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Feral Steel MC #3

Beginning of the Reckoning

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I had to escape the family I helped create. Even though I helped create the family, I am not really a part of it. They forgot to tell me being a surrogate to two children would leave a gaping whole in my heart. My mind knows the children aren't mine but my heart hasn't gotten the memo yet. I came to Oklahoma for a fresh start and I have sworn off bikers, too much trouble. My heart is in pieces and I don't think I can survive another break.


As VP of the Feral Steel MC I have worked hard to help put our club back on the right path. We will hand out club justice to our enemies but our reputation is to be fair and on the right side of the law. I love my club brothers and family but lately I have longed for more. More women, more alcohol, and more open road. I live my life free and hard. Then Joy walks into my life. Just when I have found the woman I can see keeping, trouble comes a calling. This time it looks like it is the Beginning of the Reckoning.
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Vera Quinn

39 books238 followers
I have been an avid reader since I was taught to read. I was the oldest of six children and reading was a getaway for me. When my sister became sick she encouraged me to write my first book. That was in 2015 and I released my first book in March 2016. I love to read, write and share books. I am a wife, a mom, and a grandma so the only problem I have is finding the time to get it done. I have been married to my husband for 23 years and he is my person and strongest supporter.

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Profile Image for Teresa Lara.
2,719 reviews36 followers
November 17, 2017
I loved this story About Hacksaw and Joy .Love all the characters. Excellent read.Had everything in this book.Cant wait for more.
Profile Image for Shirl.
822 reviews36 followers
April 25, 2020
Third book of the Feral Steel MC but according to the author she is planning to come back to this MC club later on. I sure hope so as I've got questions and there is many more brothers that need to find their women.
This was Hacksaw and Joy's book. Hacksaw is the VP of the Feral Steel MC and is a stubborn jerk. A manwhore. I get mine then you get out is his mentality. He never plans to be a one woman man.
Joy we met at the last club. She was a club whore at one time and she owns it. Why should it be ok for men to just want sex with no strings attached and no be ok for women? She was later given the job of taking care of the bar and was in charge of the other club whores. She never wants to be an ol lady. Later she was the one who was a surrogate not once but twice for one of the brothers and his wife. After she got her head on straight she needed to get away and start over and that is what brought her to the Feral Steel. She was an old friend of Callie's and Callie was to help her find a job. That is how she and Hacksaw meet. He interviews her to work at a gym but think she would be better for him to have her as a club whore again. They kinda bump heads.
Someone is killing and trying to make it look like the club is involved. All the targets have one simple thing in common.
I will give this much away....we don't get an answer and not sure if this will be settled when Ms. Quinn writes more of this series or if we find out more in the next MC club series.... I will post when I know.
Profile Image for Chey3995.
1,295 reviews43 followers
July 6, 2022
Joy moved to Oklahoma in order to get away from the surrogate family she helped create. She swore off bikers, until she meets Hacksaw. Hacksaw (Heath) is the VP to the Feral Steel MC and takes that position seriously. He's been wanting more of just about everything. Women, alcohol and rides is all he cares about until he meets Joy.

This was an interesting read that had me intrigued for the majority of the book. I loved Joy and Hacksaw together and the dynamic that they had. Joy has a snarky attitude that I absolutely loved and she takes no crap from anyone, even the MC VP.

The book is an HFN and feels like there was lot or questions left unanswered. I'm hoping another book will close those open ends, but it doesn't seem like that will happen.
153 reviews1 follower
November 17, 2017
Wow, so much going on. This book has so many twists and turns that keep you reading. The characters are believable and well developed personalities that makes you think that you know them. I couldn’t put this book down once I started, it has plenty of MC action but also has the personal relationship also. If you like action and romance it has it all, alpha males with their feisty females. Loved it
Profile Image for Angela.
2,494 reviews31 followers
July 27, 2021
A great read

This was another great addition to the series. There was a lot of action, mystery, suspense, and unexpected twists that made for a great story. It was stated that there would be 2 more books in the series, I have yet to find them, and they're not linked to this series on Amazon. That wouldn't be such an issue except that this story leaves a lot of subjects unresolved. Hacksaw and Joy's story ended with a HFN type ending. There wasn't really much of their own story involved due to everything else going on with the club and the threats to all of them. Unfortunately, there wasn't much closure on anything in this book, which in my opinion is worse than the cliffhangers that I despise. There were also a lot of editing issues in this book. For example, ther ewere numerou s sentence sthat read l ike this, as well as other issues. It's not that this took away from the story, but it didn't exactly make it easy to read at times either.
I understand that this series was written several years ago, but I guess if the other two books were going to be written they would've been done by now. It makes me second guess if I want to even try to continue reading any more of this authors work, especially since every story I've read seems to have some type of continuous plot to it (in the BlackPath MC and this series).
I would recommend this book, but with the cautions from above.
Profile Image for Phyllis Wolford.
1,152 reviews
May 17, 2022
I am new to this series, but from what i have read in this story, I will be getting the rest to read. The growth of the characters is at an even incline and the intertwined character stories is giving a inside look at the different couples and men.
They love each other, fight together and are loyal as they come. When one is hurt the whole family is out for blood and to protect the ones who are hurt.
Joy has transferred from another Club, and is trying to get her head on straight after being a surrogate for her friends, and to be self reliant. She really thought she was staying away from another club, but comes to find out that her new living area is club owned.
Hacksaw never wanted a old lady, and is feeling the wondering gene coming on stronger all the time. He needs to hit the open road and ride for his sanity. He meets Joy and he starts to have feelings he wasn’t wanting. When Joy and the other ladies of the club are targeted by a mad woman, he finally understands what has happened to his club brothers.
The club is starting to get to the bottom of the problems and they rescue Joy from her capters, and Hacksaw tells Joy that he loves her and wants to take her on the open road with him.
Profile Image for CYNDY.
882 reviews18 followers
August 26, 2022
*****5 Joy Stars*****
This is my first in this series and I loved it; I’m definitely going back to the first two. Joy and Hacksaw are made for each other and the chemistry between them crazy; the banter alone is off the charts. Joy left her home because she couldn’t be around the happiness she helps create for her MC family and be happy herself; so she moves with the hope maybe she will be happy again and has sworn off bikers. Hacksaw is the VP of Feral Steel MC and when Hacksaw sees Joy he knows she is his, just two problems. Joy and Hacksaw keep bumping heads and when he interviews her to work at a gym but tells her it would be better for him to have her as a club whore again Joy loses it. Joy then informs Hacksaw his mistaken thinking she is a club girl and she has giving up on bikers and that nothing will happen between them and being a club girl won’t be happing. Someone is killing women around the club and trying to make it look like the club it’s the club doing Joy and Hacksaw come to understanding. This is a must read!!
*****ARC from Nicole’s Review Team for review*****
Profile Image for Vikki Purcell.
537 reviews5 followers
March 24, 2018
Hacksaw is the VP of Feral Steel. He feels restless since things in the MC's town has quieted down. But his feelings soon change.

Joy left her home and family in Texas with the hopes of moving past the pain she feels of having been a surrogate.

When Hacksaw sees Joy again he kniws she is his, just one or two problems. One his mistaken thinking she is a club girl and two her decision of giving up on bikers. Fate has its own plans as both are placed together. One as the protector and the one who needs protected due to a new threat.

Who is targeting the Feral Steel? Well for yhe answer you will have to read to find out.
Profile Image for GKP2460 .
1,479 reviews19 followers
July 11, 2022
I love this series! Ok, so I love everything by this author. Hacksaw is the VP of Feral Steel MC and his story is something else. He's such a manw*o^e and Joy is so sweet. She leaves one MC swearing she's done with bikers and she was, until she went to work at the gym and met Hacksaw. Of course there's LOTS of chemistry but, there also LOTS of chaos, excitement and surprises in their story too. They have to work to get where they're going and nothing is ever easy with any of these guys. We also get a catch-up on Devil and Callie too. Another great read from this author.
Profile Image for Daverba.
152 reviews1 follower
November 24, 2017
Vera Quinn has done it again.

Joy left Texas and moved to Oklahoma to try and put some distance between her and the family that she became a surrogate to and she also swore of bikers. Heath “Hacksaw” is the VP of Feral Steel MC, manwhore and he doesn't believe in a man being with only one woman. That is until he meets Joy.

This book had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I loved it.

I can't wait to read Dra and Maddie story.
Profile Image for Kim Young.
17 reviews
September 19, 2022
First book I have read in this series, definitely will be reading the other. Main couple, Joy & Hacksaw, bringing plenty of sass, heat and respect for each other to this storyline. Both want a partner to share their lives and dreams with and the steam between the two of them show the reader they are meant for each other. I enjoyed all the other Feral Steel MC characters and look forward to reading their stories.
Profile Image for Kat Wes.
369 reviews3 followers
November 29, 2017

Vera is a great story teller! I am completely hooked on these stories! This book is part of a series (Feral Steel) and has many connections to her Black path MC. I highly recommend that you read those first. I know I will be following these connected series as long as Vera writes them!
Profile Image for Susan.
1,222 reviews1 follower
July 8, 2022
Joy leaves her home and family wanting a new start but trouble seems to follow her. Hacksaw is the VP of the Feral Steel MC and has mixed feelings about Joy, what follows is a book filled with action, suspense, drama and your uber alpha MC males and the women who have the ability to bring them to heel.
Profile Image for Shannon .
434 reviews2 followers
November 21, 2017
Great read

Amazing as always!! So happy for Joy after all of her selflessness and pain to be free, Hacksaw who I wanted to throttle made me love him fast!! Great addition and I need more!! The snippet of Maddie and Dra killed me!!
2,617 reviews22 followers
November 25, 2017
this book was awesome! its about a woman who leaves after giving birth to two babies for another woman. she meets a biker and wants nothing to do with him. he wants to protect her. can these two come to a truce? read to find out what happens.
Profile Image for Gucci 35.
2,345 reviews25 followers
November 24, 2019
Beginning of The Reckoning

This is a good solid story but Quinn leaves us with unanswered questions. Also so much mystery to who is after all 4 clubs. I hope we get Bowie, Bo's and Joey's story or Hanna...Overall loved Hacksaw and Joy they were perfect together. Happy Reading!!
330 reviews
April 2, 2018

O m g what awesome book suspenseful and intriguing I loved it really can't wait for more in this series
Profile Image for Nicole Lloyd.
279 reviews11 followers
November 22, 2019
Great end to an amazing series

Great end to an amazing series. There wasn’t a thing I didn’t love about this book. I enjoyed every minute of this book.
Profile Image for Nicole Collins.
1,030 reviews7 followers
December 13, 2022
This story has some great twist and turns. Lots of drama and some intense steamy scenes. I could not put this book down. I highly recommend to others.
2,005 reviews12 followers
November 30, 2017
Once again Ms Quinn brings us an amazing book of love , loss and hope. The Feral Steele have been rocked with recent events but as only brothers can they pull together and fight back. These two characters are an unlikely pair to start of with but ultimately are perfect for each other. My emotions were all over the place in this book, went from high to low. I was Hooked from the beginning. Fabulous series and book. Highly recommended both.
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