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Taken: Dark Romance Collection

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USA Today and Amazon bestselling author JB Duvane brings you this special dark romance collection containing four stories of four different women who are taken from the world and held captive. They’re kidnapped and hidden away by men who will stop at nothing to control the very thing they desire most.

Please note: This is a dark romance collection. It contains unsettling and violent subject matter that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

The four novels in this collection include:

Dirty Daughter
Filthy Cam Girl
The Dark Doctor
Colin: A Serial Killer Romance

Dirty Daughter:

For the last eight years Dr. Max has been my mother's psychologist ... and her lover. But now that she's out of the way, I'm going to make him mine.

Filthy Cam Girl:

They all think I’m a virgin … the men I entertain online.
Technically, I am … but, believe me, I’ve done everything else.
I’ll do just about anything to get them off ... the men who like to watch.
But for him? My best friend’s dad?
He would get it all. But he doesn't know I exist.

The Dark Doctor:

Abby thought she was running away from her problems, but she wound up running into the arms of her worst nightmare.

Colin: A Serial Killer Romance:

Beauty is his obsession …

711 pages, ebook

First published January 1, 2017

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J.B. Duvane

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Profile Image for Kerry.
753 reviews
December 29, 2017
This collection contains some of JB Duvane's darkest romances and I love that she has put them all together in one collection for all to see. Beware though...none of these are cutesy sweet romances but all certainly are satisfying!

Dirty Daughter - Five Stars

Now, JB Duvane knows how to write a dark romance! Let's just say that this one is once again up there for twisted and slightly uncomfortable reading but secretly it is SOOOOOO worth reading!

The story begins with 18 year old Emily and her deranged, drug and alcohol addicted mother Amelia. From here we are introduced to the mysterious but downright sexy Dr Max, Amelia's psychologist who she uses, as she believes, sexually for prescription drugs she craves. In actual fact, Dr Max is simply bidding his time and his dark motives soon become clear when Amelia passes away and he is left to lure Emily into his devious 'trap'!

Emily however has been watching and mooning over Max from afar and now she is free of the clutches of her downright scary and nasty mother, Emily is looking for the love she has wanted for a VERY long time. Let's just say ...be careful what you wish for!

I loved these two and the chemistry between them is STEAMY! There are many plot twists and turns that keep you on your toes and wondering if this is really ok and if they will be together after facing secrets and lies. JB Duvane simply doesn't disappoint!

It hooks you in from the first page and keeps you locked up in its sinister and wickedly sexy tale that means you simply can't turn away from the book! I'd love for JB Duvane to write a bit more - maybe a short story from the end of this book, but that's just me being a greedy reader!

You should certainly buy this one if you like intense, sexy but dark and twisty romances....trust me, you won't regret it!

Filthy Cam Girl - Four Stars

Once again JB manages to hook us in to a dark and sexy world that keeps us twisting and turning as she reveals all her plot elements and gives her readers exactly what they are looking for - a
steamy, romance novel with a HEA.

Ashley is a young woman fighting to get free of her hurts of the past and move on with her future but unable to explore fully her curiosities in the 'real world'. On line she is a sexy virgin who is wanted but life is kept at arm's reach...that is until she engages in more than entertainment with one particularly intriguing and sensitive client, Big Sir!

Big Sir, or Drake is the older man who has been watching Ashley from afar since she was a little girl. Also marred by tragedy, Drake battles with his sadness and his own feelings of denial when he realises that he has feelings beyond that which society says is right.....yet somehow he can't resist.

Together they travel down a path of darkness but find that despite everything, they genuinely love and need each other and that is what counts. The sex between them is hot and steamy and JB manages to keep us simmering throughout the book. It's not really too dark in terms of JB having certainly written darker but, the sad events of the past and the sinister way these two eventually meet and get together is intentionally secretive and could be difficult for those who find this triggering and/or disturbing.

That being said, I really enjoyed this story and as always JB doesn't disappoint.

The Dark Doctor - Four Stars

This one is quite short in comparison to some of the others in the collection but is still up there in the seriously dark and creepy stakes. It does however show JB in her earlier work where she was still getting a handle on the dark and dirty and probably lacks some of the fantastic elements she has become adept at.

Abby is running away from Jake, a man she wants but feels something is not quite 'right' with. She runs away with her fear of commitment and lands in a creepy mansion being held captive by a 'Dark Doctor' who seems to be just like Jake! Here in begins a dark romance with some dark and violent sex that may be triggering for some readers.

I have to admit, I saw the twist coming and as I said before, this is very obviously some of JB's earlier works but it in no way makes this less enjoyable but probably slightly less 'put together' than her more current work! Still worth a read!

Colin: A Serial Killer - Four Stars

This one certainly has creep factor and certainly pushes the boundaries of darkness. Colin is actually quite a loveable serial killer once you get past the creepy, serial killer qualities! I know, kind of funny but, you can see how Avery falls for him and wants him to be more than he is and see himself as she sees him.

Again, I didn't love this one as much as I have other of JB's works but again, this one is worth the read if you like your romances with dark, twisty elements that at times make you go 'ew' and at others, 'ah'! A good addition to JB's 'kidnapped' collection!

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this collection.
1,707 reviews5 followers
December 31, 2017
I read one story and listened to the audiobook of another in this set previously when they were released. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read the other two yet. They are definitely on my soon TBR list. This author has such a way with dark romance. The storylines are twisted, and sometimes even sickening, but I just can't turn away or put them down. I definitely recommend checking this set out if you're a fan of the dark romance genre!

Filthy Cam Girl:
This one hooked me in. Ashley and Drake were hot! There were some dark themes along with some twists and turns that are not everyone's cup of tea. However, this author did such a great job with the storyline that even some people on the fence with these dark themes would feel okay about enjoying reading them. I definitely recommend this one.

You need to heed the warning in the blurb. This is definitely "a dark romance with violent and unsettling themes of an adult nature that some may find disturbing." If violent themes are not your thing, make you uncomfortable, or make you offended I suggest you pass on reading this book. Yes, it is a pretty unrealistic storyline like a few reviewers have said. I would hope women in real life would call the police when stumbling upon someone like Colin (and Landon) instead of striking up a relationship with them. However, this is fiction. Knowing that, the writing is well done and it kept my interest. There were some unexpected twists as well. I've read some other stories by this author and liked them too. If you like dark themes, I definitely recommend reading her work.
*I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this set. This is my honest review.*
3,834 reviews26 followers
December 31, 2017
This collection of four books is indeed dark and provocatively steamy. I have loved all of these books, and the growth of this author shows in the progression of her works.

Dirty Daughter - I loved this story - it's taboo in a different type of dark romance setting. The mom aspect was a little sad, but we have Emily waiting in the wings to win Max over. The thing was, she didn't know Max already had his eye on her. Dark, twisty, and captivating, another great steamy romance by Ms. Duvane.

Filthy Cam Girl - Ashley may be a little bit reclusive, but she is not shy about letting her sexual curiosity take flight. Drake is her best friend's dad, and he's one hot dominant man! He knows just how to push her buttons and get to her. This book was seductively steamy with a captivating story line, and the magnetic attraction between Drake and Ashley was explosive. I love this author's stories as much for the romance as for the story - they have a way of gripping you and not letting go.

Dark Doctor - After getting into an accident, Abby ends up in a hospital where her doctor bears a striking resemblance to her ex, Jake. This book had dark elements in it, but it wasn't as disturbing as I had expected. Still, it was steamy and you could see the torment both Abby and Jake suffered. I only wish this book had been a little longer.

Colin - This was one of the dark and disturbing of this set. Colin works at a salon, but he's a disturbed serial killer. His neighbor Avery is a curious tenant, and she's caught the attention of the mysterious Colin. This book had me on edge as I tried to figure out how Colin was going to find redemption. It's a dark and twisted story, to be sure!
Profile Image for Sam Power.
118 reviews5 followers
January 10, 2018
Four great story's in one place. Each book a dark romance. This author really has a way off keeping you hooked.

Dirty Daughter:
Dark romance with a twist. Gripping read.

Anothr greatdark romance with greattwsts that keeps you reading, getting caught up in the story. Wanting to see how it ends.

Emily has a hard realaioship with her mother Amelia. Dr Max, Can he help Emily or make her worse?

You have to keep reading to find out.

Filthy Cam Girl:

Anothr great read, with a twist in it.

Ashley has had a rough time in life. She becomes a cam girl. Where she could be free in fron of the camera.

Drake her late fathers best friend has a big secret. He's been watching and wanting Ashley for years, and now he means to have her.


I listened to this book on Audible when taking my dog for walks. It really made the dark streets more scary.

I liked Colin he was loveable in a messed up way. Damaged as a child by his twisted mother.

Avery has her own deamons to fight. They bump into each other one night and everything changes.

Can Avery be safe around Colin ??

The Dark Doctor:

A short quick read, But just as dark and twisted. I really enjoyd reading it.

Abby is running from her boyfied Jake. Abby gets into an accident and
gets taken to a strange place, she thinks its a hoisptal. Her doctor seems so like Jake. She wants to leave "the hoisptal" but her doctor wout let her leave.

There's a twist within this book.

I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this collection.
Profile Image for Lisa.
2,138 reviews35 followers
December 27, 2017
In Dirty Daughter, This book is nice and twisty. Emily comes home from boarding school and is 18 now, with an alcoholic craptastic mom who dies but we don't exactly know what happened. She starts trying to seduce Dr. Max, who has some crazy secrets of his own. It's definitely hot and intriguing, and as was the way of the last couple books I have read by JB Duvane, I spend a lot of the story trying to figure out what's going on or what I'm missing. Well done. I very much enjoyed this.

In Filthy Cam Girl, This was hot, short, and a little twisted. I loved it! So there's a girl in college, doing web cam stuff for older guys but she's never gone all the way. She's saving herself because she wants her friend's dad, even though he's never shown interest in her. There's actually a sad undertone to this whole story. They've been through so much and just deserve a happy ending.

The Dark Doctor is freakin dark, for real. It’s messed up, and surprising. One of those stories you don’t know how it’s going to end up. I’d like a follow up story about one of the characters! I loved this one.

Colin the serial killer is messed up. It is SO messed up! It’s creepy and has some things revealed throughout and is almost a satiracal romance. Because there are parts that are funny, but you’re not sure if they are supposed to be.
Profile Image for Dora Harvey.
1,024 reviews3 followers
January 8, 2018
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Wow—what can I say! TAKEN book collection (Dirty Daughter, Filthy Cam Girl, The Dark Doctor, and Colin: A Serial Killer Romance) may be a bit dark, but it also consists of great romance stories that are dirty, sexy and scintillating with some steamy sex scenes—the chemistry between the characters could generate fire in the scorching love scenes that burned through my iPad! You NEED to READ! I wasn't expecting the turn some of these stories took; it has quite an unexpected surprise that is jaw-dropping good! Murder, mystery, suspense, betrayal, intrigue, thrills and passion continue to keep you glued to the pages of these fascinating stories. J. B. Duvane manages to weave grippingly dark and twisted plots with artfully developed main characters. From the very first page, I was spellbound by these fantastically described characters that you will find yourself falling in love with—or not. The scenes are well written, fast-paced and flow smoothly from one scene to the next with lots of romance while the strong charismatic characters draw readers in and refuse to let go. You will love this book, and it will draw you in from the beginning to the end.
Profile Image for Pat .
18.3k reviews3 followers
December 29, 2017
Fantastic collection of four books that lean more to the dark side. All four of these books have well written storylines that will pull you right into the story and the well detailed characters will keep you totally captivated until the very last page! I highly recommend adding this book to your TBR list!!

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
Profile Image for April.
523 reviews5 followers
February 8, 2018
A collection of dark and twisted romance stories. if you are looking for something out if the normal romance, pick this up. JB can suck you in with some serious twists and turns. The shock factor is there and won't disappoint.
Profile Image for Christine.
8,750 reviews22 followers
December 23, 2017
Arc review For honest review. This is a great box set of some of JB duvan a world and I promise you will enjoy.
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