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All I’ve ever wanted was for someone to choose me. My mother didn’t. My father didn’t. The beautiful boy next door, who grew up to marry me, didn’t. Neither did the next man with whom I thought my heart was safe.

Back in the Bay area, three thousand miles from New York City, I can start fresh. Become one with the sea again, rise or fall on the tide of my own choices. But on the first day of my bright new life, the darkest shadows of my past follow me through my office door. The two men whose names are definitely not on my five-year plan.

If I let it consume me—my need for one man, my love for the other—the darkness will swallow me whole. I can’t let that happen. Not again. This time, the waves of emotion crashing against my heart won’t drown me. This time, I get to choose my happy ending.

316 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 25, 2018

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Claudia Y. Burgoa

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Claudia is an award-winning, USA Today bestselling author.
She writes alluring, thrilling stories about complicated women and the men who take their breath away.
She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and her youngest two children. She has a sweet Bichon, Macey, who thinks she's the ruler of the house. She's only partially right.
When Claudia is not writing, you can find her reading, knitting, or just hanging out with her family.
At night, she likes to binge watch shows with her equally geeky husband.

Instagram: http://bit.ly/ClaudiasIG
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2,565 reviews1,249 followers
February 6, 2018
Claudia Burgoa has accomplished the virtually impossible - she made me cry! That opening scene tore my heart out. Although I already knew what had happened to the Everhart parents, watching Scott relive 9-11 was still brutal.

Found is the story of Hazel, Scott and Elliott. Hazel and Elliott have a history, which was hinted at before, but in this story, we get the whole enchilada. I understood why their relationship ended and didn’t really understand why Hazel was so willing to give it another shot. Scott was always there for Hazel. Her best friend, her lover, her soul mate. That’s just how he is for the people he loves. You just have to see how he is with his brothers and his friends, his family, to see what type of man he is. A really good freaking man.

So imagine my disbelief that Hazel was playing fast and loose with Scott’s heart. I kinda understood where she came from… that when she wanted more from him, she got the brushoff. However, this man proved, time and time again, how dedicated he was to her. How important she was. How much he valued her. Did all of that count for nothing?

So that’s how I felt for most of this book. Yes, it’s a love triangle. I hope that doesn’t spoil it for anyone, although I do think it was obvious. And while I’m not a fan of love triangles AT ALL, I’m a huge fan of this book. The author wove a tale of second chances like no one’s business. While I was constantly rooting for Scott, because I’m a die-hard Everhart fan, I really did like Elliott. There was no bad guy in this book and so it was hard to figure out which way Hazel would go. What’s hilarious, to me, is that while I loved the heroes of this book, I didn’t like Hazel. I lost my patience with her real quick and too many times she came off as entitled, ungrateful, thoughtless, and inconsiderate. Then again, I wouldn’t like anyone who caused my boys undue pain.

It’s a true testament to Mrs. Burgoa’s writing that although there were many elements that I shouldn’t like about this story, I ended up loving it so much. She brought these characters to life, flaws and all, and created a story with a saga-like feel. If you’re a fan of second chances and tons of romance, including grand gestures, then this is one story you’re definitely going to want to add to your collection!

Release: Jan. 30, 2018 | Genre: Contemporary Romance | POV: Multiple - 1st person | Heat: 3.5 out of 5 | Standalone with character crossover

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3,063 reviews1,756 followers
February 3, 2018
Favorite Quotes:

My parents used to say that I was the link between my brothers. I was the one who kept the peace— or started the biggest fights.

“But I guess life is about taking risks as we search for that special place,” he says, sounding like a fortune cookie from Ying Palace where we ordered takeout almost every Wednesday. They never make sense but taste yummy, and their quotes sound so beautiful.

Depression is something that’s all over me, even when I don’t want it. I’ve tried to break away from it several times, but it’s my permanent companion.

We could call HGTV and have a show. Something like, Abandoned Houses Dusty Edition.

His eyes are pleading me to say something, but I am catching his words. They are like fluttering butterflies that one can see only once in a lifetime.

After my journey, love still has the same meaning it’s had for as long as I can remember. It’s a verb, a noun, an adjective, and an adverb with many meanings but it’s hard to explain in only a few words

Belonging wasn’t a clear verb for me until I met you…

My Review:

Decisions, decisions… what a conundrum. After a lifetime of battling feelings of inadequacy and being “never enough,” as she had essentially been abandoned or passed over by everyone who had ever mattered to her, Hazel suddenly found herself having to choose between two adoring men who were vying for her heart. One was her ex-husband who had been her childhood best friend and first love, and the other was her business partner and the man she has been secretly in love with for the last two years. She felt deeply for both who were successful, smart, sexy, and attentive. Hazel was a wreck, drowning in indecision, and miserable over the dilemma, but damn, I should have such problems!

Written from the multiple POV of the three main characters, the emotive storylines were original, entertaining, and well-crafted while the writing was richly poignant and insightful, engaging, delectably sensual, and held my rapt attention throughout. Ms. Burgoa’s characters are always uniquely compelling, considerably flawed or damaged, and tend to ceaselessly pluck at my curiosity as the cunning and wily wordsmith slowly reveals their motivations and histories. I was as conflicted as Hazel was and couldn’t decide whom she should select and waffled several times as I gained more perspective on each one. To my vast delight, the conclusion was even better than expected and infinitely satisfying.
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397 reviews
January 2, 2019

Plot: Hazel works at a subsidiary of Scott’s company. They had been engaging in a no strings secret affair and when she wanted more, he told her no. Then she moves to the opposite coast and he follows to convince her to get back together. She reconnects with her ex-husband who wants another chance.

Hero: Scott and Elliot were both one dimensional. I never connected or cared. Scott is wishy washy and Elliot isn’t worth a second chance.

Heroine: I understand Hazel suffered from depression, but dang was she depressing. That makes me feel bad to say, but I want to read a book where I care about the characters and I just didn’t. Honestly, I have no idea why either man was interested in her, but she picked the right one in the end.

Opinion: I rarely criticize the way an author writes. I’m not the grammar police like some readers are, but so many times I got lost following the dialogue. She would start a new paragraph of dialogue and continue on with the same person speaking. It wasn’t once or twice, but throughout the story. Also, the texts, were confusing. Way too many.

Safety/Experience level: Elliot and Hazel were young lovers. Scott had other relationships and even had a girlfriend who said she was pregnant and had a miscarriage. Most likely to get her hands on his money. Scott and Hazel did not use condoms. She was on the pill

Push/Pull: Scott was all in once she moved to the East Coast.

Ending: HAE. Married with baby

Would I read again? No
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1,073 reviews7 followers
April 11, 2018
I will give 4 stars only because the h was doubting which man is her love... Seriously?
Chica, liar, cheater- will be liar and cheater 10 years later.
Her ex-husband after she dumped him went to get drunk and get some woman to fuck... Really??
And heroine had any doubts?
Scott did and was everything from the day 1 he met her... Chica, there were no doubts...

MC were good (not Elliot), H was older, h with some balls. But girl, why you let Elliot kissed you? Why?? He is a jerk, a cheater...
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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5,009 reviews411 followers
February 1, 2018

Found is a book about finding your true self and your one true mate. This is a story that will captivate you as well as draw you in from the start. It is raw, compelling, so filled with the Feels…an emotionally rollercoaster filled ride. Make sure to have the tissues at the ready. This is the complex and unique love triangle between Hazel, Scott and Elliot.
Hazel is a character that we have met previously in other books. Hazel is very active everyone's lives. She is the caretaker of her family, which now includes the Everhart boys who have adopted her as their sister. She has a complicated and complex background which involves recovering from a broken heart from her complicated relationship with Scott. Then to top everything off, her first day in the office in California, she’s blindsided by her ex-husband who happens to be a partner in one of the construction/property management company that is bidding for a job with her family company. Hazel has this first love thing going on with Elliot and their marriage ended after she went off to college and Elliot kept a big secret from her. Elliot wants Hazel back and thinks he can win her back.
Scott and Hazel had a secret relationship that went on for several years and they were best friends but Scott rejected Hazel when she needed him most to prove his love. This left Hazel again feeling unloved which she has felt most of her life. This pushes her to make some big changes in her life. She is tired of feelings unloved and unwanted. Scott didn’t realize what he had until it was all over. Scott had been hurt by a past love and he used that for his future relationships; Scott misses that close relationship that he had with Hazel and when he realizes how bad he treated her and messed things up, he wants to fix things but doesn’t know how. He comes off as cold and aloof but that is him internalizing his pain and his being afraid. Because of this, he pushes Hazel and everyone away from him and that makes matters worse.
This story had me on the edge of my seat. Hazel had so much going on in her life. She had to go thru so much – like facing her past, go thru healing to know who she really is before she can accept who is truly her real mate. I loved watching this all play out in this story. I do not want to give any spoilers away because this is a story to be savored and devoured. This is such an emotional love story –its filled with raw emotions- with heartbreak, despair, hope, love, healing and most of all, 2nd chances. I am such a fan of true love and 2nd chances. As always, Ms. Burgoa has written a 5 box tissue tale that had me up all night, having to know if it was #teamscott or #teamelliot… and I LOVED the outcome.

My Rating: 4.7 stars *****
“I received an advanced copy of this book from the author at no cost to me."
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590 reviews80 followers
February 1, 2018
While I loved the story in Found, it was an editorial NIGHTMARE. I initially read a pre-published version and did my best to overlook the mistakes as I was reading, but when I bought it, and it was still fraught with errors, I was sorely disappointed. I see that the author has several editors listed, and I’m not sure if she’s not listening to them or if they aren’t qualified, but this book is in desperate need of a re-edit.

While Found is not listed as part of a series on Goodreads or Amazon, it is the third book in a series about the four Everhart brothers and two Beesley sisters. Each book can be read as standalone and is based on a different couple. Found is written in first person perspective from three characters: Hazel, Scott, and Elliot.

I was most excited about this book. I wanted to know more about Hazel, and Scott was such an enigma, I needed to know who he actually was. What I wasn’t excited about was Elliot, I didn’t want anything to come between that interesting magic that bound Scott and Hazel. What she’d already been through with Elliot was heartbreaking, and I didn’t want her to have to relive her past, either.

While most of this story was wonderful, I loved seeing Scott as more than just a shadowy stoic figure making sure his brothers were taken care of and thriving, a lot of it was very frustrating. In particular, one of Hazel’s suitors kept pushing the issue with her, even when she said she wanted to take things slow and figure out what she needed and how to get out of the hole she felt she’d fallen into. I felt like he kept belittling Hazel when she didn’t fit into the picture he’d painted for her. What was most irritating about that whole situation was she kept going back even when it was blatantly obvious he didn’t have her best interests in mind. Even in the end, it seemed like the author was trying to make him come across as a good guy, when he obviously wasn’t – at least not in regards to Hazel.

Hazel’s other love interest was obviously the better choice from the off. He knew her, what she wanted, what she needed, and how to make sure she was supported in the way she needed. He was also able to put her needs ahead of his own when it came to their relationship, and that is the true test of what love is. How Hazel had any doubt about which man was the one she couldn’t live without was shocking to me, and maybe that is the luxury of looking into a relationship from the outside looking in. I just didn’t see any real affection or chemistry between Hazel and the other man, even in the kisses he forced upon her.

My biggest wish for this book is what I mentioned earlier, the editing. There were times when the author used synonyms in places where replacing the original word completely changed the meaning of the sentence, several instances of continuity issues, incorrect word usage, and numerous typos. Also, I wish that some of the scenes with suitor number one had been either omitted or rewritten to make them feel less forced. There was one, in particular, where they are having dinner that felt completely out of character for Hazel and almost like it was added after the rest of the book was finished, as the tone of the scene didn’t seem to fit the rest of the book. I also would have loved for Ms. Burgoa to more fully address Hazel’s battle with depression, unlike Flawed were Hunter and Willow’s battles were wonderfully explored and addressed, it felt like Hazel’s battle with mental illness was only there when it was convenient to explain a specific plot point.

I fell in love with Claudia Burgoa’s storytelling in Flawed (previously titled All of You, All of Me), but the last two books haven’t stood up to the standard she set in that first novel. I’m not sure if that book was the outlier or if the two subsequent books in the series are not in keeping with her writing, but I’m starting to question if the magic of Flawed won’t be rediscovered by Ms. Burgoa. I will be looking out for Fitz’ story because I need to know how he finds his happy ending, but I doubt I’ll be reading anything else she writes.
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883 reviews29 followers
February 3, 2018
#TeamScott or #TeamElliott or for that matter #TeamHazel

I'm not telling you anything. If you have read this author before, you know you will be in for a long ride of emotions. I am holding off on my rating this book for now as I read/beta a very early copy of Found and not to say I didn't enjoy it, because I thoroughly did. I will rate at the time of release as I will be re-reading.

Put your big panties on though, as this book might gut you.

***EDITED REVIEW ON 2/3/18***

This is probably my third book that I was asked to BETA read. I take it very seriously. I was asked to find plot holes and inconsistencies. I took notes and screenshots for chapters. I sent off my notes to the author with my suggestions. I received a newer version of the book before it went live. Before re-reading, I went to the chapters that I suggested for revisions. Guess what? The author took my suggestions and the story flowed a lot better. Now, whenever a reviewer receives an ARC, you are doing so with the caveat that it ISN’T the final version. You will find a misspelled word, or a run on sentence. Let me preface something to anyone that’s going to be reviewing an ARC, be it for BETA purposes or you’re reviewing for a blog post. If you’re asked to BETA, your first question to the author should be, what are your experts for my read? I asked that question, and was told for the points I mentioned above. Not only did I give her my notes on those points but misspelled words and continuity of the book. Again, this author not only was gracious with my notes, but she reworked those chapters and asked one more person to proof and contents editing. BETA reading is no easy feat as you’re trying to be objective and give constructive criticism. This is the author’s baby. Again, having said all that, I would definitely work with this author again.

This isn’t a typical love triangle because for me it really wasn’t a triangle it was about two very different men. Elliot the ex-husband and Scott her constant for so many years, but the one who wouldn’t truly commit. #TeamElliott or #Team Scott? Then besides having to deal with two men, Hazel has to deal with the darkness that she’s been living for so many years. Depression and abandonment issues are real. This author handle both delicately and with care. If you read Flawed, you already know her sister suffers from a mental illness, so Hazel having her own issues can leader her to a darker path, but she’s so strong and deals with her depression. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but when you read the book, you will understand.

Both men were fighting hard for her affections. Who will Hazel chose? I know who I wanted her to chose, but will not tell you. Take the journey and read Found. I adore the Everharts and cannot wait for FitzHenry’s story.

*An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.
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631 reviews19 followers
February 2, 2018
There's just something about Burgoa's writing that sucks me in. Found is a captivating and gut wrenching epic love story. It took me through all kinds of turmoil and emotions, constantly causing my brain and my heart to battle with each other. 

While Found can absolutely be read as a standalone, we do meet Hazel and Scott in Flawed. From the beginning, I was dying for their story and begging for them to provide us with that epic love that we all were craving. Thankfully we got it. Is their story painful? Sure. So many raw emotions going on and too many factors that can easily confuse their situation but ultimately these two have to claw their way to each other. 

I know that a lot of people don't like love triangles. I personally love them. The character development in this story had me all over the place. I was always pulling for Scott but I  can see the appeal of the other. True testament to the author. I want to feel something for both, just with a bit more for one and that's exactly what happened. 

"Of all the unforeseeable curveballs thrown my way, she's the biggest, brightest and best I've had to confront in my entire life. She's the most terrifying challenge and the most amazing reward." 

If you are looking for an angsty love that will war on you emotions yet leave you feeling full of love, then Found is the book for you! 

*ARC kindly provided*
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897 reviews472 followers
August 13, 2023
I’m not big on triangles so I did get a bit irritated at times with the heroine. Sometimes you just need to leave the past in the past.

Full review to come.
Profile Image for Amy [Book Addict Reviews].
2,172 reviews159 followers
August 13, 2021
Since meeting Hazel in book 1 of this series I have been dying for her story and this one was raw and emotional from start to finish.

Hazel’s life hasn’t been easy. She was abandoned by her parents, then her sister. Her heart was broken when she was only just a child. She just wants to be loved. She is caring about not only her family, but her friends and of course, the Everhart brothers. Scott is the second oldest of the brothers and instantly had to step into a parental role for his two younger brothers after the tragic loss of their parents. He cares about Hazel, but also managed to hurt her and push her away. Then there is Hazel’s ex husband, Elliot. He will always be the first love for Hazel. But, Elliot never got over Hazel and now he may have a shot at a second chance.

Hazel is conflicted between her past with Elliott and her history with Scott. She wanted to love both men and in a way she does. Yet, she needs to make a choice of who she has an infinite love with. There is a connection with both of them, but one she has a much stronger connection with.

There are so many ups and downs in this story. I just wanted Hazel to choose. Her you could feel her struggle. You could feel her pain. You could feel the heartbreak from all these characters. This story had me laughing and it had me ugly crying. It is raw, emotional, and beautiful.

If you’re looking for a second chance, friends to lovers, with a love triangle mixed in this is one to read.
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494 reviews24 followers
March 19, 2018
I just could not get into this book for anything. And I found it totally confusing that I just skimmed through the last half of it.
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1,405 reviews43 followers
February 7, 2018

Well this was a surprising book. I'm not quite sure what i expected with Hazel's story, but this, i don't think i could have thought of. We all have read stories about failed high school sweetheart marriages and then falling in love with the last guy you thought would be your perfect match, but Claudia Burgoa took it one step further by bringing those two exact men and having Hazel chose between the two.

I can't tell you how often i've thought about this. How it resonated with me. And how i enjoyed reading this book to find out just how this will pan out, because let's face it, you would have thought it would be a train wreck from start to finish. Hold up - let me finish. There is some serious unfinished business between Elliot and Hazel (Elliot being Hazel's ex husband) and when it comes to Scott and Hazel, that is pure heartbreak and regret right there. I don't envy Hazel and her decision and i just as heck don't envy having to chose between these two men because in the end, we all wish you could share your cake and have it too.

One thing is for sure - it was something to behold and i did enjoy the journey and i will be revisiting the Everhart brothers to find out what it is i missed from this trio's journey. It should be interesting to say the least.

*ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Kathleen, The Small Girl from A small girl, her man and her books


50 Book Reviews  Professional Reader

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130 reviews2 followers
January 28, 2018
A riveting and poignant story of true infinite love. Finally, Hazel's story. As is typical, Claudia writes her characters with so much love that she makes you feel like they are someone you want to meet and be friends with. You cannot help but fall in love with her characters, well except maybe for one - not tellin'...

We meet Hazel throughout this series. Hazel is very active in every book and everyone's lives. She is the caretaker of her family, including the Everhart boys who have adopted her as their sister. She also cares for her grandfather and her sister Willow who is now married and has Charlie- YAY! Her parent's abandonment of her and her sister had traumatic consequences for both girls, not to mention the fact that their mother had a mental illness. Unfortunately, the illness not only affected Willow but surprisingly Hazel as well. On the outside Hazel is the epitome of a normal business woman, caring loyally for the family that she loves but on the inside she struggles. Aside from AJ (Unexpected Series), Hazel has to be the bravest protagonist Claudia has written. Unfortunately, her façade eventually cracks and she struggles to stay afloat.

In previous books Claudia eludes to a relationship with Scotty and we, the readers, assume as Harrison does that there is something going on between them. But then there is always Elliot in the background. He appears subtly and we ache to know more about Elliot and the circumstances behind their divorce. Elliot always appears endearingly in the books so you can't help but wonder if there is still a spark there between them and if they will ever get back together.

Well this book answers all those questions and more. Scott knows Hazel so well he knows that Elliot is always in the background for Hazel and hesitates to demonstrate and commit any further with Hazel. Unknowingly, Hazel pushes people away using Elliot as an excuse to keep people at a distance until it all comes crashing down. Hazel moves to her old stomping grounds, San Francisco from New York to start a new slate. There she runs into Elliot. He bids on a project to renovate her grandfather's buildings through his construction business. Coincidentally Scott walks into her office as she is talking to Elliot and struggling to stay in one piece. And herein starts the journey to find herself.

This is the beautiful poignant story of infinite true love and how it came to be for Hazel. Grab a box of tissues it's totally worth it!! As in the rest of the series, the brothers are hilarious - love Fitzy - spec in her eye - hahahaha!!! Read it you'll laugh out loud!

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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389 reviews4 followers
January 29, 2018
After the first book of this series this is almost as perfect.
Scott was sweet and loving, caring always for Hazel, putting her before his feelings and wants. On the other hand i felt that Elliot was selfish and he made me crazy with the way he deserved another chance, he never fought for Hazel he just wanted his chance now that she was there, I tried to feel simpatetic with him but couldn't do it.
Hazel suffered so much in this book, I undetood her, she still wanted what she once dreamed but that wast real anymore. All those tears, all the heartbreak and hardwoork she did for Elliot made her feel needed but the only one he really cared for her was Scott. He was so heartbroken when he choose to let her live her life even when he was going numb inside traying to be what she needed even when that hurt like crazy. I loved Scott, my favorite Everhart after Hunter.
you really need to read this series, you will love it!
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452 reviews26 followers
February 1, 2018
Found by Claudia Burgoa is a story about healing and the strength it takes to confront one's past. We have met Hazel and Scott in the previous books in the series though you can read Found as a standalone if you wish. Elliot was a brand new character and I loved finding out how he worked into this tangled web. The authors writing style just flowed from chapter to chapter in a way that I didn't want to put down my Kindle. I loved these damaged characters and how we followed their journeys. I'm completely #TeamScott but I also empathized with Hazel and why she felt so confused about the men in her life. 5 "Forever" Stars for Found by Claudia Burgoa

*** Reviewed for Sweet & Spicy Reads - ARC provided for an honest review ***
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1,754 reviews834 followers
August 17, 2021
Claudia Burgoa brings extra angst to Scott and Hazel’s story. This was unfortunately my least favorite book in the series- I’m not one for love triangles, particularly when I find neither particularly compelling- our hero had a lot to prove to me. I get that everyone has some baggage, but this characters at times just needed a good shaking. I did enjoy Hazel- though she has more of a melancholy feel as a character given her own struggles as well as her indecision. Scott ultimately ended up winning me over, but his emotional detachment never quite evolved as much as I’d like. But, I love a good second chance story, and even if this one didn’t quite land with me, it was still an interesting exploration of heart and history and trust.
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548 reviews682 followers
August 24, 2021
Note: I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Trigger Warnings: Depression, anxiety.

Okay, I already had had an idea about how Hazel's relationships with two men in her life would go.

Both Scott and Elliot are fighting for her affection after having wronged her and Hazel has to move on after her dad accusing her of breaking up his family (this you'll have to find out yourself), and not giving herself any self care in the process - is how the story starts out.

We already had an idea of a possible broken relationship that Scott and Hazel had in previous Everharts brothers books, but added plot twists literally left me reeling about how her own book would go with her pov being the main focus throughout.

Scott, Hazel, Elliot are a love triangle I never thought I could actually process and hope for something good to come out of. Personally I abhor love triangles because of how messily they are dealt with in books often, especially if one character is not given equal treatment to the other one in retrospect. But this love triangle did not disappoint me and kept me hoping for more in terms of a positive outcome for all the MCs involved.

Although dramatic at times, with emotional scars breaking out in full force, and truths coming to be questioned about who she really loves, I enjoyed the journey of self happiness that Hazel fully embraces, and also coming to understand what true love really is, and who gets to own her heart completely and be perfect for her (hehe, a little pun on the title).

It was a heartbreaking journey for all three of them, but I was glad of who she ended up with, and how she dealt with the other guy, no negativity in sight.

Overall loved this novel and Claudia's writing, and I cannot wait to read more of her books.

Until the next read,

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1,754 reviews834 followers
August 17, 2021
Claudia Burgoa brings extra angst to Scott and Hazel’s story. This was unfortunately my least favorite book in the series- I’m not one for love triangles, particularly when I find neither particularly compelling- our hero had a lot to prove to me. I get that everyone has some baggage, but this characters at times just needed a good shaking. I did enjoy Hazel- though she has more of a melancholy feel as a character given her own struggles as well as her indecision. Scott ultimately ended up winning me over, but his emotional detachment never quite evolved as much as I’d like. But, I love a good second chance story, and even if this one didn’t quite land with me, it was still an interesting exploration of heart and history and trust.
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62 reviews11 followers
May 13, 2019
Having never read this series before, I found this particular story line too slow and drowsy. There was no definitive structure. This made the whole story sound too loose and mercurial in nature. Hazel literally makes the 2 guys who "Love" Her hang on each side for more than 75% of the book. This book was an absolute disastrous disappointment for me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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3,419 reviews58 followers
October 12, 2018
Angst-filled and emotional stories are my kryptonite! I devour these kind of stories and Found by Claudia Y. Burgoa had all that and more. Here we get Hazel, Scott and Elliott. A woman with history with both men, but this time around she was determined to make her own choices.

I do not want to spoil this story, but just when Hazel is ready to move forward with her life, her pasts comes back full force. Both men realized too late what they lost and want her back. Who does she choose and can she trust her heart again?

Though I knew who I would choose, Hazel had to go through her journey to find love and happiness. There was so much heartbreak and regret, I was drawn to the story and could not wait to see how it would all end! So excited to read the next book!

Read and Reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog.

Happy reading!
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451 reviews8 followers
February 5, 2018
Cinq étoiles trouvées. Ce livre donne un nouveau sens pour les romances de la deuxième chance

“He makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a storm. He’s the storm. I love when I get lost in him.”

There are times when your soul craves romance and also there are times when your heart craves a good love story. Those times could be fulfilled by a heartwarming book. But not any book.

Found by Claudia Burgoa is a piece of heaven and it is currently on the top list of my favourite Second Chance Romances. This book is an emotional journey through love, hurt, rediscovering, redemption and healing. It is about two souls trying to heal and find their way back to their true soulmates.

I could say that this is the most overwhelming book written by a talented lady who knows perfect how to make real any emotion through her words. This is Claudia's best work. I can feel all the hardworking and heart she put in this book. It left me drained and with a big book hangover. There are not enough adjectives to describe how much I loved this book, let's start with perfection.

Claudia Burgoa has become an insta-one-click-author. Her writing is improving with each book she releases. I am so happy I found her books because all of them have won a special place in my heart and bookshelf. There is nothing like reading such masterpieces. Each book of hers is an emotional journey that warms your heart and goes directly to your soul.

Found is like a ray of hope that will warm your heart. Second Chance Romances have gotten a new meaning because of this book. I spent a wonderful and edgy time while reading it. The story is told by triple POVs so there is not a chance you miss a thing.

The plot is unique. The characters are emotional complex and well developed as the story. This book shouts perfection. Il n'y a rien comme se perdre dans un bon livre d'amour comme ça.

This is Scott and Hazel book. Two similar souls that found each other. They complete and heal their hearts at the right time but their insecurities will hurt them.

“Scott makes sure that everyone near him is happy. He’s a pleaser, like me. And that’s why we orbit around each other because we have that obsession to make the other happy.”

Both have a big heart, always making their loved ones happy. Hazel is a beautiful businesswoman who never let any man near of her heart. She had a bad experience with he ex husband, the boy she loved since she was a girl. He broke her trust. Moving to another city and working hard helped her. The Everhart brothers consider her a little sister and she felt save. Being with them and her sister and grandad was everything but she misses her dream of having her own family. Until she let Scott inside.  

“Hazel Beesley has been warming my cold soul since the moment I met her.”

She wanted more but Scott pushed her because of his insecurities. At some point of their non-existent relationship they heal their hearts together. Hazel will return to the place she thought was home. Her first love will haunt  her. Eliot, the boy she loved and the one who hurt her trust.

“When we were together time stopped. We had no limits. There was no end. Until I had to end it.”

On the other hand is Scott, the bad boy who acts like a CEO. He is the one who took care of his younger brothers when their parents died. He sacrifices for them. That made his lovelife a mess because of the responsibility he got at a young age. He is the glue that put them together. The one who pleases and forget about his needs until Hazel.

“Her presence calms the demons inside my head.”

This is not the typical romance where boy meets girl and they fall in love. This is something more deeper because Hazel and Scott are more complex.

“I want to be your last love.”

I highly recommend this book. It is a must read that you shall not miss. It has all the elements to make you love it from the first pages. This book is perfect for readers who likes Second Chances, for those who love emotional reads and HEA. Ce livre est un voyage émotionnel.
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February 5, 2018
Ms. Burgoa

Thank you. Thank you for such an emotional and heart achingly beautiful book.

This is the perfect story for Scott. We see so much of his heart and soul on display. He was so amazing and strong and yet vulnerable in this book. You gave him a beautiful heart and voice. You wrote him in a way that was beautiful, sad, captivating, entrancing and amazing. And the choice he made in the end was just so heartbreaking but honest and loving. You showed us love has no bounds and even when we don’t think someone is there and caring they are. We see this in Scott and all he has done through the years for Hazel. How he was there to bring her back from the darkness and comfort her when needed. How he knew what she needed and when. You also showed us his fear and vulnerability and where Hazel is in his heart and soul.

In Scott you have created such a complex and amazing man. A sweet man with a heart of gold who is scared. And he knows Hazel better than Hazel knows herself. You created a family that is there no matter what and calls each other on their mistakes but also protects them and we see that at the end and throughout this book.

In Hazel you have created a voice for those with depression. You highlighted it in a way that shows how it engulfs us and just doesn’t let go. It’s tendrils are real and scary and Hazel shows us this in such a unvarnished and real way. With Hazel you gave a strong character trying to find herself and a way to rid her demons. A way to figure out where she belongs. Her fears are real but so is her heart and feelings. She is smart and loving but lost and just wants someone to love and be there for her. I love how you created a man in Scott who has been these things but scared as well. How you have Scott be this man that Hazel needed and had her fears cloud that over. Not just her fears though but her past. Her heart needed closure and this book you gave it.

You created a book that was emotional, real, honest and raw. A book that puts you in its web and doesn’t let you go until the end. And ending that is beautiful and wonderful. A story that has you feel so much and root for hazel and Scott to be what they are meant to be-together. You gave us three point of views and a past that needs closure. I must say it was Scott’s point of view that just grabbed me and didn’t let go. His raw emotion, kindness and honest. but more important his love for his family and Hazel just wrapped me in cocoon. Hazel’s view showed us how she was feeling and what she was struggling with. It was unvarnished and helps us understand her more. And Elliot’s wow just wow. I love how you weaved that story in their so seamlessly and had it become an anchor for the plot and all the fears and stunting of a relationship. First loves and new loves collide and closure and exploration of the heart is seen in such a incredible journey that you have created that it captures the reader from the start.

So thank you Ms. burgoa for such a emotionally beautiful book that highlights a serious issue with the honesty it deserves and has love win in the end. Your book and writing of Scott’s and Hazel’s story is beautiful, entertaining at times (Fitz does this), real, honest and heartwarming. Now I cannot wait to see Fitz fall in love.
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February 6, 2018

Title: Found
Author: Claudia Burgoa
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series or Standalone: Standalone (But does follow previous books featuring the brothers)
Rating: ★★★★


This book took me by surprise.
I knew going into this, based on the blurb that there was going to be a love triangle of some sort here.
I will say I have not read this author before this story, so obviously also have never read the previous books that have featured these characters in some small part that came before.
I don’t usually travel down the path of love triangles in my romance novels. It’s just not a preference, but there was something about this blurb that made me want to try.
My hat is off to this author for taking something this particular reader doesn’t like and making me invest in it. I enjoyed the family dynamic here, almost as much as I did watching the two people I felt deserved to be together come to that decision. She really did take this piece of relationship advice, If there is still lingering feels of any kind or no real resolution to the relationship, you may not be able to successfully navigate any relationship, the right one even, that may come next, and work it.

Because Elliot and Hazel, they were the epitome of that. Scott and her though, while at times, seemingly based in only the sexual relationship, were way more than that. They helped heal each other through this, and in turn you got to see both of them grow in the instances that were shown of them together. It was pretty much a no-brainer where I wanted this to go.

And go it did, but not without a whole lot of back and forth, confusion and soul searching thrown in. This wasn’t an easy ride for any of the people that were in it, but it did at times feel like a very real one. I can’t say for certain, I wouldn’t do or even say some of the things these characters did, so it read real.

I think the only thing I missed here, especially with the way it was mentioned, and even the background you’re given on other characters who had faced other equally as debilitating things, was more delving into the depression that Hazel experiences. It wasn’t as fleshed out as I would have liked. Merely appearing at times to be just something that comes up in conversation. So, while I think the author did something just by mentioning it, I think she could have done so much more in that particular regard.

As I said above though, overall this was a great read, and my hat is off to the author again for hooking me into a situation I normally as a book reader wouldn’t drive head first into and making me enjoy it. I’m looking forward to seeing and reading more from this author in the future.

My thanks to the author and all others involved in letting me read an ARC of this story. Hazel, Scott, hell, the whole family of characters, their journeys I’m glad to have taken the time and the chance to experience.
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February 1, 2018
Again, Claudia Burgoa has gifted her readers with another glimpse of the Everhart brothers.
We know the closely competitive and supremely supportive relationships between the brothers. Bickering, intuitive and unquestionably supportive the brothers always have each other’s backs. Directed from an early age, each brother excels in his chosen field. Scott is the controlled, intensely private, silent brother. Snatched from University by 9/11 and thrown into the parental role for his little brothers, his few attempts at dating have been disastrous and his personal life is not up for discussion with anyone. This attitude adds to his mystery and seemingly cold impersonal dealings with clients and the media.
Hazel Beesley became an honorary Everhart due to her family’s unusual lifestyle and abandonment. Hazel’s grandfather was the early mentor of the Everhart boys after the deaths of their parents and the sons are now involved in the multifaceted Beesley Enterprises. This was the perfect entre for Hazel to meet the Everharts when she was a teenager. Hazel is adored by the brothers and treated as the little sister they didn’t have. Hazel is a respected and integral part of the Beesley Enterprises and the Everhart’s wide range of business dealings, Hazel is in hyper control of every ones’ schedules, business hiring, charitable involvements, social commitments, even down to their vacation and holiday planning. Hazel simply takes care of everyone. An elegant young woman Hazel’s visual perfection hides inner turmoil and the conviction that she has never been enough for anyone. We are given a peek beyond the outer veils into her confusion.
When the man she believes is her soulmate refuses to acknowledge their relationship as being more than casual sex, her heart broken, Hazel abruptly leaves New York City. She sadly leaves the shelter of the Everhart brothers who with their wives have become her family and escapes to San Francisco. She hopes this move to run her grandfather’ s west coast operations will give her a fresh slate in the city she loves.
A chance meeting with her first love is conflicted with a love she can’t begin to forget or trust. Claudia’s masterfully detailed story is set in the winding hills of San Francisco, a mix of vintage and chic contemporary homes. In this city blanketed by fog and cool ocean winds Hazel finds empty streets to run through early in the morning with always beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.
At the beginning of each chapter there is an intriguing caption from a poet or an anonymous quote, a special way to unfold another episode. Of all of Claudia’s love stories, page by page, FOUND is ‘hold your breath’ heart wrenching, and not easily put aside. A must read!
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February 2, 2018
Hazel Beesley has always felt unwanted, her parents pushed her away years ago, the man she married and thought she would spend forever with cut her out of his life, and her current secret beau doesn't seem to want her either, so she has came to the conclusion that it's time she choose herself and move away for a new start. Her hope is that returning to her hometown will give her the peace she needs, and allow the fresh start at life that she has been craving, but within days of being there the past she left behind in New York decides to follow her and start reeking havoc on her head and her heart. With news of her returning home to San Francisco, her ex-husband shows up to interview for a job with her company and he also brings along some old familiar feelings that she thought were gone... now she finds herself stuck between two loves that both want her, and while it feels good to be wanted for once, she can't seem to decide which one will lead to the forever she has been longing for!

Found is a beautifully crafted story of one woman's journey to finding herself and the happily ever after she thought she'd never have... it's an emotionally rich journey that is sure to stir up the feelings and bring on few tears so have your Kleenex nearby! This was my first experience with this authors work and I have to say she painted a wonderful masterpiece of a story, with characters that I am sure are certain to stick with me for a long while. With each page I turned the deeper I fell into this mesmerizing tale, and the harder I fell for these amazing characters, and the harder it was to choose which man was right for Hazel. I love a good love triangle story and this one definitely checked all the boxes for me, I loved every minute of it! I highly recommend you give this one a chance, it's sure to leave you moved!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
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January 25, 2018
I really liked this book. It was great getting to see so much more of Hazel, who is so strong in the other books but like the people around her, we only saw what she wanted to us to see.

In Found, Hazel has picked up and moved from New York to San Francisco, near her childhood home. After a lifetime of losing people she loved, she was searching for herself at last, not the Hazel everyone needed her to be. She is recovering from a broken heart, having been rejected by Scott when she wanted to take their relationship official. Her first day in the office in California, she’s blindsided by her ex-husband who is partner in one of the construction/property management companies bidding for a job with her family company. Elliot was her first love, her childhood sweetheart, and they married so young but separated physically when she went east for college and work to help support his family. Now Elliot wants another chance and she still has unresolved feelings for him.

I was so torn during this book. I love the Everhart boys, and Scott and Hazel work together. But I also know the history of Hazel and Elliot and their friends, and didn’t want to see an end to that either. Hazel was just as torn, trying to decide between two great loves and working out where her heart belongs.

Another thing I love about this book is how Hazel deals with her depression. She doesn’t hide it or hide from it. She has a plan to manage it. She has a support system. She has her lists and engages in self care. She is a fantastic example for the millions who do suffer from depression. She also does not hide the bad periods. It’s okay to not be okay, and she shows that.

In the end, she makes her choice and has her happy ever after. But you have to read to see what happens.
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January 26, 2018
Found is a book about finding your true self and your one true love. It's filled with raw, gut wrenching emotion that will make your heart hurt and soar at the same time. If you've read any of Claudia's books you know her words are powerful and will immediately suck you in, sending you on a wild emotional roller-coaster ride. Found does just that. We know Hazel Beesley to be a strong, independent woman from the previous books, but she hides a secret that debilitates her daily. Scott Everhart is her rock, the only one who truly knows Hazel, but his own insecurities become a road block between them. Elliot McFee was Hazel's first love, the one that was supposed to last forever, but when he left her behind it left her broken inside. Elliot unexpectedly returns and leaves Hazel torn between the two men she loves and once held her heart. Found is Hazel's journey in finding her true self and living out her hopes and dreams. Her grief and struggle are real and consuming. She learns hard life lessons and to put herself first despite who she may hurt. She learns that sometimes your first love isn't always your last love but sometimes it is. While reading my heart ached for her. I wanted her to find love and closure so she could be the woman she always dreamed she would be. I also fell more in love with the Everhart boys. We see a whole new side of Scott and it also tugged at my heartstrings. These boys are truly something special! Found is filled with lots of angst, emotion and breathtaking moments. Claudia always does a great job developing her characters and creating a story that will keep you up till all hours of the night. Found is definitely one of my favorites by her. This book will definitely stick with for awhile!
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February 6, 2018
FOUND is a contemporary romance filled with so many of my favorite elements: second chances, tight-knit families, angst, and real-life issues. It also has a love triangle, which I’m generally not a fan of. However, the triangle admittedly kept me reading to see whom Hazel would choose. I’m glad I didn’t let the love triangle deter me!

Hazel is strong in many ways and sacrifices much for those she loves. I couldn’t help liking her; she was so selfless. She wasn’t perfect, though, and that’s what made her relatable. She struggled with depression and doubted herself at times.

Scott was incredibly thoughtful and supportive. I found myself rooting for him from the beginning. It pained me that might lose Hazel due to his own stupidity, by not telling her he loved her soon enough.

Elliott was persistent and had a longer history with Hazel. He was her first love and ex-husband. He begged for a second chance, and I’m a big believer in second chances. I felt guilty for rooting for Scott when Elliott still cared about Hazel so much.

I was so frustrated with all three characters sometimes! I felt like Elliott was too smothering and territorial. I was upset that Scott didn’t declare his love when Hazel wanted a more permanent relationship and left Hazel thinking she wasn’t enough. I was aggravated that Hazel couldn’t sort her feelings for the two men! Needless to say, I kept reading well into the night because I needed a resolution!

This was my first book by Claudia Burgoa. It is listed as a standalone, but I wish I had known it was also book three of a series. While I was able to read it as a standalone, I feel I might have gotten the characters less confused and understood their back stories and history better had I read the first two books. I will definitely be purchasing those!
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February 1, 2018
This story centers around Hazel Beesly, the younger sister of Willow Beesly from Flawed. She is a determined, smart, and beautiful young woman who is caught between two loves. One of the things that I love about Hazel is how she tries so hard to please everyone around her, while hiding her sadness deep inside. She is a very relatable character. Claudia did a fantastic job showing how easy it is for someone to hide their depression and sadness behind the mask of a smile. It just takes the right person to look past everything to see what lies underneath.

The story is told from the POV of Hazel as well as both Scott Everhart, her protector ad closest confidant, and Elliott McFee, her ex-husband and childhood best friend. Scott and Elliott are both trying to make up for the mistakes that they have made with Hazel. Elliott has spent years regretting the decisions he made that caused the destruction of his marriage. So when he walks into the office to pitch his company for a projection, he is shocked when the person in charge is none other than the woman he let get away. Scott Everhart made a foolish mistake. When Hazel asked him if they could have a future together he didn't answer. Now he is coming back to fight for the woman of his dreams. With Elliott back in the picture that may be harder than he thought.

When I heard that this story was a love triangle told from three different POVs, I was a little skeptical. I am not a huge fan of love triangles because I always feel as though the main character is sort of stringing along the other two. Claudia, however, does and amazing job describing how Hazel is caught between two of the most important men in her life. One is her childhood best friend and first love while the other is has been there for her no matter what and would do anything for her. Her greatest struggle throughout the story is how to decide which man is her future and which should remain in her past. She realizes that she has to learn how to stop trying to please everyone around her and put herself first for a change.

Claudia continues to get better and better with each story she writes. She has a way of pulling you in and ensuring that you don't want to put the book down. I absolutely loved her use of quotes from various authors, poets and even her own characters, at the beginning of each chapter. I felt as though it helped you get into the mindset for each chapters. I highly enjoyed this most recent chapter into the Everhart family and definitely recommend that you read the story of Hazel Beesly. I also recommend that you read each story in order so that there are no spoilers.
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