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In Darkness #1

Hidden in Darkness

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When Felix lands a job taking care of a man recovering from severe injuries, he thinks his life may have just turned around. Anything has to be better than the place he’s leaving. There’s something about Lane that draws Felix to him and makes him question if this place could finally become a home for him.

But when someone begins stalking Felix, he is left to question who Lane is and what actually happened to him. Together, Felix and Lane will be forced to see just how far they will go to protect each other.

Being chased by cops, kidnapping a man, and breaking into a drug operation seems to be his normal since arriving in Lane’s life. Felix may be out of his element, but one thing he is sure about is that he doesn’t want to leave, even if it costs him his life.

251 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 17, 2018

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Alice Winters

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Alice Winters started writing stories as soon as she was old enough to turn her ideas into written words. She loves writing a variety of things from romance and comedy to action. She also enjoys reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her pets.

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1,349 reviews1,485 followers
February 28, 2020

After reading and absolutely *loving* Winters' "Hitman's Guide" series, I was dying for more stories similar to that of Leland and Jackson's, and this one mostly delivered.

When 25 y.o. loner Felix was hired to assist 37 y.o. sight-impaired Lane, things turned from snark and banter to running from, and toward, bad guys pretty quickly.

While I'm normally not a fan of cops and crime ring stories at all, this book actually held my attention, but I think that was mostly down to Felix, who wouldn't know how to play a scene straight if his life depended on it.
I walk over to the safe and pull Lane down next to me. I swing the door open and look in at a really nice collection of guns.


“Can you tell me what they are?”
Lane asks as he hovers over the safe.

“There are some little pew pews and a couple of big pew pews.”

“You’re useless.”
Felix was a lot of fun, and very similar to Leland from "Hitman's Guide", just quite a bit less "Leland". Leland-lite, if you will. Not quite so over-the-top all the time.

But experiencing a blind man, his odd-ball assistant, and a kidnapped police dog fearlessly walk into insanely-dangerous situations that even trained professionals would think twice about? Wow, talk about both ridiculous and highly-entertaining. I was never bored, that's for sure.

Unlike the "Hitman's Guide" books, this story was told entirely from Felix's single POV, which isn't my favorite. I would've like to have experienced first-hand what was also happening in Lane's head.

The action here was about as non-stop as I've read in a while, maybe even more so than in the "Hitman's Guide" books.

However, with that many pages devoted to action, I did feel that there was significantly less focus on both relationship development and steamy situations. There was "some" of both, but I wouldn't say that there was an over-abundance of either here.

Like at the very end, the "I love you's" seemed to appear out of thin air, much like their first sexual encounter. Those weren't scenes that I'd really describe as overly organic, as they just appeared to pop into being without a lot of preamble.

One thing that I should mention is that the book may come off as a bit insensitive, maybe even slightly offensive to some, due to the huuuuge quantity of blind jokes.
“Felix is just impressed because he can’t make oatmeal,” Lane says as he slowly walks into the room.

“Lane, you’re going to run into something, step to your right.”

Lane, trusting me like the good man he is, steps to the right and bumps into the counter.

“Fuck,” he growls as I start laughing.

“That’s what you get for being mean to me.”
The jokes didn't really bother me, mainly because Lane's gruff, no-nonsense personality made him seem like someone who would appreciate not being coddled or treated any differently due to his sightless condition. Also, because Lane gave as good as he got.

Either way, the comedy, action, and character interactions worked pretty well for me, so I'd rate this slightly-irreverent book at around 4 stars and suggest it to fans of Winters' other works, especially those who enjoyed her "Hitman's Guide" books.


This entire series is *FREE* with Kindle Unlimited membership.

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2,735 reviews230 followers
Shelved as 'not-gonna-be-able-to-do-it'
January 5, 2022
DNF at 15%.

Oh. My. God. It is not possible I am reading the same book that everyone else read.

This is bad.

Ugh. First off, why would this job even be given to Felix? Second, it is not funny, AT ALL. It is juvenile and cringe-worthy. And the sex? What? How did that even just happen? Gross. I am so uncomfortable.

Just no.

I just re-read the blurb and scanned some reviews. I can't see this getting any better. What I hate seems to be what everyone else loved. I am throwing in the towel.
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1,396 reviews584 followers
June 6, 2018
5 Stars!

I actually started this only to put it back down. I read two other books before deciding to give it another go. I didn't even get five pages in before doing that. I think I just wasn't in the right mood. Thank gosh I opened this baby back up because I haven't laughed or enjoyed myself while reading in quite some time. I am big fan of humor in my books as I am in my tv shows and movies. I love to laugh and this book brought out the LOL's often. I loved the dynamic between Lane and Felix. The banter, the funny stunts, the chemistry, the action, and the sex is all here in this book and Lane and Felix pull it all off seamlessly. Their relationship has to have a lot of trust for what they go through especially on Lane's end. They tease each other relentlessly and Felix gives Lane exactly what he needs after going blind. Normalcy. He treats Lane like he doesn't have an handicap. He doesn't treat him with kid gloves. He actually puts Lane in some ridiculous situations that had me in stitches of laughter. But Lane takes to this kind of care. He likes that Felix won't put up with his crap and gives as good as he gets. The relationship between these two really isn't your normal romance we're in love kind of relationship. It does grow and it does get there, but not before a lot of gun fire, kidnapping, beatings, and even a few stabbings. This book is full of action and humor. My favorite two things to have in a book. I highly recommend it.

Happy reading dolls! xx
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1,838 reviews6,163 followers
October 27, 2020
I've read a couple of series by this author and have really liked them. Her The Hitman's Guide to Making Friends and Finding Love was super funny, and the vampire series has great characters. But, you know, I tempted fate and fate screwed me.

That about sums it up.

This one has a 37 year old cop who was blinded and tortured being all angsty in his house alone and the 25 year old guy with no qualifications sent in to care for him. The younger guy is Felix and he is tiny and adorable with a sarcastic personality. The older guy is hot and broody... 'nuff said. So, they immediately decide that the best way to take care of BlindyMcBroody is to give him sex. And, I have to say, in my experience of being married longer than should be legal (because, you know, the murderous thoughts. They build.) that does usually cheer a guy up.

So the romance thing came about really quickly and abruptly. Like, no build up or steam at all. But, hey, okay, I tried to roll with it. There was a bad-guy too. The torture dude who blinded BlindyMcBroody is now after the baby twink not-a-nurse.

Back off Chester the Molester. McBroody will kick your ass. As soon as you tell him where you are standing. Then, he'll kick your ass!

The bad guy was a little over the top, the romance was too insta-love, and the funny didn't deliver as much as in many of her other books. Over all, it was pretty meh.
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1,418 reviews131 followers
June 8, 2018
I will leave this book without rating because frankly I really don't know how to rate it. It was DNF at 50% for me. It should have been an awesome read due to a kicka$$ prologue but I completely disliked MCs. There was no chemistry between them and they just didn't mesh at all.

Lane is wounded and blind. I get that but his brand of humor is downright cruel. There is a saying: "In every joke there is a part joke - the rest is truth". It felt like he was insulting Felix for no reason and I didn't find any fun in that.

Felix should have been a complex character with abandonment and commitment issues due to his childhood. But the way his character was written made him look infantile and immature and his attempt at banter was even worse.

I really tried to get into it and at least enjoy the action but it felt forced and I struggled to continue. I don't say the book is bad because it's not I just didn't like it and it was my personal opinion as to why. So try it for yourself and you might enjoy it more than I did.
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2,195 reviews395 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
June 11, 2018
Right... so, I didn't like this. I know I didn't really try since I DNF at 12%, but that first sex scene was so awful it made me throw in the towel.

The casual way in which Felix has sex with the person he is hired to care for really didn't sit well with me. The entire scene was also devoid of any hotness or chemistry. It was like these guys were discussing what to eat that night instead of seducing each other.

I don't think I can believe in the romance after that scene.
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3,351 reviews434 followers
November 1, 2019

I have such mixed feelings on this book.

Having just read and loved the two Hitman books this seemed like the natural progression.

There’s a lot here to like. Both Felix and Lane for example. Plus there’s never a dull moment. There’s also a light humour and sarcasm running through it. It’s not laugh out loud funny like Hitman.

But I did struggle with several things. It’s totally crazy. I know that probably makes no sense since it doesn’t get crazier than Leland but... Leland was crazy from the get go whereas I didn’t expect that here. But as the book progresses we have Felix and Lane throwing themselves into an endless list of dangerous situations. But it was the quickness of their first sexual encounter bothered me. It just didn’t feel right.
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265 reviews28 followers
June 13, 2018
Did not finish. The main character is a caretaker & the other main character, his employer, is blind and in a wheelchair. On The second day of work, the caretaker has sex with his employer. IN WHAT WORLD!? I thought it was going to turn out to be a dream sequence. Not today Satan. Not today, I don’t need this in my life.
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973 reviews1,788 followers
January 11, 2023
✅ Blind MC
✅ Snark and banter
✅ Action
✅ Plot
✅ Pace
✅🆗 Romance / Smut

This book was not as good as some of Alice Winters’s other series, but it was still funny and cute, and I will read the next one for sure. She’s good because the only way I would ever read a contemporary MM romance with no magic or fantasy aspect is if she wrote it because I know that banter and snark will be worth the absence of magic and paranormal.

He smiles and passes by me, leaving me in the house alone with the man who hates my guts. That’s alright, I’ve lived with people that hated me before. How could this one be any worse?

When Felix first started his job as a hired caretaker for a newly blinded grumpy Lane, he was far from imagining everything that would come with the job. Between blind jokes, snarky banter, and the two of them trying to annoy the other into giving up and leaving or giving up and allowing the other to stay, they will also have to deal with dangerous people linked to Lane’s past, car chases, gun fights and running for their lives.

“I’ve actually been held at gunpoint before by a drug dealer my mom was beating with her purse.”
“She was trying to save you?”
“Oh God, no. He was trying to get her to back the fuck off and was using me as a hostage, but she didn’t much care. I think when you grow up with a mother like mine, you just go along with everything life throws at you. You’re like ‘oh, there’s some meth where the cereal is supposed to be? alright, push that to the side.’”

Felix reminded me a little bit of a toned-down Finn from the VRC series or an even more toned-down Leland from the Hitman’s series. He is physically very short but has a huge personality to make up for it. He had a shitty childhood and doesn’t expect anything from anyone, but at the same time, we can see how desperate he is to find some stability and someone who truly cares for him. Don’t go in there expecting Leland’s level of craziness though because you will be disappointed. Lane and Felix’s interactions are more “normal” than Leland and Jackson’s, and it made them more realistic.

“You want to know the worst thing about being blind?”
“Not seeing anything?”
“No, it’s not seeing the look on your face when I leave your ass here and never come back,” he says.

Lane doesn’t want pity, or people to look at him differently. He needs to be able to remain independent and autonomous at all costs, and that’s why he hated Felix’s presence so much at first. He saw him as proof that he was not able to be on his own anymore, and he thought Felix would only be another person to pity him… Little did he know that Felix had no intention to tippy toe around him, and would not hesitate to make what could be considered as inappropriate blind jokes all day long around Lane, but that,s exactly what Lane needed. Someone who treated him like a normal grown man who can take a joke or an insult, and not a fragile handicapped man about to break down.

“Ow!” I snap as I grab my head. It feels like I should have a welt the size of an egg on my head.
“Did that hit you?” he asks as he tries to hide a grin.
“I’m going to have a brain tumor now.”
“I don’t see anything,” he says as he looks quite content with himself. “Not even a red spot.”
“Hmm. I’m going to buy you cat food for lunch,” I say.

The sass and snark between Lane and Felix were delightful. They just never stopped being at each other’s throats, but not in a really angry way, more in a funny, teasing, but exhausting way. While Lane insisted that he didn’t need Felix around, it was clear that he appreciated his company after a while, and Felix didn’t have anything to go back to so he might as well stick around with the blind guy who was paying him.

“Want to play a driving game?” I ask.
“What game?” he asks suspiciously.
“What about I-spy?” I ask.
“I spy with my little eye a cruel asshole who thinks he’s funny.”
“Me?” I guess.
“Congrats,” he says.

“Lane, you’re going to run into something, step to your right,” I say.
Lane, trusting me like the good man he is, steps to the right and bumps into the counter.
“Fuck,” he growls as I start laughing.
“That’s what you get for being mean to me,” I say.

The way Felix treats Lane might appear as inconsiderate or insensitive, because he does not hesitate to make fun of Lane and he throws blind jokes around like there is no tomorrow, but that’s exactly what Lane needs. He doesn’t want to be coddled like he might break, and Felix understood that from the very beginning. Still, be aware that there are a lot of blind jokes, and while I am 100% sure that the author didn’t mean it in any hurtful way, it might shock you if you are more sensitive to this issue.

The romance aspect was a little too quick for my taste. It didn’t start as romance, more as a mutual physical attraction, but still, they were quick to jump into bed together (quite literally), and I would have loved it even more if the author gave it more time. It was missing some sexual tension. The smut aspect was also much more toned down than in Alice Winters’ other books I’ve read. It’s there, but it’s less explicit and spicy than what I’m used to with her.

I look in the rearview mirror. “Hey…well…I’m sorry to ruin you bashing my life, but I think we’re being followed.”
“What kind of car?”
I look in the rearview mirror. “A black and white one with sirens on top.”
He sighs. “I told you that you were driving erratically.”
“You don’t think perchance it was because you shot two people and I hijacked a car?” I ask as I look back again. The lights aren’t on yet, so I try to keep to the speed limit without losing my mind.

“Can you tell me what they are?” Lane asks as he hovers over the safe.
“There are some little pew pews and a couple of big pew pews,” I say.
“You’re useless.”

There is a lot of action in this book, and the fact that it happens with a blind man (granted, he is a highly trained police officer, but blind nonetheless), a mostly-useless-in-stressful-situations short guy, and a kidnapped ex-K-9 unit dog make it highly entertaining, and a little ridiculous at the same time. This book is a great mix of funny and cute moments, action scenes, and well-developed characters, with a great pace that makes it hard to put it down once we’ve started.

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1,613 reviews240 followers
October 29, 2019
DNF @ 10%. This book was not snarky, it was mean and had a ridiculous set-up of sex with a blind boss on day two. Nope! 👎
April 7, 2019
Once again I am in the minority and didn't really care for this book. I honestly didn't find it funny. Like another reviewer said it was "juvenile and cringe-worthy." I didn't understand the insta-sex, it just seemed so out of place and I just couldn't connect with the characters.

I was really hoping this would work for me because I love a good, snarky comedy, but I guess this just wasn't my kind of humor.
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694 reviews146 followers
May 5, 2020
SO funny!!

This looks like an ominous book, given the title and cover, right? Don’t be fooled! I giggled the entire way through like a crazy person, highlighting passage after passage.

Felix - GOD, I adore him. Who else would play pranks on a blind person and yank him out of his self-pity? There is action, there are sexy times, but above all else, there is laughter. Don’t miss this one!

10/18 - second time through, I loved it even MORE. This is definitely an all-time favorite.
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3,672 reviews203 followers
February 7, 2019
4.2 Stars

As I said in an update, the snark was strong with this one. I kinda loved that. I think Joel's narration was spot-on; he's so hit or miss for me - luckily this performance was a home-run. It read/sounded like a blockbuster movie, honestly, with the over-the-top action and a blind hero kicking all sorts of ass, one I wouldn't actually mind seeing! (Also, the whodunit plot kept me interested with the twists and turns and unexpected developments.)
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2,002 reviews231 followers
May 21, 2019
I wasn't sure at first how this book was going to go. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it from the start but their first hook-up was really kind of creepy. Just the way it happened seemed a bit wrong (and while I am all for wrong in the right circumstances, it just didn't fit the way the book was going). Anyway, once I got past that part, I had a hell of a lot of fun with this story.

Both Felix and Lane can be jerks, but it works so well for them. Lane needs it as a push to get moving and Felix wields it as a weapon and as a shield. While Lane's life has recently been completely turned, Felix has grown up feeling useless. Put them together and they both get just what they need.

There is plenty of snark, some tense moments and there is a growing romance beneath it all. Yes, you have to suspend disbelief, but if you can do that, this was a fun, action-packed story and I'm looking forward to the next installment.
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2,038 reviews462 followers
May 27, 2018
Wow. I loved he snarky dialogue in this book. It was OTT in the plot for sure - but I liked both Lane and Felix and had a lot of fun with them. You think it's going one way and it goes another. The intro really draws you in - and this is a good combo of actually really bad things happening to a MC and some great dialogue between the characters that make them seem perfect for each other. Recommended!
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1,002 reviews290 followers
May 4, 2019
I wanted to really like this one, the synopsis was great, the actual book was just okay. Something about this story just didn’t cut it for me. Oops.
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2,153 reviews218 followers
November 19, 2018

Such terrific narration! I honestly don't know if I would have kept going if I'd tried only visually reading the book. The humor in this is brought out so much more (and better) in Joel Leslie's delivery of the lines than I think in the actual written word. It's all in the delivery.

The two main characters, Felix and Lane, have the sort of "I hate that I kind of like you" attitude in the beginning with one another and Leslie not only pulls off their banter beautifully, but made me believe these two snarky lovers were perfect for each other.

Notice I don't say they're perfect. They aren't. They're assholes that are individually so far from perfect they couldn't find it on a map, but together they make sense. I can see those two crazy kids really making a go of it, if Felix doesn't get them both killed with his shenanigans.

I loved listening to this and will absolutely be checking out book 2, A Light in the Darkness, pronto.

Though Lane does have a POV chapter, Hidden in Darkness is mostly told from Felix's POV. There's plenty of action, humor, heat, and a HFN ending. Definitely check it out in audio for the best experience.

Audio copy of Hidden in Darkness (In Darkness #1) provided in exchange of an honest review.

This review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.
385 reviews22 followers
July 7, 2018
This is a tough review to write for me. I needed a day to figure out the rating, and my thoughts. Let me just say the prologue will grab your attention from the start. We have a guy that's being tortured and blinded trying to escape his captors. It definitely started the book off with a bang. Let me first say that the cover was misleading to me. I was expecting covert ops or an assassin type for the MC on the cover, but he's not. I will not spoil it for people who want to read the book. Felix has gotten a job as a caretaker for a blind man, and it's the job from hell. Felix is five feet tall, but his snark is giant sized! I loved him so freaking much. I didn't really like how the relationship started, but the banter between Lane and Felix is just to die for!! I giggled or laughed out loud almost every other page. However, I will say the action filled plot is way OTT and at most times unbelievable which is why I had a hard time rating this. However, I LOVED the characters and their back and forth too much to care about the crazy plotlines. If you need a believable plotline, then this is probably not for you. If you love hilarious banter, and the MCS making fun of each other constantly... This is a must read. I immediately jumped into book 2 and started following this author after laughing constantly.
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1,233 reviews74 followers
May 30, 2019
I am not sure what to think of this. I found it funny in a juvenile fratbro way. 😕 Felix is an ass to Lane and vice versa. I don't particularly like these characters and the story...please. I've read more realistic plots in the funny pages. And yet I will try the next book in the series. Why? Because I am a sick, sick person. I will likely regret it.

Joel Leslie narration was great and the only reason I kept going I think.

3ish stars.
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1,441 reviews148 followers
June 24, 2018
This book had so much promise and started somewhat interestingly. I didn't mind the fact that both guys had attitudes. People with a disability, particularly when it's new, can be sarcastic and shitty and a non tea and sympathy response can work.

The first sex scene was a silly plot device to make the two men hit it off, and for the banter to continue in a more 'we gay dudes get along now' way. It was tacky from the way it happened to the reasons it happened. I was willing to overlook it because, at times, these guys made me laugh and I was interested to see where they went - until around the 50% mark when they lost my interest.

What started out as something that could be interesting devolved into immature and repetitive dialogue, and the same-old-same-old annoying banter and awkward and embarrassing behaviour. That Lane could shoot people with the accuracy he did while blind was, well, something....

And if "I'm fine" got used once, it got used a hundred + times as a means to describe how Felix was feeling. I do not like the same words being used a lot, and there are also other words used in rapid succession of one another that irked me. I prefer my characters fully fleshed out, having sharp dialogue as well. I also like chemistry and these MCs completely lacked that.

I can see why readers would like this book, I truly can, there was so much promise. Overall it annoyed me far more than it enamoured me. I would recommend the Bad Behavior series by L.A. Witt and Cari Z. for a quality romance and cops/investigative series instead.
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1,376 reviews316 followers
November 8, 2022
Listen to audio on 10/2022


Alice Winters might just be my new obsession. This book is amazeball and a total page turner. It is laugh out loud funny with unique characters and suspenseful plot. Okay, I don't care much about the plot in regards to the drug lord or whatever, but I enjoyed the shenanigans that happened around it.

The first quarter of the book is pure silliness with Felix being a totally inexperience care taker who was hired to take care of the injured Lane Price. Lane got seriously injured from his recent 'job' that lead to his blindness. He is understandably being very grumpy and angst-ing over his new condition. He was mean and nasty to Felix, but the surprising part was Felix can be mean and nasty too. He don't even care that he is bullying a blind man. Plenty of hilarious banter ensure and I'm always caught off guard by most of the things that came out of Felix's mouth.

I know reviewer are complaining that Felix slept with Lane in the beginning and it was so unprofessional, but once I know more about Felix, being professional is the last thing on his mind and is very on brand with Felix's character. He is just plain crazy and reckless most of the times.

The story take a big change of direction when some villain show up and disrupt Felix and Lane's domestic life and that's went things become more interesting. We finally get to know about Lane's job and Felix get to show what an awesome partner he is. Lane is such a different person when he is in working mode, he is all calm and rational. Is hard to imagine him used to being the grumpy nasty jerk in the beginning. Most of the time, they like to make joke at the expense of each other, about Felix's height or lack thereof, but you know they are definitely in love.
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2,151 reviews312 followers
June 18, 2018
Don't give up on this one early. I almost quit this book a few pages in. The quick sexual relationship and how it comes about between Lane and Felix was just....uncomfortable enough for me to think the book might not be for me. Additionally, the banter, although snarky can be read to be mean spirited. But, the snarky ridiculous back and forth between Lane and Felix engaged me and I found I liked these guys. Don't be surprised though if you just can't get into this one. It's really not going to be an overwhelming fan favorite. You'll love it or hate it.

As always, be prepared to suspend your disbelief because this is an over the top LE involved investigation that would never happen and then you have to let go of it again at how well Lane gets around and adjusts even though he is traumatically newly blind and you'll probably enjoy this one. With KU it's not much of risk.

I didn't realize there was a second book. I think I'll be catching up with these guys again.
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2,979 reviews171 followers
August 17, 2022
Oh I loved this one! Great chemistry between the MCs, really interesting mystery, and terrific banter! Funny and heartwarming, and beautifully written.

I'm only giving three stars to the audio version. Unfortunately this is one of those where Joel Leslie just phones in his performance. I've noticed when he does his American accents, there's a lilting at the end of his sentences, and it's in full force in Hidden in Darkness. I can't help it, it always grates on me.

I'm not sure if I'll do the next book in this series in audio, or if I'll just read it - but either way, I'm definitely going to finish this wonderful series!
Profile Image for Chris.
2,067 reviews
April 11, 2020
Well I really loved this ! Snarky, sassy and fun. Great pace and cleverly written. Felix is absolutely adorable and Lane is the grouch. While both men have challenging issues they really compliment each other. Loved it !
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919 reviews14 followers
June 3, 2021
Very funny action packed m/m romance.
Loved Felix' snarky attitude, his "urge" to snoop and pick pockets.
Lane is just badass
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21 reviews
May 20, 2023
Story: 3 stars
Narration: 5 stars

So, i like Alice Winter’s humor. The banter was really fun, but the plot and the romance didn't grab me. Not sure if I’ll try another book by this author.

Joel Leslie (narration) did a great job, as always.
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802 reviews291 followers
December 30, 2018

Hands down one of the best audiobooks I've listened to this year. Joel Leslie brought this book to life. Fabulous narration!
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2,411 reviews74 followers
October 3, 2022
I listened to the audio version of this which is something that I seldom do. I can read faster than the narrator reads, and I don't always like the emphasis that the reader puts on the voices of the characters. It has taken over a week to get through what is a bit over 300 printed pages. I did like the idea of the story, but most of Lane's actions seemed implausible. I just don't think an agent of any type would drag a care giver off and involve him in the dilemmas that Felix put Lane into. I realized that they were running for their lives and a blind man, and a care giver is not the same as having a seeing eye dog although the dog would have been better trained for the job. The one thing that held my attention and got me to the end was the humor that popped up so unexpectantly between Felix and Lane throughout the story. Felix would come up with some of the craziest and funniest off the wall remarks. Loved the part where Lane was trying to get evidence of drug smuggling for Felix and wound up in a brothel in Vegas trying to pretend to want to hire one of the girls and that he wasn't a gay man at all. The characters are such opposites that they shouldn't have worked at all...but somehow, they did. I think I'll get the book and see if it works more for me.
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957 reviews31 followers
September 25, 2020
Lane 💜 Felix

The first 30% of this book is something I struggled my way through. For instance, the first time Lane and Felix hooked up was so cringeworthy that it left me feeling completely awkward after. There was absolutely nothing s3xy about it. One minute Felix is caring for him the next they're having six 😳 However, if you can make your way through that, the book does make a turn and gets better.

Lane and Felix work together to take down the guy who took Lane's sight. Felix may not be familiar with detective work but he manages with the help of Lane. There are crazy car chases, lots of guns, and a cute dog.

Overall, a decent read. Although the author could pull back on the blind jokes. I get what she was trying to do with them but most of them were not funny. Also, the I love yous totally came out of nowhere and in the least romantic way possible. Anyways, moving on to book 2.
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