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Re-enter the world of New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant’s spellbinding Kindred series.

They murdered her family and she will have her revenge.

He intends to have her first.

It is no secret that Ravyn will stop at nothing. The orphaned witch hunter know that her family’s murderer is nearby. Ready to avenge their loss, she rushes headlong into battle.

Carac is patient. He’s built his army in stealth, keeping his noble blood hidden from the men who fight by his side. He cannot let this beautiful, headstrong witch hunter thwart all his carefully laid plans.

The only way to stop her is to fight by her side – and try not to fall in love. But the threat of the Coven is much greater than either of them planned on.

Now they must fight together just to stay alive.

326 pages, ebook

First published April 16, 2018

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About the author

Donna Grant

245 books4,300 followers
Donna is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a hundred novels. Her most popular series is the breathtaking Dark King (aka Dragon King) series featuring dragons, immortal Highlanders, and the Fae.

In addition to her novels, Donna has written short stories, novellas, and novelettes for digital-first and print release. She has been dubbed as giving the “paranormal genre a burst of fresh air” by the San Francisco Book Review. Her work has been hailed as having “deft plotting and expert characterization” by Publisher’s Weekly and “sizzling” by RT Book Reviews.

She has been recognized with awards from both bookseller and reader contests including the National Reader’s Choice Award, Booksellers Best Award, as well as the coveted K.I.S.S. Award from RT Book Reviews.

Donna travels often for various speaking engagements, conferences, and book signings. She is also a frequent workshop presenter at national conferences such as RT Book Lovers Convention and Thrillerfest, as well as local chapters.

Born and raised in Texas, she also has ties across the border in Louisiana. Growing up with two such vibrant cultures, her Cajun side of the family taught her the “spicy” side of life while her Texas roots gave her two-steppin’ and bareback riding. She is never far from her faithful 80 pound dog, Sisko, or her three cats. She can often be found at the movies or bookstore with her children. Or buying makeup. And shoes.

You an find her at www.DonnaGrant.com
as well as her website devoted entirely to the Dragon Kings and all series that encompass the Dark World at www.MotherOfDragonsBooks.com.

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Profile Image for Aleen.
454 reviews40 followers
April 13, 2018
Originally posted on lampshadereader.com

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

If ever there was a fast paced story, Everwylde was it. Donna Grant’s ability to weave a story full of magic was gripping and exciting.

Insta-love and insta-attraction to the max!

Normally, I am not a fan of insta anything. I find it to be quite unbelievable and rushed. But for some reason Ravyn’s and Cerac’s fast love totally made sense to me. With their world full of magic and witches, I can believe anything at this point. I could not imagine a more suited with each other couple than those two. It was actually funny to read about a character knew a good thing when she saw one. In this case Rayvn is far from being innocent and her sexual experience is her mantra. So, that alone made it seem okay that she and Cerac do the nasty early on in the story. I’m fine with it and it was super hot.

Anyway, the story itself was right up my alley. Every element in the story made it seem like I was some Fantasy quest (insert my love for role play gaming here). Scattered witch bones full of untold power, bad witches trying to gather up said bones, and good witches trying to stop them. And in between all of that are the hunters that are trained to defeat the Coven from which the bad witches have formed. It’s all rather complex, seeing as how I jumped in with this book and didn’t read the first one in the series yet.

“Without a doubt, you are the best Hunter we have, but when it comes to your family, you are blinded by your vendetta.” ~Margery

Ravyn’s vendetta against a certain witch is the driving force of this story. I loved how her decisions because of that might have clouded some of her judgements and it was all so very riveting.

The story sometimes jumped between two couples and sometimes got into the mind of Sybbyl, one of the antagonists. While that may have been a bit sudden in the reading, it actually lent to an overall understanding of what was going on in the characters world.

This was my first Donna Grant book and I can safely say that it’s not my last.
June 18, 2018
Once again, just a joy to be thrust back to the middle ages with withes and warlocks and witch hunters. Raven and Carac were perfect for each other and made a great team. Loved all the twists and turns.

Looking forward to the next book!
Profile Image for Gaele.
4,079 reviews80 followers
December 10, 2018
AudioBook Review:
Stars: Overall: 4 Narration: 3 Story: 4

My first introduction to this series and world, Grant managed to present a story reminiscent of King Arthur with plenty of magical elements, destined love and plenty of dangers to overcome in this book. Raven is a witch-hunter, raised to seek out the danger from witches, and determined to exact her revenge against those who took everything, including her family, from her. As a character, Raven was strong willed and fierce, and her impulsivity is both something that fuels her in battle while keeping her closed off and afraid when she’s not focused on her hunt. And she’s frequently distracted from the hunt by Carac, a seasoned warrior who tends to step in and derail her hunt, all in the service of protecting her from her more impulsive and perhaps not well thought out choices. He’s also intrigued by her and the juxtapositions that make her retreat from relationships and emotions unless they are connected to her quest.

There’s a bit of insta-love here, and their coming together has a sort of convenience in the presentation, but the two play off beautifully together, Carac manages to encourage the missing pieces of Raven’s personality, providing a safe space for her to grow and accept hose things she fears most. While not reading the first book didn’t impede my enjoyment of the story as Grant provided bits of backstory that aided in understanding the context in which Raven and Carac exist, as well as providing intrigue and interest in the first book. Clever dialogue, a growth in a relationship that felt more fated than forced as the story progresses, and the mix of adventure, romance and the increasing threats from the witches and the unknown, the story is engaging and feels very ‘Grant” in the build to climax and opportunity for more.

Narration for this story is provided by Louisa Jane Underwood, and while her performance managed to capture the characters with clear enunciation and tone, it was occasionally difficult to distinguish male and female, or different characters until the ‘who is speaking’ became clear. White she managed to present the story without unusual pauses, or gaps that would foreshadow or confuse, there were points where moments ran together far more closely than I would have hoped for. For a first introduction to this narrator, I have to say the performance was good, just not as amazing as I was hoping for.

I received a AudioBook copy of the title from Tantor Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Review first appeared at I am, Indeed
Profile Image for Eva Millien.
3,146 reviews42 followers
January 1, 2019
The second book in The Kindred series is an exhilarating thrill of a read. Ravyn and Carac stand out as vivid characters with strong wills and a desire to put an end to evil. Their romance is sweet and passionate but the relationship has a few obstacles that must be overcome and secrets have to be revealed which keeps suspense building throughout. Readers can easily understand where the characters are coming from and easily connect to Ravyn and Carac which keeps them glued to the pages.

The plot is fast paced and has a kind of adventurous quest feel to the story but it is so much more as it is full of exciting events and adrenaline pumping suspense that keeps readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what will happen next. The Coven is after another piece of the first witch and they will stop at nothing to obtain it which puts the hero and heroine it some intense hair raising situations. The author once again created a world, setting and characters that are vibrant and easily imagined which makes it easy for readers to believe they are part of all the excitement that is taking place. This mesmerizing tale holds readers in thrall from the beginning until the very last word and ensures that the readers will come back for more.
Profile Image for TinaMarie.
3,411 reviews32 followers
January 6, 2021
Listened to audio narrated well by Louisa Jane Underwood. Loved the accents.

Ravyn is a Hunter, hunting Coven witches with her friend Margery. While fighting to take down the Coven she searches for the witch that murdered her family.

Sir Carac is a mercenary for hire, hiding his noble background. When the current lord he is working for uses magic to win his battles, he's determined to fight against this evil.

Coven witch Sybbyl is determined to find the Staff of the Eternal and will kill and torture anyone to get it.

Ravyn my not have magic but she's one of the best Hunters there are and I loved Sir Carac for her. I enjoyed their story, they are the perfect team, the way they worked together, while falling in lust.

On a side note, Lady of the Varroki, Marlene seeks to make changes amongst the Varroki. Changing the rules and reaching out to the Hunters to join forces against the Coven.

Nigglies: This is suppose to be set in the 1349 but often the scenes and vocabulary used felt very modern. Example the author uses the word trousers, when braies, breeches, trews or hose would have kept that historic feeling in the narrative. The sexual freedom of Ravyn and Sir Carac's lack of surprise by her behavior also don't fit the time period.

If you like my reviews I hope you will follow my blog. https://wyldheartreads.wordpress.com/

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for cleo ✨.
167 reviews4 followers
November 12, 2021
after leoma and braith, now we have Ravyn, a dark-haired Hunter intent on not just thwarting witches, but also getting revenge on the witch who killed her family, the only memory of her she has being a cackling laugh. and we have Carac, a fierce warrior, commander of an army, and unlike braith, he's not a chosen one! that's great. he has a lot of his own merit as a warrior and honorable person. and when he finds out about the Coven and what they are up to, he joins Ravyn in trying to stop them.... and of course, they fall wildly in love.

after mulling over it for a while (because i really wasn't sure what to think about the book at first), i realised:

- taking into consideration eversong and everbound (which i am currently reading), this one kind of suffers from middle book syndrome.

- i like that it jumps right into the action, and introduces as frankly more compelling protagonist and also a BIGGER antagonist, ups the stakes, sets the stage for the next book,

- but it felt pretty forgettable, and the romance... was not it?? given this is meant to be romance, it really could've been better. but it was so insta-lovey and everything seemed to happen so fast... i really, really was not invested in Ravyn and Carac at all. individually, sure, but together, i feel nothing for them. just constant eyebrow-raising at how FAST everything was going.
Profile Image for JodyL.
1,642 reviews3 followers
September 24, 2018
These books are a bit different but I am liking them quite a bit. It takes a chapter or two to figure out what is going on but then your in for a wild ride. Give it a try if you like strong heroines.
Ravyn is one of the hunters like Leoma from the first book. She is after a witch with blonde hair that killed her whole family when she was four.
Carac is the leader of a group of mercenary fighters. He was hired by Sir John to fight in a battle with his neighbor over land. But something strange happens on the first day of fighting. Carac and Sir John's men come away with not one scratch while the other side lost most of his men. Sir John also has a blonde woman named Sybbyl with him that seems to be calling the shots.(Carac is a friend of Braiths)
Sybbyl is one of the coven witches. She is after an object of power that will put her in place to be on the elder witch council.
There are some secrets all sides are hiding. We learn a little more about the lady and her warlocks the Varroki.
Profile Image for Khrista Baxter.
684 reviews2 followers
April 20, 2018
Revenge is a deadly game

Everwylde is book 2 in the Kindred Series. Donna takes us back to 1300's Scotland to hunt an evil witch coven that wants to kill all humans. The coven is hunting for the bones of the first witch, these bones will give them untold power and it is up to the witch hunters to stop them.
Ravyn has been with the hunters since she was a small child, orphaned when her family was killed by a witch. Ravyn is set in revenge! What she doesn't count on is meeting Carac. Carac sets her blood on fire and she is drawn to him like no other. These are dangerous times and trust is hard to give.
Carac is a knight who is hiding who he truly is. He has made quite the reputation for being fierce on the battlefield. Carac and his army were hired to fight in a war but there is something unnatural going on.
Ravyn and Carac make an uneasy alliance but soon find out that the attraction they feel for each other can't be ignored.
Profile Image for Ashley (Red-Haired Ash Reads).
2,393 reviews126 followers
December 15, 2020
Series: The Kindred #2
Rating: 3 stars - I liked it

Ravyn was taken in as a child by the witch Hunters and raised to hunt witches. When she finds out the witch who killed her family is nearby she brings her hunt. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for a gorgeous and powerful man or to find another first witch artifact.

Ravyn was a formable witch hunter. She was impulsive and fierce in battle which made her unpredictable. Carac is a seasoned warrior who leads an army of men. Everything changes when he meets Ravyn and realizes witches are real. Their relationship was an insta-love but it was written beautifully so it felt believable. They still worked hard to make their relationship work.

The mix of romance and overall story continuation in this book was very good. I enjoyed the progression of the battle against the Coven. The new First Witch artifact was interesting and I wonder what all it can do, which hopefully we will find out in the next book. Overall, this was a great addition to the series and I love how the hunters are growing with each book.

This review was originally posted at Red-Haired Ash Reads.
Profile Image for Jessica Woods.
1,050 reviews24 followers
February 21, 2018
Everwylde is an action packed, historical/paranormal romance worthy of 4.5 stars. Ravyn is such a strong warrior and unconventional female while Carac is a brave and loyal knight. These characters rock. The action is strong, the love story is sweet, and the bad guys evil for a truly emotional and compelling plot. The Coven are a band of bad witches trying to take over the world with powerful talismans made from the very first witch's bones. The Varroki (good witches) and the Hunters are trying to stop them. I love the addition of a second budding love story of the Varroki's Malene and Amir in the background. I am crossing my fingers that they star in the next book. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy.
86 reviews
March 15, 2020
The Hunter finds her Knight

A great story with a strong heroine. Ravyn is beautiful, intelligent, highly trained and on a mission to avenge her family, as well as rid The Coven of one more witch. Carac is a battle hardened knight who might be working with The Coven and helping the witch who murdered her family. A suspenseful story that follows Ravyn and Carac as they confront their enemies and their attraction on their quest to protect the relic of the First Witch. Will they succeed or will treachery and deceit tear them apart? A page turner that pulled me in from the first chapter. A great continuation of The Kindred series.
495 reviews12 followers
February 10, 2022
Part of the "Everkin" book series, this tale was a continuation of book 1. Here we find two witch hunters Ravvyn and Margery on a quest to track down witches who are part of the Coven. Reports have led them to a battle where some soldiers did not shed one drop of blood and yet won a battle for land and power.

Carac is a knight with a 500 man army and feels that something is wrong. Not one of his men suffered an injury, so why did it feel wrong to have this victory?

In a story of unlikely possibilities and more danger that awaits, four people can help change destiny. Oh yeah did I mention they are also trying to fight to save parts from the very first witch?
Profile Image for Christina Adams.
284 reviews
October 21, 2019
I love Ravyn's character, again an orphan raised to be a Hunter meets Sir Carac who again has been caught up in the battle of good vs. evil witches. The overall story continues as the Hunters now learn about another group and try to thwart the efforts of the evil Coven. Carac is brilliant commander of his own army, who are swords for hire at times. Carac comes to the aid of an old friend or so he thinks, he soon figures out that there are more things at work and wants to leave all of this behind, until he meets Ravyn! This is a great story.
Profile Image for Angie.
708 reviews24 followers
May 22, 2018
I enjoyed this book but it didn't suck me in. It wasn't until I hit the climax of the book that I felt like I couldn't put it down. Though I love everything that Donna Grant puts out this one just wasn't there for me 100%. It is well written and has a fantastic heroine who shows that she isn't afraid to take on any man and we continue to see the other fierce heroines as well. I'm excited for the next book and I just hope that it reads a bit quicker.
Profile Image for Susan Hamilton.
Author 9 books75 followers
October 2, 2018
Solid offering from Grant. I'm enjoying the premise of the story although, at first (in the first book and this) I was a little resistant to the wicked witch stereotype that appeared to be starting, but Grant walked the balance on that nicely -- and in this second book, offered a perspective from one of the "wicked" witches that made it clear they weren't just evil for evil's sake (at least not entirely).

I think I prefer her Dragon novels, but will definitely read more of this series as well.
Profile Image for Erin Remen.
860 reviews18 followers
May 18, 2020
Exciting adventure in a world of magic

Ravyn has long seemed revenge against the witch that murdered her family and orphaned her. As a hunter she hunts the coven in the hopes of discovering whom she seeks. Her search brings her to a battle being waged, whispers of a witch and a man that makes her heart pound and want things set never has before. Together they will fight to keep the next relic out of the covens hands and protect the world from them, at all costs.
February 19, 2018
Wow, I really enjoyed Everwylde!
I was initially was skeptical to start reading this as I had started reading Everkin (book 1) and found it to be too slow for my liking so I did not finish.
Right from the start Everwylde had me captured! I look forward to reading Everkin now and learning of Leoma’s story.

This is shaping to be another great series by Donna Grant.
Profile Image for Anne Richardson.
1,256 reviews1 follower
February 20, 2018
What great second book in this series.
There’s Hunters, warriors,good witches and bad witches.
The first witch had her bones scattered and hidden from the world.
Carac a Warrior and Ravyn a hunter meet when ravyn is hunting a bad witch they have to fight the bad witch.
Loved this storyline and characters.
Voluntarily reviewed this advance copy
Profile Image for Angel Padillo.
1,265 reviews9 followers
March 3, 2019
3 1/2 stars

I enjoyed Everwylde much more than the first book in the series. Ravyn and Carac were interesting characters right from the beginning. About 3/4 into the book, the story started to drag and things played out for way too long. It probably could of been an easy 4 or 5 star read if it was 50 pages shorter.
Profile Image for Teresa.
643 reviews
May 3, 2020
A great follow on from book one.
The adventures of Ravyn and Carac were great, as the battle to uncover more deceits by the Coven. I also enjoyed their love story. I enjoy this series because of the witches and warlocks, the types of characters are enjoyable to read as well as the storyline.
I look forward to book three.
52 reviews
August 21, 2020
Love this series!

Hunters, witches warlockes, magic and knights! What more could a gal wish for! Me Donna sucks you in from the first page and then the adventure begins. Strong women and gorgeous fighting knights fall in love while trying to destroy. This series is not to be missed.
1,503 reviews2 followers
January 3, 2021
I can't believe what happened 2 her friend but that's just another evil that will b avenged in time. She is a good hunter especially when there's a reason behind what she does. But sum things don't work out as planned but she finds a few extra bonuses with her one 4 her present circumstances and the other 4 her 4ever future.
22 reviews
April 16, 2018
Kindred spirit

Yet another great series from Donna and as always can't wait for the next instalment of this exciting storyline. Plenty of new characters to love and hate along with fascinating tales. Hurry autumn for the next book.
Profile Image for Monica.
1,454 reviews
September 16, 2018
Join the fight

Another great book in this series. This is Ravyn's story. She of course is another kick-butt Hunter. Along the way she meet Carac, an equal in everyway. The bad witches need to go and it's a good thing more fighters are helping.
2 reviews
December 3, 2018
I loved this book. Donna Grant created a strong female main character and gave her a perfect male counterpart in Everwylde. Their was so much action in this book that once I started the book I couldn’t put it down.
27 reviews
May 16, 2020
Obsessed with this series

I love getting sucked into this world by Donna Grant. She is such a master writer and captivates and enthralls you with this story. I can’t wait to keep reading this series.
Profile Image for Mhollie.
476 reviews39 followers
August 23, 2020
Great read!

Quite the twisted story. Death. Torture. Witches. Covens. Warlocks. Familiars. Ghosts. Rayven and Carac don’t stand a chance. Or do they? Do they get their HEA?
Profile Image for Joyce.
215 reviews
November 23, 2022
Enjoyed this 2nd book of the trilogy. Nice to have a new couple and somehow related to the first couple. Intensity really building up to the final book. But I was sad for the one who died, but I guess that’s life.
831 reviews4 followers
April 20, 2018
Can’t say enough good things about this book Carac and Ravyn story is spelling binding and keep you from not putting the book down would highly recommend any one of her series 👍😋
Profile Image for Kamy.
6 reviews
May 26, 2018

I enjoyed all books, but it is a pleasure to read about The Kindred world. Can’t wait for the next book!! Don’t keep us waiting too long🙂🤗
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