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Twin Sacrifice

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My twin brother is determined to kill himself, but I won’t let him.

I just discovered the sacrifice he made for me when we were young.

Now it’s time I return the favor. This time I’ll be the one with the secret.

Psychologist Matthew Durante’s twin brother, Justin, has struggled with mental illness since their parents died in a house fire. After Justin is accused of setting off a bomb that killed an innocent woman, he lands in a maximum-security psychiatric hospital.

In the face of Justin’s unrelenting suicide attempts, Matthew grows frantic to keep him alive. And as the pieces of their past fall into place, Matthew decides bold action is his only choice, no matter the cost.

Set against the backdrop of weapons manufacturing, terrorism, and a dark family secret, Matthew and Justin fight for survival, redemption, and most of all, for each other.

300 pages, Paperback

First published February 1, 2018

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About the author

Jennifer Lane

14 books1,419 followers
Psychologist/author (psycho author) Jennifer Lane invites you to her world of sports romance and romantic suspense with a psychological twist!

Jen fell in love with sports at a young age and competed in swimming and volleyball in college. She went on to become the Honda Award Winner for Division III Athlete of the Year. She still gets high from the smell of chlorine and the satisfaction of smashing a beautiful volleyball set.

Jen’s latest novel is Rivals, a romance between coaches from rival universities. Her Blocked trilogy also explores the transformation from hate to love. Particularly in this time of division, Jen’s favorite theme is finding common ground.

A romantic suspense trilogy (The Conduct Series) and a psychological thriller (Twin Sacrifice) complete Jen’s collection of stories. She calls Ohio home and shares writing space with her two trusted feline collaborators: Tuxedo and Tessa.

Whether writing or reading, Jen loves stories that make her laugh and cry. In her spare time, she likes to exercise and visit her amazing sisters in Chicago and Hilton Head.

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225 reviews31 followers
February 4, 2018
Hey everyone! This ebook was kindly provided by the author/publisher via Netgalley prior to release in exchange for my honest review.

My biggest problem with this book is, it showed up in the romance titles but it is not in any way a romance novel. I got to about 50% and thought to myself where’s the romance. We’re running out of time. Every time a female character was mentioned I thought is this the one? The romance never came. I hope it was just a miss-click that lead to this book being put on the romance shelf. Truth be told, I think a lot of my issues can be attributed to my expectation and disappointment about it not being a romance novel. 

Alright, now that the unpleasantness is out of the way I managed to read the book. It was well written and engaging. I wanted to know what happened next and understand how all the clues fit together. 

After reading the description I was struck by the unique story line. I’ve said it before, I’m a sucker for juicy secrets. But this book told us what the secrets were pretty quickly. I typically read romance and what I love most about those books is that moment of truth where they trust the other person and let go of the secrets that have been holding them back. In this book we learn what happened from the narrator, not from the characters themselves. Which might be why I didn’t fall in love with the characters like I usually do.

The book deals with issues that as a society we turn a blind eye to, namely male on male sexual assault and suicide/ self-harm. I appreciated the way Jennifer Lane dealt with anxiety attacks throughout the book and mentioned several grounding techniques. The honest way she presented these situations and the characters feelings in those stressful moments helped me care about them.

My heart broke for the characters more time than I can count while reading this book. It was hard to keep reading but, I couldn't put it down. 

The story was good there was lots of drama and twists and turns; I was engaged from the first page. But, I felt the characters were a little one dimensional - they were defined by their roles as a lawyer, a psychologist, a victim and I don’t feel I got to know them beyond that.

Overall, I would recommend this book for people interested in suspense/ thriller crime type novels or enjoys reading about the darker things that happen in the world. I would not recommend this book for anyone looking for their next book boyfriend.
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4,953 reviews306 followers
February 26, 2018

Two twin brothers with a decision to make each and sacrifices for one another. One brother Matthew is a Psychologist, and the other Justin is in prison for a bombing at King Enterprises where Jefferson King aka their old Foster father owned. Matthew knows that Justin is innocent, but he can't seem to help his brother from the outside. So Matthew comes up with a plan, he must switch places with his twin brother and so starts a plan rolling which means giving up everything that he has ever loved - his job, life and more importantly the girl he has loved since he was fifteen years old - Kate. As the book goes along, after the switch we learn that the same pain that Justin went through others have too under the hands of Jefferson King and Matthew has been working a case. As Justin's memories start to return and there is evidence to prosecute Jefferson King finally, can the three of them - Justin, Matthew, and Kate work together and in doing so help Jefferson's other victims - Gideon and Cody? I have to admit this book was a bit slower than I had hoped but was a good story and I liked Gideon's poetry and the treasure hunt clues . What shone through the book for me was Matthew and Justin's twin bond and love for one another and that no matter what happened they wouldn't give up on one another and would go to the ends of the earth to save the other one, I liked that.
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Author 4 books63 followers
March 2, 2018
Actual rating- 4.5

*This review was initially published at The Readdicts Book Blog. For more reviews, go here .

When I read author Jennifer Lane's Streamline, I really, really liked it so naturally when her sports romance series Blocked was out, I had to read all the books and I fell in love with them. When I heard about Twin Sacrifice, I had to obviously read the book because I've grown to love Jennifer's books. But when I finally read it, I was shocked and surprised because Jennifer just keeps getting better and better. I used to believe that the Blocked series is her best work but I have to take that back because Twin Sacrifice has to be her best so far. And I'm a hundred percent sure that I'll take this back when there's a new book out because that's just Jennifer. She outdoes herself every time. I have so much of admiration for the author.

Coming to the book, Twin Sacrifice is the story of 29 year old twin brothers Matthew and Justin who lost their parents when they were very young and were taken into foster care by their father's boss, Dr. Jefferson King. Along with their foster sister Kate, they have lots of childhood memories that bring both joy and pain. Suffering from mental illness since childhood as he blames himself for his parents' death, Justin is later imprisoned for planting a bomb that killed an innocent woman. His physiologist brother Matthew then decides to do something that would set everything right. Both Justin and Matthew were amazing men who just made me want to hug them and never let go, and such characters are my favourite. Aside from them, however, every other character was just as well done and brought out very strong feelings in me as a reader, so you can imagine how involved I was in the story.

One of the best things about Jennifer's stories is all of the issues that she takes up which really are very important. From abuse in Streamline to politics in Blocked to terrorism in Twin Sacrifice, it's just so interesting to read about problems that we face everyday and that are relatable. However, there is so much more to Twin Sacrifice than terrorism. Throughout the book, I just sat there wandering how Jen even comes up with such mind blowing plots and how she joins all the dots so meticulously in the end. I love it when I'm reading a book and I know what's going to happen but the author proves me wrong. Trust me, it's one of the pleasures of reading for me; knowing that the plot is unpredictable, it both intrigues and fascinates me.

There's not much else that I'd like to say about the story because this is a book that you just have to discover on your own. I found it very difficult to read at times because of the darkness and depth to it, but if like me, you like to read heavy books that make you think and that you make you pause just because something is too much to take in, then Twin Sacrifice is the book for you. This is a book about family and justice and how, in spite of everything you've been through, you can still be a good person. It's about accepting your past and using it for a better future and that is very beautiful. Books about bonds between siblings tend to make me cry, and this one did. In general, however, not many books make me cry, but when they do, trust me, they're gems. Twin Sacrifice has to be the best book of the year.

*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Jennifer Lane and Book Partners In Crime Promotions in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.
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367 reviews14 followers
March 13, 2018
Wow, what a ride!

My attention was held through the entire book. It was full of surprises and suspense!!! The suspense drew me in. I had to see where Mrs.Lane was going with it and she did not disappoint. Excellent read. The twins have carved a special place in my heart. I actually learned quite a bit from this book. Great storyline, characters are stong and we get a bit of education and insight into different topics.
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3,907 reviews397 followers
March 2, 2018
I’m not sure why I wanted to read this but I am so glad I did. I don’t normally read a book because of a cover but I did. I got it all wrong too. I thought with two men on the cover it was a m/m. Yes I know it actually says the word Twin on the cover but it didn’t click in my brain. Then of course I jumped in without reading the blurb. Oh my dayz I am so glad I did.

If you like psychological thrillers then this is a must read. I’m not going to say much because if you’ve read the blurb it’s enough of a teaser for you. However I will say Justin and Matthew got under my skin. When secrets were revealed I was rooting for them even more. Some great secondary characters added so much more to this story. I really wish I could delete this from my memory and read again for the first time.

I found myself syncing this from my kindle to my phone app so I could keep reading another few pages. It’s a fantastic read. I really hope this author writes more psychological thrillers.
Profile Image for Teresa.
520 reviews12 followers
January 25, 2018
Jennifer Lane's stories get me every time. This was terrific, and I was incredibly excited and honoured to get an ARC of this psychological suspense novel.

However, writing a review has been really difficult because I didn't want to give much away, but I didn't want to hide it all behind a full spoiler warning either, so finding the right balance between too much or too little has been a challenge.

I think the blurb encapsulates very well what's to come, and should be the only thing to go to in order to decide whether to read it or not. I actually think it'd be best to go into it blind really, and allow the story to unfold at its own pace and let it take you places: allow it to surprise you, and make your heart clench, and make you laugh, and nearly cry, and rant, and become furious and outraged on behalf of the protagonists. To be overcome with compassion for them. For ALL of them.

To me the gold standard of outstanding fiction is always precisely this capacity to evoke intense emotion, and this book has not stopped doing this from the very beginning.

However, a word of advice. Starting it on a Sunday night? Big mistake. Because I was completely sleep deprived all Monday and almost literally having to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks at a big (unavoidably boring) work meeting.

The story gripped me from page one. Probably even from the well chosen cover. I found it completely absorbing and intriguing and I found myself really caring for the characters and keen to discover where the twists in the plot would take them. Like "how on earth are they going to manage to get away from this pickle?" "This is not going to end well"
It was perhaps merely really good until about the 60% mark or so, but from then on, the suspense and my connection with the characters, and the oppressive need to know more, more, more, became downright obsessional and consuming. I only succeeded at closing the book very reluctantly at night for the duration.

Just like in all other books by this most accomplished writer, psychotherapeutic dilemmas and interactions of psychologists with their patients make up a good part of the narrative. This to me is like applying a magnet to a handful of iron filings. Instant attraction!
Since I am also a psychologist, I always enjoy this so much in her books that it is like having the luxury of an extended reflective practice seminar (oh, how rare it is to have time for those these days). In this book, some of the conundrums in the profession are for example about lying to clients vs. lying to therapists, therapist self-disclosure, the multiple and convoluted layers and exceptions of confidentiality, the reporting/not reporting of abuse dilemma, and also about the perilous navigation of the controversial ethical boundaries of interpersonal contact with past clients.

The brother's predicament exhibits aspects of game theory where they play a variant of the prisoner's dilemma . And the way that the author presents the doubts, the shame, the misplaced guilt that is typical in survivors of abuse is nothing short of masterful and it completely broke my heart.

One of the things that bothered me at some points of the story, is that I wanted to know more about the reasons that made the heroine choose one of the twin brothers when they were teens, and not the other. There was some mention of it, and I think I understand why, but I wanted to have it perhaps more elaborated upon.

In the same way, there is a budding relationship mentioned at the end, which happens off page, and I was very intrigued about how it happened because it also involves one of the therapy conundrums allude to above. I would have wanted to have more information about it, and have the opportunity of "seeing" it unfold on the page, but I understand that would have made the book perhaps a lot longer. Maybe there will be scope for another book in the future and giving the second twin a chance at his own HEA ? In any case, I did not want this book to end.

Incidentally, what I also enjoyed very much is that the book reminded me of one of my current favourite TV series, Orphan Black,

My most heartfelt thanks to the author for sending me an ARC.

Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018 # 20. A book with characters who are twins.

I am also very tempted to count it as

Shh... Reading Challenge 2018 #13. A book that shatters your soul

Although what I am going to read next, A Love Letter to Whiskey
was specifically chosen with that category in mind from its reviews.
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Author 30 books707 followers
March 10, 2018
Jennifer Lane gives us the gift of really feeling what it's like to be another person. We experience a range of emotions, good and bad, within situations we may never have imagined in our real lives. I have loved her writing from the beginning, and this book might just be her bravest, most honest emotional read yet.

The plot gives us mystery, a lot of suspense, unexpected twists, and a big, dark, edgy cliff from which to dangle.

The content is, at times, uncomfortable in its realism. I don't mean this as a criticism at all. Content like this should make us uncomfortable. And I admit to squirming a bit while reading this book. But it's all handed to us with grace and compassion.

I'm a sucker for understanding the psychology that drives behavior, as well as the psychological approach to healing. I love that Lane takes us to these places. I also love that Lane is not afraid to show us that men have emotions. I know it might be difficult to believe, given our emphasis on macho heroes, but, really, men do feel stuff pretty deeply, and they are affected by trauma. With this story, we're shown that men can be tough and heroic, and also emotional and vulnerable.

This story is more slow-burning suspense than fast-paced thriller. We go to some dark places, but we always see the promise of light shining on the other side.

*I was provided with a review copy in exchange for my honest review.*
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312 reviews58 followers
February 27, 2018

To be honest I was very excited to read a thriller after all the romance trends.
Once I received this Arc I was so thrilled ... see what I made here :)

Twin Sacrifice is the deal! A gripping psychological thriller like the blurb truly says and you can imagine the sort of unexpected twists and turns. Got me captive from the start.

The characters felt real which kept me tossing and turning in bed for hours.
Today we deal with so many issues ... some we keep way and hope to stay way.
Not for these twins. This powerful twin bond, this love, no matter what.
Sacrifices and not giving up to save each other.

I can’t tell you more, without spoiling.

I’ve enjoy reading it very much. I hope you too.
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1,093 reviews86 followers
January 30, 2018
First, I would like to thank Jennifer Lane, Psyched Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.
Twin Sacrifice by Jennifer Lane was an incredible book about twin brothers with an incredible bond whom would do anything for eachother-and I do mean anything-to keep eachother safe! So many times my heart broke for each of what the brothers went through growing up. Not to mention what they were facing now. I wanted to give Kate a hug for the lies and betrayal she was told. I was disgusted with Dr. King and everything he put the brothers through!!
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593 reviews19 followers
February 20, 2018
My first Jennifer Lane book, and it totally rocked me.
I adored the uniqueness of the story,  the love and devotion of the characters, it pulled at my heart strings.
Feeling were felt (swear words were uttered) and the tears flowed.
I thoroughly enjoyed Twin Sacrifice, and look forword to jumping into my next Jennifer Lane book.
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2,094 reviews86 followers
August 31, 2018
I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

This was an enjoyable read. The story was interesting and engaging. I really like thriller/suspense stories. I thought the characters were good. However, I felt that they were lacking. They were not really dynamic and interesting. Also, I thought the story was filled with ups and downs. There was drama and plot twists. I thought the ending was really good. Overall, a great read.
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1,102 reviews30 followers
March 29, 2018
Twin Sacrifice by Jennifer Lane
Source: Netgalley and Purchase
My Rating: 5/5 stars

Justin Durante has survived a hell many, many do not. But, that survival comes with a great number of caveats including multiple suicide attempts and a current charge of attempted murder. Because of the suicide attempts, Justin is currently “living” in a psych ward awaiting a professional determination of his mental ability to stand trial for his crime.

Matthew Durante has spent his life trying desperately to protect his twin brother from the demons that plague him. As a psychologist, Matthew understands the science behind Justin’s issues, as his twin he feels the same pain and wants nothing more than to heal his brother. What Matthew doesn’t know is the full story of Justin’s past, the real evil that haunts him and has caused him to attempt suicide so many times. With every suicide attempt, a bit more of Matthew dies, and he doesn’t know how much more he and his twin can take.

Justin’s current “living” situation isn’t at all conducive to his mental health and Matthew knows, without doubt, if he doesn’t get Justin out, his next suicide attempt with succeed. What’s more, thanks to a totally coincidental meeting with a new client, Matthew now knows precisely what hell Justin survived as a kid. With both his new and old knowledge, Matthew hatches a plan to save his brother that is as crazy as some of the inmates currently living with Justin. With Justin’s need to care for and protect others, he isn’t at all happy with Matthew’s plan, but Matthew is the more lucid and determined of the two which means the plan is happening!

**This is the part I can’t tell you about or it will spoil the read**

Matthew’s plan, crazy as it is, is a resounding success and as the plot continues to unfold, the past comes crashing into the present, and some very, very bad people get exactly what they deserve! In the process, Justin, Matthew, and a few others get the closure they so desperately need and deserve.

The Bottom Line: I have read nearly every book written by Jennifer Lane and can say with authority, this is the best book she has written!! I say this, not to disparage Lane’s previous book (I enjoyed them thoroughly) but to drive home the point of how incredibly good Twin Sacrifice is! This is next level writing, character development, and plotting from an author who was already quite accomplished at such things. The depravity Justin survived as a child is horrifying and has defined his entire adult life. Matthew’s insane plan is defined by his full knowledge of Justin’s past and his need to finally be his brother’s protector. Ultimately, Twin Sacrifice is a story of love, the love two brothers have for one another and their shared willingness to do absolutely anything to help and/or protect one another. I devoured this book and sincerely hope we are going to see many, many books of this nature from Jennifer Lane!
4,593 reviews17 followers
February 28, 2018
Mathew knew he must have went to far and was in the hospital. Kate saw him stir and asked him - what the hell he was thinking, he had tried to kill himself she added. Kate was Mathew’s girlfriend and had been since the three of them had been in a foster home together when they were teens fourteen years ago. Mathew said he wasn’t suicidal, he didn’t want to die. Then Kate asked if it was something she had done. Mathew told Kate it was complicated.Mathew now knew his brother kept punishing himself for events beyond his control … for sacrifices he had made to keep Mathew and Kate safe while in the foster home. Kate told Mathew she never got to see him anymore, if he wasn’t working crazy hours, he was at the gym lifting weights nonstop. She said he was distant and moody all the time and now this. Kate said she couldn’t lose him too. Mathew said she wouldn’t and they hadn’t lost Justin yet. Mathew had never seen his identical twin Justin so hopeless and full of despair. So numb. Justin was determined to kill himself. When they were sixteen they found Justin cutting himself for the first time. Mathew told Kate he was trying to understand why Justin hurt himself, why he kept trying to destroy himself. Then kate said that made no sense they knew why Justin was messed up as he blamed himself for their parents death- his and Mathew’s. Justin had been accused of detonating a bomb that had killed a scientist and was being held at the psych hospital until he restores competency. Mathew decided to be the one to make the sacrifice and managed to switch places with Justin in the hospital during a visit. Mathew tells Justin if he kills himself now that he will follow and if he tells anyone they will both go to prison. Mathew had made Kate believe he had cheated on her and with the switch he fired her as his lawyer to keep her away.
It was a hard book to read because of the subject matter but it was a great book. The author goes into seldom discussed subjects a male foster parent sexually abusing a male foster son, suicide and self harm. I choked up several times as I read this. My heart bleed for the sacrifices Justin had made as if he were a real person. This was very realistic as far as I was concerned. There was a lot of drama and twists and turns. This was also well written. The author was powerful in how she showed the shame and misplaced guilt that is typical of survivors of abuse. I would have like some back story on the twins and Kate being in foster care and why she chose Mathew over Justin. This book was great in the story it told and I highly recommend it.
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Author 15 books982 followers
March 1, 2018
As both an author and a psychologist, Jennifer Lane offers a unique perspective on the characters she creates in her novels. So, when I heard she was publishing a suspense story, I sought out a copy right away.

Twin Sacrifice is the story of two brothers, Matthew, and Justin, who endure a tragic childhood. When their parents are killed in a fire, the twins are brought up in the foster care of their father’s boss, Jefferson King. Although the community reveres King, the brothers are often witness to the darker side of the man who has taken charge of their upbringing. When the long-term circumstances of their involvement with King unwittingly hurl them into the seedy world of weapons manufacturing and terrorism, the twins must confront a dark family secret.

Having battled mental illness for years, Justin is seemingly driven to the breaking point when he is accused of a serious crime. Although Matthew is a psychologist, he feels helpless when Justin becomes suicidal. Desperate to save the only family he has left, Matthew comes up with a drastic plan. The love and loyalty between the two brothers is strong, ultimately driving the plot of Twin Sacrifice and setting up a thrilling battle of wills between the two main characters.

This novel is a not a romance and it contains plenty of dark moments. Reading the dedication at the beginning of the book will give the reader an idea of what to expect, and I would encourage anyone who might be on the fence to look there first before venturing further. For those who like psychological thrillers and intrigue, there is plenty to be found in Twin Sacrifice.

I admired many aspects of this story. All of the characters were richly drawn and complex. I also appreciated the intelligence and common sense possessed by Matthew’s long-time girlfriend, Kate. The cast of secondary characters add an intriguing weight to the novel and enrich the overall plot by giving the reader hope that all those seeking redemption will ultimately find it. Twin Sacrifice is a great 4.5 star read for those who enjoy suspense. I recommend this book to those looking for a bit of drama and excitement in their next read.
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3,329 reviews102 followers
February 28, 2018
While this one moves a bit slower than I prefer in a thriller, it is packed with suspense and the story is quite gripping. It's also emotional and at times heart-wrenching as secrets are revealed little by little and there are some dark topics covered. The darkest of those secrets comes to light pretty early in the story, but like a snowball, it gets bigger as things progress. Matthew's plan to save Justin does require some suspension of disbelief in order for the story to work, but work it does and I found this one hard to put down. The thing that fascinated me most with this one was the many layers to the story. In addition to plenty of suspense and intrigue, a bit of romance between Kate and Matthew and even some witty banter as they interact, we also get a story of grief, loss, loyalty, friendship, justice, love, and hope. But for me, the real love story is that of brotherly love, the love between twins, Matthew and Justin, and their determination to do whatever it takes to save each other.
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Author 12 books648 followers
March 28, 2018
Wow! What a book... this psychological thriller with a romance side has everything. It's so fast paced and well written I couldn't put it down. Think Mission Impossible meets The Prince and the Pauper.

Identical twins, Matthew and Justin look alike... but live totally different lives. Matthew has a successful practice, a level headed, funny and compassionate girlfriend and a fat cat named "Slim."

Whereas Justin is housed in a mental hospital for the criminally insane. He has no hope, no life and no reason to live.

One twin makes the ultimate sacrifice. The other tries to correct a wrong.

Don't miss this one!
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74 reviews1 follower
December 27, 2018
This book is amazing as it messes with your heart and soul. I felt for these characters that the brothers being identical but very different in many ways and each carrying pain and scars wrapped in secrets. This book takes you on a journey that at every turn you see devastation and pain but also the love the characters have for each other in their little band where bonds formed in a shared childhood but differences experiences within that nearly destroy them all in their adulthood.
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698 reviews17 followers
August 17, 2019
Abuse of power

This is a story about twin brothers, one of whom suffers sexual abuse in order to protect his brother and a young girl who is in the same foster home. Justin thinks he has killed his parents in a chemical explosion resulting in him and his brother being placed in foster care. The foster father exploits Justin’s vulnerability and abuses him. There are a couple of additional plots going on at once which enhances the story.
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64 reviews
March 25, 2018
Loved this book! Such a nice change of pace. Not that Jennifer's other books aren't great, but reading a thriller from her was very nice. This story is about the love between brothers and the lengths they go through for each other. Read Jennifer's books, especially this one. You will not be disappointed.
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Author 14 books144 followers
February 26, 2018
This is Jennifer Lane at her best. Twin Sacrifice gripped me from the first chapter and kept me riveted to the page the entire way through, wondering how in the world the Durante brothers would get themselves out of this one. The suspense in Twin Sacrifice is non-stop and addicting. I eagerly anticipated each chapter to see what ingenious new plot twist was tap.

One thing you can count on in Jennifer Lane books is dynamic characters. In Twin Sacrifice, they've all got so many intense levels and yet she makes them relatable and likable. The bonds between the brothers is beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking.

Something that sets Twin Sacrifice apart from standard suspense is the realistic use of therapy sessions to dig deeper into the characters and move their stories forward. It's obvious the author has a wealth of practical experience in this area. She also has a knack for sharing her knowledge in an accessible way to readers so that the concepts are easy to understand and interesting for non-experts like me.

I highly recommend this story for readers of suspense and anyone who enjoys a riveting tale with engaging characters.
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Author 3 books37 followers
March 15, 2018
Most people are familiar with the unique bond twins typically share, but the twin brothers in this book have an even tighter bond. You could say it was strengthened and forged under fire... both literal and figurative.

Raised in a foster home after their parents die in a fire, one brother secretly sacrifices himself, his innocence, and his sanity to protect his twin and their foster sister from the despicable pedophile raising them. Years later, when the psychologist brother finds out what his twin did for him, he repays the sacrifice with an astounding sacrifice of his own.

This is a fast-reading book with some surprising twists. From the horrors of childhood sexual abuse and its lingering aftereffects... to the conditions in a mental hospital for criminals... to the time bomb-ticking quest to take the pedophile foster father down before he can kill again... this is a captivating story readers will long remember.

Four and a half stars.
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Author 31 books86 followers
February 25, 2018
Twin Sacrifice is a gripping psychological thriller with unexpected twists and turns which had me engaged from start to finish. I don't want to give too much away about the plot as the dark secrets which are revealed are what makes this such a page turner. I will say that it centers on a subject which we tend to want to sweep under the carpet as a society. I thought the author captured the repercussions of what happened to key characters masterfully. The characters felt so real that I almost wanted to seek revenge for what had happened to them as well. This is the first book by the author that I've read and it certainly won't be my last.

Note: I received an ARC and voluntarily chose to leave an honest review.
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