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When an injury sidelines NFL player Deion McCaskill—maybe permanently—he heads to Miami to stay with an old college teammate and his boyfriend. He packs his tailor-made suits, anxiety about the future, and the bisexuality he’s ignored for years because it didn’t fit with his drive to succeed at football’s most elite levels.

Set designer Carlos Kelly has always known he’s bi, but dating women is easier than making waves with his Puerto Rican/Irish Catholic family. His friends and coworkers from the theater community might be almost entirely on the rainbow spectrum, but Carlos keeps things simple. Except for this heat that keeps flaring between him and the hot football player visiting his best friend.

Two weeks. Two guys who’ve never explored their bisexuality before and don’t plan on coming out, ever. One promise to let each other try out every fantasy they’ve ever had. Zero feelings involved.

At least, that was the plan. . .


First published January 25, 2018

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About the author

Amy Jo Cousins

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Amy Jo Cousins lives in Chicago, where she writes queer romance, tweets more than she ought, and sometimes runs way too far. She loves her boy and the Cubs, who taught her that being awesome doesn't necessarily have anything to do with winning.

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January 31, 2018
My favorite thing about this book: both MCs are bi and not white. HALLELUJAH!

I want to see characters of all ethnicities in my stories. I live in a white-washed state, and there are days I literally want to cry from the lack of diversity. So reading about an African-American football player (Deion) and Puerto Rican stage designer/carpenter (Carlos) made me really fucking happy.

The bisexual aspect was really well done, too. Carlos is comfortable flirting with men; he's always hung with the gay theater crowd and is insanely curious about gay sex but not willing to act on his desires.

Deion has shoved his bisexuality behind the coats and blankets in the forgotten basement closet. Even as all his relationships with women fizzle, Deion is worried about being out (he plays in the NFL after all).

The men don't immediately jump into bed and go at it like porn stars. Deion especially is really nervous, which was endearing as hell.

I loved the genuine conversations Deion and Carlos had about gay sex, and the eye fucking was like WHOA intense. But the actual steamy scenes felt slightly mechanical and truncated. (Although I don't think every reader will feel that way. I just prefer more descriptive sex in fiction.)

Deion and Carlos meet through mutual friends—Josh and Benji (the MCs from the first book, HeartShip). I loved Josh and Benji as secondary characters more than I liked them in their own story. Benji is sassy and hilarious, and Josh is the most considerate boyfriend ever.

You don't have to read HeartShip to enjoy HeartOn, but it's not a bad idea.

Let's also talk about:

THAT COVER—gorgeous! The model is stunning.

THE ENDING—romantic HEA built around the relief efforts in Puerto Rico (The author mentions that she rewrote the ending to fit the present reality, which I think makes the book feel more authentic.)

I think there's potential for more books in the series, which is a very good thing.
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January 29, 2018

***3.5 Stars***

This was super cute, super sweet, and super hot! Deion and Carlos were great together.

I love books dealing with first time explorations, and these two added a dose of realism and comedy to that. Neither, but especially Deion, had ever spoken aloud of their bisexuality, let alone acted on it. And when it came time to talk mechanics, prep and expectations....my heart melted while I also laughed my ass off.

Their whole conversation after watching a video about proper prep for a bottom was hilariously honest and terrific!

"They talked about using a dildo."

"On yourself. Yeah." Carlos waited for the question, then tipped his head when one didn't come. "Oh boy. So, that's another thing?"

"I've never done? Yeah. Why? Do you have one?"

"Indeed I do. Do you want to see it?"

"Kind of." He wasn't trying to whisper, but it seemed rude to demand, loudly,show me your sex toy right now.

And I LOVED how supportive their friends were. Carlos and Deion thought they were all slick and on the down-low with their hook ups, but their friends picked up on it almost immediately...and stayed silent, letting the two guys figure things out on their own. They let Carlos and Deion have their time and gave them the space to address their relationship on their terms and when it felt right for them.

But of course those pesky feelings gotta start popping up, throwing a wrench in things. The evolution of their relationship from experimental sex to couple-y romance was sweet. These two were damn adorable together.

The ending was a little bit rushed for me, and I'm not the biggest fan of time jumps...but overall this was a solid read that I recommend to anyone who loves books dealing with first time exploration of sexuality...especially if you love a healthy dose of humor and honesty, all wrapped up in two endearing heroes.

***ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review***
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March 10, 2018
DNF @ 49%. Really, I can't. This book is boring me to tears. I have to keep skimming to get to the point. There is all this extra prose and internal monologuing that I don't care about. What should have felt like slow build, and therefore perfectly reasonable, just felt torturous.

And this is a really big pet peeve of mine - DON'T write a black character if you're not going to do/say anything else about him other than put a black man on the cover. If this were a paperback, and someone had ripped the cover off I would have no idea what Deion looked like, much less that he was black. We get all this description of Carlos - his complexion, his hair, dark eyes, his lean body, the darkening of his cheeks as he blushed. Yet for Deion, all I know is that he is 300lbs (football player) and has a six pack, has to look down to Carlos's 6 ft height, has sharp cheekbones and is a fashionable dresser. That's it. What kind of hair does he have? What color hair? Is he dark skinned, brown, medium? What color eyes? When I begged off at almost 50%, they had kissed more than once, and one had given the other a hand job and yet, not only is there no mention of Deion's physical characteristics during sex...or any other time, at NO POINT does anyone even mention Deion being black. Stop putting black men on covers to sell books to fans of interracial romance and then completely ignoring the character's blackness in the story!

Character development or lack thereof - We learn all about Carlos's family, his abuela, his mama's love of shoes, his failed acting career, his passion for theater and building stage sets, that he also does custom furniture but it's not his dream; he is a three dimensional character. Every descriptive scene is for his benefit. Either he is the narrator, their friends are discussing him and he overhears, or Deion is looking at him and thinking of him. Yet Deion barely has moments like those. At 49%, all I know about him is that he plays football, may have a permanent injury and is from a family of preachers and teachers. Really?

Everything just felt so clinical. Just as things would start getting sexy, they would have to pause and divert the story. We'll only do kissing and touching cause you had too much to drink and I don't want to be your drunken mistake. Ok, fine. Ok, now that you're sober and we're both worked up and hard, we're going to press pause because you've never looked at gay porn, or know the mechanics of gay sex, so we're going to watch videos about anal sex, and possibly the abcs of 'cleansing'. Yeahhhhh nooooo. Maybe if I hadn't fought falling asleep to get to these sexy parts, that would be fine. As it stands, stage left. Exit. Now.
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January 30, 2018
HeartOn by Amy Jo Cousins is a sexy LGBTQ romance with two men exploring their bisexuality for the first time in a vacation romance that leaves them wanting more.

Deion, a pro football player, is sidelined with a possible career ending injury when he visits his ex-teammate Josh, happily partnered up with massage therapist Benji (see HeartShip for their story) in Miami. Josh and Benji have opened up their own clinic offering personal training and massage and are up front that they'd like Deion to move to Miami if he doesn't get back into the NFL, but Deion is not ready to consider anything other than playing ball. In Miami he meets Carlos Kelly, a set designer from a big, traditional Puerto Rican family and a friend of Benji's. They'd met once before when Deion had visited and there had been a vibe between them, but one neither was ready to explore. Well, now they are ready.

Finding excuses to spend time together, Deion and Carlos explore more than just friendship. Their sexual affair is an exploratory one, neither having been with a man before and soon they have trouble keeping their hands off each other. The consequences of 'coming out' are unknown, with Carlos's family members a toss-up as to whether they'd accept him being with a man and Deion sure to have issues with the NFL. And besides, their arrangement is only supposed to last for 4 weeks. What will they do when they find themselves wanting more than just a fling?

I loved this story! (and hello, hella sexy cover!). It's a lighthearted, fun and very steamy romance, with lots of laughs as well as emotional heart tugging moments. Benji and Josh are the perfect welcoming committee for Deion who is worried about what the future holds and needs a place to let things go for a bit. His attraction to Carlos is returned equally from the start, and though they shyly admit to each other that they are bisexual (for Deion a big revelation to get out in the open for the first time), they are eager to figure out what that means for them in the bedroom. The sex scenes delve into realism not often seen in a romance book but make it that much more authentic for the characters. Carlos's Puerto Rican heritage and family are integral to the story as is the football culture that Deion is used to. It adds another layer of complexity to their vacation fling.

With time ticking, Deion and Carlos's relationship goes from fun to more serious but with no easy answer as to what to do when Deion has to return home. Difficult choices need to be made on both sides, but the end result is a happy ending and sweet epilogue. Chalk up another romance for my 'best of 2018' folder!

A copy of this story was provided by the author for review.
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January 25, 2018
4.5 rounding up. What a gem of a story! HeartShip was cute but short, and it was nice that HeartOn also adds more development to Josh and Benji’s characters, when Deion comes to stay with them. They’re an integral part of the story without taking up too much page time. Carlos has harbored a crush on Deion since they met a couple of years before. Both are secretly bisexual and have never pursued that part of themselves, yet manage to convey their attraction to each other. You can all guess how the sex-only agreement turns out. There were a few very hot scenes and the sex was kind of fun, as both were completely inexperienced, aside from watching porn. I liked being shown their time outside of that, when they established their romantic connection, when they were so in sync with each other. Deion is also living in denial of possibly losing his future in professional football, creating a big obstacle when he and Carlos realize their feelings have deepened.

The author really humanized these two characters, especially when their time together neared an end, as Deion was scheduled to leave. They weren’t afraid to be blunt and honest with each other, even though it hurt both deeply at one point. My only issues arose with the ending, when I felt like Carlos was being a little unfair to Deion, although I could see his point. It was pretty much insta-love too, since their time together was less than two weeks. I also wondered at the lack of any detail at all about family repercussions, when Carlos made kind of a big deal about it as a reason for not coming out. It was a total non-event, which was okay but I wanted to know what was up with grandma! The author gave a glimpse into Puerto Rico in the epilogue, as Deion and Carlos get involved in the recovery, among other reasons to be there. This was thoroughly engaging, without a bunch of drama or angst but offering a touch of uncertainty and strong sense of anticipation for the couple. Recommended.

*An ARC was provided by the author, publisher or promotional service and I have chosen to publish a fair and honest review for Hearts On Fire Reviews blog*
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Author 50 books621 followers
January 21, 2018
If you spotted Deion and Carlos in the background of HeartShip and thought, "Ooh, wouldn't it be awesome if those two were both secretly bi and realized it when they met and made a pact to try everything they'd always fantasized about, but only for two weeks?", then this is the book for you. ;)
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January 28, 2018
4.5 stars

I really enjoyed this new book by Amy Jo Cousins. I've been shipping Benji and Josh ever since their original short was published in the Wish Come True anthology, and loved their expanded story in HeartShip. Going into HeartOn, I didn't remember Carlos or Deion in much detail but that didn't hinder my enjoyment of this book at all. It can be read completely as a standalone.

HeartOn is a quick, sweet and steamy book. The relationship between Deion and Carlos builds pretty slowly, more slowly than I expected going into a book of this length. That is not a complaint, by the way. The slower build allowed them to get to know each other a little and build trust before opening up to the other, making the vacation-lay-buddies turned relationship that much more believable, especially for two bi guys who have heretofore kept their sexuality a secret from friends, family - even themselves, to a certain degree.

And my favorite thing, I think, was how Deion and Carlos approached the physical side of their relationship. Neither had been with a man before, and rather than jumping in feet first and, with the magic of the romance book, knowing exactly what they're doing from the word go, they take it slowly and research things together, watch prep videos and discuss hygiene. Sure, it's not what we're used to in erotic portions of romance novels, but it's real life, and I thought it added so much to their story and their relationship, physically and emotionally.

If I had to pick a single complaint, it would be that the climax and ending were very abrupt. At the end of his vacation, Deion has a lot of decisions to make in regard to his career, moving his life to Miami, coming out publically, etc., and that portion of the story is told over the course of about 3 pages, and from Carlos' POV. However, this is a pretty small niggle. I really would've liked it to be expanded a little and shown from Deion's POV, but it wasn't a dealbreaker.

I really enjoyed this story. Deion and Carlos were awesome, but it was also awesome to revisit Josh and Benji, who play a pretty big part in the background of this story. I love those guys and loved seeing them living their lives post-HEA from an outside perspective. The third book in the series gets teed up during this one, and sounds like it'll be an awesome addition to this series. Definitely pick up HeartOn - and HeartShip, too, if you haven't already.

An advance copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review on OMGReads.
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January 25, 2018
Reviewed on Slitsread.

Oh, how I’ve missed the words from Amy Jo Cousins...She just knows how to melt my cold, black heart.

In HeartOn, book two in the Full Hearts series, my heart melted, I swooned a little, and I’m pretty sure I told my husband to go away while reading. I mean, when there is a book in my hand, that means DO NOT DISTURB. And no, I did not want to be disturbed while reading this. Why? Well, because HeartOn is simply delightful.

In this story about coming out, self discovery, love and friendship, I found that I was immediately absorbed. I fell in love with Deion and Carlos right from the start. Having met each of them in book one of this series, HeartShip, I had a little bit of a feel for them, but I didn’t *know* them. Now that I do, I find myself wanting to know more. I feel like there should be a check in some time soon. Only because I just want to know that these guys are happy, not because they don’t get their HEA. They totally get that. But do you know that feeling you get when you fall really hard for a couple, and you don’t want to let them go? That was me with Carlos and Deion.

Things I really loved… realism when discussing the mechanics of anal sex. Yea, that’s a thing to talk about. I appreciated the frankness each character had with each other regarding all topics, but especially sex and their expectations in their not really a relationship. I liked the respect they each had for for one another and their friends, and how their friends just let them be without all the pushing. When it came to each characters individual issues and struggles with coming out as bisexual, I’d hoped for a little bit more… at first. But to be honest, I’m glad I didn’t have to go through all of the repercussions. Those that there were had already been enough. Any more would have resulted in a change to the overall feel of the story. I like that Amy Jo kept it light and happy.

If you have not read HeartShip, it’s not necessary for this book but would really add to the “heart” of it all. Part of that heart comes from Benji and Josh. While they don’t take a large amount of page time, their presence is solid and a important. And lets face it, checking in with them is a total joy.

If you, like me, want to read something sweet and a little bit angsty, but a whole lot of fun, pick up HeartOn.
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February 16, 2018
Two guys exploring their bisexuality can be so hot. They are so mature about it, too! Researching together and getting to know each other. Ngh. Their attraction is palpable with chemistry for days! And surprisingly slow burn.

This is a quick read, steamy and sweet. And these two have some of the best friends, a solid circle for sure. They know how to respect boundaries (even I suck at that with my closest friends) and are just stellar people. And Carlos's family is pretty sweet, too.

The ending was a bit abrupt and I wish we had seen more of how things progressed in the early days. The epilogue is impactful for today and I loved all of it!
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February 1, 2018
Reviewed for https://justlovereviews.com/2018/01/3...

If you enjoyed HeartShip, the first book in this series, chances are good that you’ll also like HeartOn. It proved to be a fun and flirty – not to mention hot and sweaty – read that checked off quite a few of my favorite boxes.

What’s not to love about two dudes embarking on a fling to explore their bisexuality? I mean did you see that cover? And by all accounts, Carlos (presumably that’s Deion on the cover) was no slouch either looking like a young, fine Andy Garcia. My imagination went into full overdrive at every speculative look between our two heroes and I loved the intensity in which things ramped up between them. Sexy times did involve some very practical (and educational!) steps for the uninitiated, but seeing them gamely go about the business of getting it on was more endearing than embarrassing. Speaking of embarrassing though, am I the only one who did not catch the cute play on words in the book titles in this series until just recently? Don’t answer that.

Unsurprisingly, I very much enjoyed the bi rep in the book. I liked that there was no judgemental tone in the way the author took on the premise of two closeted bisexuals finding it more “convenient” to only date people of the opposite sex – until now. Their story enforced the idea that it’s okay to experiment – or not – just as it’s okay to come out – or not – which I really appreciated. With that said, I liked that both heroes expressed their desire to continue to date men if things didn’t work out for the long term, and I adored Deion’s heart-to-heart with his bff Josh about homosexuality and bisexuality. However, while I liked that Deion and Carlos were surrounded by a supportive group of friends, except for Benji and Josh, I thought the rest of the group might as well have been stand-ins.

It think at the end of the day though, I could’ve used a bit more depth to Deion and Carlos’s romance. The author kept it fairly light and sweet, only ramping up the feels and the stakes towards the end of their fling. It didn’t make the book less satisfying, but I wouldn’t have minded more… heart. If anything, Benji and Josh stole the romantic spotlight for me with the many wonderful ways their relationship had evolved over the years.

You can read HeartOn as a standalone but be warned that Benji and Josh from HeartShip feature quite prominently in it and you’d be missing out on their awesome backstory. I’m also very excited about a possible glimpse into book three which looks to feature a redhead looking to seduce his neighbor or die trying. I’m ready for it.
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March 4, 2018
YOU GUYS! …. This book … WELL FUCKING DONE Amy Jo!!

There is nothing that gets my reader motor going running more than realistic fiction. And this story was realistic to the gazillionth degree. Especially the sexual awakening, if you will, of both Carlos and Deion. You see, both these guys have known their sexual orientation but never explored it with another man. So they’re not aware of the nuances, for lack of a better term, of two men having sexual intercourse LOL And instead of just jumping off the cliff like most romance novels do, Amy Jo created a story-line so realistic my heart almost exploded. They researched, they explored, they watched videos. I’m telling you, THIS BOOK WAS SPOT ON if you want relatable and realistic fiction!

I also have to say that I feel a ton better about Josh and Benji’s HEA journey from HeartShip right now. They played a pretty big roll in this book for secondary characters and we get to see them as a couple a lot and that made me really happy. Honestly, there’s nothing I wasn’t happy about … okay so maaaybe the whole wrap up at the end happened a bit quick, but the meat of this story was sooooooooo good, that’s like a tiny little bleep of nothing :)

Copy provided by the author for review
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Shelved as 'dnf'
March 9, 2018
Quitting at 51% bored.

Liked that the characters are both bi, more believable than gfy x2.
Also the cover caught my attention a coloured character and a Puerto Rican character promised something different. However I can't decide if the story was an overly cautious attempt to be PC and in effort to avoid the cliches of 'chocolate skin'... descriptions are avoided. We learn Deion has sharp cheek bones, he licks his lips pink, he has a six-pack - that's it. If he didn't refer to Josh mentally as 'white-boy' I'd not know he wasn't white himself. Carlos is lean, tall has dark hair. They're pretty interchangeable.

More focus is given to the couple from the previous book than to the unfolding story. They're overshadowed.

The story is colourless, they talk before exploring sex which should be great but it's like reading a technical hand book. Tension is weak, everything happens so quick and easily. There's no spontaneity, humour or feeling to them coming together.
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January 28, 2018
3.5 stars. There were parts of this that were really fun. I liked Carlos and Deion both very much, but didn't feel them as a couple really until almost the end of the book. I just didn't love this one as much as I loved HeartShip. :/ Full review coming to www.thenovelapproachreviews.com
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1,524 reviews241 followers
January 25, 2018
4 1/2 Stars!

First off, I will never stop staring at that cover. NEVER.

Second, the story is just as amazing as the cover. It's sweet and fun and sexy and fairly low on the angst and it was just a damn treat to read from start to finish!

Some things that I loved:
~ Two POC heroes!
~ Both come out as bi
~ And the way they do it, so casually while also nervous inside, is fucking adorable
~ Their explorations of sex, and each other, is hot and fun
~ And also super frank -- like watching videos about anal prep and sex and they have really
honest, even if they might be slightly embarrassed, conversations which I fucking LOVED

Would I have liked this to be longer, to have more? Sure. But all in all, I was beyond happy with what we had and I didn't feel like this book was incomplete in any way. I'm just greedy and never wanted to leave these two, so I would have gladly stayed for more development and exploration and whatnot.

I'm so excited that Owen is getting a book (he grabbed my attention when he walked on the page, looking to get "ripped" to make an old hookup jealous). And I still need to go back and read Benji and Josh's story.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

If you wish to look at some quotes/thoughts I highlighted, please check out my Twitter feed

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July 6, 2018
This book is book 2 in the series and is just like book 1 a pleasant short read. Great that the two MC’s are not white.
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January 25, 2018
4.5 stars- Sweet, sexy, and delightful

Sometimes I’m in the mood for a romance that will put me through minimal angst but still deliver all those warm fuzzies. HeartOn was precisely that. While this is the second book in the Full Hearts series and there’s an overlap of characters, HeartOn can easily be read as a standalone.

Carlos and Deion were introduced to readers in the first book of the series, and while I liked the glimpses, I knew very little about them and started this book with a clean slate and no significant expectations. HeartOn picks up well after HeartShip, which made for a nice continuation of the story as readers get to see how the couple from the first book are doing without it taking away from Carlos and Deion’s story. I liked that HeartOn featured characters who were still very much finding themselves- professionally and personally- without them being young or immature. I also found the idea of two closeted bisexual men exploring their attraction to one another for the first time to be fairly unique and interesting. And I loved that the author and characters didn’t keep these scenes too serious- many were definitely steamy, but they also contained humor, addressed insecurities, and contained plenty of swoony romantic moments- giving the narrative a very honest feel.

While I liked the first book in the series, it felt a little underdeveloped and I was pleased HeartOn went a little more in depth with the heroes personal and relationship struggles as they decided if they wanted to publicly out themselves and pursue a relationship with each other. There was definitely some conflict and angst, but it was minimal, which made this a really pleasant read with an ending that was a perfect capping to the story. The couple was adorable together and had me grinning time and time again. If you enjoyed HeartShip or are just looking for a sweet, easy romance with just enough conflict to drive a plot and keep things interesting, I undoubtedly recommend HeartOn.

*Received eARC from author. The author had no influence over this review*
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7,376 reviews417 followers
February 7, 2018
A Joyfully Jay review.

4 stars

HeartOn is the second book in Amy Jo Cousins’ Full Hearts series. The first book was originally published as the short story “The Christmas Ship” as part of the Wish Come True anthology. Cousins has now revised and expanded the story into the novella HeartShip. While I read the short story, I didn’t read the novella, but I don’t think that affected my enjoyment here. The books are linked in that Benji and Josh are close friends with both men and actually feature quite prominently in this story. But anything you need to know about their past is conveyed here, so you could easily jump in starting with HeartOn.

I enjoyed this story of two men who never had any intention of coming out of the closet, who end up unexpectedly finding love where they thought only to find sex. Both men know they are bisexual, but each have reasons for not wanting to come out. Here we see Carlos and Deion admitting for the first time, to one another, that they are actually bisexual. They have a sense of safety with one another that they don’t feel elsewhere, even though their friends are open and accepting (and Carlos’ friends are mostly LGBT themselves). It starts out with the men just experimenting together, using that safe space to experience all the things they have wanted to try. But Cousins does a nice job of showing the men falling for one another and building a connection even in the short time they are together. I really liked both characters and enjoyed seeing their journey to happiness.

Read Jay’s review in its entirety here.

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282 reviews1 follower
February 8, 2018
This was pretty good. And longer than the first of the series. And it felt. The author could insist on the slow growth of the relationship, the tough decisions, the weighing up of priorities.. And still have room left for dumping events in the background, skipping them over.

I think this is the first novel where making the main characters versatile as opposed to either top or bottom didn't make me frown. I don't know how Amy Jo did it, but she did it. Finally it didn't sound stupid that the guys wanted to try both ways. Because most of the times it is stupid and tragically unrealistic, but whatever.

At the beginning I thought Carlos started to sound too much like Benji. I don't know if I just got used to it, or the author found her way back onto the right track, but at that point I wasn't happy. It was as if the author lost control over her own work. Never encouraging.
And going forward it seemed to me that Carlos and Deion lost their individual voices. I could only tell them apart based on their worries. Luckily the two main characters worried about different things. That helped.

Overall, I liked this novel a lot. It wasn't all sweet and fluff. Some real issues and worries were brought up, but without turning the novel angst-soaked. Just enough to create pressure.
The story was interesting, career, family and coming out worries were pretty real, without gaining documentary quality, there were nice times, moderate amounts of sex, really interesting supporting characters and just the right cameos by characters from the first novel from the series. Perfect ingredients to a good MM romance story. There was room left for improvement and refining, but still fun and enjoyable.
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2,442 reviews403 followers
February 28, 2018
3.5 Stars

I am huge fan of Amy Jo Cousin's work and this is a nice addition to here new series.

We have a lot of tropes and fun going on here. This book is a good time as our two heroes take the time to explore their bisexuality. They have real reason for trying this out quietly. Though for me, the hiding from friends stuff last a bit too long.

Each hero is well drawn though I was more attached to Carlos than Deion. I wanted to "see" and understand him more and for him to take more emotionial risks.

The circle of friends is wonderful and I am excited about the next book in the series.

Sexy and charming read.

I was given this book for my honest review. So there you have it!
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658 reviews2 followers
February 6, 2018
what a surprising good read. I know I've read books by this author before, but for some reason I was going with a closed mind when I started.
Of course it proved me wrong. I love the way the guys came together. Both Bi, but have never gave into temptation because for one reason or another. The met each other a while back, and left an impression on each other. Met again, and they started chatting, they decided that they should explore that side of themselves. Just for the short time they had together. Of course you cannot get away when feeling start to show.
Thoroughly enjoyed this, and it was funny as well.
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870 reviews20 followers
February 5, 2018
3.5 stars rounded up.

I liked this. I enjoyed how the narrative allowed both characters to work through their newfound sexualities, but with minimal drama. It was hot and fun, and I absolutely bought the romance, even over such a short period of time.
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388 reviews13 followers
January 28, 2018
Hot, really hot but also fresh and romantic. A great recipe.
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808 reviews60 followers
January 25, 2018
Remember how I said HeartShip, the first in the Full Hearts series, was sweet and lovely? Yeah, this is somehow even better. Can your read this book without reading the first? Yes, but, seriously, it’s not that long of a book, and it’s less than a dollar right now, just go read it!

“I’m about to go meet a man I think about way more than is healthy. And he doesn’t even know who the fuck I am. Also, he’s straight. Also, I sleep with girls. Life is too short to deal with unnecessary drama.”

Carlos knows the sting of disappointment – despite attending acting school, he wasn’t able to support himself as an actor, and though he loves singing, he’s not good enough to make it at that, either. What he is good at is building things, and he’s been slowly establishing himself as a set designer. Deion is a pro football player who’s on leave for being injured and he’s antsy to get back to the game. His friend Josh (from the previous novel) invites him to stay with him and his partner Benji in Miami for a few weeks as a vacation. Carlos has had a thing for Deion since he met him through Josh and Benji, and gets adorably anxious about meeting him again. Though they’ve only met in person that once, they’ve “seen” each other around on Twitter, and Carlos follows Deion’s career. When they meet again, it’s impossible to deny the attraction between them. And when they both admit to being bi (in quite possibly the most adorably awkward coming out conversation ever), they decide to spend the rest of Deion’s vacation exploring the thing between them, no strings attached. They both figure they’ll get it out of their system and then go back to their usual “straight” lives afterwards. Well, we know how that ends up, right?

“Deion couldn’t help it. He laughed and moaned at the same time. So fucked. He was so, so fucked. ‘I am totally fucking bi.’
Carlos grunted beneath him. ‘No shit, Sherlock. You’re ninety-five yards up my ass. We left the Land of Straight Dudes behind at the kickoff.’”

The development of their relationship is simultaneously sweet and ridiculously hot. Carlos has known he’s bi, but it’s just been easier for him to bring home girls to his Puerto Rican Catholic / Irish Catholic family. Deion’s been in denial for, well, pretty much ever, so he’s understandably anxious. Even the consent is super sexy – Deion indulges in a bit of liquid courage, and Carlos sets down limits since he know’s Deion’s lit, which actually takes some of the pressure off Deion and allows him to relax enough to explore. Deion’s never been in a real relationship before – his record was dating a girl for three weeks in college. So not only is he learning to manage the whole dating-a-man thing, he’s also struggling with dating someone he actually cares about. They both have things to lose if they come out as bi – some of Carlos’ conservative family may not welcome him, and that revelation could scupper Deion’s hopes of returning to pro football. When they decided to take the next step – coming out as a couple to Benji and Josh and their friends, and then going to one of Carlos’ family’s parties – Deion finds himself getting upset when Benji refers to it as a “vacation lay.”

“Thinking about it was for sure making him crazy, though. Were they, weren’t they . . . ? Whatever the fuck they were thinking, he didn’t want to know. The whole thing with Deion felt like some kind of soap-bubble magic, a slowly expanding sphere of wanting and happiness and orgasms with each day bringing new experiences . . . and a higher risk of the inevitable pop of reality breaking through the magic.”

It was lovely to see more of Josh and Benji’s relationship, and how it affects Deion and Carlos. Josh knows that Deion’s injury might be career ending, and Deion will not admit it (he’s the king of denial, huh?). He still shows him around the massage therapy / physical therapy office that Josh and Benji have started. Deion’s degree is in business management (have I mentioned how nice it is to see smart football guys?), and the challenge of taking that on is enticing – as is the thought of spending more time with Carlos. It’s the strength of those feelings that scare him. Carlos has his own issues, though. He tends to get absorbed by his work, and he has no patience with Deion blowing hot and cold – in Carlos’ mind, Deion’s either up for a real relationship with him, or he isn’t, there’s no middle-ground.

Overall, it was wonderful watching their relationship develop, from just spending time together watching zombie movies to a romantic day out on the ocean. This has more angst than the first one, but is still pleasantly sweet and utterly hilarious. Highly recommended!

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
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January 25, 2018
This was a solid read, as expected from this author, although I did trip over a few things that bother me more than they probably do other people.

1) The writing initially felt like I was reading fan fiction of a non-canon couple getting together while a canon couple chews up the scenery in the background.

2) Most of the bisexuality rep was relatable and/or reasonable, imo. (I especially liked that they do practical, non sexy stuff like watch videos about sex prep.) But I did get very frustrated with

Also, while their initial attraction and exploration felt realistic, I didn't see what made them develop romantic feelings, especially after such a short period of time. I think the second half of the story needed to be developed further in order for the story to be truly satisfying.

There was actually a lot that I enjoyed about this story, but those are the things that kept me from enjoying it fully.
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February 15, 2018
HeartOn is a wonderful, sweet, insanely hot book that's tells the story of two bisexual me who fall in love with each other. Seriously, this book was a balm to my heart and exactly what I needed right now. Low drama, amazing character diversity, and hot chemistry between our MCs is perfection!

Deion is a professional football player who's recovering from an injury that leaves the future of his career in uncertainty. Deion accepts the invitation of his best friend Josh to come and visit him and his bf Benji in Miami for a few weeks, because he needed to stop stressing about his future. Meeting Benji's best friend Carlos again makes Deion face the one thing he's been trying his hardest to ignore: his attraction towards other men.

Carlos is a Hispanic man who always knew he's probably bisexual, but never actually did anything about it. I loved how the bisexuality angle was handled for both our main characters, and while the decision to come out to friends and family wasn't instantly made, I perfectly understood the reluctance behind it.

I didn't read the first book in the series and I was afraid I was going to be lost, but this book can be read as a standalone without a doubt. In fact, while I didn't read Josh and Benji's story, they came through as a solid couple, amazing friends and wonderful people.

The chemistry between Deion and Carlos was freaking amazing, and the romantic tones of their exploration made me giddy. Their daylong getaway kayaking and then enjoying a beautiful evening on an island beach let me feeling nostalgic, because I remember listening to "A Dios let pido" for hours and hours. It made me remember a younger teenage me angsting over someone I couldn't have while sing-praying to a Spanish god. I felt like I understood Deion perfectly right then. (I actually had to play that song again whole re-reading that whole scene)

HeartOn is a great book, I'm so glad I've read it!
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January 22, 2018
I give this 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I think I'm burnt out on football player romances. As someone who is not a sports fan, I suppose that's not too surprising. I've seen lots of 4 and 5 star ratings for HeartOn, and I get how those readers took such a liking to Deion and Carlos. However, I felt like there wasn't enough insight into each of their struggles with coming out as bi to their families. I wanted to know how each dealt with coming out and the reactions from their families. And, specifically for Deion, was there any backlash from sports fans or former teammates? The whole premise of the story revolves around the fears Carlos and Deion have about everyone else's acceptance of their relationship and sexuality. But once they resolved to commit to each other, it was like that issue became insignificant. I needed more angst to invoke some feelings.

I did appreciate the frank discussion Deion and Carlos had about the realistic and not so flattering aspects of gay sex. No other book I've ever read has addressed this topic in such a sensible and practical manner. Kudos to the author for getting real.

Prior to reading HeartOn, I was not aware of the previous book in this series that features Benji and Josh. I really liked Benji (I'm partial to flamboyant characters) and have added HeartShip.to my TBR list. Oh, and Owen gets his own story, which is awesome because the tidbits of his character in HeartOn snagged my interest.

In short, while I didn't dislike HeartOn, I found it to be slightly lacking in the drama but enjoyed the development of Carlos and Deion's relationship.

***ARC provided by author for unbiased review.***
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May 4, 2018
It’s supposed to be a romance but reads more like an affair. I don’t see that the two leads have spent enough quality time doing anything, besides bedding each other, to have an HEA. And the various obstacles - one has a traditional family, the other an NFL career - are mentioned but not exactly dealt with because the novella doesn’t have space for them.

What really annoyed me were two things — both which felt like sexism. The first was their friends, a m/m couple, having made big efforts to share housekeeping equitably because it’s not fair for one partner to bear what is the traditional woman’s role. The wording of this is so similar to every straight woman’s fantasy of what they wish their male partner would say, it was uncanny. (Also hugely popular, the passage was highlighted by many readers.) it made me furious though because millions of women have argued and explained to male partners for decades about this, but men rarely ‘get it’, however in this case, it only took one explanation from one man to another man, and boom, problem solved!

The other sexist part was the way the NFL player acted toward women. He explicitly said he was bi and not gay. Yet, although he had slept with plenty of women and he was at least in his mid-20s, possibly older, he couldn’t remember a single woman’s last name. He also didn’t appear to have any female friends. So, he was with a lot of women but failed to take a single one seriously or have enough interest in any of them ever to learn their last name.

There’s a word for that and it’s not bisexual. It’s asshole.
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