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The Brightling Court #1

So Dark the Night

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Once upon a time, I was the daughter of the Queen of Nightmares. Living in her court of darkness, any day that no one tried to kill me was a good day.

I didn't have many good days...

When Karina agrees to help the ghost of a murdered Oracle uncover a plot that could unravel the fabric of reality, she finds herself caught in the crossfire between bounty hunters and her ex-bodyguards.

Now she needs to reclaim the birthright and power she abandoned before she loses everything and everyone she loves.

359 pages, Kindle Edition

First published March 1, 2018

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About the author

Elle Cross

27 books108 followers
Hi, I'm Elle Cross, and I write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. I live in NYC with my husband and the imaginary dog that we will one day adopt. I have a massive makeup collection and I'm grateful that, as a freelance makeup artist, I can justify buying even more.

When I'm not playing with color or my imaginary friends, I can usually be found in the nearest diner or bubble tea shop trying to take the perfect picture of my drink while my husband rolls his eyes.

(Yes, we're that couple. And, no, I don't post my food pics on my Instagram feed.)

To connect with me online, visit me here:
Website: http://ellecrossx.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ellecrossbooks
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ellecross_x
Instagram: http://instagram.com/elle_cross

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292 reviews393 followers
July 29, 2018
Warning The Rant-o-Meter is about to go off

If you have ever read Queen Takes Knights then this book is exactly like that! I don't mean a little like that...I mean change the Vampires for Fae take out most the Blood and it completely reads the same.

So its safe to say if you liked the Queen takes Knights series then you will LOVE this

Lets start with the best bits about this book;
❤ The cover - it looks great - totally sucks you in
❤ The Prologue (fairy-tale style) and the first chapter- again totally sucked me in. Biased in the Fae realm where the Queen of Nightmares holds court it is so imaginative and dark and I loved it. I was bouncing up and down (inside) thinking I was in for a treat.

Then in the very next chapter - she get's herself killed on purpose to leave this wonderfully dark world to be reborn into the boring Human realm leaving behind her 4 delicious guards

*that is not spoilery- that's the basic plot and happens right at the start*

When they eventually find her 3 years later you'd think these guards would be a little bit peeved to learn she left them on purpose .... but no.... they are much too happy to have her back to worry about their broken hearts or the destruction they caused upon her death to worry about a silly thing like how freaking selfish she is!!

The whole book is a tribute to the devotion these guards have for "their Queen"

"My queen does not apologize for being attacked"
"We serve you, my queen"
"I live to serve you, my queen."
"I am not leaving my queen's side."

does my queen need her bottom wiped? perhaps I should wipe it for you my queen? maybe my queen would like to come and kill me now before I have to read any more of this?

This barf inducing hero-worship wasn't my only problem. The magic in this world left me completely confused. There was no explanation of where the magic came from (something to do with the moon perhaps) how it worked? One minute she was "running on empty" and needed filled (*snicker in more ways than one) by her guards and then next she was "throwing blessings at a ghost". What is a blessing and how does one throw it?

It left a lot to be desired and frankly the sister who was the Queen of Winter and Blood sounds much more fun and I'd rather hear her story thanks-very-much.

The plot line of "finding-the-dead-oracle" was secondary to all the running about, house re-organising and group orgies. I stopped around the 80% mark and there was no sign of her starting her investigation.

I'm so disappointed
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405 reviews26 followers
March 8, 2018

I can't believe I have been putting this one off. It was written beautifully. I couldn't pinpoint it exactly but I found its pacing and buildup flawless. And it ended with no cliffhangers, too.

Karina...she was one beautiful heroine. And not just on the outside. She had risen up from the dead (pun intended), from the ashes. Also, how perfect it was that her folks called her brightling?

I think the main point that endeared her to me was how I recognized a soul sister in her. Though not directly pointed out, I felt how she suffered from depression. Yes, her mother, her sister, the court and those men genuinely loved her. But that didn't make her depression any 'less significant' or 'less justifiable.' I thought it pretty much drove forward the fact that such state, such battle wasn't always what's. in the environment but what's inside.

And ughhh, those mighty fine men of hers! swoon! I love their undivided devotion to her! I love how they patiently waited for her to come to her own term-to be able to believe herself just how much worthy of a queen she was.

Plus I think this was the first RH I've read wherein the heroine's family was supportive and loving. Can't wait for the next book! I think it will be about her father's family side? They were all adorable huhuhu

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446 reviews45 followers
December 31, 2018
I liked the idea of this book, but many characters were exceptionally flat, and the book often had more sex than plot, with the plot it did have getting confusing after awhile. I’m not going to read the next book.

I skipped the front matter because fiction shouldn't need front matter other than a map. I also seem to be in the minority in that I hated the prologue (even if I thought the content was engaging) because it also seemed unnecessary: Almost everything in the prologue was repeated in the first chapter.

One of my biggest complaints is how the author handled the revelation to the guards that Karina let herself die on purpose (not a spoiler, really; it happens in the first chapter). The author kept saying that Karina wasn’t shielding her thoughts, but somehow her thoughts about what she did were the only ones the men weren’t picking up on. Then, when she finally tells someone, the scene is such a LET DOWN. The author just does a little “I told him everything” and then doesn’t even let Enver react to it, really. He’s basically just says “As long as I’m with you now. You’re all that matters.” Gag. Look, that is completely unrealistic. That should have been a highly emotionally charged scene. Even if Enver wasn’t feeling betrayed and mourning his own loss from that action, that still would have been the first time he learned that Karina was unhappy enough that she essentially killed herself. And then neither of them felt like this was something that the other guards needed to know. They just sort of find out later and react almost exactly as Enver did. This is a symptom of what ultimately makes them such flat characters: They really don’t have any motivations or emotions aside from their devotion to Karina.

I had mixed feelings about the harem as a whole, but I can’t explain them without a slight spoiler: . Before that happened, I had moments when I liked the guards, even though they were flat characters. I like a little mm in my harems (not a full ménage) in part because my favorite harems are the ones in which the men are close, even if that’s a platonic closeness, and not only don’t mind sharing the MC but also enjoy how the MC makes their brothers/friends happy as well. This book does not have mm elements, but the guards are close, and I loved it. The guards hug each other when they’re happy for each other, and at one point, West calms Enver by telepathically sending him the sensation of stroking Karina’s hair. I thought that was sweet and really showed that the guards have no problem with being in a harem. The above spoiler totally messed with this dynamic though: . On the other hand, . I also like that Karina and her harem members share a telepathic connection, so none of the one-on-one interactions are ever really one on one. I think it’s cute when the guys are mentally talking to each other while one of them is with her. I hate the idea of a primus (harem leader), though. That seems like picking favorites, and Karina definitely seems to have a least favorite member as well.

I know Karina gets her power from sex, but this really started to feel like more sex than plot. Then the plot that was there went off the rails a bit. For example, 75% in, Karina says, “The Power Broker? You mean the new one that was installed in the Black Tower in Manhattan Island? Janus Holdings?” The problem is that only one Power Broker had been mentioned before that point, and the title was capitalized and such, so I thought there was only one. Then at 76%, someone says that they must complete their task in 3 days before the full moon. The problem there is that I had no idea what had happened for them to suddenly know that when they didn’t before. In the final battle, Karina starts talking about using blessed gold, as if we’re supposed to know that means it’s powerful, but it had never been mentioned before. She fights by using some lightning that she saw heading toward her, but I never understood wtf was going on with that lightning. It didn’t seem to be normal lightning, but I had no idea which magical being sent it, or how, or why.

My final complaint is that the end scene with Karina’s dad happened way too fast and was almost entirely told instead of shown, so I really didn’t have an emotional connection to that scene at all.
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1,385 reviews94 followers
April 24, 2018
Nomm nomm nomm

This was an excellent reverse harem story and I’m desperately awaiting much, much more. Karina is a likable heroine with plenty of gritty strength together with real live insecurities. I stayed up until 2am finishing this one so I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did. There’s plenty to like with a good dose of magic, sexy blokes with different styles and a regular injection of new concepts and new characters.

I’m now going to also try Elle Cross’ new series Grit.
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410 reviews61 followers
August 22, 2018
Karina has always been a bit of a misfit- growing up as a Brightling in the Court of Nightmares, she's stood out from the crowd. At first, I was very torn between feeling sorry for her and being annoyed with her.

When she leaves behind her childhood home, she also leaves behind the men who have pledged their lives and service to her. For me, this rang a bit selfishly because she thought she was thinking of them (sparing them ties to her weakness), but really, it all goes back to her own feeling of being inadequate.

As the story goes on, Karina DOES get better. Despite the men's pledges of allegiance, she almost doesn't believe the depth of their devotion until they come to find her in the Shadow aka human realm. Once she fully accepts their offerings of power, support, and love, she starts to blossom.

This new Karina is a little more sure of herself and improving each day; this is the Karina that I like.

Each of the men, Enver, Havoc, Taran, West, and Ranek, are beings of power. We get a little bit of dimension from each man, but Ranek, surprisingly, as the "newcomer" to their group has the most opportunity to show some depth. I DO wish that we could've learned more about the other men in Karina's Shadow Guard, but perhaps more of their stories will be revealed in book two. Right now, we get some of the surface- some joking, sensuality, protectiveness, but we don't know much about WHO THEY ARE- anecdotes or otherwise. Aside from Ranek, Enver is the one who gets the most focus in terms of developing his story.

This, really, is the main reason I'm starting this series opener at a three.

The story itself is grabbing; there were a few pieces that I had to reread, and I did need to revisit the glossary that's provided in the beginning of the book. I honestly recommend starting the book without the glossary and going back to it as needed; this way, you're learning the "history" or definitions of the plot terms as you're exposed to them. For me, it was a lot to try and keep them straight before I had any plot to anchor them to, hence my returning throughout the story.

Overall, I was interested in the adventures of Karina and her Shadow Guard. There's definite physical chemistry between the characters, and we see the sparks of emotional intimacy as well once the men are truly bonded to her. I think that the series has a lot of potential, but I definitely want to see more character building.
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712 reviews150 followers
July 28, 2018
I initially thought 3.5, but I've rounded down, after some introspection, and reading the start of the second, as it reminded me of the things that annoyed me about the first.

It's hard to put my thoughts down regarding this, as they're sort of all over the place.

There is a richly drawn world, which had lots of potential, but I found it not sufficiently explained in some ways. I'm assuming this will unfold more as the series progresses.

I think it's the dynamic between the characters that gave me my doubts, but I think this is more to do with my personal reading preference.

The men are very worshipful, and it is as if she can do not wrong, or even if she does, she's their Queen and it wouldn't matter. I found their attitude towards her a little off-putting, I suppose. They were...too perfect. There was zero drama, and while that's good in the sense that I hate too much RH drama, it felt like they would be accepting if anything, and it made their relationships less believable or relatable, for me anyway.

I'm interested to see how things will develop in book 2, though.
August 28, 2019
I stumbled upon this book, while looking for something to read that had fairies in it and it did not disappoint. It's definitely a new take on a supernatural story. The main character is decent as far as female heroines go and there is a good ensemble of supportive characters. The story line isn't laid out for you from the get go, as you read it little snippets of information are giving, so you're always wondering whats going to happen next. Sometimes that's a good thing, other times it seems like you would have needed the information before - if you know what I mean.
The author starts the book with a glossary to help you build the world in your mind because it's a little confusing but I appreciate her taking the time to explain it a little. The story did not end on a cliffhanger but rather where you knew the next chapter was going to begin, the first one pretty much closed it out for those events. I am trying to not give away too much but still explain it at the same time - so sorry if it sounds vague.
The reason for a 4 rating is because this is very reminiscent of a reverse harem novel and there is alot of sex, like there was one point where they were having a real important conversation and then just started having sex out of nowhere. For me it was probably too much sex in the story, luckily it hasn't taken away from the story line yet, we shall see in book 2. Because some authors take it to the extreme and cross that fine line of a little erotica to, that's the whole damn story and you have lost what the main objective was.
Also there were a few grammatical errors which is one of my big pet peeves but they were minimal.
I absolutely recommend this book though!
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163 reviews2 followers
March 8, 2018
I loved this! Hooked me from the very beginning and never let me down the whole way through. This was like a dark fairytale with some steamy RH romance. Can't wait for the next book!
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193 reviews43 followers
March 4, 2018
I loved this book. I didn't want it to end! I was so engrossed in the story, the characters were amazing, the world was detailed and explained well and I can't wait for the next one.
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135 reviews
March 4, 2018
Awesome! No really! Amazing! One of those books that grabs you and holds on! Loved the MC and the guys are interesting and make you want to jump right in! Can’t wait for the next!
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102 reviews5 followers
June 18, 2019
There is some potential here, but mostly I thought this was a confusing mess.

I have no idea how to summarize the plot. Karina is constantly challenged and forced to fight in her mother’s court so she dies and is magically transported to the human world where she lives a boring life for the next three years. Then hunters start stalking her and she winds up calling on her former guards to save her. Karina doesn’t know why she’s in danger, but she knows that something or someone is hunting/killing potential Oracles, and she’s sent on a mission to save them and identify the bad guy(s). Of course her guards go along, and she ends up binding with them (which involves lots and lots of sex) and starting a court which gives her more power.

Let’s start with the positive. I like Karina. She’s strong and independent from the very beginning. She defeats everyone who challenges her. She’s tired and numb in the human world, but that makes sense and she soon regains her spirit. Karina doesn’t put up with crap from anyone, and it’s hard to believe she ever saw herself as weak.

I thought this world had potential. I was intrigued by the courts and the Queens. Matriarchal societies are always a nice change of pace. Karina’s mom is fabulous and I wanted to know more about her powers.

I liked that all of the guys got along. This is a society where harems are the norm at least among royalty so they all accepted the relationship immediately. There was very little relationship drama.

Now for the negative. I had no clue what was going on the majority of the time. The plot was very difficult to follow. For example, towards the beginning we’re told that a girl has been kidnapped, then it’s well maybe that hasn’t happened yet and she’ll be kidnapped in the future, or then again maybe she’s already dead. Karina was focused on finding her at first then she got distracted having sex and decorating her new house. I never did understand what exactly happened to that girl.

Magic was used to advance the plot way too many times. Karina would magically obtain new powers, or she wouldn’t know what to do and a ghost or the Oracles would conveniently show up to help. She would always find herself in the right place at the right time. Most plotlines were resolved very easily and very quickly. The bad guys were incredibly stupid, and more often than not they assisted in their own downfall.

It is incredibly rare for me to dnf a book, but I considered it at about the two-thirds mark. This book went on and on and on, but I was pretty sure it wasn’t actually going anywhere. I didn’t think I would be satisfied with the ending (and I wasn’t, I was just confused), but at that point I was far enough along that I powered through to the end. Also, there were way too many typos. There were missing words, or the wrong word was used. I frequently had to reread sentences because they didn’t make sense.

On the plus side this doesn’t end in a cliffhanger. I know there’s a second book, but this is a complete story with just a few loose threads left to be resolved. I don’t feel at all tempted to read the second book. I’m ready to move on.
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1,149 reviews42 followers
August 12, 2018
This book is what I like to call a Creeper because I started out not really liking it, but it crept up on me. The world building and plot are really hard to get into even with the authors glossary terms. It’s just so complex for such a short book that it really takes some concentration.

We start with Karina, an oddball in her mother’s court of death and terror, who is sweet and kind and “bright” in comparison to all those around her. She lives in fear and terror and fights weekly for her life. Not that her mom was portrayed as bad, but she is the Queen of Nightmares and Death and enjoys all that entails. So basically Karinas life up to this point has been stifling her light out of her. She has a group of men drawn to her to protect and serve her in this court but she feels she is weakening them due to her uniqueness. The oracles offer her a way out of this life to recognize her destiny but only through death.

Fast forward to 3 years later, the author really doesn’t go into what those 3 years are like for Karina and what her feelings have been throughout those years, however I got the feeling that tho Karina is no longer stifled she is still unhappy. Still the odd one out in her new life in the human world. Then attacks begin happening and she is being hunted. During one of those attacks despite not wanting to she calls on her group of friends from her past life for help.

From here the men arrive and low and behold they are all hot, sexy and sweet. And wouldn’t you know they all have basically loved her forever and were devastated by their loss of her in her old life. After many steamy makeup sessions Karina’s new destiny is revealed. She is tasked with finding the person killing oracles and stealing their souls so to speak.

Tho I feel Karina started off meek, mild, and basically terrified of her own shadow she really comes into her own especially after she realizes though she grew up trying to overcome her “deficiencies,” they weren’t actually that but more a starvation of needs. Like a full sun plant in the shade she was dying already in her mother’s court and now she has access to everything she needs she can begin blooming.

I feel like there is a lot in store for our seasoned Queen of Shadows and Flame. Now that she is blossoming in light and the love of her inner court and newfound family and friends I hope this just gets better and better!

762 reviews
October 22, 2018
I was really surprised by this audio to be honest. I liked reading the book, don't get me wrong, but usually I like the book better than the audio version. This audiobook elevated the story for me, made me love it instead of just like it. Aiden really brought the male characters to life in this story, I hope he gets more scenes in the upcoming books. I was surprised to hear how different he made the male characters. You could definitely tell when he was being Enver and when he was being, let's say Havoc. Elizabeth did a great job, especially with all her different characters she had to do. I couldn't believe how she did the Queen of Nightmares and Death, I loved that accent the most I think. I have listened to some of Elizabeth's other work and I thought this was one of her strongest ones 😊

For Elle's debut book, I thought this story was good. I liked the different levels she created in the storyline. For the first time in any book, I kinda wish she waited/took a little longer for Katrina to get with all her men. I think I also wished there was more even times with her guys, I think there is definitely favoritism (excluding Enver since he is the primus). I loved that her inner circle wasn't restricted to her original 4 guys. I hope we get to see more times with Taran and Havoc, since they got lost in shuffle of her needing to bond with the group. I liked how we got to read/listen to her first real moments with Enver and West, but not really with Havoc and Taran, they were kinda rushed. I am excited to listen to Book 2 next, to see how meeting the surprise at the end turns out for her. I definitely am loving her powers and the new things she is learning (and her pet/familiar/awesome friend). Oh and I wish I could see these tattoos that are referenced, would make for great images in a Brightling Court coloring book 😁😍❤️
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1,096 reviews28 followers
January 31, 2020
This was my first book by Ms. Cross, but I’m not sure it’s the one for me. Don’t get me wrong, the book is great, the characters were interesting, and parts of the storyline were complex. My issue was the sex.
Yes, you read that right, I had an issue with the sex. Holy wow is there a lot of sex in this RH! I mean, you expect sex in a book that’s a reverse harem. I admit, I haven’t read many RH books, so I’m not the expert on whether this has more scenes than normal for a reverse harem. But there’s a LOT of sex in this book.
Now, you’re probably thinking, why is she giving this book 5 stars, yet she’s complaining about the sex? Let me explain… I can’t fault an author or a book for delivering on the claim. This is a reverse harem book, you expect sex. So why am I going to deduct from my review, for being exactly what it’s supposed to be?
Karina is a Brightling born into the court of Darkness, daughter of the Queen. She’s challenged almost daily and this wears on her. It wasn’t her choice to be born of the wrong court, it wasn’t her fault that she’s the Princess, but with people attempting to kill her daily, she knows something needs to change. She does something drastic. I know that you can read other reviews and find out what she does, but I’m not the type of reviewer that can spoil it for others. Now she’s helping the ghost of an Oracle that was murdered, and on the run herself. With her ex-bodyguards helping her, she sets out to reclaim the throne and power that she originally fled.
So, we’ve got a complex story, a main character who is fae and full of grit and determination, and lots of sex, what more can you want from a paranormal reverse harem?
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1,445 reviews16 followers
April 26, 2018
An excellent 4 star read!!! ⭐
This book is set within the same 'World' as that of the fabulous book 'Grit', by the same Author, although it expands upon it.

Karina is born to the Queen of Nightmares and Death outside of what we'd call Earth's realm. She lives in constant cold, she doesn't seem to fit the realm she was born to so with the guidance of the Oracle's she changes her life forever!!!

Karina has great power within her, she was completely unaware of it. She was always mystified why her dear & extremely powerful friends & bodyguards, Enver, West, Havoc & Taran were always so adamant about her claiming them to her Court, they all called her 'my Queen'!! Until she & the Oracle's enacted their plan & she left them, her family & all she knew behind!!!

The characters, storyline, world building & interactions throughout this RH book are fabulous. I'm quite new to this genre but it's certainly full of sizzle & steam 🔥😍

This book is clever, it's not a throw away read. It's so well thought out & written you'd assume it's by a seasoned author not one on only her second release!!! I'd say if she keeps honing her writing skills shell become a total powerhouse. As much as I'm enjoying the RH genre, I'd LOVE to see what she could accomplish with something in perhaps an Urban Fantasy setting too 👍 I'll definitely be reading what ever she publishes if the standard stays this high. Great Work 🎉

Debbie, 1970, UK
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141 reviews5 followers
May 22, 2018
A very good start to a new series!

The story line and plot were very captivating. I loved the idea behind it all. The setting was very interesting and I was very intrigued by the world Elle Cross built. The characters were great to read about. I enjoyed the developments between the MC and her guys. I normally enjoy books where the MC meets her guys at the beginning and we watch them develop as a relationship, but I was happy that the MC and her harem had already knew each other when the story started, so there wasn't the 'getting to know you' stage as I normally like, so we could jump straight into the story line. Although I enjoyed the familiarity of the MC and the guys, I did really like that there was one who was introduced halfway through so we still got the slight newness of a relationship. I was very happy to see the relationship speed was on the more quicker side to building, and there were plenty of sexy times!

There was a minor consistency issue with the way they all spoke. Most of the time they would talk rather old school, and have random parts where the dialog etc was more current and had more modern lingo, but the story line was so good, it was easy enough to overlook.

All in all, a great start so a very interesting new series. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!
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125 reviews3 followers
May 29, 2018
At first I was a little thrown off trying to bumble my way around understanding all the different aspects of this world of Karina’s, but once I was able to get the hang of it it was so well crafted. If anyone is discouraged trying to understand the different complexities of this world, I urge you to keep trudging in cause once you do you’ll see the beauty of it.
I wasn’t sure how I felt by Karina’s guard forgiving her so easily at first, but the more she interacted with them it made sense. They don’t care what she did, all they care is that they are with her now and refuse to ever be apart from her again. I was itching to know more about what her men went through during those 3 years. There were hints and they seemed to shy away from what happened in her absence, and I want to know why.
The aspects of the bond they shared and being able to speak to each other through it was clever. Also the banter between all of them has me giggling so hard throughout the book. The interactions they had for each other were my favorite moments and you could just feel the love they all had for each other.
I look forward to seeing what awaits the Queen and her Court to come.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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Author 6 books27 followers
June 4, 2019

Once upon a time, I was the daughter of the queen of nightmares living in her court of nightmares. Living in her court of darkness, any day that no one tried to kill me was a good day. I didn’t have many good days... when Karina agrees to help the ghost of a murdered oracle uncover a plot that could unravel the fabric of reality, she gets caught up in the crossfire between bounty hunters and her ex-bodyguards. Now she needs to reclaim the birthright and power she abandoned before she looses everything and everyone she loves.

I couldn’t seem to get into this book, it was my second attempt at reading it after a recommendation, however saying that there was some enjoyable aspects.
What I liked-
Karina was suffering depression while she was living at her mothers court, I loved how much detail went into this
I love that karina’s mum had no shame just standing around butt naked in front of her court

A average read with some funny moments interspersed with the serious
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Author 12 books227 followers
March 3, 2018

It's not often that I find a book that covers the entire spectrum of amazing, but this book definitely does.

The characters were well developed and when they showed emotion it was easy to connect with them. All of the men were distinct and had their own personalities, but when it came to Karina and her safety and their feelings for her, they were one and the same. I love protective makes who can more than back up their threats when need be and these guys deliver. I also like that they let Karina be herself and she was a veritable bad*** all in her own.

The plot was very intense and intriguing. There was mystery, but not to the point of confusion.

I liked her mother's character, she was funny. I wish there was more from her sister. I also hope for more from Jyngiss (?) the drakken.

Overall, I truly enjoyed it and look forward to more from this series, especially after the teaser that was included for the next book.
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2,055 reviews16 followers
June 14, 2019
Karina is a Brightling born to the Nightmare Court. Because of this she was constantly challenged to duels and she basically hated her life. Though, I'm not 100% on what a Brightling is or the significance of being one. So she fakes her death and goes to the human world, the shadow realm. Eventually some creatures come after her and she calls on her guards that she abandoned.

So I got to the point where she's helping a ghost solve a crime, she gets some queen markings and starts having lots of sex. The story leading up to this point wasn't terrible but it dragged so bad. I got about halfway through and felt like I read three books and nothing happened. She just kept having sex with her guards and apparently each time was like different or something? I don't know I was just over it at this point.
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563 reviews5 followers
July 15, 2019
The queen you wanna read about!

To be honest I got the book because it said on the description lots of sex. Well, that was true but I actually really enjoyed the story. I haven't read a book about God's and courts and different creatures in a long time. Also, it was nicely laidout and the story float well. I loved the glossary right at the beginning because as soon as the book started the author used the special words she created for the book. It was great, there wasn't any time wasted explaining what was laid out very nicely in the beginning. The world's were awesome. I am looking forward exploring more about the world's and the characters. Worth the read for the fantasy fans and bonus it's reverse harem as well. Double points for that.
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338 reviews17 followers
May 5, 2018
It wasn't you, it was me

I'm not gonna lie man, I genuinely struggled with this book, but in all fairness I actually think it wasn't the book. I mean it got to the point where it felt like I'd been reading So Dark the Night for 15 years, but the really bad thing, I can't tell you what I didn't like!

I think the problem may have been that although I liked the characters, I just wasn't loving the story, no I take that back, I didn't not like the story it just wasn't engaging me.

I'd be interested whilst I was reading but the minute I set it aside I'd have literally no inclination to start reading again.

So I don't what to tell, maybe just ignore my review and read another.
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May 29, 2018
An interesting story, with good characters, but it falls a little short in the writing department. For starters, all of the characters could have stood to have more depth to them; for the most part they were just a bit flat. Secondly, and most importantly, the author seemed to have a hard time translating what she saw in her head’s eye into words; it wasn’t always clear what was happening, or why. Also the smexy scenes, while graphic, where not very descriptive. The author told you what was going on, but lacked the tactical/emotional input that would make it seem palpable to the reader. I enjoyed the read, but I don’t see myself going any further in the series, with this author at the helm.
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March 26, 2019
What can I say about So Dark the Night without giving away any spoilers? Well I can say this, THIS BOOK IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Elle Cross is fantastic at weaving and creating a very believable to the point that they feel so real stories. I can not wait until So Bright The Dawn is out because I gotta know what happens in the next chapter of Karina’s story and that of all her men.
This book deserves more than five stars it deserves 200 or more in my book because it is so freaking good. So yes I most definitely positively recommend that you read this book!
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March 1, 2018
this book was awesome. karina was a great mc because she was a survivor. she was also loving and kind but could kick ass too. karina had to run away from her mother's nightmare court because too many people wanted to kill her. I loved this story and so much that I don't want to spoil for anyone. her guys were perfect for her. I think that taran is my favorite though because who doesn't love a gentle giant. I will definitely be continuing this series. I will also be reading anything that Elle cross puts out.
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September 11, 2018
3 stars

Enjoyable read BUT if you’ve read Joely Sue Burkhart’s Vampire Queen series (book 1: Queen Takes Knights), this story will feel very familiar. Not at all plagiarism, but definitely “inspired by”. If you like this story, you’ll LOVE Joely Sue Burkhart’s work. If you love Burkhart’s Vampire Queen, you’ll only like this book.

This is the first story I’ve read by Elle Cross and I will give her other books a try.
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October 6, 2018
How much you enjoy this book will depend on your expectations going in. I went in looking for a fun story that would whisk me away for a while and on that, Elle Cross delivered 100%. If you're looking for a story-driven book with consequences for actions and character with lots of dimensions and growth you might not have such a good time. A lot of the story gets pushed aside in favour of the love interests so if you're not in the mood to read romance this is not the book for you. However, if you're looking for a fun romp in a fantasy setting then I say, give So Dark The Night a go.
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