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Until You #1

Until You Set Me Free

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An emotionally charged romance, intertwined with tragedy, force the career-minded heir and his best friend’s irresistible sister to choose between their careers, their hearts, and the safety of the ones they love.

Sexy girl-next-door Samantha has no idea how attractive she is. She buries herself in her high school studies, focusing on graduating early from college and heading into a successful tech career. She’s beautiful, sassy, and confident in her abilities, except when it comes to attracting the man she’s afraid to want.

Tech guru Joseph’s future is already mapped: he’s expected to join the ranks of the family business, McIntyre Corporate Industries, to head up the technology wing and keep it on the cutting edge. Joseph needs to focus on his future career, his birthright, and not on romancing his roommate’s sister.

Will Joseph step up and be the man she needs?

Can Samantha trust she’s the woman he wants?

Until You Series Books 1-3 are Joseph and Samantha's epic love story and should be read in order.

Until You Set Me Free is intended for mature audiences.


First published January 1, 2018

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About the author

D.M. Davis

27 books1,312 followers
D.M. Davis is a Contemporary and New Adult Romance Author.

She is a Texas native, wife, and mother. Her background is Project Management, technical writing, and application development. D.M. has been a lifelong reader, and wrote poetry in her early life, but has found her true passion in writing about love and the intricate relationships between men and women.

She writes of broken hearts and second chances, of dreamers looking for more than they have and daring to reach for it.

D.M. believes it is never too late to make a change in your own life, to become the person you always wanted to be, but were afraid you were not worth the effort. You are worth it. Take a chance on you. You never know what’s possible if you don’t try. Believe in yourself as you believe in others, and see what life has to offer.

Visit her website for more details.

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861 reviews194 followers
May 18, 2018
Original review
This book was provided by the author through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you D.M. Davis and Netgalley!

Until You Set Me Free
is the first book in the Until You series and tells the story of Samantha and Joseph. Samantha is really focused on her studies so she can finally work at the company she’s always dreamt of. She’s even that focused that she doesn’t really notice how beautiful and sexy she is until she meets Joseph. Joseph is her brother’s roommate and he’s going to work for his family business after he graduates. Joseph’s family business is also the company that Samantha wants to work for. They meet and they immediately feel attracted to each other, but will they pursue the romance or will they stay determined to get the jobs they’ve always dreamt of?

Until You Set Me Free is a New Adult and Romance novel and that was exactly what I needed. It’s been awhile since I read a good NA/Romance read and I was feeling a bit like shit and this book really helped. It just felt so good to read it and take my mind of all the stuff I was worrying about.

Until You Set Me Free is such a fast-paced read! I started reading around 10 PM and I finished it the day after. I only stopped reading because I was getting a headache due to lack of sleep. I didn’t want to stop but it was hard to continue reading while my head was hurting. The story was so interesting and good and I wanted to read more about Samantha and Joseph and I wanted to know how the story was going to end.

I really like that there’s this double POV because you get to know Samantha’s and Joseph’s feelings. I think that a double POV always gives the story something extra and it even makes the story better. And it was definitely well written and interesting. You got to know more about the characters and how they were really feeling and that makes the book even more perfect.

I highly recommend Until You Set Me Free and I need book 2, Until You Are Mine!
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6,316 reviews215 followers
October 21, 2021
Until You Set Me Free introduces you to Joe and Sam. She's his best friends little sister and he just doesn't give a rat's ass about it. He likes her and instantly becomes overprotective after meeting her. Some would call that insta-whatever and I'm with them. It's weird for someone to automatically be protective of someone they just met. Then again, it's me.

Their romance was okay in the beginning but I definitely rolled my eyes a whole lot. Then something clicked for me and I started to actually enjoy everything that was happening between them. It was cute at times and hot when it needed to be. I'm very thankful when things to hotter between them because the sexual tension was slowly killing me.

In the end, I really liked the characters and watching them fall in love with each other. If the next book is available on KU I will definitely dive into it. Whenever I can.
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405 reviews19 followers
October 11, 2020
Suspenseful & Hot

The timing is all wrong..yet when will it be right? Is timing everything or do we just live? Thought provoking, sweet, hot, wonderful and then..read to find out.
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Author 9 books563 followers
October 11, 2018
Oh my gosh!!! I'm so glad I read this book. I FLOVE a slow build up with a lot of angst, hot and protective hero, and sassy heroine. I got this in this book. I loved D.M.'s writing style and dialogue and I'm a Texas girl so I totally got the setting descriptions and references. I have to know how this story ends. Read this. Now. You need it.
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416 reviews11 followers
April 26, 2018
“She needs a man who’s not afraid to let her be the woman she’s meant to be, to let her stretch her sizable wings, giving her space as she takes off, and then wait and watch her soar, praising her heights and accomplishments. She needs a champion, a guardian who will stoke those flames, give her strength when she needs it, and be her safe place to land.”

This line.
O.M.G. Joseph is the sweetest guy, I LOVE his character and his attraction and fierce protection of Samantha already. It’s not a over the top caveman type protecting but a sweet true love protecting. *swoon*

“How will I ever survive you, Joseph McIntyre?” You will survive by just giving in, stop denying the attraction. Ok so far through the book up until about 50 pages in, I LOVE the main characters. Joseph as I said, caveman but not scary caveman. Samantha she’s such a strong person. I love them both!!! Can you say “power couple”?

Ok so I am 20 some pages from being done but I HAVE to write about what has happened so far.

First off poor Samantha, that poor girl losing her dad. I am so sad for her. I went from crying to laughing back to crying the past 100 pages. This book has me in my feels for sure! I’m glad Samantha and Joseph finally took that step, they were driving me nuts fighting the inevitability of true love. BUT what is SHE doing breaking up with him? Is she NUTS!!!! I get she wants to protect him but gheesh girl. And WTF is up with Jace, I lost some respect for him for doing what he did to Joseph, what kind of friend does that? Especially since Sam’s his sister! I have a feeling this book is going to leave me wanting more, now back to reading!!!!!!

AHHHHH this ending KILLED ME!!!!! I’m literally dumbfounded here :(
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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7,839 reviews16 followers
April 28, 2018
Until You Set Me Free by D.M. Davis is book One in the Until You series. This is the story of Joseph and Samantha.
Samantha is 17 years old but she is very mature for her aged, very smart and has goals set to go to college and graduate in a few years then begin her career. Joseph is in college and is set to hopefully take over a family position in the company..so he is concentrating on that. But when his friend and roommate asked him to come home to meet his family he goes along. Samantha was excited to see her brother but also was excited to meet Joseph since he will be working at the company she would like to work at also. Both with such set goals are finding it very hard to resist the instant attraction they are having. But something awful happens that sets in motion for them to break apart....will Joseph settle for not having her?
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Author 24 books76 followers
September 15, 2020
I want to thank D.M. Davis, author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for the eBook Kindle copy of Until You Set Me Free that I won in the Giveaway.

Super smart and beautiful Samantha and Joseph, her older brother's college roommate are instantly attracted to each other despite the fact she is still a senior in high school and he is almost finished with college. Joseph shows his interest respectfully, helps her in many ways as he decides to wait for her to mature into the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

One horrible event changes everything for this young couple as Joseph steps up and helps Samantha through the crisis within her family. This is the first book in a four part series that depend on the previous books to follow the story. I am glad they are all on Kindle Unlimited so I can easily finish the intriguing series because I loved the first book.
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772 reviews3 followers
September 19, 2020
I won this book from Goodreads!!!

I was hooked from the beginning. I read it in one night!!! Full of angst and heartache. A really good roller coaster ride of emotions. The surprise criminal intrigue at the end has me really wanting to continue the series.
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44 reviews1 follower
December 12, 2020
I read this book in all of 2 days. I couldn't put it down! I thought I was in for a boy meets girl story but the ending really threw me for a loop! I started the second book last night and am already 51% through it! This book is a good read! Sometimes Samantha frustrates me but the more I get to know her the more I realize its how she has coped with the world she lives in.
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85 reviews4 followers
November 1, 2020
Sweet love story

I was immersed from the beginning . Young love and all the trials and tribulations. I’m anxious to read the second book.
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795 reviews4 followers
December 21, 2021

The back and forth, the love at first site, and the drama. Makes this book a worthwhile read, read it
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Author 39 books500 followers
February 8, 2018
I was swept away in the burgeoning romance between Sam and (her brother's best friend ) Joseph.

Her age and his career obligations are obstacles, but throughout Joe is steadfast in his love for her. I adored that about him and was willing for a happy for this pair.

There's some twisty parts I didn't expect and it hit me in my emotions. So much so I can't wait for the conclusion to this story.

Plus, I'm still bitter towards Jace. He know what he did!

A really engaging read.
June 23, 2021
Truth prevails

Samantha is a seventeen year old who becomes the love interest of her brothers friend. Age, education and a murder become obstacles in the potential relationship wonderful characters, honest reactions and excitement make this a very engaging novel
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700 reviews2 followers
October 29, 2021

This author is fairly new to me. I enjoyed reading this book. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
718 reviews1 follower
February 19, 2022

Wow. Great book. Fast pace. Love at first sight. A roller-coaster of emotions. Drama on top of drama. Absolutely love of the characters. Samantha and Joseph are a soon to be oiwer couple. Can't wait to read the next two books for the conclusion.
891 reviews
August 11, 2022
This is the first story I've read by D.M. Davis but it won't be my last. The story pulled me in right away with the instant attraction between Joseph and Samantha. The issue? She's only 17 and he is 20 and her brother's college roommate. Her brother is a manwhore and sets a terrible example for her about how she should be treated but Joseph is determined to make her his. He just doesn't always go about it in the best way possible. This story pulled at my heart strings as tragedy strikes and life seems to be trying to keep these two apart. There is a scene near the end of the story that made my so sad for both Joseph and Samantha... an incredibly poor decision by Samantha's brother devastates both as the truth (or at least part of it comes to light). Joseph is forever trying to do the right thing and doesn't always get the result he so desires. This story left me hanging and wanting to find out what happens next for these two. I kept reading late into the night hoping to get my HEA only to discover that I will have to wait until the next book comes out in the series. Thankfully it looks like I'll only have to wait until February 16th to find out how the story continues. If having a cliffhanger bothers you, wait for the second book to come out. I received an ARC of this story and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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Author 3 books6 followers
January 2, 2018
Samantha - She is a seventeen-year-old high school student who, if it all goes right, will have her associates degree just as she graduates high school, which I assume we will find out come book 2. She is overly excited to see her brother who is coming home for Thanksgiving at the start of the book. He is bringing his friend and roommate, Joesph, home for the week as well. She found out while she had been interning over the summer that her brother's roommate was to be the VP of the section of the company she wants to work for when she finishes her degree in college, in 2.5 years after graduating from college. So she finally comes face-to-face with Joesph and when he insists on calling her Samantha since everyone around her calls her Sam, she tells he best get to know her better to understand that Sam fits her. He tells her he doesn't need to get to know her any more than he does to know Sam doesn't fit her. He doesn't entirely elaborate on why he likes calling her by her given name instead of her shortened nickname. He saves her the same evening when some drunk guy tries to hit on her at her job. She works at The Cheesecake Factory. They spend almost the entire week together with flirting going on back and forth. But she never learns how he really feels about her. She is worried because he is the only one who could shatter her heart. Then a few months later tragedy strikes the family.

Joesph - Heir to the throne to become VP in the technology department that his grandfather started, taking over his uncle's position so he can retire. He goes home with his roommate and friend to spend the holiday weekend with them instead of vacationing with any of the members of his family. He has yet to meet the girl his roommate is constantly talking to or talking about, Jace's little sister Samantha. When he meets the seventeen-year-old girl, his mind heads in a direction he didn't want it to since she was still not eighteen. He tries not to want her as much, at least not at this point her life because he wants to live a life and explore before he claims her for his own, which won't be until they are both out of college. He is dead set on this. So even though he calls her sweetness and works her up and turns her on, he doesn't want to do anything with her. Jace isn't too keen on it but because he sees the look in Joesph's eyes he lets it go. Because Jace sees that they look good together. Now, if Joesph could only realize that you can have a relationship and still accomplish goals then all might be right in the world. Considering when she is out with another guy and not technically on a date, he gets overly jealous and shows up and interrupts her dinner with her friend, who happens to be a guy. A month later tragedy strikes in her family to change his tune. But can what happens next keep them together or will it tear them apart?

Holy crap!!!! I fell in love. I thought at first I was reading a different genre being that I'm dealing with a minor teen. Technically. But nope. And it's just a little bit steamy. I'm sad for Sam and Joe. For their relationship and the struggle just to have and then what happens at the end of this book. I'm dying to know what happens to them!!! I can't wait for book 2 here next month. Hurry up. I had no issues or much dislike for this read. And believe me, I've been finding some dislikes in a lot what I've been reading lately. I'm finding it hard to find the right words to say about this book. I loved it. I need to know more. I want to know more. I will be impatiently waiting for book 2. Thank you for this splendid read.

***Received an ARC for my honest review.***
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330 reviews19 followers
May 22, 2018
***Received an Advanced Readers Copy for a Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review***

Well shimmer my timbers lassy, this was definitely something. Something is the one word I can think of right now that encompasses because holy nuggets I am still spiraling down. 

First and foremost, I did enjoy the plot. It was fast paced, it was captivating - it circled around the main characters, Joseph and Samantha. There was this interesting dynamic that really involved all of the characters, particularly the family of Samantha that aided in the suspenseful drama, so it didn't all surround the romance. On top of that, this adds a little more depth to some of the secondary characters. Really adding on more drama. 

Speaking of the main characters and the romance, the main thing I think of when imagining them is simple. It was all-consuming, it was overpowering and it was overwhelming. The romance was overwhelming. 

Samantha on one spectrum was this spunky teenager - yep you read that, she is a teenager. But she is also intelligent but she is very fragile. I don't want to use inferior because she is a strong female character, but she is nonetheless influenced greatly by her surroundings and her circle of people, like her brother Jace, mother and father, and even her friend Margot. Lets not forget the fact that once Joseph gets in the mix, he play a huge role on her mindset. So as much as I liked her, she irked me slightly then I reel it back in because of her age - I mean honestly I was a hot mess at 17...

Then you have the deliciously scrumptious Joseph. Bend me over and call me sweetness, please and thank you! I liked him, I liked him a great deal off and on throughout. He is an older gentlemen, in the twenty/twenty one range, so it isn't as creepy, so don't think the romance is this huge age gap.  I digress, lets reel this one back in. Joseph is the kind of sweet, diehard have your back kind of dude with this delicious need to be a caveman. I like it. 

Fireworks. That is what Joseph and Samantha are together. They have this line drawn between them, for starters the age, secondly they have somewhat of a trust that needs to be built between them, I get it - but at times their romance was just drowning it was beyond a web of confusion. I liked it, and I hated it. It is hard to describe without spoiling, but I loved the romance, it was juicy, it had passion, it had beauty; but it also had this overpowering plot that just sent me over the edge and I just could not pick myself up. 

Overall, I definitely enjoyed book one in Until You Series. This was one of those overwhelming and engaging read, fast paced with an inciting twist. The romance is definitely fierce, when I wasn't drooling, I was sitting on the edge of my seat screaming: WHY? JUST MAKE OUT! Oh definitely total swoonage. 

Honestly I cannot wait to dive into Until You Are Mine because I need to know... I need to know what happens next to Samantha and Joseph, seriously I am invested. 
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560 reviews
February 7, 2019
Review for book 1 to 3.
I loved this series. it was truly a page-turner. Plus you got a great alpha-male who is over the top crazy but just so much in love.

I loved Joe's and Sam's romance.
I loved all the drama that happens and how he was always there for her.
I loved the family they had surrounding them.

I think for me book 3 was not my favorite, because it didn't have as much action as I hoped and there were tooo many sex scenes for my liking. Plus even though i loved Sam she just had SOOOO much insecurity over her relationship with Joe to even have 1% of doubt he cheated on her.
I would have liked her to been kidnapped again or something BIG to happen and Joe come and save her, but the ending wasnt a page turner for me but i truely enjoyed it.

But overall wonderful.

here are my ramblings so i remember what happened
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884 reviews6 followers
January 17, 2018
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book
Samantha Cavanagh has her life mapped out. She is about to graduate high school with honors and from there she’s off to UT for another two and a half years then she enters the corporate world. She is smart and super driven but an innocent in the ways of the world. That is until Sam’s brother Jace comes home from UT for Thanksgiving break and brings his roommate/best friend, Joe. Joe is handsome, smart, a real gentleman whose touch sends shivers down her body. Sam's world begins to shift.
Joesph - Heir to the throne to become VP in the technology department that his grandfather started, taking over his uncle's position so he can retire. He goes home with his roommate and friend to spend the holiday weekend with them instead of vacationing with any of the members of his family. He has yet to meet the girl his roommate is constantly talking to or talking about, Jace's little sister Samantha. When he meets the seventeen-year-old girl, his mind heads in a direction he didn't want it to since she was still not eighteen. He tries not to want her as much, at least not at this point her life because he wants to live a life and explore before he claims her for his own, which won't be until they are both out of college. He is dead set on this. So even though he calls her sweetness and works her up and turns her on, he doesn't want to do anything with her. Jace isn't too keen on it but because he sees the look in Joesph's eyes he lets it go. Because Jace sees that they look good together. Now, if Joesph could only realize that you can have a relationship and still accomplish goals then all might be right in the world. Considering when she is out with another guy and not technically on a date, he gets overly jealous and shows up and interrupts her dinner with her friend, who happens to be a guy. A month later tragedy strikes in her family to change his tune. But can what happens next keep them together or will it tear them apart?
6 reviews1 follower
January 2, 2018
I am so in love with these characters! Samantha (Sam) is a smart, sassy, self-sacrifing, and sincere individual working her way to finish high school and graduate college early. She has her career plan in place and has no time or interest for men or dating...especially after her one and only relarionship ends very badly. Then her manwhoring, lovable, and clueless older brother Jace brings home his friend and roommate for Thanksgiving. Joseph (Joe) is set on a path to take over part of his familys company and so is groomed, determined, responsible and focused. Driven by his upcoming role at the company leaves little time for exploring or developing relationships with the opposite sex. But when Sam walks in to meet Joe, there is instant chemistry and all bets are off. From there, they start a series of ups and downs, back and forth steps that lead to heartache, confusion, lust, and possibly love. I adore not only these main characters but how the interact with friends and family in this book. They come together in tragedy and support one another; they celebrate, encourage and pester one another. I feel connected to each one as they are truly developed in personality and mannerisms. This story has the perfect amount of sexy scenes to be believable for a 17 year old. This romance story, not an erotic tale, leaves you breathless and impatiently waiting for the next installment (which luckily comes out next month!!). I'm on pins and needles to see what happens next...will Sam and Joe finally start a lasting relationship, will troubles continue to follow them around, will I forever be heartbroken by this story or will there be a happily ever after? I must KNOW!

I received a ARC in exchange for an honest review...and I'm honestly impatiently waiting for book 2!!
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3,854 reviews219 followers
May 15, 2018
Until You Set Me Free
Until You Set Me Free is book 1 in the Until You series. This book had me hooked from the very start and I was unable to put it down until I was finished. The chemistry between Sam and Joseph is out of this world even though they both know that they are unable to pursue a relationship at this time. The problem is that they are on different pages as to why their relationship needs to be on hold. Sam believes that the charismatic, brilliant, soon to be millionare is too good for someone like her. Joseph knows that he wants a future with Sam, but with her age and their career goals he feels it isn't the right time to be together. When tragedy strikes they are both forced to reevaluate what they want in life.

This book took my on a roller coaster. I was heartbroken at times and on the edge of my seat with the suspense of what was going to happen next. Full of hot steamy moments, emotional ones and some funny exciting ones this book covers everything.

I can not wait to get started on book 2!

A must read book for sure.

Until You Are Mine
Until You Are Mine is book 2 in the Until You series. This book picks up where book 1 left off and must be read in order. Once again I was hooked from the start and couldn't put this book down. The suspense of what was going to happen next was something that had me on the edge of my seat. I was trying to guess but still taken by surprise. I love these characters and the chemistry between Sam and Joseph is still explosive. These two were made for each other for sure.

Just like in book 1, I was feeling all the feels and an emotional wreck for what Samantha was going through. She and Joseph still have a lot to work through but Joseph is not willing to give up easily.

You will not be disappointed! One click this series right away!
2,893 reviews20 followers
January 2, 2018
Young love, mega angst, and criminal intrigue to be continued!

Long angst-ridden YA love story with the lovers starcrossed due to bad timing and abysmal communication. Joseph falls immediately for his college roommate's not yet legal younger sister, but both of them have career ambitions that a hasty romance might derail. The fact that the hero cares so much about not preventing the girl he loves from experiencing life and reaching her potential before locking into a committed relationship is refreshing. If only he would explain himself!

I think I would have rated this book lower due to its totally up-in-the-air ending, but I was clearly warned it was a cliffhanger. I believe that there are some justifications for having a major element of the story held over to be fully explored in a subsequent book. Dragging out the plot with little happening until the ending and then opting to carry over to a new book is not one of them! I was losing interest in this one until a major shocker got me interested again, but then, bam, the book ended. And all plot lines were unresolved, not just one or two. I don't know if I care enough about these characters, except for the heroine's parents, to buy one (or more?) sequel. There is, however, a murder mystery that keeps me intrigued.

Jace, the heroine's brother, was a totally unlikable character and I felt the 17-year-old heroine, despite her innocent, A student, hard working persona had an unattractive case of potty mouth.

I received a complimentary advance copy of this book; this is my voluntary and honest review.
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78 reviews1 follower
November 26, 2021
She’s only seventeen and she’s my best friend’s little sister… but there’s a pull I can’t deny. I want her to live her life, but I also want to make her MINE. She is MINE! But… I have to let her go, even if it means I break my own heart. How can I stay away from the future I see in Samantha Cavanaugh?

He’s the future VP of one of the biggest multi-million company in Dallas. He’s my brother’s roommate and his best friend. He’s my future boss. I can’t be the person he needs to stand by his side. But this attraction we have… it will only break my heart. How will I survive Joseph McIntyre?

I really enjoyed this book! The tension between the main characters is highly palpable. Their story is so heartbreaking and just filled sexual tension!

Joseph is definitely one of the best book boyfriends out there!! He’s super protective, sweet, romantic, intuitive, and extremely sexy! He’s not afraid to lay out his feelings even if his family and friends make fun of him.

Samantha is so independent and such a strong willed character. She’s intelligent, very focused, and ambitious. She has built around her heart after years of being by herself and self-sufficient that Joseph taking care of her catches her off guard. She breaks down her walls for him and only for him.

If you enjoy torture of sexual tension, brother’s best friend trope, and a little bit, just a mild case of taboo romance, this is the book for you!!!
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917 reviews2 followers
January 16, 2018
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book via Hidden Gem.

Samantha and Joseph are very driven and their future plans are laid out. They don’t want to deviate from their plans until they meet each other. Samantha, a high school senior loves to develop apps and kinda a computer geek meets her brother’s roommate and best friend Joseph when they were at their home for Thanksgiving. They are immediately attracted to each other and Samantha is trying to seduce Joe but he wants to wait until she is older and he wants her to enjoy life before they meet again. He was sure she will be his later but not yet.
Nothing goes way Joe or Samantha planned. When Joe refuses Samantha, she decided to go out on a date and when he learns she is out on a date, he declares he wants her to wait for him.
Both are finally learning to lean on to each other and wait until tragedy happens and it changes everything.

In the beginning, Samantha and Joe doesn’t seem like a match but their journey through out the book was interesting and different and heart breaking. It is definitely different type of romance.
It does end with cliffhanger and I can’t wait to read the next chapter to this series.
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5,034 reviews166 followers
August 11, 2018
When Samantha finally meets her brother's friend, Joseph, she's smitten. He's sexy and sweet, and smart, and is part of the family who runs the company where her dream career lies - MCI (not the old phone company!). Joseph's taken aback at how much he's attracted to Samantha, his friend and college roommate Jace's little sister. But he's determined that she will be his, WHEN she's of age and has graduated from high school.

But, when tragedy rocks Samantha's family, everything falls apart and she knows she has to step away from Joseph, for his own good, for his own safety. Will Joseph accept Samantha distancing herself from him?

Wow, I have to say I was seriously surprised at how great Until You Set Me Free was. It's full of sexual tension and the dance between Samantha and Joseph is hot! I love where things are heading and cannot wait to read what happens next.

I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.
108 reviews
April 2, 2022

I didn’t know I was starting the first of three books, but that’s ok if you have Kindle Unlimited. The story starts out when Joseph and Samantha first meet. Joseph is the the youngest son in a family worth millions who owns one of the largest tech companies. Samantha, or Sam as she is called, is super smart finishing high school. It’s love at first sight with Joseph putting brakes on it until he finishes college she finishes high school and college. However, Sam’s dad is killed and the FBI gets involved.

The story starts out about young love and family then slowly turns toward suspense. I usually don’t read this type of book but found myself becoming invested in the characters. So I did
what any invested reader would do. I got the other two books plus the two about Joseph’s brothers to finish out the series,
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880 reviews
January 4, 2018
A Review of Until You Set Me Free by D.M. Davis

Joseph and Samantha - 4.5 Stars

When we first meet Sam, she is seventeen and in her senior year of High School. She is very smart (some even say gifted) and very beautiful. Sam has her life all mapped out and knows what she wants, until she meets Joseph face to face. I ABSOLUTELY loved the characters in this book and was left broken hearted by the events toward the end of it. I am definitely looking forward to the second book to find out what happens for them. This book has all the feels: love, excitement and tragedy. The many ups and downs will keep you glued to your seat and make you want to jump into the story.

**Honest review voluntarily provided from a Complimentary Copy**
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536 reviews11 followers
July 28, 2020
4 ★★★★

My first read of D.M Davis and what.a.ride.!

First, this book is highly emotional.
It follows the story of Samantha Cavanaghs and Joseph McIntyre.
They attracted to each other since they first met, but foolishly they do not act on it.
It leads to many frustrating moments and truly I want to throw my phone away because of it.

What makes this book interesting is that the female character, Sam, having so many insecurities.
It makes my heart aches for her.
I also love Joe's interaction with his family, especially his brothers.


*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review
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January 6, 2018
I received an arc of this book for an honest review. This story had me from the first page.. I love the characters and the sex is great! Samantha is a smart and witty teenager , wiser than her years and she meets and falls hard for her brother’s roommate from college, Joseph. Of course it is a two way street with Joseph falling hard himself. The problem is they both have goals and plans on finishing school before having a serious relationship. Yeah ok, how did that work out? This is a fast paced read packed full of romance but also filled with some sadness. Can’t wait for part 2
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