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Labyrinth: Your Path to Self-Discovery

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The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that has been a source of wonder, wisdom, healing, and enlightenment. In this book, spiritual teacher Tony Christie shares powerful techniques for exploring the healing energy and wisdom of the labyrinth. Discover how to work with labyrinths to quiet your mind and cultivate a sense of balance. Gain insight and answers for the issues that matter most to you. Use the labyrinth as a safe container for letting go of the worries and troubles that weigh down the mind. With the right guidance and intention, every step you take in a labyrinth can bring you greater understanding of your life's purpose and your place in the world.

312 pages, Paperback

Published June 8, 2018

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About the author

Tony Christie

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Tony Christie is a spiritual teacher and healer, inspirational speaker and messenger of oneness. His work is focused on bringing people into a state of oneness with themselves and with all of existence.

He works with the labyrinth as a symbol of oneness and a tool for attaining oneness. He is a labyrinth designer, artist, consultant who works with the labyrinth to enhance his own and others personal and spiritual growth. He facilitates workshops, gives talks and lectures, and creates labyrinth images to inspire, teach, and present the labyrinth in new and interesting ways.

His publication, Labyrinth Wisdom Cards, is a deck of 48 cards with messages and images painted by Tony. Each card is an aspect of your journey in life, and contains insights and messages for you on your soul's journey through the symbolism of the labyrinth; assisting you to access our inner wisdom.

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Author 60 books2 followers
November 7, 2018
Once in a while, a really good labyrinth book comes along that gets right to the heart of what makes the labyrinth so special. I'm reading a couple at the moment, and have just finished Tony Christie's excellent 'Labyrinth : Your Path to Self Discovery.'

At a workshop hosted by Tony last weekend, he spoke about the combined power of knowledge, experience, and reflection in helping to progress on any journey. These three are much in evidence in his book, and are encouraged of readers through a series of what I imagine are powerfully transformative exercises (I've only tried one of these so far, and then only in part).

Be warned though: these are not for the faint - hearted, but encourage exploration of such imperatives as life purpose, past life experiences, connecting with ancestors and star guides.

Tony is well versed in many esoteric fields, and moves swiftly between discussion of Vedic wisdom, conscious creating, sacred geometry, geomancy, the mystical and the arcane. We follow the Mithraic Journey, delve into the alchemical, and see how the Major Arcana cards - not to mention a symbolic means for finding the Holy Grail in us - feature in the classical labyrinth.

We work through death on the labyrinth, discover our guides on the labyrinth, and ponder the constellations that influence the dynamics of our relationships with others. Kabbala, Tao, and The Ramayana all find a place in the story, as does Melchizedek of the Old Testament, and of course our friends The Greeks and students of the Mystery School of Chartres.

There is much more in here besides. What is astounding for me is how Tony weaves this all together in a way that is understandable and not requiring a head full of knowledge (although being open to the mystical would undoubtedly bring even more powerful insights).

The purpose of the book is clear in the title: it is a rich reference guide for those who want to find their own connection points with the labyrinth 's infinitely varied and deeply dimensioned enlightening and support along the road to wholeness.

A brilliant book that I heartily recommend.
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3 reviews
August 22, 2021
Truly unique journeys into the Mystery of the Labyrinth

Each chapter has an exercise and a reflection which makes the book into a personal growth and workbook experience. His chapters are also laid out in such a way that you can pick and choose ones in the order of your personal interest. There is a common thread of the Labyrinth being an energetic field throughout the book and I found each chapter packed full of thought provoking and educational information that reintroduced the power of the Labyrinth to me all over again. You can get your copy of the Labyrinth: Your Path to Self Discovery at Amazon and you can also order your set of Labyrinth Wisdom Cards at www.tonychristie.com.

October 5, 2018
Illuminating connections

I have attended a Labyrinth workshop by Tony, which was truly inspirational in content and presentation. Having been passionate about labyrinths for years and read many books on the subject, I can truly say that Tony explains, describes and gives unique ways to work with the labyrinth using ancient understandings, in an illuminating way and shows how using a labyrinth we can intuitively and consciously grow. Through his work,
The energy of the planet is being uplifted. Gratitude Tony
881 reviews18 followers
February 24, 2018
I found it very informative. Great for those who have an interest in labyrinths.
640 reviews2 followers
May 4, 2018
Reading about using the labyrinth to not only find and walk your path but to find your way so you can meditate and calm your mind is is a new way to live with new insights Talking about being able to make your own temporary labyrinth out of different materials such as cornmeal, paint, string or chalk is something I had not thought of , especially when it was explained the different ways to draw them. The three R's are : Release is to let go Receive to have guidance and understanding, Return to your everyday life with new insights. Very interesting subject that I want to learn more about. I was honored to receive this book by Net Galley for an honest review
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