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A Girl Like Lilac

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The first time Toby Hunter got arrested for defending Lilac Clarke’s honour, he was only fifteen years old, but he’d loved her from behind his black-rimmed glasses for as long as he could remember.

With a desperate need to protect her from a distance, one arrest turned to two, two soon turning into three, and before Toby knew what was happening, the sleepy village of Southwold was turning against him for daring to stand up for a girl like Lilac.

Beautiful Lilac with her flowers in her hair, her camera in her hands, and her sweet, pink, sugary-lipped kisses.

They could hate him for loving her all they wanted. Toby was a boy who did what was right, not what was easy, and he was always going to grow to be the man willing to give her what she deserved.

Even if that meant losing Lilac forever.

363 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 3, 2018

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About the author

Victoria L. James

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WITHOUT FOREVER... Releasing June 18th. Are you ready to say goodbye to Drew and Ayda?

Victoria L. James is a teenage girl stuck inside a thirty-something-year-old’s body. A Corona and nacho appreciator with a ridiculous obsession for all things Rocky Balboa, she currently lives in Yorkshire, England, with her husband and two baby boys. Having had a strong passion for words and stories going as far back as she can remember, she credits her love of literature to her Grandma Bess who taught her that you don’t need a lot of money to travel to different worlds, experience new places, and live a thousand lives.

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February 25, 2021
5 “You’re my anomaly" Stars!

... All the feelings in the universe!

This is a story that every mortal who believes in the power of love should read. Sounds cheesy, right? But I don't care! I was deeply in love with this one and that is the most important thing.

Note: This is a coming-of-age romance.

Toby and Lilac both embarked on a lifelong journey with full of love and passion. They're these characters that were easy to connect to. I loved Lilac from the very first sentence that she'd said, and I adored Toby the first time he laid eyes on Lilac.

Their journey to happy ever after wasn't easy. They faced obstacles that tested their strength and loyalty. They made bad decisions and learned from it. They'd done something wrong to make something right. They sacrificed years to be finally together. And most of all, they were flawed yet beautiful.

Tobi is a true hero. Lilac is an ideal heroine. Every character in the story is unique and wonderfully crafted. And the writing! It is exquisite.

So overall, I absolutely loved the book! To be honest, the story held my heart captive since I read the blurb. So, if you liked it, read it. I can't recommend it enough!

Thank you so much Dora for your lovely and convincing review! I loved how you represented Toby and Lilac's life-story.

If I could highlight the entire book, I would. Here are my favourite lines:

“A young girl once told me to hunt for magic. I guess I found it in her. Now I'd do anything to protect it.”

"Kissing Lilac was the most natural thing on the planet."

"If you think for one fucking minute I would let you suffer, you have no idea how much I love you."

"You’re the best thing to ever happen to me. Sing like I’m listening … every single day."

"All he ever did wrong was love me so right,"

"Please spend them wisely, my friends. Spread yourselves far, travel, love, and touch as many souls as you can before you return to the Earth as dust and live in the leaves of the mighty oak and his friends in the forest."

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317 reviews3,130 followers
September 13, 2018
A Haunted, Heroic, Heartthrob!!!

Wow, folks! My first read by this author and I am pure blown away.

Talk about riveting! Talk about unexpected! Talk about confessions that will have you tearing up!

Seventeen years old, and I was dating a boy I liked a lot, wishing for a boy I loved more.

Let me introduce you to two beautiful souls whose love for each other is fathomless, yet circumstances get in the way time and time again keeping them apart ...

Lilac ... the girl other girls love to hate, but who all the boys want to date.

Toby ... the boy who feels unworthy of Lilac, but is her ultimate protector, no matter what the cost.

... " I could destroy any guy who tries to get near you."

 "Don't even joke about it, Toby” ...

 ... “Why not?"

 "Because. I'm not worth that kind of trouble."

 "You're worth a war, Lilac."

Mercy sakes!! Toby's devotion to Lilac about gutted me. What he goes though for her is astonishing and selfless.

A lot of ‘wrongs’ happened in the small town Lilac and Toby grew up in. Wrongs of the past and present needing to be atoned for, needing to be ‘righted.’ Through no fault of their own, Lilac and Toby are caught in the middle of all the wrongs and are instantly forced to make a decision which will change their lives forever ...

Should I do what’s right?


 Should I do what’s easy?

I urge you to find out for yourselves what decision was made and the impact it had from that moment forward.

Want to feel? Want to gasp? Want to swoon?

This is a heart pounding, page turner of a romance. It is a love story of sacrifice and hope; trust and resolute determination.

Trigger warning -

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2,203 reviews40.8k followers
December 7, 2020
4.25 shining stars!
Another winner book broke my heart, conquered my soul and let it happen when I cry out incessantly.
Toby is one of my all time favorite heroes! I think it’s more than hero. He is guardian angel of Lilac, he loves her, cares about her and he’s willing to sacrifice everything in his life to protect her. Because she is his magic. And you find the magic in the world, no matter what it takes, you should protect it.
I loved their story, their unconditional love and everything about their love.
This is my first tango with this writer but I’m sure it’s not gonna be the last!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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693 reviews215 followers
October 5, 2018
★ 6+++++ stars!!! ★

I don’t know how to explain... how to put into words how much I loved this wonderful book.
How much these lovely and unforgettable characters warmed my heart from start to finish.
What an emotional, incredible and well written story! A must read for sure! This book has become one of my favorites of the year and Toby’s the best book boyfriend ever! ALL THE FEELS!!!

“I wanted to look at the world through her eyes and see the magic that she once told me to go out and hunt down, but I knew in my heart that I could never do things or see things the same way as her. We were two different people with two different lives, occasionally drifting off course into each other’s paths until the world dragged us both back in line and made us smile at each other from afar.”

Lilac Clarke me encantou completamente desde o prólogo com a sua personalidade. Foi cativante ver o seu otimismo e a maneira como ela enxergava o mundo e as pessoas. Personagem única, iluminada e adorável e que no decorrer da história se mostrou leal, forte e lutou por aquilo que acreditava e sentia, ganhando ainda mais o meu respeito e admiração! Amei demais essa mocinha!

“I like it. Makes you look… mature. And no glasses?” she asked me, pointing out the obvious that I wasn’t wearing them that day.
“I don’t need them all the time.”
“Then why do you always wear them?”
I looked down at the floor and cleared my throat before I looked back up at her. “They give me something to hide behind.”

Toby Hunter o garoto tímido da casa ao lado... Que se revelou um grande protetor, leal e destemido quando o assunto era a Lilac. Sou só suspiros... só tenho elogios e mais elogios pra ele. O MELHOR book boyfriend! Meu coração ficou apertadinho pelas situações que ele enfrentou. Pelo o peso e até mesmo a responsabilidade que carregava nos ombros por aqueles que precisavam dele. Conforme eu avançava na história, meu respeito, minha adoração e amor só se fez maior. Meu Deus, como eu amei profundamente esse personagem!

“We were beautiful and tragic all at once, and I couldn’t get enough.”

O desenvolvimento da relação entre Lilac e Toby durante os anos foi convincente, verdadeiro e real. Eu amei acompanhar cada passo, cada sentimento e descoberta. Aqueceu meu coração o amor puro e verdadeiro que havia entre os dois. Quis em diversos momentos guardá-los em um potinho para protegê-los do mal que os rodeava. Torci, suspirei e me emocionei com a jornada desse casal, meu coração se quebrou por tudo o que enfrentaram, todas as dores que passaram... Como também transbordou de felicidade e amor ao vê-los juntos.

“Don’t make me out to be a hero. I was just a kid in the right place at the right time.”
“All superheroes start out as ordinary people. They just feel better saving others than they do saving themselves.”

Me apaixonei pela escrita da autora, primeiro livro que leio dela e com certeza não será o último. A forma brilhante como ela desenvolveu e narrou essa história foi incrível. A delicadeza e sensibilidade com a construção dos personagens me fascinou. Não queria que esse livro chegasse ao fim, não queria me despedir de Toby & Lilac...

“I gave him an escape and a way out of his misery. I gave him my love, my body, my heart. I gave him happiness. He told me so. He kissed it to me as I broke through his pain.”

Há tempos não me senti tão profundamente ligada a um livro por completo. Principalmente porque não sou muito fã dessa transição entre infância-adolescência-fase adulta, do primeiro amor e tudo o que envolve essa fase da vida... Minhas leituras passadas com esse tipo de enredo não foram tão agradáveis e prazerosas.
E justamente por esse motivo, tenho que admitir que depois de ler esse livro, minha opinião ficou um pouco abalada e creio que não ficarei tão receosa no futuro ao escolher uma leitura nessa linha.

“Because in his arms I was strong even when I was weak. I was safe even when I was vulnerable. In his arms, I was home, and the world was impossibly bright, even as the sun began to set behind us.”

Por isso eu só tenho que agradecer imensamente a autora por me proporcionar uma experiência pra lá de maravilhosa, pois essa história tocou meu coração de uma maneira que não sei explicar ou colocar em palavras... Amei TUDO, TUDO, TUDO!!! ❤❤


“A young girl once told me to hunt for magic. I guess I found it in her. Now I'd do anything to protect it.”

“You shouldn’t be so good with words at your age.”
“I’m not good with words, Lilac. I’m just good with you.”
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2,162 reviews7,590 followers
July 9, 2018
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MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog:

A GIRL LIKE LILAC: Is a full length New Adult Romance by new to me Author Victoria L. James. In this we meet Lilac Clarke & Toby Hunter.

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F1WTKGJ
USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F1WTKGJ

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I don't even know where to start with this review. Straight away I was astounded by the feels that started hitting me even as soon as I read the ‘Prologue’ when we’re first introduced to a seven year old free spirited Lilac as she masters her first attempt at capturing still life photos in her back yard and that was the day she fell in love with what she held within her hands.

That’s the same day that Toby, the shy boy with the too big black glasses first started watching Lilac outside of his window, his family were the new comers to the neighbourhood. Their houses sat side by side.

They never really spent a lot of time with each other but they were always aware of the other. They were as different as chalk and cheese.

It’s not until they reach their teens and are attending the same party held by a cops son was where Toby stepped up and protected Lilac’s honour is the starting point of where things started to spiral down a dark unrelenting tunnel of teenage angst. From this point onwards everything changes.

Gone was that gentle, shy, the brave soft boy and in it's place was a boy protecting his princess. A boy with a target on his back.

Lilac's and Hunter's journey was sad, heartbreaking, romantic, sweet and steamy. My heart broke into smithereens for the things these two had to endure, but in the end true love prevailed.

BEST BOOK OF JULY!! God I freaking loved this, this was a fast burn, it scolded me as soon as I started reading it, I fell in love with this book as soon as I opened up that first page and that feeling was with me the whole time, seconds, minutes, hours ceased to exist, I didn't want to leave this magical love story that this author had created, I can not believe that I've not read anything by this author before..Why did someone not kick my rock or something!!
The feels came at me like thunder, crashing into my heart from out of nowhere, this book was truly un-put-downable.
There's nothing I didn't love about it, the pace, the cover, even how this author has formatted the ebook is gorgeous, her words especially were magical, she had me eating out of the palm of her hand, I loved these two characters, no words can really convey how much I actually loved this...

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1,810 reviews392 followers
January 21, 2020
5 💜💜💜💜💜 👓 🌷 📷 full of love 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟s❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

I have no words to express my feelings and thoughts with this awe inspiring story!
This story, swelling with love, captured my heart and my soul.
Primary and secondary characters had exquisite roles, yet Toby’s brought me to my knees.

V. James’ writing was outstanding, with so much depth, emotional and heartbreaking.
There was magic, as well as war.
There was death, as well as rebirth.
There was loss, as well as redeem.
There were sacrifices, as well salvage.
But above all there was love.
Pure, innocent and true.
And love endures everything!

Lilac and Toby’s journey was soul stirring with a beautiful HEA❣️
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797 reviews117 followers
July 1, 2018
My heart hurts. Damn, what an emotional journey. Victoria L. James delivered a story that put me through the ringer, but in a good way.

A Girl Like Lilac begins with Lilac and Toby who live next to each other. She’s the girl with the magical smile along with a love for life that Toby is drawn to. Toby doesn’t have it easy, but the moments he shares with Lilac fill his life with color and sunshine.

What starts off as friendship soon turns to young love—the all consuming kind where your feels as though it will burst and your love becomes the life you breathe.

I couldn’t put it down. I cried, I felt their pain and heartache.

The writing is pure brilliance, and you will FEEL every emotion. It’s worth every tear, every ounce of pain twisting in your stomach as you travel along with Toby and Lilac as they navigate their way through life.

Victoria L. James is an incredible storyteller. Her writing is top notch—beautiful and poetic. A must-read author for me and A Girl Like Lilac captured my heart and it’s a story that I won’t forget.

LOVED IT!! What a beautiful, emotional story!! Review to come later today after I've gathered my thoughts!! Victoria L. James, my heart 💔💔💔!!!
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1,292 reviews341 followers
July 17, 2018
Thank you to Michelle Chen for recommending this book and for agreeing to buddy read it with me!


4,5 “protector” stars

I had never read any book by Victoria L James before. But when Michelle recommended this one to me I was intrigued. One peek at the blurb and one look at the gorgeous cover and I was frantically ordering the paperback!

What can I say pretty covers just lure me out every single time.


When I opened the book to buddy read with Michelle, it was on a scene with a young Lilac holding her first camera thanks to her aunt Coral. She must have been around seven and when she worried she could break it her aunt gave her this wonderful advice: “Less worrying, more living.”.

It sets the tone of Lilac’s childhood where:

“Everything my family did and said was pure ice cream flavoured love with hundreds of sprinkles on top to make every occasion even better than it really was.”

I loved reading these lines. There was a quiet poetry reading this with sunny Lilac, wearing bright colors and ginger hair.

No wonder she fascinated shy Toby her neighbor.

For as much as Lilac’s family was vibrant and joyful, you could feel Toby’s family shrouded in shadows and sadness. Lilac was Toby’s light.


When they officially meet at school it went like this:

“Lilac Clarke” she whispered from the corner of her mouth.

“Toby Hunter.”

“Are you?” she whispered.

“Am I what?”

“A hunter?” Lilac’s eyes went wide, and her lips parted as she stared at me in wonder.



“Have you ever tried to be?”

I shook my head.

“Why not?” she scowled.

“What would I hunt?”



Bam! I was sold to the book. Sweetness wrapped up in a cute little red bow.

Why? Well if you needed yet another reason than the poetic writing I would say that this book is about one of my favorite tropes: childhood sweethearts.

Shy little Toby, seven years, hiding behind his glasses is mesmerized by bouncy, pretty and dreamy Lilac.

These first lines and first chapters with Toby being hypnotized by the cute little girl are one of the sweetest lines I’ve ever read. I was all swooning and doe eyes. Young innocent love blossoming under my watch.


Toby will observe Lilac.

Always. From a distance for many years. They will talk from time to time and the connection between these two was already undeniable.

He will vow to protect her. Keep her light intact. She is too brilliant to be snuffed out.

He was a teenager the first time he had to come into action. Saving her from something that could have turned nasty. Being arrested for . And going to the police station willingly. He would do it again, in a heartbeat. Because it’s Lilac.

Countless times Toby will defend Lilac, lay his life and body for Lilac’s safety.

This is the third reason why I loved this book so much: I melt like a puddle of goo for protective heroes. Toby is not an alpha in every day life but for Lilac he becomes a knight in shining armor.

His dedication, his love was admirable and deeply touching.
“Why do you care so much?” “A young girl told me once to hunt for magic. I guess I found it in her. Now I’d do anything to protect it.”

Of course if Toby has to protect Lilac you must have villains she needs protecting from.

Mrs James portrayed “classic” villains: the son of the police chief, full of himself and determined to have Lilac or make her pay. An unexpected friend turned villain and I won’t give any spoiler just that when he made his move I was really mad at him! I was all “traitor”! “Coward!” …

The small town will take sides and be fooled who the good guy is.

But Lilac will never let Toby down. Even when he’ll try to protect her from himself, to set her free because he loves her so much she’ll never waver. And that’s another thing I deeply loved about this book because I can’t stand “high angst” books with people tearing each other, denying what they really want, with back and forth etc. Thank God Mrs James spared me here.


To sum it up I loved:

-the childhood sweetheart trope;

-the poetic and effortlessly flowing writing;

-the drama but not overtly high angst;

-the family stories and secrets this small town hid;

-the love story;

And ….

I can’t resist to conclude this review with a confession.

This is how I pictured Toby all along!

As a young teenager:


And as a young man



And when he protected Lilac

Sorry but even Amy Adams playing Lois Lane in Henry Calvill's arms is a redhead!


I don’t know if Mrs James planned all this but I read clues about my favorite superhero in the whole book!!!!

Let me explain my reasoning…

Toby has blue, blue eyes, dark hair and dark rimmed glasses (like Superman).
His first name Toby made me think of Tobey Maguire (and yes I know he played Spiderman and not Superman but he was a super hero!)
Lilac’s name is Clarke (as in Clark Kent, Superman alias)
Toby’s father is named Wayne (it reminded me of Bruce Wayne from Batman)
Toby was a level headed and cool guy except when someone threatened his precious Lilac. He became all Hulk on the villain. She was his kryptonite.
As stated above Lilac was a ginger like Amy Adams who played Lois Lane.


Now do you get all the “super heroes” references?

No? Oh well that’s me then.


Recommend this book? Oh yes!

Have you read books by Victoria L James?
Thanks for reading!
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February 17, 2021
“I’m the same as I’ve always been, Lilac. I’m yours.”

“In his arms I was strong even when I was weak. I was safe even when I was vulnerable. In his arms, I was home, and the world was impossibly bright.”

“Where you go, I go. Now. Tomorrow. Whenever.”

Toby and Lilac had a love that spanned more than a decade in this book (from age 7 to mid twenties). They made some stupid choices (like most teenagers), brave choices and selfless choices and my heart was fully wrapped up in all the ups / downs and triumphs / tragedies. They both had amazing, sweet souls and as heartbreaking as their journey was at times, the beauty of their love shone through in every situation they faced. The ending was absolutely everything I wanted it to be. They deserved a lifetime of magic and happiness and their story of first love to everlasting love was one that touched my heart in a way few books have.

- “The only people who say it’s impossible to fall in love at seventeen are the people who didn’t experience the absolute magic of falling in love at seventeen.”

- “The worst thing anyone can do is patronise the power and importance of young love. It’s what so many lives are built upon.”

My Thoughts: The following are my thoughts about this book:
- Trigger warning: rape (past and retold in some detail), attempted assault (on page), violence (on page)
- Setting: Southwold, Suffolk, England

- Toby
- Toby’s mother suffered from depression and bipolar and Toby was the only one who could seem to help her when she began to spiral
- The following words/phrases were used to describe Toby: protector, soft, gentle, quiet, shy,, brave, honest, naturally caring, selfless, honorable, pure, broken, superhero

“Toby Hunter was made from fire and iron, and if provoked he would unleash his strength on anyone in his way, his body armour there to hide the softness of his heart.”

- Lilac
- Comes from a loving family
- The following words/phrases were used to describe Lilac: warm, honest, carefree, open book, optimistic, strong, fierce,

“The first time I saw Lilac I was seven years old.....She was like a bright yellow ball of light in a dull, grey world.”

Story Thoughts:
- I loved the first introduction to these two (when they were 7). Right away the tone was set and I had a sense of their personalities and what they would mean to each other.
- “Don’t let Lilac distract you. She’ll take you up in the clouds in no time.” “I won’t, Miss.” The teacher’s warm smile made me relax a little bit, but it was the way Lilac’s hand slid over mine on the carpet, without anyone knowing, that really made all my nerves disappear. With one squeeze of her fingers, it all began. I knew that no matter where in the world I went after that, I’d never find anything as magical as her.”

- High school angst is not my favorite. There were a few times I cringed due to the high school jealousy and pettiness, but it was authentic to the age so that’s just a “me” thing

- Toby’s anger made me a bit nervous. Did he need some anger management classes?

- My heart was ripped in half a few times because of these two. But the last half of the book left me so breathless. Some things were so unfair and some things a product of their own actions. But through it all, their undying love was a thing of beauty and certainly made my heart melt. All. The. Feels!! ❤️💔❤️

- “Should I do what’s right? Or, Should I do what’s easy?”
- Oh boy.....this started the truly spectacular section of the story. The tragedy that led to an incredibly selfless act was breathtaking to watch unfold. The strength and growth in both Toby and Lilac was magical. Lilac once asked Toby if he hunted for magic and I found magic in the words and love that just dripped from the pages of Toby and Lilac’s story.
- “Toby Hunter.”
- “Are you?”
- “Am I what?”
- “A hunter?”
- “No.”
- “Have you ever tried to be?”
- “No.”
- “Why not?”
- “What would I hunt?”
- “Magic.”

- POV: Dual POV
- Tropes: First love
- H likable? Yes. Toby has such a selfless way about him you can’t help but fall in love with him.
- h likable? Yes. Lilac was a free spirit whose curiosity captured me from the first chapter.
- h virgin? Yes
- First time they kiss: 20%
- First time they sleep together: 42%
- First time they say I Love You 51%
- steamy? Yes. They have a few steamy scenes
- OW/OM drama? Yes. Lilac and Toby miss a chance to be together and so Lilac dates someone else for a year. She only kissed the other guy but that guy is livid over the rejection and causes some problems. Additionally there is another guy who attempted to sexually assault Lilac and he is also angry about her rejection and determined to cause problems and harass her.
- H/h cheat? No
- Time apart? Yes. 4 years. This was due to a heartbreaking incident that caused them to be separated
- Did I skip pages? No
- Big secrets? Yes. Toby’s mother reveals a pretty shocking secret around 67%
- Did I cry? I got a little teary.
- Did I laugh? No
- Did I swoon 🥰? I don’t usually swoon over teenagers, but Toby melted my heart. Gah, this kid. ❤️
- Cliffhanger? No
- HEA? Yes
- Epilogue? Yes.
- Recommend? Highly recommend, especially if YA is your thing.

“If you keep chasing something more, you'll end up losing what you already have, and you’ll never look at it the same way again.”

“Childhood doesn’t last forever. That’s what no one ever tells you. It’s only really there in those early years when you think you have a million days to figure out what you’re going to be and how you’re going to grow.”

“All superheroes start out as ordinary people. They just feel better saving others than they do saving themselves.”

“You don't convince someone to want you, sweetie. You convince them to be unafraid of wanting you and getting hurt. You convince them to push through the fear....the embarrassment, the worry, and the shame. Sometimes people say no when they mean yes. They say no because they're scared. They walk away and let fear win.”

“A young girl once told me to hunt for magic. I guess I found it in her.”

“When the world is trying to push against you, push back harder”

“There’s no loyalty where there’s disrespect.”

“I’m seventeen, and I’m broken, held together by your strips of hope and your un-teachable magic.”
“Be with the broken ones for a little while if you must. Rest. Heal. You do you, and I’ll do me.”

“It’s amazing what secrets you can keep in order to protect those you love with all your heart and soul.”

“You love harder and more selflessly than anyone I’ve ever known.”

“You once told me I was worth a war. I never got around to telling you you’re worth one too.”
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555 reviews1,524 followers
July 5, 2018
I can happily review with absolute certainty that this author writes with beauty and confidence - her words show depth and courage and more than that they show that she was born to create. When I was given the opportunity to have an early copy of this authors latest work I was over the moon and with a cover as beautiful as this one and a blurb to match I was already excited for what was to come.

What did I love?
There was so much to love about this coming of age novel and so much to enjoy. It’s evident from chapter to chapter how much work, effort thought was put into this book. One of the things I love most about this authors work is the originality of story telling and the obvious care that is taken by the author to produce something special. I loved the flow and pace of the story telling and there was always something new and exciting to discover chapter to chapter. The characters kept me glued to their development and the author gave me enough ground to make me invested in their story. All in all a fantastic time spent with characters that were hard not to fall in love with.

Why not five?
Don’t get me wrong here, or misunderstood my love for this authors beautiful writing. Ultimately I fell in love with this authors talent but not necessarily the story that was presented. This is purely personal taste, I know I’m not wired to fall easily in love with a story that is tinged with grief and hardship. Does that make the author at fault? Absolutely not. But similarly I can’t move away from the fact that the beautifully written heaviness of this novel didn’t win me over like it should have. I know this book will have that wow factor for almost all of its lucky readers and whilst i was once again impressed by the work of Victoria L James I was held back by falling completely under her spell.

Final thoughts ...
If you like a mildly angst filled, coming of age story with plenty to keep you interested then you will most probably adore this heart tugging young adult romance. I can not recommend this author more, her words are golden and it would be a shame for fellow readers to miss out. What are you waiting for? One click and enjoy ... kisses.
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Author 3 books286 followers
February 5, 2019
I put Lilac on my TBR the minute I saw the beautiful cover. I didn’t even bother reading the blurb. Unfortunately, my TBR is a black hole of books that I don’t pull from often—not with all the new shinys tempting me…

This year, I’m participating in a pretty ambitious reading challenge, and it’s forcing me to delve into the depths of said black hole. I chose A Girl Like Lilac based on its title because I needed a book with a color in the name.

YA (a genre I struggle with) was another category I needed to complete, and I’d picked a YA that ended up being too YA for me. I swapped that book for Lilac without realizing that it’s YA too. But I decided to go for it and fell in love immediately. I found it very hard to put down, which was a problem considering how busy I’ve been.

Genre notwithstanding, A Girl Like Lilac is the perfect romance for me: a dreamy AF hero, a heroine who discovers her own strength, supportive side characters, a beautiful setting, and real-life drama that—especially in teen-based fiction—is refreshing. I loved the angst, the swoon, and the epilogue perfection, and I cannot wait to read more by Ms. James.

Now that I have my YA book checked off, can anyone recommend one with a color in the title? 😂
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1,138 reviews755 followers
December 19, 2018
*** 2.5 Stars ***

I've read this in my short trip back home a few days ago. Gonna do a lazy copy and paste of a chat I had with a friend about it:

An easy read, a bit unrealistic. Lilac was perfect, too perfect and boring. I like flawed characters.The part where Toby's mom was forced to spill her guts out was a massive let down. I don't believe a mother would be that insensitive. She could have done that without the dirty and painful details. He didn't deserved that. No one deserves that! I am all for the true but... Then, there was the bullies (father and son) The father went MIA and the other had a change of heart that didn't convince me :(
Loads of good reviews around, you might ignore my ramblings.

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239 reviews136 followers
Want to read
February 17, 2021
saw ‘black-rimmed glasses’ in the synopsis and i legit screamed fuCK YES
Profile Image for Kiki.
1,217 reviews499 followers
Shelved as 'i-may-or-may-not-read-this'
July 7, 2018
Alex need to read it first!
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Author 21 books301 followers
June 14, 2018
Victoria L. James has a gift when it comes to words. It doesn't take many of them to coax you in, but once you start, you're hooked.

A Girl Like Lilac is no exception to this. From the first word to the last I was besotted. As much as this is a story of young love, it's also a story about life, the hard hits, the quiet moments, the stolen moments, and the struggles that we take for granted.

Written beautifully, Lilac and Toby are just one of the highlights of Victoria's writing. They're human, and they're flawed, and they make mistakes that have you yelling at the page and threatening bodily harm. They're not the only ones either. Victoria's innate talent for immersing you in her world means that even the smallest of characters pull you in, hold you hostage and drag emotional reactions from you.

What does this mean? Well, it means A Girl Like Lilac packs an emotional punch – several of them – as you traverse the landscape of sleepy sea town of Southwold. There were moments when I gasped, wept, laughed aloud, and cursed the words – and characters – as I read them. Lilac has so much heart and soul, that blood pounds through the story’s veins and becomes a driving force and I just couldn't put it down for long. When I did, I was constantly recalled by the drive to discover the what path we were going to travel next.

Victoria L. James can weave a plot so intricately, just when you think you have everything figured out, she smacks you upside the head with something you didn't consider, let alone see coming. She's never brutal with it though, her words push their way into your heart and consume you, instinctively narrating a love story with every ounce of happiness, every stab of pain, and still manage to keep us turning the page.

Keep an eye out for this novel. You’re not going to want to miss A Girl Like Lilac. I’m damn glad I didn’t.
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3,485 reviews445 followers
August 3, 2018
Oh this was a beauty! So much more than I could have imagined. Even through each and every ache and pain and tear I shed for the boy next door and the secrets he tried to keep from the girl who stole his heart and soul. Their love story and the romance they shared was simply the best. These characters charmed me, broke my heart and put it back together again -- and is most definitely one of the best YA stories I've had the pleasure of reading.

Profile Image for Victoria L. James.
Author 22 books519 followers
May 30, 2018
★✰★✰ Teaser Time! ★✰★✰

COMING SOON - A Girl Like Lilac

A mature YA/NA romance crossover.

“Chris’s friend is a bit of an idiot,” Lilac eventually said.

“Was it a date?”

“I think so.” She nodded.

“Who were you meant to be with?”
She swallowed her first words, and I watched the small lump rise and fall in her throat before she was able to form her answer. “I was meant to be with… Chris.”
The burning started at my toes, and I couldn’t hide the curl of my fingers in the ground, even though I knew she’d feel it with her hand on top of mine.

“Cool,” I whispered.

Her palm pressed harder. “Is it cool?”

“If he makes you happy.”

“He’s nice to me.”

“Uh huh.”

“And his friend, Rees, seemed to dig Cheryl.”

“Perfect.” I nodded.

“No, it—”

“You don’t have to pretend for me, Lilac.” I turned to look at her, my jaw ticking hard as I tried to control the nasty feelings that were tearing through me. I didn’t like this side of who I was. The side that could go from zero to sixty in a second flat, moving from love to hate with the flick of a switch. “I’ve not exactly been fair to you these last few weeks.”

“No. You haven’t.”

“Are you going to see Chris again?”

Her eyes bore into mine, searching for something she clearly couldn’t find. “Do you think I should?”

No. Like fuck, I do. I think you should be with me.

“You could do worse.”

“Could I do better?”

I huffed and offered her a flat smile. “You deserve better.”

“And you, Toby Hunter? Are you better or worse?”

It was my turn to search her eyes this time. “Honestly, Lilac, some days I don’t know what the hell I am.”

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623 reviews538 followers
July 15, 2018
Really enjoyed this a lot. The unconditional love the hero felt for the heroine was something that was lacking in the last few books I've read. He was near perfect. Both MC's were actually; always a pleasant surprise when I like the heroine as much as the hero.

Both loose their virginity to each other. Very romantic and super sweet.
BUT heroine does date OM for a year (just makes out with him and is more platonic than anything) because H was pushing away.
No OW drama.
Threat of sexual assault from the villain and the h's ex boyfriend.
4 years separation: Hero goes to jail defending the heroine.
Lots of unrequited love and soap drama from the H and h's parents.

Extra notes: I could not take the name "Lilac" seriously. What kind of name is that? Its like being called Tulip.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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502 reviews122 followers
January 25, 2020
4.5 🌟🌟🌟
It was brilliant!!! I loved it!
Victoria L. James is such a fucking amazing story teller...her writing style is exceptional!💜
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1,223 reviews35 followers
July 6, 2018

A Girl Like Lilac was everything I knew it would be and MORE. I'm so happy that THIS book was my first Victoria L James read.

AGLL was the kind of YA I wish there were more of. The story was filled with so much REALNESS. From the story to the characters. I can't tell you how much I LOVED Lilac and Toby. Their love was the kind that had me swooning and caused heart palpitations.

A Girl Like Lilac has become one of my FAVORITE books of the YEAR. Even though this was my first book by this author, it's no way the last.

2,015 reviews24 followers
July 7, 2018
I have always loved Victoria L James's writing. Its flawless and I know when I read one of her books I am going to love it.

A Girl Like Lilac is a New Adult story that takes us on a journey of life, young love, despair. It has twists and turns and heartache for a number of the characters till they find "their magic". I read A Girl Like Lilac in one sitting. I couldn't put it down til I got to the end.

Go into it blind because VLJ has an amazing story to tell.

"The only fairy tale to exist is a fairy tale. It's meant to be a tragedy, a romance an a comedy you survive, thrive and remember. Accept the hard times, Appreciate the good and never stop the simple things like love, breathing and being"

I loved Toby and Lilac's journey. Even the hard bits.

A recommended read for all my book buddies.
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535 reviews45 followers
July 5, 2018
VLJ has done the impossible and left me speechless.
I'm brain dead.

This is such an emotional, heartfelt read. It's powerful, angsty, raw. Its written in such a way that you feel like part of the story rather than a person looking in. You feel the pain, you cry the tears, your heart skips the beat.
Young hearts, drawn together like a moth to a flame. But they are so easily burnt if they get too close, so easily broken in their fragile state.

My words won't ever do this book justice.
But here are three that might help...Beautiful, memorable, perfect.
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2,154 reviews45 followers
July 5, 2018
A girl like Lilac. A beautiful coming of age story and second chance romance that is raw, with tragic moments, heartwarming, bittersweet and written in a way I am beginning to love about this author.

Victoria L James has the words and lays them down with precision. The flow is like being on a boat, setting off on calm waters then you feel every storm and wave that passes until you reach the calm again.

I loved Lilac and Toby's journey. A girl like Lilac is the sort of book you oooh and awe over and feel the ups and downs along with the characters.

Toby knew he loved Lilac at the age of seven, since he first saw her rolling in the grass, strawberry blonde hair in a tangled mess, horrible green socks and blue shoes, nothing matched but she made it seem like everything she was wearing was made for her. Toby's neighbour fascinated him, he gravitated to her as she did with him.

" She was like a ball of light in a dull grey world"

This is a beautiful story of a friendship that grows into love, with life tragedies along the way that rock their world.

"I'm not worth that kind of trouble"
"You're worth a war Lilac"

Friendships, bullies, and adolescence, first kisses, first dances, first intimate moments the whole journey was bliss.

"My body already knew her body. My hands already knew her skin. My tongue already knew her taste. Everything was instinctual like we had done this a thousand times before."

"We were beautiful and tragic all at once and I couldn't get enough"

Another book by this author I couldn't put down and a memorable journey.

Told in first person dual pov and leads to a hea. A standalone. Available in KU.

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07F1WTKGJ

USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F1WTKGJ

Arc gratefully received for review purposes
June 18, 2018
Sigghhhh... Oh how I do love the way VLJ writes. I love how she always makes me see the place in which her stories are set so vividly, that I feel I’m looking at the same sky, stars & sunbeams as those described within its pages   I love the way she so beautifully brings life to her characters, making them real, flawed & perfectly imperfect, the kind of people I would want in my life in shape or form. And the angst, oh my word the angst, I adore how she keeps me gripped in the clutches of the story she is telling, never letting me go, making sure my heart & soul are owned until the very last page.

A Girl Like Lilac was all of the above, layered with complex characters (main & secondary), plot twists that tore at my heart & outcomes that stole my breath.  The pain I felt at certain points was suffocating.  The love I felt for this pair was limitless.  This was a story bathed in heartache & struggle all while sparkling with hope & faith.  It was a story of protection, of fighting for those you love the most.

I fell in love with the pureness of Toby & Lilac's young painful love. Let me tell you, this boy has an utterly gorgeous heart & god did he steal mine. He is so selfless & giving. It’s simply beautiful, that a girl like Lilac is blessed to have the unconditional love of a boy like Toby.

5 Sing Like I’m Listening Stunning Stars
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616 reviews8 followers
June 17, 2018
I loved this book with all my heart!! I felt every emotion possible with moments of laughter, tears, and rage all on one page. A book that will change the way you see through the lens of life.

It is rare that you come across a book that resonates like poetry in your soul. A Girl Like Lilac is one of a kind! Victoria L. James brilliantly tells the story of two kindred spirits, Lilac and Toby, whose relationship defies all things worldly. Lilac is pure, innocent, and loves without boundaries. Toby carries the inner and outer strength of a gentle giant, the protector who does what's right for those he loves. Toby and Lilac share a love that is beyond magical. It is one built on trust, unconditional love, and being in the moment. We could all take a lesson from their selfless acts of heroism. I don't preach often about a book and the lessons learned, but this one folks is one everyone should read! And a shout out to Alistair Stone, A Stones View, your poetry is amazing!!
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499 reviews
August 17, 2018
WOW I'm on a roll of amazing books recently! Loving it!!!

I was a bit unsure if I should read this book, it was a bit different to my usual reads. But obviously so glad and pleased I did!!

What a book!!! I'm blown away!!!

Lilac Clarke and Toby Hunter are so amazing!! I loved them both so much!! Heart melting and all that!!

They are both so young, I loved how we saw them from a young age, into their teens! At times I was internally shouting at them both! But this book does not disappoint!!

I love Toby! (If that wasn't clear before) What a boy, what a man! Ugh wish I had Toby!! All the feels!!

Lilac is such an amazing girl, so strong willed not to like everyone else. Love her!

This book sweeps you away into a world of young love, small town problems, family, betrayal, friendship, unfairness, and above all love!!!

I just want to read more and more about Lilac and Toby!!
Profile Image for Karen Frances.
Author 27 books966 followers
June 18, 2018
It's not very often I have to take a few moments to reflect on a book I’ve read, but with A Girl Like Lilac that’s what I’ve had to do and if you've read it you'll understand why.

This is a coming of age storyline that is so beautifully written, you forget it’s the work of fiction.

For me, it’s raw and real. Each page filled with so much emotion. A captivating storyline that pulls at your heartstrings. Each twist had me gasping because I never saw it coming.

Everyone should read this story and go into it as blind as I did.

Savour every word about Lilac and Toby’s story because believe me, you’ll want to. And if you’ve never read anything from Victoria L James, then this is the book you should start with.

This is a beautiful love story that will stay with me. xx
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359 reviews241 followers
February 22, 2021
TW: rape, abuse and violence

“because.” she paused. ‘I’m not worth that kind of trouble.”
“you’re worth a war, Lilac.”

This book broke my heart in almost every chapter. There’s so much emotion in every word.
Did I cry? Yes
Did I smile? Yes
Did I swoon? HELL YES
Did I bite my lip? Until it bled.
This is not the sweet and easy read I expected. It was so much more. It was dark and twisted in a way only NA books can be, with secrets and betrayal and lies. But it had enough light hearted moments to balance it out. I flew through this book and I loved every minute of it.

July 4, 2018
A Beautiful, heartfelt story. A rollercoaster ride of emotions and twists, I was drawn in right from the start and was immediately invested in the characters and their struggles. A book full of feels and experiences that any reader can relate to one point or another. This is an absolute must read and I urge you to take a chance on Lilac and Toby's journey together.
4.5 Stars.

*ARC kindly given in exchange for an honest review, thank you so much*
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948 reviews727 followers
July 27, 2018

Less worrying, more living.

Have you ever read a book that has moved you so much and means more than you can pen into words? I’m just a girl, crying into her kindle, mourning the end of a story I wanted to feel forever. Victoria L. James wrote such a stunning story of forever love that there are not enough words to express my love for A Girl Like Lilac. I was MESMERIZED—so UNEQUIVOCALLY MOVED—by A Girl Like Lilac., a story I LOVED so much! This tale took my breath. Took my soul. Took my heart. Took all of me. A Girl Like Lilac. is so broken and beautiful—I was BESOTTED with this book!

Once I started this stunning story, I didn’t want to stop. I knew right away that this story was SPECIAL; A Girl Like Lilac is the kind of story that sticks, the soul-stirring type that stays long after the last page is turned. I knew this tale would hold my heart in its hands forever, and I would let it take my heart as its own because A Girl Like Lilac OWNED ME and MY HEART FROM THE START.

I was a Hunter by name, sure. But for Lilac Clarke, without even realising it, I’d become a protector at heart.

What an aspiring novel with an engaging voice, a powerful and poignant plot, and some sensational and soulful writing! A Girl Like Lilac paints a pretty picture where each emotion is a color, so bold, so beautiful, and so bright. This tale is flawlessly executed with characters that are caring, charismatic, and compelling. I adored this hero and heroine so much! Lilac is as beautiful and bold inside as she is outside. Toby is a knight in shingling armor, the definition of hero, as cute as he is kind. Lilac and Toby are both so beautiful and brave with hearts of gold. They melt together and are true soulmates. I felt their connection course through the pages, penetrating me everywhere. It felt like this hero and heroine lived a thousand lives together.

”I’m not worth that kind of trouble.”

“You’re worth a war, Lilac.”

As this story told its truths, bits of wisdom dispersed through the pages, I felt wiser.
I found myself clapping for justice against injustice. I found myself high-fiving the strong hero and heroine in my head . . . so many times. I found myself crying for words that spun my soul around, nearly knocking my heart out of my chest, a heart that beat for every word of this beautifully broken book. I found every feel in a story that is EVERYTHING!

”It will always be you, Lilac.”

A HEARTBREAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL coming-of-age journey, A Girl Like Lilac sparks with magic, hugging the heart while singing to the soul. A Girl Like Lilac is one of the most EXQUISITE and EXTRAORDINARY love stories I’ve ever met! This story made me melt . . . made me break . . . made me think . . . made me feel. I cried tears of joy and tears of sorrow. A Girl Like Lilac made my HEART BLEED and my SOUL SOAR, and I can't stop feeling this romance. This beauty in words will hug me for life.

”You look like a man who’s been to war.”

“You were worth every second of it.”

Somehow, someway, Bryan Adams’ Robin Hood lyrics played in my head while reading, so perfect, so perfect for this journey.

Oh you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it there's nothin' I want more
Yeah, I would fight for you
I’d lie for you
Walk the wire for you, yeah, I'd die for you
You know it's true
Everything I do
Oh, I do it for you

This is a top 2018 and lifetime read! A Girl Like Lilac is YA AT ITS BEST! All the amazing stars already! All the first and last kisses! All the things!

There’s a pleasure to being alive few of us notice, no matter how long we live.

💋💋💋💋💋💋 first and forever kisses

➡️ https://amzn.to/2uP6acu

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bookaliciousbb
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