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With unparalleled suspense and her trademark explosive twists, #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter delves into the terrifying mind of an escaped mental patient obsessed with revenge in this next installment of her riveting FBI series. When he fails to kidnap five-year-old Sean Savich, agents Sherlock and Savich know they’re in his crosshairs and must find him before he continues with his ‘kill’ list.

Chief Ty Christie of Willicott, Maryland, witnesses a murder at dawn from the deck of her cottage on Lake Massey. When dragging the lake, not only do the divers find the murder victim, they also discover dozens of bones. Even more shocking is the identification of a unique belt buckle found among the bones. Working together with Chief Christie, Savich and Sherlock soon discover a frightening connection between the bones and the escaped psychopath.

Paradox is a chilling mix of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, old secrets that refuse to stay buried, and ruthless greed that keep Savich and Sherlock and Chief Ty Christie working at high speed to uncover the truth before their own bones end up at the bottom on the lake.

Don’t miss Paradox, the twenty-second FBI thriller.

448 pages, Kindle Edition

First published July 31, 2018

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December 30, 2018
👮🏻‍ 3.25 Paradoxical Stars for Catherine Coulter's Paradox 🏚

This is the 22nd book in Coulter's Sherlock & Savich FBI series, but my first. I didn't feel it made a negative impact on my overall understanding or enjoyment of the book that I hadn't read of the previous installments in the series. Coulter did a thorough job of explaining any important back stories or relationships so that I was able to delve in seamlessly on this particular case.

Paradox starts out BIG! I was gripped from page 1 as we are instantly thrown in to an adrenaline pumping situation as Agents Savich & Sherlock are faced with an intruder who has broken into their home and is attempting to kidnap their seven year old son. Talk about getting your reader heart pumping wildly and that was just the prologue!

Things didn't seem to slow down with chapter 1 as we were transported to a seemingly tranquil lake scene only to find Police Chief Ty Christie of Willicott, Maryland witness a brutal murder while sipping her coffee as she looked out over Lake Massey. She calls in her people to dive into the lake in the hopes of uncovering the body without success. Knowing she saw a body thrown overboard, she opts to drag the lake. No one expected what came next - including me! Her team uncovered the body of Octavia Ryan, a Federal Prosecutor along with dozens of human bones they knew to be from more than a dozen different bodies based on what was recovered. Knowing she needed more services than her small community could provide, Christie calls in the FBI for assistance.

The first 5 chapters were a complete thrill ride for me. Then things began to slow down - a lot. I felt there were so many scenes where the dialogue was unnecessarily wordy and the repetitive descriptions of people's looks were rampant. I can appreciate descriptive language as much as the next person but it just didn't fit with the book. I want my thrillers dark, twisty and fast paced. I don't really care about the "wide-oak planked porch and double front door that was once beautifully carved but now creaked and looked ready to fall off its hinges." Open the door and go search for the bad guy!

As for the twists & turns - I had them ALL figured out. There wasn't anything that surprised me in the end reveal. I was hoping I'd be wrong or may have missed something, but I didn't. I called this one completely. Maybe its just me. I might read too many thrillers and watch too many crime shows. Now, it takes a bit more to stump me. Paradox was easy to figure out. I felt like Coulture fed me a trail of breadcrumbs, in plain sight, throughout.

Overall, Paradox was an entertaining, if slightly too long and simple mystery/thriller. The beginning was amazing - I just wish that adrenaline pumping feeling had lasted for more than just the first five chapters.

Thank you to Catherine Coulter, Gallery Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to receive an advance copy of Paradox in exchange for my honest review.
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July 10, 2018
Catherine Coulter writes fun mysteries. In this one, Police Chief Ty Christie witnesses a murder on the lake that her house is on. When the lake is swept, bones from many different bodies are found, as well as a belt buckle that will be key to solving part of the mystery of how the dead bodies got there and who killed the person Ty saw murdered.

In this novel, just about everyone is described as good-looking, handsome, or pretty. In real life, I've never found that entire police forces and small-town communities can be described this way. She also used the word “bespoke” so often in became noticeably obvious.

This mystery is fun, but the writing is definitely not literary, so it depends on your mood. If you want something very light and untaxing to your intellect, this is a well-done novel.

Thank to NetGalley for the opportunity to review this novel, which RELEASES JULY 31ST.
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2,131 reviews200 followers
September 28, 2018
A magnificent story from beginning to end! 10 of 10 stars
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February 19, 2022
I love the FBI agent husband/wife team of Savich and Sherlock, who team up together to catch the bad guys and solve awesome mysteries. I got hooked on Catherine Coulter last year through a NetGalley release which had a super twisty ending and have been working my way through her backlist, and was excited to see a new book coming out!

In PARADOX, Savich and Sherlock are awakened in the night by a threat. As they try to figure out who could be a danger to their son, a different mystery pops up in rural Maryland (there’s always multiple angles going on in this series, which makes things extra exciting.) Without spoilers, I really enjoyed all the discoveries and twists and turns in this one.

Trigger Warnings:

Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered on screen reader.
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1,353 reviews113 followers
October 14, 2019
I am disappointed. This book has a rating of 4.19 and is rated by nearly 6,000 readers. I was expecting something spectacular. And it turns out that this is a very middling story. Not boring enough to DNF it, but not interesting enough to be entertainment or easy read.

I haven't read any Savich and Sherlock books, and maybe that's part of the problem. From this series, I only read very early books. I don't know these characters, I'm not attached to them. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with characters. They are fine, not very distinctive but they did not annoy me.

The plot is my problem. No, that's not exactly it either. The real problem is virtually no action. Everything happens in a non-volatile way, without any surprises or sudden twists. Even worse, there is basically no mystery. The whole story promises to be great. The murderer burst into Savich and Sherlock's home and threatens their son. Agents must catch him. Unfortunately, we find out quite quickly who the killer is and what his motives are. There are also whole chapters in which we accompany him in the escape and then we wait for the main characters to catch up. Boring! No mystery and not even a thrill in the chase. Everything is very sluggish.

Everything could be saved by the second mystery. The head of the local police finds ample of human bones at the bottom of the lake. Which indicates a serial killer who has been operating in the area for years that no one has heard of. I had really high expectations of this thread. Unfortunately, they were too high. This thread is also killed by boredom and slow pace. Ty and Sala are conducting some kind of investigation but there is no interesting progress in it and the whole matter finally solves practically when one of the characters has a dream during sleep. Seriously?

Nothing really happens in this book. The characters conduct some kind of investigation by asking the same questions to different people with no results. This is all interwoven with chapters with the killer and chapters that add nothing to the whole story. Dialogues are repetitive and monotonous. The style of writing sometimes leaves much to be desired and looks more like an unfinished sketch. It all adds up to a book you won't remember in a week.

I am really disappointed. I give this book 2.5. The idea is not bad, but the implementation is really weak. I hope the other books in this series are more interesting.
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2,100 reviews146 followers
September 6, 2018
I am ever so glad to read a book that doesn't insult my intelligence with angst, TSTL and over the top bad writing. Well, I guess you can tell that my last few books have been less than satisfactory. One thing you can always count on in a Catherine Coulter book is a plot that keeps you guessing to the end and has enough twists and turns to satisfy an indy driver. "Paradox" does not disappoint.

When Sherlock is awakened in the middle of the night by the home security failure alarm, she and Savich have a plan of action and immediately they are on the move. Sherlock is shocked to find an intruder in Sean's room with a gun to his head and a knife to his throat. The man flees and Savich and Sherlock are scared to death at the near miss, knowing that this may only be the beginning. The man turns out to be an escaped mental patient obsessed with revenge and Savich and Sherlock are not the only names on his hit list.

Just days later Chief Ty Christie of Willicott, Maryland, is enjoying a peaceful early morning cup of coffee on her deck when she sees a murder take place on the serene Lake Massey. Shocked to her toes by the horror she has seen, she mobilizes her department and they recover the body along with dozens of bones that have been in for a long time.

When Chief Christie's murder case collides with Savich and Sherlock's escaped mental patient, they join forces and with the only physical clue an unusual gold belt buckle, they soon discover some deeply buried secrets. They also find they are up against more than an escaped psychopath.
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July 5, 2018
Granted, I'm semi-retired - but finish a nearly 450-word book in two days? Certainly not a normal happenin' thing, but finish it I did. Yes, the story is engrossing and I love FBI agents Sherlock and Savich (this is the 22nd installment in the series). But I'll also credit the author's uncanny way of ending each chapter at such a tantalizing point that it's almost impossible to resist the "just one more" temptation. So strong is that pull, in fact, that at one point I realized I'd read eight chapters beyond the point at which I really, really needed to turn off my Kindle and do something else.

Also curious, BTW, is that almost all the female characters have what at first blush I'd assume are "male" names, among them Ty, Morgan, Marty and Gunny. Happenstance, or intention? And if the latter, why? Inquiring minds would love to know. But I digress.

The married agents have a young son named Sean, of whom, some would say, they're overprotective. That proves to be warranted, though, when in the middle of the night Savich is awakened by warning beeps - and runs to her son's room to find an intruder standing over the child's bed. The man, who was wielding a knife, manages to escape - but the incident forces Savich and Sherlock to acknowledge that their family is on the hit list of a very nasty person.

Around the same time, Willicot, Maryland, police chief Ty Christie is relaxing at her cottage on Lake Massey when to what do her wondering eyes doth appear than a frightening scene: One of two people out in a boat smacks the other and dumps the body overboard, an apparent murder. When said body is found by divers, it turns out to be a female federal prosecutor who's been dating Salo Porto, an FBI agent-friend of Savich, who in turn is called in to help.

But divers find not only that freshly killed body, but a rather large array of old bones and a unique belt buckle - raising suspicions of a serial killer. Most of the bones were collected not far from an abandoned mansion in which two entire families were murdered; since then, the property has been deemed "haunted" and has stood empty. When Savich and Sherlock go inside, they find nothing noteworthy except a single very tidy bedroom amid an otherwise decaying house. That is, until Savich has one of his "visions," leading him to the upper level and the discovery of his old friend Porto, who's been locked in a closet and left to die.

Turns out the killer is a relatively young man who recently escaped from a mental institution - a man with ties not only to the woman he just killed but to Savich, who was forced to kill the man's young girlfriend back when he was arrested. Evidence leads to the certainty that he was the man who attempted to kidnap (or perhaps murder) Savich and Sherlock's son.

But strong suspicion isn't proof (nor are Savich's visions), so the chase is on to gather evidence and track down the killer. The investigation efforts get a big boost from Christie and Palo, who join forces and become major characters in the rest of the book. Even though the killer is known, though, there's plenty of action and even more head games to carry the story through to the end (with a little left over for another book). In short, it's another winner - and once again I thank the publisher, via NetGalley, for providing me with an advance review copy.
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1,493 reviews146 followers
August 22, 2018
3 Out Of 5 "I struggled to finish this" STARS

It took me 25 days to complete this…and while it is a long book at 448 pages, it's not a lunker.  I just couldn't get past the inane crap and sappiness this book is bogged down with.  Every single person that is brought into the story has most of their life history thrown into the story…and yet I still felt that I was missing something by not having read the previous books in the series, at least in regards to Savich and Sherlock.  I figured I was taking a chance with that, anyway, since I haven't read any of the 21 previous books in this series.
Paradox is really a story within a story and it's filled with a busload of characters.  Maybe all that inane crap is in there to help you remember all these characters more easily.  IDK. Gunny/Leigh was my favorite character by far and I genuinely enjoyed her story…even her backstory.  There was also this weird supernatural vibe that felt off to me...this could be something that is explained by having read the previous books, too.
I was all set to rate this from 2-2.5 stars up until the ending. It's the only thing that boosted it up to a full 3.  The reveal of the mystery of the bones in the lake was really satisfying and ultimately left me feeling like maybe this wasn't quite so laborious to complete.
~~~~~MY RATING~~~~~

Plot~ 3.8/5
Main Characters~ 3.5/5
Secondary Characters~ 3.7/5
The Feels~ 3/5
Pacing~ 2/5
Addictiveness~ 1/5
Theme or Tone~ 3.8/5
Flow (Writing Style)~ 3.5/5
Backdrop (World Building)~ 3/5
Originality~ 3/5
Ending~ 4.3/5 Cliffhanger~ Nope.
Book Cover~ Two Thumbs UP!
Series~ FBI Thriller #22
Setting~ Willicott & Haggersville, Maryland, DC, and Texas.
Source~ I received an ARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Author 14 books298 followers
October 3, 2018
In the prologue, the husband and wife team of Agents Sherlock and Savich manage to foil an armed man who tries to kidnap their five year old son Sean from his bedroom. The fear is that even though the armed intruder failed this time, he will keep trying. The story then moves in Chapter 1 Willicott Maryland, where Police Chief Ty Christie happens to see a murder as she is looking out from her deck of her cottage across Lake Massey. When divers are brought in to investigate, they find not only the murder victim but a number of other bones from a number of bodies. They also find a unique belt buckle. Sherlock and Savich, as they work with Chief Christie, discover there is a connection between the bones and an escaped psychopath. A psychopath who has Sherlock and Savich as well as a few more people in his sights, as he seeks revenge for his incarceration among other things.
Although there have been 21 of these FBI thrillers published previously with the Sherlock and Savich characters, this was my first foray into the series. It didn’t matter as I quickly caught up on back story enough to make this an enjoyable read. It is written in a very matter of fact style which makes for easy reading, although for a little while there did seem to be a large cast of characters to keep track of. The main characters Sherlock, Savich, and Christie are interesting and come across well. The plot twists and turns throughout. While the astute reader may figure them out ahead of time, even if you do, it doesn’t take away from the story, which maintains a steady pace and tension. I found this an enjoyable read and would be interested to read another by this author.
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709 reviews439 followers
September 5, 2018
Many thanks to Gallery Books for providing my free copy of PARADOX by Catherine Coulter - all opinions are my own.

This book is the 22nd installment of the Savich and Sherlock FBI thriller series, but luckily, it read really well as a standalone. Set in Maryland, Savich and Sherlock are an FBI husband and wife team and the story starts off with a bang! From the very first page of the prologue I was reading frantically until the end. An escaped mental patient tries to break into their home and kidnap their seven-year-old son, Sean Shavich. Meanwhile, police chief Ty Christie witnesses a murder from her cottage on Lake Massey. They drag the lake in search for the murder victim, and not only do they find the victim, but also discover dozens of bones. They soon find a connection to this crime scene and the escaped mental patient, so Chief Christie, Shavich, and Sherlock join forces to solve the case.

This is a thrilling and engaging book that I easily read in two days. I’m not usually a police procedural type of gal, but I loved the characters and the storyline was incredibly addictive and compelling. I was able to predict a few things but that did not hinder my reading experience. Although Coulter writes characters that are probably too good to be true, I thought it was refreshing and I enjoyed getting to know them. And of course, I love any book that throws in an escaped psychopath with a grudge. PARADOX is a super fun, fast-paced book with an outstanding ending! I highly recommend you give this series a try - it’s a nice escape!
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1,003 reviews12 followers
July 14, 2018
Terrible. This author’s writing style is so amateurish I can’t understand how she has written so many books that are so well reviewed. Her story idea is good but her dialogue writing and her prose to describe scenes and tell a story are absolutely terrible. I’ve tried twice to read her books, I definitely won’t try another.
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280 reviews70 followers
October 12, 2018
My main complaint, one of the law enforcement agents gave up his gun. No, and No and No. Under no circumstances do you ever give up your weapon. Yeah knives are very bad, but a bullet is still faster and more lethal. But in this book it was okay that the guy gave up his gun. In real life the reaction would have been way different.

Two young women have their lives radically changed. One was a sweet, heartwarming story.
The other was laugh out loud funny.

Coulter's usual well written effort. There would have been more stars but since the whole book was based on an outrageous concept, I couldn't give more stars.

I do wish she had left out fried lobster. What a terrible concept.
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Author 1 book111 followers
November 24, 2018
This was my first book by Catherine Coulter, and I doubt that I will try another. The dialogue was too contrived and syrupy, with seasoned police officers repeatedly making comments that sound more in keeping with those of a rookie officer, than someone who after years of seeing crime scenes has learned to maintain a certain level of distance for the sake of their sanity. Moreover, the likelihood that the FBI would allow a husband and wife to work cases together is farfetched to say the least -- especially on a case that included an attempted kidnapping of their son! And to push the bounds of credibility even further the author chose to call the husband and wife team, Savich and Sherlock respectively and the former has psychic abilities! Not to mention, another FBI agent is allowed to work the case of his murdered girlfriend! The implausible features listed above are far from the only ones. So if plausibility is a feature that you are looking for in your mysteries, this one is not a good choice, despite some interesting twist and turns in the plot.
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2,236 reviews302 followers
July 31, 2018
Paradox by Catherine Coulter

Book 22. This FBI series has gone to the paranormal a bit.
Two tiered story. The first is close to the family: someone tried to kidnap their child. The second story: skull and bones found in the lake. Dredging uncovers enough bones for dozens of people. The stories proceed following these two events twining together and merging at the end.

After 22 books it’s become a bit of a standard formula. This one was better than the prior, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll stick. It’s endearing watching Sean grow up and cute with his future wives. The mystery solving is good but becomes predictable now that Savich can see things beyond the norm. And the author still switches from last name to first and back that sometimes causes a pause.

An enjoyable read. The story weaving together is done well.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley. I also purchased a copy to share.
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913 reviews11 followers
August 13, 2018
Sherlock and Savich never fail to satisfy. Paradox is a powerful entry into this series. Coulter’s ability to create a villain for whom I feel sorry is one of her many gifts.
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767 reviews12 followers
June 13, 2018
This novel is classic Catherine Coulter and one my favorites of her books that I have read in a while. I loved the way it started and the story line kept moving forward at an excellent pace. Savich and Sherlock are being haunted by someone from their past who is trying to destroy their family. While this is going on, Chief Ty Christie is witness to a murder across the lake from her home. Through twists and turns in true Coulter style, their worlds intersect and so do their mysteries. I loved the characters and the writing of this story and it was fast paced and difficult to put this one down! Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
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429 reviews39 followers
August 14, 2018
My thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy of Paradox. I have enjoyed this series over the years. Sherlock and Savitch are a dynamic duo: married, FBI partners. It is these endearing characters that have successfully propelled this series to 22 installments! PARADOX starts off with a bang and the enthralling action continues to rise as more (albeit outlandish) events occur. The author seemlessly and thrillingly weaves two unrelated crimes of passion together. The reader is hooked on who did what when and where to whom...perfect mystery! There are a number of involved players and red herrings and the mysteries are very intriguing and created a compelling curiosity in this reader!

The big delta is its length and pace. An easy crime mystery should cap out in the high 300’s. Paradox labored on close to 450 pages, and it would have been more captivating if it had been slimmed and trimmed. Way too many unnecessarily trivial details and descriptions did not enrich the story, but only bogged it down. The earlier books in this series were more concise and tight....and much more compelling as a result! Word choice is another issue: “dark eyebrow raised” and “bespoke” used multiple times as to become annoying. Another unusual- and distracting- addition in Coulter’s writing is to dabble in the paranormal: visions and otherworldly connections. However, if one can skip the “visions” entirely and skim over the obvious “fluff and fillers” and get back to the meat of the plot line, then one will find Paradox an interesting and suspenseful crime caper! Ideal summer travel book!
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5,926 reviews129 followers
September 10, 2018
Another interesting, complicated book in the FBI Thriller series. One of the great things about this series is that there are two story lines going on that usually intertwine in some way. This story begins with someone trying to kill and/or kidnap Sean, Sherlock's and Savich's five year old son. As they figure out who it is from a previous case they were involved in, they become embroiled in the chase for this mentally ill suspect. The second story involves FBI agent Sala Porto, who is missing. His girlfriend has been murdered, witnessed by Police Chief Ty Christie while drinking coffee on her lakeside dock. While dredging for the body, the nets bring up bones, many bones, from the bottom of the lake. The assumption is that a serial killer has been using the lake as a personal dumping ground.

Once again, there is a lot of action with some twists. It is fun trying to figure out how the characters and events will eventually fit together. There were new characters who I hope will appear in future books. This story did not end with anyone falling in love, but there was relationship building involved. There is a bit of psychic activity involved (i.e. visions, dreams and gut feelings) but it does not overwhelm the police work. The things that irked me just a bit is that the FBI agents and police are all good looking, extremely fit and well dressed; that is not what most people relate too. The other thing, as mentioned by another reviewer, is the use of the word "bespoke". By the time I read it for about the third or fourth time, I was cringing. Of course I had to look it up to see where it came from and what it meant. Overall I enjoyed this book. I always watch for this series by Catherine Coulter as I know it will be a quick, enjoyable story. I recommend this book to those who enjoy a quick crime/mystery thriller that is sure to entertain. The publisher, Simon & Schuster Canada - Gallery Books, provided me with a copy of this book to read. The rating, ideas and opinions stated are my own.
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3,386 reviews73 followers
June 23, 2018
This story begins with someone trying to kidnap five-year-old Sean Savich. Savich and Sherlock need to figure out who he is and track him down before he tries again. They soon learn that their would-be kidnapper is a criminal with a grudge who has had encounters with both of them.

Meanwhile, Chief Ty Christie is having her morning coffee on her deck at Lake Massey near Willicott, Maryland when she looks across the lake and sees one boater hit another over the head and dump the body into the lake. When dredging the lake for the body, they discover a cache of bones leading them to think that they have discovered the dump site for some unknown serial killer. These bones were found near an abandoned mansion that is the local haunted house since it was the site of a couple gruesome murders.

These two stories meet when Savich is called in to identify the body since an FBI agent known to him is missing. He discovers the agent's friend Federal Prosecutor Octavia Ryan is the victim and finds the agent - Sala Porto - bound and locked in a closet in the haunted house.

The would-be kidnapper and murderer is Victor Nesser whom Ryan managed to keep off death row by arguing that he wasn't competent to stand trial and got him committed to a secure mental health facility. Sections from Nesser's viewpoint definitely prove that point since he seems to be sharing his body with his deceased psychopath girlfriend Lissy.

I liked the complexity of the plot and how the viewpoint kept shifting. Ty and Sala are busy working on trying to identify the bones and track down their serial killer while Sherlock and Savich are looking for Victor. The characters were interesting and quirky. I liked the way the investigators followed their leads which expanded the story in interesting ways.

I think the book could have used some editing since some of the characters were described each time they appeared in the story and I didn't need to know that Savich wore a Micky Mouse watch each time he checked the time. Also, some of the dialog was quirky. So many characters seemed to want to tell their whole life story when they were introduced.

All in all, this was an entertaining thriller and a nice addition to a long-running series.
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3,439 reviews59 followers
December 30, 2019
Paradox by Catherine Coulter is the twenty-second An FBI Thriller. I am new to the series, but I did not have any trouble thanks to the author providing the necessary background information. Paradox has an appealing opening that had me looking forward to reading more. It was thrilling and exciting with someone trying to kidnap Sean Savich and Chief Ty Christie observing a man being murdered. I was soon disappointed when the pacing started to lag and there were repetitive details that were totally unnecessary. The overly detailed descriptions also did not suit this story. We are introduced to numerous characters and are provided a backstory on each one (or so it seems). Paradox needed a faster pace and more action. I found the mystery to be predictable. The twists and turns were not unexpected. I was easily able to solve the mystery (that may have something to do with the hundreds of mysteries that I have read too). I wish the rest of the book had lived up to the first few chapters that had me riveted. While I wanted a little more oomph, others have enjoyed Paradox. Paradox is perfect to read on an airplane, on vacation or at the beach. I just wanted more thrills, chills and chases.
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650 reviews23 followers
December 15, 2018
I do love the FBI Thriller series, Savich and Sherlock are a great team. This book was pretty good, a definite thriller with action and mystery. It took me a bit to narrow down the suspects as to who was involved in the long ago brutal murder, but then of course there was a wrench thrown in - well done Ms. Coulter! The only drawback to me was the "woowoo" inserted - not a fan of paranormal or the likeness, I'm a bit too pragmatic for that, but overall not a bad read.

From the blurb: Chief Ty Christie of Willicott, Maryland, witnesses a murder at dawn from the deck of her cottage on Lake Massey. When dragging the lake, not only do the divers find the murder victim, they also discover dozens of bones. Even more shocking is the identification of a unique belt buckle found among the bones. Working together with Chief Christie, Savich and Sherlock soon discover a frightening connection between the bones and the escaped psychopath.

Paradox is a chilling mix of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, old secrets that refuse to stay buried, and ruthless greed that keep Savich and Sherlock and Chief Ty Christie working at high speed to uncover the truth before their own bones end up at the bottom on the lake.

4 stars and 2 thumbs up!

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1,268 reviews142 followers
April 15, 2019
This was fab! Like an old fashioned whodunnit that unrolled like a red carpet full of mysteries! I think this is one of the best I’ve read in this series in awhile and really enjoyed it. No bookmark needed here!
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1,395 reviews35 followers
October 27, 2018
I really enjoyed this book and had trouble putting it down. I like that the author has two cases running at the same time as it gives me time with Savich and Sherlock, who worked the case of an old adversary, plus time with with a new FBI agent and police chief, who worked the serial killer case. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley.
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Author 15 books138 followers
July 8, 2018
Paradox by Catherine Coulter is a thrilling race to catch a murderer before it's too late. Two agents wake up to find their son being threatened by an unknown man in a mask. The man escapes from them. But his threat leaves behind a mass of fear and a start for a new investigation.  Little do they know his tie to a bigger and former case will be connected. Until then, they have to be faster and outsmart their enemy. 

Catherine Coulter creates a suspenseful new tale in Paradox. Immediately, I connected with the agents. Their level of protection for their son was amazing. Being in their field of work, it is understandable to have such security and plans made. It worked. Their plans gave them the alert and saved their son's life. Their young son is clever for his age. There was a hint of Winnie the Pooh bear somewhere in the boy's room, which suggested he was still pretty young. But like his parents, he came to the conclusion of what really happened. His parents couldn't lie to him. I liked that. It made the situation realistic. Then, there was the chase after the criminal and the procedures of starting an investigation. I felt like I was there watching and participating with the agents. The pacing of the plot was quick. I just kept on reading chapter after chapter. My attention was fully caught with this novel. A thriller with enough action and intrigue to keep me reading. Overall, I would recommend it to all fans of Laura Griffin, Heather Graham, and Criminal Minds. 

I received this copy from the publisher. This is my voluntary review.
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October 19, 2019
I had some problems with this book. I've never read this author's work before, at least, not that I can recall. I know this is a large number into a series, though I had no issue with jumping right into it. Also, the book was well written. I read this out loud to an ill loved one who loves this author and there were no areas where I stumbled due to bad grammar, poor word choice, etc. So excellent technical skills/editing.

The characters seemed real enough, except for the FBI agents' abilities to deal with security. I shall explain, in spoilers, below.

1) The MC, Savich and Sherlock are both bad-@ss FBI agents, she's this amazing shot, he has some other worldly intuitions and computer hacking wizard, they are a power FBI couple. Who have a five year old son who is explained to us as extremely smart, multiple times.

Now. FBI agents, who have worked long and hard at putting smart/wily/criminally insane bad guys away. They realize that they are a target and have this maxed out security system AND they have a back-up that lets them know when their alarm has been messed with AND they have a plan in place if that happens. She goes to check on the son and he deals with clearing the first floor and checking the alarm. So ok, they have a plan and of course, it is shown in action in the beginning of the book. I completely scan.


They have NO plan in place for a possible child abduction!!! Many families I know have "safe words", for example, if someone is trying to pick the child up off of the street, saying the child's parents told them to pick up the kid, the child asks for the password and if the adult doesn't have it, the kid yells and runs like heck to get away. Simple, but effective. I am sure many parents in law enforcement also discuss in simple terms the kid can understand, the possibilities of bad guys and how to deal with it, etc. I'm not a parent or in law enforcement, so I couldn't say, however if these FBI agents have a system in place for their alarm, know they have enemies who would try to hurt them AND their kid is known to be incredibly intelligent (I didn't see it much, maybe it'll be more of a plot point in the next books), then why don't they tell him the TRUTH?!? They BOTH frickin LIE TO HIM when his SAFETY is a real issue!! If he's so dam smart and the parents lament that it's so hard to lie to him because he's so perceptive, WHY DON'T THEY JUST TELL HIM THE TRUTH IN A WAY THAT HE CAN UNDERSTAND AND NOT BE SCARED?!?!?

So yeah, that kinda pissed me off. It IS realistic, adults being stupid with being honest with kids, but I expected better from these bad @ss FBI agents. And when it counted? Bad @ss sharp-shooter FBI agent couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. And where did those rounds she fired go?? It was a neighborhood she was shooting into. She didn't for one minute worry that a round would go through a neighbor's wall or window. And afterwards, no one said anything. And wouldn't close gunfire wake people up? Unless she had a silencer, which I honestly don't remember. So she might have. But she should have thought of where those bullets went if none went into the fleeing bad guy.

2) Enough with the "crazy" bad guy. Please find terms that don't perpetuate the stigma of crazy. The bad guy was criminally insane, but not all people with mental health issues are. Not sure how this issue can be addressed in fiction, but it really should be. Not going to go on and on with this issue, as I have discussed it in other reviews. Suffice to say it was here and I didn't like it.

3) Ok. Bad guy killed someone in the law enforcement community. The bad guy is on the loose in the area and the service location and time are public knowledge. The bad guy has a HUGE vendetta against people who are going to be attending the service. The bad guy is known to have abilities with creating devices that go boom. So why doesn't the FBI a) have eyes on the location of the service the night before to see if anyone tries to do a B&E and leave a present behind, b) have some bomb sniffing dogs run through the place before the service starts and/or c) have eyes on the place during the service to see if anyone tries to take shots at the people inside?

Because a) that would make sense and b) then we lose the "dramatic scene" of a funeral service in panic while fire and smoke pour out all over the place. My apologies, but that's just DUMB and makes me question the bad @ss FBI agents in the book, especially the Boss Man whom EVERYone in the book practically idolizes because he's so amazing and awesome. Yeah, not buying it.

4) Woman who had an intellectual disability her entire life gets bonked on the head hard enough to require emergency surgery and anti-seizure meds. Wakes up from surgery and no longer has the intellectual disability. She wasn't really "slow", she was really just having multiple micro-seizures that affected her ability to focus and think clearly, but now that she is on anti-seizure meds, she is "cured miraculously" from her intellectual disability.

There is SO MUCH in this that I find distasteful. Though maybe I am over-reacting for those who have loved ones who have an intellectual disability, as I do not have a direct loved one who has that issue, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. In my opinion, for what it's worth, it seems hurtful to suggest that a) an intellectual disability can be "miraculously cured" by surgery and meds when if it is possible with the explanation given, it won't work for most cases of it and b) it is kind of...weird to suggest she is better or whole without her disability. It's squicky to me.

5) One of the FBI agents while on vacation goes around telling everyone in the small town he is in that he's an FBI agent, without having to do so for work. Kind of weird that he would be all braggy about it, then when we meet him, he's not full of himself at all. Of course, he HAD to tell one of the characters in the town so he could alert the FBI agents who were searching for him so they could find him alive... plot-driven uncharacteristic action as far as I'm concerned, but it worked so yay?

So, this is why I would give this book one star. However, my loved one really liked it, so that's why I'm bumping it up to 2. And it wasn't nearly as horrible as one of the books I had read out-loud earlier in the year to them, so I can't really give it one. It was well written, not crude and had light romance, though the violence level was high, it wasn't described in gruesome detail.

I am going to read more by this author, as I have been assured by many that this isn't her best offering and I want to start from the beginning of the series. Not a horrible book and what irked me about it may not bother most readers. Good if you like romantic suspense, light on the romance, but setting it up for the next book it seems.
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September 17, 2018
Oh god did I hate this book. Which is saying something because I have very low standards for reading material. There are just so many aspects of this book that are completely unrealistic.

1. The dialogue: I stopped every few pages and thought “this isn’t how normal people speak to each other but ok.”

2. The relationship between Ty and Sala: She is coming into him HARD. His girlfriend was just murdered and he was also just on the brink of death. I’ve done some thirsty shit but wow.

3. Whatever the hell is going on with Victor: the books describes Victor as having ‘split personality’. People who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder are unaware of their “alters”. In fact, when an alter takes over, they have absolutely no memory of it. They’re sure as hell not having full length conversations with them. The closest thing that could describe what Victor is suffering from is DID and Schizophrenia...which is not a thing.


5. Gully/Leigh: Please find me ONE real life example of someone who is “simple” (ugh...don’t even get me started on that) then miraculously wakes up and is a MENSA member. NOT. A. THING. I was waiting to find out that Leigh had actually been conning everyone this entire time - THAT would have been more believable.

6. The biggest breaks in the case happen via premonition/dream: AWESOME. I HAVE A LOT OF FAITH IN LAW ENFORCEMENT NOW.

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November 4, 2018
Audiobook - 11:36 hours Narrators: MacLeod Andrews, Renee Raudman
2.0 stars out of 5.0

I really thought I was likely to enjoy this novel after the high action opening, and the next two hours seemed full of excitement and activity with the involvement of Captains of several police forces, members of the FBI and various other law-enforcement officials. After listening for about three hours or so, the tension dropped considerably and I began detect quite a lot of repetition of details, particularly when one LEO was explaining something to another LEO, with the author using almost exactly the same dialogue she used earlier in the book. This happened regularly during the 75% of the book that I read. Also, as my GR friend Pamela pointed out in her review: "Word choice is another issue: “dark eyebrow raised” and “bespoke” used multiple times so as to become annoying."

And on the issue of length, may I quote Pamela again: "The big delta is its length and pace. An easy crime mystery should cap out in the high 300’s. Paradox laboured on close to 450 pages, and it would have been more captivating if it had been slimmed and trimmed. Way too many unnecessarily trivial details and descriptions that did not enrich the story, but only bogged it down."

Finally, after listening to close to nine hours, I had little choice but to give "Paradox" the flick.

2.o stars out of 5.0, even though it was a dnf.
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August 13, 2018
Multiple story lines going on that eventually converge. The story starts out with the attempted kidnapping of Savich and Sherlock's young son Sean. Meanwhile the police chief of Willicott, Maryland, Ty Christie, was standing out on her back deck drinking coffee and she witnessed a murder on the lake. She quickly gets her boat and calls in reinforcements but the killer gets away in the fog. After dredging the lake, the body of a federal prosecutor is found but many other bones are also located. Ty calls in the FBI and Savich and Sherlock are on the case. All the extra bones turn out to be at least 16 other people. Is the lake a dumping ground for a killer?

I like this Savich and Sherlock series. In this book, I particularly liked Ty and hope to see more of her in future books. I figured out what was going on with Victor and Lissy pretty early on, although witness descriptions of some of the sightings threw me off a little bit. I didn't know until the end who put the bones in the lake.

I received a hardback copy of this book from a Goodreads giveaway. I'm happy to add it to my bookshelves.
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