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Cross Jacobs was a screw-up.

Everyone knew it, especially him, and the point was hammered home when Kallie Welch drove herself right out of his life.

But, she’s back.

Seeing Cross wasn’t on Kallie’s to-do list. She didn’t think she could avoid him forever but trying never hurt anyone. One minute she’s standing by herself and the next she’s accosted by a rich, velvety scent that could only belong to one man: Cross.

At face value, he’s divine. All rugged and confident with a smile that melts her right where she’s standing. It doesn’t take long to find him to be charming, witty, and the owner of a few legitimate businesses. Not at all like the mischievous boy she left.

He laughs and her heart flutters. With a touch of his hand, she’s dizzy. She’s fairly certain she’s going to die when he pulls her into an embrace and touches his lips to her forehead.

It feels right. It feels so right.

But is it? Can it be?

*Releases on May 25, 2018

166 pages

First published May 23, 2018

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About the author

Adriana Locke

59 books13.3k followers
USA Today Bestselling author, Adriana Locke, writes contemporary romances about the two things she knows best—big families and small towns. Her stories are about ordinary people finding extraordinary love with the perfect combination of heart, heat, and humor.

She loves connecting with readers, fall weather, football, reading alpha heroes, everything pumpkin, and pretending to garden.

Hailing from a tiny town in the Midwest, Adriana spends her free time with her high school sweetheart (who she married over twenty-five years ago) and their four sons (who truly are her best work). Her kitchen may be a perpetual disaster, and if all else fails, there is always pizza.

Learn more at adrianalocke.com.

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3,755 reviews32k followers
August 24, 2018
4 stars!!!

 photo IMG_1870_zpsxatg3q5y.png

Cross Jacobs is an honorary Gibson boy, having grown up with the Gibson’s and being best friends with them. Once upon a time, Cross was in love. He had the best girl around and he screwed it up. Kallie left town and they were done. Now, a job and family have brought Kallie back to town. And seeing Cross isn’t high on her list, but she runs into him almost immediately.

The spark between these two is still there, and it’s obvious to Kallie that Cross has changed in a lot of ways. Still, she can’t forget the Cross of the past. She has to decide if she can trust her heart and fall back in with Cross, or if it’s a mistake to give him a second chance…

I adore second chance romances. This story was sweet, quick, and sexy. I enjoyed listening to the audiobook, which was narrated by Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross, who always do a phenomenal job together. I’m really enjoying what I’ve listened to with this series and I’m dying for Mav’s book! I hope it’s coming soon!
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3,142 reviews1,898 followers
May 25, 2018
Amazon US * Amazon UK

Cross was a short and sweet novella that takes place before Crank and can be read as a complete standalone novella. This second chance romance was very easy to get into and despite only taking place over a short amount of pages it never felt rushed to me. Both characters had me very intrigued and I liked getting to see them get back to their happy ever after. We didn't learn too much of what split them up the first time but being such a short book I was okay with that and not knowing didn't take away from the story at all.

Overall, this novella is a recommend from me

*Review taken from my Team Player Anthology review.
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1,084 reviews282 followers
August 2, 2018
Edited 8/2/18
Audiobook Review

Overall 5 stars
Performance 5 stars
Story 5 stars

The duet narration by Kai Kennicott and Wen Ross is so perfect for Adriana Locke's books! They always bring just the right amount of fun and sexy, but they also pack an emotional punch too. I loved this short and sweet novella about Cross and Kallie and it sets up the next book perfectly!

*Note: The audiobook does not contain the short stories Restraint and Crash.


I really enjoyed this novella when it was part of the Team Player anthology, but I loved it this time around! The additional chapters and details really connects the story with the Gibson Boys series, but it can still be enjoyed as a stand alone.

Cross is a sexy and sweet childhood sweethearts second chance romance. Cross may not be a Gibson (he's Machlan Gibson's best friend), but he is just as sexy and charming. I fell in love with him and Kallie right from the start and couldn't help but root for them to find a way back to each other even when old fears and insecurities resurface. I don't know what it's like to grow up/live in a small town, but I imagine the gossip and having everyone up in your business would be extremely difficult. Like all Adriana Locke books, there are lots of laughs and steamy times, but also wonderful supporting characters too (loved Nora). I wish that it was longer because I couldn't get enough of these two, but I'm really excited for Machlan's book next!

This novella also features 2 short stories set in the Gibson Boys world. The first is Restraint, which is about Blaire Gibson, and the second is Crash, which is about Kallie's friend, Nora. Though they were previously available (I think as part of another collection or newsletter), this was the first time I was reading them and they left me wanting MORE!!! I loved getting to know Blaire better and I definitely need more of Holt and the rest of the Mason brothers! The Landry crossover was the best and the quick cameo by Lincoln made my day! ;) I also loved the quick glimpse we got of Nora and sexy sheriff Kip. There is a lot more story to tell with these characters and I will keep my fingers crossed that Adriana Locke already has these in the works!

*I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book*
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699 reviews175 followers
May 24, 2018
When Adriana Locke writes and gives you a novella, she never makes you feel like you’re reading just a novella. Hell, she ends up making you want so much more even after you’re done reading it. The feels and emotions, the build-up, the swoon factor, and the blazing chemistry are all still vividly present in the 20k or so words. She makes it a point that even in the very limited word count she has, you’re still able to connect with the story and get to know her characters on a deeper level. I’m pretty sure that's an even bigger challenge for authors to accomplish, most especially since they’d need to contain and fit all the elements of a full-length novel to maybe a third of its normal length. And Adriana? She absolutely killed it and gave this one her all—this novella is clear proof of that.

“You taught me a lot, made me who I am, in a roundabout, heartbreaking kind of way.”

Cross is a second chance romance that won my heart right off the first page. Not only was it set in the world of the Gibson boys that I’m already head over heels obsessed with or that it’s about Machlan’s best friend... but it was all because of Cross Jacobs himself—he won me over. The way he’d make you feel deep in your bones that he truly has changed from the time his girl—the only girl he’d ever love—left him for his immature ways. He made a lot of mistakes, but he learned from them. They were both younger then. But now that Kallie Welch is back in town, he’ll do anything and everything to melt all of your insides prove to her that he’s finally grown up. That he’s now a way better version of himself. The thing is, will he be able to win back that trust and love he shattered so painfully when she fled town?

“You’ll stay with me for a while tonight.”
“Because holding you in my arms is my favorite part.”

If you adore the Gibson boys as much as I do and could never get enough of them—read this. If you’re a fan of sweet, sexy second chance romances—read this. If you love a hero who has words and actions that feel like jabs to your gut and chest; one who will steal your heart in the blink of an eye—read this. If you’re craving a quick and easy read that packs one helluva punch—Read. This.
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807 reviews35 followers
May 24, 2018
Cross was one of novellas featured in Team Player Anthology which is no longer available. So for our reading pleasure Adriana has decided to re-release it with more content.

Kallie Welch left her hometown years ago breaking hers and Cross Jacobs hearts in the process. With Cross proving time after time that he was a party boy and Kallie wanting more she felt she was left no choice but to move away. But home is calling her back, she knows moving back means seeing Cross again!!

Cross has never been the same without Kallie. The moment she left was his wake up call and since then he's built himself up to be the man she wants and needs. Now that she is back, he’s determined to fight to get her back in his life for good.

These two have such unbelievable chemistry that you can literally feel it radiating off the pages. With a love like theirs they are destined to have their second chance at happiness.

You also get two bonus short stories with this book – Restraint and Crash, So more for us now who would complain about that!!
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1,312 reviews69 followers
October 13, 2018
A steamy second chance at love.

Cross messed up when he was younger. He had the girl, he loved her but just couldn’t pull it all together.

Kallie lived and breathed Cross. Her first love and to be honest for both of them her only real love. Sick of small town gossips, Cross messed up for the last time and Kallie left.

A few years have gone and both have changed. Cross realised that he needed to man up and be responsible, he needed to do something with his life if he ever hoped to win her back.

Kallie’s home now and when these two meet again it’s bittersweet that the love is still there, now Kallie needs to trust her heart and trust Cross!

Hot steamy and a sexy read. 💕❤️💫
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1,603 reviews1,240 followers
May 28, 2018
Cross is reminiscent of the Landry series and book one of the Gibson Boys series. In a novella, Adriana Locke is able to capture the essence of home that readers have come to expect and love.

Cross is the type of hero if I have come to expect from this author. He is sexy with a side of sweet and a little gruff around the edges. He charms his way into your heart and makes you laugh at his antics. Readers will succumb to his charisma just as the heroine does.

Kallie is a little battered and bruised when she returns home, but when she returns to the town of Linton she begins to rediscover herself and opens her heart to the possibility of love. Just like the hero, she is charming, and while she has insecurities about her relationship with Cross, it is understandable based on their history. She gets it together though, and her vulnerability makes her more relatable.

Adriana Locke has created a story that allows a quick progression of the relationship between Cross and Kallie. Their background effectively establishes their previous relationship, creating authenticity to their feelings. Their chemistry, while not based solely on sexual attraction but emotion, solidifies that these two are more than two ships passing in the night. What they feel is real and their pain from the past and present is real. The conflict and resolution are quick but great for the plot and character development, and I love the ending she gives the characters.

I love going to back this world. Every single one of these men from The Gibson Boys series owns my heart, and I’m not sure I ever want to leave this world. This short trip just wasn’t enough.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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320 reviews46 followers
January 18, 2022
3.5 stars

Anything in this series I know I’m going to enjoy.

I don’t normally enjoy second chance romance, but because this was a novella it was just the perfect amount I needed. To my surprise there was a cute short story with Nora and Kip which gave me butterflies.
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330 reviews13 followers
May 25, 2018
So good!

I will be the first to say I am a greedy reader.  I want all the words and all the pages. I have been looking forward to Cross’s story since I met him in Craft, so I was a little worried I would be disappointed by his story coming as a novella.  However, while this story was short, it was well written and didn’t feel rushed.

Second chance stories are some of my favorite.  I love a good backstory between characters. Cross and Kallie certainly have a backstory.  When they were younger, they thought they were going to have each other forever, but forever slipped through their fingers.  Now that they have a second chance, they are faced with some of the same problems, but will they be able to make it work this time around?

I love Cross.  He is passionate and knows exactly what he wants.  While he needs a little encouragement from time to time, he goes after Kallie with everything he has.  However, Kallie is a bit more reluctant. I was frustrated with her at times, but given their past, I could see where she was coming from.  However, who could possibly resist Cross?

In the end, this was a sweet and steamy second chance with a happy ending.  I loved seeing the Gibson boys again, and can’t wait for Crave!  This also included two additional Gibson Boy short stories which were both fun additions.
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590 reviews132 followers
May 24, 2018
Oh, the shortest and sweetest story! This second chance novella was so easy to get lost in. Sure, it is a tad bit rushed but then again it is a novella, so that is expected. However, the swoon factor that Adriana is known is so so there!

Would I have loved to read a full-length novel? YES! If you've read Adriana's previous works, you know how amazing and all-encompassing they are so for me to want a full-length novel is natural. Like, why would I want to miss out on the swoon? o_O

The added bonus to this novella is two other short stories at the end, Restraint and Crash and I am actually satisfied with their length.

Cross is a quick, hot, sexy bite-sized collection of three short romance stories rolled into one little novella.

4 Stars!

Buy Cross (Gibson Boys, #2.5) (Kindle)
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*ARC gifted by author in exchange for an honest review*
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2,346 reviews213 followers
May 25, 2018
This is a short and sweet novella, a standalone story set within the Gibson Brothers series. Cross is a lovely second chance romance that I could of happily read more of.

Cross and Kallie have both history and a chemistry that can't be denied. Kallie returns to her childhood hometown to find her ex looking mighty fine but her old doubts are something they need to address to move on as friends. Cross wants to prove he has matured and wants to be more than friends.

Do they accept their relationship is a thing of the past or do they give in to the still burning attraction and hope for the best??

A lovely read that whilst short didn't leave any gaping holes in the story and yet definitely left me wishing this was a full novel, though I'm sure we will see more of Cross and Kallie throughout this enjoyable series.
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788 reviews13 followers
May 25, 2018
it doesnt matter if it's short, if it has "Adriana Locke" written on the cover, I'll love it!

This is second chance romance novella about Cross and Kallie. It's a standalone, but if you've read Crank, you heard about Cross as Walker's friend.

It's wonderful, quick, with Adriana's writing that we know and love and emotions all over the place! Cross is sweet, sexy and so involving! She is equally sweet, funny and solid!
Together they are "it", they matched, they were perfect together! They just needed to admit that to themselves!

It doesn't matter that is a short story. Everytime Adriana writes, her characters are complete, the backgrounds are believing and the feelings are true. You don't feel that things are too rushed, or too slow, or too forced. They are at the perfect balance!

And the bonus: we get to see some Gibson boys again!! Gimme more!! Give them all!

"'One night I decided I was going to do something with myself, and if you ever came back, maybe I could show you I wasn't a loser.'
'What if I never came back?'
'Honestly? I'd have been a little relieved.'
'Gee, thanks.'
'What? Is it wrong that I would've found relief in knowing I wouldn't be falling in love again? That shit hurst, Kal.'
'What if I did come back?'
'Then I'd fight like hell to get you back.'"

And fight he did...
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737 reviews18 followers
May 29, 2018
5 give me more Linton, Illinois stars. Once again Adriana does not disappoint with this swoon worthy tale of Cross Jacobs, a fun-loving hottie who realized years ago he needed to grow up after losing Kallie to his rowdy way of life. She’s back in town and neither one has forgotten what they once had. Spending time together is not what Kallie is looking for, but Cross makes it impossible not to fall for his charming ways. This is a fun, sweet, heartwarming second chance romance that includes some of our favorite cast of Gibson brother’s characters!
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1,447 reviews261 followers
June 25, 2018
I liked this one..but it was missing some of the connection and explanation of the real what and why of the past..I didn’t connect fully with them.
It felt a little rushed to me. I adore this series and will continue to read. It ended at 62% on my kindle..and it ended abruptly. There are two bonus short stories but I would have enjoyed a little more depth with the characters..my 2 cents
Profile Image for Farah.
767 reviews91 followers
January 3, 2018
I am unsure if I have read anything by the author before, as for this book it was just okay to me. It's a second chance romance, I had no idea why Kallie left Cross in the first place, when she returned home years later, they reconnected, the past issues especially why she left him were not dealt with and the next thing you know, body fluids were exchanged. When her bestie and an acquaintance teased her about her being back together again with Cross, she denied it vehemently. A few seconds later, Kelly got pissed off when she heard that Cross was in a car with a female client of his,getting lunch. I was unhappy with the comments made by both Cross and Kallie towards the lady, Megan. The issue took a few days to be settled then he proposed. Okay Farah, it's a novella, not a full length novel hence shut up and move on.
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734 reviews53 followers
January 7, 2018
Kallie and Cross hearts are going down for the count. Kallie knew that moving back to Linton wasn’t going to be smoothest homecomings but with her job basically imploding, personal life on the outs, and her mother needing needing her its seems like a good time to get out of dodge. Its seems from the moment she gets back to town - fate, with a little aid from Kallie’s friends, are pushing back into the arms of Cross. Linton’s bad boy with a Peter pan complex, it broke her to leave Cross behind years ago and seeing again makes her ache. When Kallie girl left him, it was a was a wakeup call for Cross. He knew that needed to become a man worthy of her if she would ever deem to give him a second chance. When she comes back and he’s gotten his life on track there is no way he is letting his angel get away this time.
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2,823 reviews141 followers
May 25, 2018
The boxing metaphor that Adriana Locke uses, the one that describes how Cross and Kallie kept fighting round after round until Cross’ actions lost him the fight, truly depicts what went wrong in Cross and Kallie’s relationship three years ago and the way it extends to their current situation. A ‘bad game plan’ is what ruined their chance at a happily ever after, but now that Callie’s back in Linton, Cross plans to seize this unexpected opportunity and conquer the split decision they ended on, hopefully, making him the champion after all and restoring the ‘other half’ of his heart.

It’s clear at the onset of Cross that the love and connection that one existed between Cross and Kallie is still there, and while there’s some fear and trepidation on Kallie’s part when it comes to becoming small town gossip again; he’s still her everything just like she’s still his.

Cross and Kallie’s novella illustrates the fact that people CAN truly change who they are for the better, but it also reinforces the idea that it’s extremely difficult for the people who knew them before to accept that they’re no longer the same people because too much time is spent focusing on the past and why they broke up in the first place when the focus should be on the here and now, and what it comes to the man Cross is now, it’s clear that he’s ready to be all in with Callie and make decisions that work for both of them.

4 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
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1,614 reviews164 followers
May 26, 2018
Adriana Locke packs a LOT into this novella. You've got former lovers reunited. You've girlfriends helping each other and guy friends having each others' backs. You've got some scorching hot sexy times. You've got some weepy feels. And you've got a new potential coupling at the end.

You will love Cross. He's a guy who messed up when he was younger but learned from his mistakes, particularly when Kallie walked out and left him because of his behavior. Ever since, he has tried to redeem himself in hopes that she will come back. Now that she has, is she open to the new Cross? Kallie, too, has changed. She has realized that she can't outrun her feelings, and so here she is, face-to-face with her biggest feeling of all.

Adriana Locke paces this perfectly, giving you just the right amount of detail and conflict. It is delicious fun.
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481 reviews15 followers
May 24, 2018
I previously read Cross as part of the TEAM PLAYER Author Anthology and thoroughly enjoyed this small town, second chance romance. Locke brings up what everyone questions when you return home and come face to face with your High school Sweetheart are you still compatible? Are they the same? Can you handle their differences?

Dive into CROSS and find out, this is a quick read as it is a novella but still packed with plenty of Locke's amazing writing charisma that makes these characters' romance come to life off the pages! I LOVED the BONUS Short Stories after Cross and can't wait to see what Locke has in store for us in this small town!
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1,192 reviews98 followers
May 29, 2018


Let me begin with how much I absolutely this series, it's definitely one of those series that I'll have a tough time letting go of once Adriana decides to end it. I've read Cross in the Team Player Anthology that was released months agowhich was seriously the best anthology I have ever read in the romance genre. I loved every single novella in there! Second chance romances are my favorite tropes to read, I love the bit of heartbreak between the characters, owning up to mistakes they've made, watching each learn and grow, but most of all, seeing them get their happily ever after.

Kallie leaving her hometown and calling it quits with Cross was probably the best and worst thing that has happened to the both of them. Fast forward some years and Kallie returns home, and Cross isn't the same guy she left behind. Cross losing Kallie was the biggest wake-up and since that day, he found his purpose to make something better of himself. Being someone that Kallie deserves.

Guysss, I loved Cross so much! I appreciate a hero who can own up to his mistakes and prove himself he's a better person by his actions. I loved how relentless he was to get Kallie back and I totally understood her hang-ups about getting back with him. But everything between them is there, the love and the passion, it was like it never diminished.

The supporting characters were absolutely hilarious through Kallie and Cross's journey to their HEA. Small town people are so dang nosey and all up in your business, but I loved seeing his best friends be supportive of him and reminding him of how devastated he was when Kallie left. It's clear that they want him to be happy even though Kallie is Cross's end game, there's no stopping him.

I was completely hooked on their story, Cross and Kallie are both characters you can love. You'll definitely be rooting for the both of them the entire time. As usual, I hate novellas because I'm constantly begging for more.

It was such a sweet and quick read, fans of this series and Adriana Locke will love Cross.

There are two bonus stories which will leave you begging, AGAIN, for more!
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1,006 reviews76 followers
May 26, 2018
Adriana Locke can do no wrong. This was a one of the kind Novella. I was hooked like I am with all her books from page 1.

This book is about Cross and Kallie. It's a second chance so watching these two reconnect and find each other was such a beautiful thing. We get a glimpse of all the characters we have come to love.

Also you cute intriguing Surprise at the end of the epilogue
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1,151 reviews131 followers
May 31, 2018
Adriana Locke has yet to give me a man that I just didn't absolutely fall head over heels in love with. Cross is no exception to this rule. His story will break you while putting you back together. You'll enjoy seeing old favorites, such as Walker, Mach, and Peck. And you're just going to want to pack your bags and move to this small town because those Gibson boys will make you smile so big your face will hurt.

There is a short story about Blaire Gibson in here. And I know I'm not alone when I say I want more of her and Holt. Like WAY more. Can that be a thing? Please?!

The second short story is about Nora. And Kip. And it's hot. I need more of this couple as well. It'll be so fun to watch Nora's guard drop.
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628 reviews2 followers
May 25, 2018
What a set up for her Gibson boys! This is prequel to that, it’s perfect we have Kallie and Cross sexy delicious Cross . We see the beginning of a beautiful relationship ( hear me chuckle) no really past mistakes come to present when Kallie returns home. This was down so well , so smart you’ll love it I did! It is a Novella you will devour and wish for more (greedy that I am) this was orignally in the Team Player Anthology so you may have sneaked a peak but if not now is your chance. Grab this !
Profile Image for Ashley.
638 reviews
May 22, 2018
This was a great prequel to the Gibson Boys series. Second chance is one of my all time favourites and this one hit every mark. Kallie and Cross definitely deserved their second chance as the love and undeniable connection between them never went away. This was the perfect lead in to the Gibson Boys series!
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764 reviews62 followers
November 28, 2020
I've read it as part of the TEAM PLAYER anthology.
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546 reviews57 followers
January 14, 2018
Read as part of the Team Player Anthology, and another first to read Adriana's writing.

Cross (I now know) is apart of her Landry Family and Gibson Boys universe (So I shall be checking out those books!). Cross is about a second chance romance between Cross and Kallie, who were in love before and she broke it off and moved away, an undisclosed amount of time passes and she returns to her home town where their romance rekindles.

Cross - A former boxer, he now owns 2 gyms and acts as a personal trainer as well as teaching boxing classes. Cross is a little bit of a hot head and the ladies love him, he is no stranger to chasing tail but has never gotten over his only love Kallie.
Kallie - is a para-legal, returning to her home that she left behind several years earlier. Her life in the city has not going well, her boyfriend cheated on her and her boss is going to jail, so home seems like the place to be.

We don't really get to know too much about what has happened between Kallie and Cross during their relationship the first time around, things are mentioned but nothing openly discussed, which has left me wanting more details here. Back in the same small town and both still holding onto feelings for one another it's doesn't take long for a spark to ignite. Cross is playful and gentle and knows Kallie like the back of his hand, using this to his advantage to get her back in his life again. Chemistry between our two main characters is well written and secondary characters peeked my interest too.

Overall I enjoyed the novella and always love a good second chance romance, but I just wanted more details about their history but you can only back so much into a novella. I look forward to reading more about the Gibson boys though, very soon!
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