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From Lukov with Love

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Goodreads Choice Award
Nominee for Best Romance (2018)
If someone were to ask Jasmine Santos to describe the last few years of her life with a single word, it would definitely be a four-letter one. After seventeen years—and countless broken bones and broken promises—she knows her window to compete in figure skating is coming to a close. But when the offer of a lifetime comes in from an arrogant idiot she’s spent the last decade dreaming about pushing in the way of a moving bus, Jasmine might have to reconsider everything. Including Ivan Lukov.

540 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 1, 2018

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Mariana Zapata

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February 3, 2018
"If I can’t skate with you, I don’t want to skate with anyone else.”



Well this is awkward...
This started off as a solid 4 star read for me, and it all went downhill from there. Not to say that this was not a fun read - because it was. I was just expecting more


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to one of the slowest slow burns in the history of slow burns.


Here's what I think's going to happen
This was a unique romance novel. I would even go as far as saying that this was more than just a romance novel. I will go even farther and just put it out there...

This was not a romance novel.

You're confused. I know. So am I.

I mean, yes it had romantic elements to it, but this story was revolved around people finding themselves and developing and friendships and family and so so so much more. Romance wasn't even an undertone until about the 70% mark.

"I could have been the bigger person, but fuck it, I was five foot three and I wasn’t built to be that person ever."

I was expecting a chemical and passionate story about two people falling for each other, instead I got a fiery little cracker who at first was someone I thought I wouldn't get along with, but I grew to love Jasmine. It was her story about learning to love herself as she was, forgiving and growing. And it was so successful in that.

I really think a lot of people, like me will enjoy this... I also think a lot of people will love this story for what it is - just like I have. Unfortunately, I speak for myself when I say this story just did not do it for me as a romance, but did so much more as a self journey.


The Writing
The narration in this book worked in two ways for me:

The inner monologue felt odd and frankly, a bit too much at times. I loved Jasmine as a character because even though she was a bitch, and different to any other MC we usually get, she showed how she developed as a person as the story unfolded. The character development was so strong with Jasmine. Cheers to the author for showing that so well.

Furthermore, I felt like there was a lot of elements to this story that just dragged on or was all together unnecessary.

“I… I… I…,” one of them stuttered while the other looked like she was about to crap her leotard and tights. Good. I hoped she did. And I hoped it had a diarrhea-like texture so it would go everywhere"

However, The banter and the budding relationship between Ivan and Jasmine was something that I loved! I laughed out loud multiple times and longed for more screen time of them just going back and forth with comebacks.

“You probably sit in your Tesla and cry every time you wrinkle your sweaters.” Ivan barked out another laugh that was pretty much shouted up at the ceiling."

They worked so well off one and another, and that epilogue chapter actually made me smile. I'm happy for them and I would be more happy if I could see more of their relationship growing as a couple rather than just friends. Although, I think what the intention was that for them to reach that stage of familiarity, they needed to be friends first... which in a way, I understand.

“Take a picture, it lasts longer,” Ivan drawled all of a sudden. I blinked and thought about glancing away but decided that would look even worse.
“I will. I think the encyclopedia needs an entry on Assholes and could use your picture as an example.”
His right hand let go of the steering wheel and covered a spot over his heart. “Ouch.”
I snorted. “Oh please.”

The Chemistry

This is where things get messy for me. While reading, I could completely feel the sparks going off between both Jasmine and Ivan, and through each endeavor they faced together. Their chemistry was great. But here's the thing:

Personally, I felt like their chemistry was at a constant 'best friend' level, because both of them needed that at the time. It felt weird and odd in the last 10% for them to get together as more than just that. It felt rushed and like the author needed to get out that they were actually more than friends.

Which brings me to the fact that they only did really make a move at around 88%... When they did get together, it all felt too cringey and unrealistic because it was so sudden and anti-climactic. Sure, there was always tension between them.. but whether or not I would classify that as romantic or sexual tension is debatable.

It was like I was building myself up for this massive thing between them to explode and hyping myself up. Once something did happen, I kinda just looked at my kindle and went "Oh..."

“Don’t sound so excited,” he replied. Then he smiled. “Which bridge do you live under and how do we get there?”

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1,794 reviews27.9k followers
May 14, 2022
Have you ever seen the amazing 1992 movie that was The Cutting Edge?



Well, I loved this movie growing up.

So much in fact that I had it on VHS - for you youngun's, that was like a big tape cassette that played movies.

Oh wait, young people might not know what a tape cassette is either.

Here's a visual:


Those were the days, folks. Such amazing clarity...


Such clear and concise user instructions...


But anyrewind, as I was saying...

I had it on VHS.

And when those went out, I got it on DVD.

And when those went out, I got it on Blu Ray.

And when even THAT became SO 2014, I got it on Amazon Video.

So I can legit carry that shit around with me everywhere I go and watch the magic to my heart's content via smartphone.

I have this movie memorized backwards and forwards, folks.
I can pretty much recite the whole thing.


And this book?

Reminded me SO much of that movie.

There were two people who came together to form a figure skating team, one of whom came from a rich family that owned their own skating rink.

They hated each other and argued nonstop.


They too had to figure out lift holds.


They fell a lot.


And then there was the "Pamchenko Twist," the basically impossible, fictionalized figure skating move...which was mentioned in the book and executed in this movie.


So part of me has to believe that Zapata had this movie in mind or was paying homage to it in some way.

Which I am TOTALLY on board with, because I adored it.

This thing was like a Kulti-fied Cutting Edge and it made my inner little 1992 nine year old heart just burst with happiness.

Cause not only is Edge one of my favorite all time movies and Zapata one of my favorite authors...figure skating is one of my favorite sports, so this was just a joy to read all around.

Per Zapata usual, this is a slow burn and very character-driven story told from the sole perspective of our main female character and I devoured it in one sitting.

I didn't love this one as much as Winnipeg, but I truly don't think that book will ever be surpassed for me, so that's really irrelevant; but I do think I might have enjoyed it even more than Kulti, although perhaps that's just a result of the aforementioned movie nostalgia factor.

But whatever.

I enjoyed the book immensely and know other Zapata fans will too.

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184 reviews67.1k followers
March 19, 2022
y’all i fucking get it now. zapata IS in fact the slow burn queen! 😤

i was there for every page of this story. it sucked me right in from the beginning and i had the biggest smile on my face when i finished it. 🥹

if there’s anything i want more of it’s the slowest of slow burns. this book had me crawling on my knees, on my last breathe, and i barley made it. i was fighting for my life yall but it was absolutely fucking worth it. zapata takes us to WAR with this one and now you can consider me a veteran 😩🤟🏽 i’m braver that the fucking troops 🫡🤟🏽 /j

Our main girl Jasmine is the baddest bitch in the fucking game. i was expecting this to be dual POV but was pleasantly surprised when it wasn’t. she kept me on my toes and i was rooting for her since day one. she quickly became a comfort character that i’m inspired by but saw a lot of myself in.

ivan…vanya if you will can fucking get it. this man says ALL the right things. he is the ideal book boyfriend and i’m down on my knees for him yall. i’m talking hair in a ponytail and running laps around the neighborhood 🏃‍♀️

the relationship development with Jasmine and Ivan was so raw and realistic. the mere fact that their love language is to insult one another had me banging my head against the wall 😭💖✨ they and so funny and i love them so much! i didn’t know what to expect and at times i thought they’d just be good friends if anything. i was mentally preparing myself for that tbh. but alas we had that epic epilogue that brought happy tears to my eyes. there’s nothing i love more than a strong female whose only weakness is her other half. good half 🫠

now catch watching rerun episodes of tessa and scott… iykyk
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55 reviews85 followers
January 15, 2022
the fact that the author did not feel the need to create a stupid fight in the end because their relationship development was enough by itself ✨✨☺️😌😌☺️✨✨😌
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1,282 reviews3,322 followers
April 27, 2018

A conversation between ignorant Bibi and slightly less ignorant Bibi, let's call them B1 and B2

B1: Five stars? Really? After all the bitching and moaning

B2: *smiles at her e-reader*

B1: But you hated Jasmine at the beginning

B2: *widens smile*

B1: You also said and I quote "what kind of fuckery is this? No 30-yr-old man speaks like this"

B2: *ignores bitch1 B1*

B1: *wrings hands* but....you dislike slow burn romance

B2: *casts a pitying look at B1*

B1: You said Ivan and Jasmine were too old. I was there, you totally said it. *sniffs*. Why are you doing this to us? *wails*

B2: *casts another pitying look at B1*

B1: After all that we've been through, you would do this to me? Don't think I didn't see how you cackled at that scene with HRH Lacey. I can't even comprehend those liquid things that fell from your eyes during the scene at the restaurant or how you couldn't contain your joy while reading the epilogue. I totally saw it, you...you...Ivan-fangirling, backstabbing, slow burn loving traitor. * glances away, wipes imaginary tears.*
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375 reviews1,633 followers
December 7, 2021
1.5 stars. dnf @80%



That's the amount of times that the words "blinked" and "blinking" are repeated throughout the entire fucking book. So you can see hOW FUCKING TIRED I WAS OF SEEING THOSE WORDS. MY EYES GREW TIRED OF ROLLING THEM EVERY SECOND I READ IT.

This is my first —and surely last— book of Mariana Zapata, as you can see.

I dnfed it at 80%. But why, Ale? You were almost over. Yes. I've been wanting to dnf this book since the first 100 pages, when anything relevant was happening.

Sigh. What can I say?

I'm disappointed, even when I shouldn't because I told myself to not to have high expectations just because of the hype... See? I never learn. And probably I never will.

So, let's go to the point.

As with many books, I get surprised when I rate popular books with 1 or 2 stars because I wonder "there's something wrong with me? (there is, many things actually, but that's a storytime for another day)" or if i'm a coldhearted bitch? (but oh, i am, lol). But we all have our opinions and I don't blame y'all for liking/loving this book. Actually, I tried to like it, but unfortunately, I just couldn't.

I always value a good character development, and Jasmine's was 50/50, only if her inner long—ass monologue wouldn't have been tiring and repetitive. I understood part of her struggles, but like a 10% of it. And that's it. The rest it's just her being a whiny bitch. I wish she wasn't the most annoying bitch ever.

Ivan was fine??? I guess??? Yes, you had me screaming, crying, throwing up and drooling over him, but there were many times when I wanted to smack him in the face. Also, he's almost 30 but acts and speaks like a 17 y/o boy, and so is Jasmine. Both are really immature that at some point, you forget that they're 26 and 30 and think that they're actually 17.

I personally didn't like the writing. It felt... dry and rigid. Repetitive and dull. I like figure skating (it's the main reason why I picked up this book in first place) but the long—ass explanations of pages about that were... Unnecessary? I honestly don't know how to describe it.

This book was SO SO SO long for no reason. Almost 500 pages and honestly nothing exciting was happening.

It was supposed to be a "slow burn" but the only burn was the pacing of the time: it jumped between seasons and some things didn't even make sense at the end of some chapters. Like, girl, I wanted to know more about certain moments. I just don't know why but some chapters felt off... I can't even say I felt it like a book focussed on romance bc I'm pretty sure it was more focussed on their relationship as partners, friends and then becoming best friends, anD THEN WHEN I WAS THINKING "HERE SHE'LL REALIZE" SHE DIDN'T AND IT PISSED ME OFF.

Also, it was Ivan who showed up more feelings than Jasmine. She was just leaning on Ivan and that was it. Beside of the trust issues, she was very flat on that aspect, too.

It was waaaaaaaaay beyond slow burn.

For what I've read in other reviews, we have the "romance" about the 98% of the book and... girl, pls, no.

I guess this book was not for me, lol.

Repetitive, dull, dry and rigid. That's how I'd define this book.

Didn't feel the hype.

previous review:
i don't know if i'm excited of afraid to start this one
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1,163 reviews4,070 followers
August 2, 2020
I give up. And I feel like a traitor.

Maybe one day, many, many years from now, when I retire, I will decide to finish this book while I wait for my georgeous future grandkids to wake up from their midday nap. Maybe. Not today, though.

The thing is, right now I don’t have time nor patience for this story and this heroine. I can't spend one more second in her head. When you've got a lot of shit going on in your real life, you don’t need annoying heroines with their overblown problems.

I still cringe when I see an envelope in my mailbox.

That’s how traumatized I was by the heroine in her last book.

And I know what you’re probably thinking. This is Mariana Zapata for heaven's sake. You knew this would be a slow burn romance.

Let me explain. This is the writer who gave us Kulti. And The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. I will not give up on her. EVER. I'm sure she will blow my mind again.

As I was saying, maybe one day.

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131 reviews261 followers
January 5, 2023
alright, i have a lot to say because this book was infuriating, to say the least. i think the worst thing is how high my expectations were set—literally every single person i've seen talk about From Lukov with Love loved it. i'm obsessed with slowburn romances and was told i would love Ivan, so i thought "this is the book for me!". but i've never been more wrong.

my main issue is how bad the writing is. i don't mean to sound judgemental or harsh, but had it been better, this could have been a 3 star read—the plot wasn't impressive, but i've seen way worse. first of all, someone needs to tell Mariana Zapata that it is OKAY to use a character's name more than once in a paragraph; it doesn't sound weird. what does sound weird, however, is the constant use of periphrasis. it's never "Ivan looked at me", it's "the man i had grown up with and hated for most of my life looked at me". it's never "my mom laughed", it's "the woman who gave birth to me laughed". this is the kind of literary device you use sometimes, in order to avoid repetitions. you don't need to use it every single page, and i swear, as a reader, once you notice it, you can't unsee it.

another—small—thing that made me irrationnally angry was how the characters are constantly blinking. i mean, we all know that humans blink, but at this point it's just something authors don't tend to describe unless there's a specific reason for it? the author uses this verb so many times, i felt like throwing my phone accross the room every time i saw it.

speaking of dialogues, i now understand why this book is so long: the conversations between characters never seem to end, and not because they have a lot to say to each other, but because everything is dragged out for no apparent reason. to give an example, at the beginning of the book, Jasmine has just been asked to partner with Ivan, and doesn't think she should tell her mom, with whom she's very close. the mother figures out that she's hiding something, so she tries to get her to say it, and this conversation lasts forever. it sounds a little bit like: "tell me" "no" "tell me" "no" "TELL ME" "NO". why was this necessary?! same thing when, later in the book, Jasmine finds out her mother has been hurt, but it takes three pages of dialogue for her to actually find out what happened, because her mom just refuses to tell her.

i've noticed the same pattern in most of Ivan and Jasmine's interactions. three times in this book, he tries to convince her to get in a car with him, and she takes ages to agree. twice, she's laying on the ice as he tells her to get back up, and she refuses. and, again, it's always "no" "yes" "no" "yes" etc. it gets so repetitive that i actually skipped whole paragraphs, and i didn't even miss relevant information.

let's talk about the other main thing that bothered me, and that is how much i disliked the two main characters. Jasmine is annoying as hell and acts like a 13 year old—even though she's a grown adult—, but that doesn't seem to be an unpopular opinion after reading the reviews. however, i don't understand why everyone loves Ivan so much; did we read the same book?? he bodyshames Jasmine for years, and then has the AUDACITY to tell her it was "just jokes" and she's "too sensitive" when she gets upset about it... also, his reaction when he finds out about her stalkers just doesn't sit right with me; you discover your friend has been harassed by disgusting men since she was young, and your only reaction is to get mad at her for keeping it a secret from you? like, he gets genuinely mad... his face turns red and everything.

i thoroughly enjoy slowburn romances when it's properly done, but to me that wasn't the case in this book. there isn't any tension between the two characters, and even though it takes them 500 pages to get together, i still feel like Jasmine's feelings came out of nowhere. all of a sudden, she's like "i love Ivan Lukov", when she's barely mentioned any emotion resembling love before?? i don't know how Mariana Zapata managed to make the romance in such a slow book feel rushed, but she did and i hated it.

this book pretty much single-handedly destroyed the little trust i had left in booktok recommendations. yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and i would usually say no book is objectively good or bad, but it doesn’t apply to this one. i’m half convinced the people praising it were either paid or didn’t actually read it.
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3,714 reviews31.6k followers
October 25, 2021
4.25 stars!!!

 photo IMG_1295_zpsq4vxtesj.png

I am obsessed with Mariana Zapata's audio books. I'm kind of just obsessed with her books, period, but I love listening to them. They have the amazing narration and make my heart happy. From Lukov with Love was the best enemies to lovers/friends to lovers/slowburn/sports romance.

Ivan Lukov and Jasmine Santos have been in the same ice skating circuit for many years. Not only that, but Jasmine's best friend is Ivan's sister. Still, these two have not had the best relationship. On the surface it seems like they kind of hate each other. Jasmine is still skating, but competing seems out of reach for her right now- maybe ever again. That is, until Ivan makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Watching these two work together/skate together in the beginning was a hoot. Their back and forth banter was the best. It was ridiculous at times, but in a good way. I loved watching their friendship bloom. Ivan seems like such a jerk at the start, but he is truly the best guy with the biggest heart. I shipped him and Jasmine early on and couldn't have been happier when their friendship changed into more.

This was very much the signature slow burn Zapata is known for. I love the duet style narration, even though the book was told solely from Jasmine's POV, Ivan's lines were voiced by a male narrator. Speaking of narrators- the Callie Dalton/Teddy Hamilton pairing was EVERYTHING! I loved the characters, loved the story, and loved the audio. This was a very enjoyable and entertaining read I would highly recommend!
“I believe in you. In us. Regardless of what happens, you will always be the best partner I’ve ever had. You’ll always be the hardest working person I’ve ever known. There will only ever be you.”
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278 reviews1,540 followers
January 22, 2023
4.45/5 ⭐

Full review on my Blog: The Dacian She-Wolf 🐺

I honestly was far from expecting this book to make me tear up a bit at the end. But it happened. And it was more like a tiny wet something in my eyes though…but hey, no one is crying here, okay? Mind your own business.

From Lukov with Love , huh?

I would definitely not lie if I told you that I have heard about this book multiple times a couple of years ago when everyone around me was reading it and I was just sitting there with my Crime and Punishment copy, rolling my eyes.

And now…here I am. Becoming all heart-eyed over it. *sigh*

Okay, it took me a while to appreciate it but hey, better later than never, right?

So far, I think this is my favourite slow-burn contemporary romance.

I am not that well-acquainted with this genre so I don’t want to speak from my side-of-the-road-puddle-deep experience with them, but for now, this is just up there on my list. It has been so very great and it made me so very warm inside. Which is dumb to admit because the whole thing happens on ice (which is kind of cold ahem). But anyway.


This is the story of Jasmine Santos and her determination to prove everyone – herself included – that she is one of the best figure skaters out there. Her time has not come yet and she would definitely smash the door in its nose if it were to come by any time soon.

I honestly loved Jasmine. She was this mean, hard-working bitch with a big, loud family that loved the shit out of her hard ass and she loved the shit out of each one of them too. She is definitely a tough cookie and a bit too intense for some people to put up with but damn, it’s like she’s me and I am her. Most of the time. And I honestly love her because I can relate to her.

A badass heroine like her is hard to put up with and some people don’t care or don’t want to try to know her. Expect for Ivan Lukov.

Normally, I don’t fall for contemporary romance characters (I’m more of a sci-fi/fantasy whore anyway), but there was something about Vanya Lukov. I simply fell in love with him. Me and Jasmine, both of us.

I mean, for real, he’s so sweet and considerate, full of interesting personality and he loves animals and has I-don’t-know-how-many dogs, a pink piggy pig and a bunny? Yeah, uh-huh, marry me already, Lukov.

Ivan and Jasmine’s relationship is full of snarky banter, the hate-to-love trope thriving. Both of them are so full of shit that they are kind of adorable, I mean, their relationship literally goes like this:

Jasmine and Ivan *always hugging like the world is ending*
*spending 90% of their time together*
*having dinner with each other's families*
*seeing each other naked*
Jasmine *hating on his face but constantly thinking about it*
*ogling his tight buns*
Ivan *supporting the hell out of Jas*
*calling her baby*
*taking care of Jas every time she fucks sth up*
*basically telling Jas how much he loves her with every breath he takes*


Honestly now, adorable.


I also loved the fact that in this book, the main issue discussed has been about bullying and harassment – the type that starts online and ends up going on in real-life too. I mean disgusting pervs and stalkers. And sadly, this happens a lot, especially when it comes to female athletes.

Jasmine has to deal with this kind of harassment and unwanted attention for years and years, and she decides not to tell anyone about this situation because she doesn’t want to trouble them – because it’s not big of a deal.

Uhm, no. It is a pretty fucking big deal. And choosing to try to ignore it or solve it all by yourself is not going to help your cause.

I really do believe that people – and I think mostly girls, but I don’t want to generalise – put up with things like this and don’t tell anyone because they are either afraid or ashamed. And that is why those people start to disintegrate mentally.

I am sure everyone has in their life someone like Ivan Lukov – someone who gets mad and disgusted by such morally-rotten creatures and feels the need to help their friend whatever it takes genuinely because they care deeply about them.

Cry for help if you need it and someone is going to answer, I can guarantee.

This is, yet again, another crusty-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside romance that Mariana Zapata serves us and – with the risk of repeating myself – I honestly believe that it’s one of my favourite contemporary romances ever.

If you haven’t read it yet, there is still plenty of time to do that. It’s super easy to read, the story flows and the characters are to die for.

All you need to do is to give it a try!

Oh and, P.S.

The two are totally giving me the perfect mix between Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Masot’s incredibly well-timed routines packed with great difficulty and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir’s fabulous chemistry on ice vibe.

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295 reviews997 followers
October 19, 2022
i love this book with my entire being

Me to Ivan: I love shiny things but i'd marry you with paper rings <3

I love Ivan Lukov with all of my heart

I had the time of my life last night reading this book, i was smiling like a fool for hours

Live footage of me reading this book:

And when I say hours I mean hours, i read from 10.30pm till 4.30am in the morning, i was invested, but what can i say, this always happenes with Mariana Zapata books, i swear she laces those pages with crack or something.

Everything in this book was perfect.

from here on out this review is riddled with spoilers you have been warned

For one, Jasmine had a personality. Now, hear me out, usually in romance books the female main character has nooo personality. She just whines and complains about worthless shit the entire book and the guy ends up carrying the entire book. But not Jasmine, she was like a breath of fresh air. she actually had a personality and i love her with my entire being.

She felt so real to me

She's also excessively funny

For example:

"did you call someones mum a dirty whore again?"

"Just one month ago he had asked me if I was ever going to go through puberty. And in reply I had told him I’d go through it when his balls decided to drop"

"Then she got detention in kindergarten twice. One girl pulled her hair, so she pulled her hair right out. Then another girl ate her snack, and she threatened to spit in her eye and the teacher overheard"

"I like little kids. I just dont like adults"

Queen energy

And the banter that she had with Ivan had me cackling

"What's Jasmines favourite colour?” She asked. He glanced at the same time the woman looked away”Red.” Then added like the children you eat

"What's Ivans favourite colour? I glanced at Ivan and made a face “Black” I answered, but mouthed like your heart

Those are some of the ones I annotated but by god at the start of the book there banter and jabs at each other were too good to be true

I dunno there's just something about romance books where the main characters have good witty funny banter.

And then when the photo shoot happened and she was going on about how she didn’t want to do it because he’d make fun of her body and he reassured her that her body was beautiful and he would NEVER make fun of it.

My heart in that moment https:

And then when they ended up doing it and he saw her naked and muttered fuck. You know that's when everything changed. He was so obsessed with her aghhhhhhhh.

Don’t even get me started on when she was sick and he took care of her. AND WHEN HE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE STALKER

I love him

And then when he dragged her to his house and the minivan with the french bulldog in time out

I was in tears, it was so good

"Why is she in time out?” I practically whispered. “Shes been giving me a lot of sass this morning, picking on her sisters, trying to steal food, peeing on one of the beds because she got in trouble”

I dont think my heart can take this

Who would have thought that IVAN LUKOV of all people would be a dog mum? Not me for certain but I loved every scene. I know that he is the best dad to his children <3

Oh yes, can we talk about Jasmine's family? I loved them, there is just something about overbearing familys that are loud and happy that give me so much comfort. And that is Jasmine's family. I love all her brothers so much they are all too funny. But i fucking hate the dad. I will personally see to him being killed. For my bae jasmine of course. He does not deserve her.

If you can't tell from my unstable rambling i love this book and you will too

I'll leave you with this

”Because i'm okay with you having ten other people as your favourite but your always going to be my favourite person”
I hope you enjoyed my unhinged review


Ps tessa virtue scott moir give me Jasmine and Ivan vibes go look them up there performances are mesmerising

{previous review}
i love this book with my entire existance

i deleted my other review bc it was so cringey and TRASH so if you remember that review rid it from your mind bc i am writing a new one that will be 200x times better
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697 reviews3,135 followers
April 28, 2022
Segunda lectura: 14/04/22

Sip, este es mi libro favorito del año.

Primera lectura: 16/01/22

Quiero vomitar de lo mucho que me gustó.

No hay mucho que me tienen que decir para que me den ganas de leer un libro. A veces es suficiente solo mencionar "patinaje artístico" y "slowburn" para tenerme intrigado. Y dejenme decirles, From Lukov With Love me cautivó desde la página uno.

No puedo comenzar a explicar lo mucho que me encariñé con Jasmine. Su pasión, sus inseguridades y su bad-assery resaltaron durante toda la novela. Llego a entender muy bien porque la gente dice que en ocaciones llega a ser "desesperante", pero me proyecté tanto en ella que me era imposible no verme reflejado en su postura y en sus peleas con su papá e Ivan. Es un personaje sumamente fuerte y entrañable y ya es de mis protagonistas favoritas.

Y de Ivan Lukov no se diga. Ese hombre es el dueño de mi corazón. Encantador, mamón y sarcástico. Literalmente no ocupo nada más. Me encantaron las capas que tiene y como poco a poco se empiezan a revelar mientras continuas con la lectura. El cariño que le tiene a Jasmine es para enamorarse, y es de esos personajes que tienen un frente duro pero un lado sumamente gentil oculto. Amé amé amé.

Junta a estos dos protagonistas y tienes una de las mejores parejas que he leído en mucho tiempo. El banter es excelente , su química está por los cielos y simplemente son un deleite de leer. ¿La escena del photoshoot, la primera cena, la de la gripa? SO FUCKING GOOD. Literal podría hablar todo el día de este libro y nunca cansarme.

Este es de esos libros slowburn que son bastante slow. Si empiezan a leerlo pensando que les van a dar mucha acción no lo hagan porque no es así. Puedo ver porque a algunas personas les cansó el hecho que en la pareja no suceda mucho hasta el final pero yo no me quejo. Estaba viviendo mi mejor vida leyendo como poco a poco estos dos se iban encariñando y, honestamente, no necesitaba nada mas. Mariana Zapata tiene un talentaso para desarrollar un romance lento y necesito leerme sus otros libros ya.

La trama y todo lo que gira alrededor del patinaje artístico me mantuvo igual de pegado al libro. Leer las prácticas de Jasmine e Ivan, las rutinas, los ensayos y también algunas cosas que te cuentan del pasado me gustó demasiado. Es un deporte bellisimo y el enfoque que le dio la autora me pareció muy bien tratado. Se sentía en ocasiones que estabas viendo los juegos olímpicos de invierno, todo estaba bastante detallado y fue demasiado entretenido de leer.

Podría incluso decir que este es mi libro favorito de romance. There, I said it. Se que es un claim bastante denso de hacer, mucho más viniendo de mi que soy un total romántico empedernido, pero es que de verdad este libro fue perfecto. No le pongo ni un solo pero.

Con este libro confirmo varias cosas. Uno, quiero leerme todo lo que ha escrito Mariana Diosa Mi Mujer Zapata. Dos, I'm a hoe for sport romances. Tres, me urge leer más romances con el demográfico de edad que tienen los protas porque después de muchísimo tiempo I was swooning. Y cuatro, este es mi libro favorito del año y veo muy dificil que uno llegue a superarlo.
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February 7, 2022

“I’m okay with you having ten other people be your favorite. But you’re always going to be my favorite person,” he finished. “Always. No matter what.”

meatball and vanya have finally made me speechless. just like kultisal and dallasdiana i wouldn't have minded if ivanjasmine ended up just being friends. its MZ's power tbh to write such strong friendships that halfway i'm like why is this even a romance book i just want them.

i can't stop thinking about this book even a day later. it just made my heart so full. i LOVED the way ivan and jas kept bickering back and forth throughout this whole book. sometimes i just wanted to push them together so they could kiss already, so much tension <3

i was a bit worried about jasmine, especially because i just read dear aaron and i was scared she'll be 19 years old here but i'm glad that its like 6 years later because she matured so much. i loved the family interactions in this book. jojo and james <3 my heart <3

i didn't for one second doubt my love for ivan. the minute he showed up i was 100% in love. this man ugh i love him LOVEEEE him. we all love him idc.

“I’ve seen you before. There’s no way anyone would see you on the ice and think there was a price limit on it,”

we love a romantic man. when he hugged her from behind >>>>>>> my brain stopped working i was just obsessed.

“I’m going to kill you,” his voice dropped instantly. He stared at me, bug eyed. “I’m going to fucking kill you.”

“You’ve been in my life for thirteen years. How could you not think I don’t care about you? We fuck around with each other because we both like it. Because there’s nobody else we can fuck around with that can handle it.”

“I believe in you. In us. Regardless of what happens, you will always be the best partner I’ve ever had. You’ll always be the hardest working person I’ve ever known. There will only ever be you.”

ugh ivan is just amazing. idk what to say but everything he said i had to highlight because his words and his actions >>> i'm so fucking jealous. where do i find an ivan? please someone send me a link i need one or 5...

“I love the way you smile,” he said with a dreamy, sleepy expression. “I want to tell you to do it more often, but I don’t.”
I took in every inch of that flawless face. “Why?”
He didn’t even have his eyes open as he responded. “Because you don’t give it to everyone.” His cheek rested against mine, that sweaty chest did the same as he said, “And I don’t plan on sharing you.”


anyways, go read this book NOW. its worth everything and more <3
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February 19, 2018
“Because I’m okay with you having ten other people be your favorite. But you’re always going to be my favorite person. Always, no matter what.”

CUE THE BIG SLOPPY TEARS. I fucking loved this. I can understand why people don’t love it, Jas can be annoying and this was a true slow burn.

But damn if I didn’t relate to Jas’ passion and her attitude and her need for support and validation. And it didn’t help that Ivan’s quotes were basically ripped directly from my bf’s mouth.

Idk this just resonated with me. Love this author, love the slow burn.
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February 19, 2019
i have seen nothing but good things about mariana zapata, so i was really excited to finally read one of her books. and knowing that this was a goodreads finalist in the romance category only got me even more hyped. so maybe my expectations were a little too high because ughhh! this was a massive let down.

and thats mainly because i wouldnt consider this a romance book (which is what i was in the mood for). i honestly would just call it contemporary fiction or even new adult. nothing romantic happens until the last 40 pages! and it comes out of nowhere. i literally spent the entire book thinking, ‘okay, when are things going to get good and heat up?’ and then when it does FINALLY happen, i didnt even enjoy it.

also, jasmine is super unlikable. i get the whole ‘im tough because ive had to work hard for what ive earned, even when people put me down about it.’ but goodness, girl. theres no need to be a massive jerk to literally everyone in your life. tone it down a bit. 

and the last point is, as someone who has been involved in competitive figure skating on both an athletic and coaching level, i appreciate the effort zapata put in to represent the sport accurately. there are a lot of things i thought she got right about it, but it still makes me cringe every time when having to read someone explain a sport they have obviously never participated in. even though i expected as much, it was still difficult to ignore.

anyways, this isnt the story i was hoping it would be. i mean, its entertaining enough and the writing is decent, but its nothing spectacular. i would say its most likely great for prior fans for zapata, but i wouldnt recommend it to someone who wants to get to know her and her writing.

2.5 stars
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January 18, 2021

... I simply love it.

Note: This is an enemies to lovers, sports romance.

Dear Ivan and Jasmine,

When Jasmine started the story by stating that she was jealous of you, it completely got my attention. I laughed at the names that she used to describe you. Jackass, jerk, devil, and worse Satan. I understood why she was jealous of you. It's because you were always remembered and she's not. That you often won and she never had. That she did all her best but only for nothing.

But, she never gave up, Ivan. And I liked her for that. I adored you, Jasmine, for that.

Jasmine was abandoned by her partner, Paul. When you offered her to be her partner, I was glad. But the smile disappeared from my face when you told her it's only just for one year. That made Jasmine doubt your intentions, Ivan. It made her thought that maybe your playing with her. But, you convinced her that you could win championships and gold medals together. You assured her that you could find her a partner after that one year contract. Jasmine agreed then. You know what? It was her greatest ambition to win, Ivan. To make her family proud, especially her mother who sacrificed a lot for her.

I liked it when you two were always arguing and bickering for nothing. There's also a time that I was very frustrated. No doubt. You really were a perfect match. The two stubborns, hardheaded, and annoying shits.

I noticed how you, Ivan, treated her. You cared for her. You wanted her to be happy. You put a smile in her face everytime she's down. I'm mad with you, Jasmine, for ignoring his sweet gestures. Yes, I knew that you have insecurities and trust issues. You needed support from someone you could trust. I loved how you grew. It was worth waiting for that you achieved it, at last.

"The ones that matter are the ones who have always known what you’re capable of."

I didn't expect your truths, Ivan. That got me pierced in the heart.

Your story was wonderful. Unique. Messy but beautiful. I loved you as enemies. I loved you as friends. I loved you as bestfriends. I loved you as figure skaters. I loved you as a couple. And I really loved you as husband and wife.

With Love,

"I love you so much I spend all day with you, and it still isn’t enough for me,"

I highly recommend this to those who likes: enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, sports, slow burn, and especially HEA. Just bring your armors: patience and understanding.

@Lau Novas without you I think I wouldn't read this one sooner. You told me that this book is one of your all-time favourite, right? Could you include me with your list?

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May 8, 2021
I think this will definitely be my last Zapata book for real this time..

Whilst I enjoyed reading about the ice-skating, the family relationships, Ivan and Jasmine's hate to love friendship and loved Jas's personal growth, I just couldn't buy into the fact that she was meant to be 26 and him 29! I kept thinking they were 15/16?! I've never spent so much time in the head of such an immature, insecure drama queen! I really didn't like Jasmine, the heroine for most of the book; she was rude, obnoxious and godamn, the constant monologues and childish insults were too much! Don't even get me started on the blinking. Jasmine blinked at Ivan. Ivan blinked at Jasmine. She blinked at her mum, her coach, her siblings etc. I wanted to hurl my kindle at the wall at some points. We get it, they blink a lot.. Some other reactions woulda been appreciated 😂

As always, I knew this would be slow burn, but the characters didn't get together until one of the final scenes of this 540 page book! 🙄By that point I kind of wanted them to stay best friends?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

I did love Ivan! And all the things Jasmine learnt about him, when she took the time to get to know him.. And this was entertaining, in a drama filled way. And I loved how hard working and determined they both were. The last 15% had me smiling and l was left feeling good by the end of the book, but the journey to get there could have been 200 pages shorter if we didn't have to read about every thought, action and reply, including getting dressed. This needed an editor for sure!

So although sweet and entertaining (sort of) I have accepted that this author really doesn't work for me and will endeavour to resist her books on KU from now on....
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January 31, 2022
5 stars ☆ THIS IS THE BEST SLOW BURN I’VE EVER READ. I love love love loveeee Ivan & Jasmine. They are definitely my comfort characters and this book would be one of my comfort reads for sure. And how the enemies to lovers trope put in here?! *chefs kiss* The slow burn was just impeccably good. Like i’m smiling ear to ear that made my cheeks hurt when they banter and ofc when they finally kissed AHHHHH I LOVE IT.

“𝑊ℎ𝑎𝑡 𝑤𝑒 ℎ𝑎𝑣𝑒, 𝑖𝑡’𝑠 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑖𝑚𝑝𝑜𝑟𝑡𝑎𝑛𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑛 𝑎 𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑟𝑖𝑎𝑔𝑒.“

“𝑇ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑚𝑦 𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑛𝑒𝑟. 𝑇ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑒 𝑡ℎ𝑎𝑛 𝑚𝑦 𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑛𝑒𝑟. 𝐻𝑒 𝑤𝑎𝑠 𝑚𝑦 𝑜𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑟 ℎ𝑎𝑙𝑓.“

This is my first Mariana Zapata book and I understand now on how she is THE queen of slow burns. I’m not a big fan of slow burns but this one would change my mind about slow burns. And for her works, I’ll definitely read every single one of it. Recommending this book everyday !!
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July 28, 2021
I'm considering myself confused here. I wanted to fall in love with this book, because who doesn't love slow-burn romances?!

The characters and the plot had little substance and neither was their relationship convincing to me. It took place in a span of a year (I think) and jumped from season to season. Was that meant to be the slow-burn aspect? I mean, this is close to 500 pages! There could've been so much more better development, if half the monologue was removed and the pacing was allocated better.

Everything about this book just felt rigid. Nothing about it really flowed.

The writing was sloppy and needed polishing. It's the writing and the characters that could've gotten the depth of their romance across, and their dream that they were striving for, but since that felt weak, it meant that every aspect of the story was weak.

It's not that this book was bad, the potential for it was there, but I just couldn't connect with it.
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July 2, 2021
“I believe in you. In us. Regardless of what happens, you will always be the best partner I’ve ever had. You’ll always be the hardest working person I’ve ever known. There will only ever be you.”

You know, I’ve never written a proper review for any of Mariana Zapata’s books before, because I feel like everything I write is just going to be sooo inadequate. Like, honestly, if you love a good slow burn sports romance, just read this book… in fact, read ALL of MZ’s books! Just do it! You don’t even have to finish reading this review. Just go!! Her books are hella chunky, but they're so worth it...

Jasmine Santos (26) and Ivan Lukov (29) are pretty much one of my favourite characters of all time. I love them on their own and I love them together. They were so perfect for each other - they matched each other in wit, determination, and passion on and off the ice. Their development from enemies to friends, and ultimately, to lovers is definitely one of the best I’ve ever read. Their slow-burn romance had me on the edge of my seat, squealing and waiting for their first kiss. But as it is with slow burns, the ending is always worth the wait!

“I love you so much I spend all day with you, and it still isn’t enough for me,” he kept going.
I stopped breathing.
“I love you so much, if I can’t skate with you, I don’t want to skate with anyone else.”
Holy. Fuck.
“I love you so fucking much, Jasmine, that if I broke my ankle during a program, I would get up and finish it for you, to get you what you’ve always wanted.”
It was love. All I could feel was love.

Gosh. These two were SO DAMN funny too. Like, actually funny. Laugh out loud kind of funny. Jasmine and Ivan banter like no other AND I WAS LIVING FOR IT! They were SO AMUSING. I loved Jasmine’s dry and violent sense of humour because I’m like that too. And I loved that Ivan was always provoking her short temper. No one else deals with Jasmine’s grumpy and pessimistic ass quite like Ivan does, that’s for sure!

“You’re such an annoying shit. God, I just want to punch you in the face sometimes. Who’s a champion? Shut the hell up.”
What did he do? How did he respond? He laughed. Ivan Lukov laughed loud.
“You probably paid the judges with your Russian mafia money,” I kept going, which earned me another laugh so loud that I almost smiled back at him.

Some of My Favourite Moments (⚠️ major spoilers alert ⚠️) :

You are who you are in life, and you either live that time trying to bend yourself to make other people happy, or… you don’t.

One of the many things I love about MZ’s books, is that she never fails to deliver in the family dynamic department. Family can be simultaneously the most messy and wholesome part of anybody’s life. They’re the ones who can build you up or tear you down, and most of the time, they do both. Jasmine had some incredibly touching moments with her family, as well as some incredibly heart-breaking ones. I cried for her relationship with her father because that really hit home. The feeling of inadequacy and feeling guilty in pursuing one’s own dreams was so prevalent in Jasmine’s journey and development as a character and I love that MZ is never afraid to really tap into those hard-hitting emotions. It was raw, gripping, and authentic as hell.

I’ve also noticed that MZ's books actually hold up after rereads. I’ve read each of her books at least a few times now (second time for this book) and I love that I’m able to fall in love with her characters over and over again. The excitement never dies down. Honestly, this book is PERFECT, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Cool. I’m gonna go cry in the corner and watch ice-skating videos, knowing that Ivan Lukov (or any other MZ hero) will never exist, and I’ll never be his meatball. BYYEEEEEEEEE.

Rating: 5/5

(Shout out to Lauren for a wonderful BR! It was so fun fangirling over Ivan with you! Can’t wait for our next BR. Check out her review here )


Re-read/BR with Lauren!
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November 28, 2021
booktok will be like here's some recs :) and it'll be the worst book you've ever read
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February 19, 2022
dnf @18%

I was excited to read this. It's very popular right now and a lot of my friends seemed to like it. It also seems very seasonally appropriate because the winter Olympics are currently going on. I was like, "OOOOO! Looks cute, figure skating, enemies to lovers- what's not to like?"


Everything apparently.

Let me tell you, I only read roughly 80 pages of this book and I have a whole book's worth of things to complain about.

Jasmine is a failed figure skater, ever since she moved from the junior to the senior level of competition, she hasn't been as successful. No one will partner skate with her and the judges don't like her because they think she has an attitude problem (spoiler alert, she does). One day she gets asked to partner skate with her organization's most successful skater- who just also happens to be her arch enemy.

First off, our main character is straight-up awful and I don't think I've ever disliked a figment of someone else's imagination so strongly in my entire life. I'm guessing that the author's intention was to make her firey, snarky, and no-nonsense, but she definitely missed the mark. Jasmine is- satan. And yes, most definitely has an attitude problem.

She's supposed to be 26 but it's very unconvincing to me because she acts like a bratty 13-year-old. She yells at children who look at her funny and cusses like a freaken sailor in front of them. She is self-centered, petty, has a terrible attitude, and is most definitely the world's sorest loser.

I absolutely despise her.

Mini rant about Jasmine & her stupidness:

Jasmine is 26 years old and she still lives with her parents. Which, ok, not judging. But all she ever does is go on about how bad she feels putting her mom in debt and imposing by living with her. She's all, "oh, I would do ANYTHING to pay my mom back, if only I could, I'm such a failure and so bad at skating, if only I could get some money.🥺" And then when her skating organization asks her to be a coach literally FIVE BILLION TIMES, every time she turns her nose up in disgust and is like, "Ew, that is so beneath me, I'm so offended you even asked 😒"

I love a firey female heroine, but Jasmine is a straight-up nasty b97ch and 70% of why I couldn't finish this book.

Aside from Jasmine, everyone else in this book is also horrible. Ivan is just as immature and awful as our Jasmine, and her family also sucks butt. She goes and tells them that Ivan basically fat-shamed her for years and they all laughed. They were all like, "oh good one, why didn't I think to tell you that." I'm sorry, but I think that body-shaming is horrible and incredibly mean and just- no. no.

The flashbacks in this book also make me very uncomfortable. There's a couple where Ivan is 20 and Jasmine is 16 and it's very apparent that there is supposed to be some "underlying sexual tension" between the two during these scenes. I don't mind small age gaps sometimes but- 20 and 16?? That is f76king disgusting. Stop that.

Oh- and I still can't get over the fact that Jasmine's brother-in-law called her, "baby girl." I also think that's weird and nasty.


Please don't throw rotten vegetables at me because I didn't like this, I swear I tried to get into it. Not my cup of tea.
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February 5, 2022
this might quite possibly be my favorite book of all time. i am empty.
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January 10, 2021
some people might say this is slow burn. i would just say it's slow.

i wasn't a fan of the writing at all so i don't think i'll be returning to zapata's work. the figure skating plot was what hooked me, even though i think 200 pages of this could be reduced of the main character's super extended inner monologue. also only one sex scene? a scam
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July 24, 2021
How am I supposed to read anything else after this?

This is a prime example of an enemies-to-lovers well done.
There is mutual tension and animosity, they bicker, there is the occasional insult. Yet we never strain into abusive territory, there is still respect for the other person, they don't hurt each other on purpose - far from it.
Their animosity doesn't come from a violent hatred more from a misjudgement, from not knowing the other very well.

The slow burn is executed perfectly. Ivan and Jasmine slowly get to know each other better, they spend more time together, the acts of affection become more regular, all while they never really stop their banter - never in a malicious way and always with love and respect at it's core.

When they fall in love it's so soft, so tender. It's exactly what love should be like: affectionate, nice and gentle.

"You suck meatball, but I love you."

Mariana Zapata books man, I swear. Make me believe love is actually real.
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February 28, 2022
Yeah, I’m officially done giving Marianna Zapata books a chance. This book featured uncontested fat phobia, general internalized misogyny from the main character, and an overall lack of ice skating, despite supposedly being a book about ice skating. All of this combined led to a very uneventful and exhausting book for me to read.

I wish Marianna Zapata stans all the love in the world, don’t get it twisted. But after reading one of her other books and then this, I can confidently say she is just not for me.
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