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The boys of the Special Forces battalion are back.
Five mini-episodes give emotional updates for the couples with whom you’ve fallen in love during the series’ first three books, as well as a not-to-be-missed preview of what’s in store for Tait Bommer and Kellan Rush in Wet, book five in the Honor Bound series.

“Raze the Barn”: Garrett and Sage reignite their flame as Dominant and submissive during a well-timed visit to see Wyatt and Josie on the farm, and a visit to “kinky barn” that neither will soon forget.

“Tie the Knots”: Garrett and Sage have finally said “I do,” but the knot-tying lessons have just begun for Zeke and Rayna, the best man and maid of honor who only have eyes—and other body parts—for each other.

“Diamonds In The Rain”: Ethan is taking Ava home to meet his parents, but when a mansion full of friends is invited for the occasion, there’s a storm of deeper conflict for the couple, requiring Runway to expose his “inner Dom” in a decadent new way.

“Glacier Girl”: Josie is burned-out and emotionally frozen until Wyatt whisks her away for a weekend full of erotic surprises—and one shocking surprise guest.

“Moonrise”: Their road to love was filled with the craziest twists life could deal before it completely blew up the route. Now, Luna is locked from Tait in a night that doesn’t seem to have an end. Can he bring the light of love back to her?

254 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 14, 2013

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About the author

Angel Payne

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Writerly sort, with angst + kissing + other stuff.
USAT Bestseller.
Pop Culture Geek.
Passionate Traveler.
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Love is the best super power.

The other parts:
Books & their fun facts:

Blood of Zeus Series: Modern mythology, Dante-type hell dives, Professor/student, star-crossed love, fish out of water--and Brock O'Hurn covers!

Farther Than Forever: Immortal rock stars, romantic suspense, glam world travels.

Shark's Edge (Books 1-6): Glam family saga, romantic suspense, billionaires and their secrets, workplace shenanigans.

The Bolt Saga: Tony Stark meets Christian Grey. Super-powered hero meets sassy heroine for electric attraction. Bad guys follow. Body count rises. More "electric" fun.

Honor Bound: Military Doms and their headstrong heroines in romantic adventures across the globe.

The Cimarron Saga: Dark & brooding royal heroes on a Mediterranean island that's been sealed off from the world for 150 years.

Temptation Court: Cimarron spinoff set in modern-day New York. Yep; another dark & brooding hero too.

Secrets of Stone: Sweeping family saga with emotional twists and turns. And maybe a few "kissing parts". And maybe a little more than that...

Misadventures with a Time Traveler/Misadventures with a Duke: Time-traveling brothers in modern-day settings, meeting their destined loves.

Suited for Sin: High heat alphas who know how to knot more than a tie.

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Author 121 books155 followers
December 27, 2013
What the hell, Angel...Luna? LUNA?! I thought I was your wing woman, your pal, your compadre...pfft. I had your 6 and you abandoned me. *cries* Stops I guess I should review the whole book first.

I must start this with a disclaimer:

If you are reading these stories before the others. STOP! Go back, read them first...LUNA!!!! COME ON, ANGEL!!! *Coughs* Oh and kind of a little spoiler...tiny...a speck...dust in the wind. Don't read if you don't want to know. Shhhhh...

Where was I? Oh yes, A WILDer Wonderland.

I love Zeke. Absolutely adore him. Rayna and he are to die for in the smexy department. And, they happen burn the house down with their lovemaking. Yet, I have to admit, I wasn't exactly sure how Angel was going to work this one out. I *clears throat* actually thought she was going to break them apart for a moment there. *glares* But, in the end, I knew good old Zsycho would pull through. Although, for another second, I thought, Angel tricked me, its not really going to end the way I thought it was. You saved it, Angel. You complete me.

*smirks* I'm doing these out of order...I'm a rebel that way. Anarchy is my shield and sarcasm and wit are my blades...Don't ask me how I use them both at the same time...it's a secret. *Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.*

Garrett and Sade. Dude, so sad. You had me at PPD. (Postpartum Depression) I think we all experience it, if we're moms. It's that overwhelming bone crushing, what am I supposed to do now, feeling. Sure you have your good days, but mostly it is bad days. You don't want to get out of bed, you hate staying in bed. You should be with your child, but your child is crying and gah, I don't want to deal. You nailed it, Angel. You got it and to add in everything that happened with Sade and Garrett, whoosh. What a roller coaster. I loved the love they have for each other, that tender caring of his that just makes you want to root for them. But, it was also that strong dominant hand that, coaxed and pulled her from that black hell and brought Sade back once again. I absolutely loved their mini-story.

But again, LUNA!!! What the ever loving hell, woman?!

I digress.

Ethan and Ava. Oy, okay can I start this by saying, OMG, I would have had to slap a woman. *clears throat* Notice I didn't call them foul names, even though they were on the tip of my tongue? Yeah, I'm good like that. Anyway, so Ava and Ethan are different. These two have had this almost movie like relationship. I mean end of the world, with aliens and explosions and snotty uppity bitches women who don't show up till well, this story. (Sorry had to get that in there. I mean really, I didn't call them a bad name, but I did call a spade a spade.) Ava is anxious. Of that I am certain. She's not sure she'll ever fit in with Ethan's family or his life and he has to prove after his mom just about ruins it. He's not the man his family is, but the man she loves. So he gets a little role play going and the sparks fly. *Whispers* I want his conference room table...just sayin. In the end, once again love wins.

Which leaves me with Tait, Luna and Kellan.

If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a tad bit upset. I mean really, come on peeps, can you blame me? I mean hello, LUNA! The woman who almost got Z killed goes and falls for Tait, who also falls for her? She was crazy rolled up in a multicolored ball Rainbow Bright ball. (She literally could have tasted like rainbows...which then Kellan could have said did you taste the rainbow...lol I crack me up. Back to the review) I mean really? I felt betrayed. I felt used. I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR FRIEND, Angel!! But, then I started reading about her in Ethan and Ava's book and well, I kind of liked her. I felt bad for her. The expression, "We need another, Timmy," popped into my head more than once while reading about her. By then, I was invested in her, and so what if she was a little on the loco side. So what if she helped Mau and almost got Zeke killed. She was the ultimate anti-hero if I ever saw one. So, I liked her a bit. I wasn't completely on board for the "lovefest," but I was happy for Tait, because that's all that matters. Right? RIGHT!!

And then BOOM! Stuff happened and now... UGH! We need to talk, I mean seriously? Here I was thinking a sexy menage would happen. Our crazy but heroic Luna was going to redeem herself and get her men, but alas... I cried, Angel. I wept real salty tears of sorrow. I even had snot bubbles while pouring a 40ozer on a camera lens and singing Boys 2 Men. It wasn't pretty, I can promise you that. I might have even taken a couple of swigs off the bottle, if you know what I mean. *winks* Why though? Why did you do this to me? (Like you purposely hurt me on purpose. *snickers*) You gave me this story, which I was totally against in the very beginning and then ripped it away when my mind and my heart deemed it okay to love the sanely-challenged. Trust is a two way street here, Angel. It would be like me saying, I have chocolate chip cookie here for you. And then saying, nah, just kidding...I ate it. Because in the end you. ate. me. (That sounded so much better in my head, than written down.)


In the end though, you know I love your books. To pull all this out of me, *points up* it had to have made an impact. Peeps, if you don't read anything else, read the W I L D er series. You won't regret it, I can promise you that. This 4 part mini-series was a roller coaster from beginning to end and I loved it. I couldn't believe I was done with it when I got to the last page. I wanted more and I must say, I am really looking forward to Tait and Kellan's story. Boy, are they going to have their hands full. So, thank you Angel for another book done right. *HUGS*

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6,707 reviews1,306 followers
March 16, 2014
The Romance Review

Wondering what happened to Garrett, Sage, Zeke, Rayna, Ethan and Ava after they "got together"? This is a collection of the three couples who have come together in this WILD Boys of Special Forces series. Sometimes, it is better to leave a couple in their happily ever after, because bringing them back can be a letdown.

Garrett and Sage's story in "Raze the Barn" is depressing. Sage is crazy and the answer to her depression is getting laid with her husband, Garrett. Although, to be fair, if people enjoyed orgasms at least once a week, it would help their outlook. When I read a romance, I don't really care to read about psychological problems. When it takes BDSM to fix this problem, it appeals to me even less. This story didn't work for me at all. The BDSM scene barely redeems this story.

Zeke and Rayna in "Tie the Knots" is a train wreck. Rayna, if a man tells you he isn't good enough for you, listen to him. Walk away. Zeke and Rayna's love match is the least believable of the three couples. Zeke doesn't want to be married with the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Rayna isn't into kink. They don't seem to see anything eye to eye. Why are they together again? This additional short story with Zeke performing a 180 in his stance is a nasty divorce waiting to happen.

In "Diamonds in The Rain", Ethan once again bring the series up with his consistent loyalty. Plus he still has some of the funniest dialogue. This story I really enjoyed. Ethan and Ava meeting his parents is very telling. Ethan is a wonderful man. Never more so when he defends Ava to his manipulative mom.

"Since it's you asking--" [Ethan's Mom]

"I'm not asking." [Ethan]

She psshed at him. "Don't be insolent."

"Mom, I'm the guy who cut off the president's hand to accomplish shit. I'm. Not. Asking." (pg. 114)

I love how Ethan commands with his "I'm. Not. Asking." Gives me delicious shivers.

The last one in this collection, "Moonrise", is a surprise attack. This is the one with Luna and Tait. Luna is a secondary character I just didn't like at first. She kind of reminds me of Selena Kyle as Catwoman in Batman. She's a person of questionable character. She's not easy to predict. She is a character who grows on a reader. Her self-sacrifice in the last book is a blow to Tait, who is in love with her and stays by her side as much as he can while she is in a coma in the hospital. This story is quite poignant. I loved it. The ending of this is a hook for the next book in this series. It is a very good hook because I want to read a sexy BDSM ménage. I can't wait!

This anthology started out as a dud and ends with a surprise bang. The first half of the book can be skimmed through. The last half is enjoyable to be leisurely savoured. Recommended for romance lovers who want to know what happens after a happily ever after.
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167 reviews17 followers
April 22, 2014
This is a great book! I love getting to revisit characters from previous books but this went above and beyond. We got a chapter of their lives and it left me wanting so much more. If you haven’t read books 1-3 DO NOT read this. It is by no means a standalone.

The first story is about Garret and Sage. I love their relationship. Their dynamic supports that love conquers all. I loved seeing Wyatt and Josie. They helped Garret and Sage’s so much that you can’t help but love them. It was very unique to see the author show post-partum depression. I hadn’t seen that in anything I have read before. But that is part of why I love Angel book's she always takes things to a level that I haven’t been before.

Oh Zeke…. Man you love making things hard don’t you. Lol Rayna and Zeke are made for each other the only problem Zeke doesn’t think he is the man to make her happy. Well a stranger shows him how wrong he is and how much you do not want to mess with Zeke.

Ethan and Ava are so cute together. After everything they went through I felt so bad they had to work over more hurdles. I understand Ava being hesitate that she won’t fit into his world because of their backgrounds are nothing alike and I liked how Ethan showed her different. I don’t think I will be forgiving his mother anytime soon though. Lol

Spoiler~ The last story made me sob like a damn baby. I am serious have a whole damn box of tissues available because you will need them. In fact I was so mad that she died I put down the kindle and walked away. I was determined not to finish it… but I know it would be worth it. So I pulled up my big girl panties and finished it. I am so glad I did because I know book 5 is going to awesome!

I have a huge weakness for army men and Angel Payne knows how to write them. Her stories are always amazing and I have yet to find something she wrote that I didn’t like. I highly recommend this series you won’t regret it.

~Special thank you to the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.~
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1,813 reviews596 followers
December 22, 2013
The entire W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series is fantastic, so it’s no surprise that I absolutely LOVED this bundle of stories. What’s not to love? We are reunited with these sexy, dominant men and their kick-ass counterparts. Not only does Angel Payne create these amazing characters, she also does a great job transporting us to the scenes and making us feel the same emotions as these wonderful characters that we have grown to love. No sugar coating in these stories at all. Garrett, Sage, Zeke, Rayna, Ethan, Ava, and my new favorite WILD boy Tait goes through some really tough situations. Situations that people and couples go through all the time in everyday life. It’s heartbreaking, emotionally draining, and beautiful, and YES you experience all that in only 160 pages or so. I told you Angel Payne was a freakin’ genius!

I pretty much yelled and cried while reading every one of these short stories, but the last story took the cake! If you have been following these books, than you are familiar with my man, Tait Bommer. You will not be prepared for what happens in his story. I wasn’t, and I’m a hardcore fan of this series. Just take a deep breath and know that Ms. Payne has never steered us wrong in the past, and I have faith that this W.I.L.D. boy will get his happy ending.

Just remember before you start any W.I.L.D. Boy book you need to….

“Stretch before breakfast. And eat all your protein.”

You are going to need all your energy to keep up with these gorgeous men!
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Author 20 books11 followers
December 27, 2013
OK I HAVE TO PREFACE THIS REVIEW!! Angel Payne is a good friend of mine, however, she also knows me well enough to know I don't give BS REVIEWS!!
So when I say I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book I mean it.
Angel gave us updates on our favorite WILDer Boys, and finding out what happened AFTER their books was a welcome and happy thing to the reader UNTIL..... *SOBS* well... you'll find out.
Angel has a way with her writing that brings us as the reader into the story. She FORCES us to fall in love with these wild and dominant men, from Hawk to Garrett and Zeke and my own new personal fave Tait!! all I can say is I CANNOT WAIT for Taits book to come out!!
This is a serious MUST READ!!!
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526 reviews13 followers
March 6, 2014
Oh Angel!! You tore me to pieces and rebuilt me all in these stories!

The WILD boys are back!! Amazing short stories that allow you to catch up in the lives of your favorite couples as they struggle towards happiness. Be prepared for some tears and scorching hot scenes. Wonderland is four sexy reading gifts and an extreme tease in the finale! I can not wait for Angel Payne's next in the series!

The wait is almost over!! Wet for her Warriors will be here soon!
Profile Image for Mandy.
292 reviews16 followers
December 26, 2013
The first 3 stories were really good and I loved getting to see where are couple from the first 3 books are at and what they're up to. The fourth story broke my heart and made me ridiculously excited for the next book in the W.I.L.D. boys series! I love Angel and her amazing books!
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761 reviews346 followers
December 7, 2018
I honestly would love to climb into Angel Payne’s mind and see how it works. Honestly this author is incredible to say the least! This book had it all and holy crap. SO. DAMN. HOT.

In book 4 of the Honor bound series, We re-visit all the previous couples such as Garret and Sage, Zeke and Rayne, Ethan and Ava, Wyatt and Josie, Tait, Luna and Kellan and with each and every one, Angel added a twist and had me on the edge of my seat. I honestly think this was such an amazing idea. I loved them all and to hear more about them, just made me happy! By the end of the book, I was a roller coaster of emotions... one minute I’m crying, the next I’m squirming in my seat from all the hotness, the next I’m trying to catch my breath and my heart is pounding, trying to escape, the next I’m laughing and the next I’m just completely speechless! I mean wow !!

How Angel manages to knock me on my ass each and every book of hers I read, I will never know! I’ll continue to say this because it’s TRUE, she is an absolute legend, a master with words and she can turn a mountain of words into a fantasy that’ll consume you.

It’s 5 Star from me for sure

I think, to get a better feeling of all these characters, their plots and everything that’s happened to them that leads up to this book, I think starting from Book 1 of the series is the best thing to do.
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618 reviews4 followers
January 18, 2018
Wild is right!

Wild was such a fun read! In Wild we got to catch up with all the characters from the previous books and I absolutely loved it. It was definitely interesting seeing how Sage has handled motherhood and catching up with her and Garrett. How Zeke discovers he can do things he once thought he couldn’t with Rayna. I absolutely adore Ethan and Ava! I wanted to go even more in depth with them but I was totally left satisfied, it just happens to be Ethan is my favorite so far. Wyatt and Josie were amazing and I loved learning more about them! When it came to the last catch up with Tait “Weasley” and Luna, I got hit with all the feels. I can’t wait to read the next book to see what happens with Tait.

Angel really never disappoints! I absolutely LOVE her books! This is another MUST read!
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1,114 reviews
January 29, 2018
This is a book of shorts with each couple from the series, in different situations in their life. Each going through different issues and mainly consist of their D/s relationships.
My favorite of the book was Rayna and Z. I like their characters. I liked the way they interacted and for me are the most real out of the couples. Their story had spark.
Spark, something I wanted from the rest of the stories and didn't feel it. I thought the stories were a little on the light side for being D/s based. The characters that previously seemed to be front and center kind of receded in this one. It lacked in a couple areas, mainly feeling and no real sense of spark between any of the couples. It left me wanting. That about says it.

**arc from NetGalley and Publisher**
*I received a copy of this book for review and the above is my honest review and opinions therein are my own*
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38 reviews2 followers
January 31, 2018
I loved this book!! Even better than the last!! Can't wait for the next
Profile Image for Tiffany {Beyond the Stars}.
205 reviews54 followers
March 7, 2018
I received a copy of this novel via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

One word: Wow!

Starting off, I had only read Saved before I picked up Wild. Wild is book four and a collection of short stories based on the characters in the previous novels and a novella intro to Wet. I was a bit confused at times, so I will say read the others before you read Wild. Angel Payne is very descriptive though so even though I hadn’t read book two or three, I still was able to figure out what all I missed out on.

I loved Garrett and Sage in Saved so I loved being able to reconnect with them here. I loved meeting the new to me characters and I cannot wait to read their full stories. Can we talk about that final novella too!? Ugh, poor Tait. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Check out the Honor Bound series if you haven’t all ready. You will NOT be dissapointed.
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Author 11 books20 followers
December 27, 2013
I don't give great reviews I just tell you how I felt about a story. I have loved everyone of these books. It was good to get caught up on the lives of the W.I.L.D boys and the women who tamed them. Ethan (Runway) was my favorite from the beginning but Zeke is running a close second. I absolutely loved how the stories played out.

This will probably get me killed but I wasn't upset with Luna's out come. I believe it gives Tait and Kellen's story more depth and the woman they end up with will be perfect if she can mend them both.

Angel has never disappointed me in anything she's written and I can't wait for the next W.I.L.D. boys story.
58 reviews4 followers
January 29, 2014
I have read all of the WILDer stories and loved them all tremendously. When I got to the last story in this book ... well to say that I was upset is putting it very mildly. I felt betrayed by the author. I read these books to escape from life for a little while and to experience the HEAs of the characters. This story left a really bad taste in my mouth. I certainly hope that the next book makes up for the disappointment of this one last story.
1,246 reviews10 followers
March 21, 2014
I'm so happy she has written a book of short stories a contuie for each book make sure you read the others before you read book four and read four before you read wet for her Sargent's as you be a little lost.and will spoil book one through book three if you read this first hope she writes another like this further down the line
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162 reviews
May 9, 2014

When you finish a book you're left with always wanting another taste of you're heroine and hero's HEA...
Well this book is just that. Angel Payne wrote this book to give us a little more of our favorites ,and of course I loved it,and you all
with too...Thanks again Ms.Payne.
December 23, 2013
Great book. It was so nice to visit with all the characters again.
Be prepared for a few tears. Ok maybe more than a few. You're going to love this holiday edition of the WILD Boys of Special Forces. Angel can sure deliver!
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1,222 reviews
February 1, 2014
These four short stories tell what happened after all the craziness went down. Some are stuggeling and some are finding their happily ever after. Interested to see what happens with this new mystery woman in Hawaii.
January 10, 2018
Great book. It was so nice to visit with all the characters again.
Be prepared for a few tears. Ok maybe more than a few. You're going to love this holiday edition of the Honor Bound series. Angel can sure deliver! But OMG be prepared.
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734 reviews52 followers
January 29, 2018
Raze The Barn~
Garrett and Sage are getting back in the saddle and it’s about Dom tootin’ time. These two have literally cheated death to find their way back to one another and the ride hasn’t been easy. After almost losing Garrett while in labor with their son Racer, Sage has lapsed fairly hard into a dark deep depression. Garrett is at a loss for how to help his beautiful brave wife, until some sound advice comes Uncle Wyatt and Aunt Josie that what Sage needs is a guiding hand from Dom.
Tie The Knot~
Zeke and Rayna find that everlasting bonds are formed when you lay it all down for love. Zeke has been blessed with perfect subbie and love in Ray-bird, but in his heart he knows she deserves more than he is capable of giving her. She has never failed to lay everything at his feet in the name of love, devotion, and submission but as her Dom and Love, can he fulfill all her heart's desires?
Diamonds In The Rain~
Ethan and Ava have walls to scale and hurdles to leap but this Dom is going keep calm and soldier on. Ethan and Ava pulled off falling in love while basically being a cross between Bond and Bauer, but now they are up against an even greater threat… Ethan’s parents and the country club set. Ava is plagued with self doubts about fitting into this world regardless of Ethan’s assurances that he loves her just the way she is. Seems like another Domtastic demonstration is in order for his doubting thomas subbie.
Glacier Girl~
Wyatt and Josie have weathered through many storms but when icy walls threaten sometimes a little fireplay is just ticket. Living in the rurals of Iowa with a rambunctious child, action jackson husband, and few outlets - is it any wonder that Josie has become introverted. She denies her needs and wants, bottling up her true self. Wyatt has seen the change in his girl and knows as her Master it is his responsibility to help melt the walls she has erected. Wyatt will have to be the strong one this time to help Josie let it go.
Tait, Luna, & Kellan story is one of heartbreak and new beginnings. Tait and Luna have the type of love that seem in movies were something tragic happens but in the end everything pans out, but life can and will be much more cruel that. Kellan knows the man coming back to him is irrevocably changed, living in the aftermath is never easy, but he will always be there for Tait. This is only middle of their story after all so much is to come.
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227 reviews7 followers
January 11, 2018
Wild is an amazing compilation of what has become to me, extended HEAs. I am so addicted to these Special Forces men and the women they worship. And that little shiver? That doesn’t hurt, either.

In Raze the Barn, I went from pouting in commiseration to grinning to fanning myself. Talk about hotness! I wanted to hug Sage as well as force her to get some help. While I loved the Barn, I admit that my favorite part was the conversation Garrett had with Wyatt and Josie. I was wincing right along with Garrett, but I loved every single minute.

In Tie the Knots, my favorite, Zeke, damn near broke my heart. Then he mended all the tears in such a spectacular way. I understand his fight. I understand how he feels as I have done the same things I have in the name of love. My happiness returned when he found his. I adore Rayna. I had times where I just wanted to tell her to knock Zeke. I felt her pain, her passion, her anger, and her joy. She’s quite the powerhouse and the perfect mate for Zeke (well, besides me. LOL!)

In Diamonds in the Rain, Ava had me laughing in the first two pages. I mean really? How cute can she get? But as THE partner for Ethan? She couldn’t be any more perfect, regardless of her paranoia or the efforts of other people. And I love the way she mixes in Spanish when she thinks or talks. As for Ethan, coming from a background like his, you’d think he’d be snobby, especially considering that he’s known for his looks. His reverence for the gift of Ava really endeared him to me. And he really impressed me with how he stood up for his woman. Their love is really quite beautiful.

In Glacier Girl…holy hotness. I absolutely LOVED this glimpse into the beauty of Wyatt and Josie. Such a wonderfully loving couple that contributed to the beauty of Garrett and Sage? I needed more of them! And what a glimpse! Whew! Is it hot in here or is it them? Yowza. That’s all I can say without giving anything away.

In Moonrise, all I could do was try to catch the tears as they fell. Holy hell! I’m sitting at my desk, trying to catch the tears before they hit my cheeks. Thanks Angel, thanks a lot. Whew!

Some could consider these short stories. Normally, I can’t stand short stories. However, I loved these because of Angel Payne’s enchanting talent. I cannot wait for more from her!
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162 reviews5 followers
January 12, 2018
Angel has done it again!!

This book is so well put together Angel has such a way of writing that is full of heart and soul. Her characters seen like they are real life and not fictional.

I love loved this story and was blown away from this story line. I love the relationships between them as well they are truly fit for each other in their own ways.

Garrett, Zeke and Ethan are strong amazing men that know how to treat their lady and they will do what it takes to make sure of that. These Special Forces men make you want to be in this book.

Raze the Barn is a world wind of emotions with Garrett and Sage and him using his dominance to being her back after her depression after having the baby. After his talk with his uncle and aunt and we see where Garrett gets his moves from.

Tie the Knots Zeke and Rayna are so made for each other and taking each other to their limits. She is a it of spit fire that was made just for Zeke.

Diamonds in the rain Ethan and Ava where a match made in heaven. He stands for what is his and that is Ava. They have a beautiful love story.

Glacier girl is full of hotness loved seeing the glimpse of Wyatt and Josie and how a loving and wonderful couple they are.

Moonrise this is where the emotions come into play be ready for this one…

I can’t choose one coupe that I loved because I loved them all for their different reasons. Angle knows how to put you into the story and take you for a ride while you read it.

If you want a book that has a lot of hot alpha male special ops men and down and dirty BDSM play this book has that in it.

Congratulations Angle you have done it yet again I can’t wait for the rest of these wonderful books.
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January 11, 2018
Wild by Angel Payne is a love letter to fans of her previous 3 books in her Honor Bound series (previously The Wild Boys). This really couldn’t be called a “stand alone” book but really more “slices of life” and “where are they now” of the already established characters except we do get a peek into the couple for book 5. So be warned but I will give this caveat, if you want to skip all the relationship stuff and just go directly to the good parts, then this book would also be for you! Also, I will say this because it happened to me, if you’re doing the audiobook, listen to it with headphones and not over the speakers because DAYUM!!!! This is literally mainly just the good parts *wink*. From the get-go, Angel Payne starts steaming up the pages. No soft intros here, just BAM – brown chicken, brown cow!!! Get to the good lovin’ baby!!!! So, if there’s someone you don’t want to hear about ‘him fetching the lube’, then it’s best to keep it in the ears.
For fans and super fans like me, it’s everything we want. We already know these characters and just want to revisit with them anyway we can but especially with the men being all Alpha and the women they love.
For new fans, this will give you a sampling of what made Angel famous, her ability to write BDSM Military romance like no one else. It is hot, it is unapologetic and it sparks all your wildest fantasies.
Welcome to the world of the men and women of Honor Bound
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January 26, 2018
This book gives up an update of each couple so far on the team. We get to find out what is going on with Garrett and Sage, Zeke and Rayna, Ethan and Ava, Wyatt and Josie, and Tait and Luna (and Kellan).

Sage and Garrett are struggling to reconnect after the baby and Garrett must figure out what to do in order to help Sage.

Zeke and Rayna are at a crossroads in their relationship. Zeke thinks Rayna wants marriage while Rayna knows that Zeke is afraid of marriage due to his past. Rayna must show Zeke that all she wants is him.

Ethan takes Ava home to meet his very rich parents. Ethan's mother makes things uncomfortable for Ava and Ava's insecurities comes out. She doesn't think she is going to fit in to Ethan's family and she doesn't want Ethan to choose.

Josie is stressed out with day to day life. She is on auto pilot doing the every day things that she doesn't have time for the fun things in life. Wyatt must show Josie that they need time for themselves and that Josie can't freeze him out.

We find out what happens with Luna and Tait and gets a preview of the next book focusing on Tait and Kellan. Luna is a hero after saving the world from a terrorist attack however, she has been in a coma for over 6 months due to her heroism. Tait has been there trying to get Luna to come back.

It is great to find out what has been happening with each couple and read more about their personal lives. Each couple is so hot!
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January 13, 2017
A WILDer Wonderland by Angel Payne is the perfect collection of novellas for a “chapter in the life” of Garrett & Sage, Zeke (my Man) & Rayna, Ethan & Ava, and Tait & Luna. Let me first say that if you haven’t read the first three books, DO NOT read this book yet!

Garrett and Sage…. I needed this after the last book! This one had me chuckling and nearly dropping my Kindle due to the level of hotness. I love their connection, even after what seemed to be a little disconnection. Garrett’s embarrassment was hilarious to watch (read, whatever).

Zeke and Rayna…I have to admit to wanting to just knock Zeke, no matter how much I love him, upside his head. This one actually made my chest hurt. Thanks Angel. Really. I LOVED THE ENDING!!!!

Ethan and Ava…you could totally see their issues coming, especially with the way things started off in the previous book. I must thank you again because now I won’t be able to look at a conference table without grinning. LOL!

Tait and Luna…Angel…you know I heart you so hard, but you broke my heart with this one. Like sobbing. Like I have to put my Kindle down for a day or so to recover.

As always, Angel is a master at her craft. Wow. Just wow. In each book, you truly see the power of love and you can't help but fall in love with all of them.
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February 7, 2018
This book is amazing! Catching up with Garrett and Sage, Zeke and Rayna, Ethan and Ava was magical. The love and devotion these couples have for one another is ....... I just don't have the words!

My brain understands that they are 'fictitious' characters in a book, but my heart doesn't see it that way! Angel Payne writes from her soul and you are drawn in by her words. Words that convey such emotion; hope, acceptance, and trust that you can't help but be affected. The depth of connection between the characters is incredible.

Garrett, Zeke and Ethan are truly amazing men who show the women they love how much they will give their all in order to make them blissfully happy! Sage, Rayna and Ava are strong women who know how to fight for the men they love and submit in order to be the only one to make their man whole. And the "scenes" are breathtaking!

And then there's Tait and Kell..........and now the waiting :-( This next book is going to be awesome, I can just feel it! Hurry, please!

If you want romance, gorgeous Alpha Special Ops men, down and dirty BDSM play, terrorist-fighting action, then these stories are for you. Their commitment to their country, their team and their women is incredible.

Congratulations Angel, you just keep getting better and better. I can't wait for the next story. I will be reading the whole series again so the waiting will be less painful!!!!
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January 16, 2018
Riveting, intoxicating and inspirational...

This is the fourth installment in the Honor Bound Series.

We catch up with couples that I have personally fallen in love with. Garrett and Sage, Zeke and Rayna, Ethan and Ava, Tait and Luna. This story will take you on a very emotional rollercoaster ride, so be prepared with tissues at the ready. There is more than just brawn and hotness with these SOF soldiers. They have a undying love for Country and Honor, but also to the women they cherish that is eternal. I was ecstatic to learn that Angel was going to do a "catch up" with these couples that have personally captivated me since the get go.

As a reader, I get involved with characters in a book and I think to myself "whatever happened to". Angel has generously wrapped up their stories in a bow. Few books have left me so emotionally spent , but this series is definitely one of them. It never ceases to amaze me how Angel gets into the heads and very souls of her characters, and manages to extract their innermost thoughts and fears.

I look forward to continuing this series and getting to know more exciting and new characters.
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