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The second book in the Vigilante Justice series features a dangerous second chance romance...

He loved her…and lost her
Justice is still under attack, but it’s been quiet. At least, until I get a phone call saying a resident needs help. Not just any resident either. The grandmother of the woman who ripped my heart out of my chest over a decade before. One trip up the mountain, and my worst fears—and biggest hopes—are realized. Anabeth’s back and just as captivating as she’d always been. But when she faces off against a Soul Suckers rider, I’ll have to do more than protect her. I’ll have to figure out a way to win her back. Because there’s no way I’ll ever let her go again.

She’s never gotten over him
Fourteen years after leaving Justice for what I thought would be the last time, I’m forced back to say goodbye to the only family I’ve ever known. The town’s as small as ever, and being there is just as painful as I remember. The memories of big hurts and bigger mistakes won’t leave me alone…and neither will my ex. I’m still attracted to Bishop Kennard—even more than I was as a lovesick teenager—but he’s a man now. A tough, brutal man who will stop at nothing to protect me.

Too bad he’s the one who needs protecting…from the things I did that caused me to leave him behind in the first place.


Published March 15, 2018

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About the author

Kristin Harte

17 books83 followers
Kristin Harte started off as a chemistry major in college but somehow ended up writing romances featuring ex-military heroes and the women who knock them to their knees…literally and figuratively. She likes drinking in the shade, snuggling under a warm blanket on a cold evening, and researching how to blow things up. Her children know nothing of what she writes, and her husband just hopes he’s not at their Chicago-ish home the day the government shows up to confront Kristin about her Google search history.

When not writing good men doing bad things, Kristin can be found writing paranormal romance as Ellis Leigh or co-writing naughty novellas as London Hale.

★ The Vigilante Justice series kicks off January 25th. Jessica from OMG Reads says "This is one you're gonna want to put on your radar #TRUST"

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48.5k reviews4 followers
December 27, 2021
4.5 stars - I am loving this series! Retaliate is a beautifully written story that flows seamlessly and I devoured it from start to finish. There was the perfect mixture of romance and suspense and I loved the dynamics with the characters. I would definitely recommend it!
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3,923 reviews445 followers
March 16, 2018
I can’t say this loud enough **HAPPY SIGH**

So Anabeth stole my heart from page one. I don’t know what exactly it was about her, but she was lovely. She tore my heart in half with her story … from beginning to end. Okay, I’m not gonna give you details of the plot, but these two deserved this second chance to get it right more than most couples I’ve ever read. Everything in your journey can be simplified down to a choice and sometimes, you can’t come back from the choice you made. I am ridiculously happy that Anabeth and Bishop were able to come back! *happy sigh*

I gotta say something here about this series … the books are not standalones. Well, they can be, but if you don’t read from the beginning, you are missing a huge subplot/arc in these stories and that is the town itself and the Soul Suckers MC. So while the Kennard’s journey to HEA can be separated, the town and the MC cannot. So do yourselves a favor and start at the beginning. There’s just no other way to read this series.

Bishop and Anabeth’s past is quite painful. I felt a lot of angst as I was reading the story and the events that caused their separation 14 years ago were unfolded. It was very well written. It was suspenseful not only because of the clear danger with the MC but also the build-up to the reveal of what caused their break-up. Excellent book on all fronts. I’m on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next for sure!

Copy provided for blog tour review
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1,567 reviews43 followers
February 10, 2019
Title: Retaliate
Series: Vigilante Justice
Author: Kristen Harte (Ellis Leigh)
Designation: Book 2 of Series, Short Novel(Approx 230 pages), *Not Recommended As Standalone, HFN #contemporary #romantic suspense #secondchanceromance #militaryromance #sexyalphaheroes #smalltownromance #vigilantejustice
My Rating: Five Sinfully Sexy Stars*****
*This is romantic suspense and NOT suspense lightly sprinkled with romance. The primary focus of each story is romance with suspense as the skillfully balanced secondary component. Although the author includes ample backstory and each book features a different couple, there is an underlying interconnected conflict which is resolved as the series progress. For maximum reading enjoyment and to avoid spoilers, I highly recommend reading the books sequentially. It's one decision I'm sure you'll never regret.

Oh my! I loved, loved, loved Retaliate, the highly anticipated second release of Kristan Harte's compelling new Vigilante Justice series. And it's official, I'm still hopelessly hooked! The Vigilante Justice series may be the launch of Harte's career in the contemporary romantic suspense genre, but this isn't her first rodeo. For readers who may not be aware, Kristin Harte is the alter ego of USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Ellis Leigh and half of the contemporary romance dynamic duo known as London Hale. It's no big secret and neither is the fact that I'm a huge fan and have followed her career for years. I'm a hopeless romance junkie who can't resist a good tearjerker, and romantic suspense is my all-time favorite contemporary subgenre, but I'm also somewhat of a rom-spense snob, meaning I'm pretty darn selective with the authors I choose to read. I'm passionate about quite a few things, but two that top my list, only surpassed by family, are good food and great books. When it comes to food, I'm very much a meat and potatoes kind of girl which, surprisingly, also applies to my choice in literature, meaning I enjoy reading something I can really sink my teeth into, the kind of book that satisfies all my cravings - danger, drama, action, adventure, angst, mystery, suspense, humor, passion, and romance but most importantly, it must be well written with creative storyarcs, intriguing conflicts, and engaging characters. If you've read any of Harte's previous work, you may already know that she's is a gifted storyteller and skilled wordslinger who excels at creating sensual storylines filled with action and suspense, set in vividly depicted worlds populated with strong, larger-than-life characters, and that holds true in both her paranormal and contemporary works. But one thing you may not know is each and every story contains a piece of her heart and soul. It's not something she claims or takes credit for, but it is something you can feel when you've read as many of her books as I have, and I've read them all - every single one. Am I biased because I'm a fan? Maybe, but I'm also honest. I purchase her books with my own hard earned money and would never be anything other than truthful in my reviews. Everyone is certainly entitled to their own opinion and this is mine, completely unsolicited. Already being familiar with Harte's work, both as Ellis Leigh and London Hale, my expectations were high and once again, Harte didn't disappoint. She not only met them, she surpassed them and delivered it all in Retaliate. But folks, this ain't ya mama's secret stash of romance - it's waayyy HOTTER with a heaping helping of steam and a whole lot more of the feels! It's romantic suspense on steroids, but to tone it down and put it simply, Retaliate is a heartachingly beautiful second chance love story you won't be able to stop reading until you reach the final page, and most certainly one that will be remembered long after the final word is read. I snickered, snorted, sniffled, snuffled, sighed, sobbed, and screamed in anger through the entire story and LOVED every single second! I was a complete basket case by the time I finished.! lol... But all jokes aside, Kristin Harte totally ripped my heart right out of my chest with this one! It's pure crack for romantic suspense addicts! If you read Payback, the first book of the Vigilante Justice series and fell in love with Alder Kennard, then his brother Bishop Kennard will make your little ole heart flutter! And oh my, if you thought Alder was sexy when he was talking to Shye, just wait until you hear Bishop! *swoon* But, as usual, I digress when talking about the books and authors I love, so let's talk details!

Retaliate is a riveting, edgy, fast-paced, somewhat dark, standalone novel filled to the brim with pulse-pounding danger, edge-of-your-seat adventure, heart-pounding action, spine-tingling suspense, heart-wrenching angst, intense drama, explosive passion, tug-at-your-heartstrings romance, and, of course, steamy dreamy sex. After all, this is a Kristin Harte/Ellis Leigh story and anyone who has read her work in the past already knows Leigh pens some of the dirtiest talking alpha heroes and the dreamiest sex scenes ever! The narrative is beautifully written in the first person with clearly defined his and her perspectives. The dialogue is smart, snappy, gritty, sometimes humorous, exceptionally well executed, and flows effortlessly. Harte/Leigh's stories move at lightning speeds yet are always comfortable and easy to follow with no unnecessary fluff or filler. But without a doubt, my favorite element of every Harte/Leigh story is the cast of intriguing characters. Don't get me wrong; I think all the components of a book are important: setting, plot, conflict, resolution, along with overall craftsmanship including title, cover, formatting, execution, and editing, but without engaging, relatable protagonists complemented by a cast of entertaining ensemble players, there is no story. In my humble opinion, Kristin Harte/Ellis Leigh writes the most unapologetically protective, possessive, passionate, and fearless heroes and heroines I've ever read. And Bishop Kennard and Anabeth Monroe are no exception! If you were smitten with Alder in the first book of the series, you will adore former navy Seal Bishop, the second oldest of the Kennard siblings. The premise for the Vigilante Justice Series is based upon the Kennard family, a tightknit group of four brothers, Alder, Bishop, twins Finn and Elijah, and one sister Lainie, from the fictional town of Justice, Colorado, and also includes their friends. There's even a dog named Rex who belongs to Bishop's best friend and former Seal teammate Gage! Rex may be a mixed breed, but he's a real sweetheart as well as an intelligent and loyal mutt! My kind of dog! Who doesn't love a story with a loyal pet as one of the characters? In Retaliate, the two protagonists of our story are Bishop Kennard and Anabeth Monroe. Bishop is the second eldest of the Kennard siblings, a former Navy Seal, and current marketing executive for Kennard Mills. Anabeth is the fiery red-haired orphan who stole Bishop's heart 18 years ago when she first arrived in Justice as an orphan to live with her grandmother, Miss, after spending the majority of her life in foster care. The chemistry between these two characters is like fire and gasoline - explosive. It was like watching two trains racing toward each other on the same track at a hundred miles per hour. You know they're going to collide, but you simply can't look away. But when Bishop and Anabeth finally succumb to the inevitable, it's like two stars going supernova. It's a beautiful thing to experience. I fell in love with Bishop when he was introduced in Payback, the first book of the series. Bishop is handsome, intelligent, hardworking, brave, selfless, kind, and loyal to a fault. He's what my dad used to call a man's man! Who in the world can resist a hero with all those qualities? Not me! lol... And what do I even say about Anabeth, or should I say Firefly which is Bishop's pet name for our fiery heroine? My heart just broke for Anabeth who lost her mother at an early age to drug addiction and spent the majority of her young life in foster care, never knowing she had any remaining family until her grandmother, Miss Hansen, found her when she was twelve and brought her to Justice. I related to her character on many levels and one in particular since I also read Tarot Cards. Bishop and Anabeth are enthrallingly flawed characters with a passion so combustible, it literally explodes from the pages. I loved Alder and Shye in Payback, but Bishop and Anabeth restored my belief in hope, redemption, love and second chances.

Did I like this story? No, I LOVED it! I was glued to my seat from the first page to the last, completely captivated, white-knuckling my reader with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest as the pages flew as quickly as the time, and adored every single minute! Would I recommend it? You bet, and I am but only for adult readers since it does contain explicit language, violence, and sex. Like his brother Alder, Bishop Kennard is a silver-tongued devil who knows how to talk dirty to his woman! *swoon* ANd FYI, this is not erotica but it does contain explicit language and sex scenes that could be described as erotic. Harte/Leigh writes some of the hottest and most emotionally beautiful love scenes ever! This book does not end with a cliffhanger per se but rather a happy for now. Although each book features a different couple finding love, there is an underlying interconnected conflict that will be resolved as the series progresses, therefore to enrich your reading experience and avoid spoilers, I highly recommend reading the books sequentially. Will I read this author again? Absolutely! Just as soon as she releases her next book! I've already preordered the third book of the series, Justify, which releases May 10, 2018. And finally, was I entertained? Completely! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read! Well done, Kristin Harte! Well done, indeed!

Fourteen years is a long time to nurse a broken heart, especially for a fiery redhead who left him high and dry with no explanation. No matter how many times he tried to deny it, Bishop Kennard still feels the pain of loss and knows he will always love Anabeth Monroe. She'd ripped out his soul and left him with nothing but painful memories and a desperate longing for the life they could have had together. His Firefly had abandoned him for fame, fortune, and the bright lights of the Vegas strip. He'd spent years serving his country as a Navy Seal and still, nothing came close to the pain of losing Anabeth. He'd sworn to never love again, but even he wasn't prepared for the flood of resurrected emotions when Anabeth Monroe returns to spend the final days with her dying grandmother. But Anabeth Monroe is a woman with secrets, secrets she's long held close to her vest, and no matter how much it hurts, she has no intention of revealing them now. Never again would she allow herself the comfort of Bishop's arms. But Bishop and Anabeth's unexpected reunion couldn't have come at a worse time. The Soul Suckers MC has already burned two homes, killed one person, made an attempt on his brother's life, and they're still out for blood. But you know what they say - never say never. Bishop and Anabeth's head may say no, but their heart refuses to be denied. This time there's no running from secrets or the truth. You can't escape fate. After all, it's all in the cards.
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564 reviews13 followers
April 20, 2022

The brothers band together to keep their town safe. When it comes to the women they love, they will go to any lengths. Anabeth & Bishop’s love is explosive. The pain and guilt between them is also overbearing. The suspense, romance, love and family bond is incredible. Page turning!
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1,384 reviews58 followers
March 16, 2018
I wasn’t sure whether book 2 will keep on with Shye and Alder’s story, but I guess now that they have their HEA, Kristin decided it’s time to move on to the other Kennard boys. And Bishop is a very good Kennard boy, lemme tell ya.So while the Soul Suckers (love this MC name, makes my skin crawl) are still doing their best picking on the Justice town folk, and the Kennards make sure everyone is as safe as they can be, a leggy redhead is back in town for her grandmother’s final days. Said redhead is the reason Bishop won’t date redheads, and the reason he rarely dates at all.

It’s a complex story they share, Bishop and Anabeth (the redhead), and it’s one Harte reveals soooo slowly throughout the book it almost drove me nuts. But it allowed for the sexual tension to build, it allowed for them to get close again, to realize they can’t really stay away from each other. And it allowed for a glimpse into Finn who’s book I’m not sure when we’ll get, but I can’t wait for it. Just FYI, Kristin.

I don’t think it’s right to delve into the story, so I’ll talk a wee bit about the relationships in this book.

Bishop and Anabeth are a given, yeah? They’ve been scorned, they’ve been apart for 14 years and they’re working towards getting back in each other’s lives. There’s deep love between them. There’s great passion and attraction, and there’s one hell of a history that is tackled beautifully.

Bishop and Gage are a different story. Those two are brothers for all intents and purposes. They’ve been best friends for 13 years, since SEALs training, but throughout all that time, Bishop never shared his story with Gage, never said a word about Anabeth, which is turn, got Gage to distrust her from the very beginning. However, for Bishop, there’s nothing Gage won’t do, and that includes making sure his girl is protected.

Then there’s Bishop and Finn. Finn’s been watched by everyone around him since he got clean and got out of prison. He’s quiet and does what he’s told, and while he works at a bar (weird for a substance abuser, right?), he doing pretty well. And then Anabeth who was his best friend growing up, returns to town and all hell breaks loose. The tension between her and Finn gets Bishop’s attention, though he doesn’t address it to the very end. I’m curious as to how things between them will resolve. We’ll see.

In any case, I love Kristin’s writing, always have, and I can’t wait for Justify.
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11.2k reviews145 followers
March 15, 2018
Retaliate is the second book in the Vigilante Justice series, and while it's about a different Kennard brother, I strongly suggest Payback (Book 1) should be read first, because the suspense factor is an ongoing storyline. With that being said, I'll get on with it now. Anabeth and Bishop fell in love when they were teenagers, and they thought they were forever, until the day she left him without any reason. He's missed her for 14 years, never truly gotten over her, and no other woman ever caught his attention. Now her grandmother is dying, so Anabeth is back, but she doesn't feel comfortable even leaving her grandmother's house, as she never got over Bishop either, and has been drowning in pain for the past 14 years as well. But when danger comes to her doorstep, she has no other choice but to trust him to protect her, without losing any more of her heart in the process. And Bishop is determined to find out why she left him, not to mention he's not going to let her go again. This story had so much palpable pain coming out of my kindle, that I physically felt it like it was my own. I saw both sides of Bishop & Anabeth, as both were broken through it all which gutted me. But they had a love that never died, so the insane chemistry was still there, which exploded quickly, lit the sheets up (Or truck seats) with their fiery flames that consumed them. And the cast of secondaries only added more depth, and even times a ton of humor to have me laughing. Add in the twists of the suspense factor of the Soul Suckers MC, not to mention Anabeth's secrets, and finally my f-bombs were dropping! Kristin Harte's super talented writing style has sucked me into her Justice world, and I'm addicted because I don't want to leave it. So I CANNOT WAIT for the next book, and HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
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1,132 reviews18 followers
March 16, 2018
Anabeth's Protector!!!

Bishop Kennard, a former Navy SEAL who'd loved a woman named Anabeth Monroe but she left Justice fourteen years ago breaking his heart. When his friend Gage mentioned they git a call concerning Miss Hansen needing hospice care. He never expected to come face-to-face with the only woman he ever loved.

Anabeth Monroe left Justice fourteen years ago and never intended to ever return that was until she had to come back to say goodbye to the only family she'd ever known. Being back in town was painful cause she did some in the past that she regretted.

Seeing the man she never gotten over, Bishop Kennard just brought all those memories back. After an unwanted lurker was on her property, she called Bishop. He went straight to her, he wouldn't stop at anything to protect her. Now she found herself living with the man she loved and his best-friend.

She knew she had to tell him the reason why she left all those years ago and broke his heart. But would he ever be able to forgive her for what she'd done (you'll have to read the book) ;).

Anabeth found herself in danger after she had a run-in with a member of the Soul Suckers gang. Bishop, Gage and Deacon make sure she was protected. That gang will continue to cause for the Kennards and the people of Justice.

Loved the bond between Gage and Bishop, those two were brothers in every way. It was great to catch up with Alder and Skye ( PAYBACK ).

RETALIATE is the second installment in Kristin Harte's VIGILANTE JUSTICE series. It was heartbreaking, intoxicating and mind-blowing.

P. S. Looking forward to Gage's story next in JUSTIFY !
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386 reviews5 followers
March 15, 2018

Bishop Kennard has loved and lost. Time doesn’t always heal wounds, but it can mask the pain that those wounds caused. That is until the bandage is ripped away and your past catches up to you. Anabeth Monroe was is heart and soul when they were younger, but she left him without an explanation and he can not forget devastation that she left in her wake.

Anabeth did not want to resurrect the past because nothing good could come of it. Decisions were made that will affect the rest of her life. Passion and pain lie in her past, so all she can do is to take it one day at a time. But the past will not always stay dead and now she is back in Justice and back near Bishop. If she is not careful, her heart will never make out a second time.

Danger and passion collide again in Justice, Coloardo. The men of Justice show again that they will stop at nothing to protect those that they care about. But Anabeth’s and Bishop’s story is a little different. They are a past love that torn apart. They still have chemistry after so much time but the past that comes out is heart wrenching and explains so much about Anabeth. I cried so hard when the full story came out.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book. There is a level of danger to the stories that adds spice to the already interesting storyline. Overall, awesome 2nd book to this series that has only whetted my appetite for more.

eARC through Enticing Journey Book Promotions
523 reviews4 followers
March 15, 2018
I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book in the series which focuses on the small town of Justice, Colorado and the people that call it home. The story focuses on Bishop (the 2nd oldest in the family, a former Navy SEAL and a man who endured heartache fourteen years ago that shaped him into who he is today) and Anabeth (a girl shaped by her love of Bishop and a woman who has spent the last fourteen years running from the guilt of the heartache she caused). Anabeth returns home in order to come to terms with and say goodbye to the only family she has left. But, of course she realizes she can not do it alone, when the boy from her past walks in as the sexy man of her desired future how can she even think of running away again? Bishop cannot stay away and tries to break down her walls, and the consummation after their time apart is sexy as anything. But, how will Bishop ever forgive her for what happened in their past? Can she ever learn to forgive herself for her decisions? And of course the soul-suckers MC have to rear their pathetic, ugly heads again. The wagons circle around a different couple this time, but the MC has no standing in this town and I can't wait for them to be driven out for good. I think you should run to one-click this read b/c the love of a lifetime deserves the truth, second chances and a hope for a future that is built on everything you have to give.
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4,156 reviews48 followers
March 17, 2018
I love the men of the town Justice. I had it such a hangover from Alder’s book I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the second book in the series. Bishop and Anabeth fell in love as teenagers and then one day Anabeth left with no warning or explanation. Now 14 years later, with her grandmother dying, Anabeth comes back to Justice. Bishop has never gotten over his first love and when she has no choice but to ask him for help he looks at that as an opportunity to get answers for why she ghosted him. The pain both of them exuded was palatable, I really felt bad for them both. Will the secret Anabeth is keeping destroy both of them?

I really love the twist interns of this book and the secondary characters are marvelous. The Soul Suckers MC cause trouble with a capital T for the folks of Justice. They just won’t go away. I have a recommend reading this book!! I can’t wait for Gage’s story.

** I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review **
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1,175 reviews63 followers
March 17, 2018
Retaliate is book 2 of this series and I had not read the first book Payback. As a reader, I could easily follow the family connections and story of the town. There are some strong and impressive characters in this series that will keep you addicted.

The second half of this story I enjoyed more as I became frustrated wanting to know what event had caused her to flee the town 14 years ago. Feeling pleasantly surprised when all was revealed that I did not guess the big reveal.

Bishop and Anabeth had great chemistry. Moments of lovemaking were well written with such angst, passion and just so much heart.

One couple I really want to read their story is Gage and Katie, I really enjoyed their inclusion in Bishop and Anabeth’s second chance together. Bishop was a great character in this story along with his brothers.

Concluding at a wonderful point for this couple, I am definitely looking forward to reading next installment called Justify.
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3,919 reviews32 followers
March 16, 2018
14 years!! That's how long it had been since she wrecked him by walking away. She never told him why. Now she's back and we get the emotional tale about what happened along with some real fun suspense and intrigue. This author gives us a story that wraps our emotions around her little writers pen, strips us of everything and slowly puts us back together. Anabeth is a strong an independent woman who rarely (only when mandatory) ask for help but she needs help now. She needs help to tell the story of why she left.

Great story love the characters and this writers style. This is my first book by her and I guess that is one way to tell these are standalones with carry over characters, since I haven't had the pleasure of reading book one yet but I will surely be anxiously impatiently book 3. I love the guys and the bond they have so I can't wait to read Gage's story.
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317 reviews
August 16, 2019
I adored the first book in this series and was finally ready to jump into this crazy world again, from the first chapter I adored Anabeth and her personality as I was just drawn to her. Bishop was a character I slowly warmed to throughout the book and their relationship for me was just perfect. Again this storyline was crazy and fast paced but that’s one of the things I love about these books and the characters your just thrown in to a crazy world yet I love it. I adored the storyline of this one but did feel a little confused when the ‘secret’ of Anabeth’s cake out as Bishop didn’t act as I thought he would but overall the ending was perfect and I loved this story as I knew I would - onto the next one.
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14.4k reviews137 followers
March 15, 2018
This is the second book in this amazing series, and each book is a standalone. Anabeth and Bishop were everything to each other growing up, and when Anabeth disappears, she leaves behind a devastated Bishop. Now 14 years later, the past is back in the small town of Justice, but will questions be answered? No spoilers’ this is a must read, you will not be disappointed! This author has done an amazing job in writing this story, which is heartbreaking, emotional, passionate, and filled with danger. I was totally enthralled throughout, and I cannot wait to read more of this authors’ work, which I recommend for all readers!
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book!
702 reviews6 followers
January 25, 2019
Bishop Kennard has never gotten over his first love. Anabeth left town fourteen years ago without saying goodbye. One night Bishop gets a phone call to say someone is in trouble and needs his help. When he goes he meets Anabeth who has come home to say goodbye to her grandmother who is dying. Bishop find her squaring off with a member of the Soul Suckers and goes into help. He knows he has to keep her safe as he will never forgive himself. This is the story of there rekindled love and the fight against the biker gang. You will not regret reading this book
702 reviews6 followers
January 25, 2019
Bishop Kennard has never gotten over his first love. Anabeth left town fourteen years ago without saying goodbye. One night Bishop gets a phone call to say someone is in trouble and needs his help. When he goes he meets Anabeth who has come home to say goodbye to her grandmother who is dying. Bishop find her squaring off with a member of the Soul Suckers and goes into help. He knows he has to keep her safe as he will never forgive himself. This is the story of there rekindled love and the fight against the biker gang. You will not regret reading this book
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390 reviews1 follower
March 17, 2018
Love the men of Justice!

Love this series! You love alpha men? This series has them in spades! This is Bishops story about the one that got away. She’s in town and nothing but nothing will stop him from gettin her back! Not rain, floods, Soul Suckers or even the gal herself will get in his way. If I was 10 years younger (ok maybe 40) I would so move to this town. If your lookin for your next book boyfriend he lives in Justice! Highly recommend for lovers of Alpha men.
515 reviews1 follower
March 19, 2018
In the words of LL CoolJ "knock an out the box Ellis"

This book came out roaring. It was so explosive. With so many twist and turns you could not out it down. When I thought I knew what was going on something else adds to the fire. Let's just say I did not see that coming. But I can say, I love me some military men...and these guys are kickazz!
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430 reviews4 followers
July 20, 2018
Really, awesome as usual.

This book was just as great, amazing, heart-stopping (in the good way), thrilling, hot, incendiary, as any other Kristin Harte, Ellis Leigh, London Hale (half of London at least ;-) ;-) )!! Instead of having a book boyfriend from her books, I'm starting to have a girl crush on this author, but not the Little Big Town kind of Girl Crush. ;-) ;-) !!
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473 reviews
July 23, 2018
I did not see the secrets and the turns this story took me on. Only true love could be strong enough to pull Bishop and Anabeth through to a bright future. I do hope one day Finn and Anabeth can get past the mistakes as well as become friends again. And that Finn and Bishop can work through the damage. Such an amazing story.
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37 reviews
April 29, 2018
Another amazing book in this series. I am so in love with these characters. I can't wait for more
1,288 reviews4 followers
December 4, 2018
5+ Star's

I would whole hardly recommend this book to adults that enjoy stories that are funny, steamy, suspenseful, and romantic with strong characters both male and female.
Author 8 books141 followers
March 13, 2022
Couldn’t put it down.

It’s two in the morning and I have to be up in a few hours, but I couldn’t stop reading.
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1,831 reviews16 followers
March 15, 2018
Title: Retaliate 
Series: A Vigilante Justice Novel #2
Release Date: #AlreadyReleased
Author: Kristin Harte
Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan 
Serial: Standalone, No Cliffhanger  
#Contemporary #RomanticSuspense #Military #Justice #MC #SoulSucker
📍Whoot! Whoot! Ellis Leigh's alter ego Kristin Harte has written a Contemporary Romantic Suspense series. Boys leave for the Military and come back Men. Fill the coffee pot this is an all nighter. It had me on the edge of my seat from the first page, to the last. Definitely a Must Read!
••••••••Introduction to Vigilante Justice•••••••
The Kennards go back for centuries always taking care of the people, keeping them safe in little pint size town of Justice, Colorado. The Kennard's were the law even if the lazy crooked sheriff thought otherwise. Alder and his friend Deacon (who owned The Jury Room) served together in the Army's Green Beret's Special Forces. While Alder's brother Bishop and friend Gage (who was always with his K-9 Rex) were in the Navy Seals, plus Camden was Marines anyone who was smart enough knew better than to screw with any of them. Even Finn though selected a different path.
⚡Anabeth Monroe is back... Not by choice..... Miss called saying she didn't want to be alone... the big "C"... Why did she wait so long to call.. Anabeth hasn't been back to Justice in so long, she wouldn't come back if she came back she'd have to see him, she couldn't face him not ever. Anabeth has lived with her memories of pain, her secrets for fourteen long years and now she has to face them all.
⚡Bishop Kennard has lived in Justice his whole life, it seemed he's been broken hearted the whole time too. He was in college when she left him why? He went to find her in Las Vegas she was with a man, that was the last he'd seen her, unless you count his ever waking moment and dreams.
Anabeth is back and he has to face her it was only right, he was a Kennard and her grandmother was the pillar of the community. The big question is can he be around her and not touch her? Can he protect her from the Soul Suckers MC?
💥I have voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my own and honest.
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