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Yolcadian Mates #2

Rocket In My Pocket: Celestial Mates

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"So, Commander. Is that a rocket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"
CRESTA: My day was going pretty well until I was abducted by aliens.

Who am I kidding? Things weren't really going so great. My science career was failing, the Celestial Mates cherub was on my case, and I hadn’t had a date in years.

But being taken to a hostile planet to be impregnated with scorpion-bug larvae? That was a whole new level of suck-itude.

Luckily, things are looking up. I just got rescued by some hot alien dude in a military uniform. And he's very easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean. Now we’re shooting through the stars, trying to find our way back to civilization.

If everyone would stop trying to kill us, things would be awesome.

HARKUS: This human female is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She is a goddess.

If I had to slay every alien in the galaxy to free her, I would. I am willing to destroy entire planets to keep my beloved safe.

But not all fights are fair.

If we make it out of this adventure alive, one thing is certain. We belong together.

And nobody in this universe will tear us apart.

ROCKET IN MY POCKET is the second YOLCADIAN WARRIORS romance novel, set in the Celestial Mates shared world. It features a guest appearance from the couple in THE MILLION MILES HIGH CLUB.

212 pages, Kindle Edition

Published November 14, 2017

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About the author

Suki Selborne

22 books49 followers
Suki Selborne is a USA Today bestselling author writing paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy romance. She loves reading stories full of magic, drama, suspense, action and fun, so those are the kind she writes, too. Suki lives with her husband, kids, and way too many books, in London, England.

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April 30, 2019
4.5 Blown Away Stars
Wow I absolutely loved this book, LOVED. Cresta is a brilliant Earth scientist who invents a machine that brings the dead back to life, cures illnesses and ailments and brings the body to peak condition. Like most Celestial Mate books within the series, a tiny cherub insinuates himself in the lives of Crest and her mate Harkus. Through manipulation he is able to bring these two together and while their journey is scary and sometimes deadly, the two are brought together to form a union that without interference would not have been possible. This book was amazing and I was struck from the getgo. The writing and story line was intriguing, different and just plain captivating. Cresta is never once looked down upon because she is a woman or inferior. Harkus from the getgo admires her and is beyond impressed by her. The two definitely don't have an easy relationship to start but after facing death multiple times and giving in to their feelings, both realize how important they are to one another. There were some hairy and scary moments such as when they crash land on a planet filled with a snake shifting species who wants to eat them, totally gross. The two never give on each other and I was so happy to see them get a HEA and even better, recognition and fame. In Harkus's culture, warriors do not take mates and at the end of the day he is ready to give it all up for his Earth woman. Luckily he doesn't have to and instead the two are promised a life together which is more than either could ask for. I would highly recommend this book especially for fans of the Celestial Mates series.
1,213 reviews10 followers
January 1, 2018
Holy heck what a book! So well-written and thought out.
This book is set in the celestial mate universe. Which was
so much fun to read.

This book is Creasta and Harkus’ story. She is so smart and
has created a device that could change the world. When she
is abducted by a scorpion like race she does not know if she
will survive. But luck is on her side when a Greek God
looking alien arrives and rescues her. Simple right? Not if
you know how celestial mates work. They are put through
hell and when her savior is shot she has to figure out how to
save them both. Oh and fix the rocket in his pocket.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book,
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it
when you do; they value your opinions too
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1,774 reviews2 followers
December 1, 2019
Cresta is a scientist that has been working on a device that will change the galaxy. During her presentation, all of the senior scientists are impressed until the very last when things go awry. The patient is healed but shrinking, a lot. Then Cresta is kidnapped by alien bugs for a ritual to impress a Yolcadian commander. Harkus is that commander and he and his flight officer, Narun, are invited to the palace. Long story short, they save the girl and barely escape the planet but that is nowhere near the end of things for them. Reginald’s matchmaking for them is twice the chaos. I liked Cresta alot. She is smart, quick on her feet and will do what it takes to get the job done and save themselves. I requested an advanced reader copy from Booksprout and am under no obligation to leave this review.
266 reviews2 followers
March 19, 2018
Earned 3.5 stars

I usually really enjoy the Celestial Mates world, but this one was a little ho-hum for me in the fact that it was too much at once. Reginald really had to do all this elaborate planning and manipulating to get Cresta and Harkus together that it started to overshadow their relationship. I would have preferred one main threat t them during the entire book then this and then that and then this other thing.
It was also strange that the rule that Yolcadian males could not find mates was more a suggestion. If that were the case then Harkus would know of other warriors who had mated yet stay in the military. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book, and I borrowed it through the Kindle Unlimited program too.
758 reviews4 followers
November 9, 2019
I read and enjoyed this book as part of the Yolcadian Warrior’s: The Complete Collection by Suki Selbourne includes the following four books: The Million Miles High Club, Rocket in my Pocket, Two Yolcadian Weddings, and Ride on a Star. Each book is a stand alone story featuring how a single couple becomes mated through the Celestial Mates program. The stories do intertwine by sharing characters and follow an over all story arc throughout the four books. These are four very entertaining alien love stories that are full of adventure, humor, and lots of sexy scenes. If you enjoy the idea of love among the stars like I do, you will love this collection as much as I do. Rocket in my Pocket is an out of this world romance.
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1,056 reviews12 followers
November 17, 2017
Cheeky cherub!

Crests is an up and coming young scientist who has worked extended hours in order to develop an amazing medical device. Unfortunately, when she starts her demonstration, everything starts to go wrong. No sooner has she been told that her job is finished than she is abducted by aliens who look like gigantic scorpions. Harkus is a Commander in his Space Navy and happens to be on a diplomatic mission to the scorpions' planet when he first sees Cresta. Poor Crests doesn't realise it but her day is only going to get worse!
This is a Celestial Mates story which goes from the sublime to the ridiculous but is ultimately a good fun read.
2,245 reviews9 followers
November 20, 2017
Entertaining Sci-fi Alien Mates story. 3.5 stars

Cresta is a scientist and has created an amazing device, but one of the three features goes wrong during the demonstration causing embarrassment to herself and her Professor. Cresta is then kidnapped by scorpion-like aliens, then rescued by “the mighty Harkus Zi’Kraalcay” of the Yolcadian Space Navy. These military men do not take mates, but devote their lives to service.

Sweet, entertaining story of Celestial mates, cherubs and alien ways. Loses some points for more tell than show at times, and repetitive wording to make a point.

*** I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book ***
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1,490 reviews26 followers
November 24, 2017
Kinda sorta pretty good

Kinda funny. Kinda cute. Totally devoid of any "science" in the science-fiction. The plot is fairly predictable. Harkus is pretty generic for a hero. Cresta the heroine is way more assertive and interesting than the typical Earth-girl-fated-mate for an alien, even if some of her one-liners had mold on them when my momma was a girl. Free on KU so go ahead and try it.
1,568 reviews6 followers
May 15, 2019
What a group of baddies after Cresta and Harkus. This story is total fantasy but such fun to read. I like these characters. Cresta is a geek girl scientist with no idea she's attractive and Harkus the ultimate soldier had no intention of ever having a mate. Their battle against two groups of baddies is filled with action and romantic chemistry.
2,071 reviews3 followers
November 22, 2017
Oh gees, that cherub will get you every time and he doesn't care what he has to do to make it happen. One minute your on earth and the next you're kidnapped by bugs. This series is so tongue-in-cheek it just makes you smile. No real SF but enough fantasy to get you breathing hard, pun intended.

I received an ARC of this story and have voluntarily chosen to review it here.
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4,470 reviews19 followers
March 21, 2018
What a great read. Love this series. She gets taken and is supposed to go to a planet to be impregnated with something really gross. But thankfully a hot alien saves her. But then the fun begins. This book is so enjoyable to read. It is exciting, fun, emotional, sexy, suspenseful and so much more. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.
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Author 4 books10 followers
June 22, 2019
A good story with lots of action and adventure, this was an interesting continuation in the series. The story has some unexpected plot twists and a bunch of life-threatening scenes. The character development was a little bit light for everyone but the heroine, and the ending was a little too tramped down, it felt like a let down after all the excitement in the story, but still, a fun read
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3,020 reviews
November 19, 2017
Cresta is not ready for the wild ride meeting her mate entails. Harkus is not looking for a mate but the beautiful creature he wants to save is causing emotions he cannot have and keep his job. Cresta is hilarious and is having the worst day possible. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.
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17k reviews8 followers
April 19, 2018
Another well-written story in the Celestial Mates series, this is CRESTA and HARKUS' story there is danger, suspense, drama, kidnapping a prototype unit that does not work right, shapeshifters of a different kind.I would recommend this book.
March 24, 2019
Really Good

After reading the first book and enjoyed it I could wait to read this one and must say was not disappointed I really enjoyed this one as well now I can't wait to read the Two Yolcadian weddings 😊
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4,823 reviews39 followers
October 19, 2019
A totally zany, light hearted and crazy ride through the stars with poor Cresta having the day from hell, and as time is different in space it is one really long day.
Saved from a horrible fate by one super-hot alien, Harkus.
Harkus is a Yolcadian commander who swore a vow of celibacy when joining the military as they are all made to do.
Throw in one super meddling cherub and you get the craziest, most full on, action packed ride that leads to a HEA.
I kept thinking these two would get a break and some breathing room but then something else would happen.
The reason for not giving five stars is that it didn’t flow as well as I would have liked.
This is my honest review of this book.
OCT 2019
Re-read in the box set through KU as I want to read the third book and it has been a while since I read this book.
Still an enjoyable read.
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