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Three Little Lies

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Someone told a lie.
Someone knows the truth.

Someone is watching you.


When Sasha North comes into Ellen's life, Ellen falls under her spell. As Ellen is welcomed into Sasha's family, she doesn't see the darkness that lies beneath their bohemian lifestyle. Not until a brutal attack changes all their lives forever.

Ten years later, Ellen and Sasha share a flat in London, still bound together by that night. When Sasha disappears, Ellen fears the worst. The police won't take her seriously, but the events of the past give Ellen good reason to be frightened.

What really happened that night? Who is telling the whole truth? These are the questions Ellen must confront when searching for her friend. But someone knows Ellen is looking. And they don't want the answers coming out . . .

400 pages, Hardcover

First published June 28, 2018

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About the author

Laura Marshall

6 books835 followers
Laura Marshall is the bestselling author of four psychological thrillers. Her debut novel, Friend Request, was a Kindle No.1 and Sunday Times bestseller, with over half a million copies sold in the UK. Laura's books have sold in twenty-four territories around the globe.

She grew up in Wiltshire, studied English at the University of Sussex and currently lives in Kent with her family.

For more information visit Laura's website www.lauramarshall.co.uk or find her at www.facebook.com/lauramarshallauthor or on Twitter @laurajm8.

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812 reviews1,867 followers
August 18, 2018
A missing roommate and a trail of lies...

My first Laura Marshall book and I can say that I am definitely a fan. Her writing drew me in and I really related to the "best friends" scenario of Ellen and Sasha, Karina and their complicated relationship. I could feel Ellen's desperation when Sasha disappears one night and she just knows " something is wrong ".  Why won't the police do anything? No one is listening to her.

Sasha is one of those characters that I couldn't quite figure out. We get a peek at how she met Ellen years earlier, when she moved in next door. Sasha is described as " movie star " beautiful and alluring, but she calls herself " the cuckoo in the nest ." Everyone seems to be drawn to her by some force of nature.

The timeline alternates between 2007 and 2017 and the as the story builds we learn more about the family dynamics next door. There is a complicated mixture of themes that are relevant today and felt like it could have come out of the news headlines. Although there are some interesting twists, this one is more of an unraveling of a scandal than a edge of your seat thriller (just know that going in).

The end wrapped it all up nicely, highlighting the consequences of both telling lies and living with the truth.

Recommend to fans of messy domestic relationships and slippery motives, along with some court room drama.

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for my ARC.
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309 reviews2,370 followers
July 29, 2018

This one just didn't do it for me. It was a fast read with a large cast of characters trying to solve a mystery and find a missing friend. I'm struggling at this point (3 days later) to even remember the story and that's no bueno.

Marshall is a talented writer and I enjoyed the book to some extent. The problem with this one is it feels superficial, easy to read. There are some twists, but they are shallow and predictable- except I kept predicting a much darker scenario that never materialized.

I would say this book is a mature YA genre, much like The Lying Game or The Favorite Sister. Only not quite as juicy with gossip or drama.

I can absolutely remember the author's first book, Friend Request, that I read about a year ago. It was layered and suspenseful with a devastating ending. I would recommend that novel if you are curious about Laura Marshall.
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2,124 reviews30.2k followers
August 30, 2018
4.5 “not just another book with lies” stars to Three Little Lies! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.5

If you go into Three Little Lies expecting more of a domestic suspense than thriller, you’ll be immediately drawn in to the lurid details surrounding Ellen and Sasha’s friendship.

My Thoughts:

Back in 2005, Ellen is seventeen, and desperately in need of a friend. Sasha is the new kid, and Ellen is charmed by Sasha’s beauty and larger-than-life personality. Ellen is welcomed into Sasha’s family home and their rather unconventional lifestyle, as the two become fast friends, and not long after, something dark happens at a party there that results in a court case where Ellen has to testify.

In 2018, Ellen and Sasha are still best friends and live together in London. Sasha disappears one day, which is really nothing new for her, but this time, Ellen is anxious. Somehow what happened at the party is tied to Sasha’s disappearance, and Ellen may be in danger, too.

Three Littles Lies is more of a domestic psychological suspense story than thriller with a side of legal drama from the court case, and focusing on the push and pull of friendships and other relationships.

At the center of Three Little Lies were many more than three “little” lies, and the jealousy associated with extreme competitiveness abounded. I found the plot believable and completely absorbing. Three Little Lies is my first book by Laura Marshall, and I’ll be reading my copy of Friend Request asap!

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the complimentary ARC. All opinions are my own.

My reviews can also be found on my blog: www.jennifertarheelreader.com
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3,157 reviews1,516 followers
September 2, 2018
Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall is a thriller that as soon as I saw it I knew I had to read after loving Friend Request. The story is one that alternates timelines and points of view between the characters but is still easy to follow along with.

In the present Ellen and Sasha have been sharing an apartment together for quite awhile and have continued their friendship since they were teens. The pair have a system of letting one another know where they will be so when Sasha doesn’t come home Ellen immediately worries. It doesn’t help that the man the two had helped send to prison years ago has been spotted in the area.

Back in 2005 Ellen and Sasha had become friends when Sasha had moved into the neighborhood. Sasha had moved in with her godparents and their two sons and the family had welcomed Ellen into their home with open arms. Things ended up going a bit too far at a party that year leaving Ellen and Sasha to testify in a court case.

The story is mostly told from Ellen’s point of view but does have a couple of others, one being the godmother of Sasha back in the past. It was one that was immediately engaging after learning of the missing Sasha and kept a steady pace as the secrets and lies of the past were uncovered. Definitely one I’d recommend checking out for the thriller fans if you get the chance.

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.com/
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2,124 reviews30.2k followers
August 31, 2018
4.5 “not just another book of lies” to Three Little Lies! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️.5

If you go into this one expecting more of a domestic suspense than thriller, you’ll be immediately drawn in to the lurid details surrounding Ellen and Sasha’s friendship.

My Thoughts:

Back in 2005, Ellen is seventeen, and desperately in need of a friend. Sasha is the new kid, and Ellen is charmed by Sasha’s beauty and larger-than-life personality. Ellen is welcomed into Sasha’s family home and their rather unconventional lifestyle, as the two become fast friends, and not long after, something dark happens at a party there that results in a court case where Ellen has to testify.

In 2018, Ellen and Sasha are still best friends and live together in London. Sasha disappears one day, which is really nothing new for her, but this time, Ellen is anxious. Somehow what happened at the party is tied to Sasha’s disappearance, and Ellen may be in danger, too.

Three Littles Lies is more of a domestic psychological suspense story than thriller with a side of legal drama from the court case, and focusing on the push and pull of friendships and other relationships.

At the center of Three Little Lies were many more than three “little” lies, and the jealousy associated with extreme competitiveness abounded. I found the plot believable and completely absorbing. Three Little Lies is my first book by Laura Marshall, and I’ll be reading my copy of Friend Request asap!

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for the complimentary ARC. All opinions are my own.

My reviews can also be found on my blog: www.jennifertarheelreader.com

(Sorry if this is a duplicate, but my review is not showing up).
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638 reviews640 followers
August 16, 2018
Cover love cover love cover love!!! Slam dunk on the cover! :)

I was pretty ectastic to get my hands on Laura Marshall's next book. I haven't had the chance to read her debut Friend Request but I've heard amazing things about this author's talent. So.. of course I jumped on this one.

Ellen and Sasha have been friends since they were teenagers. They are currently living together in a flat... but one night Sasha doesn't come home. Ellen is terrified by her missing friend and contacts the police. Of course, the police aren't doing anything and categorize Sasha as low-risk and assume she took off on her own.

Ellen starts an investigation of her own... diving deep into their past from 12 years ago. Ellen goes head first into remembering the past of living next to the Monktons and her neighbor Karina at the time.

Ellen is living in denial of what her best friend Sasha may truly be hiding all these years... and the web is a deeper black then Ellen could have EVER imagined.

Marshall does an excellent job of keeping you on that tennis match between all of the characters... no one is innocent in this one.

Characterization was strong for the most part but wasn't a fan of Sasha at all. I thought she was a spoiled over the top shady chick.

What I was missing? I want to be blindsided in my novels.. and to me this was a pretty predictable ending. There was some minor twists/turns that I didn't see coming but my jaw needs to be on the floor ladies and gents with my thrillers and this failed to deliver on that part.

I expect to have multiple layers and wanted more of a darker ending that didn't deliver.

I am curious to check out her debut novel to see if I would enjoy that more. I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this one... so come back to chat with me after you'd read it! :)

Thank you so much to Grand Central Publishing for the opportunity to read this in exchange for my honest thoughts.

Overall, 3.25 stars for me on this one.

Publication date: 9/4/18
Published to GR: 8/16/18
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710 reviews239 followers
April 5, 2019
Having really enjoyed Laura Marshall’s other book, Friend Request I was really looking forward to this book!!

We start this amazing story with Olivia who is attending her son Daniel’s trial - for rape!! Olivia finds it hard to believe that her gentle musically talented son could be accused of such a heinous act.

The story then goes back 10 years. A new family is moving in and Ellen is drawn to teenager Sasha and her glamorous family, who she prefers to spend time with ,rather than her own family. Something bad happens at a party which is linked to Sasha’s disappearance and may put Ellie’s life at risk!!

I was so engrossed in this amazing thriller, full of twists and red herrings strewn along the way.

Definitely a must read. 10 out of 10.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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3,430 reviews991 followers
May 5, 2018
I was one of the fans of “Friend Request” from Laura Marshall so I was really intrigued to see how she would follow that up. Turns out it’s with “Three Little Lies” a genuinely page turning psychological thriller about a group of friends and their divisive, close friendship that is doomed by one horrible night and three little lies…but who exactly is lying?

I loved it. We follow Ellen for a lot of this book as she desperately searches for her missing friend Sasha – there are reasons from the past that make her worry for Sasha’s future but as she digs deeper into the disappearance she realises that you can’t ever truly know a person..

This story covers a lot of very socially relevant subjects, most of them emotionally resonant and hugely thought provoking. What would have been a fairly generic (if excellent) read is elevated by the authors willingness to explore all the facets of those subjects and not just follow the path of least resistance to an expected result. The characters are all full of depth and feeling – Ellen’s worry, her horror, her exasperation at others unwillingness to take her seriously all pop off the page and into your head. The other viewpoints add into the mix a vortex of the attitudes and influences that we all are prone to and overall it’s a cleverly plotted and unpredictable read where you honestly can’t be sure how it is going to end up.

To my mind Three Little Lies is the superior novel – Laura Marshall has upped the ante quite considerably, making this an authentic and realistic exploration of the themes at it’s heart, making the reader really consider possibilities and allow for shades of grey (I’m trying hard not to give anything away here!) whilst also writing an entertaining and addictive story.

Loved it. Big fan of this one. Highly Recommended.
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878 reviews1,274 followers
September 4, 2018
My first Laura Marshall novel but definitely not my last! Lucky for me I have her debut already downloaded on my Kindle. Unlucky for me is that I've had it since March and still haven't managed to squeeze it in. The woes of a book lover if ever there was one!

This is a fine piece of domestic suspense. I've mentioned before my love for dysfunctional relationships in my books and this one does not disappoint.

Ellen and Karina have been best friends since childhood. At 17 while wasting away their summer they notice a new family moving in across the street, The Monktons. Here they meet the alluring yet mercurial Sasha. She is unlike anyone they have ever met before and they quickly fall under her spell. Olivia and Tony, the musical parents, want to be friends with their children and not disciplinarians. Often drunk they allow the teenagers to do what they like, drink what they like, behave how they like until a horrible accusation is cast on their son, Daniel.

I don't want to give up any more information on the plot. While this may not have been a wildly original premise it is a book that I hung on every word to. I needed to know the who the how the why. After turning the final page I felt satisfied with how it all concluded.

"It's so easy to lie to yourself, because you're never going to get called out on it. No one's ever going to say: hang on, that's not right. There might be a small voice in the corner of your mind that speaks in the dark of the night, when all the other noise has died down, but it's easy to ignore, especially when the sun comes up and the world starts again."

So freaking true!

Thank you so much to Brittany @ Grand Central Publishing who was kind enough to send me a NetGalley widget in exchange for my honest review.
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1,938 reviews787 followers
October 14, 2018
I read FREIND REQUEST by Laura Marshall last year and it was a smashing thriller. Would Marshall be able to repeat this achievement? Is THREE LITTLE LIES just as good? To be frank, not quite. It's still a good book. However, storywise didn't it capture my interest in the same way and the ending felt a bit too expected.

Still, the writing is good, there is a flow to the story that I love and the story never bores me. The change between different characters was a great move especially since I found Ellen to be a bit too naive for my taste. The story is set both in 2005 (and forward) and 2017 (the blurb says 2018, but the book says 2017). However, Ellen never felt like a grown-up to me in 2017. Like she never truly grew up. Also, that she was so blind when it came to Sasha made me a bit annoyed. They even lived together and still, she seemed so clueless.

What I found most interesting with the story was just the mystery of what really happened in 2006. I wanted to know the truth. And, even though I never truly felt connected to Ellen and the rest of the characters so did I feel that my curiosity kept me going. I just wished the ending had been a bit more of a surprise. It felt a bit flat, to be honest. Too predictable.

THREE LITTLE LIES is a book that just didn't rock my socks. It fails to be truly thrilling, however, the writing is good. It's the story that just fails to grab me, which is a bummer because I really liked FRIEND REQUEST. I hope the next Laura Marshall book will appeal more to me.

I want to thank Grant Central Publishing for providing me with a free copy for an honest review!
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2,019 reviews15.7k followers
December 30, 2018
A dark domestic drama chalked full of secrets and lies!

Secrets lead to lies, lies lead to secrets, a vicious circle that never ends! This book was all about the distruction of a family, the unraveling of a friendship, and the secrets and lies that cause the devastation.... believe me there are more than just three lies!

Ellen and Sasha have been friends since they were teens... bonded together by time and tragedy they are as close as sisters... so when Sasha those missing Ellen is very worried and convinced it has something to do with the tragedy in their past..... but Sasha has not always been completely truthful with Ellen... and as the secrets begin to be revealed Ellen wonders if she really knew her best friend at all?

This book was like an onion, with many many layers that were peeled away slowly throughout the book.... I really liked Ellen and sympathize with her, I was right there with her navigating her way through Sasha’s deceit... The story is told from multiple points of view and two different timeframes... The bulk of the story was told from Ellen‘s perspective, however we also got the perspective of Sasha‘s godmother that I felt was tremendously impactful... Sasha lived with her godparents as a teenager and Ellen formed a tight bond with her godmother, I think there was some jealousy involved with this... additionally One of the godmother’s children was directly involved with the tragedy, I thought it was interesting to get a mother‘s perspective....

This wasn’t necessarily a story filled with twists and turns, it was more of a puzzle that you pieced together throughout the book.... a story about the complexities of family and friendship and how much our actions have on others... a well told story that completely captivated me from first page to last!

An extremely well told domestic drama with a satisfying ending, absolutely recommend!

*** many thanks to Grand Central for my copy of this book ***
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415 reviews65 followers
April 3, 2021
Who is telling the truth? Where is Sasha? This book proves that appearances can be deceiving. What is true friendship? Be careful who you trust. Trusting the wrong person can be fatal! If you enjoyed Friend Request, you will also love Three Little Lies. The story is told from different perspectives and flashbacks. What is real? This story is very timely. Should you always believe the victim when you can’t even tell who the real victim is?
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337 reviews137 followers
April 28, 2019
4.5 rounded down!
I have thoughts...🤔.... review to come soon :)!
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2,203 reviews919 followers
May 21, 2020
First there was Ellen Mackinnon and her best friend Karina Barton. Then the Monkton family moved into the big house on the corner and seemed to live the glamorous life they dreamed about. Olivia and Tony Monkton, their two sons, Daniel and Nicholas and their ward Sasha North became their obsession. They changed the dynamics between Ellen and Karina as they yearned for acceptance until one night a tragic event uprooted everything. Spring forward ten years and Sasha suddenly turns up missing with Ellen doggedly trying to find out where she’s gone and if it was voluntary. As she looks for answers, she finds herself wading through lies, deceptions and evasions.

The story shifts between past and present and is told through Ellen and Olivia’s narratives. As I got deeper into the story, it became clear that I might emerge not liking or caring about the outcome as everyone’s behavior ten years earlier left quite a lot to be desired. Though Ellen had the steadier voice, her neediness often had her making questionable choices. It was obvious from the onset that no one seemed to be capable of being truthful and straightforward, making it difficult to even figure out exactly what happened ten years prior.

I liked the story and normally am a fan of shifting timelines but it wasn’t working for me here. There were too many characters, relationships and secrets that became convoluted. It took me quite some time to finish because I had to work too hard to determine even one of the truths. It wasn’t a bombshell ending but I really liked how things were resolved and the discovery of the three lies that weren’t that little. I’m glad I read it but it was a more difficult read than I’d anticipated. 3.5 stars

Posted on Blue Mood Café

(Thanks to NetGalley for my complimentary copy. All opinions are my own.)
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470 reviews83 followers
March 8, 2021
Three Little Lies by Laura Marshall is a fast pacy thriller told back and forth over different years in the story, and between different points of view.
For me it's a 3⭐ because it was a little predictable but Putting that a side it was still a fun thriller with some good twist and turns.
I'm definitely looking out for more from this author.
If you're looking for an easy thriller I recommend this 📖
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1,545 reviews49 followers
April 20, 2018
If you are looking for a book that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat in eager anticipation as to what will happen next then read this book.

If you are looking for a story that will have you guessing throughout as to who is guilty and who is innocent, and not knowing who to trust, then look no further, read this book.

This really was an excellent gripping read from start to finish. It was a bit like a rollercoaster in the way that the story flicks from present to past and back again and goes from one characters telling of the story to another character then telling their side if it, all of which makes for highly addictive reading. Literally couldn't turn the pages fast enough.

There was times throughout the story where I really didn't know who to trust or who to believe.  Absolutely outstanding storyplot and as for the ending, didn't see it coming at all. What a shocker.
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Author 7 books1,375 followers
July 12, 2019
Sem duvida um 5 estrelas porque nos agarra e envolve de forma muito intensa. Comecei a ler a pensar: “bem, vamos lá a mais um livro de mentiras e ver se a amiga Laura não estragou isto”. Porque já me aconteceu ler um primeiro livro de um autor fantástico e o segundo deixa muito a desejar (como por ex a autora do Um de Nós Mente e o segundo que lemos em fevereiro não agarrou tanto).

E o Pedido de Amizade, o primeiro da Laura Marshall, li num único dia. As expectativas para este estavam beeem lá em cima. E sabem o que vos digo? BAM! A Laura conseguiu! Este livro é muito mais que um thriller ao género de amigas que mentem e guardam um segredo blá, blá, blá! É até muito mais um drama psicológico que envolve a Ellen, a Sasha e a Karina e nos leva para os meandros das obsessões juvenis, as invejas, o deslumbramento, a competição, o desejo de nos sentirmos especiais. E gostei das camadas que se vão desenrolando por baixa da trama central - o Daniel está preso, elas mentiram em tribunal e, agora que ele saiu, a Sasha desapareceu? - porque vamos conhecendo todas estas personagens, as famílias, as suas histórias de vida.

E, claro, está escrito de uma forma que, ao longo do livro, vamos gostando e odiando toda a gente, vamos desconfiar de uma série de cenários possíveis para o que realmente aconteceu e, no fim, ser absolutamente surpreendidos. E é isso que eu gosto num thriller - mais do que desvendar o mistério é ter histórias complexas, personagens que podíamos ser nós, por quem sentimos empatia e haver mais narrativas a acontecer debaixo da principal. Aqui vamos saltando entre o presente e o passado, quando eram todos adolescentes, e consegui sentir que era tudo real e eu uma mera espectadora porque somos completamente absorvidos por esta história. E o final... não me desiludiu por completo. Apetecia-me dar mais cinco 👋🏻 à Ellen. YOU NAILED IT, GIRL! Levem-no de férias porque vão gostar! 💙
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476 reviews1,467 followers
July 16, 2020
A pesar de que la historia transcurre lentamente porque la autora va dando muy pocas pistas sobre lo que sucedió hace casi once años, la historia no se me ha hecho pesada en ningún momento, los hechos van sucediendo de una forma que no te esperas.

Daniel fue acusado de violar a Karina hace diez años y condenado a cinco años de cárcel y cinco de condicional. Ahora la condicional ha terminado y da la casualidad de que Sasha ha desaparecido.

Ellen está muy preocupada por Sasha ya que ha desaparecido y no da señales de vida, empieza a investigar y eso le hace dudar de cuanto realmente conoce a su amiga, pero alguien la vigila en la sombra.

El final me ha sorprendido mucho, me ha gustado y no me lo esperaba.
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132 reviews
December 15, 2020
Me ha gustado más que el anterior libro de la autora. Una historia intrincada, que me ha tenido muy despistada hasta encontrar al culpable. Muy fácil de leer y adictiva.
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105 reviews41 followers
July 28, 2020
Le iba a dar 4 estrellas pero el final se me ha quedado en mehhh , pero ha estado bien
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623 reviews2 followers
July 1, 2018
As most readers know,when you start reading the second book by a author who's debut book totally blew you away,there is always that fear at the back of your mind that their second book won't be as good.Well I thought Three Little Lies was just as jaw droppingly brilliant and gripping as Friend Request.

JULY 2005 : If Ellen and her best friend Karina had known the extent of the trauma and devastation the new family moving into the house opposite Karina`s would bring into their young lives,they would have stayed well away.But they soon finds themselves drawn into the glamorous,excessive lifestyle of the seemingly perfect Monkton`s and their beautiful god daughter Sasha.

But then the lives of Ellen,Karina,Sasha and the people around them are torn apart by a shocking event that occurs at a New Years Eve party being held at the Monkton`s house

Sept 2017 : Ellen and Sasha have been sharing a flat together in London,still struggling to move on from events from the past.Then suddenly one day Sasha mysteriously disappears.Frantic with worry Ellen begins a desperate search for her best friend,but she soon begins to discover that maybe she didn't know Sasha as well as she thought she did.Not everything was as it appeared all those years ago.The more secrets and lies Ellen uncovers,the more at risk her life becomes.

Because someone is watching....
Someone who will go to any lengths to keep the secrets from the past hidden forever.

The chapters of this enthralling tale of secrets,lies,friendships,manipulation,betrayal,obsession and abuse flip back and forth between the past and the present and are narrated by Ellen,Karina and Olivia Monkton.I can't say I liked Ellen very much,I suppose in the chapters set in the past her behaviour was excusable because she was young and naive.But in the present day chapters her constant refusal to accept that maybe Sasha wasn't the perfect person that Ellen thought she was became irritating at times.I felt so much sympathy for poor Karina and struggled to understand why she and Ellen had been friends especially considering how swiftly Ellen dumped her after Ellen became friends with Sasha.My favourite parts of this gripping book were the mystery and intrigue packed present day chapters which also had a prevailing sense of menace.Where was Sasha? Had she just ran away as everyone including the police insisted or had someone kidnapped her? If someone had hurt her,would they come after Ellen next?

Appearances can be deceptive,people are not always who they appear to be as Ellen soon discovers in this twisty,unputdownable thriller that had me hooked in from the first page,totally entranced by the tightly plotted,gripping story that was unfolding as I frantically turned the pages.The characters were realistic and vivid,the story was packed full of red herrings and misdirections and had a number of totally unexpected twists.Well worth far more than five stars,this book is definitely going to be on my list of my favourite reads of this year.

Many thanks to Little Brown Book Group UK / Sphere for a arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review
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539 reviews619 followers
July 1, 2018
Three little lies can change everything....

This story alternates between events that took place in 2006 and 2017, revolving around a group of teenagers/young adults who are neighbors.

Meet the new neighbors-the Monktons. You have Olivia, the opera singer who is famous in her own right. Her husband Tony who is a struggling musician, their sons Daniel and Nicholas and their god daughter Sasha. They live an unconventional lifestyle filled with glamorous parties and operas. Or is this just how it appears to an outsider? Or perhaps to a teenage girl wanting desperately to be a part of their life?

Meet Ellen and Karina. Two teenage girls completely and utterly obsessed with the new neighbors and their lifestyle. They are especially intrigued by the beautiful Sasha who seems to charm everyone in her presence without a bit of effort.

Everything changes. One of the Monktons are accused of rape and the glamorous image is shattered. The accused is found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Ellen and Sasha are best friends. Nobody knows them better than each other. Are we sure that is really the case? Lies are starting to surface from the past and even more from the present. Sasha suddenly goes missing. Is this revenge for the rape accusations? Is it just a coincidence that the convicted rapist is now free? Who has been lying all these years?

I enjoyed Laura Marshall's previous book Friend Request, so I was looking forward to reading her latest and greatest. I am glad I did, it was a good entertaining read.

The title says it all, but there were certainly more than three LITTLE lies going on here. There was jealously, competitiveness and the grass is also greener on the other side syndrome going on. It kept me guessing until the end. Be forewarned, be careful who you trust!

Thank you to Laura Marshall, Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read and review Three Little Lies.
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504 reviews250 followers
October 5, 2018
3.5 Stars here on this one. The writing, as in her debut novel friend request, was great and I found the book to be compulsively readable, which makes for a fast and enjoyable read! Initially, I really enjoyed the plot and the characterization and I felt like all the characters were fairly decently fleshed-out. The climax of the novel was a bit predictable and to be quite honest a little bit of a letdown. When I think back about the novel as a whole and what it entailed, not a whole lot happened, which is a head-scratcher. I think that this is going to be one of those books that people will either find to be moderately enjoyable or a little disappointing. If I had to compare the two, I would say friend request was the better of her two novels. I would still recommend this book but I feel that whoever picks this up should go in with no real expectations, which I know is easier said than done, especially based off of the success of her previous novel. I will definitely keep my eye on this author and continue reading subsequent releases!!
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2,507 reviews199 followers
June 11, 2018
A mystery running back and forth in different time lines, though confusing, is still a mystery and still leaves a reader eager to get to the end.
Such is the magic of this book by Laura Marshall. I didn't like the characters of the book, I didn't understand their fascination with their neighbours, I didn't understand the continued trust that the main character had with them, even a decade later. But that is what kept me reading, I didn't understand the reason and I had to keep going back to the book to find out.
I couldn't point out one single thing that I liked, but the book pulled me till I reached the end. It had some strange powers. I guessed the ending but I still ran to it and stuck with it.
What more can we ask from a thriller?
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December 4, 2018
Ellen and Sasha have been friends since their teenage years and now share a flat in London. One night Sasha goes missing and Ellen thinks that her disappearance might be connected to a rape case they testified at when they were teenagers. While searching for her best friend ,Ellen soon realizes that Sasha might be keeping secrets that put her and now Ellen’s life in danger

Three Little Lies is my second book by Laura Marshall which I thoroughly enjoyed but maybe not as much as Friend Request. This was more of a domestic thriller than a suspense novel told from multiple point of views but easy to follow . Even though a slightly predictable ending ,it was an entertaining read and will look forward to reading more by Laura Marshall

I would like to thank Grand Central Publishing & NetGalley for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest and fair review.

This and more reviews at https://chloesbooksblog.wordpress.com/
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March 25, 2019
I haven't read any mystery/thriller/suspense novels in quite some time and this book was the perfect way to reintroduce me to the genre. I can be quite picky when it comes to this genre specifically, as I often feel that the story becomes too easy to predict. Maybe it's because I have read many within this genre but either way, I'm always happily surprised when the story is able to catch me off guard and I'm not able to predict the direction the story is going. That was the case with this novel.

From the beginning (or close to it), I had a predicted suspect in my head which I think was intentional. Due to this predicted suspect, another character was not even on my radar. I won't go into more than that because I don't want to give anything away. As always is the case, going into this novel without any prior knowledge is the best way to get the most out of this story.

I will say that the writing was also truly captivating. The way the author wrote this story hooked you in and gripped you in a way that catches your attention fully. I didn't want to put this book down and I found at every chapter break, I was left at a part where I was anticipating more and "needed" to keep reading. Even more than that, is the fact that I had a tendency to cover the second half of each page with my book mark as I was reading. This is rare for me but I found my eyes wanting to leap forward and read faster than I was able to.

As someone who's pretty particular when it comes to this genre, I would recommend this as a suspenseful and mysterious read. There are many questions that the reader is left with while reading, not just one question which only enhanced the mystery. When it comes to the ending, I think it was a little lacklustre and needed a bit more but at the same time, it was not predicted.

I'm interested to read what's coming down the line from Laura Marshall next because I have enjoyed both "Friend Request" and this second novel. I honestly think Laura Marshall will be a happy addition to the mystery/thriller genre with more talented works coming in the future. For those that like novels akin to Shari Lapena and Paula Hawkins, definitely check this one out!

***Thank you to Hachette Book Group and Grand Central Publishing for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
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July 11, 2019

Três amigas envolvidas numa história que aconteceu há 10 anos numa noite de passagem de ano.

10 anos depois a Sasha desaparece sem deixar qualquer rasto e começa a perceber-se o que aconteceu verdadeiramente há 10 anos.

O livro é cheio de dicas para nos baralhar. Fiquei em constante rotação durante a leitura. Dei por mim a tirar várias notas sobre ideias que iam surgindo.

O bom de um bom thriller é quando não conseguimos largar o livro e eu confesso que tive muita dificuldade em largar este livro.

Pode não ser o melhor thriller mas para mim são 5 estrelas por ser uma história que se lê muito rapidamente na ânsia de descobrir o que aconteceu verdadeiramente.

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January 6, 2019
I thought this book was very good. I really liked the story and between past and present it all fit together perfectly. I didn’t particularly like any of the characters though as they were all really annoying and I couldn’t feel sympathy for a single one. There were a lot of twists and turns to the story which I liked and there was always something going on. I didn’t figure out what was going on but was surprised when I read about what really happened on New Year’s Eve in the story. It was a great read and I’m looking forward to the next Laura Marshall book already.
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September 1, 2018
3.5 stars

Thank you again Hachette Book Group Canada and Grand Central Publishing for this physical ARC.

I’ve been reading a lot of books with the title “Lie” in them and I’ve been enjoying them a lot so it’s not entirely a bad thing. I love a good book with secrets and lies, and this book has that.

Three Little Lies is a slow burning drama mystery about a tragedy that happened almost over a decade ago. But now, 13 years later, Ellen’s friend goes missing and she is wondering if her disappearance has anything to do with what happened all those years ago. Alternating between past and present, slowly lies and secrets begin to uncover the truth about what actually happened 13 years ago.

Aside from it’s intriguing storyline, I found the novel to be a little too long. I did feel that it could’ve been wrapped up 40 pages earlier but I was still very intrigued and was flipping through pages very quickly to figure out the ending.

The plot was one other thing that I liked about this book because it wasn’t too complicated but at the same time it was. It was very interesting to see in the end how all the lies come together and click into place revealing one crazy ending.

The ending, I have to say, was very good. It was unexpected, but once it’s all out in the open, you feel kind of dumb as to how you didn’t figure out earlier. The lies are the best part in this book because it just makes the whole book a lot more interesting. It just proves that lies are very dangerous, but it’s so exciting to read books like these because I just love to uncover those lies strip by strip.

Overall a great book if you like drama mysteries and lies.

Many thanks to Hachette Book Group Canada and Grand Central Publishing for this physical ARC.
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June 26, 2020
Reseña completa: AQUÍ

'Tres pequeñas mentiras' es un thriller adictivo que nos habla de las consecuencias de decir una mentira, o varias. De cómo puede repercutir en nuestra vida aunque pasen 10 años, y del daño que puede causar en el momento en el que se cuenta, y muchísimo tiempo después. Es un libro que nos habla de sentimientos, de las ganas de ser aceptados, de encajar, de la fascinación por aquello que es diferente y novedoso en nuestro propio mundo. Un libro que nos habla de miedo, de desesperanza, de lo que es capaz de hacer una persona por dejar de sufrir. De como juzgamos antes de conocer la verdad, y de lo difícil que es a veces conocerla. Un libro en parte duro por lo que se nos cuenta, en el que lo que sienten los personajes está siempre muy presente. Y que os recomiendo si os gustan los libros de misterio que te atrapan desde la primera página, que te hacen dudar de todo, y que no te sueltan hasta la última palabra. Os encantará.
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