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The Cedar River Cowboys #6

A Kiss, a Dance & a Diamond

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Kieran O’Sullivan never let anything— or anyone —stand in his way.

Even the girl he claimed to love.

But fifteen years later, the successful doctor’s back in Cedar River. So is Nicola Radici, still as beautiful as the day he left her behind. The last thing Nicola wants is to forgive and forget. But when Kieran connects with her nephews, their guardian has to let him into their life. And maybe even her heart.

224 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published March 20, 2018

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About the author

Helen Lacey

156 books146 followers
About Helen
Helen Lacey grew up reading Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables and Little House on The Prairie. These childhood classics inspired her to write her first book when she was seven years old, a story about a girl and her horse. Although, it wasn’t until the age of eleven when she read her first Mills & Boon, that she knew wanted to write romances. Her parents’ love of travel meant she saw much of the world in those early years and she feels fortunate to have had a diverse and interesting education over several continents.

She continued to write into her teens and twenties with the dream of one day being a published author. A few years and careers later, including motel operator, florist, strapper, dog washer, and retail manager, she got the call from Harlequin Special Edition. She loves writing about tortured heroes, both cowboys and CEO’s, and heroines who finally get the love of the man of their dreams.

From Welsh parents and a large family, she lives on the east coast of Australia in a small seaside town at the southern most point of The Great Barrier Reef, with her wonderfully supportive husband, many horses, two cats and three spoiled dogs.

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972 reviews198 followers
May 24, 2018
A Kiss, a Dance & a Diamond is book six in the Cedar River Cowboys series. This story has Kieran O’Sullivan, recently divorced, moving back home to Cedar River to work in the local hospital. Nicola Radici is also back home, with a heart-wrenching break up behind her, she has returned to care for her two orphaned nephews after the sudden death of her brother and his wife.
Nicola and Kieran have history and fifteen years is not long enough for Nicola to forget or forgive the way they last parted.

I really enjoyed this story of second chances. Nicola was feisty and strong. She had been left broken hearted too many times and she wasn’t going to give her heart away easily. Her first concern was always her two nephews, Johnny and Marco. The young boys were a significant addition to the story which had them acting out their grief and insecurities which left Nicola feeling like she was stumbling alone through parenthood not knowing if she is doing the right thing. She finds herself turning to Kieran for help and advice. But they both needed to get over past hurts before they could move on and open their hearts.

The story is a fun read; Nicola with her feisty temper and Kieran trying to find ways to be involved in her life. The two young boys and Kieran’s family all working together to show Kieran and Nicola that they were meant to be together showed what a close-knit community Cedar River is.

This is a heart- warming story about loss and hurting, finding love and carrying on with life, letting go of the past and embracing a second chance at happiness.

A quick romance read that will give you the promised happily-ever-after.
Profile Image for Helen.
2,232 reviews12 followers
April 5, 2018
Can two people who loved each other fifteen years before rekindle that love after what they have both been though in those years they were apart or did that love every get lost? I am sure you will want to read this one and find out because it is a beauty of a story, one that I didn’t want to put down.

Kieran O’Sullivan is back home in Cedar River after his divorce life has changed for Kieran he left fifteen years before to go to college, he became a doctor married had a child and now he is still a doctor and single, and although he is very close to his family he can still feel alone. Working at the hospital brings him in contact with Nicola the love from his past the one he hurt so much many years before and now, she is still beautiful and still has a temper and is now the carer for her two nephews and will she ever forgive him?

Nicola has had her life turned upside down in the last fifteen years dumped again by her fiancé will she ever find someone to love her? She is working hard in the family restaurant and now caring for her nephews and yes Kieran is back in town and she is determined to steer clear of him but he is the doctor at the hospital when one of her nephews hurts themselves and would you believe the boys think he is awesome and Nicola decides that she needs to find a way to get him out of her system once and for all but it just might make it worse.

This is a fabulous reunion story filled with such heartfelt emotions and love, Nicola and Kieran were always made for each other but a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the last fifteen years both are more mature but both have insecurities that need to be overcome so as they can have their well -deserved HEA and there are two little boys that add so much to the story with their ways to push them together and family interfering. I highly recommend this one another fantastic instalment in this series.
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813 reviews37 followers
March 31, 2018
A KISS, A DANCE, & A DIAMOND by author Helen Lacey is April 2018 release by Harlequin Special Edition series.

Kieran O’Sullivan very publicly humiliated and broke up with Nicola Radici on their graduation day.
But now he was back in Cedar River. And so was Nicola. She was looking after her two orphaned nephews. And she couldn’t pretend that meeting Kieran was okay, when in fact she was so angry with him. But he was a changed man now. He had seen heartbreak and loss. Could she forgive?

Could she give him another chance? He was there for her nephews and she could see that he was good for them. As they were good for him.

A KISS, A DANCE, & A DIAMOND is a romance filled with emotions and drama. Author Helen Lacey brought this story to life on the pages where a reader would sympathize with Kieran and Nicola yet root for them too.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.
Profile Image for Lynn Brooks.
3,022 reviews30 followers
March 20, 2018
Home sweet home! Helen Lacey brings us a sweet and sassy reunion story with this continuation of her epic Cedar River Cowboys series! High school sweethearts who everyone thought would be together forever ... until he broke her heart on graduation day! Back in Cedar River, Keiran wonders if Nic will ever forgive him for humiliating her and ruining all of their dreams. I loved their story. The characters were very appealing and I was invested quickly in seeing if they could make their way back to each other again. It's always a joy to return to Cedar River, and this book was no exception!

Nicola Radici knows that her old high school boyfriend is back in town, but she doesn't have to like it! When a visit to the ER introduces him to her orphaned nephews who now dominate her life, her youngest charge really takes a shine to him. She refuses to forgive him for what he pulled all those years ago, but how can she shun the man who is making her heartbroken nephew smile again?

Dr. Keiran O'Sullivan left Cedar River fifteen years ago with big dreams in his sight, but after a lot of living and a lot of heartache, here he is returning to his old stomping ground. He doesn't blame Nic for despising him and how he treated her all those years ago, but just seeing her again takes his breath away. He doesn't think she'll ever find it in her heart to forgive him ... but he has to try doesn't he?
710 reviews9 followers
March 23, 2018
Nicola Radici's dance card is full. She has had to leave her job, relocate and become a mom to her deceased sister and brother in laws sons. There is no room in her life for any more stress. However life has a way of ignoring your wishes and so enter Kieran O'Sullivan, the man she loved and that ditched her after High school graduation. Kieran is a doctor and has returned home after the break up of his marriage. Nicola hates Kieran but hate and love go neck in neck and hate she might but the past is truly not the past with either of them. Ms. Lacey has again written a wonderful story of second chances even though neither want to believe they care for each other after all these years. You will totally enjoy the banter between them and the boys will steal your heart and make you shed a few tears. However the HEA is so fantastic and the icing on the cake is there are more books coming in this series. Loved it.
Profile Image for Jemi Fraser.
Author 20 books48 followers
March 25, 2018
So much fun! Kieran and Nicola have a past full of the highest highs and a really low low. Watching them readjust to living in the same town with family issues on both sides makes for a very entertaining read. Looking forward to more stories from Cedar River. A great read!
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318 reviews1 follower
April 1, 2018
A KISS, A DANCE & A DIAMOND by Helen Lacey (The Cedar River Cowboys #6)

I always know when I see a book by Helen Lacey that it will be a good read. I was not disappointed at all.
When Kieran O’Sullivan came back to Cedar River it was to get a new start. Forget about his ex wife and what he thought was his son. Also to come back to the town his family was very much part of. He was gone for college, medical school etc. He is now a doctor.
So he is working the ER and his nurse lets him know he has a patient, a Radici boy. Kieran had a history with Nicola Radici back in high school and the boy is her nephew who got a fishing hook in his hand.
Nicola can not forget or forgive Kieran for what he had done to her on high school graduation day.
But Kieran does hope she will as he has then connected with her nephews and afterall she is their guardian after the death of her brother and his wife.
Will love prevail and combine the 2 once again?
Profile Image for TashNz.
723 reviews18 followers
May 12, 2018
The latest installment of the Cedar River Cowboys - A Kiss, A Dance and a Diamond by Helen Lacey is just fabulous. A reunion story of two high school sweethearts whose paths come back together after many years. A lot has happened in their lives and the wonderful way that Helen has bringing them back together is just wonderful and heartwarming and another reason I adore the Cedar River stories.

Helen covers the whole spectrum of emotions through brilliant writing and creates people and a place that you want to live in yourself. I absolutely adore the Cedar River stories and this one is just as fabulous as the previous stories in the series.

Thank you Helen for another winner.
Profile Image for Janie.
1,331 reviews13 followers
March 25, 2018
"A Kiss, a Dance, & a Diamond (The Cedar River Cowboys, #6) by Helen Lacey bring us back to the series with Nicola Radici's and Dr. Kieran O'Sullivan's story. Nicola has custody of her sister's sons because of a tragic accident that took the life of her sister and brother in law. Nicola and Kieran were High School Sweethearts but their split years ago wasn't good. Seeeing each other after many years the spark is still there and no matter how hard Nicola fights to separate herself from Kieran she can't stay away.
Profile Image for Amanda.
620 reviews
January 5, 2019
We're back in Cedar River, South Dakota with Helen Lacey's next installment in her cosy Harlequin Special Edition miniseries: Cedar River Cowboys. A Kiss, A Dance and a Diamond is a sweet read with a passionate undertone of past flames rekindling. The story is well-told and vibrant and follows Kieran O'Sullivan and Nicola Radici, who parted ways when Kieran made the decision to follow his dreams, breaking Nicola's heart at the same time. Now years later, he's back in town and it so happens that he and Nicola cross paths. Cheery boys bring these two together, but it is true love that makes them stay and rekindle old flames.

4 Stars
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