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* Nominated Best Romance Novel of 2018 by Penned Con. *

When resistance turns to desire, all bets are off.

Beautiful and vivacious wolf shifter, Jordan spurns the match her father is pushing between her and the swaggering mammoth, Raider. She'd happily let one of her fawning sisters have him, but her packmates are taking bets on who Raider will ultimately claim. Jordan wants nothing to do with the insufferable beast.

All brawn and no brains, that's what most male shifters think when they see Raider. The females treat him as a strong, attractive prize they want to sink their claws into. Only one female avoids him, which is fine by him until they are paired up for patrol. The hot-blooded she-wolf doesn't have to like him, but she'll have to find a way to perform her duties.

Entangled in a web of deceit . . . and desire

When Jordan's life is threatened, along with several packmates, the mating games take a dangerous turn.
Something sinister is happening in Wolf Hollow and outside forces threaten to rip the destined pair apart.


First published February 13, 2018

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About the author

Nikki Jefford

67 books982 followers
Reality is overrated ... which is why I write!

Vampire hunters, wolf shifters, witches, elves and Fae with humor, romance, snark and steam. I love bad boys with hearts of gold and heroines who kick ass.

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102 reviews3 followers
February 14, 2018
The Mating Games is the second book in Nikki Jefford’s new Wolf Hollow Series. This book concentrates on Raider. He is what I would picture as your typical dumb jock. But, he really isn’t . He is content to hide his intelligence and be what most consider the “muscle” of the pack. He lives with the stigma of being the son of Garrick, who is not well liked and probably should have been banned from the pack. Garrick and Palmer are scheming to get Raider mated to one of Palmer’s four daughters. In comes Jordan... She is a strong, one of the boys type of female. She can stand on her own two feet and doesn’t need a mate. She is content with drinking with her single male counterparts and having sex. She is not in the least interested in Raider but gets stuck with him as a patrol partner. She is definitely not considered a front runner for mating with one of the most eligible bachelors. Jordan is not interested in the scheming, the betting, etc. She just wants to be left alone. Raider isn’t interested in anything but something about Jordan stirs feeling in him that he can’t seem to control and can’t beat them down. There is not lack of trying when trying to hide their feeling and the sizzle that jumps off the pages when you read.

There is drama, excitement, and mystery. I love Nikki’s style of writing and she pulls you in. There was more to story than just Jordan and Raider. It encompassed new shifters that were merely mentioned in the first book. But, I found some things lacking in this installment. I couldn’t relate to some of the other characters in the book. I think she should spent a bit more time on developing Sydney’s character. Sydney should have been more of a major player in the grand story-telling. I didn’t like Emerson’s character, maybe it was because I just couldn’t relate. Camilla was fun. I would like to see more of her. Hudson and Chase were useless and jerks. Sasha and Tabor, who I loved in the first book, were background characters. It seems that as strong as they were in the first installment. In this installment they seemed weak. That was disappointing. I loved Tabor’s sister Elsie. She is vibrant, strong, funny, and takes risks. I hope she gets her own story because there seems to be tension between her and two surprising shifters.

Looking forward to the next book. I can’t wait.
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Author 67 books982 followers
May 19, 2021
"Love is unpredictable, but my love for you is as constant as the rising moon."

I am so excited to introduce Raider to readers. 😍 This loyal, responsible, and smoldering wolf shifter quickly stole my heart. Jordan took a little longer to convince (stubborn she-wolf)! But resistance makes falling head over tails all the sweeter!

If you enjoy a bit of mystery and danger, in addition to some sizzle, get ready to step into the darker side of Wolf Hollow.

The pack welcomes you! 🐺

May you run forever free,
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1,174 reviews162 followers
April 29, 2018
I was looking forward to returning to Wolf Hollow to hopefully catch up with Sasha and her half breed mate Tabor. There was also Tabor's sister who is visiting to learn more about her shifter side. The blurb had me interested to learn more about Raider whom we had already briefly met in book one. I was ready to get back into this uncertain world once again, and see how the occupants of Wolf Hollow were adapting and living in this harsh environment with its hazards of humans and dangers of vulhena.

The cover has the dominating male figure of Raider on it, "all brawn no brain" I'm sure we will discover more about him in this book. The female on the cover seems uninterested in the hunky male at the side of her, will that change through the course of the book?

The Genres listed for this book have increased in number and I do agree that this book does touch on many genres, meaning it should appeal to a wide range of readers. Though due to the steamy parts I'd say 18+ readers.

The main theme of this book is that Raider is ready to take a mate. The Wolf Hollow Pack need to pair off and produce offspring to secure the future of the pack. Garrick who played a large part in the last book is also quite instrumental in this book, he is determined that Raider will be matched with one of his elder friend Palmer's three daughters that are old enough to be paired with him. So that has Emerson, Camillia and Jordan, favourites in the betting that Hudson and the younger wolves are running. There's also Raider's old patrol partner Kallie thrown into the mix, but sadly disregarded by a lot of the betting wolves as she is now disabled after being attacked by Vulhena whilst out on patrol with Raider. Raider feels nothing but guilt when he looks at Kallie, he feels it is his fault she was attacked and that if only he had been faster getting rid of the vulhena he had been fighting she wouldn't have been hurt.

Things become a little sinister when Jordan is pushed into the river whilst she is drunk, and then Emerson is poisoned! At first both girls think it could be Taryn, Janelle and Gina that are behind these unprovoked attacks on them.

Sadly it turns out to be someone much closer to them whom they would never have thought could possibly be the guilty party. Jordan, Camillia and Emerson are genuinely upset when they find out who the real culprit is.

I don't want to go into much more detail as it would in my opinion reveal to much. In this book we see a different side of Garrick, whom even his own son is disgusted with from his actions in book one. Garrick does have quite a tender moment with Raider when he more or less tells him to follow his heart and not let anyone or anything get in the way of him and his mate.

I thought it a shame that at one point in the book Kallie was a possible suspect for poisoning Emerson when she had done nothing to warrant the suspicion. I hope Kallie gets her own story soon and there's an improvement in her social standing within the pack. Everyone seems to be as embarrassed about her disability as she is. I hope she doesn't get stuck with the elder who has his sights set on her. Kallie is used to being a strong contributor to the pack, doing her share on patrol. Since her being attacked she has been moved to the den with the families that have pups to look after. This move was done as a kindness but to Kallie it feels like a punishment seeing the happy families with pups, something she feels she will never have now she is "damaged goods". She no longer feels whole. I really want her to have some happiness.

We also learn more about the humans that are surviving in the changed world. We have already learnt about the humans who trap shifters and pit them against each other in fights to the death. In this book we meet another smaller group of humans, who are also trying to trap shifters, but not to fight. These humans want something else that in a way is as disgusting and distressing as the humans that have shifters fighting. The way they go about obtaining their end goal is so sinister, they have their minds set that what they want to do is somehow a normal and natural thing.

Just because they are only a small group doesn't make them any less dangerous or barbaric in their treatment of the shifters they manage to catch.

The next part I want to say is kind of awkward without giving things away. . . it turns out the culprit of the "accidents & misfortunes" that the Palmer girls are on the receiving end of is somehow in league with this small band of humans. I would have liked a little more information on why, and how as well as learning more about the culprits end fate. (though I guess that could be touched on in a later book).

Like Jordan and a few other pack members I initially thought Raider would be all bulk/brawn and no brain or softer side. He is described as being large, bulky and muscular in his human form and in his wolf form has the strength and aura of an Alpha so could probably force any of the female shifter']s in Wolf Hollow. Not that he would need to as many of the females would happily throw themselves at his feet and be happy to be claimed and give birth to multiple pups with him.

Garrick the character I loved to hate in Wolf Hollow, was featured in this book up to his usually conniving ways, trying to make sure that one of his close elder friends Palmer, had one of his daughters become matched with Raider.This would then secure him a way to possibly still have a say in Pack politics and rulings as Raider has a place on the council with the elders and a union linking Garrick and Palmer could only be beneficial to Garrick. We had met Raider already in book one, Wolf Hollow and he came across as a bit all body and no brains or personality, but we certainly see another deeper, softer side in this book. However when he is needed to be, Raider is a serious, calculating. authoritative male shifter. I liked that Raider was not arrogant, and he could have used his position on the council with the elders to have any female he wanted. Raider didn't want that though, he wanted what Sasha and Tabor had, a real loving relationship. Raider wanted someone to look at him the way Sasha and Tabor looked at each other and not just wanting to be his mate for status.

Of course thanks to their father Palmer, Jordan, Camillia and Emerson are all being closely watched to see who is going to end up with Raider. Emerson seems to be the obvious choice, where as Jordan is irritated by the whole thing. She isn't ready to settle down and have pups with anyone. Sure she'll have some fun with the male wolves especially when she'd had some of the moonshine when it is available.

So who will Raider end up with? Will it be one of Palmer's daughters as his father Garrick wishes or will it be someone else. Will Raider get the love he sees between Sasha and Tabor for himself?

Just when it seems Raider has made his choice, his future mate disappears. . . Raider knows she must be in some sort of trouble and being prevented from returning to Wolf Hollow and him. He is desperate to find her, knowing what happens to a wolf who loses his mate. He is determined to find her by any means at all, meaning Tabor's sister performs a spell to help. A search party is formed and Raider is resolute that he will come back with his mate and he is unwavering in what punishment will be given out to anyone who has hurt her.

My immediate thoughts on finishing this book was that it was another great installment in the Wolf Hollow Shifters Series!

I slipped back into the world of Wolf Hollow Shifters really easily and fell in love with the characters this book was centered on almost instantly. I loved the way Jordan was fiercely independent and determined not to follow her father's will. The way Emerson was quite happy to openly flirt with Raider in an attempt to become his mate. I also thought the addition of a relationship between two females was slipped into this book too. Maybe we will learn more about this in a later book in the series too. Though there are the parallels and basics of the traditional wolf pack and its politics there is also a more modern feel in the way Nikki Jefford is taking the Wolf Hollow pack.
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807 reviews34 followers
February 13, 2018
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Wolf Hollow was my first read from Nikki Jefford and i fell so far down the rabbit hole i never want to come out. I fell in love with her style of writing and the absolutely captivating world she created. When i found out that there was to be a series of books i couldn't wait. So when i got Mating Games i devoured it, i loved it!

The main story revolves around Raider and Jordan. Everyone is betting who Raider will end up with. With fathers trying to pair shifters off with each other. Much to the chagrin of Raider and Jordan neither of them want to be told. They are both strong willed and want to choose their own mates when the right time comes. Not everyone is of the same opinion and are desperately vying for Raiders attention by ANY means necessary.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

This book isn't just about them, we are given so much within this one read. Shifters, drama, mystery, suspense, amazing and diverse romance. Just when I thought I figured things out, bam another twist another turn. Blending into a fantastic story that kept me captivated and guessing all the way through, and thats great writing.

I can't wait to see what will happen next within Wolf Hollow in Born Free. There are so many could be relationships developing that Nikki Jeffford has got me desperately wanting the next book now!! So until then i will just have to "Run Free"

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Author 25 books586 followers
June 7, 2018
While I didn't enjoy Mating Games as much as the first Wolf Hollow, it was fun to dive deeper into the rest of the lives of Sasha's pack. I loved how we were able to explore more about the humans, though you'll definitely be rooting for the underdogs in this series. Humans in the world after the apocalypse are brutal, savage in a way wolves cannot understand. Clearly, there is a war coming. The wolves won't stand by and let the humans steal and abuse their kind forever. All the shifters want is to be left alone to their loves and lives in Wolf Hollow. But the humans have other plans.

Written with vivid imagery and a deep love for nature, Jefford once again draws us into a savage world of shifters, humans and beasts. Part dystopian, part urban fantasy, Mating Games is compelling enough to keep the reader engaged while asking the question: who are the true monsters?

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478 reviews2 followers
July 26, 2018
Jordan is a straight up badass! Loved her strength and feistiness and Raider was without a doubt her perfect complement. I also really enjoyed seeing Elsie start to come into her own. I can’t wait to see what happens with her in the future.

Favorite Quote:
“He should be taking her lead, not the other way around, and there was no way in the clear blue sky she was going to willfully allow him to lead her around.”
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Author 4 books26 followers
September 19, 2022
I’d like to thank The Next Step PR and Nikki Jefford for sending me an e-arc of this book it is very much appreciated! This is the 2nd book in the Wolf Hollow shifters series, I read and reviewed the first book Wolf Hollow and I loved that! So I was really excited to dive into this one especially how Wolf Hollow left out with the arrival of Tabor’s sister.

I think it’s important to say that the events that happened in Wolf Hollow aren’t forgotten they ripple throughout this book and it’s not just forgotten. It has a ripple effect and all the other characters feel it too.

I loved Jordan and Raider’s characters, they both reminded me so much, Sasha and Tabor and I think that would be my only compliant, that these characters reminded me so much of Sasha and Tabor in the sense of both sets wanted to escape the elders, Raider was kind of like Tabor and Jordan was like Sasha. Although it made laugh the fact that sometimes Sasha and Jordan did butt heads through this story, which was also slightly amusing.

I really liked their relationship it kind of went from dislike to lovers, although at first, it was just about sex between them that eventually turned into something else between them which I liked how we saw the change.

Throughout the pack, Jordan was known as a bit of a slag due to the fact she was regularly having sex with two of the other pack members, although the author didn’t represent her like that which was good. It was just a few pack members that recognised her like that, it was nice that the author just represented her as someone who was sexually liberated and was in control of their own body which I thought was good.

I loved the plot, it relates much more to family in this book, we see Jordan in different relationships with her sister ranging from hating them to loving them, but she always aims to be there for them and tries to take care of them. We see Jordan’s much caring side when one of her sister’s get sick, I did not guess who was hurting her or her sister, I did not see that twist coming and it was an absolutely brilliant twist. I did not see that coming at all, so bravo Nikki Jefford on that twist. Jordan’s father was a dick the way he treated her was disgusting especially when trying to dictate who she should choose as a mate.

There was some betting that went on, I love how Jordan’s sister one of them that I can’t remember the name of, took part in a bet that included her, it makes me chuckle so many times. I love it when people place bets on stuff happening that involves them. It’s one of my favourite things in a story.

I liked how we saw Elise (Tabor’s sister) and that she was still so willing to help people when they were hurt or trying to locate people. Only with Tabor’s permission though as she didn’t want to jeopardise anything for the pack which I loved. I can’t help but feel that Elise is holding something back, whether that will come up later in some of the other books. Who knows with that one.

I love the writing in this book there is something about her writing that I really like and it keeps me hooked and wanting to read on!
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3,131 reviews26 followers
February 14, 2018
Received in exchange for a honest review.

We had so many elements to this book to make it a wonderful read. We had the two mates that are stubborn and resistant to being mated to anyone let alone each other. We have betrayal, mystery, intrigue, romance and sassiness.

Jordan is very much afraid of love. She sees her dad and that turns her away from the idea of mating. She is also very stubborn and sassy. What I admire the most about Jordan is she owns who she is but when she is uncomfortable she huffs and is sarcastic to the one she is close to at the time.

Raider is misconceived as someone he isn’t. Does he have muscles and brawn you betcha. He is a sexy beast but is he dumb as people think he is? Nope no way. He is more quiet and introspective. He also has alot weighing on his mind. His dad is a jerk and his parents marriage is one he never wants to emulate. He keeps to himself and is very observant.

Unfortunately for these two, their dads want them to mate. Well let’s rephrase their dad’s wants Raider to mate with Jordan or one of her sisters. both Raider and Jordan not to thrilled with this idea. Jordan’s sisters all over it. Emerson is the surprising one. She seems to be in the hunt but is more cunning than we think. that girl has some cahoonas. let’s add to the mix for Jordan that she has a member of her pack on her about her best friend. And we has some Survivor match game going on..

As the mating game ratchets up, competition is being taken out, anger befalls the pack and Jordan and Raider are now forced to spend time together as patrol partners. the tensions are high and the wonderful descriptive writing shows us this. So is the sexual tension between Raider and Jordan. Those two you can cut the tension with a knife it’s so thick. So is the attraction wow...For Jordan she hides behind sarcasm and pretend disdain for Raider. He hides behind being cocky...not because he is afraid no he knows that Jordan isn’t ready to see him for him yet or even confront her feelings. It’s entertaining to see...

When they do come together...wow the kindle scorches and you flush red from that pairing. Only Jordan is still not ready to confront her feelings like Raider is. She is afraid of love..

Now she is in danger and sees the betrayal in all its glory and she can reflect on her feelings. While she is trying to gain freedom, Raider is trying to find her...The danger is palpable and keeps you on the edge of your seat..In the end we get a HEA that was a bumpy entertaining and entrancing ride there.

The story of Raider and Jordan is sensual, well written, fast paced and filled with twists and turns. We see two stubborn people find their way to one another and face their fears to come together and fall in love. The story grips you from the beginning and has you on the edge of your seat to find out who is behind the danger to Jordan and her sisters but also the David sitch...We get saucy sarcastic banter and fun times as well but also very sensual moments with Jordan and Raider in this great romance.
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345 reviews13 followers
February 14, 2018
A fantastic, enthralling read. Jordan and Raider’s story is a fantastic addition to the Wolf Hollow series, and a story that will keep you awake until you’ve read every last page.
The Wolf Hollow series is set in a dystopian future where most humans have died off, vicious new creatures have arisen, the Wolf shifters have retreated into the wilds, and the wizards have retreated to a citadel. There’s action, in the form of conflict in the pack, skirmishes with humans and even wizards, and the incidences of nasty creatures that appeared after the world crumbled.
There’s romance, whether sought —like Raider—avoided—Jordan—or a game, the way it is to Emerson and Camila, Jordan’s own sisters.
In this second installment of the Wolf Hollow series, the games have begun. Palmer and Garrick want an alliance between their families cemented in a Mating. Neither Jordan nor Raider wants a thing to do with an arranged pairing, but Emerson and Camila and even Sydney play into the plan. And when Palmer arranged for Jordan to be paired with Raider for the next patrol assignments, the two will have to learn to get along.
But danger lurks, as Jordan is attacked, and her sister targeted, with no perpetrator to be found. Will Jordan determine who has it out for her family—and possibly in for Raider—before it’s too late? And will Jordan submit to the desire that builds between her and her patrol partner or continue to resist?
Find out in Mating Games!
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2,807 reviews69 followers
February 13, 2018
Nikki Jefford has knocked it out of the park with this second instalment in this brilliant Wolf Hollow Shifters series. I loved the first book but Raider and Jordan's story has blown me away. Soon as I started this book I could not put it down and I devoured it in one evening (thank god for Saturday football so the hubby didn't notice).

Whilst this story revolves around Raider and Jordan, and the pack placing bets on who Raider will mate with, it also has some fantastic twists, turns, suspense and brilliant secondary characters that leave you completely addicted to Wolf Hollow and wanting more. With their fathers, Garrett and Palmer, are plotting for Raider to mate with one of Palmers daughters, Jordan was not the front runner, they are both strong willed and wanting to make their own decisions and choosing their own mates.

I can't wait to see what happens next in Wolf Hollow, there are so many brilliant characters in this series that I am eagerly awaiting my next visit.

ARC received in exchange for an honest review from the author and Next Step PR

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847 reviews10 followers
November 29, 2018
Days of our lives in Wolf Hollow!

This is a very cool unique wolf shifter series! I can’t get enough. Is not your typical love story shifters: love at first sight or “fated mates”. Is refreshing to read something out of my comfort zone. This is everyday life at wolf hollow and follow the lives of everyone in their pack. There are many characters and we get POV’s from a lot of them not just our main leads which is very cool and interesting. Some days at wolf hollow can get difficult when you face enemies like humans or “rabid wolfs” who have been infected. This story focuses on Raider and Jordan and they were so freaking awesome. Both strong and fighters. The get to know one another and really start to fall for each other like normal relationships do. Is not all fun and games or even beautiful because they face off a lot struggles and almost death experiences. My heart ached for the loss of a pack member towards the end and everyone affected because of it. I cried. I highly recommend the series!
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339 reviews4 followers
August 10, 2021
Not what I expected!

Per the title I was kind if driven to believe the book was about one of those competitions where multiple females have to prove their worth to "win" the male.(who is usually an ahole who doesn't deserve any of them) Those books are fine, but usually very elementary with nonsensical drama. I'm so glad this book didn't follow that route. Let's talk about characters:
Jordan I really enjoyed because she has commitment issues and doesn't really realize that she's standing in her own way of happiness. She was a tiny bit annoying after the drunk-push incident and confrontational without proof, which irked me a bit. As I kept reading though, her true personality, not the front she puts up, begins to show.
Raider- I think the author wanted to show that Raised was more than a muscular dunce, but it wasn't a complete success, in my book. He does have a brain, but doesn't use it at all in regards to females, be it getting away or getting closer. The was a scene in the book with Sasha that just weirded me out. It didn't have a place or purpose really and just seemed odd. Also, can't believe I'm going to say this, I think there's a bit too much sex. I know, I know. All of the sex scenes are great,👌, but the characters needed more development for the reader to feel more connected.
Emmy - I actually love Emmy's character. She's smart, conniving, and an all around interesting character. That being said, I was confused about her chapter with Gina. It just didn't make sense. It felt like an extra that should have been in a newsletter.
Sydney- She's nuts .
All in all, I enjoyed this book and would recommend it, but it definitely was lacking compared to the first one. Can't wait to read Kallie and Wolfrick's book next!
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240 reviews2 followers
February 13, 2018
Aptly named and oh so sexy!

Before reading the blurb or the book I thought Mating Games may be a continuation of Sasha and Tabor. Their characters are still around, and we get to see some more development, but only on the outside looking in. This book is for mainly Raider and Jordan, and their chemistry is sizzling! I'm glad that Nikki Jefford is focusing on other pack members in the hollow. They are all so different and this gives us a chance to really meet them.

Everyone is betting who Raider (from the council) will end up with and others are going to deadly lengths to make sure it's no one but them. Jordan wants nothing to do with it, but regardless someone is targeting her.

This was a very sexy read with mystery and danger. A great follow up to Wolf Hollow and I'm very excited to read who Born Wild will be about.
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39 reviews4 followers
April 4, 2018
Let the games begin! Jordan wants nothing to do with the games her sisters play she couldn't care less which one of her sisters snag the all all muscles no brains as she puts it Ryder and when they're paired up for patrols that moon cycle she's less than happy. But things aren't all harmonious in the Hallow with a packmate deathly I'll and another missing and someone tying to kill her Ryder and Jordan are pushed closer together and she might be a bigger part of the games then she ever thought she was.. There are some big questions in Jordans future who's trying to kill her? Where is the missing packmate? What made the other sick? and the most important can she get past her own fear and let herself love Ryder?
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291 reviews7 followers
June 27, 2018
I love getting fully engrossed in a story normally. Mating Hames did not disappoint. As much as I get emotionally involved I have Never had such a visceral response to characters and their actions. At one point I was so thorough angered I was physically shaking. I’ve never been so pissed while reading, I was in tears from feeling Jordan’s impotence and the frustration. My whole aura was so off-putting my kids decided they should behave themselves. Thank goodness the next book in the series releases tomorrow or I’d be struggling with the biggest book hangover ever.
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355 reviews2 followers
February 13, 2018
A serious wild ride

Omg the twists that this book has is unbelievable, it's filled with surprises around every corner. This book has it all, shifters, drama, mystery, suspense and the romance. Right when I thought I figured things out, everything changes in you. This is an amazing read, Nikki Medford weaves an awesome tale with this story. The world is amazing and you won't want to put the book down as the story just grabs you.
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385 reviews10 followers
February 14, 2018
I loved every page of Jordan and Raider's story and am still caught up in the experience of it days later! Jefford has a unique ability to deliver layers of story without weighing the story down. I also love the incredible depth and detail she gives to every aspect of the story. I connected to Jordan and Raider easily and found myself dreading the end, simply because I wasn't ready to leave these characters and Wolf Hollow. I highly recommend this book and can't wait until the next release!
Profile Image for Jeannie.
337 reviews
February 14, 2018
“Mating Games” the second book in the series “A Wolf Hollow Shifters” will have your attention from page one. I really enjoyed Jordan and Raider’s story. The character development is excellent. Their chemistry is HOT, HOT, HOT. It will have you on your toes with all the action and adventure. It’s definitely an adult book and has some HOT scenes in it. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.
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540 reviews5 followers
February 16, 2018
This is a good follow up to book 1 in this series, I loved the first story and was so excited to read this one. The story is full of twists and turns and I loved getting to know more characters in the Hollow. Unfortunately for me I just didn’t think the story was as good as book 1 but it’s still a decent read.
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429 reviews3 followers
February 22, 2018
Love the twist

The twist was wicked and probably my favorite part of this book. I thought it was a complete surprise when we found out who the bad person was. I loved Jordan and Raiders story. They were a perfect fit for an intense story line. The author did a great job with the different POV's and as always her writing was on point.
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2,553 reviews4 followers
June 9, 2019
Mating Games: A Post-Apocalypse Paranormal Romance Book 3)

The love story of Raider and Jordan. Jordan want nothing to do with Raider and her father's plans. Many of the she-wolf want Raider and many are fight for him. One has the to kill Jordan and Emmy. Can Raider win Jordan's heart and save her? Great story once you get past chapter 6.
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210 reviews
June 2, 2021
Whooo Child....

Where to start hmmmm.. First off this book was better then book 1 totally happy I bought it! Man Jordan is a fabulous character and the story line has soooo much mystery comedy and romance give it a definite 5 stars! We had hero’s villains and always girls who don’t need saving. Highly recommend this book and yes I am moving on to book 3....
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2,177 reviews15 followers
May 28, 2019
Another awesome shifter story!

Man the twists in this story hit you out of left field. Some I saw coming and I felt like yelling at Jordan to get out of there, lol. Raider was hawt! The chemistry between the two was a slow simmer that combusted.
Profile Image for Amy.
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July 8, 2019
2.5 star book I listened to the audiobook and the narrator did a good job. I wasn't a big fan of book 1 but I wanted to give the author a second chance and tried book 2 but I still didn't like most of the characters and how things were handled.
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February 14, 2018

Such a good story. Loved every minute of it! Can’t wait to see who she has in store for us with book #3!!!
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September 14, 2021
just yum

I have read this series before a year ago and loved it!! I am currently re reading it because it is that good! I’m obsessed so just read it!
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November 11, 2019
This is a unique combination of dystopian and paranormal romance mix. I think this book is definitely better than book 1 -by just a little bit. The first half of this flowed way too slowly. I put it down several times to watch TV. The second half of the book had a better flow. The book was slow to pull me in -in general. It was around 1/2 way in before it got my attention enough to at least be able to finish with out the struggles of wanting to watch TV like I had in the first 1/2 of the book. The last 1/4 had me wanting to see what finally happens & had me staying up way to late to finish the book. The overall vibe of this book is a bit dark & harsh, the lifestyle in the Hollow is very unappealing -for me who doesn’t like to rough it. I didn't relate to the characters in this book. I didn't like Jordan, she was very polarizing as a heroine for me. Raider was a bit more likable though. There are a lot of things that didn't make sense for me in this series (like how the whole downfall of civilization happened to cause the dystopian thing). I didn't get the tribe mentality in the Hollow either -for the most part, in order to relate to the story. Others may love this series better than I did.
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June 1, 2018
It did take me a bit longer to get into it again and I needed some time to sort through the characters in order to find out who was who and what was his or her role in the story. It would definitely have been better if I had re-read Wolf Hollow before starting on Mating Games.
Once I got into the story again, I really loved it. I loved the characters and the story even though some parts seemed a bit drawn out but that might also have been my impatience for Raider and especially Jordan to finally acknowledge what I already knew.
This new world, built on the remnants of the old one, is no safe place to be, not even for someone as strong as our shifters of Wolf Hollow and not always does the threat come from the outside but sometimes also from inside of the Hollow and the members of its pack.
While Jordan and Raider try to sort out their feelings, they not only have to fight off their enemies but they also have to fight against their pack's expectations and some potential mates who have a problem with the concept of the word "no" or "I'm not interested".
I loved Jordan and Raider. Raider is much more than people give him credit for and Jordan, well, the more you get to know her, the more you have to love her.

This book and its story keep you on your toes. It is fast-paced, sweet and sexy and will keep you glued to your reader till the end.
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