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In an exclusive ebook novella set in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1 New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward tells the story of a fiery couple . . . doomed by an undeniable passion.
Features a special preview of J. R. Ward’s upcoming Black Dagger Brotherhood novel, The Thief!
The last place Ivie expects to be approached by a devastatingly handsome male is in a crowded, smoky cigar bar rarely frequented by vampires—yet here he stands. Silas is flirtatious, gallant, and, above all, mysterious. Ivie is anything but. A nurse at the healer’s clinic and the daughter of a biker, Ivie is accustomed to speaking her mind. So she does. Since aristocrats rarely pick up females of her class, Ivie asks Silas just what kind of game he thinks he’s playing.
Despite her guarded exterior, Ivie surrenders to the fierce desire she feels for Silas. And yet, just as their courtship is heating up, he reveals that it cannot last, for he is bound to return to the Old Country. Their bond only deepens as they make the most of their precious time together. But when she learns the truth, Ivie must find a saving grace—before all is lost. . . .

157 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 13, 2018

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About the author

J.R. Ward

173 books48.1k followers
J.R. Ward is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. She lives in the South her family.

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2,239 reviews3,435 followers
March 27, 2018
“Please don’t forget me…”
“I promise,” she breathed. “I will never, ever forget you.”
When he didn’t respond, Ivie took his palm and placed it over her heart. “Here. You will be here.”
“I’ll try to come back to you,” he mumbled. “In your dreams…I’ll come find you…in your dreams…love…you…dearest…Ivie…”

And this is the point that I am crying ugly tears thinking ‘No, please no, not another Selena story”

This short story was such a gift!
If you a diehard fan of the BDB universe and you basically starve during the whole year waiting for another story until December/January (Black Dagger Legacy new book) or April (Black Dagger Brotherhood new book); then a book like Dearest Ivie is the best surprise ever!

I don’t know if this is an experiment and if it goes well, we may have more unexpected books. BUT I honestly pray to the Scribe Virgin that this will be a successful book (i.e. many mane sales). AND maybe we will have some more. Please.

On the surface, this is a book that does not add anything to the main BDB storyline. We have two fresh main characters:
Ivie the girl who likes to laugh and make Silas laugh and
Silas the glymera guy with the big secret, the big heart and the huge appetite for life.

And these two are surrounded with many secondary characters really really interesting like Ivie’s biker father and crazy family. Poor but proud.

And there are some people from the BDB gang as well. I think I will leave this as a surprise.

And moreover there is Havers’ clinic (because Ivie is a nurse there) and Havers himself who Ward (as she has mentioned numerous times) hates him.
“I brought you some coffee.”…. the fact that the healer himself had thought to bring her something? She was amazed at the gesture.

Well, SO WAS I hahaha
Is there a change in the air? Or is it just me who thinks this? I think I will pray to the Scribe virgin for a book about lonely Havers (who lost his mate and never ever sleeps because he can never stop working and heal the poor and the rich) as well.

Anyway, as I was saying, on the surface this book looks like it does not add anything. But I know Ward and I know that every tale she adds to this universe has a meaning.
So I think I will wait to see how this short story will untangle in the future books.

If you are new in the BDB universe, don’t worry because this is a perfect standalone.

And have hope for the ending, because as you may have noticed I am totally enthusiastic about this story and I cry no more!
April 28, 2018
5 OMG The feels Stars

Dearest Ivie was soo good and really emotional. J.R. Ward did it again she made me flippin cry. I was really scared it was going to be another "The Shadows" on me. I don't think I could have handled it if But the Warden pulled it off! She wrote a beautiful insta-love novella that took me on a major ride that felt longer than 145 pages. I hope we see more of Ivie and Silas. Also I have not liked Havers since he treated his sister like crap, and tried to kill Wrath but I found myself soften to him a little in this book.
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1,838 reviews6,222 followers
March 14, 2018
Like most couples who meet at a bar, this couple is magic. And, bound to stay together forever. Okay, I admit it, I picked up met my hubs at a bar. We've been together for almost 30 years now, so I'm assuming that all meet-cute bar things are magic.

Not that kind of magical! Although.... how much recover time is between these two times? just wondering...

Ivie and Silas meet at a bar and fall in love almost immediately. Yeah, insta-love, but that's what we get in novellas. It didn't matter, though, because this couple is awesome. They had a bit of the opposites attract thing going. He's rich, she's poor. He's handsome, she's plain. He lives in a mansion with servants, she lives in dumpy apartment and has a biker father. He's cultured, she can burp the alphabet (I'm assuming). A perfect match!

Yes. This is another couple that I approve of. That bird looks thrilled to be the kids' new pet. I'm sure the kid totally didn't squish it with his giant ape-like hand. No, really, what the hell kid? They been feeding you growth hormones at the farm? Or, is it from all of the hay baling?

Our couple has a very limited time schedule, and not just because their story has been reduced to a mini-book. Like, thanks a lot JRW! Give tons of time to the nightmare that was Xcor and Layla, but make the adorable couple - you know, the ones who aren't an ugly bad guy and idiot boring chick- have to live out their romance in the time it takes for us to read it while waiting for our Stouffer's frozen lasagna to cook. Seriously, two hours to cook a frozen meal for the fam? I might have actually had time to make something from real ingredients in that time rather than sit on my ass and read for two hours while the hot box did its very slow magic. But, what I lack in cooking skills I make up for in presentation.

Fancy shmancy, huh?

How the hell else am I supposed to get all of this reading done? Gotta cut corners somewhere. There's only so much Jilly to go around. You're welcome.

Anyhoo, so the couple is awesome, but beware, the feels will get ya. Even though I had a pretty strong idea of where things were going - because, let's face it, a moron would catch the clues - it was still a very emotional story. I'm guessing that normal humans would have laughed, cried, and rejoiced while reading this. Normal humans like me, you know, cuz I'm totally one of you. Really. Super normal.

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593 reviews783 followers
May 5, 2018
DAMN YOU JR WARD!!! Another great read that has me invested into more characters in your world of the black dagger brotherhood!!! Ivie and silas are pure magic together and even the secondary characters are just as interesting and have me already wondering about their stories!!! This book made me laugh and cry and had me pumping my fist in victory.And the hero of this tale is one of my fave characters of the black dagger series,and I'm glad that he had his moment to shine! I can't get enough of this series!!! It's awesome!
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1,156 reviews97.8k followers
April 3, 2018
1.) Dark Lover ★★★★★
2.) Lover Eternal ★★★★★
3.) Lover Awakened ★★★★★
4.) Lover Revealed ★★★★★
5.) Lover Unbound ★★★★★
6.) Lover Enshrined ★★★★
7.) Lover Avenged ★★★
8.) Lover Mine ★★★★
9.) Lover Unleashed ★★★
10.) Lover Reborn ★★★★
11.) Lover at Last ★★★★★
12.) The King ★★★★★
13.) The Shadows ★★★★★
14.) The Beast ★★★★
15.) The Chosen ★★★★

“I don’t have time to waste. And instead of finding out what things look like, I want to know what they feel like.”

Dearest Ivie is a short story set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and it stars two brand new characters, that I’m sure will weave their way into the main story now!

Ivie is a nurse working for Havers, and she and her cousin are in a bar when a vampire walks in who doesn’t look like he necessarily belongs at a human bar. And when Silas walks into the bar, only he knows that he is harboring many secrets.

And this is a JR Ward book, you know it’s going to have a swoon-worthy romance. JR Ward delivers time and time again, and Dearest Ivie was a great mini installment. And the brother that comes into play at the end of this story? All the tears. My sweet cinnamon roll baby.

My favorite part of the story was Ivie’s family. Like, where can I sign up to join? BDB is normally set in the city, so I always love the scenes and side stories that are set in the country, just because it’s so different. But everything involving Ivie’s family was a joy to read. I’m honestly in love with her dad.

But this was a really cute story, that ended up packing such an emotional punch. This is the type of story that makes you never want to take life for granted. The type of story that makes you cherish our short time here, with the ones you love most. The type of story that proves that love can conquer all. The type of story that you won’t forget any time soon.

“Only with you, dearest Ivie. Only with you.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this. And it made me even more excited to read The Thief in a week or so! This series, this world, and these characters have meant so much to me throughout the years. And JR Ward just never stops impressing. And hopefully, she will never stop writing as well.

Trigger/Content Warnings: terminal illness, descriptive medical talk, some girl on girl hate, and a gross suicide joke.

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Buddy read with Paloma! ❤
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1,281 reviews1,925 followers
March 17, 2018
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Type: Standalone Novella (Book 15.5 from Black Dagger Brotherhood series)
POV: Third Person

Ivie Hannaford never thought a night out with her cousin would end up with her meeting someone when she was wasn't even looking. But the attractions to the refined aristocrat Montasilas (Silas) son of Mordachy was too strong to deny. Unfortunately soon enough she found out their budding romance was going to be cut short. She must decide if Silas was worth the risks.

Until you walked this path and tried to measure the sliding scale of Hell, you had no clue what it was like.

I absolutely love Ivie. She was easygoing, funny and verbalized her uncensored thoughts. I also like the relationship she had with her family.

"I loved the way you looked at me when I touched you, kissed you, was inside you. In those moments, I was who I used to be.”

I'm usually not into proper men/males, but Silas managed to capture my heart because while he was refined, he also knew how to loosen up. Every time he said "Dearest Ivie" I melted a little haha!

With a tremendous hiss, he bared his canines and bit her neck hard, the pain lancing through her body and translating into pure pleasure by the time it reached her core.

The story was not at all what I expected. It started light and funny, but then it turned serious and heavy. For a novella length story with completely new characters, the author managed to capture the characters' essence and the emotions between them. I was also happy with the intense and scorching sex scenes that made me crave for more.

“The details of size and shape don’t matter to me. The fact that it is you…that is what makes it beautiful to me.”

Dearest Ivie is an engaging story of taking chances. This standalone novella is set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world and can be read without reading the series.

Standalone books in the series:
Must be read in order
Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1) by J.R. Ward Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2) by J.R. Ward Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3) by J.R. Ward Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #4) by J.R. Ward Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5) by J.R. Ward Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6) by J.R. Ward Father Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6.5) by J.R. Ward Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #7) by J.R. Ward Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #8) by J.R. Ward Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #9) by J.R. Ward Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #10) by J.R. Ward Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) by J.R. Ward The King (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #12) by J.R. Ward The Shadows (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #13) by J.R. Ward The Beast (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #14) by J.R. Ward The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15) by J.R. Ward Dearest Ivie (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15.5) by J.R. Ward The Thief (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #16) by J.R. Ward

◼ ⚔ ◼ . . . (F)BR With Twinsie CC & Loyda . . . ◼ ⚔ ◼

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

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1,654 reviews981 followers
March 16, 2018
A short novella that is sweet, heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time! This was a treat to get a glimpse into our favourite vampire series!!! I’m very eager for the next instalment of the BDB ! JR Ward is a genius when it comes to this world that she has created. The only complaint I have with this novella is that it was too short!!!
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Author 8 books326 followers
May 22, 2022
Short and sweet novella set in the BDB world. I enjoyed Silas and Ivie together, especially uncovering some of the mystery going on later in the book. It was nice to see some non-glymera vampires for a change. And I was very pleased there was a happy ending!
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1,022 reviews220 followers
March 22, 2018
4.5 stars!

Omg this was so good and what a breath of fresh air it was! I mean here I was thinking that I was skipping “The Chosen” since I haven’t put on my big girl pants and read the book. Anyway I was prepared to miss events from the “chosen” just to read this novella but I was glad to see that even though the MC are not part of the BDB they are part of the glymera. So anyway, the feels with this story ah! From moment I read the first chapter I knew I was going to love it.

“Dearest Ivie” l starts with our h Ivie, at a cigar bar hanging with her cousin where she is approached by the handsome Silas.Their pull is instant and sizzling hot. No matter how much Ivietried to play it out and she did try, with her sarcastic humor. Oh man! she had be laughing and smh that things this girl said and thought! Lol! I liked her right away though. I like that she took a chance on Silas regardless of her insecurities and it paid off. Silas, such a gentleman and so dam sexy he treated Ivielike a queen.

This book was definitely not what I was expecting and I mean that in a good way. It sure packed an emotional punch but then again this is miss Ward we’re talking about it and I’m not gonna lie she had me worried for a bit, but no worries. Loved every minute of this beautiful story.♥️

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720 reviews210 followers
January 26, 2022
This book is not for me.

I couldn't enjoy this book DUE TO PERSONAL PREFERENCES only.

The first part of the book was fine. The second part however I couldn't stand.

Due to my personal life experiences, I found the topic of this story truly, TRULY dislikable.
Since I was young I have had a passionate aversion towards anything medically related. Already, I find that there is way too much talk of medical stuff in the Black Dagger Brotherhood books in general for my taste, but I ignore it because those aspects are not central to the stories. However, this book is different. The hospital stuff is very relevant and very central to the story. Everything is developed around it from the second part on. Even more so, . I can't muster the least amount of enjoyment reading about this topic. More so, since I have just recently gone through several months of dedicated care for my grandfather until finally putting him through hospice for the last month of his life. It was the hardest year of my life and by no means I want to relive that terrible experience ever again. That is way the plot this book is about awakens such strong feelings of averseness and repulsion in me at this moment. I read paranormal romances to scape reality, not to have it thrown back in my face again. Thus, I found this story very displeasing for me and so I ended up skipping many parts towards the end. I like reading so much because I find pleasure in it, so I definitely don't want to suffer while I read, and this story made me physically sick.

I feel such revulsion that I would have given the book 1 star alone based on muy feelings. However, I can't bring myself to give such a low rating to JR Ward and I don't think it would be fair.

I know that this is a very personal issue and I understand that most people would find this book enjoyable.

Also, I would like to add that I do find this short story somewhat repetitive in a way. The relationship between the two main characters brings me back to Rehvenge and Ehlena's book, while at the same time it reminds me of Trez and Selena's. So I do feel like there is some lack of originality here in respects with the rest of the series.

P.S.: I have to say that I don't know how this story relates to the Black Dagger Brotherhood for it to be part of the series. I get that is developed in the same universe, but it doesn't even seems to belong in the Black Dagger Legacy series. Unless this characters are going to be relevant in future books, I feel like their story would be more suited as a part of another spin-off series, just as the trainees stories are told on the Black Dagger Legacy Series and not in the BDB Series.

BDB #1: Dark Lover - 4.5 stars
BDB #2: Lover Eternal - 4 stars
BDB #3: Lover Awakened - 5 stars
BDB #4: Lover Revealed - 4 stars
BDB #5: Lover Unbound - 4 stars
BDB #6: Lover Enshrined - 4 stars
BDB #6.5: Father Mine - 3 stars
BDB #7: Lover Avenged - 4 stars
BDB #8: Lover Mine - 5 stars
BDB #9: Lover Unleashed - 3 stars
BDB #10: Lover Reborn - 4 stars
BDB #11: Lover at Last - 5 stars
BDB #12: The King - 3 stars
BDB #13: The Shadows - 4.5 stars
BDB #14: The Beast - 4.5 stars
BDB #15: The Chosen - 4 stars
BDB #15.5: Dearest Ivie - 2 stars
BDB #16: The Thief - 3 stars.
BDB #16.5: Prisoner of Night - 3 stars
BDB #17: The Savior - 4 stars
BDB #17.5: Where Winter Finds You - 3 stars
BDB #18: The Sinner - 3.5 stars
BDB #18.5: A Warm Heart in Winter - 3 Stars
BDB #19: Lover Unveiled - 2 Stars

BDB Prison Camp #1: The Jackal - 3.5 star.
BDB Prison Camp #2: The Wolf - 1 star.
November 10, 2020

Now available in audio!!!!
Audible link: 🎧 https://www.audible.com/pd/Dearest-Iv...

4.5 Aristocrat Meets Commoner Stars!!

What a journey! This little novella packed a powerful emotional punch!! I can’t say too much without giving major plot spoilers, but, I will say I loved Silas, Ivie, and Ivie’s fun family, especially her overprotective commoner Vampire (Biker!) father. I loved Ivie, she’s a fun character. She’s a breath of fresh air, and she’s probably the funnest female vamp JRW has written to date! I wish it were a bit longer with a lengthier ending or a longer epilogue. We’re not left hanging, I personally just wanted bit more......call me greedy. That said, I can see where they may perhaps show up as secondary characters in a BDB or Legacy novel.....we shall see.

 photo 1FF0384F-4284-469A-8959-E39588CCE509_zpsjorphdrh.jpeg

 photo E7BCE88D-3FBD-4A87-AADB-B89CC0633D98_zpsd8jmhyfv.jpeg

* This is not a BDB or BDB Legacy novella, however their are some secondary cross over appearances.
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1,045 reviews620 followers
March 16, 2018
4.5 Stars!

Silas is a vampire from the old country who is quite proper but doesn’t adhere to any aristocratic snobbery. Upon laying eyes on a fiery woman, he decides it is time to pursue her before it’s too late.

“I don’t have time to waste. And instead of finding out what things look like, I want to know what they feel like.”

Ivie works as a nurse at a healer’s clinic and speaks her mind no matter the consequences. When she meets Silas at a bar, she knows he is above her class yet she is curious and drawn to his charming ways.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like.” He lifted his head and stared at her. “The details of size and shape don’t matter to me. The fact that it is you…that is what makes it beautiful to me.”

Incredibly attracted to each other, they find a natural connection with Ivie bringing light into his life and Silas offering a steadiness that settles Ivie. Not one to move too quickly in her relationships, Ivie wants to act on her feelings and trust what they have.

“Shut up and get into me.” He didn’t require any more urging than that. With a tremendous hiss, he bared his canines and bit her neck hard, the pain lancing through her body and translating into pure pleasure by the time it reached her core.”

What ensues is a story that hinges upon integrity and digs deep into emotions when the truth is revealed. For a novella, it certainly packed an unexpected punch in the feels department. With a certain plot development, it brings more questions as to Silas’ family and what is to come in future books for a new character in the series.

Dearest Ivie is a book about family and being true to yourself. It also shows how much we can sacrifice for loved ones but also not lose hope.

*This was a (F)BR with Twinsie Hawkey and Loyda!*

For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

March 27, 2018
“Death can be a release and a relief for the person, and that is a blessing. The thing is, a lot of times, it is work to die. It requires physical and emotional effort. What sucks is that for most, particularly if they’re dying out of sequence, it’s a job they don’t want. It’s about loss of control, loss of function, loss of identity and independence…loss of choice and decision, of family and friends. But if you can let go of all that, what comes with it is freedom. A soaring freedom, the soul released from its temporary prison of mortality.”
- Ivie

* * *
“Rich boy, poor girl, true love.
Except, of course, he wasn’t a boy, she wasn’t poor, and neither of them was human. But still.
Oh, and this wasn’t true love.”

* * *
“The details of size and shape don’t matter to me. The fact that it is you…that is what makes it beautiful to me.”
- Silas

* * *
“It’s too late for intentions.” He smiled a little. “You’re in my life. You’re in my heart.”
- Silas

* * *
“You made me feel alive. With you, I felt like I had a future—at least during those moments we were together. And it wasn’t because you were some distraction for me, either. There’s just something about you, Ivie. I recognized it the moment I saw you.”
- Silas
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1,894 reviews399 followers
April 2, 2018

I absolutely loved Dearest Ivie. Loved it! I must admit I was getting twitchy at the 60% mark, I was worried Ward was going to pull a Fanetti move but thankfully she didn't.

I loved both Ivie and Silas, Ivie is one of the best female characters I've read in the BDB world. She took no prisoners, has no filter and under all that is a total sweetheart. Also there was no manufactured drama or push and pull.

For a novella, this packed a wallop, I got all the feels .... including shedding a tear or two. I read it in one sitting, once I started I couldn't put it down.

Did I say I loved it?!
April 22, 2018
4 ★'s

“I thought you needed an oak of your own right now.”

Sooo, I'm not really sure what this novella has to do with the BDB. I guess The Warden just had a story to tell but to be fair, I'm not done reading The Thief so I'll hold off on any more assumptions.

Still, it's a sweet story about a young nurse, Ivie, and an older vampire, Silas. Their love story is very romantic...especially with them having to deal with their different social classes.

You can't help but fall for Silas with how well he fits in with Ivie's family. And then we find out his secret and your heart will really break. I could only hope that The Warden wouldn't do us dirty.


I loved how intense Ivie was and how much she took over. It was pretty amazing how the vampire community came together and Ivie's father...oh my gosh, talk about the tears! He was awesome!

We did get a teeny tiny bit of the BDB in the form of Jane, Manny and Ruhn (which I haven't read his story yet but I liked his part in this one) so it wasn't a total wash.

Overall, I enjoyed it...it was sweet and romantic with a dash (okay, maybe more than a dash) of emotion...just enough for a novella.
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2,180 reviews886 followers
January 29, 2019
Originally featured on Blue Mood Café

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this novella as there’s only been one to date and it was very much connected to the Brotherhood (one of my favorites). I actually listened to The Thief before reading this one. It’s set in the world of the series but doesn’t involve the Brothers (brief appearances by Jane & Manny).

Ivie is a nurse working for Havers, the well known doctor to the vampire world. She’s at a cigar bar ruminating about the routine nature of her life when a handsome man gets her attention. Ivie’s a bit jaded about these things and after initially rebuffing him, decides to meet Silas for dinner the next evening. He’s a member of the aristocracy and she’s the daughter of a biker, the two coming from opposite ends of the social spectrum. But there’s an undeniable connection that blossoms quickly, both unwilling to deny or avoid it. However, there’s a finite end in sight when Silas tells her he’ll be returning permanently to the Old Country in a month. But, Ivie learns that the truth is much more heartbreaking.

I wasn’t into this story initially as I didn’t know the characters and was feeling my way through to find the point of it all. Things turned when I began warming up to Ivie. She’s the absolute best part of the book as she emerges as an extremely well defined character. Ivie is fiercely loyal, honest to a fault, speaks her mind at will and sees the world through clear shiny glass. Silas is handsome, disarming and immediately taken with all of Ivie’s qualities. The authenticity of their feelings for each other is amplified so strongly I couldn’t avoid being swept up by it. There’s a pivotal event that turns this into more of an emotional experience than I’d anticipated. You’ll need to find that out for yourself.

Only Ward could take two unknown characters and transform them into people you care about deeply in a few chapters and get as deeply invested in their relationship, not wanting to put the book down. I’m glad I changed my mind about skipping it. It was a wonderful reading experience.
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687 reviews318 followers
April 14, 2018

Just wanted to try the first chapter but I finished the first half of the book in one hour.
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763 reviews563 followers
March 17, 2018
Reading next...will be F(BR) with War & CC! because one BDB in a week is not enough hahah

I'll be in the middle!

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472 reviews
January 17, 2019
Such a beautiful fantasy. Super gorgeous love story. I can read and keep rereading this kind of story all day all night all year round.
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986 reviews7 followers
March 14, 2018

"Of all the places I've gone and people I've known and things I've done...my love for you is the purest representation of who I am. It's the best of me, of who I am, of my soul.
My love for you...is everything of me"


Now if this quote doesn't hit home just how AWESOME this story is, I don't know what else to tell you my friend. You are lost.

This is an incrediably heartbreakingly poignant read. Ms Ward made me proud with this one.
It broke my heart. Had me crying. ALOT and made me laugh. Had me panting like a crack head searching for their pipe too.

Read this people. You'll love it.


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1,925 reviews186 followers
March 15, 2018
5 "Dearest Ivie" Stars!

Ms. Ward had my heart in my throat with this very captivating novella set in the BDB world. I think she likes keeping her readers on edge. It's cool. She's a master.
I dropped a couple silent tears. Could have been sadness; could have been rage. Either way, The Warden makes me feel her stories.

I adored both Silas and Ivie. I loved that he called her dearest Ivie. So very sweet and romantic. I loved that Ivie spoke her mind and that she was fiesty, smart, and strong. I liked this one, I enjoyed it not being directly about the Brothers, but other vampires in Caldwell. It's nice to see how the greater vampire population live.

Now, I can't wait for The Thief! Happy reading!
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529 reviews238 followers
April 27, 2018
4.5 stars.

This book is JR at her best. Really solid, likable, relatable H and h. The friend and family were wonderful. The storyline is clear and (unfortunately too predictable) with wonderful symmetry. It was a right fit for a novella given the plot.

I did find a couple of editing mistakes which I don't think should exist in such an established author's work, and this is a big pet peeve of mine.

It's 4.5 instead of 5 stars because I'm actually reading my other fav author's work at the same time and can't help but compare; given that one is a self-published little known author and JR is well established with an amazing team, my expectations for Ms. Ward are very high.

All that being said, it was a fun, fast read. I did skip over the "stressful" parts because those descriptions are too close to home. But the meeting, the falling in love, the persevering, all of that were wonderful. I must have my HEA!

It was a decent use of $2.99 :) But if you want something even better (though it uses a lot more brain power and concentration) and a lot more engrossing try https://www.goodreads.com/series/8550... for the same price.

For a quick romantic escape, you can't go wrong with Dearest Ivie.

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May 14, 2022
Dearest Ivie by J.R. Ward
Genres; Adult Paranormal Suspense Romance
4.95 Stars

Well, I just finished my 2nd read. Even knowing how everything ends in this story it still made me cry. I loved every minute of it. An absolutely amazing story.
Thank you V for playing ReRead Tag with me. I am going to see if Starr wants to implement our new game into our GR group.

I found 3 typos.

So hard to find just the right words for how amazing this story is. How much it touched my heart.
I loved both main characters. Ivie is strong and resilient. Silas, though a bit mysterious, is good-humored and quick to laugh at Ivie's antics. Their story is both heartbreaking and extraordinarily beautiful. There is passion, love, humor and admirable strength in every aspect shown throughout. Their relationship will electrify you. Their pain will overwhelm you. Ivie's determination to help Silas and make their time together filled to brimming is remarkable.
An exquisitely poignant and transcendental story that will have you laughing, crying and smiling.
Silas and Ivie will leave you feeling warm and, the only word I can think of, euphoric.
A brilliantly written and astoundingly moving story.
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March 26, 2018
I admit after the previous book The Chosen which I seemed to find equal parts infuriating and disappointing I am a little relieved to find that I adored Dearest Ivie. It harkened back to the bad old days of the Black Dagger Brotherhood where the romance was central and an addictive mixture of sexy and heart wrenching. I admit, I cried a few tears when reading this.

This was a beautiful romance set in the Black Dagger Brotherhood world and it will be interesting to see if Silas, Ivie or Silas' missing brother (I am betting it's Muhrder!) will have any place in the series proper. I certainly hope so, I loved Ivie's straight talking, no nonsense personality and Silas was a true gentleman.

Fingers crossed I love the upcoming release The Thief as much as I loved this.
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May 8, 2018

“Ivie froze at the sound of the deep, low voice. Later, much later, she would remember most clearly not the moment she looked into his eyes, but rather the split second before she did.”

This was a short and great novella!

The main characters are Silas and Ivie.

Silas is a Glymera vampire. He's an aristocrat but a very respectful, gracious and, thoughtful one. He's also very mysterious.

Ivie is a nurse at Haver's who takes her job seriously and who's used to dealing with death on a regular basis. She's nothing farther from an aristocrat. She comes from a very loving family and it shows.

When Ivie and Silas meet at a bar, Ivie is tempted and even more when he proceeds to ask her out. Refusing is harder than she thinks.

Dearest Ivie brought me back to earlier BDB books. My favorite scene involves Silas meeting her family. Her dad who's a biker and who's fiercely protective of Ivie makes for a good laugh.

Silas, seriously, these are not your peeps. My dad has tattoos and a Harley. He and my mahmen live in a prefab house out on a farm, and eat their own chickens. We’re talking beer out of a can, a store-bought cake, and hunting dogs running around under the table.”

I was also surprised about the turn of events and I found myself crying over it. Ivie was rock solid when she needed to be but she also understood her limitations.

It was extremely hard not to fall for Silas. He was everything Ivie needed. Ivie for her part was smart, honest and she had no qualms about speaking her mind. She told it like it was. No sugar coating.

I hope to see these characters again in another BDB book.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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April 20, 2018
Very dramatic story line crammed into very few pages.. new characters. No character development.. couldn’t connect , made it difficult to care about the outcome of the story...
I’m not really sure why we need this book at all... I’m assuming it will tie into future books... otherwise it’s not relevant to the BDB series/storyline at all(up to this point in the series at least) ... other than the mention of Wrath’s name, none of the brothers make a cameo in this book.

It was just “meh” for me...

The BDB is is my favorite series OF ALL TIME... so maybe my hopes were too high...

That being said I’m still counting down the days for The Thief!
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March 23, 2018

I did NOT cry
I did NOT break my heart at all
I did NOT have to put my kindle down at any point to dry my eyes

Honestly? For a Novella, this book broke me in places!!!!

J. R. Ward is one of my all time favourites and this book about Ivie and Silas shows clearly why that is! For a short book, it captured me, it killed me, it put me back together AND made me absolutely shattered for work - I couldn't put it down and read far too late!

I love this series, I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood and I love J. R. Ward!

Bring on The Thief
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