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Team Unicorn Talia #1

The Trouble with Unicorns

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Part-time demon tracker, full-time optimist …

Talia White does what comes naturally to a unicorn: Balances the scales between light and dark with hefty doses of love and joy.

Faced with a string of high profile demon possessions, Talia is determined to do her job, despite the fact that she finds herself strapped with a brooding dragon warrior as her new guardian.

That’s the trouble with unicorns … they’ll accomplish their goal one way or another, even if they have to get a little stabby to do it.

First published April 30, 2018

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D.T. Dyllin

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Profile Image for Justine from Novels and Panda.
510 reviews227 followers
July 19, 2018
Unicorns? COUNT ME IN!

Talia an optimistic being of a unicorn who tracks demons to balance the scales of light and dark and a dragon named Bryn who’s tasked to kill demons and protect the unicorn. I loved it already. Heck, I requested a review copy of it.

That was then, now… I feel duped! I think it was poorly advertised. Whenever I request or accept a title to review, check them solely based on the description and synopsis of it. The Trouble With Unicorns has the elements of what I was looking for. A unicorn, a dragon, a mermaid, demons parading on the surface of the Earth as humans. Sold right? I am not angry just disappointed.

I am disappointed for it was said to be I quote “Faced with a string of high profile demon possessions, Talia is determined to do her job, despite the fact that she finds herself strapped with a brooding dragon warrior as her new guardian.”


Continuing “… they’ll accomplish their goal one way or another, even if they have to get a little stabby to do it.” Oh, gods, I already saw the romance coming but not that fast.


LIKE REALLY QUICK. If you’re into that quick burn romance, by all means. Give this a try? (or stick around until the end of this.) It’s was not for me. AND THE INNUENDO WITH THAT STABBY.

I did love and enjoy the things going on the first 25% percent of it. The direction of where the plot is going was absolutely gripping! The right amount of excitement, humor, and action was present for the book’s genre-wise too. After that, I was lost. There was a new turn of direction going on, I find it a whole lot sidetracked… or maybe it was the way the creator wanted it too, that-that was the trouble with unicorns.

I liked most of the characters, well all except Bryn…


He’s the epitome asshats. I perceive him as this possessive and selfish kind of guy.

Talia was both freaking loquacious and hilarious. I did like her?


There’s Maddie. She’s Talia’s best friend. She’s a kickass mermaid. A force to be reckoned with. A protective friend. A queen. A freaking legend. (that last bit is not true but she is for me.) I have all eyes on you hun.

It was a potential. The world building of the setting blew me amazing. And so did Maddie… It doesn’t come on as a strong book number one in a series. It doesn’t have that angst that would make characters go on unleash and develop into something more. Raising the things at stake kind of thing. Demons were terrorizing towns and these two are having the quickest quickie-sex ever. It had a strong beginning but sad to say ended on a miss note.


It was not my cup of tea.
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455 reviews12 followers
October 31, 2019
This was an awesome start to the Team Unicorn Talia series and I loved it way more than I originally thought I would! Talia is a rare unicorn shifter/ seer that hunts demons who has an extremely colorful, optimistic, and snarky personality. Bryn, a dragon shifter, is her new warrior/ guardian that is tasked to help her on her missions and protect her life at any cost. There’s burning forbidden chemistry between the two, a demon on the loose, children that her magic doesn’t work on, and she’s having visions of her deceased mother. I loved the uniqueness and total weirdness of this book between magical color auras during specific times and magically spiked pancakes. Bryn and Talia’s personalities are so different, you can’t help but laugh at her attempts to make him her BFF and unbroody. I liked the addition of Arthurian legend mixed into the story and how the Excalibur changed to fit Talia. This book was filled with obscene uses of “asshat”, steamy and awkward moments, magic, and great characters!
Melissa did an incredible job with this narration! She voiced Talia spot on and also did a great job with Bryn and Maddie. Her tone elevated the experience with her enthusiasm and snarkiness and left me wanting so much more!
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.
Profile Image for Toula.
2,230 reviews
September 8, 2019
Audio book review
The author wrote a great story . It has everything you ever want in a paranormal story , demons , dragons and a unicorn. What more do you need .

Heroine is Talia , who is a unicorn. Hero is Bryn.
Talia needs to stay alive, since she hunts demons that come into the world . Her guardian assigns Bryn as her new guardian. Bryn is a handsome dragon shifter . Bryn knows what he needs to do but the attraction between Talia and Bryn is instant .
The chemistry is red hot right off the bat

Melissa performance is great . Her voice is strong , clear , smooth and easy on the ears

Profile Image for Mehsi.
12.3k reviews373 followers
June 19, 2018
I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours.

I dropped this book at 55%. Good, since I had a bit of a stressful/sad/not happy day, I just wanted to write the review now instead of tomorrow. So here goes. I got a ton of disappointment to throw out.

This book. When I first saw the opportunity on Xpresso Book Tours I was in love with the book. It had all the ingredients to become a favourite of mine. That cover for instance, but also a fun MC, maybe some banter between her and her new guardian, some romance and more by the sound of it, and did I mention the supernatural beings? Including our MC who is a unicorn! Yes, a freaking unicorn. I was so delighted when I got the mail that I was accepted and that I could read the book. But dang, I kind of wish I hadn't and just had kept my dreams whole.

The first pages were good. Then Bryn popped up and instead of shipping these two or enjoying their banter, I was unhappy. These two are supposed to work together to form an awesome team of demonhunters? Hah, PHAH. No way. Throughout everything they keep being asshats towards the other (yes, Talia, you are an asshat as well). Talia tries to magic him happy (fails), she drives so fast that Byrn feels sick and even worse, Talia just doesn't seem to get that the poor fella is just not that happy to be her permanent guardian (because hey, maybe a destined life isn't so fun as you may think). But Byrn, oh God, I hated Byrn. That was definitely the biggest asshat in existence, he kept being mean, rude, pissy, and made Talia feel absolutely shitty. And that was even before the shit he did later on in the book that made me drop this book because I couldn't stand that creepy shit (not to mention that I couldn't stand all the other things, but it was definitely the last drop).

Oh and did I mention instant lust? As that is what I would call it. Not love, oh no. I would never see these two love each other. They just don't have a healthy relationship.
Especially later when, after 2 times sex (and not with any time between, just immediately after the first time), Byrn marks Talia with an Anam Cara tattoo, meaning that she is his. Forever. Or well, probably until he dies, which I could definitely arrange. :| Yep. This dude. He is being an asshat throughout, cares not about Talia (even gives her a nickname that she hates and come on RU???), but after putting his dick in twice decides it is totally the coolest idea to mark her for life as his mate. The hell mate, no you don't. That is just a big fat NOPE and a big fat red flag in my book.
Maddie, one of the characters I actually liked, is of course totally pissed and totally upset about this. How could Bryn do that? However, and this is what turned me away as well is that Talia doesn't seem to have a problem with it. She acts like so many girls who have been abused or other stuff, she thinks she instigated it (oh, no honey, oh no), and that it isn't that big of a problem. Sure, she is pissed, but apparently not enough as she quickly rips off Bryn's clothes and just continues blissfully having sex. And then talk that maybe they can work out things. No. Just no. This is not OK. What the actual fuck. So the message here is that a dude can just mark you for life without any reprimand or shit? And that it isn't even his fault? What the actual fuck. No, just no. This just gave me such a bad case of shivers and disgusted feeling. Yuck. Just yuck.

The demons? I was expecting lots of kick-ass demon stuff, but instead the 55% is Talia running away from clowns, kids, and not doing a lot. Then again, even if she was near a demon, her precious dragon would need to do the stuff as our girl is afraid of blood and gore. Um. Hello. What? Plus her plans to get a demon out of a kid is kidnapping said kid and bring that kid to her van (and yes, the van is white and you can't easily look inside). Yep. Um. No.

I did like Maddie. I would definitely not mind a book with this girl in it as MC. She was sweet, interesting, and reacts just as I would when my best friend would show up with a mate-for-life tattoo in her neck after just some casual sex.

The idea that this world features more supernatural stuff was interesting, and while I could understand that Talia doesn't want anyone to know about her being a unicorn, it still felt a bit eh. Especially given how she keeps all things hushhush but then makes a shirt with her name and what kind of supernatural being she is. :P And even mentions the team name at least once. Sure, it wasn't meant to go outside (and you probably didn't mean to shout it), but it happened, and sorry, why?

Talia was hit and miss. At times I quite liked her, but at other times I just wanted to lock her in a room and throw away the keys. Plus she was so whiny. Everything had to turn around her or else.

And Bryn was just terrible. He has got some sob story that magically had to be inserted, but instead of going aww, I was just rolling my eyes.

So would I recommend this book? Nope, nopeity, no. I am glad that I was able to read this book as a review opportunity, now I know to avoid these characters should they pop up in other books.

Review first posted at https://twirlingbookprincess.com/
Profile Image for Dhawal Joshi.
Author 3 books20 followers
September 5, 2018
The blurb made me take the book but the plot was really immature and childish, characters were weird and I think the Idea didn't land off as good as it was thought to be. It's more apt to be like a Wattpad book for sure.

Read the full detailed review on www.dhawaljoshi.in
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990 reviews6,356 followers
Want to read
August 10, 2018
Review copies can be requested here: [closed - other review opportunities found here]
Profile Image for Ally.
56 reviews33 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
August 1, 2018
I received this book from Xpresso Book Tours.

I wanted to try really hard to get through this book, but I ended up DNF’ing at 61%. I was over halfway through and I found nothing about this book that made me want to keep reading. I was tempted to DNF from the first chapter, so I’m pretty surprised I managed to make it this far.

There’s this scene in the show Brooklyn 99, where Terry asks Jake what he liked about Terry’s novel and Jake says something along the lines of “I liked the space between the words.” as he was thinking of a compliment. That is how I feel about this book, because I wasn’t able to find much that I liked other than the cute headers of each chapter.

Usually even for books that I disliked, I can think of people that would like it, but there’s nothing coming to mind at the moment.
Profile Image for Edwin Rydberg.
Author 5 books14 followers
July 2, 2018
Dragons and unicorns masquerading as humans. Mermaids, fae, demons, alternate magical dimensions! What else could you need in a paranormal romance?

Before you read further, please be aware that I'm not the target reader of this genre. I agreed to read it expecting a different genre. My bad. Still, I'll try and give a fair, honest review.

Talia is a unicorn that lives in human form. The last of her kind, she's tasked with guarding Earth from demons. As a perk, this job comes with her own anthromorphic dragon companion and her newest one is a super hot asshat. Optimistic Talia is determined they'll be BFFs despite his gruff exterior, but how is she going to have time to win him over while children are being captured by demons?

Apparently through a combination of good cooking and bad driving as they rush to, and then run away from, the demons. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

To be fair, Talia is an enjoyable character. Her naive optimism and her constant attempts at goodnatured tormenting of Bryn (her dragon companion) are fun to read. Talia's mermaid friend, and opposite in most ways, is also a very interesting character that would have been nice to see more of. Bryn, instead, is a fairly one-dimensional character whose deeper history is hinted at, but never really explored (at least not in this book).

In answer to the question I first asked, I would have liked a plot that felt meaningful to the characters. I mean, *demons*! Actual demons are constantly threatening the Earth. They've apparently taken over dozens of children in the nearby city, including those of rich and influential people... and our main characters spend most of their time eating (and throwing away food!), worrying about their feelings toward each other, and having the quickest sex in history.

And that's the real problem I found with The Trouble with Unicorns. There's no feeling of threat. Whether the story concentrates on the demon infestation, or the relationship troubles, or ideally joining the two, there needed to be more feeling of threat to the characters. The stakes needed to be higher. Everything just worked out too easily to be satisfying.

It seemed to me that quite often the author actually avoided giving any weight to conflict, whether physical or emotional. With rare exception, the action seemed to happen out of sight of the POV character, or is wrapped up with a few words to a higher power and, while we dwell on the emotions of the relationship, we're never more than a few pages from resolving any conflict that arose in that sphere. Nowhere in the story did the characters, or their budding relationship, ever feel under real threat.

Despite this, Talia's overwhelming optimism and happiness left me with a good feeling at the end, despite the book's flaws. I do hope the author ramps up the tension in the future books of the series. However, if you like paranormal romances between dragons and unicorns, set in a hidden world that's all around us, you might consider checking out The Trouble with Unicorns.

**Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for posting an honest review **
Profile Image for Dani Israelsen .
105 reviews13 followers
August 31, 2018
Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours and author DT Dyllin for giving me a copy of THE TROUBLE WITH UNICORNS in exchange for my honest opinion.

This review was originally posted on my blog: www.danithebookaholic.com


The Trouble with Unicorns is a super fun and cheerful read, with not only unicorns, but dragons, mermaids, demons and the Fey realm all making appearances at some point throughout the story. However, it's not a dark magical story like Lord of the Rings. Just like Talia, the unicorn, the story is very colorful and full of all kinds of spunk!

I enjoyed reading The Trouble with Unicorns, but I had a hard time believing it was an adult story. The only thing that made it an adult story are the "romance" or sex scenes, other wise I would definitely call this more of a teen/young adult novel. I have a hard time believing that many adults would read it other than for the mere fact that unicorns are all the rage right now. 😄

The other part I'm critical of is the "fight" scene, or in The Trouble with Unicorns, the lack thereof. If I'm going to read about a struggle or a fight scene, I expect for there to actually be one, and the one between Talia and her friends against the demon and the changelings, there really wasn't one. To me, this is a copout or just lazy on the author's part. Sadly, I'm finding this to be the case more and more lately, at least with what I've been reading lately.

If you don't mind that the "fight" scenes are short-lived (or nonexistent), but are looking for a fun, easy and colorful read, then definitely check out The Trouble with Unicorns, because Team Unicorn Talia with give you all of that!

From one bookaholic to another, I hope I’ve helped you find your next fix.

Dani's Score out of 5: 📚📚📚📚 (4/5)
Profile Image for Shayay.
2,409 reviews42 followers
December 12, 2019
Listened to the story on Audible. Narrator does a good job; she fits the characters well. An enjoyable listen.

Unique, fun, cute story! Love the whole unicorn shifter angle; Talia fits how I'd expect a unicorn shifter to act, she's quirky to the extreme. It can get annoying at times, but overall, she's lots of fun. The romance aspect is really sweet too. Bryn and Talia have good chemistry; there's a bit of a enemies to lovers type thing, which was enjoyable. Bryn isn't too happy about his life being uprooted to be Talia's new guardian, but he respects his duty. Bryn is a dragon shifter; his family has been tasked with protecting the unicorns, Talia is the only one left though. Talia has the ability to sense demons, so she finds the demons while her guardian warrior takes them out. The banter between Talia and Bryn was fun; Talia for sure brings Bryn out of his comfort zone. I was getting tired of Talia's back and forth on Bryn though; that almost made me knock a star off, but overall, I was totally entertained. The demon hunting was lots of fun too! I've already picked up the next book because I enjoyed this one a lot. There wasn't an audio version for the 2nd book, but the ebook version was only 99 cents, so I'm happy with that!
Profile Image for Ruth B.
676 reviews38 followers
May 2, 2018
Talia is a unicorn, yes that's right a magical and beautiful creature but it's not all rainbows and cupcakes for her. An optimist at heart she has to use her powers to chase demons. And on her thirtieth birthday, her father figure/guardian is leaving her and a new guardian is coming to protect her.

Since Bryn comes into the picture tension is in the air. Imagine a sexy dragon for a guardian for a girl who has to stay a secret in order to survive. Their relationship escalates in a rush and the fire between them almost burnt my reader. And some scenes were toooooo hot, but I love them.

The story is super fast to read, the action is always present and Talia is super fun to read. Also, it was really cool to read about some of the characters that first made me fall in love with Dara and her writing.

I cannot wait to read the next book, I'm loving this new paranormal world and Talia is definitely one of my favorites heroines.

**I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. ***
Profile Image for Paranormal Tendencies.
249 reviews17 followers
April 21, 2018
Tallia is a unicorn. For real. She can shift into the majestic creature from myth and lore. In her world it is all rainbows, except when she has to track down the occasional demon, but that’s why she has a dragon protector. Her whole life she had one father figure dragon training her and protecting her, but as she turns 30, her permanent protector will take his place. This transition is not one that Talia is happy with. She begs and pleads, but Daegus leaves and her new dragon arrives. Despite her initial reluctance to accept this new protector, she is undeniably attracted to the jerk. How is she supposed to work like this?
I have sincerely enjoyed everything I have read by DT Dyllin. Her dragons are scorching hot, Her fantasy creatures are full of mystery and her sci-fi is truly stellar. She is fantastic at writing a scorching romance with an actual story. That is my favorite kind!
I am totally team Talia! I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she gets into next!
Profile Image for Bluepits73.
323 reviews
October 9, 2019
I listened to the audiobook version of this book.

So, if I'm being entirely honest, this book was significantly better than I thought it would be and I actually finished it in one sitting. I loved the characters and the unique world that this author has built. I don't think I've ever listened to a Unicorn Shifter story and it was a real treat to see how this author put this story together. I also like how she meshed in a little bit of Dragon shifter, mermaid and fae into the mix. It was a fun and quirky listen that has some heat written into it and well. This was definitely a very happy surprise as a listen. I actually would love to hear more of this series and author.

The narration is perfect. She perfectly captures the unique nature of our Unicorn and all of the challenges she endures and overcomes. Great job!
Profile Image for Andy.
2,527 reviews208 followers
October 31, 2019
This was a really cute story about a Unicorn, Dragon shifter and a mermaid who team up in order to take down a strange demon infestation. When children around town start acting strangely and developing glowing red eyes, Talia knows she must rid the town of a demon possession. Luckily, she's assigned a new guardian to help her with this task.

I really liked the juxtaposition of Talia and Bryn's personalities. Talia is almost super bubbly, and optimistic which went really well with Bryn's dragon tendencies to brood and be generally dour. These two also had some really great banter. I laughed so much during this short book.

Talia also had a great friendship with her mermaid friend, Maddy. I loved that we got to see some supernatural female friendship in this! Also why won't anyone wear the Team Talia shirt!? While this friendship definitely had some ups and downs, I think Maddy will be along for Talia's other adventures. These two also had an amazing discussion about feminism that I wasn't expecting and it warmed my heart!
Profile Image for Kristin .
1,157 reviews167 followers
February 21, 2018
I had the amazing opportunity to beta read this book. So a lot may change between now and the publication date. :)

However, what I can say is that I thought Talia was hilarious. She's crazy, eccentric, and just all over the place. I loved that we got to see Bryn (from the The P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy) again.

Let's just say that the author definitely has a lot in store for readers with this new series.
Profile Image for Mandy.
214 reviews5 followers
August 2, 2018
I have always loved unicorns especially when they become a big part of something hello Legend and Last Unicorn. For me this book did not disappoint Talia is a unicorn that lives in a human body and tasked with hunting demons. She was raised by a dragon guardian who than leaves for her full time one. She has a funny mermaid best friend that thinks she is fey. I loved Talia’s optimism and that she felt real with having a hard time with accepting a new guardian and her emotions. Makes me happy to have a book where literally a unicorn is the main character.
Profile Image for Claire Thake.
Author 2 books21 followers
May 1, 2018
With all the current hype about Unicorns, I had to jump at reading this book, and as usual, DT Dyllin, doesn't disappoint.

This is the story of Talia, who can shift into a unicorn, and is also a demon tracker and she has a new dragon protector assigned to her, who she finds herself attracted to. Sounds crazy but it works so well!

As usual, Dyllin has written a great story which is so unique and well written. If you like a good fantasy story then this is the author to go to!
Profile Image for Michelle VanDaley.
1,588 reviews2 followers
August 7, 2018
My review is based on the audiobook.
Talia is a Unicorn shifter Demon Hunter who acts like a prepubescent teen. She has been sheltered and therefore very immature for her age. I enjoyed the overall story line however the over usage of the word a**hat had me cringing - seriously there are so many adjectives there is no reason to use a single word that many times. The narrator does a great job bringing the story and characters to life. I would consider reading more in this series.
Profile Image for Ruby McDemon.
823 reviews9 followers
September 16, 2018
I adored Talia throughout the entire book with her rainbows and sparkles attitude. Her inability to stay on topic for more than a few minutes just made it all the better. Once I started listening to this story I don't think I stopped even once until it was done. I enjoyed every moment and everything they go up to was great. I really enjoyed how easy it was to fall into this world and call it home foe awhile. Melissa did an amazing job narrating and helped ring out Talia's sparkle.
Profile Image for Amber Niebaum.
232 reviews36 followers
March 23, 2019
The author built quite a fascinating world. This unicorn is rare, magical and has ADHD I believe lol The main character was fun and I would be happy to go on any trip with. She is a fighter and seems to protect the world from demons which means she therefore needs a dragon guardian. Personalities clash and fun ensues. The narrator did a great job bringing this unique character to life and told the story at a perfect pace.
Profile Image for Jutta.
445 reviews6 followers
May 28, 2019
I enjoyed Melissa Schwairy's narration of this book. I settled in very quickly and forgot about the narrator, just listening to the characters speak.

This book made me chuckle many times throughout, both from the chracters and the situations they got themselves into. And I loved the dynamic between Talia and her dragon. It was great to see the characters and their relationships grow and change as the book progressed. It's a great world with great characters and I'd love to know more.
Profile Image for Pernille Olsen.
132 reviews
June 28, 2018
If it hadn't said in the book, that Talia is 30 years old, I would have thought she was in her late teens. This book read like an YA novel. I have read YA novels with more mature MC's though. I choose not to read YA novels, because I like grown up characters, and the hole insta-love is not my cup of tea. I almost gave up on finishing this book a couple of times. I will not read on in this series.
Profile Image for Lekeisha.
357 reviews
July 7, 2019
So I didn't quite know what to make of this book. Demon hunting unicorn with a dragon bodyguard. Good concept but it was a little too all over the place for me. I didn't feel a strong connection to the characters or between the characters. This was just an ok read/listen for me with Ok narration.

#AudiobookObesession review
Profile Image for Jesstah Jayce (audiofiend).
199 reviews12 followers
May 26, 2020
I wanted to love this, I really did.
But I'm at 80% and after taking multiple breaks, it's still just grating on my nerves and I can't take anymore. I'm sorry I hate leaving bad reviews but this is just tedious to me.
It started out ok and i loved the concept and I thought it would be funny but it's not.
Profile Image for Brooke.
1,344 reviews7 followers
December 3, 2019
Your head will be spinning with all the twists and turns of information in this book in such a great way you will be hopeless in the chance of putting it down! The ending left you begging for more as well. I really enjoyed listening to this book.
Profile Image for Mandy Sawyer.
4,067 reviews33 followers
March 15, 2019
This unicorn shifter book is a first that was different from the usual shifter books. It took me a little while to get into but was full of action, adventure and snark! Great narration from Melissa.
Profile Image for Rachel.
606 reviews21 followers
December 15, 2019
The hype for unicorns is wild at the moment and when I saw an audiobook about unicorns I just had to listen to it.
This is the first in a series of Team Unicorn Talia and it is a great start to the series. Talia White is a unicorn shifter and also a demon tracker. She has just been assigned a new dragon protector, Bryn he’s actually a dragon shifter and his job is to protect her life no matter what and kill demons. She isn’t happy about it to start with but it isn’t long before Talia is attracted to him. The chemistry between them was undeniable. This audiobook had it all romance, paranormal, mythical, excitement, humor, and action, it kept me engaged, and the narrator was great with her different voices, her voice was easy , she set the mood brilliantly.
🎧 AudiobookObessionReviewer
Profile Image for Ginger.
1,147 reviews7 followers
April 6, 2019
Talia White is a Unicorn Shifter her profession is Demon tracker. Talia is snarky with a whole lot of optimism. Her side kick, protector Bryn is a dragon shifter with a chip on his shoulder.
Talia has two goals eradicate the demons and win the Dragon
Narrator Melissa Schwairy made this story fun and enjoyable.
Reviewed for Audiobook Obsession.
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