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Masters of Love #2

Professor Feelgood

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What's a girl to do when a man who's countless shades of wrong feels oh-so-right?

Ambitious book editor Asha Tate is a hopeless romantic. Despite her mediocre track record with men, she believes in swooning, sighing, and the everlasting love of true soul mates. Sure, sex is okay, but she’s not someone who’s ever been driven by her animal urges.

Until now.

When Asha stumbles upon the scorching hot Instagram feed of someone calling himself Professor Feelgood, she falls in lust for the first time. Not only is she left panting over photos of the professor’s insane body, but his angst-filled poetry about losing his one true love speaks straight to her soul. 

Desperately in need of a bestseller for her struggling publishing company, Asha knows the professor’s potential to sell to his millions of loyal followers could be the lifeline her bosses need. However, the ink is barely dry on a book deal before she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Sure, the professor is incredibly talented and sexier than any man has a right to be, but the man behind the persona isn’t at all who she pictured. In real life, he’s intense, arrogant and infuriating, and his uncanny ability to rub her the wrong way turns her dream project into a total nightmare.

Knowing that the professor is everything she doesn’t want in a man should help Asha ignore her occasional urges to mount him, but she quickly learns that explosive, unwanted chemistry can make even smart people do stupid things.

Don't miss this sexy new standalone from the international bestselling author of Bad Romeo!

303 pages, Kindle Edition

First published September 16, 2018

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Leisa Rayven

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Author of swoony, sexy, slow-burn romances. Fluent in sarcasm. Professional snuggler. Guacamole addict.

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3,754 reviews32k followers
September 27, 2018
4.5 stars!!

 photo IMG_2020_zpsqwbgqbxx.png

Leisa Rayven always writes the best sexy and fun reads that have an awesome twist you never see coming. I really enjoyed the first book in this series (Mister Romance), but I LOVED Professor Feelgood. In my opinion, this book was much better than the first. It gave me a few laughs, had a lot of emotion, and tons of heart. 

Asha Tate is looking for a promotion at work, but has no idea where to start with the task she's been given. Find a bestselling author. After countless hours of pouring over manuscripts, she's no closer than when she began. Then she remembers his Instagram... Professor Feelgood. The Professor's Instagram is full of beautiful poetry and even some photos. As a romantic, Asha falls in love with the Professor's words. And she falls a little in lust with the man himself. Even though she's never seen/met him. 

Asha just knows Professor Feelgood could write the next best seller. He has millions of followers and his writing touches many people. She just has to talk this man who is an enigma into it. She actually manages to get him to agree over the phone and she can't believe it. Then, she meets him. Her perception of the Professor changes drastically and she's not sure if she can make this work. The only thing is, she doesn't  have much of a choice. Her job is on the line. And truth be told, so is her heart.

Asha is the sister of Eden, the heroine in Mister Romance. Even though these books are in a series, either one can be read as a stand-alone. I thought Asha was fantastic. I enjoyed reading from her point of view and I feel like she's very relatable. Now the Professor... I loved the spin on him and the twist I didn't see coming. You want to know more about this sexy man? You'll have to read the book yourself! 

Once again, Leisa Rayven brought an original story to the romance genre. I love that her books aren't your typical troupes. This book was captivating, steamy, emotional, and a lot of fun to read. I loved it and can't wait to read more from this author! Every book she's put out has been a win for me!  
A soulmate is someone who sees all the parts you’re ashamed of, and loves you anyway.
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1,260 reviews9,926 followers
September 16, 2018
*****4.5 STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

Anyone who says true love is easy has never felt it because there’s nothing easy about loving a person who’s as necessary to your life as breathing. There’s nothing easy about being so terrified of losing them, you’ll make a thousand wrong decisions before you figure out that risking everything is the only right one.

PROFESSOR FEELGOOD is an angsty frenemies-to-lovers romance that will take you on a wild roller coaster ride of emotions. I wasn’t expecting this story to tug at my heart the way that it did. The characters are compelling and their path to an HEA was anything but easy, but they will learn that the love from your one true soul mate is worth taking the biggest risk of your life.

The story is told entirely in Asha’s point of view. She’s the younger sister of Eden, who was the heroine in ”MISTER ROMANCE”. Having the story in only Asha’s voice made it even more angsty because she wasn’t a Heroine that was in tune with her feelings. She kept a lot of her emotions bottled up and avoided facing the truth as her protection mechanism. I wanted so much to get inside of Jake’s head. He was the character who wasn’t afraid to deal with the hard stuff, but I know that the author did this so that there was still a good amount of mystery present throughout the plot development.

Asha has never been able to be in a committed relationship for more than a few months because of her deeply rooted insecurities and no man has measured up to the impossible standards she has in her head. If she is ever going to find love, she’s going to have to do some intense soul searching and take the biggest risk of all by admitting what’s always been in her heart. Can she do this before she ends up losing Jake once more?

Here are my overall ratings:

Hero: 5
Heroine: 4
Plot: 4
Angst: 4.5
Steam: 4.5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

PROFESSOR FEELGOOD is currently available.

Amazon US: https://goo.gl/UMAViT
iBooks: https://goo.gl/dBbkHZ
B&N: https://goo.gl/Nsv67M
Kobo: https://goo.gl/u395t1

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1,802 reviews2,158 followers
September 22, 2018
4 stars!

“ A soulmate is someone who sees all the parts you’re ashamed of, and loves you anyway.”

Book editor Asha is looking for the next big thing in the publishing world. While doing research for her next book to publish, she gets an idea to approach an Instagram poet who anonymously posts online. Hoping he will be the next bestseller she messages him and after some convincing he agrees. After everything is finalized, she realizes her dream man is a giant jerk, and now she has to work with him one on one.

“How do you protect yourself from the person who was born with an all-access pass to your heart?”

Leisa Rayven is a magical unicorn writer, everything she writes, I love. Professor Feelgood was a great next installment in the Masters of Love series (it can be read as a standalone) and I loved Asha and the Professor so so much. My favorite part about this book was the theme of looking inward and recognizing your mistakes. Also the power of perspective was an excellent theme of this book, one that doesn’t get covered a lot in romance.

I love Rayven’s stories and her writing. If I could I would go all Kathy Bates on her and have her write me stories all day long, I just don’t want to break her legs haha.

“You’re the one thing in this world that helps me make sense.”

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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793 reviews868 followers
September 17, 2018


I've been waiting for this book for so long. After reading Mister Romance I couldn't wait to get my grabby hands on Asha's story. So lets have a look if this one fulfilled the promise it held, shall we?

Note: Making sure that you are aware that I rated this book 4.5 stars so even though I had some niggles I enjoyed this story so much.

Professor Feelgood is an ultra-slow burn. For pretty much the first 70% we get a lot of bickering and a highly entertaining story about how Asha tries to put her animosity for the professor aside and do her job. It was fun to watch both of them jumping at each other's throat. However, they said some pretty hurtful things in between though so the angst, that builds up, will satisfy any angst junkie.
“You sacrificed seven-hundred grand to annoy me?”
“Oh, but princess, the value of annoying you is priceless."

As a result the relationship between them showed distinct lack of development in the first half of the story. If you find yourself wondering if they'll ever get past their hurt...keep going. It's going to get phenomenal.

When Asha finally has an epiphany - and this is the niggle I was talking about - it came a little out of the blue. I realize that we often color events and the past the way we want to see them and it's definitely a big theme in this story. But this book is written in Asha's point of view and the enlightenment, that came up the first time when I was in the last third of the story, should at least have been hinted at before.

Nevertheless I loved the professor and Asha's love story. Often times the words we don't say are the ones that harm us most and there is a lesson to be learned, not just for these characters. There was, buried under all the resentment, an obvious connection between the two of them and once they dug it out the story became tender, passionate and full of romance.
“Loving someone is the easiest thing in the word. Making them love you back is the hard part.”

I adored this hero, him being a douchenozzle for half of the book notwithstanding. You could feel his frustration and anger, that he lashed out because he couldn't muster the courage to say what he wanted to.
Asha had sass and spirit. She gave as good as she got. I loved that Leisa Rayven touched on an issue the majority of women have - not being able to let go with a sexual partner, thus making the experience something to endure and not to enjoy.
"If men had to make women orgasm to get them pregnant, the world’s population would still be in double-digits.”

Ain't it the truth...

The last 30% of the book were rather emotional and it was when I fell deeply in love with Asha too. Some might think that's too late but there is still a good junk of pages left to revel in her and the professor's love for each other.
And as I stared, bombarded by all the ways I needed her in my life, there was a small, lonely hole in my heart that saw her standing there and whispered, “Oh, there you are.” This is the story of us.

Waiting for Asha and the professor's story was so worth it, it's romantic, a tiny bit angsty, all kinds of fun and satisfying. Leisa Rayven has shown again what a damn fine writer she is. Her prose is captivating and has a certain poetry without being flowery. While I was waiting for Professor Feelgood for more than a year it is the quality of this author's writing that makes it so worth it. I can see at least two more characters who show potential for their own book. Next up is Doctor Love and I hope it'll be here soon!

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1,333 reviews1,394 followers
September 16, 2018
5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

-"Loving someone is the easiest thing in the world. Making them love you back is the hard part."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Asha Tate is a 23 yr. old woman living in Brooklyn, New York working as an editorial assistant at Whiplash Publishing. She’s a hopeless romantic. The kind of girl that wants hearts and flowers. She knows what she wants in a relationship, and isn’t willing to settle or compromise her standards. Her love life is lacking, and she’s never felt all consuming, uncontrollable lust for a man until she stumbled upon an Instagram account of a guy who called himself Professor Feelgood. He lost the love of his life and is broken-hearted. He posts beautiful poetry and half naked photos of his gorgeous body. His passionate, soulful words speak to her heart and inspire her, as well as arouse her senses. He writes from his heart, and is real, imperfect, and relatable. The more she immersed herself in his words, the more obsessed she becomes with him. His raw brilliance ignites something in her, and she can’t quit thinking about a man she’s never met. She’s craving a total stranger, and is addicted to his deeply personal confessions.

Asha wants to become editor, and a promotion is on the line. Her company is struggling, and in need of a bestseller. Asha thinks with Professor Feelgood’s huge fan base his words would sell, and propositions the extremely talented man she’s been crushing on. He’s been anonymous up until now, and she’s hoping she can remain professional when they meet in person. They will have to work as a team, and as her client she has to make him happy. She can’t afford to act on her crazy hot attraction.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

-He's pulling apart his issues, mistakes, and regrets for the whole world to see, and the bravery and honesty that leaps off the screen feels like injecting liquid passion straight into my heart.

-I want to be immune to how his poems make me feel, but there's something about him pining over a woman like a lovesick fool that I have zero defense against.

-There must be some defense against the insanity of what he does to me.

-Desire doesn't care if you want it or not. It just lights up inside you, like a box full of fireworks all going off at once.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Asha meets Professor Feelgood he isn’t at all what she envisioned. He’s arrogant, and drives her crazy, but she’s obligated to put up with him, even if he raises her temperature and sets her entire body on fire. They clash at every turn, but their chemistry is insane, powerful, and volatile. An electric current passes between them wherever their close. They can’t fight the mutual longing and primal, overwhelming need they feel for one another. Asha can’t help her extreme reaction to this man. He checks all her boxes physically and intellectually. Neither has ever felt anything this powerful, and are blindsided by the connection they share. Will they surrender to the fall and take a gamble on love?

This was my first book by Leisa Rayven, and it was amazing! It’s emotional, romantic, sexy, fun, and unique. It’s about true love, soulmates, and forgiveness. It has so many fabulous twists I didn’t see coming. I was intrigued throughout, and couldn’t put it down. I just loved this story, and can’t wait to read more from this fantastic author!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

-If I connect with those dark, passionate eyes of his, I'm done for.

-How is it possible to feel so many conflicting emotions about a single person? How can I love him and hate him at the same time? How can I want to never see him again and want to beg him to never leave my side?

-He makes me feel like everything else was pretend and this is the first time it's been real.

-I'd often dreamed of what a soul mate connection would feel like, but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined the all-consuming passion it would unleash.

-"I need you. Every part of you."

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959 reviews1,068 followers
September 17, 2018
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“ Loving someone is the easiest thing in the world.
Having them love you back is the hard part.”

WOW! This story totally took me be surprise and I loved that! Who would’ve thought that an frenemies romance would have me grasping for every single word and make me want so much more. Leisa Rayven created characters that were bold, classy, and full of passion that bled through every single page.

Asha Tate has one constant thing going for her and that’s her career as an editorial assistant. . Dreaming of being a top editor one day, she knows that in this business, finding the right story is everything. When she comes across an Instagram page that she’s been following for quite some time with some of the most powerful poems, she gets an idea to reach out to none other than the man dubbed as “ Professor Feelgood. With a once in a lifetime chance of having this man tell his own story for the world to read about, Asha knows that she’s about to encounter something big with this man. But what she doesn’t know is that her time with him will throw her life into a tailspin. But for better or worse, that is the question.

“Anyone who says true love is easy has never felt it because there’s nothing easy about loving a person who’s as necessary to your life as breathing. There’s nothing easy about being so terrified of losing them, you’ll make a thousand wrong decisions before you figure out that risking everything is the only right one.”

I have to say that I was completely shocked with this one. I had to no idea what to expect but I liked the fact that this author threw a wrench into the normal “boy meets girl” plot. It was funny at times, deeply emotional, humanly realistic, and off the charts sexy! Jake and Asha had had this connection like no other and you felt it everywhere. Now don’t even get me started on those poems because holy shit they were HOTTT!!!!!! Now I seriously cannot wait to see what this author is going to come up with next.

If you’re looking for a good light romance, then this one is for you.

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293 reviews467 followers
September 17, 2018

“What happened to us, Ash?
We used to think we’d be friends forever. We dreamed so big it hurt our brains. And now…
The biggest thing we have in common these days is our anger, and I have no goddamn clue how to change that.”

I haven’t read a Leisa Rayven story in such a long time and I have no idea why. I think it’s just a case of too many books and not enough time. So when I saw she was releasing a new story I jumped at the chance to get to read another of her stories and oh boy, is she a phenomenal storyteller or what. The emotions she portrayed I felt to my core, it was deep, poignant and intense. I really enjoyed Professor Feelgood, but it was not at all what I was expecting, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. I like experiencing the unexpected. What I thought was going to be a light-hearted and fun read was in fact an angsty emotional rollercoaster ride. I am a total sucker for angsty stories that send my emotions into overdrive, so I was completely in the zone with this one.

Asha is a romantic, who would love to find the perfect partner, but her love life is going nowhere and I mean nowhere fast. So as a way to distract herself from her non-existent love life, she is focusing solely on her career and a potential promotion opportunity. Asha works at a publishing house and in order for her to secure her long sought after promotion she will need to bring in the next bestseller.

Asha is going through the motions of attempting to find the perfect manuscript in order to become the next bestseller when she remembers her infatuation with the faceless man from Instagram who writes the most moving and tortured poetry. It’s evident through his words that he has been through a certain amount of heartbreak and despair.

Asha becomes determined to get the alluring and mysterious Professor Feelgood to sign with her publishing company. She has lusted after him for so long and can’t think of anyone better to work with. As a way to seal the deal, she has offered him the largest advance her publishing company has ever offered.

“How is it possible to feel so many conflicting emotions about a single person? How can I love him and hate him at the same time? How can I want to never see him again and want to beg him to never leave my side?”

Asha and Professor Feelgood have a profound and electrifying sexual tension, which just about flew off the pages of my kindle. I became completely enamoured and addicted to these two. Working together however did not prove to be an easy task. There was so much anger and hate, but I think that added to the sexual tension and angst ten-fold. I would have liked to have some perspective from the Professor’s POV, to know what he was thinking and what made him tick, but I think it would have taken away the mystery that surrounded the poetic Professor.

Professor Feelgood had just the right balance of heartfelt emotion, angst, fun and laughs and I found it really entertaining. There were a few twists and turns and things I did not see coming and I adored these little surprises I discovered along the way. If you are after a story that is sure to make you believe in happily ever after, then check-out Professor Feelgood because he is sure to make you swoon.

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2,115 reviews54 followers
February 11, 2019

" Amar a alguien es lo mas facil de la palabra. Hacer que te amen es la parte dificil. "

Professor Feelgood es el segundo libro de la saga Masters Of Love escrita por Leisa Rayven y tiene como protagonistas a Asha ( hermana de la protagonista del primer libro ) y Jacob.

Esta lectura fue como una montaña rusa, tuvo subidas y bajadas. El primer tercio era entretenido y atrapante, luego en la parte central la trama decayo ligeramente, le faltaba mas emocion y chispa, y despues en los ultimos capitulos volvio a recuperar la intensidad del principio, pero a grandes rasgos me parecio una historia bonita pero no inolvidable.

La parte sentimental no me gusto tanto como esperaba, la historia de amor tenia mucho potencial pero la autora no supo explotarlo al 100%, en mi opinion le faltan mas escenas significativas entre los protagonistas y tampoco ayudo que los " juntara " un poco tarde, no es hasta casi el final ( mas o menos por el 75% del libro ) cuando realmente los vemos ser una pareja.

En algunos momentos no consegui conectar tanto como me hubiera gustado con la historia que narraba o con los protagonistas, ellos pasan la mayor parte de la novela discutiendo y recriminandose asuntos del pasado, y cuando al fin sus sentimientos evolucionan ya no fui capaz de creerme completamente su amor.

Jacob y Asha por separado fueron agradables pero al igual que me sucedio con la novela en si no se convertiran en memorables en mi vida y eso que al leer algunas reseñas de este libro me emocione esperando encontrar un libro de sobresaliente, pero por desgracia no fue del todo asi.

En conclusion, Professor Feelgood es una historia mas profunda de lo que parece a simple vista, que se lee de forma muy agil y que te mantendra interesada, de haber tenido mas romance estoy segura de que le hubiera puesto como minimo cuatro estrellas, pero eche en falta mas sentimiento entre Asha y Jacob por lo que se queda con media estrella menos.

P. D. : Y una mencion especial a todas las citas que tiene el libro, son realmente hermosas y desgarradoras, solo por ellas este libro vale mucho la pena.

3.5 Estrellas!
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598 reviews332 followers
September 22, 2018
I usually love Leisa’s books but this one fell short for me. The MC’s get together at around 85% and it all felt rushed. I never felt connected to them or their love story. The chemistry was lacking too and it felt kinda forced. Also some events were so unbelievable I rolled my eyes a few times.

I really wanted to love this book but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.
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942 reviews572 followers
September 19, 2018
4.5 Brooklyn Stars

The Masters Of Love is an EPIC series. It’s become one of my favorites, because it has romance, angst and also humor. This second book is about Asha, the hopeless romantic, she’s always fantasying about finding an movie style kind of love, in the arms of the perfect man. And where does she finds him? On Instagram...

 photo B6F9E157-C601-4F25-A746-578FD09148B2_zpscgfl4uuq.jpg

Asha has been stalking Professor FeelGood on Instagram. Everyday she spends hours looking at his feed, which is full of poetry paired with pictures of gorgeous, exotic destinations. Reading his posts makes her days better. When Asha finds herself competing for a promotion at her job, to become editor, she knows she needs to find an amazing novel for her boss to give her the opportunity she’s been waiting for her whole life. When she’s running out of options, she comes up with the idea of contacting Professor FeelGood, and ask him to turn all his beautiful poems into a book. The guy does have millions of followers, and with his heartbreakingly beautiful poetry, he is destined to capture the hearts of anyone who reads his words.

But what happens when she finally meets this mysterious man in person, and he is not who she thought he was going to be but yet everything she’s always wanted?

Just like on the first book the secondary characters, were amazing. They made this story so unbelievably good. I loved the friends to enemies plot, and the romance was just fantastic. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!

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2,697 reviews12 followers
September 13, 2018
ARC received for an honest review

Woohoo a new book from Leisa Rayven, let me at it!

It has been a while since I read Mister Romance, so I didn't remember Asha at all, and for some reason, I thought Professor Feelgood was going to be somehow attached to Max / Mr Romance, not his love Eden (she is Asha's sister).

And that was not where the surprises ended.

I was completely hooked on this book from the first words. I mean, who hasn't drooled over some guy/girls and wanted to really know them. Maybe not write a book with them, but know them.

And here the mysteries all start. Why does Asha have such a connection with a nameless, faceless guy on a screen.

Heck, I had a crush on him just reading about him! *SWOON*

Asha and the Professor have such chemistry - not always heart eyes though. Oh boy, can you feel the pheremones flying across the room whenever they are together. If they say fighting is foreplay, this is outright war.

But we don't really get the sexy times, which this old perv was bummed about!

And then, just when you think you know where this story is going, BAM - Ms Rayven throws another curveball our way that had me all

I sure as sh!t didn't see that coming.

I just absolutely loved this book. It is adorable, and funny, and frustrating and just... sigh everything.

I adored getting to see more of Max and Eden, and have a bit of a girl crush on Asha's friend Joanna. I hope she is the leading lady of the next book, Doctor Love.

I need it. Now. Right This Second. Please don't make me wait too long Ms Rayven.

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1,236 reviews209 followers
September 18, 2018
4,5. Acabo o livro e vou falar uma verdade: com lágrimas nos olhos. Amei esse livro. Que sensação boa... a cada parágrafo, senti a emoção transbordando da autora. Que sensibilidade e delicadeza.
“ You shouldn’t have to fight for love, Asha. That’s the whole point of it. If two people love each other, there shouldn’t be anything that can keep them apart. But that only works if both of them feel the same way, at the same time. And no matter how much of a romantic you are, you have to admit the odds of that happening are woeful.”
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2,136 reviews1,187 followers
March 29, 2022



Asha is a hopeless romantic. She's waiting for her happily ever after. But it's not looking all that good at the moment - especially considering the little problem she thinks she has in the bedroom.

That's why she needs to concentrate on getting that promotion at work. The little publishing house she works for as an editor needs her to bring in a future bestseller - or else boob-ogling-idiot Devin will get the job.

After going through a million scripts, she remembers her addiction to a certain Instagram profile. Professor Feelgood. His face has never been on a picture, but his heart is in his posts and poems. His heart and his soul and his heartbreak. Asha feels like a little One Direction fangirl every time she opens Instagram.

Now she only has to convince a stranger to sign with her company ....

Getting him to sign with her might be do-able ... but that's only the 'beginning' of her story with the Professor!

What will happen to Asha and the Professor?




Finally book #2 in this adorable series.

I did a re-read of Mister Romance while waiting for this book to arrive. Asha was in there a lot and I already adored her in her sister's book.

And now she gets her own happily ever after. Even if it might take her a long while to really get there with our Professor .....


Mystery Guy!

Spoiler Alert: He's not really a professor. But that's all I'm telling you about him! ☺

He's not really all that present during the first part of the book. We only hear about him. His Instagram posts. His sexy pictures and even sexier words.

And we love him. He's this gorgeous heartbroken soul who's just waiting for the right girl to come along and heal him. Yup. That'll be us - ok... it'll be Asha. ☺

But once they meet to work on his book ... well ... it's NOT going to be easy to get that book written together. There might be some anger and some hate ... but there's also a lot of sparkage & mega-chemistry and lots of fight-and-argue-foreplay-moments! Phew!

I LOVED this book. It was so funny and adorable and sexy and just plain entertaining!

Perfect! Nothing more to say!

I also mega-adored Asha's friend Joanna - she's hilarious!!!!! She'll hopefully be the star of the next book - DOCTOR LOVE! Can't wait to get my hands on that one!

PROFESSOR FEELGOOD was the most adorable and funny and moving love story! ... run to your nearest amazon for your own Professor - this one is MINE!

Tiny little s p o i l e r about something. Don't read it if you're scared - or just read it after reading the book, that way you know what I'm talking about. It's nothing bad. More like funny and WTF-ish☺!

If I had to name some tiny little things that bothered me?

Their age. They're both 24 years old and all through the book they felt more like 34 to me. Both of them, but especially the Professor. Didn't hurt the story or the book, but maybe they could've been a bit older?

Another thing... I missed the sexiness a bit. I don't know why, but I wanted it a bit sexier. We have this mega-sparkage and sexy talk all through the book - and I loved that. But the real sexiness is missing a bit. It came too late. The book was almost over before we even kiss. Which doesn't make the book bad in any way - I still LOOOVED it. Just thought I should mention it!


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1,786 reviews2,011 followers
September 17, 2018

“Losing the thing you love most teaches your heart about its true value.”

We were so excited to start Professor FeelGood after having read and loved Mister Romance. Whilst they can both be read as standalones we highly recommend reading them in order as book one is Tate’s story and this book is her sister, Asha’s story. Not only that, they’re both absolutely fabulous and we can’t think of anything better than for new readers to binge read both! What a treat for the romantic hearts! Leisa Rayven absolutely nailed it with this story – superbly written with a stellar storyline and characters that’ll steal your hearts.

“You once told me that in the story of our lives, we’re our own flawed narrator. You think I’m the bad guy, and I think you are. Our memories are subjective, and we rarely remember ourselves as the villain, even when we were.”

In Professor FeelGood we loved the emphasis on the enemies to lover’s romance, it was written to perfection. And what a wonderful premise, because whilst we love our arsehole alpha heroes, we do revel in that certain vulnerability some of them possess and no more so than in this case, the brokenness of our Professor FeelGood. What a man, they don’t get much better than this. Once again you could’ve spooned us off of the floor, we were in puddles.

“And if you fall in love, then you’re taking the ultimate gamble. You’re betting with your heart, and that shit’s deadly. Might as well play Russian roulette with live rounds, because let me tell you, most of the time, that heart is lost. Smashed to pieces.”

The way in which Jacob’s character was written was just utterly delicious! A tortured swoony hero with a broken heart. He was an intriguing mystery with a poetic compelling way with words. He was divine. It’s not often we get heroes that compel us emotionally to the point of -teary eyes- the way he did, as well as the manner in which he expressed himself. Bravo Leisa Rayven for writing that indescribable ‘perfect’ male character we fall in utter book love with.

“There were days when I really needed a friend. My best friend. And fuck you for not being there. And fuck me for still needing you so much after all this time.”

Asha’s a wonderful heroine. Strong willed and direct, yet her heart is mourning something she once had, unbeknownst to her. She’s successful and clued up in all things but the matters of her heart. With a good job at a publishing house and a loving group of people around her, including her sister, Tate, she’s almost living her best life. If only she could find her soulmate and nail that coveted editor position at work she’d be all set. Her life changes direction when a brilliant idea rears its head from stalking a certain Professor FeelGood on Instagram. An idea that takes her on a trip down memory lane. And it’s not an easy journey.

“You’re the person who describes me. You give me meaning. Even when we were fighting, I felt it. You’re the one thing in the world that helps me make sense.”

Professor FeelGood was hilarious, sexy and oh so romantic with dashes of real heart breaking angst thrown in. The way in which Asha and Jacob’s story was written had us furiously turning the pages as we devoured every single word waiting for that moment all us romance readers wait on tenterhooks for. It was a slow build that was all about the story and its characters. Brilliant job Leisa Rayven, you’ve only gone and done it again and we love you for it.

‘Nothing hollows out a heart more thoroughly than regret.’

Available to purchase below
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1,136 reviews1,662 followers
September 30, 2018
I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Full review also posted on Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic

The Masters of Love series continues with Professor Feelgood and this is about Eden's sister, Asha Tate. Asha is an editor in a small publishing house and is one of the candidates for promotion. In order to be promoted, she's searching for a potential bestselling author. She wants someone whose words emit passion and will connect to his/her audience. The first person who comes in her mind is Professor Feelgood from Instagram. The anonymous guy is popular for writing beautiful poems about heartbreak, loss, life and love. She is a huge fan of his work and believes his words are powerful and affecting the lives of many.

She contacted him, at first he's hesitant and later accepted her offer after their phone conversation. Her excitement about her new project vanished when they met in personal. Apparently this guy she admire because his words is someone from her past and she despised him. Now she doesn't know how they'll work as a team when there's an animosity and unresolved tension between them. Is Asha attracted to him despite of her hate? Undeniably.

Leisa Rayven slays once again with a classic enemies to lovers romance with a lot of angst! I'm drawn from start to finish. Asha is sassy, intelligent, independent and witty. Her personality is very likable and authentic and I love her for that. Professor Feelgood is a brooding, sexy jerk. But when he comes around, his heart is full of love. He got his heart broken by someone he thought was his soulmate and meeting his former best friend isn't helping him. I cannot mention his real name because it's a spoiler and goodness me. I ended up loving him just like Asha. I swooned over him and his revelation about his poems made me love him more. I'm happy Asha and Professor Feelgood reunited and settled their issues from the past and the present time. This made their relationship worthwhile. It's nice to see Max and Eden here. I do hope Joanna will have her own book. I adore her and she's freaking hilarious!

Overall, the story is slow burning romantic and perfectly executed, the sexual tension between Asha and Professor Feelgood is SPOT ON and the character development is fantastic! You'll never go wrong with Leisa Rayven's books. Her books are well written and sizzling romantic. What surprises me are the beautifully written poems. The words are soulful and poetic. It truly moved me. If Ms. Rayven considers writing a poetry collection in the future, I'm totally down for it. Here's one of the poems I like:

"I run to quiet my mind,
and as I force my feet one in front
of the other, my dark thoughts trail behind me
like an oil leak.

I run to purge. To punish myself.
To push thoughts away.
I run, because whenever I stand
the suffocating, life-ruining love I
feel for you
catches up with me."

Final rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
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2,834 reviews623 followers
June 12, 2019
I think this book writing style is very similar to Mariana Zapata books. I love Mariana Zapata books. Its funny and slow burn. Heck she is the queen of slow burn. Then now I stumble into Miss Rayven's book. This is my first read. It is very very similar.

Slow burn, the character development and the cute tender banter between the characters. Its just Miss Rayven's plot is more lighter than Zapata's plot. In Professor Feelgood, the plot is simple. Asha is in desperate need of breakthrough. She needs promotion and she needs a good promising story to be published. And she stumble into a very romantic heartbreaking instagram feeds of Professor Feelgood. And Asha determines to publish his poems.

It turns out Professor Feelgood is her childhood friend who she becomes hating. They got to know each other again with a very delicious funny and tender banter. I feel some parts are very unnecessary to the development of the characters. Like second characters suddenly just pop out of nowhere but adding nothing to the story.

Overall I still very much enjoy this book

4 stars
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September 16, 2018
“Whatever voice is trying to talk you out of enjoying this…don’t listen. The only voice you’re allowed to listen to is mine. And I’m telling you I need you. Every part of you.”

Move over Mister Romance…Professor Feelgood is in the house and he is holding NOTHING back! Leisa Rayven is back and she has blown me away with her latest standalone romance in her amazing Masters of Love series. Professor Feelgood was SO FREAKING GOOD! The writing, of course, was phenomenal! The characters…completely unforgettable! The storyline was fantastic and it had so many more layers than I was expecting. I loved the surprises in this book. I loved all of the delicious angst. I loved the connection, chemistry, and banter between the two main characters. Everything was just so WELL DONE!

This sexy new standalone has what it takes to make every hopeless romantic out there swoon, sigh, and blush for days! This romantic page-turner will be making some top favorites lists, for sure! If you’re looking for a happily ever after with some angst, grit, surprises, and tons of swoon-worthy love scenes…look no further! Professor Feelgood will intrigue you…entertain you…and capture your heart one chapter at a time!

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916 reviews307 followers
September 20, 2018
*I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

*4.5 Stars!*

❝ Loving someone is the easiest thing in the world. Making them love you back is the hard part.❞


Hello, my name is Ari and I am obsessed with Leisa Rayven romances!


Mister Romance was one of my top reads for 2017 so of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Professor Feelgood. I have been dying for Asha’s story ever since we first met her in the first book so once this bad boy landed on my Kindle, I was ready to devour it immediately!

Asha Tate is an editorial assistant hoping to get promoted but first she needs to find a project that will help win her bosses over and land her said promotion. She finds inspiration on Instagram from an account run by a mysterious man who goes by the name “Professor Feelgood”. His words of sorrow and lost love attract the attention of millions and Asha knows that if she get this mystery man on board, his work will surely be a hit. But getting Professor Feelgood to agree will be the easy part, actually having to work with him is a whole other story.

Leisa Rayven is killing it with her latest series and she knocked it out of the ballpark with her newest release, Professor Feelgood. I had the biggest smile on my face while reading this book and pretty much devoured it in a matter of hours. The writing was phenomenal! It was raw, emotional at times even heartbreaking but damn it was beautiful! There are quite a number of poems throughout this book since Professor Feelgood is a poet after all but essentially the Professor’s words are Leisa’s words and I just wanna ask who knew Leisa could throw together rhymes like that because I sure as hell didn’t know and I was stunned! I was in my feelings because some of these poems got to me. They added a greater depth to the story and I loved that Leisa included them.

I already loved Asha’s character before I started this book and I love her even more after reading her story. She’s a sassy redhead who loves bringing stories to life. She’s also a hopeless romantic who keeps striking out when it comes to men. Though she believes in love, she struggles with intimacy and letting her walls down to let love in. She feels broken and scared and throughout this book she tries to work through these fears because she’s tired of feeling this way. With some help from Professor Feelgood she realizes that love is scary thing and so many things can go wrong but in the end it’s worth the risk if it means finding your soulmate.

So I’m not gonna give away the identity of Professor Feelgood but holy hell what a reveal! I totally did not seeing that coming and neither did Asha. I will say that Professor Feelgood is a prickly son of a bitch and it took a while but eventually he grew on me. He’s a hard nut to crack but once you finally break through you see how vulnerable he truly is. I’m not gonna say anything else so you all just have to read this book so you can meet him yourself and fall head over heels for him like I did by the end.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Leisa Rayven is the QUEEN OF ANGSTY ROMANCES and the angst was definitely real with this book. I’m pretty sure you could cut the sexual tension between these two with a knife. I think this might be her most angsty book yet considering these two take forever to get together, but the wait was so worth it in the end. I was in tears, a sobbing mess, because I didn’t expect things to play out like they did but I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.

Professor Feelgood was everything I expected from Leisa Rayven romance and now I have the worst book hangover ever! The writing, the romance, the characters were absolute perfection and now I just want to go re-read all my favorite parts because I can’t get this story out of my head. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series so we can meet this mysterious Doctor Love and see what he’s all about!
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March 16, 2020
RECENSIONE QUI: https://thereadingslove.blogspot.com/...

"Professor Feelgood" è il secondo libro della serie "Master of Love". Ogni libro è autoconclusivo e ha protagonisti diversi. Dopo aver conosciuto Eden e la storia con il suo Mister Romance è arrivato il momento della sorellina Asha, già incontrata precedentemente insieme ai tanti personaggi eclettici che ci hanno tenuto compagnia nella commedia romantica e frizzante "Mister Romance". Asha lavora in una piccola casa editrice, il suo sogno è diventare editor e poi in futuro caporedattore. Ragazza solare e divertente dal romanticismo viscerale alla ricerca dell'uomo perfetto. Asha non è solo esigente ma anche schizzinosa nei confronti degli uomini perché vorrebbe quella che per lei è la perfezione assoluta. I suoi desideri e sogni però nascondono una grande insicurezza legata al suo passato che la porta ad avere relazioni deludenti di breve durata. Quando su Instagram trova un profilo seguito da milioni di follower e inizia a leggere le poesie appassionate e profonde, tanto profonde e significative da arrivare a toccare l'anima di chi legge, ne resta catturata e ammaliata. Decidere di provare a fare diventare quelle poesie un bestseller è la sua occasione di successo, contattare l'autore, conoscerlo e iniziare una collaborazione è l'inizio di un vero disastro. Il Professor Feelgood non solo si rivela totalmente diverso da quello che traspare dai suoi scritti, ma il suo temperamento arrogante e ostile trasforma la vita di Asha in un vero incubo. Adesso però non posso più rivelarvi nulla perché l'identità del "Professore" è la chiave di tutta la storia; la sua rabbia, la sua personalità e il suo passato sono il cuore pulsante di tutto insieme al legame con Asha. L'autrice è partita con una narrazione ironica e brillante, veloce ed accattivante per mostrare la vita di Asha, il suo lavoro e i suoi affetti per poi assumere una connotazione più profonda e intima, dal sapore agrodolce. La caratterizzazione dei protagonisti viene fuori man mano in maniera sempre più intensa e profonda, i risvolti psicologici ed emotivi danno al lettore ogni sfumatura di questi ragazzi: le paure, i rimpianti, la rabbia e le vulnerabilità. Tra ostilità e scontri verbali, dinamiche conflittuali e rancore assistiamo anche a una passione vibrante a cui è impossibile resistere. Non è una semplice commedia romantica, al suo interno si sviluppa una sottotrama che rende tutto più emotivamente intenso e che fa un po' fatica a trovare finalmente una svolta a causa delle scelte sbagliate di un passato mai dimenticato, che ha un grande peso nel cuore dei protagonisti, fatti che solo grazie al dialogo reciproco e alla sincerità verso sé stessi possono portare al cambiamento. Una bella storia all'apparenza semplice e leggera ma in realtà più complessa e intensa.

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September 27, 2018
Jake Stone is EVERYTHING!

With every Leisa Rayven book I read, the more obsessed with her words I become. She always delivers the perfect balance between witty and angsty—because as much as she loves to make you suffer, she loves to put a smile on your face even more.

A heroine that will have the power to intimately connect with some readers, a gorgeous but unique frustrating hero, and a story that absolutely warmed my heart.

The beauty of this tale lies in not only Rayven's addictive prose but her collection of poems—words that will make you love, hope, forgive and finally heal.

The characters, the refreshing plot, and the poetry are some of the elements that had me glued to my kindle until I read the last page. I got fascinated with all the poems, and there's no denying that it made me more in love with Leisa Rayven.

Professor Feelgood is all about soulmates, true love, and second chances! A childhood-best-friends-to-enemy-to-lovers romance that you won't want to miss.


You can find me here: INSTAGRAM
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March 19, 2020
Asha è la sorella di Eden, la fidanzata del famoso freelance Max Riley che abbiamo conosciuto in Mr. Romance.

È una ragazza ambiziosa, dalla carriera promettente. Per essere promossa ad editore le viene proposto di cercare un autore i bestseller, e lo trova casualmente girando su Instagram. Si imbatte nel profilo di un certo professor Feelgood, come si fa chiamare, seguito da numerosi followers. Costui posta emozionanti e meravigliose poesie, legate alla perdita di un amore, che riscuotono molti apprezzamenti e successo tra i suoi contatti.

Asha resta affascinata dalla sensibilità dei suoi versi e decide di puntare su di lui.

Quando si incontrano però, scopre che si tratta di una persona che già conosceva e che in passato l’ha ferita nel profondo.
Ma Jacob non si dimostra affatto essere come lo ricordava, mentre lei, al contrario, nei suoi confronti è sarcastica e tagliente.

L’odioamore che provano entrambi non li fa proseguire nel progetto, per cui sono costretti a superare gli equivoci e i segreti che nel tempo li hanno allontanati.

Una lettura frizzante, commedia divertente e leggera, che ha come tema principale il primo amore, giovanile, mai scordato, e le affinità di anime gemelle che, nel tempo e a causa di fraintendimenti, si erano perse.
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September 16, 2018
“Loving someone is the easiest thing in the world. Making them love you back is the hard part.”

4.5 stars

Leisa Rayven has delivered another winner with this book. A smart, fun, emotional and gorgeously romantic read with a love story that is as surprising as it is beautiful, and so damn right. I was captivated from beginning through to end, and I absolutely loved it!

Asha Tate is the younger sister of Eden from Mister Romance, though this book can absolutely stand alone (though if you haven’t read Mister Romance, you should because it’s freaking awesome!). Anyway… Asha is 23 and is gunning for a promotion to Editor at the small publishing firm where she works. To prove herself, she is tasked with bringing in a new talent for the company, and she immediately thinks her Instagram obsession, Professor Feelgood. The Professor posts a stream of poems about pain and lost love, and a whole lot of steamy selfies to go along with it. She is completely hooked on him and his raw, emotional hotness, and she makes it her mission to find him and approach him about a possible publishing deal.

It’s his words that slay me. His sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, always sexy words about love and loss seem to bypass my brain and speak straight to my soul.

The Professor describes himself as “A recovering asshole engaging in brutal introspection one day at a time. I’m a collection of bad choices, masquerading as a semi-functioning man.” He’s not the easiest man to pin down, but when she does, she is horrified to learn that he is not the man she was expecting. In fact, he’s an arrogant smartass. Her dreams are crushed, but she’s still determined to reel him in to his company, and that’s where the fun begins.

Asha’s dynamic with her new author is absolutely fantastic. There is intense loathing and irritation sparked by a sizzling attraction, and OMG it’s so much fun! They live to antagonise each other and their bickering had me laughing out loud.

“We’re working. Can you put the phone down.”
“Can I? Yes. Will I? No.”
“Are you that intent on inflicting yourself on the nearest hottie on Tinder? Or are you sliding into the DMs of some of your faithful fans?”
He stays focused on the screen. “Neither. I’m on a new app called Whiner. It locates the most insufferable nag within a four-block radius.” He looks at me in mock-surprise. “Holy shit, would you look at that? It’s pointing right at you.”

There is so much between the two of them, and in a deliciously slow burning build-up, things begin to change and I was tingling with anticipation just waiting for it all to happen for them. And holy hot damn!

Let’s just pause here for a moment to stare at that book cover, because it is absolutely perfect, and that broody stare gives me shivers every time! Damn. And when you picture that man and all of his intensity baring his soul and making declarations like this….

“We’ve tried being enemies. It sucked. We’ve tried being friends, and it’s not enough. The way I feel about you isn’t platonic anymore. It’s primal.”

Shivers. Total shivers. OK, moving on.

I don’t want to say too much about the story, because this is one of those books that you need to need to go in as blind as possible and enjoy it. It’s so cleverly put together and I loved the way it unfolded. For those who do want a bit more information though, I’ve put in a spoiler which gives you more of an idea what you’re in for… mostly because I think it’s brilliant, and also because I freaking loved it so much. It won’t ruin the story for you, but it does take away some of the surprise, so read at your own risk… .

I loved the emotion put into this book. It’s raw and soul-deep, and incredibly insightful as we watch all of the feels play out on the page.

“Whether or not you love someone is irrelevant. The difference between heaven and hell is them loving you back. If they don't, you can't do a damn thing about it except pack up your heart and move on.”

And in between all of the angsty emotion, there are lots of fun moments. Asha is a great heroine and her inner-monologue is just hilarious! She’s real and relatable, and I loved being inside of her head. And her wit shows in every interaction with the Professor as their relationship builds slowly and naturally into a gorgeous love story, and though I wish we could have seen a bit more of them together, I loved watching everything happen for them.

“I do a lot of things badly and a few things well. But I do one thing better than anyone else on the planet, and that’s love you.”

Max and Eden from Mister Romance appear in the book, and there are additional side characters introduced who are lots of fun and who add so much to the story. I have my fingers crossed for future books in this series because there are future opportunities there that have the potential to be amazing reads.

As always, Leisa Rayven completely swept me away with her words which are full of emotion, humour and romance, and I loved this story.

“Loving you isn’t a choice. It’s who I am.”

4.5 stars

An Advanced Reader Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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October 18, 2022
You have probably realized that I don't easily give 5-star ratings and tbh sometimes I give them because I feel I'm being a b*tch who only gives lower ratings.

I'm really happy to inform you, though, that this isn't the case for this book. A few weeks ago I read the first book in the series (Mister Romance) and I enjoyed it a lot so I had to continue reading the series.

And I'm so glad that I did.

This was such a great read for me, I can't tell you. It might got me a little more than usual to finish it but that wasn't because I didn't enjoy it, I'm just busy and tired.

It was slow burn, it had so mind-blowing plot twists, tension, great banter between the two MCs and so many more. The characters were truly great and what I loved about the h is that it was so easy to empathize with her. While she was pretty successful in her career she had many insecurities and there's just something I love about realistic characters, especially female ones. The H was great too and even though I can't tell you much about him (because I don't want to spoil anything) I'll just say that I didn't have any doubt that he would make it to my book boyfriend list. You'll get why if you (have) read this book.

I'll admit that some scenes were a bit cliché but please ask me if I care (spoiler alert, the answer is no). After many mediocre and bad reads the last few days I'm so happy I read this book. 5 ⭐

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1,296 reviews540 followers
September 18, 2018
I love when an author can showcase their talent that goes far beyond the words and the storytelling. Leisa Rayven shows readers her epically beautiful poetry in Professor Feelgood and WOW all of her words just grabbed my heart and soul from the very first page of this story. I devoured this book in one day!!!



As the blurb states, Asha Tate is a hopeless romantic, working as an editor for a struggling publisher and looking for the next big author. Asha is obsessed with Professor Feelgood's Instagram profile, his words about his lost love getting her all hot and heavy and emotional for a man who has lost his soul mate and is trying to rediscover himself while posting pictures of his travels and sonnets of his feelings and emotions.


As the ideas swirl and she realizes that HE is her next big break, she contacts him to sign him and is in for the biggest shock of her life!!!

I don't want to reveal more than that because I want you to experience this for yourself lol (sorry but not really sorry)


Readers... you are in for some amazing bantering (and not in just the funny-haha way but the let-me-push-your-bottons-I-am-going-to-kill-you way), some angst, some jealousy that you won't expect and a love so pure, and perfect, and imperfect that you will just fall in love over and over again. These characters just made my heart so freakin happy!


If you are looking for your next book and adore soul mate love, a love that you can't ever forget, that is the sun and the moon, and is the EVERYTHING (the very air you breathe!) in your life, you will absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. Rayven's poetry is BEYOND WORDS and had me wishing for my very own Professor Feelgood who would write me some pretty epic, heart-stirring, romantic poetry... Reading his words made my heart sing... truly! Breathtakingly beautiful!!! *le sigh*

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278 reviews18 followers
April 1, 2020
Bellissimo davvero, l'ho finito in lacrime😍😭
Bellissimi e coinvolgenti i dialoghi, stile incalzante e scorrevole, tanta ironia e tanta bella tensione tra i protagonisti.
Mi è piaciuto tantissimo.
Non ve lo perdete 💞
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April 8, 2020
3,75 stelle
Inizio lento ma ottimo il finale.
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462 reviews107 followers
October 16, 2018
English / Português

4,5 stars

I've already said it and I'll repeat: I love Leisa Rayven's books. I always expect a sexy writing with fantastic characters and a catchy narrative. And that's exactly what she always delivers. Then, of course, with PROFESSOR FEELGOOD was no different. I LOVED this book sooo much.

In this second book in the "Masters of Love" series, we follow the story of Asha Tate, Eden's sister from MISTER ROMANCE. You don't have to read the first one to keep up with this book, but if you don't read it you will lose another incredible story. Other than there's Max, right. The best of the best book boyfriends ever.

Asha needs a brilliant idea to get her promotion at the publisher she works for, and then strolling through the internet she finds Professor Feelgood in the instagram, with beautiful pictures of landscapes and a beautiful body but never showing his face. In the description of each picture there were sad and sometimes very hot poems of a man who lost a lover. Asha gets in touch with the Professor and ends up signing a contract for a book. However, the mysterious man ends up shocking her more than she expected.

The story begins very slow and focuses more on the heroine. In other books I would find this annoying, however, Asha is such a fun and charismatic character that she carry with mastery the beginning of the book by herself. The professor - I will not speak his name to not ruin the story - is a sexy guy that annoys Asha too much. And I confess that I LOVE books that the characters don't stand the other, but that you clearly realize that has a sexual tension there. I loved the directon the story took, the backstage of a publisher, the writing process and I loved even more the professor's poems. Guys! Really! You can't not be fascinated by it. The poems catch and make us want a man like that in our life.

Another highlight of this is the character Joanna. What a crazy and fascinating woman! I want her book!!!!

PROFESSOR FEELGOOD is another marvellous book of this author. And I finished reading it with tears in my eyes of happiness. What a delight it was to follow the story of these two. The end was more than well deserved. Leisa, thank you for making me fall in love with these two. I will guard them with affection on my list of the most beautiful couples in the world. And readers that look for wonderfull books, I highly recommend it! You will love it. "I can feel it in my boobs" lol

*I received an ARC of this book. Thank you!
English / Português

4,5 estrelas

Eu já falei e vou repetir: amo os livros da Leisa Rayven. Sempre espero uma escrita gostosa, com personagens fantásticos e uma narrativa que prende. E é exatamente o que ela entrega sempre. Então, claro, com PROFESSOR FEELGOOD não foi diferente. Eu AMEI demais esse livro.

Nesse segundo livro da série "Masters of Love", seguimos a história de Asha Tate, a irmã de Eden de MISTER ROMANCE. Você não precisa ter lido o primeiro pra conseguir acompanhar esse, mas se não ler vai perder outra história incrível. Fora que tem o Max, neh. O melhor dos melhores namorados literários.

Asha precisa de uma ideia brilhante para conseguir sua promoção na editora de livros que trabalha e, então, passeando pela internet ela encontra no instagram o Professor Feelgood, com fotos lindas de paisagens e um belo corpo, mas nunca mostrando o rosto. Na descrição de cada foto havia poemas tristes e ás vezes bem quentes de um homem que perdeu um amor. Asha entra em contato com o professor e acabam assinando um contrato para um livro. Entretanto, o homem misterioso acaba chocando mais do que ela esperava.

A história começa bem lenta e foca mais na personagem feminina. Em outros livros eu acharia isso chato, entretanto, a Asha é uma personagem tão divertida e carismática que ela sustenta esse começo do livro sozinha. O professor - não vou falar o nome dele pra não estragar a história - é um cara sexy que irrita demais a Asha. E eu confesso que AMO livros que os personagens não se bicam, mas que você percebe claramente que tem uma tensão sexual ali. Eu amei a condução da história, os bastidores de uma editora, o processo de escrita e amei mais ainda os poemas do professor. Gente! Sério. Não tem como não ficar fascinada com ele. Os poemas prendem e fazem a gente querer um homem desse em nossa vida.

Outro destaque é a personagem Joanna. Que mulher loca e fascinante. Quero um livro dela!!!!

PROFESSOR FEELGOOD é mais uma delicia de livro dessa autora. E eu terminei de ler com lagrimas nos olhos de felicidade. Que delicia que foi acompanhar a história desses dois. Que final mais que merecido. Leisa, obrigada por me fazer apaixonar por esses dois. Vou guarda-los com carinho na minha lista de casais mais lindos do mundo. E leitores que buscam livros maravilhosos, recomendo de olhos fechados. Vocês vão amar! "Eu sinto isso nos meus peitos" rsrs

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September 13, 2018

This book was nothing like what I was expecting. It was deeper, more layered, and a heck of a lot more emotional than it looked like on the surface. Ms. Rayven is a brilliant storyteller and the writing is so smart and engaging – littered with the sort of snappy humor that I will never get enough of. I am not typically a highlighter, but there were so many places where the words took my breath away and I found myself adding highlight after highlight so I could go back and revisit those beautiful words later. Even if I hadn’t been invested in the story – I would have been utterly addicted to the writing alone.

Luckily for me, I was also completely invested in the story. My inclination is to call this a slow burn, but I don’t think that’s entirely accurate. It’s like an extended lit fuse, sparking and and flaring for a long time before it finally burst into flame, completely melting my heart. Honestly, the level of chemistry in this book is insane - and I felt it in my gut and in my heart, even as I became increasingly more anxious (impatient & desperate) for it to combust.

I loved it. I LOVED it. It was breathtaking, stunning, and emotional. It was frustrating and exasperating. It made me laugh, it made me growl with frustration, and it made me cry sobby, hiccuppy, happy tears. It was just completely lovely and I absolutely cannot recommend it highly enough! ~ Shelly, 5 Stars
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