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MJ-12: Endgame

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A Cold War fought by superhuman agents reaches a boiling point in the thrilling finale to the MAJESTIC-12 historical thriller/superhero mash-up series from Michael J. Martinez.

Josef Stalin is dead. In the aftermath, the Soviet Union is thrown into crisis, giving former secret police chief Laverentiy Beria exactly the opening he needs. Beria’s plan is to secretly place his country’s Variants—ordinary people mysteriously embued with strange, superhuman powers—into the very highest levels of leadership, where he can use them to stage a government coup and seize control of the USSR.

America's response comes from its intelligence communities, including the American Variants recruited for the top-secret MAJESTIC-12 program, who are suddenly thrown into their most dangerous and important assignment yet. From the halls of the Kremlin to the battlefields of Korea, superpowered covert agents face off to determine the future of the planet—a future their very existence may ultimately threaten.

306 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 4, 2018

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About the author

Michael J. Martinez

13 books119 followers
I’m a father and writer living the dream in the Golden State. I’ve spent nearly 20 years as a professional writer and journalist, including stints at The Associated Press and ABCNEWS.com. After telling other people’s stories for the bulk of my career, I’m happy that I can now be telling a few of my own creation.

When not being a parent or writer, I enjoy beer and homebrewing, cooking and eating, the outdoors and travel.

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Profile Image for Chris Berko.
466 reviews115 followers
January 25, 2019
Finishing this is like saying goodbye to old friends without any expectation of seeing them again. I first picked up this series because it sounded like a cool genre mash-up and the reviews were all consistently good, but what I did not expect is the level on which I connected with the characters and the depth in which I cared for them. With that being said these are amazingly fun books with carefully constructed storylines relying on and incorporating real life events and people. I had never heard of this author before and with all I have read over the years that is a shame, because this guy deserves to be a household name. I am sincerely impressed and can only hope for more from this world in the future. Bravo Mr. Martinez you have my respect.
Profile Image for Beth Cato.
Author 109 books537 followers
October 17, 2018
Martinez delivers a fantastic finale in MJ-12: Endgame. This series is essentially about superhero operatives in the earliest years of the Cold War. The books are fun and action-packed with a diverse cast and loads of interesting historical info. I'm a history buff, but I haven't read much on the Cold War; through these books, I feel like I learned a lot about the time period and the intrigues of America and Russia. The second book was illuminating on the condition of Syria at the time, and this last book explores the Korean War.

Then, of course, there are the superpowers. In this book, the cast finds their powers are getting stronger, sometimes in disturbing ways. I won't give away any spoilers, but a big question all along has been "where do these abilities come from?" Endgame answers that in a satisfying way.

Everything about this book is satisfying, really. I highly recommend the entire series and I'm excited to read whatever Martinez writes next!
Profile Image for Jared Gray.
Author 1 book4 followers
September 10, 2018
Martinez really stuck the landing with the 3rd book in the MJ-12 trilogy. The agents go all in for a mission behind the Iron Curtian and not one thing about it is easy for them. Their job is made even more difficult as the side-effects of their powers are becoming increasingly worse. Constant twists and turns that keep you guessing, not because they're out of the blue, but because they're all so well set up that they could honestly go either way until the dominoes finally fall. He also does an incredible job juggling the large cast of characters without making any of them feel forgotten about or shoehorned in just for the sake of being there.

Everything is wrapped up nicely, if not cleanly, and we finally get the answers we've been waiting for about he nature of the Vortexes and the origin of the Variants' powers.
Profile Image for Susan.
986 reviews3 followers
October 10, 2018
I've enjoyed this Cold War historical science-fiction trilogy. This is a fitting end to it. I don't read a lot of books involving the Cold War, so this was quite interesting to me. Well-written and a nice ending.
609 reviews2 followers
November 30, 2018

Hello, I really liked this series and really, really hate to see it end on such a sad note. Excellent writing with good characters. Great job. Thanks.
February 8, 2020
In spite of my reservations about this being a trilogy instead of a full series, I found myself tearing up by the end of this novel. It was allergies! It wasn't emotional investment in the characters! (cough, cough) Nice wrap up to an overall worthwhile group of books. Good stuff, Maynard.
Profile Image for Michael.
300 reviews17 followers
September 12, 2018
All in all, MJ-12: Endgame is a super satisfying conclusion to the Majestic 12 series. It ties up all the loose elements left scattered throughout the series in a way that feels both satisfying and dramatically earned. It continues to develop the characters in ways that feel true to who they are but that also challenge their beliefs. All the main questions left hanging from previous novels are answered and, even if I would've liked a bit more explanation to those answers, they're satisfying answers that feel dramatically earned and make sense within the context of the story. MJ-12: Endgame is a great novel that maintains all the great aspects of the previous books in the series while continuing to improve upon them. It's engaging, surprising, suspenseful, action-packed, and genuinely emotional. The alternate history is handled with such care, research, and interest from Martinez that it's easy to find yourself lost in it and start to believe it's not fiction at all. The social commentary is a bit less strong in this book than in previous ones, but it's still there and (unfortunately) still timely as ever. Martinez has a gift for these kinds of stories. He has a gift for creating diverse, fully formed characters with captivating backstories. He has a gift for building compelling universes that readers want to spend time in. And he has a gift for crafting interesting, well-paced narratives. His stories are able to appeal to a number of people. This is a spy novel, a superhero novel, an action/adventure novel, and a political drama. He writes for such a broad audience and the characters are so varied and diverse that it's easy for a reader to find someone in the story they can identify with. MJ-12: Endgame is just a really good time and a really good way to end this series.

Full review can be found on my blog
Displaying 1 - 8 of 8 reviews

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