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Wings of Flesh and Bones

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An Angel. A Witch. A Demon. And A Choice.

Creatures from outer realms suck, as any gatekeeper worth their salt will tell you. Welcome to Rogan’s life, an orphaned seventeen-year-old who lives and trains with other misfits under her uncle’s roof, keeping Earth safe from non-human realm jumpers. Rogan’s biggest issue concerns her uncle’s short leash with her freedom—that is of course, until she’s taken by a notorious witch, and her life begins to unravel. Soon, the supernatural beauty discovers there’s a reason her uncle kept such a tight lock on her whereabouts, and that she has more than angel blood running through her veins.

Eighteen-year-old Max is an angel, and Rogan’s mentor and guardian. He’s well aware of her tenacious inability to obey orders, though he also knows she’s a fierce fighter. When he’s involved in a scheme that ultimately gets Rogan kidnapped, he must battle his way back to her in an attempt to save her from the darkness threatening to possess her.

384 pages, Kindle Edition

Published April 8, 2018

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About the author

Cathrina Constantine

20 books374 followers

I am blessed with a loving family and forever friends. My world revolves around them.

I grew up in the small village of Lancaster, NY, where I married my sweetheart. I'm devoted to raising 5 cherished children, and now my grandchildren.

I love to immerse myself in great books of every kind of genre, which helps me to write purely for entertainment, and hopefully to inspire readers. When not stationed at my computer you can find me in the woods taking long walks with my dog.

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Author 1 book140 followers
May 6, 2018
Kindle Unlimited Read. This book is all about fantasy. It creates a dynamic world with lots of magical happenings.

Our main character Rogan is at the centre of a scandal that will rock the underworld. This story is full of twists and turns. Rogan is living with her uncle alongside a talented team of orphans. Each is unique and have a range of abilities. Their job is to stop unwanted guests. Rogan is kept on a tight leash and doesn't know why. Max is her mentor and guardian. He wants the best for her, but also has to follow the rules. Max and Rogan have a connection, however, life is about the tear them apart. Rogan's family situation is about to get a little messy. She is about to find out more about herself and what it means.

This is a romance novel. The characters already know they like each other before the book begins but finding their happy ever after is the tricky bit. Wings of Flesh and Bones is about family and becoming of age in a magical world. It has action, magic and hidden truths. I liked the story but I would have like a stronger romance. It has plenty of mystery and interesting characters. Its worth a look at especially if you have Kindle Unlimited. 3 stars out of 5.
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1,147 reviews153 followers
June 5, 2018
I was part of the promotional blog tour for this book!

Wings of Flesh and Bones was an action-packed read, full of excitement at every corner. In the past, I have had bad experiences from reading angel books, but the writing style by the author Cathrina really suited me. All of the supernatural events such as Rogan being taken by the witch, who claims to be her mother, made the storyline interesting and engaging. The pacing was quick, with a wide range of characters and visual setting. I liked the ending, making me feel satisfied with this paranormal read. During my experience reading this novel, the battle scenes towards the last parts kept me on the edge of my seat. I really recommend Wings of Flesh and Bones to anyone who likes visual, exciting adventures!
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432 reviews153 followers
June 11, 2018
3 stars

Wings of Flesh and Bones is a fantasy adventure about angels and demons. Written in third person about the story follows Rogan and Max, switching between the two every chapter. Full of action, the plot rarely slows in pace. The angels fight demons and the action never stops, keeping you flipping the pages.

The changes in viewpoints confused me rather than keeping me on the edge of my seat, as it probably was intended to. A lot of the novel Rogan is left in the dark about her ancestry, among other things, leaving the reader in the dark as well. This made certain aspects confusing.

While the action and pacing were great aspects of this novel, it was lacking in character development. At times, secondary characters were introduced without much description of who they are. The development of the main characters was lacking. Although the action and plot were great, I felt little attachment to the characters. The point of view switches made me feel disconnected from both the characters, and the plot at times.

The world building was inconsistent in quality. Certain realms were described vividly, while others were not. Sometimes the story felt magical, and other times disjointed. I felt as if the story might've been better if it followed one character rather than two. 

I really enjoyed the plot and the action, but felt like the character development and the world building could have been done better. I love fantasy, and angel stories are interesting, but don't feel like this one fulfilled it's potential. 
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904 reviews14 followers
June 3, 2018
Reviewed on behalf of http://bookaddict.live,
Well I must say what an enjoyable story, it kept me mesmerised, and I read the book in one go. I enjoyed it so much that I read it straight through the night.
This is about a group young adults, our heroine is Rogan who is training to be a Gatekeeper. Rogan has angel blood and she is the youngest in the group, and never does as she is told, and goes patrolling on her own. Getting in fights with demons who are playing on humans. With her gift she can see through their glamour.
Max is an angel on earth who is her guardian and the love interest.
This about a group of Gatekeepers who protect the earth realm from demons coming through the portals to prey on humans.
This is a great book with loads going with plenty of different worlds . This is a coming of age with Rogan discovering her powers and finally meets her mother. This has many different paranormals Pixies, a Wizard, witches, demon and I loved it.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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2,428 reviews8 followers
April 22, 2018
Exciting adventure

Angels and Demons and other things that go bump in the night! An exciting adventure tale but one that keeps to the main theme. Choose between the dark and the light. It matters for eternity! Great story!!
June 3, 2018
Fantasy at its finest!

Fantasy is the heart of this book as good prevails over evil! An excellent read for teens and adults. It catches your attention and you won't want to put it down. Superb author.
Profile Image for Tahnia Ross.
1,186 reviews4 followers
October 12, 2018

I simply loved this story and can't wait to read further "episodes" for lack of a better word. There were some proofreading errors where an extra word was shown twice, both before and after another word but not too many. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes tales of angels and demons.
May 29, 2018
Excellent story!

Catherine Constantine does a very good job of creating a world of fantasy and transporting you there. She puts into the story and takes you on a journey that you just have to read u til the end. This is a must read book.
Profile Image for Katherine Paschal.
2,133 reviews57 followers
June 9, 2018
Rogan is uncertain of her place in this world, and her over protective guardian never lets her out to use her training as a Gatekeeper. When her mentor, and secret crush, Max invites her to sneak out with him, she jumps at the chance. But Rogan had no idea where he was leading her, that she would meet someone forgotten from her past, or that her world will never be the same. And Max had no idea the mistake he made bringing Rogan out, one he may pay with his life to fix.

This was a harder story for me to get into than I anticipated and my expectations were so high since I kept hearing about the book for months and I am in love with the cover. I was a little confused as to the plot, what was going on in each scene and what was happening overall and I think it was mostly due to the transitions in the story. At times the narration would skip between Max or Rogan with no warning and I had to figure out who was the speaker, as well as flashbacks were used to give backstory and world building, but no warning was given so I had to figure out on my own it was a flashback. Once I like 60 pages in the story started to smooth out and become more cohesive and interesting. There was still somethings that occurred that did not make sense to me or were explained fully throughout the rest of the book, but for the most part it became a much smoother read.

The world building hands down was my favorite part of the book! We have Heaven and Hell, but there are also other outer realms that exists outside of earth and portals that gatekeepers manage. The creatures who live in those other realms could look like anything, including a description of an alien like being from Star Wars, with all different kinds of powers and skills. Also, the nice part of the Angel and Demon battle was that it was not weighed down with religious connotations, instead it was just a battle between two different beings with powers who just so happen to hate each other. I am a fan of that Kind of Angel/Demon story so much more than the spiritual and religious kind.

The story is narrated by both Max and Rogan, the two like each other yet never act on it. It seems like Max has been making advances on Rogan for years and she just laughs him off but now that she is willing he is stand-offish. The push and pull of their relationship is very obvious from the start of the book, each only willing to admit their feelings when it may be to late to act on it. I would classify this as a YA Urban Fantasy story and not the romance the synopsis hints at, the romance is there underneath everything, but not the focus of the book. Read this book if you would like a magical mystery but not if you are looking for a romantic escape.

Overall this was an interesting premise for a book with a great world building happening. I didn't even realize it, but this is my second book by Cathrina, and both books focused heavily on the world building and magic she very easily brings to life. Based on the ending, I believe that this is just the first book in an action packed world.

​ I am voluntarily reviewing a complimentary copy of this book. Visit https://smadasbooksmack.blogspot.com/ for the blog tour
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Author 3 books178 followers
April 14, 2018
With a row of wonderful characters and fantastical world building, this is dramatic and engaging read with tons of delightful surprises.

Rogan is a Gatekeeper, and a 17-year-old orphan, who knows basically nothing about her past. Although curious, she keeps herself more than busy fighting dangerous creatures from the outer realms whose intentions in the human realm are anything but good. When her guardian Max sneaks her out of their home one night to visit a club, she finds herself kidnapped by her own mother—a very powerful woman she didn't know existed. And her mother doesn't only want to nurture maternal instincts—she wants to use Rogan's hidden powers from her own schemes.

After reading the blurb, I was excited to dive into this one. It has a powerful beginning, which shoots off the quick pacing that holds through the entire book. Although I did stumble a little bit during the first chapters (didn't flow as smoothly as I would have liked, which also just could have been due to my mood at the moment), it didn't take long until I was completely drawn in and couldn't put this book down.

Rogan is a character with bite. She's a teenager who wants to prove herself, keeps her emotions pretty locked down, tends to be prickly but is loyal and has a warm heart. Parts of her make her easy to like, while other characteristics make her sometimes difficult to connect with. But this is exactly what makes her easy to growth with as the story unfolds.

The other characters are simply a treat. The author not only makes a great contrast between the good and evil, but adds such funky and alluring traits sprinkle in for each one. The characters are distinct without going overboard, making them simply fun to get to know, and like or hate.

Especially the visits to the other realms draw in with their rich imagination and delightful, fantastical elements. Although this begins in a semi-normal setting (reminded me a little bit of the Mortal Instruments mansion setting) with urban alley fights and clubs. . .but with vivid demon-like monster fights. . .the other realms bring a wave of fantasy pure with pixies, living 'rocks', elves, dragons, magic and so much more. Still, there are demons and angels and witches too. It's a rich mixture, which lets the imagination soar, while offering a action packed read, where each character has their own agendas and secret plans.

In other words, it's a lovely read for YA (and adult) fans of fantasy, romance, paranormal, magic, actions scenes and, lots and lots of hidden layers.

I received an ARC copy and enjoyed this so much that I wanted to leave my honest thoughts.
Profile Image for Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon.
2,087 reviews149 followers
May 7, 2018
4 Cranky Stars

Rogan is a teenage girl living with her adopted siblings and harboring a crush on Max who she doesn’t see like a brother. I wish I could say these are just normal kids with normal problems but they all have a gift. Rather its teleporting or shooting lasers out their eyes they are special. No this isn’t the X-Men but kind of close I guess.

Rogan Is a gatekeeper. She is trained by Castle who took her in as a young child and her guardian angel Max trains her to use her magic for good. She senses there is something different about herself since they won’t let her out on her own. One day she is whisked into a portal by a woman claiming to be her mother and this is where her life gets even stranger. She struggles to return to her world and make sense of all the people around her. She longs to be home with Max and back to a life she considered mundane and prison like.

I just want to say this book had a lot of story lines going on. I’m assuming it was meant to be laying the ground work for book two. Is there a book two in the works? It was just a lot of description and a lot of things jumping from here to there and at times I had to go back to read what was going on. Yes I gave it a 4 because I was invested and wanted to know how things would pan out for Rogan and Max and the crew. It was just a bit much.

I liked the plot of the story and felt it had serious potential. A few of the mythical beings I haven’t heard of and that was cool. Though I did know of a Baku thanks to an episode of Supernatural. Also the Curmudgeon how funny is it that the C in Cranky TBC means curmudgeon? I promise we are not a bunch of lumbering ogres ok maybe only on certain days. I liked this story and felt it would be good for those who love a good paranormal story with all kinds of interesting characters and action. I just wish it didn’t jump all over the place and be overly descriptive.
414 reviews1 follower
July 23, 2018
A child of prophecy to save the realms...

Rogan is a progeny of multiple races and also the child of prophecy that she knows nothing about. She has the blood of good and evil in her and needs to make a choice to follow the dark or light. Which will she choose?

Jo-Ann Doyle
Profile Image for David Fisher.
Author 10 books37 followers
April 8, 2018
A Must Read for Fans of YA Lit.
This tale is set in a dystopian, fantasy world and evolves around a group of young gatekeepers trained to keep aliens out of their realm. The author gives a foretaste of what is to come with a horror scene at the beginning as Max struggles to save his girlfriend, Rogan, from a messy fight with a giant demon. This fast-paced, gripping, and yet mysterious opening sets the tone, atmosphere and pace right up to the satisfying end.
The author writes well and has created a fascinating (and weird) cast of characters. The bad characters are really bad and the good ones quite likeable. The group of gatekeepers is organised along strong, family lines, and the conflicts between them keep the pace up and the pages turning. The author takes the reader with humour and a talent for description on a fascinating journey dealing with the group's relationship to authority, peer pressure, young love as well as a variety of dark and grisly confrontations which are compelling in depth and diversity.
A dramatic, amusing, enlightening, suspenseful story which will appeal both to adolescent readers and adults alike.
Highly recommended.
Profile Image for Christine Rains.
Author 60 books236 followers
May 21, 2018
Rogan is training to become a gatekeeper of Earth, but how can she sharpen her skills if her uncle won't let her off his short leash? Her mentor, Max is angel and takes her out on secret missions. Unfortunately for both of them, it takes only seconds for one to get way out of hand, and Rogan is taken from her home. She discovers she not only has angel blood, but powerful magic too. Struggling to deal with her own problems, she must also help save all dimensions from the darkness threatening to consume them. Except will the darkness take her first?

A fantastic YA paranormal read that is a true battle of light and dark. We have angels and demons, and all sorts of supernatural creatures in between. The world building is amazing with different dimensions and a thick history. Rogan is a hard headed teen thrust into a nightmare situation, and I love how she is true to herself. The whole cast of characters were well drawn, and I especially liked Castle and the mysterious Grey. I see the potential for so many stories coming from this world!
Profile Image for May.
351 reviews
July 30, 2018
*I was kindly sent this in return for an honest review*

I don't know how I feel about this. There were good it's where I was enthralled and couldn't stop reading and then there were lulls where I wished the chapter to end.
My favourite characters were Max and Shae. Their scenes always redeemed the book and cheered me up.
Rogan is an odd one because I feel I should like her because she's the protagonist but there's something, I can't put my finger on, that just leaves me cold.
I also found it occasionally hard to follow and was bombarded with information rather than a gradual learning curve. Also the ending I thought was odd. Yes it was round and fulfilling but something seemed rushed and lost about it.

But overall, there were some great characters, the plot was intriguing and therefore it's 3/5 stars for me.
Full review here: https://hawthornbookreviews.wordpress...
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Author 20 books268 followers
April 12, 2018
This story took me on a roller coaster ride of adventure, romance, magic and growth. Rogan is an amazing heroine, we see her develop and learn so much during the book. From an impetuous, stubborn, ready to defend the world young woman, to someone who thinks through the situation before acting.

The character’s dialogue had me chuckling with the sarcastic lines. A paranormal tale that kept me enthralled and turning the pages to see what would happen next. I’m not going to share any spoilers, but there are some surprises in the story where I found myself smiling.

I'm hoping there will be more stories coming from this book because there are some character's stories I wouldn't mind reading.
Profile Image for Stacey (Sassy Book Lovers).
564 reviews66 followers
June 7, 2018
Gahhhh I seriously loved this story!!! Can never get enough of the supernatural!

The authors mesmerising words pulled me into the story and didn't let me go till the very end. Jam-packed with action, romance, characters you'll just fall in love with and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing and wanting more. I was kept on the edge of my seat from the very first chapter.

One fantasy story I highly recommend.
Profile Image for Sofia Danokaras tsotrou.
73 reviews1 follower
June 1, 2018
I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review.

This is the first book I have read from Cathrina Constantine
Rogan is trained to become a Gatekeeper, she must battle demons from other realms.
Profile Image for Brittany Goodman.
859 reviews124 followers
January 13, 2019

This story is truly interesting. I liked the characters a lot. The story ended with open threads. Physical and emotional wounds to heal as well as other stories to tell.
There was a lot of the "f" word used and there was a lot of overt sexual tension. No sex but definite innuendos. I was also disappointed with the main character who loved one guy but didn't seem too tore up about kissing another until she thought she'd gotten caught. That bothered me. Overall thpugh the story was interesting
Profile Image for Alicia.
175 reviews5 followers
January 15, 2022
The first half of the book was a bit slower, the magic, angels, demons etc with different reas was cool.

There was definitely some intrigue and plot twists, but I was able to guess most of them well ahead of time.

It started getting really good at the end and then just abruptly ended with a picture perfect happy ending...

There are many loose ends, and quite a bit of confusion throughout the book.. I can't tell if there's supposed to be another.

It was a decent read.
Profile Image for Myla Aguilar.
562 reviews5 followers
November 25, 2018

What a wonderful unique story packed with Angel's, Demons and other creatures. Well written characters, great story, action adventure and love. I highly recommend this book.
9 reviews
August 12, 2019
Fun supernatural reading!

This is a clean but fun romp in the supernatural realm. The characters are intriguing and the story line believable. There is the age old fight of good verses evil and in this story good overcomes.
Profile Image for RomanceMyHeart.
111 reviews1 follower
November 4, 2021
Absolutely loved!!!

This book was amazing. I could hardly put it down. I loved it had angels and demons. You have different dimensions. You have a lot of action and twist and turns. It was so entertaining to read. I would definitely recommend. Its a lovely ya read!!!
Profile Image for Sharon.
6 reviews1 follower
January 5, 2019

Nothing extraordinary, but an easy read nonetheless. Did seem very similar to another book.
Almost a merge of 2 story lines possibly.
Profile Image for Amanda.
430 reviews2 followers
October 16, 2021
A little darker than I thought it would be. it was a nice bed time read. I got this book for free and this is my honest and voluntary vrevviee.
Profile Image for Micki_1989.
608 reviews2 followers
October 26, 2021

Different but slightly similar to something I've read before but can't remember what, but was Different enough to keep me wanting to read more.
15 reviews1 follower
October 20, 2021
I received an ARC from the author in return for honest review.
It's a very good fantasy book with angels, witch and demons with action. The narrator and author did a great job. I am glad I listen to this overall it's enjoyable
Profile Image for Zoé-Lee O'Farrell.
Author 1 book182 followers
October 16, 2018
This is the second book where I have encountered a character called Rogan, the first time they were male! In this book, Rogan is a she, and she is a gatekeeper in training. She has powers she has yet to master and many secrets being kept from her. This book doesn’t preamble, we are thrown into it at the beginning, with secrets, magic powers and a ‘staged’ kidnapping, which in itself was a huge reveal!

Rogan, born with angel blood, is orphaned at a young age working with her uncle Castle with other potential gatekeepers and Max, an angel who is Rogan’s crush. Their love story is not the main feature of the book, but her lineage is, so it is quite refreshing for a love story to take the back seat. The reason for this is because we are trying to find out who is the ‘Master’? What strong magic does she have? Who is her family? What is her heritage? Because of these questions, we do get some great twists (some you see coming) occur in this book.

Castle, her mentor and uncle have kept an extremely tight hold of Rogan ever since he has taken her into his charge, specifically not letting her leave their realm to come to Earth. Typically with a strong-willed hero/heroine, they never listen to the people they should, and so you end up having a few facepalms or two as you realise the mistakes they are making – some are fatal! However, if there were no secrets, it would all be rosy but make for a boring book! lol. The time Rogan ignores Castle, there is a fatality, yet she does it a second time and this time all hell breaks loose…literally and you are left wondering what will happen next.

I find that at some points of the book with the realm jumping and some of the history, it got a bit jumbled for me as my little brain got a bit muddled. I found that sometimes I needed to re-read a couple of passages so I could understand where we were, but maybe it was just my brain that didn’t work that day. However, this is my own opinion and not everyone will feel the same so please do not let this deter you from reading this magical book. (See what I did there!) I do not feel like I lost anything from the story and I still wanted to know what happened at the end and to make have my questions answered otherwise it might have driven me insane! Once I read the ending I realised that I need a book two! I hope there will be a second one because as much as the book has been neatly tied up in one respect there are still some outstanding issues to be resolved!!!

It hard to divulge too much detail with the book, so forgive me for the vagueness but it will give away too many spoilers and that will just ruin it for you, so if you want to find out who were Rogan’s parents? What happens to Max? Why is it all fatal? Why the drama? then you need to read this book. Check the link above to buy the book!
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