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The Bone Witch #3

The Shadowglass

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In the highly anticipated finale to the Bone Witch trilogy, Tea’s life—and the fate of the kingdoms—hangs in the balance

Tea is a bone witch with the dark magic needed to raise the dead. She has used this magic to breathe life into those she has loved and lost…and those who would join her army against the deceitful royals. But Tea's quest to conjure a shadowglass—to achieve immortality for the one person she loves most in the world—threatens to consume her heart.

Tea's black heartsglass only grows darker with each new betrayal. And when she is left with new blood on her hands, Tea must answer to a power greater than the elder asha or even her conscience...

449 pages, Hardcover

First published March 5, 2019

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Rin Chupeco

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April 5, 2021

ARC provided by Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.

1.) The Bone Witch ★★★★
2.) The Heart Forger ★★★★★

“There are worse things than black heartsglass, Tea. Silver is just as capable of hate.”

Most of you know this The Bone Witch trilogy is a series I hold very close to my heart, but I truly have been looking at this word document for the last twenty minutes completely unable to start this review. I’m not ready to say goodbye, and I’m equal parts in denial that it’s over, but in awe of how perfect Rin Chupeco closed this series out. I am so thankful for these books, and I will truly carry them with me forever.

The Shadow Glass is the concluding book in an ownvoices Asian inspired fantasy series, that stars a bone witch named Tea who has the power to resurrect and control things, which she finds out in The Bone Witch when she accidentally resurrects her brother at his funeral. From there, Tea and her newly risen brother, Fox, go on a journey for Tea to learn about her asha powers, but they quickly feel and realize the expectations that all eight kingdoms are going to put on her.

In this world, all the people wear heartsglass around their necks. Your heartsglass will change colors depending on what you're feeling but will overall stay mostly the same color. Yet, silver means you draw runes and they are so very important and are so very sought after. Other ashas control elements; fire, earth, water, and wind. But Tea is a dark asha who can control death. Bone witches are not very respected in this world, even though their powers hold the most important job in this world; defeating Daeva, which are different demons who dwell in this world, who are resurrected every so often.

“The darkness was inside me, I think, long before I raised my brother from the dead. My silver heartsglass merely gave it a mouth, made the darkness realize that it too can hunger…”

This story is told in my favorite format ever, which is half of it being told in present day from a bard, where you see the ramifications of everything that has happened in the past, where Tea appears to be the villain, but the other half is the past, from Tea’s perspective, where we get to slowly see the events unfold to bring us up to date with current day. Two timelines brilliantly woven together to give us the most epic finale of all time and truly is a masterpiece.

I feel like I can’t say that much more of a synopsis, because this is the last book in a trilogy, but watching Tea grow, from this girl who was so unsure of her future and her new powers, to this woman who learned to love not only others, but also herself and this power that felt so uncontrollable, and it was an honor to read, truly. And seeing this new journey that Tea has to take for herself in The Shadow Glass was completely enthralling and such a treat to read.

“I knew that shadowglass spell; I had committed it to memory nearly two years ago, and it was now a mantra, buried so deep within my psyche that nothing could pull it loose. I had pored over those words for so long that sometimes they came easier to me than my own name.”

But I couldn’t write up this review and not talk about the romance and how it completely still leaves me weak in the knees. I would completely lay my life on the line for Tea and Kalen and they are honestly everything. Also, I am just such a sucker for the protector/bodyguard/personal-warrior element in romances, and I seriously will never stop swooning over them. Truly the stuff dream OTPs are made of.

I do want to take a minute and talk about the sexual and gender representation in this book! There is a side f/f romance, which you don’t get to see that much of in this installment, but I still love them with the sum of my being! But what I really want to talk about is Likh and her transition. In all three books, we see Likh discovering how fluid gender can be, yet also testing out the waters of new things because of the gender roles, and power imbalances, people place on so many things in the societies all these characters explore, but in this book she decides her pronouns and after that everyone instantly respects her pronouns and her transition and it’s truly beyond words beautiful.

Okay, so I feel like I should write up a little personal paragraph, even though I don’t want to take away anything from this masterpiece of a trilogy. Rin Chupeco pulls from many Asian inspirations, but as a biracial Filipino it just means the world to me to see a Filipino author not only writing books that are completely in my wheelhouse, but to really have it reflect so much of my culture. Then, I also get to see an Asian girl and her Asian brother be best friends and willing to sacrifice anything for one another, and if you’ve followed my reviews for a while, you will know my brother is my best friend in the entire world, and I would sacrifice anything for him, and I’m just weak and soft and it really means so much to me. But lastly, we really get to see Tea living during the good mental health days and living during some really terrible mental health days. Mental health and Tea’s guilt, grief, and trauma is never shied away from in this story, and to even see this in an Asian inspired fantasy story is enough for me to build a shrine to Rin right this instant.

“I will save the kingdoms, and I will save you in the process, and maybe I will save the bits and pieces of myself that need rescuing too.”

And I don’t have an eloquent way to say it, this ending broke me. I read the last twenty-percent of this book with tears streaming down my face. So much perfection. Overall, this really is the book of my heart, and Tea is the character of my soul, and Rin Chupeco truly wrote a love letter for every girl out there who wants to change the broken world that people think is the default. If you haven’t started this series yet, please give it a try. I truly love it with my whole heart and soul, and I truly think it is so very worth your time.

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Content and trigger warnings for violence, death, loss of a loved one, grief depiction, brief mention of past parental abuse, and war themes.

The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.

(Thank you so much FFBC!)
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Author 22 books5,397 followers
January 18, 2019
EDIT: PRE-ORDERS AND GOODIES (pins! stickers! A short story from Kalen's POV!) AVAILABLE HERE:
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The Bone Witch, stripped down to its barest bones, is about a girl and her brother - about relearning what it is to be family.

The Heart Forger is about loving someone despite their flaws and disagreements - about how living separate lives does not mean the lessening of bonds.

And the Shadowglass will be about learning to let go - and about finding hope in unexpected places.

I hope you guys like it. <3
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February 23, 2019
Thank you SourcebooksFire and Rin Chupeco for the ARC in exchange for an honest review and Myrth of Cliste Bella for hosting the PH Blog Tour!

A bittersweet but a stellar conclusion for The Bone Witch trilogy.

The last leg on Tea’s journey rendered me speechless. Though I anticipated what’s coming for her, I sobbed like a baby. It was heart-wrenching especially Tea shared a strong bond with everyone. You can’t help rooting for her throughout the book.

This finale is both character & plot driven. Ms. Chupeco was consistent building up these aspects. We get to hear more history about the Seven Kingdoms and other revelations that’s key to Tea’s mission. They are fascinating and intricately written. I have this gut feeling about the betrayal of this person and I was right all along (that brings me joy..I KNEW IT). The secondary characters, they played important parts in Tea’s journey and none of them feel left out. From Lady Shadi and Lady Zoya, to Likh and Khalad. Wow. I love this diverse set of characters.

Tea’s relationship with this guy (purposely leaving it out because it’s a spoiler) was romantic. Wow. These lovebirds went through a lot and they pushed each others button. My god, they wrecked me as well. It was pure and eternal. The ending was sad yet so beautiful and satisfying. It was wonderfully wrapped up and this is one of the best fantasy series as each book becomes better. It may be a slow beginning but it’s worth it. If you love fantasy novels, you should pick this up.
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May 21, 2020
Shadowglass is the last book in The Bone Witch trilogy, the author did an amazing job concluding this series. There was no loose ends or plot holes. Since this book is a conclusion to the series there were a lot of revelations here, we finally know why Tea got exiled, what the Faceless actually wanted to do,the events that made Fox dislike her, what happened to Kalen and who the traitor is. The plot started immediately from where The Heart Forger ended. Tea has finally acquired Shadowglass with the help of Khalad, now she is taking the war to the Faceless.

“The best truths are always simple, I think. Life makes them complicated.

The theme for this book is love, everything started because of Tea's love for her brother. Then she made friends and fell in love. Everything she did is because of her love ones. I'm glad not all of them actually believed she was guilty of what she was accused of, even though most of them did.

This book is an Asian inspired fantasy, the world building is on point, perfect depictions. The fight scenes here were awesome. The magic is well depicted, I love the way the author described it. This book is the best depiction of necromancer that I've ever read.

“To be perfect without suffering means no change. If you know neither hurt nor hardship, then you will not know the strength they can summon within a person. What is life’s meaning if you cannot distinguish between happiness and sorrow?”

The Bone Witch series is the first book that I actually enjoyed the combination of present and past in the story telling. The story is told from two characters point of view. Tea in the past explaining what happened and The Bard in the present. Normally in other books I dislike this method but the one in this book was great.

My favourite character in this book is Kalen, I know Tea is awesome and all but he is the best. He stood by her when everyone including her brother abandoned her. That is the kind of relationship I want. Even Tea herself thought herself guilty but he didn't, because he not only love her but knows and trust her. Kalen is dedicated and loyal, I admire that about him from the beginning when he was Kance's bodyguard.

“You can’t honor the past if you don’t know what that past is. I would much rather know the truth than live in ignorant bliss, even if it destroys all I’ve come to believe. Tradition isn’t always honorable. If it was, then you’d have been an asha for years, without opposition.”

Tea is my second favourite character, I know I can't do what she did. She did everything to save people that accused her of crimes she didn't commit. Even when her family and most of her friends abandoned and discredit her account of events she still love and did everything she could to save them.

Khalad and Likh are also her believers, I love these two characters so much. I was disappointed in Fox, how could he, after everything they went through he thought her capable of that. He redeemed himself at last but it took him forever to believe her. Inessa his girlfriend though she has ulterior motives believed that Tea should be given the benefit of the doubt.
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1,032 reviews206 followers
June 9, 2019
I am struggling to write this review with tears in my eyes because I can’t believe this amazing trilogy is already over and I can’t experience it for the first time ever again. I’m so happy and sad to have been a part of this reading journey and I have not felt this emotional and satisfied with a series conclusion in a long while. I have a lot to say, so there will probably be a lot of spoilers for the previous two books but I will try to be as vague as possible for this one, so proceed with caution.

I already knew Rin’s writing was spectacular but this book took it to a whole new level. While all of the kingdoms are mentioned throughout the books, I never expected to get the opportunity to travel to all of them but the author ensures we do and this makes for a great journey and an awesome job at more expansive world building - each kingdom unique in its own way. The writing in this book is so layered, each chapter uncovering some manipulation or treachery, the anticipation only building up more because of the way the two timelines are alternately written and surprising us every step of the way. There are liars and traitors in the guise of elders and friends and while I had some doubts, I never could guess their identities confidently. That’s why the reveals had a very high impact. The plot also moves much faster in this book because there is a lot riding on Tea’s shoulders, and there are even more amazing action sequences than the previous books. I continued to be impressed but the last few chapters really gutted me but it was also so perfectly tied up.

There were also enough hints throughout the books which pointed towards the ancient legends of these kingdoms as the knowledge that Tea is seeking and her quest leaves us with many questions to ponder - How far will people go to alter historical accounts to suit their greed? Do we ever really know the truth about our heroes and legends or is everything just embellishment and manipulation to ensure those in power are always able to control the populace? Are we always sure of the intentions of those we seek to follow and believe in? We get many answers but some of them are best left unanswered so that they make us think. There is also a lot of destruction that happens in this book but again we are left to think about what’s the line between good and evil, how much of the havoc that Tea wreaks upon the kingdoms justified because she was compelled to do so - both to protect the truly innocent and also because she doesn’t want her dearest ones to die. Whatever happens in this story, it all comes back to love - sibling, romantic, familial, platonic and everything in between - love compels every action, sometimes true and sometimes misguided but ultimately it’s love that triumphs and I couldn’t be more happier with the way everything wrapped up.

Call her a hero or antihero, Tea is one of the most compelling and complicated main characters I have read in quite a long time and I’m deeply in love with her. She is consumed by guilt and trauma, is lied to and betrayed and blamed by her closest ones but she still remains steadfast in her goals and I really admired her for it. And whatever she does, she really is full of love, ready to sacrifice all of herself for the sake of her dear ones. And seeing her with Kalen was a blessing to read. He is the epitome of loyalty and courage, always standing with her and protecting her and their love for each other made my heart weep with joy. It’s definitely a romance for the ages and I just wanted more and more scenes with them together.

We see all the other characters together in this book and that was amazing to read. The relationships that Tea has with each of them precious in its own right and it was very interesting to see how Mykkie, Zoya, Khalad, Kance, Likh and everyone else handled her actions and justifications throughout the story. The Bard is another fascinating character who is unsure about what to make of Tea but is loyal to his task of being a storyteller and brave enough to follow her on her perilous journeys. His actual truth was probably the only one I guess while everything else was quite suspenseful and I had to wait to uncover it all. I also especially like Tea’s friendship with Khalad and Likh, because they are always supportive of her even when she is wrongfully accused. Likh has been one of my favorite side characters since the beginning, her innate strength in pursuing what she truly wants in life despite lots of opposition being very commendable. She has always fought for her right to be true to herself, and we see her exploring more of her identity in this book and finally deciding on what pronouns she wants to use. I thought the author did a marvelous job of writing about Likh’s transition through the trilogy and the tremendous amount of unconditional support that she gets from all her friends is really very heartwarming. The development of her romance with Khalad was also a joy to read and they had some very cute and hilarious scenes together. We don’t get to see more of Zoya and Shadi’s romance here but they still are going strong and it’s always nice to see two happy young women in love. The other couple that rivals Tea and Kalen in their devotion to each other are Fox and Inessa, stubborn and hotheaded but deeply in love who fight for their right to be together despite all odds. The author really did a tremendous job making us care for every single character and their romances, giving each of them a meaningful arc and I tip my hat off to her.

What can I say that I haven’t already said in my reviews of the previous books of this amazing trilogy. This is the kind of fantasy I love - characters I fall deeply in love with, expansive world building with its very own mythology that I can picture in my head, dark and deadly magic system and elaborate action sequences that left me gasping, beautifully written swoon worthy romances and ultimately, an ending that made me weep but also left me tremendously satisfied and glad to have read an amazing series. What more could I have asked for. If you are a lover of YA fantasy and haven’t read this trilogy yet, what are you waiting for?
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February 11, 2022
This ended the series well. It started with a driving pace much like the last book, but slowly because a denouement which was necessary but predictable. There were some revelations that provided plot twist material, one of which was a highly interesting reveal while the other was a sort of interesting reveal. It was clear the author had a purpose for this book worked out in advance and maybe I should've felt more emotionally compelled than I did, but as the flash forwards merged into one with the current story, I felt the suspense fade.
The main characters make choices that matter to them and that establish the climax and epilogue in a professional manner. This book was well plotted and clearly tried to sum up the romantic elements in a neat bundle. The author was successful, I just didn't feel it was particularly moving as it happened. It was more like an "okay I suppose that makes sense" reaction.
Overall ,I enjoyed the series and am glad I read it. The second book is by far the best.
Three stars.
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March 25, 2019
“I am sorry about many things, but I am not sorry about this.”

I’ve been trying to write this review for a few minutes now, but I still can’t convey the words to describe this third and final book. I really can’t understand how this trilogy is so underrated, because I truly believe this is one of the best YA fantasy stories out there. Rin Chupeco has created a powerful story with an intricate world-building, complex siblings relationships, a beautiful and heartbreaking romance, and an outstanding cast of characters.

The Tea we meet in The Shadowglass is far away from the 12-year-old Dark asha who resurrected her brother from the dead by accident in The Bone Witch. We finally get to see the final circumstances that changed Tea’s heartglass from silver to black, as the past timeline starts only a few months before the beginning of the first book. We discover everything that happened in those months: Tea’s struggles with the dark magic, the betrayals, the hope, the despair.

We also get to explore other kingdoms as Istera, the Yadosha City States and Drycht. Furthermore, the rest of the daevas finally make an appearance in the past timeline. And there are a couple of interesting plot-twists. I actually guessed who the traitor was and the identity of certain Faceless at some point around the middle of the book, but I didn’t connect all the dots until the author showed her hand.

Tea’s character development is just amazing throughout the entire trilogy and I’m still trying to wrap my mind around everything that happened to her since The Bone Witch. And I completely love her dynamic with all the characters, especially with Fox, Khaled, Kalen, Likh and Zoya, although the latter appears much less in The Shadowglass than in The Bone Witch and The Heart Forger. Shadi, Mykaela and Inessa also have less presence and I missed more scenes with them.

Once again, the romance gave me all the feels. And although I’ve been preparing myself for certain scene since the first book, I couldn’t help but shed a couple of tears when the time came. Those two have such a beautiful and heartbreaking story that just thinking about it makes me want to re-read their story all over again. And again, I loved all the romance stories between the side characters. Zoya and Shadi are probably my favourite f/f ship ever and I need a story about those two more than anything in this life.

Other aspect I adored about this book is Likh’s journey accepting her identity as a woman and the consequent change of pronouns. And it made me beyond happy how the rest of the characters accept and respect Likh’s transition with total normality, as it should be.

Overall, I loved The Shadowglass. Rin Chupeco has written a powerful and emotional final instalment to this ownvoices Asian inspired fantasy trilogy. Those two last pages? Those are just pure perfection. I would lie if I said that the final chapter didn’t make me tear up and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and fitting ending.

“I’ll find you again. I know it. What’s one more impossibility when it’s you?”

P.S.: English isn’t my native language, so I apologise if you see any mistakes.

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May 21, 2021
Reread in 2021 via audiobook, ARC review below, but time to see if I'm going to get hurt the second time around.

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My body, heart and soul were not ready for the final book.
I procrastinated reading The Shadow Glass because this is the end. The End. THE END.
internal screaming sherlock
It's a week after finishing the last book in The Bone Witch trilogy and mere hours before this review is going live and I'm sitting here going: OH. MY. GOD. What are words even? Can I come back when my tears are refreshed and ready to cry internally again (because I can't actually cry when reading for some reason)? Will my review even give justice???

I adore the characters SO MUCH.
Back when I first read The Bone Witch, I had so much difficulty getting through the first book because it's filled with descriptions and world-building, which made the book go by slowly. However, I loved the concept and the characters, so I sucked it up and continued. But when I read The Heart Forger last year, I got completely invested in the characters Chupeco created and fell in love with all of them.

Tea, Kalen, Fox, Inessa, Likh, Khalad - these are only a few of the characters that make up the trilogy. I adore the entire cast Chupeco introduces to us from the first book and brought over through the rest of the trilogy as well. I love their dynamics with each other, the relationships they've developed and their interactions. In particular, I truly appreciated how everyone accepted Likh's transition as she discovered more about herself and who she truly is. I also enjoyed reading their sassy and snarky remarks as Tea continues on her journey to get a shadow glass in order to save the one she loves, even if it will potentially kill her.

Everything comes together in The Shadow Glass.
I had so many questions after reading The Heart Forger! (Mainly, will my precious beans survive???) I am so happy Chupeco answers all of those questions in The Shadow Glass. Much like the second book's format, the story is told in two timelines eventually coming together at the end. One timeline is in the Bard's perspective when Tea is older while the other is Tea telling her past. This format can get confusing and overwhelming with so much going on, but it is easily rectified by the end.

Side Note: I read The Shadow Glass at midnight and half of my brain is asleep, so um, that probably explains me being confused and overwhelmed. Sleepy Sophia does not equate to understanding Sophia.

What a beautiful ending.
I am still a bit speechless, but The Shadow Glass is simply beautiful and marvelous. (I even wrote a coherent review!) I'm grateful for getting to know each of the characters and reading their journey, although I'll miss them greatly. I encourage everyone to give The Bone Witch trilogy a try - the slow beginning and all the information are well worth it.

This review was originally posted on Bookwyrming Thoughts
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621 reviews83 followers
April 2, 2019
The Shadowglass was good. I thought it would be the end of the series but the author had other ideas.
Book 4 is uncalled for.
Book 4 should not exist at all.
Book 4 is stretching the plot too far.
I'd like to say I won't read Book 4 but that'd be kinda impossible.
I'm gonna read Book 4. I just hope Rin Chupeco has no plans of writing Book 5.
I definitely won't read Book 5.
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297 reviews310 followers
February 15, 2023
What an ending to this series 🤩

It started a little slow in book1 but completely caught me in its spell for book2 and this one kicked on from there + had me riveted as we played catch up with the dual timelines which I love & this cast of characters are so dang precious - especially sweet Likh 🥰
What a journey the whole gang has been on since book1.
No spoilers, but drunk Tea bragging about her lover was an adorbs moment of levity amidst betrayals being uncovered and secrets revealed as this series barreled towards its somewhat bittersweet finale.

I would love to spend so much more time in this imaginative world – I found it so unique!
I audiobooked the second and third instalments and really enjoyed the two narrators, they helped distinguish the alternating timelines for the listener – the Bard themselves have some interesting reveals of their own but 🙊🤐

I am still so intrigued by the Daeva and can now finally google fanart to properly picture them without risk of spoiling anything for myself. I also enjoyed how this, albeit final instalment, continued to expand the borders & cultures visited – the way it was all thoughtfully tied up reminding us to pay attention to who is writing history/telling the story keeps the reader thinking long after we’ve finished this series.

It is so well done I am slightly sorry that this enchanting series is over and am curious to see if any of Rin Chupeco’s storytelling calls to me in the way this series did as I’d truly love to read more but tend to be wary of YA (at my big age) and despite aforementioned age Horror genre’s never speak to me 🙈

Highly recommend this series, bear with the somewhat description heavy book1 – it is truly a fab story across all three
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186 reviews251 followers
July 9, 2020
"I am sorry about many things, but I am not sorry about this."

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m making it my lifetime mission to recommend this series to everyone until my dying breath. My grandchildren and my great great great great great grandchildren shall read this astounding book and I’ll crawl out of my grave if I must.

”And I will kill anyone standing between us, even if I have to crawl out of my grave to do so.”

The Shadow Glass is the perfect yet bittersweet conclusion to The Bone Witch trilogy. This book managed to unleash all different emotions in me and left me empty by the time I finished. If I had a heartglass, it’s probably shattered by now.

Rin Chupeco was able to create a story that focuses on love in different forms⁠—love for your siblings, love for your family and friends, love for your country, love for your other half, and love for yourself. Together with Rin Chupeco’s writing style and character- and plot-driven story, this book is the mere definition of perfection. *chef’s kiss*

I couldn’t emphasize this enough, but I felt her words seeping through my skin and stabbing me like knives. The way she crafted a world with ashas, deathseekers, heartforgers, heartglasses, daevas, and magic was so breathtakingly beautiful. She was able to weave two different timelines to create confusion to the readers yet still managed to tie the knot perfectly by the end of this book. There were no loose ends and every question that I had since the start of this series was answered. The plot twists and reveals also didn't fail to take my breath away. Moreover, I love the introduction of the rest of the kingdoms in this book⁠—their histories, legends, and the original story of Hollow Knife and Blade that Soars.

”I have always known darkness. It has been my friend. Yet it has also been my enemy.”

One thing that I love the most about this book is Tea’s character development. Looking back, she went from this innocent 12-year old girl in The Bone Witch to this strong and reckless 17-year old girl who survived loss, grief, and betrayal in The Heart Forger and The Shadow Glass. Tea is the perfect anti-heroine and I couldn’t help but love her regardless of how much dark she succumbed to and how many more kingdoms she ruined. Her relationship with Fox was by far, the most realistic and complex sibling relationship I’ve ever read. I love the dynamic between the two and the love they had for each other. Hence, my utter disappointment and heartbreak when

Then there’s Kalen. I admit that I was indifferent towards him in the first book and I wasn’t that invested in the romance with his love interest in the second book (from Tea’s backtory). I thought the love happened too fast and there was no buildup for the chemistry to flow through my system. HOWEVER, after reading The Shadow Glass, I WAS PROVEN WRONG. I would bravely face all seven daevas for Kalen to get the happy ending he deserved. My heart bled for this poor boy. We knew from the first book how his story would end up, but I still wept upon reading the part when

I also love how Chupeco focused on the supporting characters and made them shine in their own ways. Khalad and Likh were one of my favourites and probably the only characters I didn’t hate upon reading the Bard’s POV And I love how we get to see Likh’s exploration on her own sexuality and how she defied the norms of being an asha. Zoya, Shadi, Mykaela, Althy, Parmina, Inessa and Empress Alyx were remarkable characters from the previous books, but we didn’t get to see much of them in this final instalment. Good riddance. JK, that was my bitter heart typing. I love them regardless!

That ending gave me mixed emotions. I guess from the start, Chupeco already hinted to us how this would play out, but I was in denial If y’all didn’t cry about that ending, then good for you.

Anyway, before I end this review, I just want to thank that one person who updated about this book (I couldn't remember who). I wouldn’t have stumbled upon The Bone Witch on my homepage and I'd probably miss out on such an amazing series. I owe you a lifetime supply of ramen. And speaking of ramen, I can't believe Rin Chupeco dedicated this entire trilogy to ramen. RAMEN! Did I say ramen? Yes, for three books her dedication page is solely for ramen, and she captured my heart right off the bat because of that. Not to mention her complete trifecta of thanking celebrities⁠—Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Terry Crews! Plus, she’s a Filipino writer! I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride when I discovered this. Especially since I really really love this series!

And to you, who has read this review till the end, please read this series and accompany me while we cry, reminisce, and tell the world the story of the girl who raised the dead.

"“Even the dead have their stories.”
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472 reviews147 followers
March 27, 2019
"I am sorry about many things, but I am not sorry about this."

“The darkness was inside me, I think, long before I raised my brother from the dead. My silver heartsglass merely gave it a mouth, made the darkness realize that it too can hunger…"

4.5 Stars. I'll be honest: The Shadowglass felt like a three-star book for a majority of my reading experience. However, I think I can completely attribute that to the circumstances behind me reading this. I was in a bad mood and I read 1/3 of it in the middle of a school honor society induction ceremony. Nonetheless, by the end, Rin Chupeco managed to once again, win me over with a stunning conclusion that contains the best elements of this trilogy: Chupeco's trademark stunning prose, masterful plot weaving, amazing characterization and character development, complex worldbuilding that holds your interest. This, combined with a bittersweet ending that is the perfect way to end this story about a small girl, her brother, and what they are willing to sacrifice for one another.

Prose: on point. Tea's point-of-view consistently remains my absolute favorite part of this series. Everything about her voice, her emotions, motives, and the way she expresses them is so palpable. Chupeco's prose serves as an incredible medium of telling Tea's story; rather than overtaking it, it compliments it and like a spell, ensures that it is incredibly difficult for a reader to put down this book. I usually have a preference for third-person limited when flowery prose is concerned as often, when I read a book written in first person, the flowery prose rings fake and inauthentic to the character telling the story. That is absolutely not the case here. Tea's poetic musings on her character, the darkness in her, her craving for power, and her love for all of the people in her life, are so genuine and Chupeco's prose matches those emotions beat-for-beat.

In this book especially, the plot is intricate, complicated, and never boring. As this is the finale of the trilogy, many of the plot threads come to fruition in this book: tensions mount then explode, characters face obstacles that they never saw coming, and the both timelines reach their zenith. As I this was my first time reading this book (but definitely not the last, I can feel the tug to reread this book already ), Rin Chupeco's plot twists continue to surprise me. I was legitimately left gasping at so many of the reveals: I am also, once again, left in awe of the way Chupeco utilizes the two timelines to weave a story so beautifully complex yet understandable. It's truly masterful, and it's something I hope to have the skill to do one day. It keeps the reader guessing and provides more questions than answers. There's also something also beautiful about the way Chupeco never wastes any of the characters that are introduced, utilizing them in the story to create a full-circle quality.

Despite this being a finale, the trilogy's worldbuilding continues in this book: we visit two more countries, In particular, one of my favorite things about the deeper diving into the world is the acknowledgement of revisionist history and the broader consequences it has for the world of the Eight Kingdoms. Myths, stories, legends, and more are all discussed and how I fully appreciate discussion of things like this, in addition with the discussion around magic and how it has created a divide between those who have and the have-not's. The Asha Elders need their magic to cement their power and place in the world, while the Faceless want to gain the Shadowglass to fulfill a distorted doctrine of the god they follow.

The romance. Love all of the ships in this series.

The ending:

Conclusively: You all need to read this trilogy. I never expected it for it to become such a favorite of mine, based of the first book's low average. But here we are, with this trilogy being my third favorite of all time and it meaning the world that a Filipina woman wrote this trilogy. Goodbye Tea. Goodbye Fox. Goodbye Kalen. This trilogy has been an absolute joy to read. I will be eagerly anticipating Rin Chupeco's next work, The Never-Tilting World as well as her forthcoming A Hundred Names for Magic. I will buy anything she writes.
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June 9, 2020
How do I read another book after THAT ending?! Sobbing because it was absolutely beautiful seeing Tea's journey throughout the whole trilogy - from a naive and innocent trainee with the ability to raise the dead, to a powerful and revered Dark Asha who can control powerful daeva (demons) from the grave.

Tea is an ultimate anti-heroine who doesn't care what anyone else thinks of her - even if sometimes, it's her closest that lets her down - she's definitely someone with conviction and a strong moral compass in protecting the people that she loves.

I sometimes stumbled between the interchanging perspectives between present day Tea - an experienced villain/anti-heroine, and past Tea - naive and learning how to embrace her powers. In Shadowglass, there's a fully realised world and brewing war between different countries, and it was definitely a lot to take in, especially trying to piece together the present and the past. I liked seeing characters in the past (from Tea's perspective) crop up in the present though, and knowing what would ultimately happen to them - although I definitely would benefit from a re-read of the series so I can pick more of it up.

These books feel so realistic when it comes to the people you love - sometimes they let you down and disappoint you, but at the end of the day, it's a test of whether the bond you share is worth it. It felt like Tea's relationships with her friends - and brother - came full circle here, and it just felt so real.

There are also some beautiful side stories in here, with some positive trans rep which was so wonderful to see. I also loved Fox and who he was, and his whole relationship unfolding here, because he deserves all the happiness in the world.

I absolutely adore this series and will need some time to recuperate. Tea's story will stay with me for a long time, from the people she befriended, fell in love with, helped during her journey.

Check out Happy Indulgence Books for more reviews!
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April 7, 2019
DNF - pg. 180

I just... don't care enough to finish this. The first 80-90 pages were decent and quite the improvement upon Bone Witch and Heart Forger, but the rest of what I read was more of the same horrid writing, lifeless characters, pointless worldbuilding and an untameable need to make Tea look like the best ever. I didn't even get to the Likh and Khalad bits I heard about (they are my faves, but at what cost)!


I just wanna preface this with saying that I think Rin Chupeco is a cool person and I adore her (cough Twitter stalked her) but I can’t even with her writing and world building! Maybe it’s the publisher or editor? Idk. I am morbidly curious about what happens at the end of this series. I honestly loved the first 50 pages of Bone Witch but everything else afterwards was different than what I expected.

I honestly hope Drycht doesn’t get the same treatment in its portrayal as Daanoris. That was my main gripe about the Heart Forger. How can you constantly gripe about how sexist a society is and never once consult the women who actually live there (Daanoris)? How is this woke? Hmmm well cross my fingers for this one. I know they’ll probably never read my previous reviews and extract the feedback from my bitterness. I honestly want a series with this sort of setting to succeed but I couldn’t with good conscience recommend these books as they are quality-wise. Hope the 3rd will improve on the previous two books, but who knows!

My heart goes out to Rin (honestly, she's so cool), I know it's always a journey to put your writing out there. Even if I don't like the book, that doesn't mean there won't be others who will think it's the best thing ever!
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March 14, 2019
I'm dead. Tea pls raise me.

This "review" was also posted on my blog Tecsielity.

What am I even supposed to say about this?

Now back to me having a crisis over trying to review this book. It’s been a few weeks since I read the book so details are starting to be a little hazy, but I’ll try my best. All I can really say is that Shadowglass was such a good ending to the trilogy. I got a little worried towards the end about how everything could possibly be wrapped up with the amount of pages left, but they did, and it was all very satisfying.

Some of my highlights: Tea and Kalen’s relationship. They’re so cute together and when it was finally time for the events that lead to what happens at the end of book 1 (way to make the two timelines thing sound confusing there) they broke my heart even though I knew it was coming. Also, the way Likh’s character developed over the series was really great, and I love how she’s gone from kind of a side character to one of the important ones.

You’re probably not surprised if I say I can’t really think of anything to criticize about this book because I was already so invested in the series I kinda get blind to any flaws there might be haha. This is why reviewing favorites is hard. Shadowglass was a great book, a great ending and I can’t wait to get my own copy so I can have all three all pretty in my shelf.

If you enjoy magic and occasionally raising the dead and haven’t given The Bone Witch series a try yet and for some reason are reading this, I really really recommend it because it’s just so lovely! There’s a dragon too!
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June 25, 2019

Such a satisfying conclusion to what has been one of my favorite fantasy series. Maybe the pacing suffered a bit in the beginning, but it improved so much. This series was always about different kinds of love, and the strength that we can draw from them, and it was absolutely beautiful to see such earnest love in every single page. There were different kinds of representation and diversity throughout the story, which was so amazing as well. Of course, I also enjoyed the magical aspects, and the way absolute power and corruption were explored with this.

To make this review short, The Bone Witch trilogy is a story about a girl who struggles with dark powers, who must learn to control it before it controls her. It has intricate world building, complex magic systems, and a cast of characters that you can't help but love. There's love, friendship, grief, betrayal, and every other emotion in between. The writing is absolutely gorgeous and captivating and I for one am already dying for the next thing Rin Chupeco releases.
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January 16, 2023
This was a good final instalment in Rin Chupeco’s solid YA fantasy series. I feel like it got a bit better with each new book in the series!

The worldbuilding is still a tad vague for my liking but I feel with three books to flesh it out I’m finally getting more of a real feel for various kingdoms and cultures of the 8 Kingdoms.

The magic is a big plus for the series. I had to be talked into reading this one a bit because necromancy is definitely not my favourite magic building block but I’m glad I listened to the recommendation and picked up this book as the magic in it (elemental magic and necromancy) turned out to be pretty cool. As did the demons created by the magic!

It was also a big benefit to the series that the characters were actually likeable and easy to root for despite having a few flaws and not always being perfect. I liked Tea and Fox from the early stages but felt like a lot of the secondary characters really grew on me as the story progressed and that was one of the big reasons I enjoyed each new instalment better then the previous one.

The story we got in this final book was a tad dark with Tea at war with everyone from the Faceless and Deava to the Asha and even some of her old friends and companions but it worked as they story was fast paced and pretty exciting and the conclusion was satisfying.

All in all this was a fun series. Not pushing favourite status but well worth the time invested in it especially as it got better and better.

Rating: 4 stars.

Audio Note: The narration was split between Emily Woo Zeller and Will Damron. Zeller did the bulk of the story (the flashback stuff with Tea as the POV) with Damron picking up the future scenes with the make POV.

I did not feel like the split narration benefited the story. I got used to it but it would have been better just to have had a single narrator give us a consistent interpretation of the characters.
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September 19, 2019
Though it has a satisfying conclusion (and it did make me cry), The Shadowglass is a satisfactory ending to The Bone Witch series which, unfortunately, drags a bit too much for my liking.

- Despite my rating, I did enjoy this. I enjoyed the ending and what everything escalated to and the overarching theme of The Shadowglass.
- Something that I loved about the second book, The Heartforger is that it explores how Tea wrestles with her place in the world and what she wants from her own life. The third book extends this, and offers some satisfying conclusions.
- As someone pointed out, I really have to applaud Chupeco for her dual narrative -- though it didn't work as well in this book than it did in The Heartforger, the dual narrative offered some great surprises.
- I was satisfied with the ending of Tea's story. Chapter 26 & 27 wrecked me.
- I really loved Likh's development. My precious child.

- Parts of the middle dragged a bit too much. I appreciated the worldbuilding and the development of the lore, but some parts were extremely slow and didn't fit cohesively with the story.
- The 'twist' at the end felt lacklustre. I appreciated what the story was trying to say with its big reveal, but it just felt so uninspired compared to the truly wonderful parts in the book.
- Though I liked the dual narrative ultimately, the parts set in the 'present' came off as filler after awhile, and I was starting to feel really lost about who was where and what they were doing.

Ultimately, a solid trilogy. The Heartforger remains to be my favourite book of the three.

Trigger/content warning:
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March 13, 2019
"I have always known darkness. It has been my friend. Yet it has also been my enemy. Some days, it is a mist over my eyes, leaving me blind to what should be obvious. But some days, I wipe away that fog and see more clearly in its aftermath than I ever have before it."

I’m captivated with The Bone Witch because of the realistical way Chupeco crafted her characters particularly Tea. I love our heroine who’s lured by the dark magic within her, and she’s not afraid to embrace it. She’s vengeful, and overly protective with the people that she cherishes, and the principles she believed in.

The story would be dull without the help of the supporting characters. Kalen has solidified his spot as my second favorite. I love his individual arc, he’s honorable and faithful to his friends; he become the staunch supporter of Tea. They easily became my favorite young-adult pairing. Tea and Kalen has the best buildup. We saw them as adversary with their constant bickering in book one…then, they gradually become friends and then later on lovers. Trope: till-death-do-us-part romance.

Other things that I like: Fox and Tea’s relationship, family/friendship dynamics.

Since, this is not a full review (hah!) I will not elaborate the intricate plot twists. Overall: The Shadow Glass is the ending I’ve always envisioned for this series particularly for Tea and Kalen. I know it’s justified, I wish there could be more. I know. It was an emotional, bittersweet ending.

The Bone Witch promises a legacy of dark magic and vindictive heroine and The Shadow Glass delivered the final chapter sensationally.
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August 23, 2019
This review was originally posted on The Moonlight Library
(see original review for GIFs)

So... The Shadowglass .

If you're a regular follower of the shenanigans here at The Moonlight Library, you will likely be aware that when I listened to The Bone Witch and The Heart Forger on audiobook, I kind of lost my shit.

This series is AMAZING. The world building is so rich and detailed, the characters are fully formed, with motivations that affect the plot, which itself is full of twists and action and romance. The cast is diverse, not just among their skin colour but among their sexualities, too #represent. It has tough girls who can also be ultra feminine, it has boys who fight and boys who don't fight, it pushes against the establishment, and it has a motherfucking zombie dragon. This series has everything you ever wanted, and the audiobook narrators are divine.

I caught on to The Bone Witch late, over a year after is had been published, but when I listened to the audio, I went directly on to The Heart Forger as well, knowing that I would have to wait a year for The Shadowglass audio to become available at my library. I could have requested - and probably received - an ARC, but I wanted it to be read to me. I regret nothing.

This book continues Tea's story, from her fall from grace to the resolution of everything she had been fighting for. It detailed beautiful romance, fraught danger, tough moments, and plenty of humour. It broke my heart several times, and I'm still not over it. Sometimes I got so frustrated at Tea that I wanted to shake her! She had it really tough in this book, and it really hurt me to see her struggle with her mental health along with everything else. I think it's safe to say that mental health isn't something we often see in epic fantasy novels (unless it's madness, of course!).

Also, there is a trans character who asks for people to start using their correct pronouns, and everyone does without any fuss, and it's beautiful and respectful and wonderful.

I'm not ready to say goodbye and I have already started hunting down paperback copies of this series to re-read and experience in a whole new way.
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November 3, 2019
***Thank you to Sourcebooks Fire for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review***

"Have you ever loved anyone so fiercely you were afraid it might shatter you?"

Fellow book lovers, one of my all-time favorite series has finally come to an end. Rin Chupeco deserves a standing ovation. This trilogy is nothing short of phenomenal. It captured my attention from the very first page and it still hasn’t quite let me go. In all honesty, I don’t think this series will ever release me from its grasp.

This review is going to be short since this is the last book in the trilogy and I don’t want to spoil anything. All you need to know is that Chupeco continues to weave a spell-binding tale that is told from two different points of views. One is Tea’s point of view from the past while the second point of view is told from a bard Tea has recruited to tell her story.

All of your favorite characters are back in this last installment. Kalen and Tea are by far my favorite characters in this whole trilogy. Their relationship is heartwarming and nothing short of beautiful. I can’t praise them enough. I fangirled every time they were on the same page together. I love them so incredibly much.

Fox and Tea’s relationship is also one of my favorite parts of this trilogy. The depth of their love and loyalty to each other is awe-inspiring. I’ve never come across a sibling relationship that is written this beautifully.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this book. Tea has come so far since the first book. Her character growth is fantastic. I wasn’t quite sure how this series would end, but Chupeco wrote the ending this series--and all of the fans--deserve. You’ll cry, smile, laugh, and cry some more while reading this book.
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October 31, 2020
Тази трилогия ме изпълни с неописуеми емоции и преживявания.На пръв поглед нищо особено от самото начало, но постепенно се отваря с всяка нова страница. Не разбирате напълно как ще завърши и всяка нова страница ви обърква повече, принуждавайки нервите ви да се оголят. Трилогията стана една от любимите ми,цялата идея на историята е любовта,включително и към себе си. Това означава, че приемате себе си, какъвто и да сте, дори и да противоречи на мнението на другите. Чудесна е! Препоръчвам! Надявам се да я издадат и у нас,ще се радвам да я прочета и на бг.
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May 19, 2019
I had a tough time reading this book. I took a bit of a break from it midway because I wasn't that into it (which is really odd considering I gave The Heart Forger 5 stars). Now that I've finished it, I feel quite underwhelmed with it as a conclusion but it's difficult to explain why.

In book 2 I enjoyed the 'then and now' story format. Tea is telling her story to a Bard so we get to see two very different tales unfolding. In book 3, the two stories are getting closer together chronologically and the constant switches became almost jarring for me.

The dual stories were just a bit of a negative for me, there were better ways to structure the novel I think.

I also think, story-wise, there were a few moments where it felt like the main characters were invincible; like they were always going to come out of things okay.

I still enjoyed the characters and the fact that it's a story about a super cool necromancer. The relationships between the characters were great. It's quite a dialogue heavy book so there's a lot of nice banter as well.

Overall it's good but the series peaked with the second book so I'm a little disappointed with this ending.
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