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Texas Sirens #2

Siren in the City

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Re-released in a second edition with new scenes.

Jack and Sam married Abby. It was supposed to be for forever, but lately Abby wonders where her alpha male has gone. Jack has retreated and life has become decidedly vanilla. It isn't the true marriage she and Sam wanted. Sam and Abby know the time has come to fight for what they need.

A call from his mentor forces Jack to revisit the club where he discovered his sexuality. Jack's half-brother is in the city and interested in a little blackmail. Can Jack handle two defiant subs and a brother in need of some tough love?
Sometimes all it takes to find the way home is a little love and a lot of mischief.

Come back to the beginning and revisit some of your favorite old characters or find new ones to love. Siren in the City has been revised and new scenes added. And if you look closely, you’ll find not only the beginnings of the Sophie Oak world, but also the seeds of how McKay-Taggart began….

217 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 17, 2010

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About the author

Sophie Oak

32 books1,631 followers
A lifetime devotee to the written word, Sophie published her first novel this year. Prior to becoming a novelist, she worked in theater and comic books. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and three precocious children, who wonder when mom is going to write a book they will be allowed to read. Her answer: probably never. Sophie believes in happy endings for everyone, no matter how extreme the story. Her stories may feature some of the fringe elements of sexuality, but at heart they are always about love.

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3,462 reviews2,356 followers
January 16, 2018



descriptionAs I had mentioned in my review for book one of this series (SMALL TOWN SIREN) I read all these books WAY back when they were first released and have in fact reread them many times since then. I loved them back then and I still love them now. I honestly don't have a lot to say about this one. I enjoyed it slightly less than book one mainly because Jack is apart from Abby and Sam for a good portion of the book. It was well written and well paced. I loved the extra material that was added (loved the Ian, Jake, and Adam cameo and the M&M tie-in). The sex scenes were hot and we finally get some full on man on man action. This one was a bit angsty, but that angst doesn't come from OW or OM. There is a great cast of secondary characters. Julian whose book is my favorite of this series plays a large part. All three of the main characters were again quite likable. Last, it was all wrapped up in a sweet little ending. What more can you ask for. Two big thumbs up from yours truly.description



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January 23, 2018
Sam wanted more. He wanted to be loved and he was done waiting for it.

Oh man. I binge read Siren In The City. I remember sitting down on my comfy couch to start it and then I blinked and I was turning the last page. While I enjoyed Small Town Siren, Siren In The City absolutely sucked me in. It had all the feels and sizzle that I felt slightly lacking in book one and then some!

I'm not typically a reader that enjoys more than one book for a couple, but in the case of Jack, Sam, and Abby, I couldn't get enough of it. Yes, you get the delicious sizzle of how they first met and fell in love with the first book. But this book gives you so much more. It fleshes out the development of their BDSM relationship and true MMF menage. And this reader was practically vibrating with glee.

After all the events in Small Town Siren, there are some changes; Jack's moodiness and withdrawal, Sam's unrequited sexual desires, and Abby's need for a true Dom. Man oh man did this book give it to us and then some.

Add in all of the amazing secondary characters, including some of my favorite crossover cameos from Lexi's Masters & Mercenaries series and I'm one happy camper.

If you read and enjoyed book one, you simply can't miss this one. I'm officially hooked on this series and already craving more! Luckily I don't have to wait that long with the second edition re-writes, but my grabby little hands are itching for the next one!

ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review

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January 22, 2018
“You can’t just walk in here after months of ignoring us and snap your fingers and expect us to fall in line like nothing ever happened.”

“Watch me.”

Oh, LORDIE! LORDIE! LORDIE! Now, THAT is a Dom, my friends! Jack is laying down the law. He might have gotten a little lost, but his journey back to Sam and Abby is a heartbreaking, but beautiful thing. One that is NOT to miss! I’m going to make this review short and sweet because you all know how much I love Lexi Blake and how much I freaking ADORE this series, so I don’t think I can bring anything new to the table. Just know that even if you’ve read this series a long time ago when it first came out, it is VITAL that you re-read them with the new content and new scenes. It is SO WORTH IT you guys! Even if it’s small, it will become so relevant if you’ve read other series by the amazing Lexi Blake.

Die-hard fans, there are some surprising and hilarious bits in SIREN IN THE CITY that you DO NOT want to miss! I’m not even going to hint because it will take away from the surprise, but be prepared to smile big, to laugh hard, and to fall in love ALL OVER AGAIN!

Jack, Sam, and Abby might be living their happily ever after, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bumps and bruises along their journey. Your heart will hurt, it might even break a little, but trust in this author to bring it all back together for you in the end. It’s beautiful. It’s heart-wrenching. It’s sexy as hell. SIREN IN THE CITY is definitely good for the soul and good for your heart as well. I was so pleased with the new scenes and I can’t wait to see what other new things pop up in this MUST READ SERIES! Lexi Blake, whether she is writing as herself, or as Sophie Oak, always brings the biggest smile to my face and so much love to my heart with her incredible and unforgettable characters!

Siren in the City Teaser

December 21, 2015
3.75 STARS!

The continuation after Abby married two hot billionaire cowboy in her hometown. Some people in the town never like Abby and her husbands weird lifestyle but she didn't care. But when Jack pull him off from their menage relationship, Abby try to step up and confront her husband with Sam's help.

Jack has some (minor and major?) problems and he didn't wanna bring Abby and Sam, instead he distanced himself for months and it pissed both of them. When Julian Lodge contacted him because someone wants to blackmailed Jack and Julian's business, he need to see his ex-mentor. Abby didn't let Jack go easily, she formed plans with Sam to get his Dom back. She missed him as Dom and husband. Sam too. He feel conflicted as always towards Jack.

I was so glad their problem didn't take too much time. Their figured it out slowly but sure. Communication is the main problem here. They talked each other feeling out and quickly move it without too much dragging. I liked how Jack has some flaws as a Dom for Abby and Sam. He's not perfect, though. I liked how Abby's smart-ass attitude, her sarcasms and pervert mind. She didn't mind to enjoy her private show between Jack and Sam. They're her husband, after all. The entire story always made me laugh so hard. It was a fun read between Abby and Sam's experience in The Club with/out Jack. The M/M scene didn't really bother me as long Abby is in there *gulp*. Sorry I'm not really fan of pure M/M.

Oh yeah, the blackmailer someone Jack know but he quickly handle the situation and not turning into drama. But the other players didn't like how it goes instead they're trying to finish their own problem with some... complication. The Club is owned by Julian Lodge give me mysterious aura. It's not like any BDSM club I've read in other books. It feels exclusive and less 'kinky' in my opinion. I mean, it's not show much inside The Club so I'm just curious :p However, I wanna know Julian's story. Owner of BDSM club always have interesting story behind it. I just couldn't put this down! :)
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February 2, 2018
The second book in this series was even better than the first one. As always I was not too fond of the BDSM part, simply because this just doesn‘t do it for me, but it wasn‘t too bad here so it didn‘t bother me much.

As I like my ménages with a little bit of depth I was quite satisfied with it, although I found it a little bit hard to connect this Sam with the Sam of the second book.

The cause why I can‘t give more to this book than for the first where the really really stupid things that happened at times. So very predictable and ridiculous that I got really frustrated.
Especially since Sam was not a stranger to the scene it was just forceful created drama for the sake of creating drama without a plausible backstory - and I do not enjoy that.

But overall a nice and quick read that entertained me.
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February 2, 2023
I’m really happy we got to see more from these characters as a threesome. Still some good external drama in this book while still focusing more on the development of the relationship. I’m excited to continue this series and see more from of some of the other characters.
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284 reviews
October 13, 2010
I love love love love these characters! I had to do some digging beyond amazon to find this little jewel, but to get more of Abby, Sam, and Jack I was willing to do the searching.

This book takes my now favorite ever menage and moves the story forward. In the last book, Jack and Sam were starting to connect as more than just men sharing a wife. It didn't go beyond a kiss and a caress in the last tale. For any of you who were disappointed in that...Oh my frackin goddess...you must read this book.

I am admittedly a M/F/M menage girl, but I loved this group so much, and felt such a connection to Sam, that dammit...I wanted him to get his buttsex!

Jack has been pulling away from Sam and Abby, because he got it through his stubborn man-head that he was being too harsh. It takes a trip to the boys' old BDSM club and some absolutely smokin punishments to bring back the Dom we fell in love with in the first book.

We get some frisky mis-behaving subs, a lot of snarky comments, a little bondage, some public displays, and new additions to the Barnes-Fleetwood ranch. Jack the loner no matter how hard he tries to push them away, is amassing a big family.

Another great tale, with great drama, hot sex, more graphic M/M/F menage scenes, and oh yeah it's all told in a way that lets you dip into the characters like you have known them for years.

I can't say enough about this book. BUY IT!
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3,978 reviews269 followers
June 4, 2019
This was book 2 in the "Texas Siren" series. This book picks up six months after Jack was shot by the crazy old lady Ruby Ecohls who blamed Abby for the cause of her son's death. Jack is having a problem letting go of what happened to him and the need to keep Abby and Sam safe and he has began pushing them away. He also hasn't taken things further with Sam like he wants too. Abby and Sam have had enough when Jack leaves them a note saying that he left to take care of some business and would be gone a day they are both angry and decide to go and be naughty after going on a shopping spree and buying a Ducati. Sam takes Abby to The Club although he didn't think it was a good idea Sam isn't a Dom he is a sub. When Jack goes to meet with Julian he finds out that his half-brother Lucas Cameron is blackmailing him and Julian threating to out them for money his father who is a Senator who refuse to pay Lucas so he comes for Jack. I didn't like his campaign manager Slater and when Big Tag picked up Lucas from the airport Lucas got and earful and someone tried to run them off the road. While in the playroom Sam and Abby get in some trouble after Julian's female slave offer to go down on Abby this was after she was turned down by Sam and Jack and Abby told her off. When a fight breaks out Julian and Jack come to the rescue and Jack finds out what his wayward subs have been up to and it breaks him out of his funk when he realizes that he has been neglecting their needs. Leo who is the resident Dom demands that Jack punish his slaves in public and Julian agrees but he also spanks Abby and makes her cum in front of everyone. Julian also demands that he whip them both or lose his membership. This was a really good read and I liked it better than the first book in this series. Jack gets jealous because he knows that Leo wants Abby and Julian wants Sam. Slater who is using Julian's male sub Jeremy to drug Lucas the night before tries again while Lucas is giving aftercare to Abby while he is whipping Sam Abby knows that something isn't right so when Lucas refuses Slater makes his move after Abby tells Lucas that he thinks he was drugged. Jack tries to pull away from them after everything comes out but Sam isn't having it and when he tells Jack that he is leaving Jack snaps and the three of them have some hot sex. This was a good read Jack realizes that Lucas needs him so he offers to help him and Lucas agrees. The trio also gets a surprise. This book was well written the narrators were really good. I love this series and I hope that Ms. Blake adds more books.
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April 20, 2018
I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Small Town Siren, but as I mentioned in my review I did feel the relationship between Abby, Jack and Sam felt a bit rushed so I was really happy to see that Siren in the City continues their story. This review will contain spoilers for the first book so if you're new to the series you should look away now.

About six months on from events at the end of the first book Jack is almost physically recovered from being shot but he's a long way from emotionally recovering. To be fair, Abby and Sam also still struggle to deal with what happened and how they nearly lost Jack but their fear has brought them closer together while Jack has started to keep his distance. Gone is the domineering man they love and in his place is someone who avoids spending time with them and no longer seems interested in playing games in the bedroom.

I thought Lexi Blake did a brilliant job of showing the huge effect that Jack's PTSD is having on their relationship. Coming so close to dying has made him terrified of losing Abby or Sam and he's scared that they'll eventually get sick of his controlling nature so he's trying really hard to be what he thinks they need. All Abby and Sam want is the old Jack back but they're finding it hard to get through to him and explain how they're feeling. When Jack gets a call from his mentor, BDSM club owner Julian Lodge, and has to go into the city to help him resolve a little blackmail issue, Sam and Abby take the opportunity to remind him what he's been missing out on for the last few months.

This is the story where we really see this group's emotional connection grow to match their physical one. Some of the events in the club were a little far fetched but I really enjoyed seeing Abby push her boundaries and all three of them getting their relationship back on track. I also really enjoyed meeting Julian as well as Jack's younger half-brother so I'm looking forward to spending more time with them in later books. This series has definitely been a fun one so far and the heat levels were higher than ever in this instalment.
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2,101 reviews1,263 followers
January 23, 2018
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review


HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! Steamy, electric, and oh so erotic! Siren in the City definitely shook the richter scale of OMG as Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak took the story of Jake, Sam and Abby into a whole new emotional level of connection, passion and intensity into as this couple got back to their roots of intimacy and BDSM. This follow-up was what was needed in order to get a better understanding of them. A must read if you enjoyed the first book.

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January 24, 2018

From what I understand, these re-releases by Sophia Oak/Lexi Blake also contain some re edits - and boy was it worth it. Although i haven't read the original publications, i simply couldn't get enough of the second instalment of this series. I mean, i started reading at 2.30 pm and finished it before falling asleep at 11pm. I refused to sleep before finishing this book.

As much as i loved the first book Siren In The City delved deeper into the structure of Jack, Sam and Abby's relationship and they all have their individual personalities to make it better and function seamlessly. It also delved into PTSD and how when you think you can deal with it on your won, it only put a band aid on the real problem. I fell in love with these characters, even loving how there's a link to other Lexi Blake series, and i can't believe that i have to wait until spring to find out what's to happen to this family!

*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Kathleen, The Small Girl from A small girl, her man and her books


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1,622 reviews182 followers
January 23, 2018
Siren in the City is the continuation of Sam, Jack and Abby. If you read my review for the first book, Small Town Siren, you'll know that I was iffy on that one for various reasons.

This book took a different avenue than I expected. This book focuses slightly more on Jack and Sam and those two learning coming closer together along with Abby. Jack and Sam both have their own relationship with Abby that works well but with each other, that was something Sam felt was lacking. When Jack is called away from them, it is a wakeup call for him. But I loved that we got to see him to return to his BDSM world and even dole out some punishments to two very naughty subs. ;)

However, it's all fun and BDSM games. Jack is also trying to handle a situation where he is being blackmailed by a family member. So while he is deal with all that, Abby and Sam are coming up with their own plan. Yea, it's suspenseful and hot!!!

Siren in the City is definitely sexier and steamier than the first book and was more intense with everything going on. Lexi introduces more characters that I am assuming we get to see down the line in her other books. I am looking forward to the next book, which I can only guess is Julian's book. YAY!!
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406 reviews19 followers
August 18, 2020
Here I search for another magical MMF; they must be like chasing unicorns because I keep getting disappointed.

Jack did not deserve Sam, at all. Sam spent 15 years pining for his best friend, and both of them “married” Abby after 6 weeks?
The writing was surprisingly good and the characters were interesting; there was even a pretty complex B-plot about political blackmail and fixers. But, I couldnt get over all the wasted time and how selfish Jack was. Despite all the risk aware sex, they need better communication.
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696 reviews134 followers
November 5, 2012
Siren in the City by Sophie Oak

This was a very good sequel to Small Town Siren. I actually liked it more than the first one because it really expanded the relationship between Abby, Jack and Sam. Like all the other stories in this series, it was full of humor and hot sex and just enough new characters to lure you into the rest of the books.

Favorite lines…

“It’s just a little guy-liner,”

“The wedding ring she’s wearing is collar enough,” Jack bit out. “I know. I put it on her finger. You can see that fucking diamond from space.”

“I don’t think about that day the crazy lady tried to shoot Abby but got you instead. It was an awful day. When it does cross my mind, I turn it around and think about something nice, like Abby’s pussy. I just take a deep breath and picture it in my mind. It’s my happy place.”

“I’ve been fully instructed. I’m to hold you if you cry and rub some salve into your butt so it doesn’t sting anymore. I am not to play with your boobs.”
Jack sent his brother a stern look.
“Or anything else,” Lucas concluded with a gulp. “I can pat your back and try really hard not to get an erection.”

“What makes you think it was your sperm? My sperm is obviously the dominant sperm. My sperm told your sperm to get to the back of line. The boy will have black hair and green eyes.”
Sam shook his head. “I bet my sperm listens to your sperm just about as good as I listen to you. My sperm is also very impatient. It ran to that egg. Little Sam is gonna be a handful.”

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2,096 reviews62 followers
July 26, 2011
I think this book signals the end of my Sophie Oak glom. I was hoping to enjoy spending more time with Jack and Sam and Abby, but instead found myself continually wanting to offer editing help. Skip this one, unless you're a completist.

Why only 1 star?

So many continuity errors. So very many. We're talking glasses filled with roofied alcohol suddenly changing from being held by one character to another mid-scene sort of errors.

And the BDSM club stuff was all so bad. I mean, you could tell the author has read BDSM stories and maybe some Wikipedia articles or something, but the tone was just off. Particularly disturbing was the lack of communication, specifically related to negotiation and consent.

I won't even mention how annoyed I was at the fakey tacked-on ending. Ok, yeah, I guess I will. I won't spoil it, but Abby being on an aggressive antibiotics regimen at the beginning of the story is about the only foreshadowing you get.

Ms. Oak is really good at writing character-driven romance, but I wish she would either pull back on the harder BDSM stuff or get crit partners/editors who will give her better advice about these things... and other things, actually. (Or that she does a better job of listening to them, I suppose, I really have no idea.)
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6,708 reviews1,306 followers
June 20, 2011
Well, I'm behaving badly today. I devoured book two of the Sirens. I thought maybe it would be focused on another cast of characters. Instead, we are back with Abby, Sam and Jack. Woo hoo! This time, Jack is having a slight dom crisis and he's neglecting his subs. Well, as we all know, if the sub doesn't get the discipline they so desperately crave, they will act out. Or in this case, behave very naughty. The single tail whip was used in this book. I was pleased. Punishment was definitely required based on the terrible disobedience. I found this book to be just as humourous and fun as the first book. I enjoyed Sam and Abby's antics. I knew they were in for it when Jack found out. I loved it. This was a good continuation of the three.

Ms. Oaks once again pens a great hot sexy book with decent BDSM and hot sex. The new player, Lucas, is interesting. He is a tasty morsel and I can't wait to read about him. Is he a dom or a sub? Maybe he's a switch. I recommend this hot number to people who like kinky sex and a happily ever after.
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1,901 reviews313 followers
January 23, 2018
Siren in the City is the continuation of Abby, Sam, and Jack's story. Jack is dealing with some heavy emotions and Abby and Sam are trying to bring him back to the person he was. Add in the fact he is dealing with his 1/2 brother and Jack has a lot going on.

The story continues with our 3 characters not long after the end of the last book. It was difficult to see Jack being so 'un' Jack! He is just off his game. But, watching Sam and Abby do everything they can to entice their Dom back is steamy and pretty funny really. They are so bratty! They also visit a BDSM club so that adds lots of steamy times! Jack's brother was a huge douche canoe! Poor Jack-dealing with the effects of the shooting and now his douche brother?!

Overall, if you enjoyed book 1, you will enjoy Siren in the City! BDSM, family drama, and some funny behavior combine to create a campy read!See full review on The Book Disciple
September 1, 2012
I liked this installment. You know when people have experienced a stressful event it's often easy to forget the potential long term damage. Psychologically, Jack really started to struggle with his own mortality then proceeded to deal with it the only way he knew how. Withdrawal is such a common result, and Sophie Oak did an excellent job of showing Jack fighting his inherent Dom tendencies and his desire to keep his people safe.

As a result, the insecurities of both Abby and Sam were allowed to fester.

A shock event gave Jack the permission he needed to start being himself again. I know some people likened Abby and Sam's actions to bratty children but I don't see that. I see 2 people terrified that Jack had re-evaluated his life and decided he didn't want them in it and visiting the club was a way to reconnect.

Beautifully written and can't wait for Julian's story!

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1,523 reviews166 followers
January 27, 2018
This was a good sequel to book 1 in the series. I liked the way Abby and Sam interacted and argued all the time. Holy cow that Sam sure liked to do "it" all the time and that boy had some stamina. Jack was a little too moody and controlling for me but he loved his subbies.
I look forward to Julian's story in book 3. Now he is an interesting character. I don't quite get him. He needs to get that stick out of his ass and loosen up.
Just did a re-read.
Did another re-read this time with the new version.
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1,396 reviews123 followers
June 5, 2015
It's been nearly five years since I read Lexi's second addition to her series Texas Sirens. This one opened my eyes to MM romance and sent me down the gay fiction/mm romance path. And I've never looked back. Great series, Lexi!
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2,833 reviews143 followers
January 23, 2018
With three people in the mix, especially ones as headstrong as Jack, Sam, and Abby can be, a happily ever after is doable but not without work…not without a few missteps…not without a reminder of what brought them all together in the first place and what keeps them coming back for more, even after the ‘newness’ wears off and life becomes more about living instead of loving.

Readers don’t truly know Jack as a Dom with a capital D until they see him in full Dom mode in the place that started his journey and his awareness of what he liked/needed sexually, and let me tell you, that’s what Sophie Oak gives readers in Siren in the City. And while there are plenty of scenes that illustrate Jack’s dominant side when it comes to sexual playtime, what’s also prevalent in the story are Jack’s anti-Dom moments and those times show the weight that rests on Jack’s shoulders and how dealing with all of those things has turned him into a different man - one who still loves and lives, but one who is so unlike the man that Abby and Sam fell for with one domineering stare.

It’s quite the adventure when two naughty submissives take it upon themselves to help their Dom find his way back to them, and while it’s entertaining and at some points utterly hilarious, Abby and Sam’s actions also illustrate just how much they miss their lover, their friend, and their Dom.

I definitely enjoyed Siren in the City…anytime I can read more about a trio of characters I’ve come to love and who entertain me as much as Jack, Abby, and Sam do is a great day of reading…although I do have to admit that I hated how much time Jack spent away from Abby and Sam…it didn’t seem right and it made my heart hurt that Jack was struggling so much and there was not much, at least at the beginning, that Abby and Sam could do to help. I understand why the separation had to occur, I just didn’t like it and I was too impatient for their reunion that I’m sure I missed out on some of the finer details, but ultimately, I got what I wanted in the end which left me a satisfied reader!

4 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
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744 reviews38 followers
January 24, 2018
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book, given by the author.
I LOVE this series so much!

These little threesome already has a place in my heart and I was glad their story continued in this book.

The aftermath of Jack getting shot is not a happy one, he is scared and he has lost the master in him.

Abby and Sam are lost, they don't know whats going on with jack and that starts to bring up their insecurities. Sam is scared that Jack has regrets about what happened in the playroom, and is considering leaving the trio, he know what he wants now and he is not taking no for an answer.

Abby's insecurities about her body are making her sad and unhappy. Jack was there to scare her demons away, but now that he is not even looking at her the way he used to she feels she might be the problem.

The trio is breaking from the inside and it seems there's nothing they can do to save it.
Until a threat from the outside knocks on their doors and Jack takes the lead by himself to try and solve it.

Lucky for him, his subs are very bad and disobedient, and they manage to push him over the edge, which was just what he needed.

Sexy and intense scenes take place inside the club, we get to see another aspect of Jack and we learn a little bit more about his and Sam's past.

Jack and Sam's moment is coming and I will just say.. AMAZING!

The story again has some dark characters in it that will try to destroy them, will they be strong enough to survive this time around?
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2,354 reviews110 followers
January 22, 2018
***ARC Provided by the Author and InkSlingerPR***

3.5 Stars

I enjoyed this book. It's a continuation of the first title, but it was fun. And, really hot. I liked the development of the relationship with Jack, Sam and Abby.

For a threesome like this to work, there needs to be trust and genuine affection with all of the people involved, and in this case, I believe it is there. I also need the writing to be strong. So often in menage titles, there is what feels like the "main" couple and the other characters are not as developed. This isn't the case with this title. Both Jack and Sam are men on their own, with one another, and each have a relationship with Abby that works both together and separately. This is essential for the story to work, and it works.

This is a re-written title after the author got the rights back, and as I did not read this previously, I am not able to speak to what was changed...but it worked well.

I recommend this title, not as a standalone, but as a companion to the first title.

***This and other reviews featured on our blog Booked All Night http://bookedallnightblog.com/***
296 reviews3 followers
October 16, 2019
This is the 2nd book in the Texas Sirens series and should be read in order.

Lexi Blake and Golden Angel are by far my favorite authors. I am not in the kink scene, I just read a lot about it, so it is nice when the author tells the reader about the lifestyle and what the terminology means.

When I read the synopsis I didn't think I would like this book but boy was I wrong. I liked reading about the struggles of the characters. I feel that I personally know each one. I was so happy that this book got more into their lives. Most books will give the story of the mc's but then you really don't hear about them again. I don't want to only know how they got together, I want to know what it is like once they got together and this book did that for me.

Yes!! Finally, a menage with mmf!! I love reading about a man taking care of another man. So hot!!
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January 23, 2018
Siren in the City was a disappointment for me. I didn't want to read a book where half of it is Sam and Abby spending their time together while Jack was away. 30 pages into the book I realized two things. A) Jack is my favorite part of the trinity and b) I came close to hating the book. I skipped most of it until the trinity became the trinity I knew and loved from book one. I am not a fan of series featuring the same couple because the drama is always there and I was happy to find out that the next book will have a different trinity. I liked Lucas. At first, he seemed like an a-hole, but he was just a puppy who needed love. I can't wait for his book even if it's going to be published later this year (at least I hope we will get it in 2018). Ian was the best thing that happened in this book! I love that man and it was so much fun seeing him here.

The story cannot be read as stand alone because it's the continuation of Jack, Abby and Sam's story, so you will have to read the first book too, if you want to dive into the series. Personally, I would say skip the book and go the next one, but each on his own. I kept postponing the writing of this review because I didn't like the book and when I sat down to say a few words everything I didn't like about it came into my mind and it was bad.
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January 9, 2018
Ok this is not the type of book I ever thought I would read, but heck was it a good story.
When the Dom's away...the subs will play! Jack and Sam married Abby. That was suppose to be forever, but since Jack took a bullet meant for her, he has somehow distanced himself from her and from Sam.
This was not what she and Sam had wanted, now she wondered if Jack was tired of her worried hi still loved them both. A call from Jack's mentor sends him to the city, things take a turn for the unexpected, Jack's half brother is in town and bent on blackmailing him and his Mentor.
Can he deal with this and with both of his sub's coming to town and being defiant.
And a few more surprises thrown in to make the story far better then it is.
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February 2, 2018
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February 20, 2019
Wow! This follow up book is 10 stars for me. Loved the continuation from book 1 in this series. Their relationship is in trouble, lots of reasons mostly though due to traumatic events in book 1, but once again good friends and love save them all. It is funny, kinky and so very sweet. Especially liked the introduction of some new characters, and a small cross over to another series, which I have in my library. Great read.
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August 6, 2014
2011, July 27

This is the sequel to Small Town Siren. The story picks up with Jack out of the hospital and Abby and Sam deciding they need to do something that will pull Jack out of his mood. Before their plans get to far Jack's mentor Julian Lodge calls with a problem and wants Jack to come to Dallas. Things definitely get interesting in Dallas. There is a blackmail attempt, an attempted murder, the mafia, and lot of spankings and whips to go around. I like this series. Ms. Oak isn't heavy handed with the suspense and she has a good grasp on the complicated aspects of Domination/submission. I loved seeing the characters grown and become more comfortable with their relationship. I also like meeting Julian Lodge and Jack's younger brother Lucas. I am looking forward to reading both their stories. This is a good series of books and they are quick reads. I will warn those that don't like m/m scenes that there are a few of them in this story.

2014, July 23

This story is the continuation of SMALL TOWN SIREN. The story picks up six months after the shooting that left Jack Barnes seriously injured. Jack is having some problems dealing with what happen as well as what could have happened. Sam and Abby aren't happy about the changes they are just not sure how to fix things. The opportunity to fix their lives comes with Julian Lodge, Jack’s former mentor, summons Jack to Dallas to deal with Jack’s younger half-brother Lucas Cameron.

There isn't a great mystery in this story the villain or villains are fairly obvious from the beginning. The main bearing of the story is getting Jack back to Dominant that he was meant to be. Jack finally comes to realize that he needs to enjoy his life as it is since there is no way of predicting what tomorrow will bring. I love Jack. He is 100% alpha male but he is a very compassionate man which he proves when he decides to take Lucas back to the ranch so he can grow up and become a responsible adult. Jack is also very loyal and loving.

I laughed at some of Sam and Abby’s high jinx. It was also nice to meet Leo Meyer. He is a prominent character in future books of this series. We also meet Sally Hanover. She also shows up in a number of future books.

This is a quick read that was very hard to put down. You read to find out what will happen when Jack finds Abby and Sam at The Club. You read to see what will happen with Lucas and you read to try to get to know Julian Lodge better. I will warn that there is an m/m sex scene in this story. There is also a lot of spanking and toys and bondage. The scenes are hotter than a July day. I love this series and I am so tempted to read the next book.
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May 30, 2013
I really liked Jack, Sam, and Abby from the first book, so I was surprised to see that they were at the center of this one too. I hated how different Jack seemed, but did love how Abby and Sam kept trying to push him, especially with their trip and shopping spree.

I loved The Club setting and getting to know the characters from there that I recognized from the Bliss series. I knew things were going to get crazy when Sam took Abby on a tour, and boy was I not let down. I loved how Sam jumped in and to protect Abby and Jack's reaction when he came to help calm the melee down. You knew that there would be consequences from this. I liked what they were and that Jack was forced to be Jack again. I also loved that this forced Jack to acknowledge Sam in a new way.

I wasn't too sure about the side bit with Jack's half brother. He was a douche at the start. But after seeing Jack claim what he wanted it seemed to change him, along with Jack actually giving a crap about him, unlike their father.

I liked how this one ended, it found our main trio happy and left lots of openings for future books.
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