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Alpha One #1

Worth the Risk

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It was supposed to be one night, no strings attached. But now she needs him more than ever...

Kalista isn’t just another client, she’s the face that’s been haunting my dreams for the last three months. I can’t get the woman out of my head, not since we shared one of the hottest nights of my life. She’s under my skin, and I want her back underneath me.
Keeping my head isn't going to be easy, she knows exactly how to push all my damn buttons. Stubborn doesn’t even begin to describe the woman. Infuriating, cold, and sexy as sin, they come close, it’s lucky I know how to warm her up. But I can’t think like that with her life on the line.
I live to protect, as marine for over a decade and now as a bodyguard. No matter what it takes, I will keep Kalista safe. Whoever's behind the threat on her life had better be ready, because I'm coming for them.

Published January 4, 2018

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About the author

J.B. Heller

41 books886 followers
JB Heller is an average Aussie housewife and Mumma in her early 30's. She lives on a mini farm with her family and a few cows, sheep, a parrot, cats, fish, dogs, and a butt load of chickens. It's JB's dream to one day add a llama to the mix and an alpaca or two.

She writes across several genre's including RomCom, Romantic Suspense and Contemporary. You can always expect a healthy dose of heat, intrigue and wit in her stories.

Monday to Friday you can find JB glued to her laptop weaving words or trolling Pinterest for her next potential muse. Come the weekend, it's family time. (And of course lots of reading and Netflix binges.)

Want to know more about JB? Check her out, you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh if nothing else.
Website: https://www.jbtheindie.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorjbheller

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February 26, 2018
3.5 stars.

This turned out to be good.

Hero was ok.
heroine was a typical CR heroine, trying to act tough but she becomes putty in the hero's hands.
One thing I can't ever understand is the heroine's nipples always popped up when she's near the man and this happens in all the books I've read but why the heck not wear a bra? You don't want the man to see your nipples? Then wear a freaking padded bra!!

Heroine lived off her father's money she didn't do anything but look pretty, went to luncheons/functions, went to dates that her father set, she didn't work nor did she had a career. The girl didn't have any backbone against her father, he controlled her. She needed to find a job and stop living off her father's moolah. I like my heroines to work for their money.

~No OW drama.
~Celibate hero before meeting heroine. I wish the author had spell it for me that he was celibate after their ONS together but I'll assume he was.
~Loved Ellie and can't wait for her book with Zak. as long it doesn't have OW drama.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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3,010 reviews1,736 followers
January 3, 2018
My Rating:
Favorite Quotes:

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t appreciate me doing the sprinkler in bed. You’d come out the other side with some serious injuries.

His words are lost on me as I contemplate murdering him with a pair of my Jimmy Choos displayed on the shelf behind him. But I decide against it. I don’t want to hurt my Jimmys.

I get it, but you have to stop looking at me the way you do. It’s distracting and frankly, I’ve already had to replace the batteries in my vibrator this week. At this rate, I’ll need to buy shares in Duracell.

‘So, how old are you exactly? Am I sleeping with an older man?’ She gasps theatrically. ‘Are you a cradle snatcher, Mr. Jamieson?’

My Review:

Oh these sexy, dirty talking, and bossy alpha men of JB Heller, they are such a kick to read. I revel in her naughty irreverent humor and amusing observations. The characters engage in amusing and creatively filthy banter and name calling that I’ve never heard before. I had a harder time appreciating the character of Kalista as she was initially prickly, cold, snobbish, over-indulged, and had a hair-trigger temper with a tendency for over-reaction. But my favorite of this story was the feisty pixie known as Ellie, she intrigued me and I’m hoping Ms. Heller will be indulging us with her story soon.
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October 20, 2019
Love a sexy bodyguard!

This was a good set up for a series. Hot ex military men, some intrigue and suspense, some steamy moments and a fiesty heroine, definately a good start. I really liked Abe and Kalista. They had good banter and chemistry. Abe was your typical ex military hottie who takes on the bodyguard roll when Kalista is in danger. Family and politics are involved and it is a nice quick read. Looking forward to more of this series.
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797 reviews42 followers
January 3, 2018
** Received on behalf of the author for an honest review **
** Review by Gayle from Bloggers From Down Under **

I have read a few novels by JB Heller and I have loved every one of them, but I have to be completely honest here....This novel....Worth The Risk for me is the best from JB by far.

In this amazingly steamy, heartbreaking, soul crushing, and breathtaking read we meet Abe and Kalista. Both very different in the way their worlds work. 
Abe owns his own security company after being a marine for years.
Kalista, a young and beautiful socialite, a senator's daughter. 
Two very different people.
Two very different worlds.
But strangers they will be no longer, when at a wedding their paths cross.
They have chemistry, need and desire for one another. The pull to great to ignore. 
So they allow their need to take them on a night of ultimate sin and all things deliciously naughty, never to see each other again.

Fast forward three months from Abe and Kalista’s steamy one nighter...They are about to be reunited in the unlikeliest of circumstances. 
With a threat to Kailsta's life, protection is paramount. The only option is to have somebody by her side, twenty four seven, to watch her every move and to make sure that the monsters that keep lurking in the shadows are caught before Kalista becomes their victim. 
And yes you guessed it....Abe is the newly designated bodyguard to Kailsta.

What happens when Abe and Kalista are reunited after three long months?
Is Abe still drawn to Kalista?
How will Kalista react when she knows it's Abe that will be looking over her shoulder?
Can Abe keep Kalista safe?
Who wants her gone?
What secrets will be revealed?
And who will ultimately lose their life?

Guys what can I say other than this is a brilliant read. From beginning to end I couldn't put it down. Fast paced, full of suspense, naughty, highly emotional and all things cheeky, Worth The Risk is a read that I was honored to read. The characters in this novel are nothing short of amazing. Abe and Kalista are simply explosive, but also be on the look out for Zak and Ellie, Michael and Will, Daniel and Alec just to name a few. These guys will have you completely hooked.

A absolute brilliant way to start a new year, with a new series by the amazing JB.
Absolute perfection.

5 stars.
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32 reviews9 followers
January 4, 2018
This was an amazing book. I was sucked in from the first page.

If you don't have the time to finish what you start, beware this book will trap you in it's pages for just that. I literally could NOT put it down.

Can't wait for the next one ;) Zac and Ellie's should have just as much drama!

Jem writes the best books. Make sure you read them all :)
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921 reviews3 followers
January 2, 2018
I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book. I have read several books by this author and everyone has been amazing. This book is the first in the Alpha One series.
Abe is at his brothers wedding and can't pull his eyes from the beautiful blonde and her moves on the dancefloor. Once he gets her attention he calls her over. They quickly agree to one amazing night together.
Months later Abe is thrown for a loop when the beautiful blonde from his brothers wedding, the same girl he can't quit dreaming about is getting threatening letters and her father hires him to protect her. But who will protect her from me?
I absolutely loved this book. It was so good and had me hooked from the first page till the very last. It will definitely leave you ready for the next Jamieson brothers book.
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Author 40 books135 followers
June 14, 2020
Needs an editor

Overall, it's a good story, however there are some glaring editing faux pas that pushed me right out of the story. There are some words spelled correctly but not correctly used, such as clutch and complement instead of crotch and compliment. Other words show the author's lack of familiarity with American spelling and terminology (tire, not tyre; a$$, not arse). Since the book is placed in the USA and populated with US characters, the British spelling and terminology are jarring. A competent editor would catch such flaws.
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133 reviews2 followers
January 3, 2018
What a story!
Worth The Risk is the latest book from JB Heller, and I think it’s her best yet.

Abe is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome with a side of badass, and then Kalista catches his attention at his brother’s wedding. Kalista is beautiful, passionate and has an incredible strength even when faced with terrors that no one deserves to endure.

This story has everything you could ask for - fantastic characters, a kickass storyline, hot, steamy scenes. I seriously loved this story, it held me captive from the very beginning and didn’t release its hold until the final words. A definite must read of 2018.
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331 reviews
January 4, 2018
I really enjoyed this book! Abe is sexy overall and I loved his sweet side that came out when with Kally. I could picture Kally in my head; a strong and aloof society girl. I loved that they turned to mush around each other. I can't wait for the rest of the series! I can see lots of potential with the rest of Abe's team and Kally's brother, Michael.
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157 reviews6 followers
January 1, 2019
Absolutely fantastic

This is only the second book I have read of this author, she's totally amazing. Love her writing style, it's very easy to read and so mesmerizing. She draws you in with her words and grabs your throat until the book is finished. Loved her story so much. Well worth looking up this author, you won't be disappointed
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807 reviews
November 12, 2019

I tried but stopped at 40 percent. Poorly written and edited. Silly story especially for 28 year old woman. Just couldn't waste my time.
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June 24, 2019
There was really nothing wrong that I could put my finger on - I was just not connecting
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1,985 reviews
January 4, 2018
Wow this book had me hooked this girl named Kalista hooks up with Abe at a wedding for one night but what happens when her father has to hire him to protect her as her body guard! Will the sparks still be there? So much action and deceit come out and I love it and can’t wait to read zak and Ellie’s book!
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664 reviews24 followers
October 6, 2019
Rating: R for sex and language 
Sex: multiple scenes 
Language: 215 F words, 43 Lord's name in vain, 91 S words
Violence: threats, bomb, shootings, deaths, kidnapping
HEA or Cliffhanger: HEA 
Do I need to read books before this one: no, but I wonder if Axel's story is out there
Would I read more of the series: no; the story is good, but the language isn't

Well thought out plot, good pacing. I really liked the story, but the language was a huge turn off. The plot was driven by the characters, who were pretty well developed. Love Ellie! Unresolved is what happened to Bradshaw's compound and money, and Gina. 

Abe Jamieson, 33, veteran and owner of a protection services company, is at his brother Axel's wedding reception when he sees a blonde doing the Sprinkler, the Running Man, etc. "My blonde" is his new sister-in-law's cousin, daughter of a senator, though not prim and proper. He gets a little drunk. He waves Kalista Astor over, seduces her (she's very receptive) into one night. 

3 months later, Abe thanks himself for hiring Miss Gene (70y purple-haired ninja with typewriter). A senator's daughter has been receiving threatening letters on her car, in her gym locker, etc. He figures out it's Kalista. He's assigning himself to the job because he sees her nightly in his dreams.

Kalista hates her father. She definitely remembers Abe, and she likes that he's curt with her dad. He sees her car and mentions sexual fantasies. She goes ice queen, says keep it professional, and he goes cold, too. When he tries to be friends, she shuts him down rudely. He turns it around on her. 

At the luncheon, she is queen bee, then gets a letter delivered by a waiter. The stalker has already seen Abe. Abe takes her home. She agrees to try to be friendly. He's staying in her apartment. He kisses her, she says bed, he says not tonight. Now she's full of self-doubt. He explains it's either sex tonight and then no contact again until after the case, or only kisses. He's got to be able to think with his head brain. 

A week later, Abe has kept his hands to himself. The waiter who delivered the last letter is the bastard son of an oil mogul, Bradshaw. The kid's clean. Abe's got guys investigating Bradshaw and Astor. He's amazed she can keep a straight face. Daddy tries unsuccessfully to set her up on a date with a billionaire Tad Maplewood. Abe is a little threatened by all his money. He summarizes Kalista's life as completely owned by her father, which are her own words just said differently.

At a charity dinner, she forgot he was her bodyguard. Her father sent Tad to sit beside her. Tad sees they're together, says it wouldn't have worked anyway, I'm gay. Kalista sits back while the 2 guys bond. She likes Tad, though Abe has ruined her for every other man. They have a delightful evening after Abe gets over how they're forced to live. 

The next night they have to go to one of her dad's functions. The valet brings the car, she gets in, the valet hands Abe a letter, and Abe screams Get out of the car. He puts her down in a sofa in the lobby while he questions the valet. Michael sits beside her, says hello, she's so distraught she turns her back on him, he says he's the one who's been delivering the letters and tell Dad to back off or you'll pay the price. Abe calls in Zak and Alec, argues with the senator, then finds out there was a device under her seat. When he comes back to Kalista, there's a little redhead beside her who is livid at him because he's had Kalista on lockdown for weeks. He calls her pixie, and she launches at him. “'You did not just call me that!' the crazed elf hisses, knocking me off balance, since I wasn’t expecting the attack, and she climbs me like I’m a goddamned tree until she perches on my shoulders and her tiny thumbs trying to gouge out my eyeballs." Zak pries Ellie off Abe and plays with her hair while she actually bites and kicks. Abe says she'd be a good bodyguard; she considers it. 

At home, Kalista tends to Abe's hands (boxed bare to burn steam). He regrets letting Michael get to her. Ellie sleeps over; she's Kalista's only real friend. She calls dibs on Zak. She and Ellie make peace after Kalista ghosted Ellie because she wanted to keep her safe. Zak is there, and Abe has left without even a goodbye. She sends a nasty text. 

He's investigating and will be home tonight. Axel found out Bradshaw and Astor knew each other in high school, and it looks like they shared a Gina Robinson, Kalista's mom, Astor's first wife who was murdered. Bradshaw has three illegitimate sons, William gave her the letter and Michael sat by her (no Daniel yet). Abe and Alec are visiting Bradshaw tomorrow. Abe gets to Kalista's, Zak and Ellie are flirting on the couch, Kalista is in bed. He joins her. 

She wakes with him on her. She strokes his hair while he wakes up, then they do seriously heavy petting, take a shower together, then talk about what he's discovered. They make love and sleep. 

She's worried about him going, Alec says he's going too, we used to be in the military together, and she says you? “You need to get your woman under control. She’s mean and hurtful,” he complains like a little bitch, then storms to the door. “I’ll be waiting in the hallway.” Abe has all sorts of nicknames for Ellie, and she for him. 

Abe and Alec go to Bradshaw's house, drive a golf cart to the front door. Michael introduces himself, and Alec has to be a wall. Bradshaw has a pool, women, and guards with guns. Abe says This is about Astor, your son is delivering letters to my girl. Michael is upset William is involved. Michael is Gina's son. Gina was with Bradshaw for 3-4 years before going to Astor. He invites Michael to learn truth (seeing how he protects William). 

They've got to move Kalista to Axel's. Michael calls, wanting more info. Abe delays him because Kalista's in the car. He tells Kalista, she says call him. They do, he's sorry and hangs up, processing losing mother and gaining sister. 

While Kalista and Ellie sleep, the boys plan. Bradshaw gets his way by snatching and grabbing daughters of opposers. Michael calls in the middle of the night, says to hide her far far away. Abe says come meet with me, Michael says I'm bringing William. Abe tells Kalista he loves her, she says I love you and I trust you with my heart, my soul, and my life. 

Michael's got Will, but Daniel is staying because he likes working for Dad. They met with Abe, who takes them to Axel's. Michael and Kalista are good. She doesn't like the plan they've made, a migraine hits. 

Michael feeds info to Daniel, then drives back. He's got a duffel bag full of guns. But it's 7 v 26. Michael "kidnaps" Kalista, takes her to a church where dad's waiting. Dad's crazy, even Daniel sees it. Shots fired. Kalista gets knocked out, Michael crawls to her. Abe rushes in, Alec comes right behind him, timing shots so no one sees him, instead focusing on Abe. Within minutes, only 3 guards left. Will got shot instead of Kalista. Michael shoots Bradshaw so he and Dan can get Will to the hospital fast! Kalista wakes up, Ellie tells her about Will and that Abe has a flesh wound. In reality, Axel dug out a bullet out of Abe's shoulder and is now stitching him up. Will is alive but won't walk again. Michael is guilty ill. 

3 months later, Will has another month in the hospital. Kalista loves spending time with her 3 brothers. She and Abe bought a house near the hospital. She said goodbye to dad. Abe loves that she fixes cars, and he "hired" Will so he covered by insurance. He'll be proposing soon. Zak is totally infatuated with Ellie. 
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October 1, 2018
If you have read the Attraction series by J.B Heller then the characters in the book will be familiar to you. You do not have to read them to understand this book but it’s worth it if you do. This book is about Abe whom we meet up with in “Fierce Attraction” and we get a more in depth look at who he really is. He is the oldest brother of 3 and living the life of an ex-veteran in the security business. When he meets a woman at his brother’s wedding he does not think twice about having a night with her. After that night he never thought they would cross paths again but sometimes things just happen. Kalista is the daughter of a politician and is receiving threats from an unknown source. Abe is hired by her father and when he finds out it’s the woman from his one night stand he doesn’t hesitate to take the job. Kalista is an ice queen personified and plays a part every day of her life to live up to her father’s expectations. Once Abe is back into the picture her façade starts slipping and she can’t contain her attraction to him anymore than he can. The danger starts lurking to close to home for Abe and he starts digging a little deeper into things in the past. What happens when Abe starts to uncover all the secrets of Kalista’s father? Will her be able to find love with Kalista in the mist of it all? I know but you must read it to find out. There is a lot of action, suspense, intensity, secrets and betrayal that takes place in this book. There were no slow moments it moved at a perfectly good pace and I love the characters. It’s a quick read and is a great start to a new series.
1,169 reviews18 followers
October 1, 2019
Ok, maybe it could scrape in as a almost 3 IF it weren't for the fact that the author added a dumbass ex-military man as the lead!

I'm not quite sure why I wasn't quite into this H from very start, but he wasn't too bad. I didn't really have a problem with him, just a bit of a non opinion. Then he did or said something that tipped him to eh... I can't remember what it was, but it didn't help that this grown man was swinging judgey fury at both the h & a support character without knowing real details... IN PUBLIC WHILE

THEN IT HAPPENED. The h got another nasty note, the H went a bit loud and panic IMO and rushed her back into the lobby. You might think here that trying to keep things quiet and out of the public eye might have been on his radar at a Senators function where his daughter was almost blown up, but no. So, in the lobby, a public space that he had no control over after she was threatened by another note... he left her alone to go and grill someone, but 'don't worry, I'll keep you in my sight the entire time and will be just meters away... DUMBSHIT! So, he was angry and walked away from her and the bad guy managed to walk up to her, sit down, have a chat, a snark and a threat... INCLUDING LAYING HANDS ON HER TO COVER HER MOUTH... And then stroll on out... All while out ex-military super bodyguard who loved her to bits was across the room venting his temper at the valet and not looking at her alone in a public space once 😠

But wait, it gets worse. Now our little dumbass ex-military man is fuming that a bad guy could walk up to his woman in a public space while he was off venting his temper tantrum and paying no attention to his client who has been repeatedly and recently threatened, including mere moments ago... And is supposed to be the love of his life. Anyway, daddy lies about the source of the problem, which further fuels the how-not-to-be-an-ex-military-dipshit-model's temper tantrum to the extreme that he LEAVES THE CLIENT/LOVE OF HIS
until he was interrupted by one of his buddies and reminded that he had a goddamn job to do! To be fair, at least he waited until his other ex-military buddies showed up to watch her and do his job... BUT NONE OF THEM saw any problem with leaving her out in the open of the lobby! 😤

Aside from the further 'God, I can't believe this guy is supposed to be ex-military with a
good enough rep to be a super bodyguard' moments... The lynchpin of the storyline was never actually explained. Yes, you could tell it was going to be some kind of love triangle DNA drama from early on, but there were never any real answers to why and how things got to where it did. The big bad guy threw a few nasty words and was shot dead after giving no answers, and the only other person, her father who could have added a bit of clarity, was dismissed off page with a few lines that answered no questions. So the overall story was a bit eh and ended with loose ends.

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310 reviews4 followers
January 26, 2023
hmmmm… I didn’t love it.

I really wanted to read the second book based on a blurb I read, but saw it was in a series and started at the beginning. TBH I’m not sure I still want to read the second book. It wasn’t horrible. It just wasn’t great. I’d say 3.5 stars, but that’s not an option.

Some issues: Editing. So many words that were wrong. It takes you out of the story. Also, while it’s an Aussie author, and I typically love non-American spellings 😏, when a book is set in America with American characters, it’s not believable to have them speaking in clearly non-American vernacular. It was distracting. I would have loved if it were set anyplace else, where the dialogue would have made sense. 🥲

Abe is supposed to be some badazz Marine guy, running an elite security company now, but he just didn’t fit that mold. His inner monologues did not sounds like a guy with that history. The overall writing felt juvenile, as if it were written by a teenager or YA even if the subject matter isn’t necessarily so. Not quite sure how to explain, but it felt a little superficial and I wasn’t really invested in any of the characters. I skimmed a lot and didn’t feel like I was missing things. The main female character of the next book, which is the one initially was interested in, seems like an unstable caricature instead of quirky or interesting. Attacking people and climbing on their backs because they dared mentioned her apparently midget-like short stature seems over the top. 🙄 if she’s really that volatile and crazy town, I definitely don’t care to read her story.

The whole main conflict seems to have been resolved suddenly and without further resolution or mention. Like what happened after? How did her dad play into it? Just “ok. Story is over now, so he’s gone”. She managed to disown the father that ran every decision in her life for almost 30 years without even getting a paragraph about it. If it was so easy, why didn’t she do it sooner? It was just a sort of not quite satisfying ending.
1,818 reviews44 followers
October 21, 2018
Abe Jamieson, ex-military and now runs and owns of Alpha One Protective Services, meets Kalista Astor at his brother’s wedding and they have a ‘one night no strings attached’ ending to the meeting. Months later Abe is hired to protect Kalista after she receives threatening letters.

This is an easy to read story where it’s not just about the romance, which is a great story in and of itself, but the mystery and element of danger is exciting and at times very dramatic leaving you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen.

The chemistry between Abe and Kalista is sparking with electricity but even more they share a need to get to know each other. They are totally hot together.

The humour between the Alpha One Crew, the brothers especially, is fun and the camaraderie and understanding between them is warm and inviting showing their long standing relationships.

The description of Kalista’s father make you feel a very uneasy he is that slimy but of Neil Bradshaw it is downright scary! Great character building throughout and Ellie is a cracker of a character, I’m already looking forward to her and Zak’s book next.
1 review
November 13, 2018
Worth the risk by J. B. Heller

Having volunteered on a facebook group to read an ARC of a book titled *WORTH THE RISK*, I did not expect to end up being stuck with it till the very last page.
The protagonists of the story Abe and Kalista are more than your girl and boy next door.
Coming across Kalista at his brother’s wedding, Abe did not expect his one night of proposed sin would be in his face as an assignment months later.

Kalista being the daughter of a wealthy senator has lived a life governed by her father according to the profit his work can make off of her.

So what happens when Kalista, whose life has been threatened and whose protection now is of utmost importance to Abe as his security agency gets to provide her with the 24X7 presence of a bodyguard is more than just interesting.

There is drama.
There is suspense.
There is action.
There is chemistry.
There is flirting.
And there is Ellie <3.

This is the only J. B. Heller book I’ve read up until now (but I’m gonna go rectify this situation), I’m hooked. Can’t wait to read how amazing Ellie and Zac’s story turns out.

P.S.: I wish there was a little more detailed description about the characters.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
439 reviews1 follower
September 30, 2019
I guess it's a cultural thing...

I didn't realize when I bought it, but this book doesn't take place in the US. When I started reading words like- arse, and spanner, and wanker, and housemate instead of roommate, I realized this was in Australia or New Zealand or somewhere. No actual places are named. Three stars because it would've been nice to know that from the start. Kalista is supposedly a senators' daughter and yet she strolls over to a complete stranger- Abe- when he crooks a finger to her at a wedding and ends up in the sack with him right after. Also his actions and dialogue don't support him owning and running a brand new security agency here in the US either. He's rather coarse and crude quite often. Definitely not very professional. This also felt like a spin-off of another book or series (things mentioned that had no backstory but like we were supposed to know). It did keep me reading until the end, but I don't feel desparate to find the next book. Sorry. Not sorry.
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118 reviews10 followers
January 27, 2018
Fireworks At First Sight

Yet another great book from JB Heller, She has away of pulling you into the story from the first chapter.

Abe is at his brother Axel's wedding to Ashlynn who we meet in Fierce Attraction. A stunning blonde catches his eye. She turns out to be Ashlynn's cousin Kalista. There is sparks between them when they talk Abe offers Kalista a night of great mind-blowing sex with no strings attached.

Abe runs a security firm. He get's hired to protect senators daughter from a stalker. Kalista is that daughter. Can Abe keep things just business and keep her safe. Can they both leave it at one night ??
I like how characters from earlier books tie into new stories. Can't wait to read how Zak and Little Red Kally work out. Or even a story about Alec or Daniel and Will.

Lines from the book i love is Abe's" For the love of God, if one more woman in her sixties accidentally touches my arse again"

And Kally's" What ever tickles your pickle is fine with me".

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262 reviews3 followers
October 31, 2018
Worth the Risk by JB Heller is worth the read!  I absolutely loved this book and the characters that have been created.  Abe is positively swoon worthy and I knew that there was more to Kalista than what meets the eye.  I went from loving her to “oh don’t be like that girl” and back to loving her again. 

Kalista’s best friend Ellie is one of my
favourite characters in this book and to find out that she is getting her own book with Worth the Wait, I was over the moon.

Worth the Risk offers readers a little bit of everything from steamy scenes, to angst to the OMG moments that I love.  Near the end of the book, I could not read fast enough.  I just had to know how it was going to end and I was not disappointed.

Worth the Risk was a five-star book for me and I can’t want to read Worth the Wait. I am positive that JB Heller will not disappoint me with Ellie’s story.
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1,281 reviews9 followers
April 15, 2021
I started this book because it’s supposed to be the first in the series. However, I get the impression there’s a series before it or something that ties into this book. This read more like the 3rd in a series. Lots of exposition was missing and that’s a red flag for there being books before this new series.
I’ve never read anything by this author before. It was confusing because it’s supposed to be set in the US but all these UK spellings and slang didn’t quite fit with the characters being American. I didn’t let it bother me that much because I enjoyed this total brain candy story. I’m going to read other books by the author but this was a solid 3. Good things about this book: she’s totally into being body positive and also not restricting characters to stereotypical gender roles. So kudos for that.
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September 24, 2018
Abe and Kalista's story is amazing and a must read for all romance lovers.
After a one long night stand, Abe and Kalista never expect to see each other again, except in their dreams. Kalista is the daughter of a Senator and is very much in the limelight. When she is being threatened, her father hires the best protection agency around to protect her and find who is threatening her. In walks Abe and the fun begins.
This book contains steamy scenes, misunderstanding and awakenings, some plot twist that you won't see coming and a few chuckles mixed in with the nicknames used.
I highly recommend this and can't wait for the next book.
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October 15, 2018
I love Abe and Kalista i think there actually kinda awesome.
See they met at Axels wedding hes the grooms brother shes the brides cousin they spend 1 night together then go there separate ways only to met again in a few months when her lifes in danger.
Abe becomes her body guard and he protects her thats when the twists and turns come into play we met characters we fall in love with and plot twists happen now i won't lie one of the plot twists was kinda obvious we just had to learn who it was

I do like how JB has included the boys from her attraction series as well (other then Axel seeing as hes Abes brother)
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January 5, 2018
I am so glad I finally too the time to read a book by this author. I have seen her blurbs and read the reviews but had no idea what I was in for until I started. This book was all of it. Your emotions are tried and true by each of the characters and these two take the cake. They were never supposed to see each other again. But this is more than a love story there is action and intrigue and a massive web of deceit and lies it's crazy. I loved every bit of it and plan on continuing with this author who I am enjoying for the first time.
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July 27, 2018
Worth The Risk is the story of Abe and Kallista.

We met Abe in Fierce Attraction, he's Axel's big brother. He meets Kallista at Axel and Ashlynn's wedding and their chemistry was instant. They had a night of fun together but then went their separate ways.

Fast forward three months and Abe is hired to be a bodyguard for a senator's daughter...Kallista! She's being threatened and Abe's job is to protect her whilst trying not to act on the attraction they're both feeling for each other.

I really enjoyed this book! Meeting new characters and revisiting old characters.

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October 30, 2020
Very fast moving & fun

This book was a super fast read. I found myself laughing out loud at several parts. I enjoyed the characters, the pace, etc. The lower rating has less to do with the content of the book and more to do with all of the errors in it. There were waaaaay too many. Some were minor (most books tend to have one or two) but there were times that things just didn’t even make sense. After a while, the errors became frustrating. Get rid of all the errors and I’d give it a 4+ star rating.
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