry this series for a while
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1,342 reviews1,247 followers
November 22, 2018
“But if you had to have something to live for, it might as well be love, right?”

Consumed is the first book in the Firefighters Series. A stunning blend of action, romance, and family drama, J.R. Ward has crafted an unforgettable story that immerses you in a world where life and death are on the line. Anne Ashburn is a spunky firefighter who loves her job fiercely. Her father was a firefighter and her brother is the chief. Danny McGuire is on her team and holds a special place in her heart. When tragedy strikes, their lives are changed forever. Can the passion and tenderness they once felt for each other be enough to carry them through the heartbreak of life and loss?

“The strong do not wallow. They move forward.”
Told in multiple POV, Consumed has a complex plot with intense dramatic elements throughout. The trials these characters face are unthinkable and the dynamics between Danny and Anne are intensely beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. The emotions are raw and the family dynamics continue to plague them both as Anne is desperate to rise above the difficult circumstances in her life. With serious subject matter interlaced with some serious smoking hot passion, Consumed had me on the edge of my seat the entire read.
“Sometimes strength rested not in resistance, but in the release of arms against a foe of one’s own creation.”
Overall, I highly recommend Consumed to anyone who enjoys a dramatic romance with passion and action. JR WARD is a master storyteller and I am dying for the next book in the series.

*ARC graciously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

*This is a BR with my crazies girl LOYDA!

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Author 8 books305 followers
January 19, 2022
This was really great! Old-school JR Ward! A team of firefighters work together to battle fires around the city, possibly being set by a serial arsonist. Where the book starts off with a huge explosive scene, they are on their way to a blaze, and firefighters Danny and Ann who have some history have only a few seconds to flirt on the engine before they are thrust onto the scene. The rest will be in spoilers.

This was great! Will definitely continue on.

Trigger warnings:

Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered on screen reader.
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2,632 reviews3,208 followers
July 15, 2018
4.5 Fully Occupied Stars
* * * * 1/2 Spoiler Free
J.R. Ward has Legions of Fans. I must be one of the few who have not read her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. When this Mystery/Thriller/Romance was presented, I jumped in feet first. From the first moment of reading, I was drawn in fully...it was hard to putdown to live my real life.

This book opens up with scenes which took you right into the heart of what firefighters do... they dedicate their lives to enter into situations which can change in an instant. Police officers also have these experiences, yet when fire is involved...I think there is this universal fear which runs through all of us. Fire has this life of its own...it is this monster which can be uncontrollable...and the power of knowing what it can do in any number of ways...adds to our fear.

These brave men and women are able to do everything they know... years of experience and positive outcomes yet with just one different pull of gravity to a building or switch of a wind, all of it can go out the window. The outcomes can be fatal, those left mourning those gone can have lasting impacts, too.

The blurb for this book tells you everything you need to be tantalized and drawn to this read.
You understand there is a family legacy of firefighting for Anne Ashburn. It hints to the conflicts she carries. Her father was the "Hero" in her life. Anne knew he had wanted another boy and she worked everyday to earn his love. Instead, there was no acknowledgement of her achievements. Her relationship with her mother is difficult for a number of reasons and molded how she saw marriage and relationships.

What she loved was being a firefighter. It fed her mind and soul. She was part of the crew and it was her family. She was good at what she did and knew more about fires than most. The only one who she felt knew more and was as strong was Danny McGuire. She had a connection with him, and he her. They were this unwritten team...and they also never acknowledged that time they became more...

A call comes through, both Anne and Danny are on the truck talking about how they will meet up with the crew at the bar they all go to after...Anne is assigned to go with another fighter and Danny is sent to man the hoses.

In the warehouse, Anne and her partner are clearing the first level and then instead of following procedure and staying together...Anne sends her partner to the second floor. It turns out to be a turning point, as the unpredictability of shifting winds and elements take over, causing life changes to both Anne and Danny.

Side Note
The chapters covering this period are something which took my breath away. I wrote at the time an update which said everything... I felt completely overwhelmed, emotions and fears running through me to the point I was reading through my fingers covering my eyes as if I was watching this like a scary movie. I had to collect myself to continue reading.

After experiencing the changes Anne and Danny had, this book takes us on a journey of recovery and will. Each have to go about their own path to get to the other side. Anne embarks on a new career track as an arson investigator. Danny is back at his unit but there are actions which puts him at odds with the powers that be.

Combine a clear and present danger of a fire starter, those who may be behind them and the personal histories and needs of all of the characters. This is a full complete story which examines how the mind works, how heroes can made and fall, and how we may not know the whys of what we saw in the past.

All of the characters may not be touchy feely...especially Anne. She is crusty, hard to warm up to...yet her focus, strength, pain and human need to be loved is something all of us can understand. Not all romances are pretty. Most of the time they are very messy, difficult to talk about and have the insecurity we all have of wanting to know how the other one thinks before revealing vulnerability.

The mystery/thriller element worked and I particularly appreciated all the layers given to the secondary characters. Each person played their part. I will say the ending felt a tad rushed but overall, I was consumed. J.R. Ward I have joined your legion of fans.

~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~
J.R. Ward knows how to capture her audience...
From this stunning cover...
To the description of Anne Ashburn and Danny McGuire...

You are hooked to find out all about these firefighters...
This promises to not be the usual, the ordinary, the adequate..

No, this is special and you better be prepared to become...

Consumed (Firefighters, #1)-October 2nd 2018

A gifted copy was provided by Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books, Piatkus via NetGalley for an honest review.

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1,721 reviews6,661 followers
January 8, 2019
Firefighters go to work and don't know if they will ever come home again. For lead characters Anne Ashburn and Danny McGuire, they came home but both were forever changed, body and soul. Coworkers and one-time lovers, circumstances bring them back together again ten months later. Anne is now an arson investigator who is assigned to a string of suspicious fires that continue to put her former department in harm's way, and Danny is in full self-destruct mode as he continues his work with unnecessary risks. Anne's reappearance couldn't have come at a better time for Danny or their city, both which are slowly burning to the ground.

J.R. Ward ensured that the firefighter profession in this book is not objectified for the romance aspect, but is explored in all its complexity. She has created firemen and firewomen faced with impossible decisions and allows the reader to follow them as they overcome the seemingly insurmountable aftermath. There are complicated family dynamics to explore, a simmering romance to follow, a sweet and damaged dog that will steal away your heart, and a deadly mystery to solve. My favorite element of this book was Anne's character. I absolutely loved how she was developed, proving that impressive strength can indeed shine through one's vulnerability. In my opinion, Consumed is a well-rounded romantic suspense that does a good job at keeping the reader engaged and turning the pages. It's the first installment in a new series that I am excited to follow. Check it out.

My favorite quote:
“If you looked for validation from other people, by definition they could take that away if they chose. The safest path, as always, was to be your own rock, your own harbor, your own shelter. Am I okay? should only ever be answered by the person asking that question.”
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951 reviews1,223 followers
September 21, 2018

Title: Consumed
Series: Firefighters #1
Author: J.R. Ward
Release date: October 2, 2018
Cliffhanger: No

As a fan of J.R. Ward's BDB paranormal/fantasy series, I was excited to see something new in the works by her. It's been a long time since I read one of her books, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get hooked again. I wanted to love this one so much, but I'm sad to say that this read was (mostly) a miss for me. At some points, I was tempted to just stop reading altogether because I felt a complete lack of connection to the characters and the storyline.

Short story: The author failed to make me care about Anne and Danny the way I should. Separately, and as a couple.

Long story:

I downloaded the two prequels and had them on my kindle, but my impression was that these were just bonus content, and not necessary to fully enjoy the full length, Consumed. Honestly, I didn't care about seeing the characters attend a wedding from Hell where they have a one-night stand. I just wanted to get to the main event. I figured that all of the important character development and history would be included in this one, and with the other two being 48 pages and 39 pages respectively, I didn't anticipate that I was missing much. Then I started reading. I got to 40% and I felt absolutely no emotion for these characters. They were coming off the pages so flat, I began to have second thoughts about not reading the prequels. I figured I must be missing some important development there, so I dutifully went back and read them. Still nothing.

After reading all three parts, I'm at a loss as to why the story was divided like this. It was a confusing way to cut the plot up, causing the flow to be ill-fitting and choppy. In addition, there was no benefit of drawing me in or making me feel any excitement for them together. One minute they were staring lustfully at each other and ignoring their feelings, the next he was very abruptly coming to the conclusion that he loved her.

When had attraction and sizzle turned into something bigger for him? Then again, what did the timing matter, when a destination had been reached?

I didn't witness any foundation at all for him to feel that way. Timing does matter to me, I want to see that connection build, strengthen, and lock together. Not just be told that it happens. Yes, they had similar personalities, and were a great team at work. Outside of that, she showed him no encouragement to have a personal relationship. Her two main emotions were angry and cold, and I didn't even have a solid reason as to why until much too far in. Even the traumatic accident she went through which resulted in her being disabled didn't elicit much of a reaction from her.

Realistically, anyone would have a huge adjustment emotionally and physically, but any process she went through was briefly told to us rather than experienced. She ignores uncomfortable feelings whenever possible by pretending they're not there. Then it's hammered home how tough she is, and how she doesn't need to lean on anyone, let alone be vulnerable. Not only did her family life condition her to be that way, but it's the way firefighters cope with the trauma they regularly experience.

She felt nothing—and not just on the surface, which had no nerves to register sensation. She had no emotion about the thing, either. It was what it was, a part of her now that needed to be, by definition, as indigenous as all the stuff she had been born with. What the hell did she have to get upset about?

There was a lack of consistency with their hook up that I didn't care for. One minute they were dancing together, and she was continuing to chant the mantra in her head to ignore their sexual attraction because it was a very bad idea. A one-night stand was unappealing with this man who plays the field, plus it was against policy for them to date. Five pages later she was offering him a quick lay, then getting up and leaving him in the bed the instant they got off, while he looks at her like a kicked puppy dog. (She did this a second time later which really frustrated me.) He gobbled up the scraps she bestowed on him while internally calling her his "beloved" Anne. Why was she his beloved? I didn't get it! You know the plot is problematic when it feels like more time is spent on Moose and Deandra (the bride and groom from hell) than Danny and Anne.

I gave this two stars because the book was just okay for me overall. One thing I will say is that the firefighting scenes were obviously well researched, and perfectly brought me right inside the action. I have zero complaints on that score. The arson story arc was actually going pretty well, and there were times where I started to warm up to Anne as she faced off with the suspect. When she came out on top in their skirmishes, I was mentally giving her a high five. Her determination and courage were admirable as she struggled to find fulfillment in her new career. Finally, I was seeing some dimension to her character. It was refreshing to see her examine her insecurities over her body image, and reveal the reasoning behind her anger and disgust towards her parents. I thawed a little more as she let down her walls. Then Deandra goes off the deep end, causing a chain reaction of copious amounts of drama, and it lost me.

Consumed failed to hit the mark in many ways, but there was enough interest for the rest of the characters introduced that I can't dismiss the series altogether. When Anne's brother Tom's book comes out, I may give it one more shot.



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254 reviews916 followers
July 19, 2018
Consumed is the first book in a new series by J.R. Ward and that's exactly what it feels like. This story is definitely the set-up for what is to come. I read the first 3 books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by this author with much enjoyment. Thus far this series does not live up to the BDB story for me, but that's not to say that I didn't like it. I'm not thrilled with Anne as the female protagonist and think that some of her actions are implausible in the real world and that kind of stuff bothers me to no end. Just a middle of the road read for me but I have no doubt that die hard fans of Ward will be thrilled with this new series.

I was provided an ARC of this book by publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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1,327 reviews150 followers
January 26, 2019
Con las ganas que le tenia a este libro, me he llevado un pequeño chasco. La historia es entretenida y se lee en un suspiro, muestra muy bien como es el trabajo de los bomberos y la pareja protagonista es maravillosa (ayyyy Danny boy), pero tras la intensidad creciente de las tres breves entregas que la autora publicó antes de esta novela y ese inicio de infarto, me esperaba más, mucho más. Más romance, más sexo (increíble decir esto de un libro de la Ward), más drama, más intriga y más dolor de barriga. A ver los siguientes.

#Popsugar 2019 Reto 18. Un libro que querías leer en 2018
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1,322 reviews1,389 followers
September 28, 2018
4 Stars!
(ARC provided by Gallery Books)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anne Ashburn grew up in a family of firemen, and it was only natural she'd want to follow in their footsteps. She's strong, independent, and fearless. She's worked hard in a male-dominated profession to be taken seriously. She's an adrenaline junkie whose luck runs out when a warehouse fire forever changes her life. Her career goes up in flames, and she's then forced to reinvent herself. She doesn't know what her purpose is anymore until she takes a new job for the city as an arson investigator. She's still consumed with her past, and her complicated family, but is trying to move forward. Soon she's handed a case and she begins working to find the cause of suspicious fires in town. This puts her on the path to chasing down a deadly killer as well as putting her life in danger.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Danny McGuire is a firefighter at the 499 firehouse in New Brunswick where he's known as a rule breaker, but also one of the best. He's felt lost since a fire altered his life. He's been on a path of self destruction, and is hurting. He feels like he's damaged and living in a constant state of darkness. He doesn't really care about anything anymore except the one woman he can't have, Anne. He misses working together, and seeing her, so when they team up together over her current case he's thrilled to be close to her again. The connection and chemistry between them is still just as strong, and they can't fight their attraction as passion once again ignites.

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-"You're... the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

-He knew exactly what she wanted and how to touch her.

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Consumed is the first book in J.R. Ward's amazing new series about firefighters. It's sexy, exciting, and full of mystery, intrigue and suspense. I really hope we get a book for Tom & Catherine next. I recommend reading the free prequel novellas prior to Consumed to see how the story begins. They introduce you to the characters, and really set the scene.

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Amazon: bit.ly/WeddingFromHellPart1Amazon
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2,164 reviews880 followers
November 19, 2018
This story is preceded by two novellas that are important to read prior to starting this one. The backstories matter.

It’s been ten months since the fire that injured Anne Ashburn and ended her career as a firefighter with the New Brunswick 499 Engine Company. She’s now an arson investigator and trying to find her way down a different path. Danny Maguire is still chasing demons, trying to forget his role in saving Anne’s life in the fire but wielding the blow that ended her days as a firefighter. Both still have strong feelings for each other but are too far apart to close the distance easily.

I enjoyed this story as it is classic Ward with multilayered plots and intrigue, along with multiple points of view. I’m really glad I opted for the audio version as it has four narrators with distinctively different styles that helped me keep up with the main narratives. Anne is a complicated woman with family issues to further mess with her head. I love how her rescue dog factored into her healing as he provided a heartwarming element that was really needed. However, Danny is the character that has the brilliant design as he epitomizes all that can go wrong mentally with first responders and how those issues can manifest themselves in the psyche. At the same time, you can still see the honorable aspects of the man.

Anne’s first case was a doozie, culminating in a climax I never saw coming. This story was a good blend of action, romance, drama and mystery, just what I’ve come to expect from this author. I really liked each narrator, pleasantly surprised to hear the familiar Jim Frangione and Pete Simonelli who is a Sebastian York sound-alike! Not everything is resolved so there’s a continuing story arc (another Ward staple) to look forward to. I’m in for whatever books come next!

(I received an advance copy from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review)
Profile Image for ♥Rachel♥.
1,800 reviews828 followers
October 1, 2018
Just finished Consumed and wow, I loved it!

Anne Ashburn and Danny McGuire were fellow firefighters at the 499 Firehouse, close friends always battling attraction that Anne didn’t want to give into until one desperate night. Fearing loss of respect by her crew members and being another notch in Danny’s belt were just a couple of the many reasons she couldn’t let things go farther. But all those concerns fell to the side when a night on the job almost kills them, and leaves Anne unable to do the job anymore.

Anne picks up the pieces and goes on, now as arson investigator. The job isn’t something she thought she’d ever feel passionate about, like Anne did fighting fires, until solving a string of warehouse fires sparks her interest and puts a target on her back.

I was sucked into Anne and Danny’s story from the first page to the end. I read the novellas and Consumed in a 24-hour period and I don’t want to let their story go! I was a little worried that Anne would be pushing Danny away through most of the book, but I shouldn’t have. Their romance was a gradual process; one of self-discovery, honest self-admissions, and building trust. With Anne’s past revealed it was easy to understand why she’d be wary of letting any relationship consume her, but I appreciated she started acknowledging how that past was hindering her future.

Oh Danny! All in, head-over-heels in love with Anne, something that’d been brewing between them since she started at the 499, but he worried she’d never come around. It was bittersweet longing on his end, (on Anne’s part too, not that he knew that) and it made my heart ache for him! Unrequited love (that turns out well, of course!) is one of my favorite types of romances. Danny was so protective and wanted to do right by all his crewmates/friends, not only Anne. The whole thing with Moose and Deandra was a hot mess to put it mildly. Deandra was a horrid piece of work!

Not only did I LOVE the romance between Danny and Anne, I enjoyed seeing Anne’s fractured relationship with her brother and mother heal and evolve. I’m looking forward to seeing Tom (Anne’s brother and Fire Chief) in the future. He and Mayor Catherine Mahoney lock horns, but I could see a possible romance in the future for them.

I’ve read both her paranormal/fantasy and contemporary stories, and J.R. Ward writes a captivating tale no matter the genre! Consumed was a page turner! Anne and Danny’s romance, and some of the mystery wraps up, but there are loose ends in the arson investigation that will probably go on into the next installments. I can’t wait!

As a side note, I think it’s a really good idea to read the prequel novellas. They give background and more foundation to Anne and Danny’s story that shouldn’t be missed. Both are free (here and here) and pretty short: 87 pages for both combined.

A copy of Consumed was kindly provided by Gallery Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.
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2,434 reviews4,554 followers
September 30, 2018
❤4 stars ❤

At the beginning I didn't know what to expect in this one from J.R. Ward, it took me by surprise and I really enjoyed most of it!I was hooked in the beginning and the first half was fantastic.


The plot was interesting and the characters were well developed.They felt original and realistic.The story centers around the fire department of a small town near Boston.I liked this a lot, it reminds me a TV series I have seen in the past.

Overall, it was a great beginning to a new series and I'm looking forward for the next books.


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1,009 reviews145 followers
September 5, 2018
When I lucked into an ARC of Consumed I couldn't believe I had my dirty little hands on a brand new J.R. Ward series. Blurb? What blurb? Who needs to read the blurb when it's The Warden?

I waited to start it until I could read all the prequels of The Wedding from Hell first. Because the prequels were so much fun, I just couldn't wait to get to Consumed.

Happy little me started reading and in no time at all...


...then sad little me lay curled up on the floor crying my heart out.

Now, Ms. Ward, is that any way to do your committed readers? (I hear evil laughter in the background)

Gah! What a story. Tummy turning trauma and heart breaking heartache.

Yup, I loved it.

*Read the blurb if, unlike me, you want to know what it's about before you read the book.

Review ARC graciously provided by the publisher via NetGalley
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1,787 reviews2,130 followers
September 17, 2018
3 stars

This is a book that started out very strong for me. I loved the prequel novellas and the beginning of the book was so compelling with the story. And then about halfway through it’s almost like it fell apart. Consumed is about firefighters Anne and Danny. Both of them feel an intense attraction to each other, but working on the same team nothing can come of it.

Like I said I felt the first half of the book was very good and I liked the characters and the story. The second half of the book I found boring and a tad bit ridiculous. I think this series has a lot of potential and the future installments will be really great so I’ll definitely be checking those out. Three stars because I enjoyed this book for the most part.

ARC provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Author 84 books15.8k followers
October 4, 2018
This book had one of the most intense opening sequences I have ever read! Great characters, twisty plot, hot sex. Perfect blend of romantic suspense.
Profile Image for Paris        (kerbytejas).
770 reviews126 followers
September 18, 2018
Ok it's got to be me!

After all there are all of those 4 & 5 star reviews for Consumed (Firefighters #1) by J.R. Ward . What’s wrong with me, what was I expecting?

I've read almost all of the books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series(some better than others), but the writing was good, the characters were developed, it was easy to form attachments, likes and dislikes. I like the concept of a romance book with firefighters. But with Consumed I was just bored. It was hard to like the characters, the plot seemed jumpy and almost like filler around the arson investigation. Even the sex scenes were mediocre, seemed like they written because there was a requirement for them in the plotline - maybe if they were more passionate and believable; if it felt like the characters had a real connection and not an obligation to do it. Maybe I was expecting the book to be like an episode of Chicago Fire (a TV show) with a little drama, good friendships, comradery, hard work, and great sex! (which actually can't be shown on network TV)

Being a female firefighter isn’t an easy task, Anne had a lot to live up to, not only within the firehouse but with the public as well. She was written as a strong character, and there were times when she questioned her femininity, as well as her ability to still work within the firefighting career after her accident.

I felt the relationship between Danny and Anne was almost one-sided - I didn't feel that Anne was as emotionally invested as Danny was. Then there was Danny's guilt and downward spiral into self-destruction, it seemed like Anne was always trying to make him feel better - even when she herself had a tremendous obstacle to overcome (which she seemed to have done rather quickly). The secondary characters (Tom, Ropes, Moose, Chavez & Ripkin) seemed like they needed more development and better / more expanded roles to play in the story.

I’m sure my personal negativity towards this book is my problem, so please look at additional reviews, as this might be a great read for you.

I wish to express my thanks to the Author – J R Ward, the publishing company –Gallery Books
(Simon & Schuster imprint) and NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for an honest review.

The expected publication date is Oct 2nd, 2018. The book will be available in multiple formats.

For me this was a 2 star read out of 5 stars.
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1,292 reviews219 followers
December 3, 2018
4.5 stars.
What a rollercoaster ride of emotions.
This book starts with some of the most intense scenes that I have ever read. I almost had chest pain reading them.

Anne shook her head and motioned toward where he had entered. “Go! I’m done!” Moaning in her throat, she pushed at his huge body. “Go.” When that got her nowhere, she released her mask and shoved it aside. Hot, deadly air, the kind that toasted your esophagus and BBQ’d your lungs, closed her throat. “Go!” ………………………..
Behind his mask, Danny was furious and his gloved hands went to try to force her oxygen supply back into place. “No! Get out of—” Creaking over their heads made them both duck on reflex. As sparks rained down through the smoke, Anne weaved on her feet. “You’re going to die in here! Go!”...………………………..
“You’re going to die!” she screamed. “I’m getting you out of here!” “It’s too late for me! Go!” As if the fire were excited by their yelling, a hot flare burst out next to them...……………….
Anne ripped her mask off again. He was barking into his radio, but the time had come and gone for plans, and rescues, and her salvation. “You need to go,” she ordered him. “Now.” Danny stopped talking, his face going still behind his clear shield. And then he removed his oxygen supply. “We die together, then.”...……………………………
“Do you want to kill all of us? Either leave me or do it!” She would have taken care of the problem herself, but the angle of the blade needed to be right . . . and oh, God, was she out of her mind? What was she saying? “Cut my hand off or leave me!”

I think it was actually chapter 9 before I could take a deep breath again....

Loved this book set in the world of firefighting, the characters were amazing and the storyline was captivating. Dark, gritty and edgy.
Just so many things to love here : a great thriller/mystery, Anne what a heroine-so strong, brave and fearless, Danny a hero- so controlled by his emotions but fiercely protective of his fire-fighting family and Anne the woman he loves unconditionally.
*Also for the animal lovers like myself there is a wonderful dog called Soot-he will make you melt into puddles.*

I almost embarrassed to admit that this is my first J.R. Ward read but there you have it. Will absolutely be reading more.

Essential pre-reading prior to this book:
The Rehearsal Dinner (The Wedding From Hell, #1; Firefighters, #0.5)The Reception (The Wedding From Hell, #2; Firefighters, #0.6)
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760 reviews562 followers
October 7, 2018


Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Type:  Book 1 of  Firefighters Series 
POV:  First Person – Multiple

"Sometime along the way, over the passage of days and weeks and months, he had become part of her life, part of her history."

Related image

I had no idea what this book was going to be like when I requested it but what I got was much more.  I absolutely devoured this book in one setting.  The book opens with an explosive scene taking you right into the life of a firefighter's dangerous life.  It was raw and painful and it caught me by surprise but definitely had me hooked from the beginning. 

"I think  people just get to an aha moment, a crossroads," she said quietly. "The fogs lifts and you have to realize there are things worth living for. Even if they're different than what motivated you before."


Consumed is a story about a fire department in a small town in Boston.  We meet Anne Ashburn the daughter of the chef fire department owner and Danny McGuire the bad boy player who all the girls wanted.  They were both stubborn and could be why their chemistry was intense.  When tragic happened they both did the best to survive the best they could away from each other.  The chemistry with these two was on point, I felt so much for this couple.  I loved how they each fought their demons to survive.  The plot was interesting and the characters were well developed. 

"He and Anne Ashburn were both death-wish idiots, the kind of people who pushed limits, and themselves, until shit got broken."


When Anne takes a new job as fire investigator aka inspector I just could't get enough. The mystery and suspense in this story was awesome, it made the story more original and realistic in my opinion.  I truly enjoyed this book and I am so thrilled to read more books in this series.  The hot scenes between Anne and Danny were so good I couldn't get enough in fact it needed more of them.  Readers who enjoy romantic suspense stories will find this book appealing. 

"Sometimes strength rested not in resistance, but in the release of arms against a foe of one's own creation."


For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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981 reviews764 followers
July 24, 2018

I've spent the past two days grasping at any opportunities I could find to get back to THIS book.
The writing, the opening scene and pawns at play had me riveted from page one until the very end. "Consumed" was a real page turner!

Anne Ashburn certainly is the epitome of a strong heroine. Fearless, confident and smart, I must admit part of me wished to see her ask for help a couple of times.

I've spent my weekend completely immersed in the story and feeling like walking in Anne Ashburn's shoes. The feeling of following firefighters and arson investigators felt authentic to me.

JR Ward is undeniably an amazing story teller and I really enjoyed the my time guessing and re-assessing my theories regarding Anne's investigation. It was truly gripping.
I was as much invested in solving the mystery as I was to see her and Danny the hot firefighter reunited, the pull between them was so strong it was like a lifeline throughout the book.

Be that as it may, in the end, the focus on the couple lacked a little for this romance reader and I finished "Consumed" feeling a little... frustrated... 🤷🏻‍♀��

Not that their relationship wasn't intense but with so many unrequited and denied feelings between them, I wish the author could have taken a litte more time to explore them as a couple.

"Consumed" carries a lot of baggage. There isn't one moment trauma free, it creates and supports interesting characters, flawed and genuine people, and authentic connections but part of me was still hoping for a hushed and sealed from the ugly— bubble for the couple. That's on me though.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the book, and I'm already looking forward reading about the other potential couples, but as a romance reader I think I needed more of Anne and Danny... HAPPY.

This chapter closes with questions unanswered but I guess it was purposedly left hanging for the upcoming books in the series which makes sense.
I can't wait to read more about the whole fire crew, Tom, Emilio and Vic.

(3 prequel novellas are being released fro FREE before "Consumed" go live next october. You can grab the first novella for FREE on Amazon —click—)

More reviews and book talk at :

You can find me here too ☞
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1,232 reviews2,023 followers
October 15, 2018
This book has a lot of the elements I usually go gaga for. It has a competent but prickly stubborn heroine, a compelling but flawed hero, and a cast of interesting secondary characters. Unfortunately, it failed to capture my attention. I found myself struggling to finish each chapter that I wish I just DNF’d it. But this was a JR Ward book! So I kept reading, hoping that things will turn around but it didn’t happen. And so here we are.

So why did I struggle with this? I can give you three reasons why.

One. The slow-moving plot. And when I say slow, I meant SLOOOOWW. Not just the romantic element, which I’ll go into later, I’m talking here the overall plot. It was drawn out and bloated and it finished the same way. And the suspense element that was promised in the blurb didn't materialize until after way past 50% in the book.

If you guys don’t know yet, there are two prequel novellas that were released for free prior this book. It pretty much sets up the events in this book and it gives readers an idea of why Danny and Anne’s relationship is the way it is in this book. After reading the prequels, I had assumed that since much of their past were already set up, this book would pick up the threads of their story and run with it.

Uhhh, that’s not exactly what happened because instead of running with it, this book walked… okay, that’s not exactly right, it’s more like crawled. In circles. Twice. To get to the point.

And what is the point? I’m still not quite sure really because even the resolution was meh. By the time, Anne and Danny got their act together, I was over it. I was over their romance. I was over the whole thing. I just didn’t really care anymore. Which brings us to my second point.

Two. The romance was lackluster. The romance aspect of this book was something I was looking forward to since reading the prequels. The first two novellas did a good job setting up Anne and Danny’s relationship from the get go. Unfortunately, the romance in Consumed did not live up to its promise.

Listen, I love me some slow burn romances as much as the next reader, but how can it be a slow burn when there’s no heat between the two character? Whatever chemistry they had, they left it in the prequels. Like the overall plot, the romantic conflict felt drawn out too. There wasn't really any progress in Danny and Anne's relationship. The push and pull worked for about a second but then it just started to get annoying. Just when you think there’s positive development in the relationship, it goes back to zero again because of their stubbornness, pride, miscommunication or misunderstanding. It’s exhausting.

And last but not the least, Consumed had too many POVs I didn’t really care for. Sometimes, multiple POVs can serve the story well. JR Ward certainly has done it successfully in the past. But it failed here mainly because those POVs didn’t really move the plot or show us anything about Anne or Danny, the two characters I do care about. The other POVs felt like fillers. It added pages to the book but not necessarily the story. By the time, the plot got going and our characters got their act together, I just lost interest.

Consumed had a lot of great elements going for it but it was bogged down by the pacing, the lackluster romance and the multiple POVs that I didn’t really care for.

An ARC was provided by Gallery in exchange for a review.
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1,393 reviews241 followers
September 22, 2018
3.5 stars.

After enjoying the free prequel novellas in this series, I was looking forward to diving into Consumed and discovering more from all the characters we’d had glimpses of.

description It’s amazing what you can live through and come out stronger on the other side.”

I motored through the prequel novellas but this took me 5 days to read. That wasn’t through dislike—J.R Ward took this down a couple of paths that impressed me hugely—but she’s clearly setting things up for the long haul and there is a lot to ingest with the story bouncing between the couple in question and the secondary characters and their side stories; it’s one of those reads that you have to be fully-focussed on.

description He wanted memorable that lasted a lifetime.”

Ward has paired a strong, stubborn alpha man with an equally strong, stubborn woman to bring a romance that brings fight and passion, heartache and determination, trauma and twists. It wasn’t perfect, but with a feeling akin to one of my favourite films of all time, Backdraft, I’ll be back to see what the next in the series brings before making a decision if I’m in it for the long term.

Copy received courtesy of Little, Brown Book Group UK via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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922 reviews227 followers
February 28, 2020
Reseña completa: https://masromance.blogspot.com/2020/...

No soy lectora de esta autora
No sé, es una lectura muy correcta, bien escrito, con un estilo directo, muy directo pero frío para mi gusto.
Ni me ha convencido el romance ni el misterio
a ver, el romance lo da por hecho, se lo toma por la vía fácil y parte de la premisa ya conseguida. En ese sentido muy defraudada, porque una vez que desaparecen todas las supuestas objeciones no hay excusa y todo se basa en unas cuantas escenas hot que a mí ya me tienen un poco cansada en este género sino van acompañadas de algo más
El tema del misterio, pese a que al final ha conseguido sorprenderme, cual inocente lectora, porque este recurso lo he viso en más de una pelicula y lo mejor es que lo tenemos delante de nuestras narices todo el tiempo (para mí lo mejor de la novela) no ha conseguido engancharme, le falta misterio, le ha faltado atraparme
Ella me ha gustado, él también, aunque apenas los conocemos, la verdad. Crea un macho alfa de esos que hay cosas que me gustan pero otras que no y ya tiene los personajes creados
Pero mi gran problema es que durante la gran parte de la novela no pasa gran cosa
supongo que al ser el primero describe a una serie de personajes que muy posiblemente tendrán historia propia y eso hace que deje de lado un poco la verdadera pareja de la novela
Por ahora, el que más me ha llamado la atención: Tom. Será que me gustan gruñones
Una lectura entretenida, pero me esperaba mucho más
Ni si quiera es tan hot como promete la portada
Profile Image for Auntee.
1,264 reviews1,368 followers
July 19, 2018
I really enjoyed this. It had everything I've come to expect from J R Ward.--good writing, plenty of character development, oodles of details, multiple story arcs, and (of course) romance. And suspense! The opening chapter had me on the edge of my seat--god, what harrowing suspense!

It took me a while to warm up to the heroine (firefighter/investigator Anne). She's got some hangups/baggage about her father and a chip on her shoulder towards her mother that got a little annoying at times. She seemed like such a solitary person who needed no one in her life. She was lucky that the hero (Danny) seemed to find her fascinating and pursued her despite his own baggage and personal problems (PTSD). Yes, these two needed lots of therapy!

Anyway, the further the story went along the more I got to like Anne, and I was rooting for her and Danny to make it as a couple. (oh yeah--I loved her dog, Soot! He seemed to soften her hard edges.) I thought Ward left their story a little unfinished, but I'm assuming it will continue into later books.

Once again there were some story arcs besides Anne/Danny that were introduced and left unfinished: Anne's fire chief brother (Tom) and his potential relationship with the mayor Catherine) ;and one of the other firefighters (sorry I can't remember his name) with a grim diagnosis are just two that caught my eye. And typical for a first book in a series, lots and lots of characters were introduced who may (or may not) get stories of their own.

So off to a promising start for this series. I will definitely be looking forward to the next book. I'm already imagining it as a tv series, which means that it has captured my attention.
4 1/2 stars

My thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC thru Netgalley
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