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Space Boy #1

Space Boy Volume 1

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A sci-fi drama of a high school–aged girl who belongs in a different time, an alien artifact, mysterious murder, a love that crosses light years, and a boy possessed by emptiness as deep as space

To Amy, everyone has a flavor. Her mom is the flavor of mint--sharp and bright. Her dad is like hot chocolate--sweet and full of gentle warmth. Amy lives on a mining colony in out in deep space, but when her dad loses his job, the entire family is forced to move back to Earth. She says goodbye to her best friend Jemmah and climbs into a cryotube, where she will spend the next thirty years frozen in a state of suspended animation, hurtling in a rocket toward her new home. Her life will never be the same, but all she can think about is how when she gets to Earth, Jemmah will have grown up without her.

When Amy arrives on Earth, she feels like an alien in a strange land. The sky is beautiful, but gravity is heavy, and the people are weird. Stranger still is the boy she meets at her new school--a boy who has no flavor.

248 pages, Paperback

First published July 3, 2018

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About the author

Stephen McCranie

33 books222 followers
Stephen McCranie has been drawing comics since before he could read or write. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Fine Arts and currently lives and works out of a small apartment in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Profile Image for Whitney Atkinson.
909 reviews13.8k followers
July 26, 2019
4.5 stars

This was so amazing!!! It's a rare compliment when I say that the writing style of a graphic novel is good--because usually it's the art that takes precedence in this format--but the writing style of this was gorgeous and the art style matched that perfectly. I can easily get lost while reading sci-fi, but this was a creative and imaginative world that touched on deep earth colonies, cryogenic freezing, and augmented reality without ever swamping the reader with too much information or technology. Despite their circumstances, the characters really shone through. I adored Amy and her parents and her friend groups, and I also think it was interesting that in a book with so many resources and technologies available to cause trouble, the actual conflict of the story was actually within Amy herself. This story of growth and coming to terms with your home was an intriguing journey that was both enlightening to read as a sci-fi tale but also metaphorically very relevant for adolescents and adults alike. My only complaint about this book is that it's called Space Boy and introduces this space boy character even though the book revolves around Amy. I was questioning what this boy's relevance was in the story because he was only shown twice, and even then, so little is revealed about him. Obviously I'll have to read on to find out--and I definitely intend to--but I think it odd that he was left out so much in a story that's literally titled after him. But like I said, I will be requesting the sequels at my library immediately because I can't wait to see where the character development, friendships, and conflict go from here!
Profile Image for Reading_ Tamishly.
4,166 reviews2,237 followers
October 21, 2020
DNFing this series as well. I just cannot get into it and the artstyle is not that appealing to me.
Profile Image for Lauren.
812 reviews931 followers
August 19, 2018

Where do I start with this? Except for saying I loved every single page! <3

Space Boy is a refreshingly unique sci-fi drama centred around Amy (the MC who just happens to have synaesthesia) and her adjustment to life on Earth. The story begins with Amy and her family living on a mining colony in space, where every person (according to Amy) has a flavour. But then disaster strikes and her dad loses his job so they are cryogenically frozen for 30 years and sent to live the rest of their lives on Earth.

Here, Amy finds it hard to adjust to life on Earth and thinks about her best friend, Jemmah, back in space (a girl who is now an adult and has children of her own). She has to contend with societal expectations and catch up on 30 years’ worth of history she missed whilst she was frozen. And then there’s a strange boy named Oliver who doesn’t seem to have a flavour and regularly skips class, but who Amy always seems drawn towards.

So there’s plenty of things happening in Space Boy which is a relatively short read but it’s packed with an abundance of issues including figuring out one’s identity, having to uproot from your home and re-adjust into a completely new one, forging friendships and self-worth struggles. Amy is an incredibly relatable character and I’m glad she has found friends in the confident Cassie and her helpful boyfriend, David.

I’m really looking forward to continuing on with the series and discovering more about the mysterious Oliver. I feel like there are going to be quite a few revelations along the way and I cannot wait!

A delightful little read that I shall be revisiting again and again.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Ellen.
979 reviews22 followers
September 28, 2021
I loved this. My only complaint is it was over too soon...and all the copies of the next volume are checked out at my library. It was a great mix of lightheartedness and depth. It was cute and sad. Highly recommended.

2019 challenge: Two books that share the same title (other one is by Orson Scott Card)

2020 reread: I love this even more since I know where it goes, well, it's not over yet, but I know a lot that's going on.

2021 reread: I've been in a reading funk, so I thought I'd go back to something I love.

"Being wrong about what you expect the world to be like means every moment has the potential for surprise and wonder."

2021 challenge: A book you think your best friend would like (most already do, but I have a couple of friends still holding out from reading it)
Profile Image for Melina Souza.
357 reviews1,860 followers
January 4, 2020
Assim que vi a capa desse livro, eu senti que iria amar! E não estava errada :D

Amy é uma garota sinestésica (ela sente que as pessoas têm sabores) que morava em uma colônia no espaço com seus pais, mas que precisou se mudar para a Terra depois que seu pai perdeu o emprego.

Como o tempo de viagem é de 30 anos, ela e sua família foram congelados criogênicamente. Por isso, além de ter "perdido" seus amigos que ficaram na colônia e continuaram a viver enquanto ela estava congelada/presa na sua idade de quanto partiu, Amy também não acompanhou todo o avanço tecnológico que aconteceu nesse período.

Chegando na Terra, ela se sente muito só por saber que sua melhor amiga agora é 30 anos mais velha e que o seu novo lar não é exatamente como ela imaginava que seria (por conta dos filmes que elas assistiam juntas).

Já quero todos os outros volumes que foram lançados! Essa série já ganhou meu coração ♡
Profile Image for Francina Simone.
Author 10 books2,105 followers
February 12, 2019
I enjoyed this one, the story is a slow build that never gets too slow or speeds up too fast. The world building, I thought was especially interesting. I’m Sirius about the second vol...I hope it expands more on Amy’s life and the big thing hinted at is more actualized in the second.

The art was phenomenal. I like the color and vibrancy and the soft and simple lines. I thought the story telling with the art was very nice!!
Profile Image for Lauryn.
60 reviews54 followers
April 12, 2019
O.W.L.S MAGICAL READATHON 2019 | BOOK #7| DIVINATION (read a book set in the future)

I completely agree with what people say about this book. It’s such a fun, cute, and quirky read that anyone would enjoy for sure. The art style also reminds me a lot of the Jetsons which was just a HUGE plus for me. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book!!!
Profile Image for orangerful.
947 reviews47 followers
April 5, 2019
3.5 stars - There is a lot being set up in this book that I am assuming will pay off in the next volume. I did like the main character and her struggle. The idea of space travel that takes 30 years and what that would do to your life...
Profile Image for Naja.
120 reviews4 followers
July 24, 2021
This seemed a little short and like it was missing the "hooks" that were supposed to pull me into the graphic novel series. This might be on me, I often feel this way about graphic novels.

The art style was kinda cute, but the dialogue felt a little stilted in the way it was used for exposition.
Profile Image for Lara.
Author 2 books47 followers
May 21, 2018
This was one of the cutest, most well written, and most well thought out cartoons I have read in a long time. The writing was stellar, each character fleshed out, the dialogue witty and realistic, the world building absolutely phenomenal.

The plot was thought provoking, heart wrenching, soul searching, and more. Seriously though, this cartoon tackled issues at a depth that a lot of novels don't reach. It tackled topics like reality, experience, family, loyalty, change, with a main character that has a synaesthesia that gives each person a flavour. In short. It was vibrant, original, and captivating.

It made you root for the characters, and really relate to their problems, to really feel with them.

It made you stop and think about existence, the future, and at the same time kept you turning the pages for more.

Definite recommend.

By the way, my flavour is red curry and candied pecans.
Profile Image for Noninuna.
846 reviews35 followers
May 24, 2019
Basically, it's about a girl that frozen for 30 years so that she and her family could migrate to Earth from deep space. This volume shows mostly how she adapts to the new place, school and Earth environment as a whole. Unknown to anybody, she associate every person with a flavor. Then, she met a weird boy that intrigued her with his flavorless-ness.

I really love the world building! The author recreate our technologies to another level yet not too far from we have today. I rarely read sci-fi but it was easy to follow the narration of this graphic novel. The art is so simple yet so vibrant in color. It really pop-up when only a few colors were used, like yellow and cyan(if i'm not mistaken).

Profile Image for kate.
1,111 reviews922 followers
May 31, 2021
A quick, fun and cute read. I’m in two minds about continuing with the series as I didn’t love this as much as I’d hoped but it’s definitely intrigued me, so we’ll see whether I pick up book two or not...
Profile Image for Alexandria Grace.
24 reviews8 followers
January 7, 2023
Having trouble coming back down to earth after binge-reading this. My head is quite lost in outer space.

This is the epitome of YA fiction. Can’t believe it was hiding on a free online web comic. But don’t let the format fool you. It’s special.

I often feel sci-fi is a “lost” genre and in light of that, I’m immensely glad my good friend introduced me to the vibrant world of Space Boy.

Because it’s a gem. I whipped through every volume in under 24 hrs and it’s taken me almost a week to form coherent thoughts. The cute artwork reminiscent of The Jetsons + Ghibli, paired with deep, easygoing, masterful prose makes it a toe-tinglingly delight. But the rich, tender discussions on mental health and healing (with such light angst, might I add) were unbelievable.

There’s no secret to why Amy is the main narrator. You can so clearly see why everyone adores her. She’s the ultimate cinnamon roll. This girl is able to melt the toughest, iciest of hearts and make friends out of enemies with her passionate, hopeful demeanor and a hand always outstretched to help anyone in need. (NOTE: I have synesthesia like Amy and I can’t tell you how excited that made me when I first began reading.)

Amy’s relationships with people are the core of the story, but especially her friendship with Oliver. Where her backstory made my heart ache, Oliver’s broke it into a thousand pieces. He’s just as much a sweetheart as Amy, and as an artist who struggles to see all that’s bright and beautiful in the universe, he fits perfectly with this girl who experiences color and texture in such a unique way.

Truly. Every character feels so genuine and multilayered I forget they exist in words only.

The metaphors, real-world parallels, and lessons revealed within Space Boy are remarkable. How hating people, hurts, and how it differs from righteous anger. The emphasis on healthy communication. The benefits and downsides of advanced technology. How people from all sides are capable of twisting horrific circumstances into a tall tales for profit and material gain, and why honest-to-goodness truth seekers always seem to be danger. And so.much.more.

Through all of this, I only had one” gripe”: The mythic, one-eyed alien, who was quite odd and albeit creepy (though he was meant to be?). Regardless, I’m curious to see what the author does with him and the rest of the cast when he resumes the story this spring.

And I can’t wait to reread SB a million times in preparation. :-) (Also yes I know I technically reviewed every released volume under the guise of the first one. Sue me.)
Profile Image for H.S.J. Williams.
Author 6 books226 followers
April 13, 2020
When I was recommended this series, I honestly didn’t think I would love it so much. The art is so cute, but I didn’t think that style would serve an epic story, which the summary inferred. I was wrong. It IS EPIC. However, it takes a while before you realize this, and by the time you do, you’re almost gasping for air.

First, this brilliant story is a sci-fi in a unique way. Our heroine, Any, has lived all her life in a space colony, and she is only just now moving with her family to earth. This journey requires 30 years in cyro-freezing, which means her best friends staying at the colony will be be adults when she wakes up. Despite her heartbreak on leaving her home and anxiety for the future, Any discovers the beauty of earth. Her wonder brings a fresh perspective on the everyday exquisite details we take for granted. She has an interesting way of analyzing personalities by flavors, and soon she befriends a colorful variety of characters.

But then there is Oliver. A reclusive, withdrawn boy with no flavor. Not until she glimpses him painting a mysterious portrait of the Nothing of space.

She is determined to befriend him, but little does she realizes he is entrapped in a deep government conspiracy that will soon endanger everything she loves...

I really cannot say enough how much I love this. It is full of sone of the most profound and positive messages I’ve ever encountered in a story. The character arcs are astounding. The storytelling is incredible. Oh yeah, and it’s clean, ka-ching.

It is free to read on webtoons, but there are also physical paperbacks which I am collecting.
Profile Image for Kayla (onthefritz).
559 reviews102 followers
January 31, 2019
Reread: January 31 - Love so much! I'm picking up on so many little things this second time around, bumping up to 5 Stars.


Wow, this was such a surprise! I picked this up for the Panels Bookclub pick from July.

This story is a mix of a teen, slice-of-life story and science fiction. It has so many layers and really depicted the feelings and emotions of moving to a new school and making new friends well. Plus the fact that she is also new to Earth and was frozen for 30 years.

I'm looking forward to learn more about the boy-with-no-flavor and all of the mystery that surrounds him and maybe also "The Artifact?"

The art style is very unique and beautiful. It is bright and colorful, and I love how the narration boxes will have different hues of the same color on the spread. Really looks nice and sets a mood. The style also reminds me of chalk drawings almost since the outlines are a little bumpy and varies in width.
Profile Image for Rod Brown.
5,128 reviews171 followers
August 5, 2018
There’s a whole lot of throat clearing going on here as the creator takes his time establishing characters and settings. Despite the slow pace, I’m sort of intrigued, but I'm also a little worried that with all the angst and talk of flavors this might turn out to be just Twilight with aliens.
Profile Image for C.J. Milbrandt.
Author 20 books160 followers
March 5, 2019
Amy was raised on a deep space station, but when her family moves back to earth, she faces all kinds of adjustments. The first installment in a promising serial, this volume is mostly set-up. A good start. I'm interested enough to see what McCrainie has in store.
Profile Image for Nate.
12 reviews
January 6, 2020

This caught my eye from the graphic novel shelf at my local library, so I figured I'd give it a shot. The story's a blend of coming-of-age (teen girl finding her place in high school), science fiction (space travel, new technology), and hints at mystery (the boy, the Artifact). I'd say of the three flavors (ha) the science fiction elements were best. The standard move-to-a-new-town plot is WAY more interesting when that new town is a new planet, and the only way to get there is by 30 years of cryo-sleep space travel, and that resultingly when you arrive the world and history and technology and all your old friends have passed you by and you have to struggle to play catchup. I thought the results of such a transit were really thoughtfully treated (the economics of investing right before the 30 year gap? The reintegration process? the change in level of use of technology? great!). The other elements of the story (the coming of age woes, the hints of mystery, and the main character's synethesia) all felt a little flat or underwhelming, I'd say, but the thoughtful treatment of the human side of long-term space travel made up for it.

As minor nitpicks, the title seems weird (the boy in the story is almost a non-event in this book) and the artist clearly doesn't like drawing feet (female character's legs mostly end in points, and male characters' end mostly in rectangles).

That said, this was volume one of like four or something, so I'll definitely be picking up the next book when I pass through the library again!
Profile Image for Colona Public Library.
1,062 reviews20 followers
May 12, 2020
I wasn't completely sure if I'd like Space Boy at first. It was recommended to me by a colleague who said it would be good for the collection. I found it again completely by accident online, sat down to read it and suddenly found myself up to the current chapter in the newest installment 9 hours later - I had ended up reading through the night. Oops.

Amy is the new girl at her school. A tale as old as time, until you realize it takes place well into the future and, not only is she new to her school and town, she's new to Earth. Amy lived with her family in a mining colony in deep space, light years away from our own home planet. When her father gets reassigned to Earth, the entire family is put into cryogenic sleep for the trek to the little blue planet. When they wake up, it's 30 years later. Amy has to deal with gravity fatigue, having never dealt with true gravity on her little space station, as well as completely new technology, fashion and catching up on 30 years worth of history. She also has a strange form of synesthesia where she sees people's personalities as a quite literal flavor, describing her parents as mint and chocolate. This adds a much more interesting element to the story as a whole, but we'll get into that later.

During the first volume, we see Amy struggling to adapt to a whole new world and time without her best friends - both of whom she's scared to contact. After all, they had 30 years to grow up without her while she traveled through space, frozen in time. She doesn't seem to have problems making new friends, but when she runs into the strange white-haired boy in her art class, things start changing for her in ways she never expected.

It's no secret that I personally love this series. I read through the webcomic so fast that I felt the need to grab the graphic novel in order to pace myself. I'm very glad I did. You can also see the art style evolving as you read, which gives the whole book an interesting feel. As the series continues, you'll see some very intriguing elements thrown into the mix that were definitely unexpected, but wholly welcome to the entire plot that you almost forgot had been set up at the beginning.

If you like science fiction, drama and futuristic mystique, pick this book up. The world building is phenomenal, and quite frankly I can't wait to see what happens next.

Profile Image for Riana (RianaInTheStacks).
294 reviews23 followers
October 25, 2021
I love a good space story. I’ve only read this first volume of Stephen McCranie’s Space Boy so far but it was an interesting start to the series. The art style is very unique and the writing can be quite lyrical at times. The opening of the book really drew me in, with I’m assuming the character that the title refers to with the words “In space the stars don’t twinkle. Apparently, twinkling only happens when you look at the stars through the atmosphere of a planet. Out here there’s no atmosphere…there’s only the Nothing. The Nothing is ever present and always silent. You can talk to the Nothing as much as you want, but it doesn’t talk back…”

The story stars Amy, a high schooler who is forced to leave her home on a mining planet after her dad looses his job there. So the whole family climbs into their cryotubes only to re-emerge 30 years later on Earth. But to Amy’s family, it’s like no time has passed at all, merely a blink. Now they have to get accustomed to Earth’s gravity, 30 years of missed history, and a completely different social system. To add to the list of strange new experiences, Amy comes across a boy on the first day of school who doesn’t have a flavor. Yes, you read that right. Amy has a form of synesthesia that causes her to associate specific flavors to specific people, for instance her mom is like mint and her dad like hot chocolate. But this new boy, has no flavor at all. Add to all this a reported murder surrounding the study of a mysterious space “artifact” and this story already has a lot going for it.

Space Boy Vol.1: 4/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Profile Image for Owly&HerBooks.
374 reviews70 followers
February 18, 2020
This was such a cute read. From traveling through space, to finding a new home on Earth (yes, it's all gone in reverse), to dealing with all the new technology, and nuances the world has to offer. And Amy is really something different, which i love... I mean, she sees the world in flavors! Yes, flavors, and I'm all for it. Then there is the boy with no flavor, whom no one really seems to have a name for. The only thing really known, is that he has a darkness surrounding him, an aura to avoid.

There was much of all that goodness in here, but sometimes it did seem to fall flat, like when it came to Amy's friendship from her her time on a mining colony out in space. I get it's her trying to move away from the pain of missing out thirty years, but somehow it didn't read like it on page. But, maybe all of that will be shown more in the next issues.

For a first in the series, it was pretty well done, along with the illustrations. Can't forget the technology, those net gear glasses are definitely a want. It's another interesting part of the story, what it all means, the process of seeing all with a direct link up, anywhere. What it all means for mankind. Can't wait to read more on all of that, plus Amy's growth, and more about the no name guy that has more to tell than just the darkness around him.
Profile Image for vanessa.
972 reviews150 followers
February 18, 2020
3.5. This has a really sweet and melancholy tone. It's about space! And about going into cryogenic sleep for 30 years so you can move to Earth. We follow Amy and her family as they acclimate to Earth life, make friends, and deal with being away from their deep space home. I really liked the art and that the majority of the graphic novel is focused on Amy's internal thoughts (there is less dialogue). I have not read a multi-volume graphic novel series in a long time but I'm at least interested enough to read volume 2.
Profile Image for Jayne  Downes.
225 reviews2 followers
October 14, 2020
A great sci-fi graphic novel best suited for year 8 onwards. Amy is the main character and she has been living in a mining community in space with her parents. They have to return to earth to live and fit into a society which is very different from the mining colony so it is a story about fitting in at a new school and making friends. It's great because it makes the reader consider what life may be like in the future. Amy had cryogenic treatment to return to earth because it took 30 years and students wear net gear glasses which are special computers with amazing functions. I think it will be a series we will be continuing with.
Profile Image for Isabel Hinen.
169 reviews2 followers
January 10, 2022
Age: 12+
Genre: graphic novels, coming of age, teen
Content: squeaky clean!
Language: none

Review: I loved this! The art is cute, and the story is so wholesome. I love the net-gear glasses, and it was really cool to imagine seeing earth for the first time after living your whole life somewhere else. It has a very strong friendship theme so far, which is refreshingly wholesome compared to the other books I usually read. I'm really excited to read the next one!
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