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Heaven's Rejects MC #4

Lies and Illusions

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She ran from life with the MC. The MC is the only life he wants.

Presley Sanders was once the princess of the Heaven’s Rejects MC. But that life was never one she wanted. That’s why she ran the first chance she got. But now Presley has a target on her back, and the club is her only hope. Even if it means sacrificing everything, she’s worked so hard to forget.

Beau “Voodoo” Martin has loved Presley since the moment he laid eyes on her. Even when she ran, he followed her, making little connections wherever he could. But now she’s back and she’s in danger, and Voodoo is determined to protect her, no matter the cost.

But when love mixes with lies, lives can be ruined, and souls can be shattered.

384 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 30, 2018

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About the author

Avelyn Paige

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Avelyn Paige is a Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author of romantic suspense and motorcycle club romance. She lives in a small town in Indiana with her husband and five fuzzy kids.

When she’s not writing, Avelyn spends her days working as a cancer research scientist. Avelyn has been an avid reader her entire life, and it wasn’t until losing her father in 2015 that she started turning all those ideas in her head into stories. She hasn’t looked back since.

To learn more about Avelyn's books,
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2MP9tHD
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Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Pdtbyz
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1,620 reviews130 followers
April 8, 2018
Lies and Illusions was the fourth book in the Heaven’s Rejects series by Avelyn Paige. Paige left us with a pretty big teaser in the previous book and I’ve been waiting (not so) patiently for this release!

Presley Sanders was the sister to the Heaven’s Rejects President, Raze. She left the club life four years ago and severed all ties to the world she hated. She was a Psychiatrist and got into trouble as a result of one of her clients. She fled to the club in desperation seeking their help.

Voodoo was the tech mastermind of the MC. He was the sexy, geeky one that used his brain and skills daily. He was assigned as Presley’s body guard until the threat was over.

I liked the premise of the storyline. It was suspenseful and intriguing. I wasn’t fond of Presley’s hostility, as I felt it was misplaced, but once she got beyond it, I enjoyed the progression. Paige took us through the relationship development while simultaneously further developing past stories and beginning new ones that will carry over in the series.

All in all, it was a fairly quick and entertaining read. It was well written and well developed. The editing errors were a little annoying and need to be cleaned up, but thankfully didn’t detract from the suspenseful plot. The next book hasn’t been revealed yet but I’m expecting both Thor and Slider’s story to be told soon. Either way, I look forward to experiencing where Paige leads us next.
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948 reviews94 followers
April 7, 2018
This is the fourth book in the Heaven’s Rejects MC series and is Voodoo’s story.

Voodoo is the geeky brother and the expert at all things techy. He’s not as built as his brothers in the MC but he is every bit still alpha. When his investigation for a brother lead him to an online relationship, little did he realise how real this was going to be.

Presley has been away from the MC for the past couple of years. Having seen what her mother went through and how her brother had become, she wanted no part of MC life anymore. However when her life is in danger it’s where she runs back to for protection and support.

It took me a while to get into this one as although I love the series I wasn’t feeling it with Voodoo, but he finally grew on me. The relationship build up with Presley and Voodoo was initially a slow burn and lots to fathom out. However when the revelations are all out in the open the gloves are off.

Another exciting addition to the series and a continuation of the MC fight to move out of shady dealings with an added sub story with a huge coincidental link. Four stars
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2,858 reviews38 followers
March 8, 2018
I love this series ♡V and Presley beautiful forbidden amazing emotional funny and loving story was epic.I need more
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4,190 reviews134 followers
September 6, 2018
4.5 Star Review Lies and Illusions ( Heaven’s Rejects MC #4) by Avelyn Paige
This was a new author to me and I am not sure why. Although this is book 4 in the series, I was able to follow the story without any issues or dramas. I loved how Avelyn Paige brought Presley and Voodoo (just adore the names) together; this story was smoking hot
Ms.Paige sucked me into the story from the start and I found myself saying, just one more chapter until I finally finished. Secrets and lies abound in this story along with suspense and dram; it makes for one heck of a wild ride.
Having finally cut ties with the Heaven’s Reject MC, run by her brother Raze, Presley escapes across the country to work, finally free of the life she hated.
However fate is a cruel mistress and when she finds herself targeted she has no choice but to return to the MC world she left behind for protection.. Voodoo is charged with keeping his Prez’s sister safe and is determined to do just that.
Sparks ignite between them but Voodoo knows that Presley wants nothing to do with MC life. Can he give his “brothers up” for a chance at love with Presley? One click and find out.
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3,985 reviews319 followers
April 24, 2018
Lies and Illusions is book four in the series and Presley and Voodoo’s story. Presley Sanders was once the princess of the Heaven’s Rejects MC, and the sister of the current President. She ran four years ago, and hasn’t had contact with her brother or the club. Life has been good but now, because of a patient, she has a target on her back. She’ll do whatever she can to protect her patient, even if it means running straight into the life she couldn’t wait to get away from. Now she just hopes her brother takes them in and helps them instead of turning them away.

Voodoo has been messaging this girl secretly under the pretense of club business. Fake screen names keep his identity hidden but he has trouble pretending not to know her since she needs the protection of the club, and he’s been named her personal protection. I really loved Voodoo, he may be my favorite yet. He was ready to give up everything for Presley to keep her safe and free. He fell in love with her before she came to the club, but she has no idea who he is. He has a tough decision to make in telling her the truth, or keeping things secret and letting it all play out.

Presley hated club life and that hadn’t changed in the years she was gone. She started to see how things had changed over the years and wondered if her brother was truly different than their psycho father. You could see her instant chemistry with Voodoo, but she held a lot of guilt for the man she’d been talking to online. She couldn’t possibly have intense feelings for two men, and it didn’t help that the man she’d been talking to wasn’t answering her. I really enjoyed watching her transform from being the person who thought she was better than her family because of the life they led. She had a lot to come to terms with in between being hunted. I wasn’t a huge fan of hers in the beginning but she won me over by the end. She showed an amazing amount of strength in a very dangerous and tense time.

Wow. This may have topped the others in the series for me. It wasn’t full of death and killing randomly. Voodoo was strong and protective, yet sweet and romantic. I loved how he got around Presley in the beginning, that’s not something you usually see with these guys. I felt like Presley grew once she got back, and I loved the relationship she developed with her brother at that point. I enjoyed the dual point of view, and felt this one was very well written. It’s got me wanting more of this series now!
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2,814 reviews148 followers
April 9, 2018
I love a good MC book and this one did not disappoint. The storyline was intriguing and suspenseful and left me turning the page quickly to see how it would all play out.

I have a thing for geeky guys and Voodoo (or V if you will) was just that and so much more. I mean, he is a member of a MC after all. His character was smart, funny, witty and just fun. I loved everything about him. It was hard to like Presley at first. She wanted to cut ties with the MC world and all it entails but found herself running back to that world once she was in trouble which is where she meets V. Their chemistry was evident from the get go.

This is the fourth book in the Heaven’s Rejects series by Avelyn Paige and confession time…this is the first book I’ve read by her, so I went into this story blindly and had no idea what to expect. I had a little trouble keeping all the names straight; some had two names, their given name and then their MC name which threw me trying to keep them all straight but finally got it, which is why I suggest you read the other books before this one.
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1,090 reviews47 followers
March 19, 2018
What an amazing follow on from Absolution!! I absolutely adore Presley and Voodoo!! What a perfect match.

It starts off a little shakey, as I was expecting something straight on from Absolution, but didn't quite get what I was hoping for. But I got really into it and found myself turning page after page and losing track of time.

Great storlyine, definitely one I wasn't expecting with brilliant, awe-inspiring twists that will blow your mind. I wasn't expecting the Zezza's and that plot twist, that's for sure.

This story will definitely get you sucked in and with all the amazing characters in this book, how can you not fall in love with this? AMAZING!
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684 reviews20 followers
March 19, 2018
Lies and Illusions is a standalone in the Heaven's Rejects MC series. It is the story of Voodoo, V, and Presley. Presley has been away from the club attending school. With her degree in hand, she takes off again. Minimal contact means that she hasn't been kept up to date with club she grew up in.

Circumstances force her to seek refuge. She's terrified to go back, but has no other choice to stay alive. She abandons everything, including the man she met online. Once she is there, she is put into the protection of V. Tech extraordinaire Voodoo has been tasked with keeping an eye on Presley. He's a sinfully sexy geek, He's not your usual MC hero, and was a breath of fresh air to this reader. He stood his ground with the stubborn Presley, but wasn't domineering and respected her independence.

I enjoyed Lies and Illusions. It was exciting, suspenseful at times, and held my attention. The characters were interesting, and I can't wait to catch up with the previous books.

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1,617 reviews11 followers
March 15, 2018
Sex, lies and videotape... no but close. Presley is an MC princess. Having grown up in the lifestyle she left as soon as she could. Not wanting to live this life she signed on the dotted line for something that is just as dangerous.

Voodoo is the MC tech guru. His love and passion is his computer and his gadgets. That is until she comes home, in trouble needing help. She doesn’t know that he knows her. He hasn’t been able to get her off his mind, now she’s here face to face.

Lies and illusions is just that. Full of lies, danger, suspense and everything you want in an MC story. This whole series is so full of exciting moments and wonderful characters that it’s easy to fall in love with them. It’s a definite must read.
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1,939 reviews24 followers
March 30, 2018
This book grabbed me and wouldn't let me go. I was sucked in from page one! Voodoo and Presley are perfect for each other. They are a mixture of brains and beauty. Presley is a MC princess but doesn't want the life but soon she has no choice. She has to protect her client from danger. Voodoo has a secret though and it could tear them apart. I don't think I've said this much but he's really a sweetheart. He tries so hard not to let his attraction to Presley affect his work but as he spends more time with her, it's no use. He gives in to it and pays the consequences for it. This book is action packed with a whole lot of sweet and sexy moments. I loved this book!
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1,336 reviews28 followers
April 2, 2018
Multiple Reviews Below

I've been looking forward to Voodoo's story for so long! I'm so glad Avelyn Paige decided to write it for her readers. The title is a perfect one for the story!

Presley is the sister of Raze or Mikey, the Heaven's Rejects MC President. She turned her back on the club and club life to find her own path in life. After graduating as a psychologist, she manages to get a job far away. Voodoo, after becoming friends online, is shocked when she arrives back at the clubhouse.

There is a certain amount of going and froing within the story but it is to be expected with this type of story. Presley is such a strong woman filled with determination but also a compassionate heart. Voodoo is the club clown, usually ready with a joke and normally not taking situations too seriously, except in his office filled with technology where he reigns supreme.

The chemistry between the two main characters is combustible and the intimacy is not just explosive and extremely hot, also sweet and romantic. Not something you normally associate with Voodoo! 😂😂

I won't reveal too much of the story or it will spoil it for other readers however I will say that the build-up of tension and drama is intense and the peak is very explosive. There are a few twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and gasping a time or two...thank you to this fabulous author for another wonderfully entertaining story.

Reviewed by Robyn

Presley is the Princess of the Heaven's Rejects MC... she shuns the club in favour of forging her own path in life, but this only lands her in hot water and she comes running back to the only place she will be safe... the club! Voodoo the computer tech wizard of the MC is charged with guarding Presley... this is where the fireworks begin, their chemistry is instant and adorable. But with a danger likes of which the MC have ever seen lurking just beyond their doorstep, the MC must pull together if everyone is to survive. This book is funny, sexy and all alpha... I love this MC series I can't wait to see what's next!

Reviewed by Nat
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969 reviews11 followers
March 28, 2018
Lord have mercy this book grabbed me from the first page and didn't let me go until I reached the very end. The Heaven's Rejects are back and are picking right up from where book 3 left off. We have Ginny, Rachet's thought to be dead sister resurfacing and Voodoo checking up on the Doctor who is working with Ricca. But then Voodoo ("V"), becomes enamored with the Doc and begins to communicate with her through a dating app, then by texts. He falls for her, she falls for him. But she has no idea that he is in an MC and he has no idea who she really is. Yep, things get really interesting when Presley and her patient run for their lives, right back to the MC that she vowed she would never return to, straight into the arms of her brother Mikey, AKA Raze, the President of the Heaven's Rejects MC. NOW, things have just gotten really interesting, and entertaining. But the trouble that is following the two girls is more that the MC has ever had to handle, and it will put not only the girls lives at risk, but the entire club as well.

Voodoo is so sweet, and so in love with Presley. But he is holding a secret that he knows will certainly blow whatever they have clean out of the water. Presley grew up in the MC, with a father that should have been put down long, long ago. She leaves her home on the premise of beginning an internship that will greatly help her career, and her brother reluctantly let's her go. Neither of them knowing what this internship will lead to until years later when she and her patient show up at his clubhouse unannounced, and scared. There is a storm brewing and it will be a category 5 hurricane before all is said and done, if someone doesn't come up with a plan.

This book is exceptionally well written with a storyline that will have you hanging onto every word, every page. Do not let this series, this book pass you by. They are rough and tough, but you will fall for each one of the Heaven's Rejects MC brothers! I highly recommend this read.
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2,108 reviews41 followers
March 28, 2018
WOO WHOOOO I loved this book. The author has written an awesome storyline with MC action, intrigue and romance from cover to cover. As for the characters what is not to love: a clubhouse full of hot bikers, a lot of which are married to strong women that keep them grounded.

I won't get into the storyline too deep because I don't want to spoil things for you but Lies and Illusions is Presley (the Prez's sister and Princess Royalty to the Heaven's Rejects) and VooDoo, the club's Tech Guy. I know right, what's hotter than a geeky guy with looks and a brain. Presley doesn’t want anything to do with MC life because she sees things as they were when her Dad ran the club (all sex, guns, drugs, women and darn near anything illegal). So she leaves. She takes her college education and becomes a therapist. Fast forward a couple years and Presley is sought out by the FBI to treat Ginny, a woman in Protective Custody. But when the bad guys catch up to her and Ginny they have nowhere to run for help but to the Heaven's Reject Bikers. That is where Ginny reunites with her brother Ratchet and Presley her brother Raze (the Prez) and of course she meets VooDoo. But Voo Doo has secrets too. Secrets that even Raze doesn't know. (Trust me when I say the book is appropriately named Lies and Illusions).

This wonderfully written storyline will have you glued to the pages. What's going to happen? Can the club keep the girls safe from the targets on their backs? Does VooDoo's Secret destroy his relationship with the club, with Raze or Presley? I can't recommend the book or the series enough. If you love MC books, The Heaven's Rejects Series is a must for your #TBR List. 2 Thumbs up for a great 5 star book/series.
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1,716 reviews17 followers
March 30, 2018
I just love this series. I think several of us have been waiting for a story on Voodoo. Hello, sexy and nerdy. So when I saw this this was on him my heart jump for joy.

Voodoo was the computer genius of the Heaven’s Rejects MC. I had to wonder if there was nothing he could not do when it came the technology. The MC was lucky to have him. It was good to see romance find it’s way to Voodoo.

If you read the previous book then you were already introduced to Presley. I love how the author introduced (so to speak) Presley to Voodoo. I also loved the secret they were keeping from each other. Voodoo new off the bat that he was in trouble when he first saw her in person.

You have to admire Presley. She was this amazing strong woman. She is the true example how someone who comes from nothing can make something out of their life if they truly want to. Presley finds herself in a situation and I found it funny that she had to go the one place she never wanted to go.

I love MC books for several reasons. One reason being it shows a special bond and that family is just not blood. The author really brings that out in this series and this book is not different. there are a few surprises along the way.

I love the heat and passion that was between Voodoo and Presley. Trust me when I say the author will not disappoint. Not only is there a romance that one would be willing to die for but also there is danger along the way. You will truly get ever thing you so desire in a story.

So happy I got a chance to read this book and can not wait to get a paperback copy to add to my collection. So worth the read.
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3,844 reviews218 followers
April 6, 2018
**3.5 Stars**

When you grow up in an MC, your future is pretty much set, but different paths chosen can change that, as was the case for Presley. She didn't want her future to be the same as her past, and took the steps needed for her once her father died to make a new life for herself, far away from the only thing, and people, she'd ever known. Unfortunately, a situation in her new reality brought with it a jarring revelation, to remain safe she needed to return to the life she'd fled at the first opportunity. Her brother's MC club would protect her, she knew that without a doubt, and was promptly assigned a bodyguard. The only question was could she guard her heart from him?

Voodoo was playing a dangerous game, talking with a woman his opposite, princess to his devil, and though he labeled it club business, he knew he was lying to himself. When that same one appears at the MC needing protection, he knows she's even more special than he'd already believed. This sexy geek promises to show Presley he's everything she needs, despite being a part of something she never wants to be involved in again.

Can Voodoo not only keep Presley safe, but also convince her to give him a chance? Will Presley look past what Voodoo is on the outside and see the man he truly is? Why is someone after her in the first place? Why did she feel such a need to leave the MC once? And will she again? Or can Voodoo and Presley admit their feelings for one another and explore what they've found together? Is a HEA possible?

One-click now and follow along as two people, thrown together due to dangerous circumstances, discover a love that can't be denied, but must overcome obstacles set in their way, and not all of them are due to Presley's situation. - By Elizabeth
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1,142 reviews53 followers
April 5, 2018
Voodoo is a funny f$&*# .

I had a few laugh out loud moments reading this book , the banter between voodoo and rachett especially had me laughing. With having the task of protecting presely raze baby sister who was being hunted down from the mafia after escaping with Ginny in towe who was in the witness protection program. Presely was Ginnys therapist but the mafia found out where she was hiding and she and presely ended up on the run going back to the one place presely thought she would never be again her brothers compound. Presely hated the mc life and tried to make a point of never going back there but being on the run with ginny she was all out of money and options . Voodoo was tasked to look after presely however that was easier said then done consider who voodoo actually was. For a few months voodoo had been talking with presely via txt and a dating app . Voodoo used his real name but a different profile pic so she didnt know who he was at the time. they each began to fall for each other via phone txting but when presely arrived unannounced at the club and voodoo was told to watch her he new he had to open up and reveal the truth of who he was but between the mafia ,voodoos, nerves and hoping that raze has no say in the matter voodoo doesnt get the chance because soon all hell breaks loose and the mafia have presely.
I really enjoyed this storry .i loved the way voodoo sacrificed himself for the club and presely and how slider then blew everyone away with his own sacrifice didnt see that one coming at all. I hope ginny gets her happily ever after she deserves it . Love the ending . Talk about the feels .
1,885 reviews49 followers
April 1, 2018
I've been looking forward to Voodoo's story for so long! I'm so glad Avelyn Paige decided to write it for her readers. The title is a perfect one for the story!

Presley is the sister of Raze or Mikey, the Heaven's Rejects MC President. She turned her back on the club and club life to find her own path in life. After graduating as a psychologist, she manages to get a job far away. Voodoo, after becoming friends online, is shocked when she arrives back at the clubhouse.

There is a certain amount of going and froing within the story but it is to be expected with this type of story. Presley is such a strong woman filled with determination but also a compassionate heart. Voodoo is the club clown, usually ready with a joke and normally not taking situations too seriously, except in his office filled with technology where he reigns supreme.

The chemistry between the two main characters is combustible and the intimacy is not just explosive and extremely hot, also sweet and romantic. Not something you normally associate with Voodoo! 😂😂

I won't reveal too much of the story or it will spoil it for other readers however I will say that the build up of tension and drama is intense and the peak is very explosive. There are a few twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and gasping a time or two...thank you to this fabulous author for another wonderfully entertaining story.

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3,600 reviews37 followers
April 6, 2018
I received a copy of this book from the publisher/author to review for Stephanie's Book Reports.

Pressley grew up as MC royalty. Her path was set, bit it was never her destiny. Liberated by her father's death, she left the Heaven's Rejects Clubhouse to make her own way in life. But fate had other ideas. Her brother's club was the only option, once a target had been painted on her back, because of on of her patients. She never expected that going home would result in her entire world being flipped upside down at the hands of Voodoo the man meant to protect her. With him as a bodyguard, her heart never stood a chance. Could she sacrifice her soul to go back to the life she left behind.

If you have not read any of the Heaven's Rejects book I suggest you do because this is a good MC Series and I have loved the previous three books. Lies and Illusions will read as a standalone though so you can read it without the other three. I just did not want ya'll to miss some good MC books.

Pressley grew up in the MC. She has always known about the lifestyle but when she got the chance she left. That was not the life she wanted for herself at all. However what she is doing now is just as dangerous. This sends her running back home to her brother and the club she left because it is the safest place that she feels like she can be. She wasn't expecting Voodoo the tech guy of the MC to be assigned to be her body guard. This could be trouble as they both are extremely attracted to each other. This book will have you one the edge of your seat reading like a maniac. I think this is my favorite book in this series so far. I loved Pressley and Voodoo and just the entire story really.
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2,401 reviews47 followers
April 1, 2018
Review by: Melanie
(5 stars)

In book 3: Absolution, Voodoo helped Ratchet in his quest to bring Ricca home, by looking into her therapist and getting into an online dialogue with her. After Ratchet’s issue was resolved though, Voodoo carried on interacting with Dr. Matthews, the pair seeming to fall for each other despite only “talking” online. Dr. Mathews though, turns out to be Dr. Sanders… his MC President’s sister, Presley. Talk about a crazy turn of events.

How does he discover this little bit of information though? Presley and her patient/friend, the whole reason for her new identity, turn up at the clubhouse seeking help. Will Voodoo be able to get Presley to fall for the real him, when she has obviously fallen for the internet version of him? What will Presley do if she finds out Voodoo is the man she has been “talking” to for months? Will Voodoo and the rest of the club be able to keep them safe when the bad guys come calling?

Wow, this book was so good. Some twists and turns I wasn’t expecting and lots of drama and nail biting moments. I thoroughly enjoyed Voodoo and Presley’s story and I’m really hoping that Ginny and Slider will get a book as there was obviously something between them. Another great instalment in the Heaven’s Rejects MC series and I give Lies and Illusions 5 stars.
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11.2k reviews144 followers
April 12, 2018
I came fashionably late to the Heaven's Rejects MC party, as Lies and Illusions is the first book that I've read in this amazing series, and by this author. And trust me, the super talented Avelyn Paige had me regretting changing my clothes so many times before joining this party with every awesome chapter. I won't go into many details as there was serious suspense, so in order to make sure that no spoiler douchery inadvertently shows up, gonna have to make my description very brief. This is the story about Presley, who is the sister of the Pres, and Voodoo, the resident tech genius. See she left the club after suffering a bad childhood at the hands of their father, the former Pres, and never looked back. However, when danger is too much for her to handle, she has no other choice but to come home for help, and that's when she meets Voodoo, who is tasked to be her shadow. And that's all that I'm going to give about that. Presley is a strong woman who at times, I wanted to shake, as she's very stubborn, while Voodoo was a sexy biker with a big heart, who wanted to make her his. Their chemistry was off the charts hot, which finally lead to fiery flames of sexy times that lit the sheets up. Plus the cast of secondaries added in more humor, besides Voodoo's inner monologue, to the whole story. And that danger that Presley is running from? Well it made for serious twists that had the f-bombs dropping like mad! I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on more books by this fantastic author, past & future, so HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL!
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1,677 reviews39 followers
March 31, 2018
Rating: 4.5 Stars

Presley Matthews shows how hard it is to leave a family behind. Beauregard “Voodoo” Martin almost seems to be talking to the reader as his story unfolds. He may a tough as leather kind of guy but he has a soft spot that only someone special sees.

If you haven’t read this series in a while this may be good incentive to pick it back up. Or to refresh yourself you could go back and read the previous books. Maybe you’ve not read this author before. I would start at the beginning of the series if that were true. It would be like starting a book in the middle. You need to know the players and how they came to be in order to enjoy this latest.

The book is one that grabs your attention from the beginning. Has you wondering how they get out of this mess. And then you wonder how can two polar opposites find any common ground to even attempt a relationship. Finding out what kind of men these are doesn’t stop the women from going into anything without their eyes wide open. But make no mistake there might be a few bumps, a little action and adventure, and a lot of raw emotions – don’t expect that ride to end until we come upon the last word of the story. Sometimes it may be hard to see but there is romance here. Voodoo may have something to say about this but you could consider him a romantic and his ending proves that.

I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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2,650 reviews32 followers
April 10, 2018

Lies and Illusions was a great 5 star read.

I was so excited to get my hands on this book after I finished Absolution. This is book four of the Heaven’s Rejects MC series.

Presley’s brother is the Heaven’s Rejects president. She left a few years ago to get away from MC life and pursue her career.
Voodoo is the nerd of the MC with how great he is with his technical skills.

Due to an issue with a patient Presley finds herself going back to the MC for protection. This is where Voodoo is assigned to protect her.

Voodoo is slightly challenged with the stubbornness of Presley but he knows just how to handle her. The sex between them was off the charts hot with some romance thrown in as well.

There are some big mind blowing twists and the connection between these two was hot. The secondary characters were great and we see the continuation of the MC issues as well. This series has quickly become one of my favorites. Once you start reading you can’t stop until your done. I can’t wait to read more.

Alpha Book Club
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Reviewed by MAustin from Alpha Book Club
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March 31, 2018
I absolutely love this series 😍. In this book Presley(who is Razes sister is in need of help. Both her and Ginny are on the run, and find help with Heavens Rejects.
V or Voodoo found Presley before she was on the run, and contacted her through a dating website, and they became close before she showed up at the clubhouse. Even though Presley has no idea it's him, since he used a different name. He doesn't know how to tell her, and especially Raze. He's not sure what is worse, finding who's after Presley, or to face Raze.
Presley turned her back on her brother for her job. She couldn't have contact with him, but when you work for the FBI, and someone is after you, you can count on family. Not expecting to find love with a biker, especially as much as she has come to leave that part of her life behind her. But the heart doesn't always work the way you want it to. She knows that she needs to wipe the slate clean with Beauregard, but what will she do when Beauregard and V are the same person? How can she trust, and how will she get out of the crazy situation she's in?
Avelyn has certainly done it again ❤️
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April 13, 2018
Reviewed by 3 Degrees Of Fiction Book Blog

I’ve followed the Heavens Rejects books from the very beginning and they have held my attention right through. This book was no exception. The characters have become so well known to me now that I see them as friends and it was brilliant going back into this world to see how everyone’s doing. This is one of those stories that I hope never ever ends. I could read these books forever and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of them. How the author manages to keep it so fresh even this far in is beyond me but I give her my absolute respect for the fabulous writing skills that she shows over and over and over again!

This book just like the others is brilliantly detailed and I honest didn’t want the story to end. I found myself slowing down towards the end just to drag it out that little bit longer!

The ending OMG the ending what a cliff hanger we have been left with. It’s nail biting stuff is this series and I’m hoping the wait won’t be too long for the next book!

The story is action packed from front to back, nail bitingly good, can’t put down good, needing more good!

Thanks to the author for yet another amazing part of this series. I honestly can’t wait for more!
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March 30, 2018
I’ve been with the Heaven’s Rejects MC from book one and I don’t know how Ms. Paige does it but they keep getting better and better. Presley has been away from the club at college and then took a secret internship, but when her father was the president of the club she couldn’t stand to be around. She has some preconceived notions of the Heaven’s Reject MC, but now that her brother is running the club they’ve all been blown out of the water. When Presley and Ginny are on the run come seeking help from her brother’s club she didn’t expect to be so taken with Voodoo.

Voodoo (V) is the computer genius for the Heaven’s Rejects MC. He was playing a dangerous game looking into Presley for Ratchet. He even went so far to set up a dating profile on the site that she was a member. When she comes knocking on their door V knows he in trouble, because he has started to have real feelings for Presley in she doesn’t even know who he is.

Presley thought she would never grace the club’s doorstep again, but when circumstances deem she flee she runs right to the club. Can V and the club keep her safe? Will she have to give up on her online man? I can’t wait for another installment of the series.

** I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review **
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March 3, 2018
What a Ride! and " Love trumps all. "
Lies and Illusions by Avelyn Paige is the 4. novel in the Heaven´s Rejects MC Series. The previous books are Sins of the Father; Heaven Sent; Angels and Ashes - my favorite read in the serries - ; Absolution; and Lies and Illusions.

Presley Sanders is a MC princess. But she hated the MC lifestyle and left the club years ago. She lived her own life and build a career. But circumstances bring her back with her brother´s MC, The Heaven´s Rejects MC. Only the men of the club can keep her safe from the danger that follows her.

Voodoo is a club member and computer genius. He was in contact with her without knowing about her roots. And he´s so fudged. If her brother, Raze finds out about all this he can say good bye. But he can´t stay away from her. And to Presley´s astonishment, the MC has changed, greatly changed.

Lies and Illusions is a captivating story with just the right amount of drama and danger. The story kept me at the edge of my seat and I couldn´t put the book down. I had to know what happens to the characters.
Whe you love MC stories with rough alpha bikers, this is your read.
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April 22, 2018
4.5 Illusive Stars

Presley has made a life for herself away from the Heaven’s Rejects for the past 4 years. Cutting ties because it is what she needed to do, but things change and when push comes to shove she knows her brother and his men will keep her and Ginny, her patient with her own ties to the MC, safe.

Voodoo is using his expert hacking and computer skills to keep tabs on Dr. Matthews for his brother, Ratchet. He never expected to want to know more about the woman...but he did.

When two worlds collide we get it all. The secrets, the love, the hurt, every emotion and action between so many different characters is experienced. I love V and his brainy badass ways. I love that he can make Presley see that the club isn’t what she imagined it would be when she ran. But the truth must eventually come out and when the danger comes close and effects them all we find out where everyone’s love and loyalty lie.

Cara - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog
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April 8, 2018
Lies and Illusions would be the second book I've by Avelyn Paige and I know by butt will be one clicking the books I've missed , this can be read as a standalone but for me I want to know how some couplings happened . Voodoo was such a goofball loved everything about him he had me laughing almost every time I was in his point of view chapter plus this man has many talents in and out of his computer room . Liked Presley she did take me some time to really fall for her character but in the end she was a well written heroine . I can't wait to see whats to come in this series the ending shocked me while also wanting to see who was next to come .
copy provided for honest review 
hero=10 heroine=10 secondary characters=10 Chemistry=10 steam=8
romance=6 humor=6 darkness level=3 action=3 mystery=3
enjoyment=10 angst=3 story line=10 Story ending=10
character development=10 pacing=10
cover=10 stars=5
would I recommend this book=yes
would I re read this book= yes
would I read future books by this author= yes
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April 9, 2018
Who and what is Presley? How do we know her? Who do we know her as? Why do we find her at the clubhouse? Who is with her? When she goes to see Raze, what does she tell him? What happens when Ratchet finds out they are there? I cannot help but to laugh at Voodoo's interactions with Presley. It is so funny, like a teenage boy trying to talk to his first crush sad but oh so funny. While the reason for them being there is not funny, the situation itself is. Who is Beauregard? For the longest time in the book, I did not care for the prospect named Slider. But he does 'one' thing that makes me see him in a whole new light. You're going to have to read to find out. I have to say that my favorite line from the book came right at the end, dealing with another video game. You'll have to read and see what I mean! This was an insanely good book and I cannot wait for the next one!

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March 22, 2018
I really love this series so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book, it doesn’t disappoint. I read it in one sitting, once I started I couldn’t put it down! The story follows Voodoo and Presley, I really didn’t know what to expect from them and their story but what we got blew all the other books and couples out the water! I flipping loved Voodoo, he was so swoon worthy and all hot alpha male. Presley was a surprise too, when we first meet her she’s a bit aloof and even though she’s the MC princess she hates the club, but once we learn about her past and she spends more time with Voodoo she grew on me.
The story is full of everything you expect from a MC story, lies, suspense and twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. This really was a wonderful read, I wish I could give more than 5*

*** reviewed for sweet & spicy reads-ARC provided for honest review ***
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