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A Case of Serendipity

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Ruth Bateman is at her wit’s end. If Bucky’s Beans doesn’t stop spamming her phone with discount codes for frou-frou java concoctions, she’s going to flip. After multiple failed attempts to unsubscribe, Ruth takes to the company’s Facebook page to vent her frustration over the never-ending texts.

When attorney, Henry Mancuso, stumbles upon Ruth’s complaint, he has no idea that a simple Facebook scroll is going to change his life. Now, he has to get Ruth to agree to a class action lawsuit when she’s just looking for some peace on her mobile device—not a drawn-out case against a coffeehouse giant.

As Ruth and Henry battle the legal waters, a friendship full of fun and spontaneity blooms. But could something more be brewing between these two and this coffeehouse case?

Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2018

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About the author

K.J. Farnham

9 books301 followers
K. J. Farnham writes contemporary fiction for women and young adults. She grew up in the Milwaukee area and now lives in western Wisconsin.

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Author 7 books37 followers
February 20, 2018
In short, I absolutely adored this book and found it very difficult to put it down once I started reading. A Case of Serendipity is a contemporary light romance novel which focuses on Ruth, a quirky divorcee and Henry, a workaholic lawyer, who are thrown together by fate after Ruth becomes the lead plaintiff in a case against Bucky’s Beans Coffeehouse.

The novel is a first person narrative and each chapter alternates between either Ruth or Henry’s point of view. This choice of narrative works well and gives the reader the opportunity to really get to know both of these characters who, thanks to Farnham’s flawless style and effortless descriptions, are extremely well drawn. Farnham has a real gift for creating likable characters, the sort of characters who make you want to go along with them for the ride, who make you want to root for them. Ruth and Henry are no exception and by the end of the novel I struggled to decide which I found more endearing; off-beat Ruth with her wild hair and appreciation of life’s simple pleasures, or Henry with his neatness, seriousness and intensity.

The story itself is absolutely delightful – without giving too much away, this is a real ‘feel good’ novel, a genuine light romance about two people who seem to complement each other so perfectly that you can’t imagine them not ending up together. Whether they do or whether they don’t…well, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

If you like romance without erotica, well-rounded, likable characters and uplifting plots then this book is for you. Highly recommended – five stars.
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911 reviews22 followers
August 9, 2018
3.5 stars - a sweet, slow, safe romance. No sexy times, no unnecessary angst. Just two people finding themselves and each other and falling in love slowly over time. She is a quirky ray of sunshine, who is getting unwanted texts from a coffeehouse. He is the buttoned up, semi-neurotic lawyer representing her in a class action lawsuit. Just a feel good romance.
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2,761 reviews1,330 followers
March 20, 2018
There’s absolutely no question that the writing in this book was completely charming. Ms. Farnham have a gift and I was charmed, y’all. I kept thinking I was reading a small town romance but…it’s not really. It’s just got that small town charm and I fell into that like a warm cozy blanket.

I loved Ruth Bateman. I mean, I adored her. She felt so real to me –quirky, kind, a little beat up by life, a little awkward, but 100% lovable. And her romance with Henry was so unique. A long slow burn full of offbeat flirtatious exchanges and slowly dawning realization. This is a unique story, a sweet story, and it’s not just the romance. The evolution of Henry and Ruth over the course of this book was rewarding. There is much to love here and I did love most of it.

That said, there were a couple bumps in the road for me. It moved a little more slowly than I would have liked. And I felt like Bucky’s Beans maybe got a whole bunch of attention that I would have rather have been directed toward building the chemistry between Henry and Ruth. I sometimes almost felt like the romance was a secondary storyline and because I adored the characters so much, it left me occasionally frustrated.

In all, though, this was a delightful book to read. A break from the norm. Lighthearted and fun and – truly charming. I’m so glad to have met these fantastic characters, and to have been introduced to this wonderful story. ~ Shelly, 3 Stars
Profile Image for Karan Eleni.
Author 9 books33 followers
March 22, 2018
This review was originally posted on karaneleni.com

You guys!! This is my first read from K. J. Farnham, and I know I say this a lot, but I wish I wouldn't have waited so long! Coffee shops, social media, unwanted text messages from corporations that you know you never signed up for, and fitness centers make this story completely relatable to many readers. Ok fine, not so much the fitness center for me, but some will relate to that one. And puzzles! At one point near the beginning of the story, Ruth sat down to work on a puzzle inspiring me to grab one from the cabinet and get to work while my iPad read to me. I don't remember the last time I worked on a puzzle, but the puzzle queen in me was very happy! She says thanks to Ruth and K. J.! As for the romance side of this new contemporary romance, this single girl can't relate to that much right now, but it does give me a ray of hope that someone could come along someday in the weirdest of ways. And if not, I've got my puzzles, coffee shops (though I didn't care too much for the Caribou dig there, K. J. ...), and even fitness centers should I ever become not lazy. Readers, if you're looking for a sweet story that will make you smile, laugh, swoon, and want to do a puzzle (I'm obsessed with them, not sorry at all), then definitely pick this one up! Now, please excuse me while I go finish my puzzle.
Profile Image for Cathy.
856 reviews6 followers
May 2, 2019
Something a little lighter, just when I needed it. A straightforward romance with very little angst. Ruth is divorced and seems to be working hard at not dating, and Henry appears to be trying not to commit to a relationship he may already be in. Watching as they are thrown together and steadily fall for one another was very sweet, I really enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Sandie Grise.
236 reviews5 followers
March 21, 2018
Oh my goodness what a Fun and Fabulous read by author K.J. Farnham! This is the kind of romantic read that makes you smile. Ruth and Henry just click, well written, quirky and and I loved it to bits!
Truly a fun read for those that enjoy smiling all day long after they've read a book!

I received this book as an ARC and this is my personal opinion on what I've read.
Profile Image for Jules.
1,378 reviews78 followers
March 19, 2018
A Case of Serendipity is a lovely contemporary romance. Ms. Farnham has set the plot pace to realistic. There is no insta-love where the main characters proclaim their undying love after knowing each other a few days. The story is told in a first person narrative with chapters alternating between Ruth and Henry’s point of view. This allows readers to really get to know both characters. The story premise is cute and realistic.

I loved Ruth Bateman. She is recovering from several hardships, and yet, she retains a very positive attitude. I loved the simplicity of her life. She is not materialistic. She is low maintenance—spends more time being out in the world rather than primping. Henry is an uptight, overachieving lawyer, but a very nice, ethical guy. His family is pretty relaxed compared to him. I couldn’t understand his relationship with Constance, a co-worker and the boss’ niece. Constance is beautiful on the outside, but not so much on the inside. Her self-absorption and vindictiveness make her dislikeable.

Ruth and Henry are thrown together when Ruth becomes the lead plaintiff in a case against Bucky’s Beans Coffeehouse. Both of these characters are likable, but they are better together since they bring out the best in one another in an easy, comfortable way. There is little angst in this lighthearted read. I appreciated the author’s detailed descriptions of Milwaukee; they added greatly to the scene setting and realism of the story.

Ms. Farnham has written a delightful, clean, mature romance. Carefree Ruth and Uptight Henry come together in an unusual way, and their friends-to-lovers story makes for a charming, feel good read.

Visit Book Junkie Reviews for more reading recommendations: https://abookjunkiereviews.wordpress.com.
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1,313 reviews31 followers
February 26, 2018
Loved this light contemporary romance. It was just too darn cute and adorable. Both Ruth and Henry's characters were so relatable and honestly I was rooting for these two. Couldn't decide who I liked better between these two, the jovial Ruth or the uptight Henry. The author has beautifully sketched the characters and narrated the story and kept the flow of the story so grasping that my fingers keeping turning the page until I was done with the story. A perfect weekend read .This was the first time I read a story written by Farnham and I really enjoyed it. Will definitely be reading more books by this author in future. Would definitely recommend this delightful story!
Profile Image for Erica Palfrey.
89 reviews6 followers
April 9, 2018
A Case of Serendipity is a light romance that pulls you in. It has a great story behind it that makes you want to have the same kind of relationship.
Ruth and Henry are the perfect match. She helps him to get out and live, something he doesn't normally do. They compliment each other perfectly and their chemistry is on point.
K.J. knows how to write and this book is a great read!
March 16, 2018
3.5 Stars
This happens to be my first story written by this author, and although I did not fully connect with it like other readers have, I still found it to be a good read.

I didn’t quite fully feel the connection between the main characters. I would have loved to see more focus on their growing love for one another. The love part seemed a little rushed to me by the end.

This story is a slow burning, light hearted romance. I loved the characters, I thought they were great. Ruth is quirky and outgoing while Henry is straight laced. I really liked how they brought out the best in each other. The secondary characters were also great. I also learned a thing or two about legal stuff. I’m definitely interested to see and read what else K.J Farnham has written.
1 review
February 28, 2018
What a fun and quick read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book: the characters are so relatable and real people, and the details of Milwaukee brought me home as well as painted such a clear picture. KJ’s storytelling is brilliant, the dual point of view gives you a glance at what each character is thinking and feeling, keeping you rooting them on. Another aspect that I love about this book is that it is a clean read. It is easy to write and read a book that has prolific profanity and explicit sexual descriptions. It’s much more difficult to keep your reader engaged and smiling without. Thank you KJ Farnham for the fun story, and I look forward to your future work.
Profile Image for Marjorie.
667 reviews6 followers
March 22, 2018
More of a 3.5 Stars really.

Somehow I found that I just could not connect with the characters in this book at all. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the writing or the characterisation, I think they were just too far away from the people that I know and so had no reference point for their motivations and behaviours. Beyond Ruth's love of jigsaw puzzles and Henry's workaholism their lifestyles are polar opposites to mine, so much so that I did find myself a little bit (dare I say it, I dare, I dare) bored with the book from time to time.

The writing itself is well crafted and flows well. However, the constant jerking back to legal(ish) emails and then chatty texts did break the flow and spoilt the read a little bit for me. For some reason the constant full format email showing Henry's position and contact details at the law firm really irritated me and felt like page filler to bulk the page length out. The text messages were far less intrusive and a good way of expressing dialogue in a way that is becoming more familiar to us than actual face to face conversation.

The insights in to each character's past and their relationships with their families was interesting and did flesh the characters out in a not too overt fashion. You very definitely get the sense these are two grown-ups who have a handle on the whole adulting thing but are trying to still keep some of that childlike wonder at the world to milk the most out of every drop of life. Although set in Milwaukee it did feel very much like it could have been Anywheresville, USA with the chain coffee shops, Keurigs and farmer's markets and there was little in the way of local colour to really differentiate this place from any other. Mentioning the Keurig reminds that "things" seem to be a touch important with the odd little bit of brand-dropping here and there, not enough to really infuriate me but just enough to make me tut over the first 2 or 3 chapters but it soon settles down to barely there levels. I suppose the brands do give you an idea of the stage of life the characters are at and their relative incomes, somehow it irks me - bit like reality TV shows irk me. It certainly isn't a new device and it is highly prevalent in Victorian Literature (with servants and carriages replacing the brand names) but they were times much more delineated by class than our own.

The plot itself is quite a sweet and slow romance and although there are no sex scenes we know full and well that Henry and Ruth have "done the dirty deed" because both refer to it. Fortunately the author has steered away from sex scenes - this is good for me as I find them ubiquitously cringy (as my husband said "if someone were to write a passage about swimming a few lengths of their local swimming pool it would be almost unbearable to read if you had experience of swimming; all that splashing and thrusting and pulling through the flat, chemical smelling surface. It's just the same with sex"). The focus of the book is more about them each learning to trust another person with their heart and believing that they will be accepted even if you can't carry a tune in a bucket or have two left feet. The unfolding relationship with Ruth and Henry is wonderfully tender and sweet without slipping over in to nausea inducing levels of saccharine, with their attraction to each other being more about personalities than looks (although they do find each other very attractive).

On the whole I did enjoy this book, I think I was just a little disappointed that it didn't grip me as much as "Don't Call Me Kit Kat" and may have been unnecessarily harsh in my reviewing of it. If you do enjoy a good romance that doesn't rely on salacious passages to sell itself then this is a good book for you. I have to be honest and say that if you are looking for a light read for by the pool this summer then you won't go far wrong with this one.
Profile Image for Marieke ~ Marieke's Books.
454 reviews24 followers
March 20, 2018
Intrigued by a person you have never personally met, only through an e-mail conversation (and not even about personal things)? A Case of Serendipity tells the story of Ruth and Henry, who meet thanks to an overly-active spamming coffeehouse. Compared to the books I normally read it’s pretty tame, but I’ve enjoyed reading this sweet story.
“It is something I hope for. That certain level of intimacy. The feeling of being with someone who makes my insides quiver and knowing that I make their insides feel the same way.”

Ruth and Henry are both going through life. Ruth is getting her life back in order after her divorce and is figuring out what she wants and who she wants to be. Henry is a hardworking lawyer who doesn’t have time for anything outside the office. Even the casual fling he has with his co-worker isn’t what it used to be. When Henry starts to work on Ruth’s case against the spamming coffeehouse, the two message each other a lot, and both start to look forward to the emails. It’s only a matter of time before lines get crossed and feelings get involved…
“My eyes snap open. Why am I thinking these things about her?”

I love how Ruth and Henry really take their time to get to know each other. This certainly isn’t an insta-love story with over-the-top moments, it’s even a bit on the slowburn side. Ruth and Henry are both realistic people, with hopes and dreams for something more. I love this couple.

A Case of Serendipity is my first book by K.J. Farnham. It’s a sweet and funny well-written story told from a double POV, with two very likable leading characters. Normally I like some naughty time in my romantic reads, but I didn’t even miss it in this book, Henry and Ruth are more then enough. This certainly isn’t my last book by this author!
“I’ll go anywhere and do anything you want, Ruth, if it means I get to be with—” Before he can utter another word, I launch myself at him and wrap my arms around his neck.”

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609 reviews56 followers
March 12, 2018
Please note: Panda & Boodle is hosting the Release Launch for A Case of Serendipity, however, that has no bearing on my review. Bloggers, if you'd like to sign up, you can do so HERE.


Instead of suing Bucky’s Beans, I almost feel like thanking them for introducing me to Henry.

If you could have seen me last night and this morning, grinning at my Kindle . . . You might have thought I’d gone mad, but in fact, I was simply in the process of falling head over heels in love with A Case of Serendipity by K.J. Farnham.


This book was adorable. Funny and light hearted and swoony, swoony, swoony. I could not wipe the smile off my face—from the first page through the very satisfying ending, I was just delighted by this book.

Guys, A Case of Serendipity was unique and a little bit flirty, and the story and reactions unexpected. As for the characters? So. Damn. Lovable. Actually, I think know I have a major crush on Ruth Bateman—quirky, likable, kind Ruth, who was exactly the right person to carry this story. Not that Henry is not also crush material. He is. He so is. He’s compulsive, he’s structured and he’s a workaholic, but he’s also good. Like, a good man. The kind that dreams are built on, for sure.


But together? Ahhh, well, together they are just completely and utterly charming. Much like this book, TBH. It’s clean, fresh, fun romance, written with detail and read with delight, and one I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who loves love—and who wants to wear a goofy smile from start to finish.

“I’m pretty sure most of the greatest love stories are the result of people acting with impulsive hearts.”

~ FIVE Kohlrabi STARS ~
Profile Image for Jodi Bird (Ruby Red Romance Review).
1,168 reviews88 followers
March 20, 2018
5 Ruby Red Lips Review by Jodi for Ruby Red Romance Review

I have never had the honor to read anything by K.J. Farnham, but I promise she has a new lifelong fan. I loved this story from start to finish. I loved Ruth and Henry. I love how amazing they are as a couple. I love that Henry is OCD and a workaholic. And I love how amazing Ruth is and how she fights for what she believes in. I loved the idea behind this story and how it all works out.

K.J. Farnham did an amazing job telling Ruth and Henry's story. I hope at some point we get to see more of these two. I love how the story evolved and developed. I loved how Ruth helped Henry get out of his head and live a little. This story is one that just made me feel good. I loved the romance behind this story. 

I don't want to give anything away, because I want you all to check out this amazing book. And as a shameless plug...K.J. Farnham will be an attending author at Mayhem in the Midwest. I know I for one am excited to meet her!
Profile Image for Sheila'S Book Corner.
1,015 reviews76 followers
March 20, 2018
A super fun, light romance, A Case Of Serendipity is a story that is quick to get drawn into and easy reading.

“He shakes his head. “I’m an idiot.”
“You are,” I say, nodding and cracking a grin. “And a terrible dancer, too.”

When workaholic lawyer Henry Mancuso is looking for someone to be the face of his class action lawsuit, a series of serendipitous events keep bringing him in contact with quirky heroine Ruth Bateman.

This was the first book by K.J. Farnham that I’ve read and it will not be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed this story!
-4.5 Stars!-
Profile Image for Marija.
311 reviews37 followers
August 3, 2018
This is one sweet, feel good story that made my reading enjoyable.
I was smiling or better say grinning while reading and it kept me interested through the story.
I haven't read a story like this for some time and I highly recommend it.
Story is great, lighthearted with some twists that were unexpected and you can not fall in love with the characters in it.
3 reviews1 follower
March 21, 2018
Another great book by KJ Farnham! I’ve read Click Date Repeat and Click Date Repeat Again and was excited to read this latest. I read it on my spring break and it was the perfect read! Easy to read, but also drew me in and made it hard to put the book down! I loved the characters and liked how the chapters alternated between Ruth’s view and Henry’s view. Definitely recommend!
Profile Image for Jim Connie.
1 review2 followers
March 19, 2018
A Case of Serendipity is a lovely light hearted romance to be enjoyed by most ages. Young adults would love it and older adults will love it as well because it is not filled with the details of romance. I felt that it was written well and with enough sense of curiosity to keep you engaged in reading the book and not want to put it down. It is a fun and quick read. Thank you K.J. for sharing your great skills and talent with us! Another book please.
3 reviews2 followers
March 19, 2018
Another great read by Farnham! The story alternates between Ruth and Henry's point of view. I loved getting to see into each of their minds as the book developed. Farnham created two very likable characters with Ruth and Henry and I couldn't decide which one I liked better, but was definitely hoping for something to happen between them! If you are looking for a light, fun romance (with the bonus of learning some legal stuff), this is the book for you.
Profile Image for Jamie Herzer Biggins.
75 reviews2 followers
March 21, 2018
This book is a fun read! Will quirky Ruth and straight laced Henry end up together or not? I loved that it is set right in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI. I could picture Ruth biking on the path right by the lake. Highly recommend (the bike ride and this book)!!
Profile Image for Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon.
2,089 reviews148 followers
March 4, 2018
4 Cranky Stars

Ruth is a woman reinventing her life. She is divorced and working at a wellness center just trying to live her life. It would all be ok if not for the incessant texts from Bucky's Beans offering her coupons. She tries to ignore it until it gets to a point of running over her life. She reaches out to the company via their Facebook page and it’s here she gets the run around. Ruth never expected to be contacted by Henry a lawyer spearheading a class action lawsuit against Bucky's Beans. When Ruth and Henry finally meet face to face sparks fly but they realize they are much more connected than they realize.

Henry is anal retentive or is it just really OCD about things. He likes the neat and orderly world he has crafted and not much can sway him from the love of his job. Not even Constance who is he is trying to distance himself from. He is so wrapped up in the Buckys Beans case he doesn’t realize it’s consuming his life. When he finally finds Ruth and convinces her join his lawsuit he feels things are finally on track. Then he meets the spunky force of nature. Suddenly his neat and organized world is full of color.

I did like this book but at times It didn’t hold my attention. It was kind of predictable at times and despite knowing how this was going to end I kept with it. All in all it’s a sweet read for someone who loves romance above anything else.
Profile Image for Crystal Wegrzynowicz.
118 reviews15 followers
March 20, 2018
A Case of Serendipity is a romance about Henry, a lawyer, and Ruth, who is getting unwanted and unsubscribed texts from Bucky’s Beans coffee. Henry is trying to to find someone to be his lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against the company when he comes across a public complaint posted by Ruth on Facebook. The premise of this book is so original and I really enjoyed it. It continues with Ruth being named lead complainant on the lawsuit, Henry and Ruth meeting in person accidentally and follows the trials and tribulations of starting a new relationship. This is a sweet and fun book which is very well written. I will definitely read more by this author.
Profile Image for Vivi Chatzikiriakou.
262 reviews26 followers
March 22, 2018
A Case of Serendipity by K.J Farnham

" The quote 'Best to fall in love with a personality than looks' fits perfectly in this book. An exquisite, beautifully written romance."

Book rates: 4stars
Plot: 4stars
Characters: 4starts
Writing: 4stars
Pacing: 3+stars
Cover: 5+stars

"I received a complimentary copy of this book and have volunteered to leave a review."

A book I came across by lucky chance. A new to me author with a interesting style of narration. A storyline that presents the importance of having self-esteem, of balancing work and life, of volunteerism, of finding true love when you don't pay attention.

A Case of Serendipity holds on its "pages" two incredible, kind-hearted heroes. The supportive and refined, Ruth Bateman, who cherishes the simplicity of life's treasures. And, the neat, hard-working lawyer, Henry Mancuso, whose first and last thought each day is something about his work. Ruth's life, is simply and quiet as she so far likes it to be. When she started to receive, on a regular basis, text alerts from Bucky's Beans Coffeehouse which she hasn't even subscribed in, Ruth became frustrated. Henry comes into Ruth's life when he suggested her to become the lead plaintiff in a case against Bucky's. The story unfolds and when Ruth's and Henry's professional boundaries are crumbled down slowly, revealing a slight chance of happiness for them, they are confronted by the importance of taking the right decision even in the end.

What I like about the story is firstly the storyline. Without the erotic element inside it (not even an intimate scene) A Case of Serendipity is one interesting love story any reader should read. Secondly, I adore Ruth's temperament and how Henry slow but steady is opening his heart for her. The author not only delivers a welcome dose of humour using Ruth's breezy attitude but blends beautifully the secondary characters who have important roles into the story as well. What I enjoy most about them are the dialogues. Lastly, I still have this feeling of been a part of the Ruth's and Henry's story than just a simple viewer. If only the storyline didn't have these unnecessary details once in a while, it could have been a great read.

Until next time, enjoy your free time reading great books with the most unforgettable stories.


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4 reviews
February 13, 2018
Ruth and Henry are the type of couple that you want to root for. Ruth is super sweet and quirky and has taken some knocks. Henry is the buttoned up lawyer who needs a little fun in his monotonous duty-filled life. They are perfect for each other and this book is perfect for those who just want a good old fashioned love story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after. Perfect.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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