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Murphy Brothers #1

Straight Up Irish

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I need a wife if I want to help save my family’s billion-dollar pub empire. There’s just one problem: I never plan on marrying. So, I need someone who understands that this is just another business deal. I don’t do commitments. And my brother’s executive assistant, Fallon Smith, fits that bill.

Fallon needs help with her grandmother’s expenses, and her pretending to be my fake wife is a way we can make that happen. She’s not my biggest fan, but we can help each other and then go our separate ways. That she’s beautiful and I enjoy spending time with her–doesn’t matter. When all of this is done, she’s heading home to America, and I’ve got a company to run.

A fake wedding and a whole lot of whiskey. What could go wrong?

309 pages, ebook

First published February 1, 2018

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About the author

Magan Vernon

83 books929 followers
Magan Vernon has been living off of reader tears since she wrote her first short story in 2004. She now spends her time killing off fictional characters, pretending to plot while she really just watches Netflix, and she tries to do this all while her two young children run amok around her Texas ranch.

You can stalk or...er...find her online at all of these fun and happy places.

Amazon Author Link: http://amzn.to/1Mi23I9

Website Link: www.maganvernon.com

Facebook Page Link: www.facebook.com/authormaganvernon

Twitter: www.twitter.com/maganvernon

Instagram User Name: @maganvee

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1,396 reviews579 followers
February 8, 2018
3 Stars!

Straight Up Irish was a story of two people trying to keep their family protected in one way or another. They enter into a fake marriage in order to do just that. But like all fake relationships they don't end like they began.

Connor was your likable playboy. He was flirty and charming. He had many the conquest that they actually ran into on occasion. It was a little off putting with him starting out the book hooking up with someone who wasn't, Fallon. Connor recently lost his father and him and his two brothers are next in line to take over the billion dollar business. That is until the Will reading. In order for any of the brothers to take on their permanent role in the business they must fall in love and marry within six months. Obviously the three brothers are shocked and none are looking to settle down. But now they have no choice. Connor is the middle brother and the biggest player. You'd think he'd be the last to take the fall, but instead he goes down first.
Fallon has been in a long relationship with a guy she no longer wants to be with and who has a hard time getting the hint that it's over. She lives off peanut butter and jelly while trying to pay off student loans and pay for an in patient facility for her grandma. So when the handsome Connor makes her an offer of a fake marriage that will end with a hefty settlement when they divorce she can't quite turn it down.
Unfortunately for me this never really turned into a fake marriage that turned into a true romance. The chemistry just wasn't there. It really felt like two friends hooking up and doing each other a favor. Even the sex was lackluster and didn't happen until the book was almost over. Both characters were likable but it took this author forever to get them together on a more emotional level. Too much back and forth and not enough chemistry to hold it together.
The ending was just too OTT for me. I mean eye rolling worthy. Your telling me a guy who still lives in his mom and dads basement can afford a ticket to Ireland? Nope. Sorry.

It was an OK read.

Happy reading dolls! xx

**I was given an ARC from Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.**
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2,645 reviews3,215 followers
February 17, 2018
3 Bucket List/Life List Stars
* * * Spoiler Free
What do you do when presented with a situation which cannot be changed, adjusted or ignored...
Well, the Murphy Brothers have been thrown for a loop. Not only have do they have to deal with the loss of their beloved Da... but he has put a huge condition for the brothers to inherit and carry on the family's business... the Murphy Pub Legacy. All three brothers must marry within a year of the Da's death and remain married for at least six months... otherwise the board can buy/sell the company out from under the sons.

None of the sons saw that coming....
None of them have a steady gal... or ever wanted one...
But these men are not about to lose the family's business.

Fallon Smith's life was never picture perfect. Had parents which would have been considered users...and not in a good way. Her only saving grace was her Nana and best friend Leah. With her Nana, Fallon has made all the sacrifices she can to make sure she is in the best assisted living arrangement. Fallon has made her education her priority and when she finally had finished her masters...she took the best position she could find to cover her expenses and piece of mind.

Because her situation in Chicago was not the best...between her parents thinking she was now going to support them and a dud of a boyfriend who she should have left long ago... going to Ireland sounded just perfect.

Fallon's position as assistant to the CEO of Murphy's Pubs was not easy. She had to deal with a taskmaster as a boss. He was an alright sort but could be very demanding and in the past went through assistants like tissue paper. The good news was Fallon was able to deal with him and all the other responsibilities thrown at her... including keeping one of the other brothers in line...

Yes, Connor Murphy was one of the high points of this job...Fallon was constantly emailing and calling him to make sure he was available for all of the necessary conference calls, arranging travel needs and any other marketing issues the company was planning. She also had reached him when he was "indisposed" and it wasn't her favorite times...

But now Connor and all the other brothers are here in Dublin and they are presented with this new obstacle their Da laid at their feet. Fallon hadn't met Connor in person but had been communicating with him for months, so when they finally did meet... all the little sparks and interests seemed to take hold in a way...

And when Connor takes Fallon for a "I'm Sorry I Split Coffee All Over You" dinner...before you know it, Connor is thinking he could help Fallon with her situation with Nana and College Loans...and she could be his Fake Wifey for the required time... each doing each other a solid...

Now both of these two are drawn to each other... and Connor can be rather fun...His way of teaching Fallon how to Golf and work a Stick Shift was quite yummy, heh heh....He had a way with his hands to name a few....

The only hiccup for me was the way the marriage of convenience kept being referenced and how Fallon was obsessed about the money issue...I got it... it was just how it was phrased for me...Nana was sweet, Fallon's friend Leah feisty... and probably the next one to be with a brother in the future.

This is the start of the series and each brother will have to belly up and find a wife if they plan to save the company for the family. There is the tough brother... Jack and the Rugby player, Sean and of course, Ireland.

A gifted copy was provided by author/publisher for an honest review.

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1,072 reviews119 followers
February 26, 2018

Loved the Irish setting but both MCs only left a mild impression on me. It is a slow start/slow burn marriage of convenience romance.

Connor is back home in Ireland to find out his deceased father's will threatens to cheat him and his brothers out of the family business, if they don't marry within a year. When he meets Fallon, his brother's assistance, Connor feels an instant attractration to her and when he learns that she's struggling financially to support her grandmother, the perfect solution presents itself. They'll marry, convince everyone that its real, secure his inheritance and Fallon gets the financial security she needs to keep her grandmother in comfort for her remaining years.

But soon, their relationship doesn't feel like a farce anymore but the real deal. But can an confirmed bachelor and a wary of love heroine make the leap and risk their hearts? It a romance so of course that's a yes! Both characters go through a point of self discovery and we get to see them grow from insecure and in the H's case, a cavalier life style to a happily committed and 100% devoted unit.

The writing was good but there was something missing that kept this from firmly grabbing my attention. I didn't really feel a strong connection for or between the MCs and felt the H was a bit too cocky and arrogant to buy into his insta-love. It could be the constant harping about his past with OW but he never really grew on me. The h was also a bit bland. The way to handled her ex was a bit immature for the character we are told she is.

* * * ARC provided for an honest review * * *
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Author 83 books929 followers
February 20, 2020
I wrote it so I'm biased.

This book smells like whiskey and bad decisions so you should definitely check it out.
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1,642 reviews129 followers
February 26, 2018
**2.5 Stars**

Connor returns to his family home in Ireland for the reading of his father's will. When he realizes he and his brothers may not inherit as they thought they would, without fulfilling certain conditions, he takes steps to make them happen on his end. What's that mean? He must be married within a year. When he meets Fallon, his brother's assistance, the attraction is instant, and upon learning of her situation, he believes he has the perfect way to help them both.

Fallon is struggling in all ways, but especially financially as she's supporting not only herself, but also her grandmother. When Connor, the man she couldn't help but notice, offers a solution, Fallon figures it's her only hope. A fake marriage for no less than six months will give her the resources to care for her beloved grandma, and that's really all that matters to Fallon.

However, it isn't long before fake begins to feel all to real. So how does a man who loved being single and a woman cautious in matters of the heart go from an agreement to a true marriage? Can they trust their feelings or are they both just caught up in the charade they're playing for everyone else?

While I found the premise intriguing and the author is talented, this was not the book for me. First, we start off with the "Hero" being intimate with another woman. No. If you want to get me invested in this man as half of a future couple, I do not want to read about him with anyone else except for the heroine. Which brings me to my next point, Connor was a manwhore and proud of it. It was referenced too many times, like it was being thrown in our face. I can't connect with someone if they're too hung up on what/who they used to do and didn't seem to have any criteria in his partners prior to the heroine aside from needing them to breathe. Oh, and as Connor and Fallon have known each other for a while due to her job, she's also more than aware of his lack of control in regards to women. So, though this book fell short for me due to these reasons, if they are not issues for you as well, please give this book a chance. You could love it, and I hope you do, it's just not the type of story I want to spend my time on.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**
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333 reviews316 followers
March 25, 2020
To begin with I will always give a separate rating on my romances for their level of steaminess...that way if this is something that makes or breaks your potential to read a book, you are not wasting your time.
💖 very mild. Either no sex at all or just eluded to.
💖💖 sex scenes are described in this book
💖💖💖 little left to the imagination. The author is really painting you a picture
💖💖💖💖 wowzers! this could be the amount of sex, detail, dirty talk, etc.
I rated this book 4 stars and 2 💖💖.
Fallon is living in Ireland...needing distance from her flighty mom and dad. They are described as more of the children then parents. Fallon is sending most of her salary back to the states to help with the care of her loving nana. Fallon is working as an assistant for the Murphy family whiskey/pub empire. Things turn upside when the will of the recently deceased head of the company is read. In order for his sons to inherit the empire they must marry. Enter Connor.
Connor has been living in the states handling the US locations of their pubs. Connor enjoys women and booze. He travels to Ireland for the reading of the will, and like his brothers is shocked by his dads demands.
He has already had several phone interactions with Fallon...usually when she is calling him to get out of bed for a meeting...and enjoys her banter. He finally meets her (actually runs into her), and almost immediately decides that them marrying would be a win/win for them both. Fallon would be very generously compensated for marrying Connor. This would help her take care of her Nana as well as the opportunity to move back to the states. Connor of course would be fulfilling his father's will stipulations. This is where their story begins....
I really loved Connor's character! I know in the beginning he is a womanizer, but after he met Fallon things were different. He was cute, charming, and thoughtful. The author was amazing at flirty banter.
I recommend you read "Straight up Irish"...I know that I will be checking in with the other Murphy boys as they find wives to secure their place in the family company.
Check out my blog at: http://beachbumbookworm.com/
Hope everyday is a great reading day!!
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Author 42 books15.1k followers
February 19, 2018
FIRST OMG THIS COVER!!!!!!! Swoon!!!!!!

Thank you Magan for letting me have an early copy! Straight Up Irish, straight up stole my heart. It's sexy, romantic, and funny as hell. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY! Bring on the next Murphy brother...
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3,101 reviews122 followers
February 19, 2018
Connor Murphy is the middle of three sons and the CFO of the Murphy' Pub group based in the USA. He has returned to Dublin for the reading of his father's will. Expecting the will to be a formality, leaving the business equally between the three boys, they are horrified that their father has made inheriting the business dependant upon all three of them being married within the year.

Connor is the playboy of the trio, a different girl every night. In fact the only woman he has any kind of relationship with is his older brother Jack's assistant. Fallon Smith seems to spend half her professional life phoning Connor to wake him up or to remind him about important calls/ meetings. The two of them have never met but they each know each other's direct dial number by heart.

Half-jokingly Connor asks Fallon to enter into a fake marriage with him, stay married for six months and she can have a massive divorce settlement. Fallon shouldn't agree but her poor old nana is in an expensive nursing home and needs costly dialysis which her medicare won't cover. Fallon's parents are drunks and wasters who won't help so Fallon uses nearly all of her extensive salary to support her nana and lives on PB&J sandwiches. Connor's offer would get her out from the mountain of debt she is sinking under and secure nana's future.

Having just read a book which also featured an Irishman I was pleasantly surprised that the brogue was kept to a minimum in this book. Enough to establish that Connor is Irish but not too much and no fake Irishness. Although having said that I thought his aunts were crudely drawn caricatures, surely they wouldn't say things like that in front of impressionable children?

Right from their first meeting Connor is struck by how sweet and kind and caring Fallon is. She is a bit sickly sweet TBH, the sort that farts perfume. When he sees that she has no furniture other than a bed in her rented flat he buys her a whole load of furniture as a surprise. In fact aside from the opening chapter Connor's reputation as a playboy is not in evidence. He's kind and caring and generous. He buys Fallon a new phone and sends a tablet to her nana in America just so they can Facetime each other.

Overall, this is a sweet romance between two endearing characters, even if they are both too good to be true. Both soon realise they are falling for each other but worry that they shouldn't get too attached because their impending marriage has an expiry date.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Bumped for release.
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779 reviews35 followers
March 17, 2018
Straight Up Irish was a really cute, slow burn, low drama romance. Connor needs to marry and stay married for 6 months in order to keep his inheritance in the Murphy’s Pub empire. Fallon wants to pay off her student loans and take care of her ailing grandmother. Presto a marriage of conscience. Cute story and Connor and Fallon were adorable.
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3,292 reviews12 followers
February 1, 2018
Straight Up Irish by Magan Vernon one of the best books I will read this year. This is the first book in the Murphy Brothers series and I can’t wait for the other brothers to get their turn. I will admit I am not always a fan of the author, but this book is by far the best I’ve read from her. I couldn’t put it down; Connor Murphy is exactly what you want in a bad boy book boyfriend. He’s hot, he’s brash and he’s dirty (in the best way possible). He would definitely charm the underpants off any nun in Ireland, (possibly the rest of the world also). The way he is written will make you laugh and smile, he will warm your heart and have you gobsmacked with what he comes out with, he leads a simple life, until a will reading changes everything, weather it will be for the right reasons or not you will have to read to find out.
Fallon Smith is a great character, she really does deserve a medal for all her hard work, always putting others first, will she finally put herself first or will she marry for everyone else? But she isn’t the only character that you will fall in love with, none of them fall short, they are all people you could imagine having pints of the dark stuff with and dancing round in the pub with a singer taking a turn. I am so excited to read this series, and meet the other brothers in more depth. They are each going to bring another level to the story and the
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2,604 reviews1,251 followers
October 16, 2019
5 Stars / 3 Steam Fans

I enjoyed every part of this story so much that I immediately purchased the rest of the series in ebook format! I initially won a set through a giveaway and hadn't gotten to reading them. However, I found this book available on Hoopla as an audiobook and snatched it up! I am not disappointed at all. This book introduces us to the Murphy family where the father has died and left strict instructions for his three sons within his will. Part of those instructions is to find love. The setting is in Ireland and I am pretty much already in love when I find out a book is set in Ireland, well this one also provided a narrator that just melted my panties with his Irish accent and that is another factor in my enjoyment of a story like this. It is a marriage of convenience situation/trope being played out and this was the final nail in the coffin that I would absolutely LOVE this journey. Fallon and Connor have their own quirks that drew me into caring about the journey and the secondary characters are drawing me into reading the follow on books of the series. I say just take the leap and you may be just as pleasantly surprised as I was with how much you will enjoy this story.

This specific video review will be included in the October 2019 wrap-up.

For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel: Steph's Romance Book Talk.

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731 reviews106 followers
April 7, 2022
It was good.
A quick and fun listen. Always love listening to an accent 😍

I don’t know who I’m more excited for though Sean or Jack…
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776 reviews17 followers
February 2, 2018
Fallon Smith is an American working in Ireland working for the Murphy family distillery. She’s the assistant to Jack Murphy. It seems that a big part of her job is making sure Jack’s brother Connor is on time for pretty much everything.

Connor Murphy has returned to Ireland because his father passed away. He’d been running some of the business in the US, but came back for the funeral and for the reading of the will. Little do the Murphy brothers know that their da left them a big surprise in their will – they have to be married within a year and stay married for at least six months to get ownership of the company.

Connor comes up with a plan to have Fallon be his fake wife. Fallon is supporting her nana in the states and paying off her student loans. She didn’t have great parents, and is very set in making her own way. She’s very selfless.

Even though Connor comes off as a playboy, he is really a good guy with a heart of gold. He’s very good to Fallon, spoiling her with gifts and attention. Fallon is not accustomed to this and has a hard time accepting it.

I have two complaints about this book:

1. Temporary. This word must have been used 150 times to describe Fallon��s feelings about her relationship with Connor. It got really old.
2. The epilogue. It happened the SAME DAY AS THE LAST CHAPTER! Epilogues, in my opinion, are supposed to take place down the road, so the reader has some closure. I get that there will be two more books, but I wanted closure on this one.

Despite this, I really enjoyed this story. The banter between Fallon and Connor was fun and sweet, and Fallon’s Nana was a really cute character. I will read the next book for sure.

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1,020 reviews103 followers
February 19, 2018
I've been dying to read Straight Up Irish ever since I first heard about it! I mean, a billion-dollar pub empire, a marriage clause, and a fake wedding? My interest was one hundred percent piqued.

The result? Straight Up Irish is so good! It's laugh-out-loud funny and sexy enough to make you melt. I was swooning all the way through.

There are so many aspects that made this book lovable; however, my favorite is the characters.

Connor is the ultimate player. He flirts like there's no tomorrow; his only worry is about having a good time; and the only thing dirtier than his mouth is his mind. One part of me felt like I shouldn't like him. I mean, he went through women like someone goes through paper towels, but I loved him nonetheless. There was just something so charming about him - I could definitely see why all the girls would be hot after him. The most surprising thing about Connor, however, was how generous he was. He went so far to help Fallon out - buying her a new cell phone, furnishing her apartment, sending his grandma gifts. I couldn't believe how big his heart was. Plus, it was always fun to see how much his heart came out when Fallon was involved.

Fallon is sassy, determined, and beyond kind. Her dedication to her family, particularly her grandmother, was so incredibly sweet yet heartbreaking. I couldn't believe how much she would put on the line so that her grandmother would be comfortable and happy. Additionally, I liked that Fallon didn't take trash from anyone. She called Connor out better than anyone else - some of the lines she used were beyond perfect! Connor definitely met his match with Fallon, and let me tell you nothing was the same after that.

The romance is smokin' hot. There's not much I love more than a fake romance and that definitely applied here. It was fun to see Connor and Fallon come together - unwilling on Fallon's part yet willing on Connor's. It also didn't hurt that Magan did a fantastic job of building up the sexual tension. Gosh, there were so many times I thought they were FINALLY going to get together only to be proven wrong. I wasn't even mad because when it finally did happen it made my heart leap.

Additionally, I loved the addition of the secondary characters. Fallan's grandmother and best friend as well as Connor's brothers were so lovable, and I enjoyed what they brought to the table. I'm hoping for a Fallon's best friend and one of Connor's brothers to hook up next....I don't know if it will happen, but a girl can dream, right?

Last but not least: the setting! I didn't realize that Straight Up Irish was set in Ireland at first, but I was so happy when I pieced it together. Magan's descriptions were vivid and drool-worthy. My desire to go to Ireland is at all time high.

Overall, Straight Up Irish is straight up excellent (sorry I couldn't resist!). I was so sad to see it end, but knowing that we have two more books to look forward to made it hurt a little less.

*ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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1,107 reviews
February 16, 2018
Ahh hell, how am I going to review this book without gushing all over about Connor! Meet the Murphy brothers Connor the playboy and totally loose cannon, Jack the grouch who is strictly business and Sean who'd rather play ball than mind the family business. Connor oversees the US operation of the business, Sean and Jack are both in Ireland. Connor's called home when their father suddenly becomes ill and dies. We meet Fallon, Jack's assistant and right hand who keeps Connor on time, (mostly) waking him up from his drunken nights out on the town and crawling out of the piece du jours bed. She wakes him the morning the boys are scheduled to be at the office for the reading of their father's will. He tries to schmooze her, she's having none of it telling him to get it together and get there.
Fallon came to Ireland for the job, a job that provides a small place to live and pays more money. She's got huge student loans and she pays to have her Nana is a decent facility. Even with her advanced degree she couldn't make enough in the states. Happy to get away from her crap parents added to that, but she misses her best friend and her Nana. She doesn't miss her ex either who just doesn't get the notion of "we're done." When Connor races in for the meeting that morning with the lawyer he meets Fallon by accident, running square into her and the tray of coffee she was carrying. He's late of course. The two have never met. When the boys hear the terms of their father's will they lose their nuts. The words married and the board put them on notice. Confused wondering why their Da would do that. Connor is the first one who decides he's got the stones to tackle this and simple enough goes after Fallon. Fallon is no dummy. She knows all about Connor and his crap, she's been dealing with it since she started there. Connor really soft soaps her, but he's going to make this worth her while. Money and a no strings attached deal and even ups the ante by offering her his position back in the states so she's closer to her Nana.
Connor is a bit different, there were times I didn't love him but I didn't hate him either and he made me laugh, at him actually. Fallon I did like, her bestie annoyed the hell out of me, but that's what besties do. Jack's a jerk and I can't wait for his book!!! Sean I loved. This is a fun read. It's fun to watch the lightbulbs come on in Conner's head, all the while Fallon is just being herself. The one thing I thought the book could really do without was the ex showing up. So not necessary.
Saints preserve us, these Murphy brothers just spell trouble in the best kind of way!
Nice work Magan!!

**advanced reader copy from NetGalley and Entangled for an honest review. The opinions in this review are my own**
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784 reviews
March 2, 2018
This is my first book by Magan Vernon, and I see the potential. This was more 2½ stars and that was largely due to the female MC, Fallon Smith. She is the assistant to a CEO, who together with his brothers, own the biggest pub conglomerate in the world. She takes a job in Dublin as it will help her pay off her student loans and look after her grandmother. From first glance she is a strong, independent, takes-no-prisoner type of person. She manages to wrangle her bosses brother by barking at him. I like the Fallon on the phone. Fallon in reality? Weak and pathetic. When Connor pitches his fake marriage proposal, using his cute Irish charm, Fallon vacillates so much that I was getting so annoyed and frustrated that I was ready to slap her silly. And that's basically how it went for most of the book. Fallon doubting every move, every deed, every action. As for Connor he was an absolute delight! A little twist on the usual marriage of convenience with it not being the assistant and the boss. Connor was jovial and such a charmer. I found him delightful and sweet.

I recently went to Dublin so this book was a lovely trip down memory lane because every sight and experience described was like being there all over again. I even had the delicious Irish accent in my head while I was reading. I like the other two Murphy brothers and will definitely be reading their books.
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Author 5 books20 followers
February 13, 2018
2 1/2

First off, I apologize. I don't like to write "bad" reviews. I do personally know how much time and energy goes into trying to craft a novel and as always, I have the highest respect for any writer who manages to conceive of and finish a novel. It takes dedication and discipline.


I've always had an affinity for all things Irish. I can't tell you its origin. I think it's via my mother although in her family there was nary a drop of Irish blood, just Finnish and German...go figure.

As such, I've always had a penchant for contemporary Irish romances, whether they're novels or movies so when I saw Straight Up Irish I knew I had to read it. There may have been salivating involved.

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1,200 reviews18 followers
February 1, 2018
LOVED this book! Connor is the bad boy man whore that seems to sleep with almost anyone, while Fallon is a good girl struggling under extreme financial pressures. Then fate leads Connor is realize he needs a wife and he sets his sites on Fallon. She reluctantly agrees when Connor begins to romance her - from fun dates to extravagant purchases. Somewhere along the way, Fallon falls for him, but she has no idea how Connor feels.

This is a fun book that made me smile, laugh, and care about the characters. Fans of the genre will love this novel. I've added the author to my must read authors' list.
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1,498 reviews298 followers
February 19, 2018
I’ll get straight to the point, folks. I’m always a fan of seeing a couple who don’t think they can be together come to their senses and get their HEA. Though frustrating, it was nice to see Connor, the hero, fall for Fallon upfront but he was stubborn about admitting to himself they could and should make their relationship permanent. For years, this guy couldn’t see past the free flowing whiskey and loose women falling at his feet to realize he was cheating himself out of true happiness by being a rich, self-entitled, self-serving, Good Time Charlie. Everyone, including himself, kept saying he’s been with so many random women in Ireland and Boston he couldn’t keep count of them all. This was quite evident since he never remembered their names or faces. He seemed to never have guilt or qualms about these conquests either. Despite knowing most of them wanted and expected a second date, he seemed not to have any guilty conscious. This was a huge strike against him in my book.

Fallon is the hardworking assistant to Connor’s brother who sacrifices her fiances in order to pay for her Nana’s assisting living/medical costs. In addition, she has a mountain of student loan debt still to pay. Though it is sweet to be sweet, I did think she needed more of a backbone at times. Recently ditching a loser, but long time boyfriend by instant messenger while living abroad in Ireland, well, that was cowardly. So was not putting a stop to his constant emails, texts, etc. The reason she packed up and headed for the Emerald Isle reinforces that notion.

At first, Fallon does try to convince herself she won’t fall for such a player, but Connor’s constant acts of kindness to help seal the deal he’s proposing endears her to him. She’s certainly starting to give Connor a reason to explore a side to himself he didn’t know existed. To actually think of someone other than just himself.

The storyline slowly unfolds at a very leisurely pace. Around 60%, I started to feel their conversations were becoming somewhat overly drawn out and not saying a whole lot. Even when the steamy, smexy scenes escalated around 70%, I felt I wasn’t as engaged with them as a real couple as I expected to be at this point. Likely because Connor was still set on letting her go at the end of their arrangement, while Fallon was full of “What ifs?”

I’m conflicted on how to rate this one, folks. I’m glad this Good Time Charlie became a caring Connor committed to being a one woman man. At least that is what I hope continues to happen. I did like seeing this main couple spend time together. I’m keeping my fingers crossed Fallon’s feisty friend from America becomes the love interest of Connor’s older brother in the next sequel. You see, he’s all business, quiet, and brooding, and she’s more of a loud, lets her hair down, tattooed, life of the party kind of gal. Just what he needs to spice up his life.

Romance Safety Gang:

Title: Straight Up Irish, Series: Murphy Brothers (Book 1), Author: Magan Vernon, Pages: 309, stand-alone but part of a series, first person/dual POV, unapologetic manho who stumbles into love, sweet/caring heroine, very steamy scenes, brief ex-boyfriend drama.

(I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review, nor is there any affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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9,520 reviews147 followers
February 4, 2018
Connor is quite the charmer, “you were muttering about a waitress job. Is my brother really paying you that little? I’m going to have to call him about a raise. Or, hell, when I get an office here, I’ll just hire you as my assistant. I can’t promise I won’t be handsy, though.” Connor will do anything for his lady, but he draws the line on some things, "...except for me staying here to watching you try on dresses.” I leaned in and whispered so only she could hear. “I’d prefer to see you undress, and that’ll come later.” I really loved this book, I fell in love with Connor.
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2,572 reviews68 followers
February 24, 2018
3 stars
A light, fun read about Boston Irish! what is not to love!!
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3,423 reviews441 followers
March 7, 2018
From a new-to-me-author comes a little Irish tale just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Straight Up Irish is the first book in Magan Vernon’s Murphy Brothers Series. Readers will find an engaging, lighthearted and sizzling marriage of convenience trope with just enough blarney to charm the susceptible. If I come across a romance set in Ireland, it’s usually not too difficult to wrangle its way into my heart and onto my Kindle reading list.

Our first stop is in Dublin where we’ll meet the Murphy brothers and learn about their family business. Maybe later we’ll be invited along for a visit to one of the old-fashioned pubs and enjoy some excellent seafood in Galway, before moving on to an awe-inspiring trip to visit the Cliffs of Moher as well.

Don’t be surprised to find that the upstart is a little slow to this love story but finding insta-love missing from the scenario added a big plus for me, since I’m not a fan of slam, bam, thank you ma’am beginnings. Those yummy romantic feelings were developed in a natural progression that I, as a reader, appreciate in a solid romance. Readers will find just enough drama to keep things interesting with no over-the-top angst and enough laugh-out-loud moments to entertain and keep the amusement level high.

When the family’s billion-dollar pub empire is on the line after their father’s will is read carrying with it a marriage stipulation, it’s enough to put the heart crossways, and the three Murphy brothers realize they have no other choice but to wet the tea and get down to business. And what ensues is just what you might imagine.

Stepping forward to make his match ahead of his two brothers, is middle brother Connor, a womanizing player and a guy with a huge commitment-phobia. He’s also a bit of a pain in the rear – sometimes unpredictable and irresponsible. Connor, who is the Chief Financial Officer for the Murphy Group operation in the United States, looks at their problem as he would any other business deal. And Fallon, his brother’s executive assistant, fits his criteria. Ah, but don’t be too hard on Connor because down deep he’s got a good and generous heart and personality plus. And even though he doesn’t realize it until a little later, he chooses well in a wife.

Fallon Smith is an American working as an executive assistant for the oldest Murphy brother, Jack. At first, she comes off as a pitiful selfless soul. She’s trying kindly to rid herself of an ex that just won’t go – and she really just needs to give him a swift kick to his backside. The girl’s parents are worthless drunks. Her grandmother is in poor health and living in an assisted living home and Fallon is the one paying the bills. But Fallon is more – so much more. Fallon’s no dummy. I ended up respecting the heck out of her. She’s worked hard to finish her master’s degree, but she’s still paying educational loans. Even though she’s not thrilled with this marriage of convenience proposition from Connor, it might be the only way to seeing clear through the debt.

Secondary characters include the other two Murphy bros. Besides Connor, there’s Jack, the oldest who is all business with a brooding personality and grouchy and grumpy mannerisms. And then there’s the youngest, Sean, who is the sports enthusiast and a Rugby player. All three boys are as different as night and day – adding a little spice and grit to the family circle. In addition, there’s Fallon’s best friend, Leah. She’s feisty, tattooed and a party girl. I sure hope she knocks Jack off his feet and gives him a run for his money in the next installment. I think she would do him a world of good and maybe put some spark in his life and a satisfied smile on his face.

Told in first person dual points of view by Connor and Fallon, our main characters with their flaws and strengths, were well portrayed and well-matched. Their interaction was surprisingly sweet and meaningful. They were both happier and enjoyed life more together.

After reading several fake marriage tropes lately, things are getting a little too predictable. The one thing that’s always missing is COMMUNICATION and then most of the time the heroine is plagued with low self-esteem and lacking funds. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise to find the same situation here.

When it’s time for the big revelation of love everlasting, it fell short and was a somewhat of a letdown. It came out of nowhere and carried no importance to their relationship or the Happily-Ever-After. At this point, I was expecting a whole lot from the Epilogue. Again, this was disappointing when there was no peek into the future. I expect an epilogue to feature something new and exciting that has transpired between the present and their future – and that doesn’t mean an hour after they’re married. Bummer!

To celebrating Saint Patrick's Day and the Murphy brothers, let’s raise a glass of Irish whiskey or a pint of stout -- ‘Sláinte’!
October 25, 2018
Loved it!

This was given to me for review but due to so much going on in RL it took me awhile to finish because I need to actually sit and read it. LOL but I finally did and loved every bit of the story.

Fallon is such a good person who did for others with no complaints so when she finally came across Connor, the one Murphy brother she had to constantly keep up to date for everything because he was too busy keeping up with the ladies instead of the business, ended up walking right into her. This changed for both characters. When the will is read Connor and his brothers need to make some changes in their lives. So Connor and Fallon agree to have a fake marriage but things getting a bit turned around but all the fun and learning the two characters do.
This was a lot of fun to read and now I will definitely need to get the next book so I can find out what happens with the other Murphy brothers.
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February 22, 2018
Published on Lovey Dovey Books

I remember stumbling upon Magan Vernon with her YA My Alien Romance series and My Paper Heart. I'm beyond excited to read something a little different from her and Straight Up Irish is definitely a step up!

The fake wife trope is trending and this is the first story I've read under the NA umbrella. Fallon moved to Ireland for a temporary job. She has student loans and her grandmother's care as financial burdens, so when her boss' hotshot younger brother proposes marriage for a big payout, she's all in. Connor Murphy's family owns a pub business. When his father dies he stipulates in his will that his three sons must marry within the year and still be married six months later, or they'll lose control of the business. This is an insanely difficult task for a womanizer like Conner, but somehow he and Fallon work out an agreement that benefits both of them.

Straight Up Irish is written at a pace that moves a little distractedly every now and then. When Fallon and Connor got together the narration turned more towards the what ifs that concerned them. What if their ploy isn't convincing? What if Fallon falls for Connor and he doesn't reciprocate, and vice versa? Valid concerns, yes, but they're on constant repeat while I'm waiting for the plot to continue moving forward. I didn't feel as though I got to know the characters beyond the drama and their fake relationship. And their constant worry over the arrangement they came up with takes the excitement out of seeing them finally work through it.

I loved being transported to Ireland for this adventure with Fallon and Connor! With Magan Vernon's flare for creating characters with snark and chemistry Straight Up Irish will keep you tied up for a few hours of flirty, romantic fun!
*ARC provided in consideration for review*
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February 19, 2018
Fallon Smith is an American girl who is currently working in Ireland for Jack Murphy and his family’s distillery. Although it seems a majority of her job is taken up by Connor Murphy, Jack’s brother, and the resident playboy.

Connor is in Ireland for his father’s funeral and reading of his will. Connor and his brothers are in for the shock of their life when the will is read and they learn exactly how they can become owners of the company. Connor has only spoken with Fallon via phone but when he meets her in person, he becomes smitten with the American girl who could help him save his company.

I really enjoyed this story. Even though Connor comes off as a playboy, he has some redeeming qualities and has a heart of gold, especially when it comes to Fallon. Fallon has had a hard life, with parents who are less than stellar and a Nana whom she is taking care of back in the US. Fallon is not used to the lavish attention and it seems to always be a bone of contention between her and Connor. Their banter was fun, sexy and sweet and I loved how their relationship grew from friends to lovers. The ONLY thing I didn’t like was that I felt it ended a little too abruptly for my liking. However, I did enjoy Straight Up Irish and I look forward to more hot Irish men and whiskey ;)
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April 16, 2018
copy received for honest review
The story started off pretty good. I noticed a few people did not like that Connor was with someone other than Fallon in the first scene. I did not have a problem with that. It gave an insight into who he was prior to Fallon. Also, they had never met face to face. They both had lives prior to being with each other. I would not even consider them as friends at that point. Fallon worked for his brother in Ireland and Connor was living in Boston. After meeting Fallon and getting to know her, there was no one else. The story was a slow burn and took a while to get to the romance. I liked that they got to know each other. The marriage of convenience actually working out is more believable after watching the relationship grow. I enjoyed the story and the characters.
March 7, 2018
This was a new to me author. Looks like a a pretty good start to the series.

Connor and Fallon devise a plan for a fake wedding so that each of them can get their hearts desire. For him, the business. For her, financial security and help for her Grandmother. As stories like this usually go, there are some flaws to the plan.

The story was a sweet read. Really predictable in the story line. I like the premise of the brother's in business. I actually think I may like books two and three a little more. At the very least, this book set up the rest of the series.
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August 13, 2018
Didn't feel it

The only connection the mains showed was physical lust for the other. Which, I don't understand the h having at all, considering she has had to rouse the H out of multiple women's beds. But alas, she was acting like a horny teenager with no common sense right from the start.
Some character development, and actual bonding could have made this a good book.
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