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I am complex.
My love is all-encompassing.
And when it comes to my heart, there is only one rule:
Don’t mess with what’s mine.

Until the age of seven, I was Joel Alexander Donovan, son of Jimmy. The man who terrorized a town and made its citizens fear the very ground he walked on. Including me, the day I realized that ground ran red with blood.

At age eighteen, I became Priest.
A man without a past.
A man determined to right the wrongs of my father.
A man who never believed anyone could love the son of such a monster.

But then a thief stole my heart.
A sweetheart lit up my world.
And I forgot for a moment you should never turn your back on your enemy.

And thus begins a lesson to those who would seek to harm: Never underestimate what the Priest will do to protect the Princess and the Prick.

290 pages, ebook

First published August 14, 2018

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About the author

Ella Frank

77 books7,979 followers
Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favorite Preslocke series. Her Prime Time series has been praised as “highly entertaining!” and “sexy as hell!”

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction. Some of her favorite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips.​Ella is represented by:

Kimberly Brower
Brower Literary & Management

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August 21, 2018
Well by now you may know this will be just gushing i call review.

My name is not Joel Priestley.
My name is Joel Alexander Donovan.
And a long time ago, I was taught that things
aren’t always what they appear to be—and neither are people.

I abso-fucking-lutely LOVED IT! After all it is PRIEST!!


I am too lazy to write a proper review, i can't believe that, but i will try to do my best. Priest deserves better.

Three books later and this is far my best, I have loved Priest ever since he appeared in Tease , but i came to learn from the author's note that his first appearance was in Wedlocked, huh! i don't remember that, i guess it is time for a re-read.

I enjoyed reading this so much, and loved the direction the author decided to go with Priest's story, it was more an emotional journey, instead of Ella's usual Erotic storytelling way. Finally we get to know Priest better. Damn! his childhood was so horrible, i wanted to climb inside the book and skin Jimmy alive, what a horrible Father. Despite his horrible childhood, he turned out to be an amazing Man full of love and care for his Men. Julien and Robbie are so lucky. I wanted to wrap him in a hug and never let him go.

The writing- It was good as always and the chemistry between Robbie, Julien and Priest is so scorching, in the bedroom and outside the bedroom.

The book was emotional and heavy but we got some humor and light moments too. The scene where Robbie got drunk, Omg! so hilarious and Priest and Julien meeting Robbie's Mum!


Priest being jealous. I loved that, i like me an Alpha Jealous guy it suits him.

“Aww. Priest hates thinking about others touching me. I mean, except Jules. It’s so sweet how he gets jealous. Isn’t it sweet?” Robbie patted Priest on the chest and went right on talking about him as though he wasn’t there. “First with Logan, then Nathan, and— Oh! Even Ace Locke. I mean, come on, we all get a movie-star freebie, right?”
“Robert,” Priest said, and Robbie flashed him a sloppy but endearing grin.
“Yes. Priest.”
Priest tapped a finger to Robbie’s lips. “Can you blame me for being jealous? I’d be stupid not to be.


They fit so perfectly together. Ella created another pair of special characters. I fell in love with these three and they will permanently be in my heart.

The sex was hoot! it is Ella the woman writes some of the best scenes i have ever read. Robbie, Julien and Priest connect on another level.

It came by way of Priest’s tongue, as he flicked it over the tip of Robbie’s shaft and then parted his lips and swallowed him. A moan of pure ecstasy left Robbie as he dug his fingers into Julien’s leg in an effort to stay upright, and Julien must’ve understood, because he crossed his other arm under Robbie’s, diagonally across his torso, and clamped a hand on his shoulder.
“Sink into the feeling, princesse,” Julien said, and his voice was as much of a caress as his hand. “Priest’s mouth, my hands, your body. Close your eyes, fall into it, fall into us. We’ll catch you.”


I can't believe this book had only one sex scene, and to my surprise, i didn't notice until the end. Yep the story was that good!

We get to meet Henri, Priest's ex and like with all Ella's character, who turned me into a player i am now in love with him. I hope we get his story. And i loved the way he calls Robbie,"bright eyes".It suits Robbie.


My all time number one guy Logan made an appearance and i was all tingly.


Overall, I loved Priest book, it was all i wanted and there is going to be another one, i can't wait to read about their happily ever after.

I can't, I can't even!!!
My Priest is here! Wait before you throw plates at me! OUR Priest!! 😍😍😍 Asdvhhghigguiiijjhhhhllkggf!!!
Wake me up on 20th August. 😊😊
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August 15, 2018
4.5-star-rating.png (938×189)

I really love this series, but this is the book I have been looking foward to reading most. I have been intrigued by Priest, ever since he made an appearance in the "Temptation"  series. I am happy to say that it did not disappoint ;) I am also happy to say that...this wasn't the last book in the series, like I expected it to be...there will be one more !!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor oh yeah gif

Now I promised to keep my review as spoiler-free as possible, so you won't be getting a whole lot of info from me. Just that this book is about Priest and the demons he has been carrying with him, since he was a little boy. Those demons are about to make a come back and this time, it isn't just Priest who's being affected.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor watch out for my demons gif

Now while I really loved this one, I am gonna be honest and say, that for me it felt as though something was missing. I don't know what exactly, since there was way more suspense in this book, than in the others (which I loved). Maybe it was because the steam was a bit milder...These three were very sweet together, they definitely talked the talk, and they were willing to go to great (and funny) lenghts to show one another their love....

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nothing's gonna stop us now gif

But I guess I just needed them to walk the walk a bit more (and with walking I mean f*cking)....if that makes sense. It's just that the previous book were so freaking hot, I was expecting the same with this one.

Anyways, what did make me very a happy camper, was the introduction of another character.....One who will hopefully get a book of his own. I don't know why, but I loved Henri the minute he walked on page.... It was love at first sight I guess..

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor love at first sight gif

I can't wait to read the next book in this series and while this one didn't end on a big cliffy, I am still more than ready for Robbie, Julien and Priest to have their well deserved HEA.

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August 25, 2018
Hard book to rate is hard!

I wanted to love this one. Obvs. I've been yammering on about Priest since Robbie and I do love Priest himself. And Robbie. Julien I'm less enamored with for whatever reason but this book didn't send me into the reading cave like Robbie did nor was I thrilled with the "thrilling" Ella Frank tried to drop.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

What I've enjoyed most about this series up to this point was still present: relationship building. Robbie, Julien and Priest have been trying to figure out the logistics of a triad relationship and I do like that it hasn't been smooth sailing, that they've had to fight for it. Somewhat.

This series has been my first experience with this author and what she seems to excel at is feel good romance with little struggle, angst or pain. In fact, this one in particular I daresay dipped its toes into Pond Schmaltzy a time or two. Which is fine. Everyone needs easy breezy periodically or often, whatever the case may be. Making this series even more appealing is the fact that these three are hot for each other all the time. All.The.Time.

I will make my own confession and say, I was hoping the inchoate D/s dynamic I *thought* was going to emerge between Priest and Robbie would've come to fruition in this one but sadly... it did not.


The other thing I was looking for from this installment was back story on Priest since he's been the most enigmatic up to now.

We got it alright.

Maybe a little too much of it if I'm being honest. So lemme spoiler tag my "issues" with THE SHENANIGANS <---said in loud, echo-y voice, so I don't spoil all the things for those who don't wish to be spoiled.

I will give credit where credit is due, though. THE SHENANIGANS (echo-y voice) as a plot device did their job in that it solidified them as a triad. Trust was restored between Priest and Robbie and the playing field seems to be mostly level at this point.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Henri because HHHHHHHHEEEEEEENNNNNNNNRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!! with his bad boy self needs his own book. Major heart eyes happening at Casa de Cupcake. He needs a sassy twink of his own to wreck. Regularly. Pretty please. 🙏🏽 I can beg if need be.

So those are my feels and let's break this thing down into chewable pieces.

These characters are a solid 4 stars.
The sex and chemistry between them didn't blow my doors off in this one so I'll give that 2 stars.
Henri is 5 stars! <---biased
The relationship building was 3, maybe 3.5 stars, so we'll split the difference and say 3.25 stars.
THE SHENANIGANS (echo-y voice) get 1 star. Oh alright, 1.5 stars for making me chirp over the ridiculousity.
Which leaves the story with an overall score of 3.15 stars.


I'd still recommend this series because of Robbie and Priest, though. And my 1-click finger is holstered up and ready to quick draw like some sort of quick draw legend on the next installment so make of that what you will! But have your Suspend Disbelief shots all caught up before you go in.
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2,175 reviews411 followers
August 22, 2018
4.5 Stars

Although this third story in Frank’s sexy sweet triad romance series wasn’t quite what I expected/wanted, I still devoured it like reading was going out of style.

Undoubtedly, Priest has cemented himself as one of my absolute favourite male characters in the M/M world of romance books, but I’ve decided the first book (Robbie) remains my personal favourite of the series thus far. After a bit of deliberation, I’ve come to realise I probably feel this way because I really love the chase/conquest part of any book romance, which is what we got in spectacularly heated and passionate style in Robbie.

In this third installment, the relationship between Priest, Julien, and Robbie is much more settled, concentrating more on overcoming any remaining insecurities and conquering demons from their pasts, rather than focusing on the steamy side of this tasty triad. But that’s a good thing, of course. While overcoming Priest’s personal demons, these three men work at strengthening their precious bond, eventually declaring some hefty feelings which all three men plan on following through to death do them part.

Seriously, the feels were strong in this one and it was all Swoon City up in here! Mmhmm.

In summation: Priest is a sexy beast, I adore these three men together, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in their final story.
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1,655 reviews1,005 followers
October 12, 2018
*** 3.5 Stars!!!***

I had very high hopes for Priest’s book but I was somewhat let down by it. His story had the potential to be epic considering the type of childhood this poor man had! Instead, I found the first half of the book to be quite bland. The last 80% was the most exciting, but even that felt kind of surfaced. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t hate this, I just think it could have been so much more!!!

Ella Frank is a brilliant writer in the way she describes certain scenes so articulately... I just wanted us to get a more in depth story... especially regarding Henri and Priest ‘s childhood! I will say that now I ‘d love to have a story about Henri!! I find him intriguing and I think he deserves a happily ever after!!!

I’m surprised to find out that there will be one last book about Priest, Julien, and Robbie... I will for sure check it out! Just a FYI, this is a m/m romance and it has a relationship with three men! It’s not for everyone, but if you are able to enjoy an outside the box kind of read.. then definitely start with the first book and give it a try!

Thanks Steph for another awesome Buddy read!
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August 17, 2018
4.25 Stars!

I was eagerly awaiting Priest's book. Probably a bit too much, as I didn't love this one as much as I wanted to. But I still liked it. Quite a bit.

I'd say the romance takes a tad bit of back seat in this one. Yet at the same time, Robbie, Julien and Priest do move forward quite a bit as partners.

I wasn't super surprised about how things played out with Priest's dad, etc.

And I'll be honest and say I'm a tad disappointed we still don't have their HEA. Yes, we're close and things ended well, but we've got a book 4 now. I just really hope this doesn't turn in to another Temptation series.

Please just end it at 4 and give us a book about Henri.
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2,214 reviews454 followers
November 11, 2020
4 Stars

Don’t get me wrong.

I enjoyed myself with this one but it still didn’t have quite the allure that Robbie initially had. I’m not complaining though because we finally get Priest’s story, and this was the perfect installment to bring him, Julien, and Robbie full circle. Secrets are laid bare and some terribly evil demons are justly conquered.

This is more about settling the score, cementing things in stone, and finally allowing these guys to be free to really concentrate on each other so that they can be one happy threesome.

Luckily for us fans, Frank is not quite done and we have another installment on the way that will surely allow us all to bask in the glorious-ness of these men! *rubs hands together* I look forward to it!!
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May 2, 2019
4.5 Stars!!

Priest did NOT disappoint!!

In this one we get lots of answers about Priests past. It takes on a strong suspense feel as all three men come face to face with that past.

Again, these men are supper yummy in and out of the bedroom. I have fallen head over heels for all three. I am so impressed with the writing in this series, I love a good manage but there is always the risk that it will feel like two people are in love and the third is just an extra who is not cared for equally. I didn't get that feeling at all with this series and I can see why Priest and Julien love Robbie, he is awesome!!

 photo threekiss_zps3rk7ezps.gif

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August 19, 2018



In Confessions: Priest shit gets real. Priest's past catches up with him and he has his hands full protecting the two men he loves so much. But first he has to settle things with Robbie, who we left at the end of Julien's book feeling upset and confused. I thought the way Julien and Joel brought him around was so endearingly awkward and funny that I fell in love with them all over again.

I think we all secretly want a Priest in our life. Somebody who loves so ferociously, fiercely, and whose love is hard to win. And when you win it? You feel truly special. I remember when Ella Frank (and Brooke Blaine) first introduced us to him I thought that he would make an interesting character for a book. I'm so glad that Ms Frank decided to give us this amazing, intense and complex hero. I didn't always feel benevolent towards Priest, he could be quite a jerk but now we get a lot of answers and some of them will have your heart in your throat and your pulse rate rising. Other than s will have that same heart breaking for the intense, complicated lawyer. I loved that we got to see his softer side.
“Your love is exactly what Julien said— powerful. It’s intense, all-consuming, and takes two men to return it,” - Robbie

Robbie is as always a revelation. His love is his strength and it's what he gives freely. He doesn't know how not to and it's what I love most about him. But there is a new maturity to him now too. Oh, he still is a mischievous minx but that comes with the knowledge that his two men would do anything to keep him and that settles something in him.
He was beautiful in his earnestness, trusting in his innocence, and he brought a certain joie de vivre to their life that he and Julien had been missing.

Given Julien's heartbreak in the last book he has found a new equilibrium. He is open, a gentle sweet man with a heart of gold. I didn't get nearly enough of him this time.

Confessions: Priest started a tiny bit slower but once I hit the 50% mark it took off like a rocket launcher. I was gripping my chair so hard by the end that my fingers started to cramp.
Without a word, Priest hauled him into his arms and wrapped him in a fierce embrace, and Robbie burrowed into his solid strength, holding on to the one person he knew would always keep him safe.

Finally a secondary character begins to take shape and I imagine we'll see more of him soon. He seems to have the cockiness down pat and I am looking forward to learning more about him.

Now we have one more book with Robbie, Julien and Joel and I'm already mentally preparing to say goodbye to them. Ella Frank has created a wonderful story around these men, who are so lovable, their hearts and souls so beautiful it hurts sometimes. They are so different yet complete each other perfectly. I think after their ordeal they have earned it to start into their happily ever after. I'll be over there armed with a box of tissues and a bottle of wine as soon the last installment of this series hits my Kindle.

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1,218 reviews171 followers
August 20, 2018
4.25 stars.

This was good but I'm disappointed in the ending that we have to wait until the next book for their HEA. Although it wasn't a cliffhanger, I wanted a book done in this.

An arc was provided in exchange for an honest review.
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3,467 reviews319 followers
August 24, 2018

This will be a spoiler free review. Suffice it to say, this book is all I expected and then a bit more.

It's only not a total five star read for me because I wanted more of the three of them together but there is a final epilogue entry to come which will round out this series in Book Four.

In this one we get a few flashbacks which help fill in the life of Joel Priestley and what brought him to the point in his life which this series has focused on - a lawyer married to a hot and successful French chef.

There's insights into their relationship and also an expansion of why Robbie fits so perfectly into their lives and while it's not quite as steamy as the previous two, it fits the narrative perfectly.

I love where Ella took this series, it was unexpected and gave a different dynamic to the romance of three quite different men who shine when they're together.

Now, about Henri...

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.
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250 reviews22 followers
November 3, 2019
Logically my favorite one!

My little heart just broke in the end but fortunately it was a happy f****** (Jimmy Grrrrr) ending.

I was a little annoyed by Robbie in the end of JULIEN. I mean I didn’t understand why he was so mad at Priest. After a few weeks of relationship it’s kind of soon to tell about such a big part of your life to your new lover. If I had a past like Priest I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t talk about it to any of my lover after a few weeks of relationship. For me, people had to deserve the trust . It takes time.
Also this relationship isn’t like all. She’s unique. And when Robbie explained why he reacted like that I kind of « understand it » but in the same time it’s kind of « normal », these two were married since many years. Robbie has million million things to discover about them, vice-versa. Like the simple fact that Julien had a special tuxedo for the Valentine’s day. Sometimes small things sometimes big things but hey this is the beauty of a new relationship. Discovering the other (s) step by step.

In the end I think all of it deserved the karaoke reconciliation scene haha. It was my fav! I found it so so cute. And drunk Robbie is sooooo funny.

The first time I’ve met Priest, I really loved the guy. He was so…confident. Such an ass to Robbie. These two made me laugh hard so many times. The night we learned that in fact he was a married man…WOW just wow. I was screaming like crazy in my bedroom. « WTF? No! This can’t happening! This douche! Oh they are cute », so many emotions haha.
In the end I was excited by these boys, exciting to learn about my Priest, the Prick and the Princess.

They got together really « fast » for me but it was cute. Priest and Julien are a lovely couple. These two had some family dramas. The fact they found each other in some « impromptu » circumstances seems like fate. Add Robbie to this and it make a lovely trio. Robbie is the only one with a sweet and lovely family in this. I just loved his mother and his grandma.

My only problem since the 2nd book is that Robbie need to find his place in this. Sometimes I feel like he’s here to bring light and just shine with his beauty. It’s not just THAT I want for him. I want to look at him and see a man capable, a rock to lean on like I see when I look at Priest or Julien or Tate or Logan. Everybody wants to protect him. He’s a grown up man and in the future I really hope he’ll be more than the cutest beauty in the trio. And I hope they’ll buy a new home together because I think it’s hard to find your place in a space already established.

Jimmy -> Worst father ever -> Game over tough.

And Henry…Love you. Can’t wait about you! You and Elliot? I can’t find anybody else to match with you in this ;)
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3,623 reviews
January 21, 2019
It’s no secret how much I love Priest, Robbie and Julien and this book simply solidified that fact. It is filled with all kinds of tension of all varieties, but what it shows is how much these three fit together. They shouldn’t, at least according to what most believe, but they do. They compliment each other even when they are at odds and find ways to give each other strength while being that safe place to land. And the smexy?? HAWT.
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August 20, 2018


We're back in the world of our darlings Robbie, Julien & Priest.

You need to read the first 2 books before reading this one. And while you're at it - please read the whole Temptation series too - because we already met these 3 in Logan & Tate's series - especially Robbie!


The last book ended with a TV report about Priest's father. An infamous mega psycho criminal who is supposed to get out of prison on parole. Robbie didn't know that THE Jimmy Donovan was Priest's dad - Priest officially changed his name when he 18.

Robbie is pretty pissed that his two guys didn't tell him the truth. He thought their whole relationship was based on telling each other everything.

But... he'll get over it - he just needs some time to think. He doesn't want to leave his two boyfriends.

Robbie's feelings about the whole thing is unfortunately not the only problem we're facing in this book. There's also the danger of Priest's dad seeking revenge and coming after Priest and his loved ones. Plus the stress about the restaurant opening. And our boys have a LOT on their minds.


I loved this book.


At first I was a bit mad at Robbie for being so weirded out about the whole daddy situation. Ok, they didn't tell you, so what? You're new to their lives. Ugh. I wanted to slap some sense into him. But he wasn't mean about it, he just needed some time - they gave it to him - and everything slowly went back to the way it was. They just have to talk about a lot of things first... and then we have the threatening bad guy danger lurking in the background!!!

It was a very exciting story. Very sexy. Very moving - with all the feels!

I loved reading it and I can't wait for their epilogue book!!! GIMME!
These three are just so adorable. So different. So in love. Ugh. I want to be Priest when I grow up! ☺
And I also want to read Henri's book asap!

The tiny little things that still bother me - but that's just me. The fact that the book is not written in the first person POV! With all those male I's HE's HIM's HIS's - it's so complicated sometimes to understand who is saying or thinking something! I would prefer a book written in the first person where every chapter just has a name and that way we know who's talking.

Also - still not a fan of Priest's hair color! I just can't adore and love a bookboyfriend with red hair. I checked out some of the cover models pics on IG, and he's very Pumuckl-y in some of them! (google Pumuckl!) BUT - Alex/Priest is also very goodlooking, so I'm kinda ok with it - but I still don't love it! ☺ As long as the pic is in black and white ... I can definitely live with it!



Smokin Hot Book Blog Email
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508 reviews43 followers
November 22, 2022
Ok, still don't like all the flashbacks 😂 BUT I liked this book the best in this series so far - to the point its 2am and I'm just finished because I didn't want to stop reading, even though I have to be up early 🤦🏼‍♀️

I'm really hoping the next book is more about the 'present day' rather than lots of memories that are nice but slow the book down so much. I just want to see the relationship grow more and not feel so stop start. I swear there were multiple flashbacks in every chapter and it really threw the pace off, particularly when I was more interested in the tension and suspense, but it kept getting brought back down from boiling point to barely a simmer for memories that were sweet but ultimately not important! It was honestly like being edged but not in a fun way 😂😂

I'm also intrigued by Henri and looking forward to his story!
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Author 47 books72 followers
September 3, 2018
Bu kitabın gidişatı 2. kitaptan belliydi zaten!
Robbie, kendisinden saklanan sırlar yüzünden kızgın ve kırgın...
Priest, son aldığı haberler yüzünden korku içinde..
Ve Julien, sevdiği adamlarla aynı duyguları paylaşırken bir de üstüne yaklaşan açılış yüzünden çok heyecanlı!
Ancak açılıştan sonraki günlerde kendilerini bekleyen felaketten habersizler!

Seride bir kitap daha var!! Görünce nasıl mutlu oldum anlatamam. Hiç bitmesin istiyorum. Temptation serisi gibi uzasın gitsin istiyorum. Ama galiba 4. kitap ile birlikte Priest&Princess&Prick için mutlu sona ulaşacağız.
Hurry up, pls!!

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1,590 reviews390 followers
September 4, 2018
This...this right here is what I was looking for. I knew Priest's book was going to be good and oh man was it! I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time.

I knew Priest had a hard and dark past. The things he experienced as a child were truly horrifying. And to know the "monster" was still alive whether behind bars or not, only helped to shape him into the person he became. But he puts his heart and soul into to protecting and taking care of the ones he gifts with his love.

Robbie is one tough cookie. I am so glad to see him come into his own. I often didn't care for him in the Temptation Series, but I found that I absolutely ADORED him here. He is just what these two men needed...their hope and light. Their sunshine.

Julien was a little bit more of a struggle for me. I liked him but he didn't "wow" me as much as Priest and Robbie. BUT, I believe he still plays an integral part in this relationship. He is a lover and nurturer but he still needs the other two to balance him out.

I have officially fell in love with these three men. They deserve happiness and a HEA. I can't wait to see them get that happy ending.
“Years ago,” Priest said, “a thief stole my heart and brought it to life, and tonight a princess saved it."

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2,789 reviews233 followers
August 11, 2021
I think I expected something totally different than what we got here.

I've never experienced a tragedy or horror like Priest did so who am I to judge but...he was 7. That his behavior as an adult resulted from what happened when he was 7 seemed a little far fetched for me. It came across as if it was his first knowledge that this was what his Father was. I don't know. It kind of bugged me.

Also, the fact that .

I think it is probably pretty difficult to write suspense if you aren't used to it.

I just had such high expectations for this story and it kind of missed the mark for me.

But again, I think I took on too much in a row.

I'm reading the next one but then taking an Ella break. I'm coming for you Bash, it's just going to take a little bit longer to get to you.
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1,389 reviews45 followers
August 27, 2018
*a very solid 3,5 stars*

I really loved book 1 and enjoyed book 2, and was massively looking forward to this, but - and it really hurts to say this - book 3 didn’t quite hit the mark with me.

And this is why:
.) although I love the three guys, this time they came across as way too ‘sappy’ and OTT.

.) the plot felt contrived and predictable. The ‘problem’ between Robbie and Priest at the beginning was blown out of proportion ( and drawn out in length for no reason) when one conversation could have sorted everything in chapter 1. And as for events later on - That was all kind of pre-programmed and obvious.
I felt very little tension or angst when this is what I was clearly supposed to experience.

.) some of the flash-backs ripped me out of present day events too much

.) There was a lot of repetition of certain ideas.

Sorry if I am ranting, but I am disappointed. I loved Priest’s moody brooding in the first two books and was really looking forward to finding out more about him. I did get to know him better, but unfortunately I wasn’t so keen on the how.

It isn't that it was all bah, on the contrary. There were really nice moments between the guys (and some funny ones, too) and what I liked most was Priest and Julien’s big romantic gesture and the hot (and only) sex that followed. It was indeed very romantic.

I am sure many readers will love this and I am happy for them. But it was not the finish I had hoped for. I deliberated long whether to click on 3 or 4 stars because for me this is a solid 3,5.
Either rating feels totally wrong.

So I went with the higher to grade down the half star because I did enjoy the series as a whole, and the covers of the books are all gorgeous!
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2,069 reviews
August 17, 2018
Ahhh Priest - so much grit and persistence holding his spirit together. This is Priests story and as expected was every bit as enticing as I thought it would be. His love for Julien & Robbie was beyond strong and the three of them finally cemented their triad. No spoilers here so you need to read the trials and tribulations of Priest and his loves. Of course nothing in life is easy and poor Priest really was a reflection of that. My only hope is the final book is one long honeymoon of sorts - god knows they deserve it !
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808 reviews
September 3, 2018
**3.5 stars**

3rd step of the building relationship between Julien, a laid-back and successful French chef, Priest, a brooding and intense lawyer, and Robbie, a feisty bar manager. Not a standalone : after Robbie succumbed to the married couple and found a place in their bed and their apartment, and after Robbie, with the guidance of Priest, helped Julien to find peace with his twin-sister’s death, these 3 partners now have to deal with Priest’s abusive and murderer father, who has just escaped from prison.

Trivia fact : as I found this prison escape a bit farfetched, I searched for the numbers of prison evasion (couldn’t find anything) but discovered that the US have the highest incarceration rate in the world. But I digress.

Still very focused on the relationship between these 3, but with a new flavour, ie a little bit less steam in favour of some “action” and the introduction of Henri, Priest’s childhood friend.
Even if this series is far from being as captivating for me as the trilogy “Temptation” was, has a few holes, repetitions and OTT behaviors, it remains a pleasant read.

As J astutely mentioned in her review, let’s hope that the next book will give us a nice HEA : too much water in a tasty juice can kill the flavour.
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2,956 reviews217 followers
July 3, 2019
**** Confessions #3. Our three men, Julian, Joel/Priest and Robbie, are making strides and declare their love.

We have a steady pace until it picks up and becomes a roller-coaster ride of the evil past converging on their bright future. The revelation of Priest's story about his criminal father is shocking. If you think you have it figured out - guess again dear readers. The tension is extreme and this book is "unputdownable" ! It's deeply passionate, we get sex that is highly explosive, overwhelming and breathtakingly raw, explicit and exciting.

I loved the sexiness, the action, from the kidnapping to the rescue, we are on the edge. The true depth of their love is shown in words and deeds. Fantastic !

The author, Ella Frank, gives us a hint of more to look forward to. She's a fabulous storyteller, with a wild creative streak and writes the hottest sexy times ever.

I highly recommend this book !

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1,676 reviews386 followers
August 12, 2023
Reread 11/3/2018 I’m ready for book 4. Bring it.

Reread 1/22/2019, 10/12/2019, 3/11/2020

Reread 2/24/2021 I’m determined to actually read beyond book 4 this time. Henri & Bailey have been sitting on my iPad too long.

Reread 2/24/2023 I still haven’t decided if I want to read book 7. I never finished either book 5 or 6, so chances are pretty high that I won’t read 7.

Reread 8/12/2023 after reading books 7-9 that have *gasp* girl parts
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2,029 reviews234 followers
July 21, 2021
6/9/2018 - Hopefully, Priest isn't too devastated when he finds out he's been working on the wrong side of the courtroom all along!
It appears, after reading, that nobody has had the balls to break it to him yet. Maybe in the next book, but I won't be reading it. The author obviously doesn't care one bit about basic research. I'm good leaving things here.
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1,191 reviews41 followers
August 27, 2018
It is not that I didn't like it cause I did but I may have had my expectations too high.

I expected it to be more sexy. I expected to experience more bonding between these three men. And I may have to confess I love Robbie the best. I learned to adore Robbie in the Temptation series and I just luuuuuuve him.

These men are already an established threesome. Everything comes naturally between them. I like my books to have a bit more angst in them. That they have to fight for each other.

I still enjoy reading this series though. I'm excited to read about their HEA.

Oh and BIG +++ -> Logan. Still my fav guy from this world Ella Frank is building!!


*** A copy of Priest was kindly provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review
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564 reviews267 followers
August 24, 2018
"You allow us to give ourselves in different ways because we love you in different ways."

This book was intense. This series was....everything I needed in a new to me author. Wow.

I love when a book gets me all worked up that I can't settle down to write my review!! Coincidentally, I also hate when a book gets me all worked up because I feel like I will never find the right words to express how much I loved the book. I seriously feel like I'm on my knees, fists raised in the air, screaming 'Aaaargh!!' because I have SO many thoughts and emotions on not only this book, or this series, but these men as well. This is the type of book (and series) that I almost feel I need a couch for. One to sit on, chat about on, show you exactly how I'm feeling - emotionally, mentally, and physically. Ella Frank is rich with her words, it feels almost indulgent to me. You can only take so much because they're powerful, yet so good you can't stop. Don't mess this up and think you're going to barrel through this series - it's not a rush through it kind of read. Her words...they're so thoughtful. So meaningful. So right. OMGosh....seriously. The pain, the heaviness, the tension - it was all there and she just serves it up to you; hands it over without question.

"There is nothing more arousing to me than looking at the person - or people - I love, and knowing without a doubt that they are mine."

Even though this is the third book in this series, each one progressively got more intense for me. I loved the first two, as you can tell from my reviews (listed below), but getting to read this one, the culmination of love that was so powerful and so enigmatic was incredibly moving. The depth, the strength, the devotion these men had? Insanely awesome. Once again, I am caught up in my own head with these feelings that I want to put words to, but I just don't know how...

There is such an impressive and raw sexuality with this triad; one that runs deeper than any other I've read. Ella Frank can write honest emotions with conviction. She can give me an intimacy with her words not many can. I love the depth and the confidence she gave to these men's emotions. There was no room for jealousy. Their love is so pure, their bond so tight. It was like, 'This is normal. This is everyday life and there is nothing out of the ordinary here. Move along.' For that to be a feeling to know deep within the makeup of your soul, to feel that reality as a truth in your world when it's not an ordinary world kind of thing, *hats off to you*. I mean, I don't even know what to say. I rooted for, fell in love with and connected to these men on a level I didn't think I would. It's certainly not conventional, but it sure gave me a glimpse into the world of a triad, and most definitely allowed me to witness a love so strong with unbelievably amazing chemistry. But she left me reeling with the swipe of the last page....because I didn't want to say goodbye to these guys. I just loved them.

While this one had an element of action to it, more than the other two did, it showcased their love as more than just a fun time, more than just surface level enjoyment. The progression in all three books really shared a 'timeline' of love for me - the fun, the sex, the intimacy. With their lives moving from meeting and dipping their toes into these new waters (Robbie), to them enjoying the honeymoon phase while getting deeper truths about each other (Julien), to the real world problems stepping on their toes and making them flinch because the pain is almost too much to bear (Priest). I think....no, I know I'm in love with Ella Frank and her words.

"The most effective way to capture my attention is to walk away from me."

A lot of this book centered around Priest's recollections and how he came to be with his meticulous thought processes. the way he worked things out. The way he internalized until he need to act. He was so strong and so determined, but I felt for him. To be so stoic, so tenacious, but so emotionally tangled up? To finally accept what your weaknesses are, and then have to fight for the rightness that you know deep in your heart to be true? What. A. Story. My heart, it was gripped by her words. I couldn't put this book down after I started it because I couldn't get enough. I am so glad I finally picked up one of her books, but I am also so mad at myself for not reading her sooner!! Would you believe I have her Temptation Series sitting on my kindle, but haven't read it yet? Get in line to kick me....after I kick myself! Geez, I know. *hangs head in shame*

I know most of this review reads as a scatterbrained blogger that has too much to say and clearly not enough words to say it with....but I hope you understand the truth in my words when I say that Ella Frank can write a love so profound, so stunning that it will leave you speechless. She is deep. She is heavy. She is emotional. She is amazing. She just speaks to me and hits all my emotional buttons. I seriously cannot wait for more.

"Priest's attention, his love, was something one could only dream of, because he so rarely gave it away."

"It took the love of someone truly unselfish to teach me how to fully understand another. First you have to push aside your wants, and then you have to listen to their needs."

ENTER HERE TO WIN A COPY OF PRIEST --> http://bit.ly/2wbv5HN

PURCHASE ROBBIE: https://amzn.to/2PClGkP
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August 26, 2018
"The name that goes with this face," Robbie said. "It doesn't matter to me half as much as the person this face belongs to." It wasn't often Priest was caught off guard, but he felt as though the breath has been knocked right out of him.

I freaking loved almost everything about this book. I can definitely say Priest's book was my favorite out of the three! The book opened up right where we left off in Julien's book with that ridiculous cliffhanger. Robbie just found out Priest is the son of this mass-murdering psychopath and let's just say this reveal has caused a rift between all three of our guys for a good part of the book.

Let me say, I really enjoyed the first half of the book with Robbie needing space from Priest and Julien. And also Priest being so very depressed that he hurt Robbie and wanting to do anything just to see another smile on Robbie's face.

It's just this is like the first time ever that we see any once of emotion from Priest and I enjoyed digging deeper into all the things that make Joel Priestley tick. The way this rift between Robbie and Priest plays out from beginning to end is just heartbreakingly beautiful. And I for one definitely want more connection scenes between Robbie and Priest!

Julien thought back to the stories of how this man had terrorized Priest as a child, and felt his disgust and revulsion morph into courage—if he was going to die, then he would do it standing up for that little boy who never had anyone to do it for him.

Now I think it was quite obvious from the previous books that Priest's father, Jimmy was going to break out of prison. It has been something Priest has been stressing over in the first book and the second book. So I was not surprised. But I have questions! Jimmy seriously knew what Priest looked like, what his name changed to, and where they lived? Really? Or does everyone know where Julien lives? I kinda wished this was explained in more detail.

But yes, the second half was very suspenseful with Julien being kidnapped by Jimmy. Now as soon as Julien was kidnapped I knew exactly who did it and I feared for his life. I swear as soon as Priest realized the same it nearly broke him.

Obviously he retrieves Robbie from work and comes up with a plan to get his husband back, no matter what it takes, with the help of Henri, who surprise! surprise!, is his ex! That took off guard! But damn! I like this Henri and we better get a book on him too! I swear whenever a new character is introduced, I want his book!

Robbie shut his eyes and put his cheek by Priest’s. “Whatever you do, I know you’re doing it for Julien. How can you think I would ever love you less for that?” Priest kissed Robbie’s temple. “Because I know how far I’ll go. You don’t.”

Now obviously Priest was able to get Julien back and coming out of everything alive with his two men! Now this is when my questions come into play! Robbie and Julien turn on the tv and are stunned to find out that Jimmy's remains were tossed into the river.

Now, I think it's pretty obvious after what all happened Priest wasn't leaving until Jimmy was dead and gone from his life or shit like this would happen again. It's a little bit confusing on who actually killed Jimmy. Priest was with Julien, so he couldn't have right? So that leaves Henri. I think Priest orchestrated the whole thing, but Henri was the one to land the killing blow.

I absolutely loved getting more of those flashbacks. I always love hearing more about Julien and Priest in the past. And oh.mygod. we even got a flashback from the first time Robbie and Priest met (according to Robbie) in Priest's office! And double oh.mygod. the scene where Julien plans to meet Robbie in person at The Popped Cherry to see if Robbie is indeed the one they've been looking for!

And let me tell you Priest did get a piece of Robbie's mind for sicking Julien on him to get his way! LMAO! Now I am so glad to hear that there is one more book to wrap things up. Hopefully the last book is full of lots of sexy times, because I totally missed those in this book!
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1,387 reviews319 followers
August 20, 2018
Priest, the third book of the series brought us back to the threesome Robbie, Julien and Priest. In this instalment, the focus in on Priest's story arc, his background and the drama that surround them when his past came back to haunt him.

The focal point of the series is always the relationship between the three of them and there isn't any lack of passion and emotion here. With the continuation from previous book, Robbie was shocked to find out about Priest's secret and it throw a little kink into their relationship. But I can never doubt their devotion towards each other. When Priest finally told us his story, I'm not shocked because I kinda predicted it was something similar.

One of my favourite scene in this book is when Robbie's family met Priest and Julien. I love seeing how their lives start to click together and more friends and family acknowledge their unique relationship. Having Logan and Tate showing up here and there are always fun too.

The final highlight of the book is the suspense we get towards the last quarter of the book. I know Ella don't usually write about suspense in her book, so to find this happening is all kind of intriguing and have me holding my breath.
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7,013 reviews835 followers
August 21, 2018

From the minute Joel “the Priest” Priestly walked on the page I was intrigued by him and I can say that in Priest, we finally begin to see the incidents that have shaped him into the man he is today, for that alone, I loved this book, but I was also a bit disappointed by it as well. I’ve always loved author Ella Frank’s work because of the real emotions she pulls from her characters and she shies away from convoluted plot devices giving readers a smart story with enough drama to make things interesting, yet unpredictable and Priest unfortunately was so very predictable. There was still a lot I loved about this book, but for me it was a bit of a let-down after the remarkable stories we got in Robbie and Julien.

In Priest, we see Robbie needing some time to absorb some very pertinent information about Joel’s father and looking at the relationship he has begun with Joel and Julien. I have to admit I really love this new mature side of Robbie and how easy it is for him to stand up for himself now. I honestly credit Joel and Julien with that because they’ve taught him that he is perfect the way he is and more than capable of contributing in all aspects of society and their relationship. Julien is the peacekeeper in this story and forges the bridge between Robbie and Joel making sure they both know they are important to him and each other. I am most thankful for the fact that we finally see some real emotion out of Joel on several different levels and it proves that behind that polished, austere exterior there lies a man whose life has been anything but beautiful. The scenes between these three show how connected they’ve become and how much they all need each other in their lives and I was once again struck by how easily they complement one another. Their special connection is why Joel’s father’s possible parole puts a damper on their relationship. This is where the story kind of lost me, instead of being intense and heart stopping I found myself rolling my eyes and knowing exactly how it was going to play out which was so disappointing.

While at times the plot was a bit disjointed and strained, I still loved much about Priest and am looking forward to their happy, happy, happy ever after.
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