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She was my daughter’s best friend. She stood next to me and held my hand while my little girl’s pink casket was lowered into the ground.

The last time I saw her she was chasing me down the street as I left the town that was slowly suffocating me to death.

But now she’s a woman and she needs my help. So I’ll save her and ask for nothing in return. Except maybe one thing that I’m not sure she’s ready to lose.

First published June 4, 2019

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About the author

Anna Brooks

59 books899 followers
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The first time Anna tried to read a romance novel, her hair caught on fire when she leaned over a candle to sneak a peek at her mom’s Harlequin. She thinks being hit on the head with a shirtless Fabio until the smoke cleared is what sparked the flame for her love of romance.
Anna was born in Wisconsin, but currently lives in Texas with her husband and two boys. She writes sexy romance that always has a happy ending and loves bringing characters back for cameos. Less than six degrees of separation connects any of her novels.
When she’s not writing or reading, she’s watching reruns of her favorite romcoms, talking to her dog and cat like they’re human, eating carbs, or practicing hand lettering.
She loves to hear from readers and can be found on social media as @annabrooksauth everywhere.

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February 7, 2020
Before you pick up the book, know that there is a considerable age gap between the hero and the heroine (daughter’s best friend).

Know that the romance is handled tastefully and smoothly - combined with the trauma, both the protagonists have faced in their life - it is far more about their ability to be able to have faith for a better and happier future than their age difference.
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3,446 reviews309 followers
July 25, 2019
Pretty good. Between 3 and 4 stars so I rounded up. I think the people were just a little too understanding. This girl should have had some conflict creating hate and/or disdain coming her way after the stunt she pulls in the beginning, from the secondary characters mostly but even the hero forgives her too quickly. But overall I enjoyed it.
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1,135 reviews4 followers
June 3, 2019
This has been on my wish list for a while. Great story that was really heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Brinley and Noble are a one of a kind love story.
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2,685 reviews45 followers
June 5, 2019
Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:

Roam was such a powerful, emotional, supremely sexy read that gave me ALL the feels! I cried for the heroine and hero. Both characters went through some tragic stuff but I felt like they became stronger together. The way the hero was so commanding, patient, alpha, and wonderful with the heroine made this story so special. And the heroine...oh this girl has had such a hard life and I was rooting for her right from the start.

I haven't read a book like Roam in a long time. The kind of book that 100% engulfed me and had me craving more from start to finish. The book was mesmerizing and hot and captivating. I loved how so much emotion was poured into this book. It made for a unforgettable read and one I want to recommend again and again!

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308 reviews13 followers
July 1, 2019
I absolutely loved this book! This is the first story I've read in the 'Guarding Her' series and even though this is the fifth book, I think it could be read as a standalone.

Noble and Brinley are both connected by the tragic death of Noble's daughter Katie but separated by pain. Eight years after that tragic day, Brinley, now 19 years old, turns up at his boss Erik's house, homeless and more broken than ever. When Noble sees her, he immediately wants to protect her from a horrible past that he feels he could have saved her from. But taking Brinley into his home is easier said than done.

I loved the relationship between Noble and Brinley. They are two lost souls who need each other to thrive. A former foster kid that was bounced from house to house, Brinley may seem tough but her emotions are all over the map. I think Noble balances her with his patience and commanding behavior. Noble, though, is just existing after eight years of living alone with his pain. Brinley seems to bring passion and sunshine back into his dark world. This is an forbidden, age gap romance. Noble is 35 years old and Brinley is around 19 or 20 years old. This story is also hot, steamy, and never boring!
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939 reviews7 followers
June 7, 2019
First book I read in the series and I won't be reading anymore, this one was so slow getting to the couple I would have stopped reading but I paid for the book, plus it was a good story line. I've read other books by this author and they were good, this one not so much.
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710 reviews
July 6, 2019
This wasn’t awful but the heroine wasn’t a very likable character. Maybe I would have liked her more if I’d read the books in the series before this one. Who knows?
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513 reviews27 followers
September 10, 2019
Taboo age gap romance with angst and sweetness

I loved Nobel and Brinkley together. The age gap was not as big of an obstacle as I thought it would be. The fact that she was his late daughter’s best friend was more of an issue for him. I did not read the other books in the series but I don’t feel like I was missing out.

Nobel was a hot j/p alpha who was struggling with s**** up to the very end. I wanted to see more of them together where he was not holding back something. I enjoy my books with some angst but I was hoping to see him fight more for Kingsley. I also wanted an extended epilogue where I could see what some of the special moments in their future looked like. 😔

I like Kingsley’s mix of bravery and vulnerability. She came off a bit abrasive at times but it was understandable given her past. I did not understand her relationship with Danny. I get why they were important to each other but not what that relationship turned into. I always root for the “bad boys” to find love to. 😉

The sex scenes were a bit slow burn but very steamy.🔥🔥
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Author 9 books25 followers
October 31, 2020
“I Love you. I. Love. You. Please forgive me, please. I promise you I’ll never be so stupid again.”

I absolutely love Anna’s books! Her books are always such an amazing slow ride to the happy ending...and Brinley’s and Noble’s story is no exception.
Brinley is a young woman who has aged out in the system that has failed her again and again. The only good time in her life was a short span of time when she had a best friend (Katie) with an amazing father (Noble) who tries his best to look after Brinley. That all changed when Katie is suddenly killed and Noble leaves right after the funerals are over.
Ten years later, Brinley and Noble are reunited in a way neither of them expected. Almost instantly the connection between the two of them is off the charts...hot! Noble is determined to give her time to realize what she wants and to give her choices. All is going well until Brinley tells Noble she wants a family...he refuses to take that step again...he won’t put himself through that again...Brinley and Noble are at standstill. She knows what she wants and he knows what he can’t do again. But when all the emotions settle will they realize what they’ve lost before its truly too late?
1,665 reviews20 followers
June 3, 2019
Wow! Is all I can say. Noble and Brinley were exceptional characters. Noble has lost so much and was hanging on by a thread at times, going day to day just surviving. Brinley was his daughter Katie’s best friend once upon a time and her life was not easy by any means and she always felt safe with Noble and his family. When Brinley shows back up years later the hole in his heart begins to heal. She’s just what he needs, but now she’s a woman and it’s getting harder and harder to keep his hands to himself. Brinley has secrets that other except Noble are aware of and how is he going to feel when he learns the truth about her? She hasn’t been as truthful as everyone thinks. These two are combustible, explosive and deliciously hot. You can’t go wrong with their story and I’m sorry to see this series end. Such a great read, no spoilers, there’s so much heart, love and emotions packed o to their story! Highly recommend this book!!
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984 reviews20 followers
June 7, 2019
4.5 Stars

Roam by Anna Brooks is the fifth book in the Guarding Her series and it was sooo good! It is a stand-alone, but I do suggest reading the others in the series as well. I honestly could not wait to get Roam’s story and it was so worth the wait. Full of emotions, fantastic characters, and wonderful writing, Roam is one story you do not want to miss.

Both Roam and Brinley have tragic pasts. They both are closed off, don't trust, and have so much baggage. When they lay eyes on each other after almost a decade, neither can deny the attraction. But the trouble is Brinley is Roam’s daughters best friend. Will he be able to put that aside in order to move forward?

I loved this story! It was well written, it flowed, and I couldn’t put it down! My heart hurt for both characters and the tears wouldn’t stop. Roam and Brinley had amazing chemistry that you could feel coming through the pages. Highly recommend reading this book!
Profile Image for Natasha Mahadeo.
935 reviews6 followers
June 25, 2019
OMG I am blown away. I read this book in one sitting. Anna Brooks is automatic one click author for me. If you haven't read her books, stop whatever the fuck you are doing and go read her books. Especially this series.

Roam is much much awaited by many invested and inlove with this series. Roam is everything it promised it would be and more.
Brinley and Noble no each other from what seems like a life times before. A brutal life time before.
Noble finds her by mistake and instantly he is a goner for her. He brwaks all boundaries and walls to be with her. They heal each other, fight for each other, give each other a new beginning but most Importantly they give each other every of the best. Life has treated these two so badly and you will be fucking thrilled when they meet again.

Grab this book its hot, heated and swoony.
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1,447 reviews24 followers
August 25, 2019
KU. DNF. I finished book 1 and rounded up to 3 stars. I DNFd book 2, but was intrigued by these characters from their appearance in “Surface” (and I like May/December books) so I skipped right to this.

DNF again. For such a short book it’s really repetitive. She’s too young. She’s was my daughter’s best friend. She’s troubled. Rinse. Rewrite. Repeat. Invert for her thoughts on him. 30% in and we’re still in the first 48 hours of their “relationship” but nothing of substance has happened.

Also, he knows this girl has been repeatedly abused, spent her life in foster homes, and he believes that she views him as a father figure. So he threatens to spank her? Ew. On so many levels.

Profile Image for Jolene St Germain Triggs.
687 reviews3 followers
June 2, 2019
So great! Noble and Brinley's story was SO sweet (but also super hot, don't worry). Noble has a LOT of baggage he's not done coming to terms with in a healthy way after the death of his wife and child. Suddenly Brinley comes along, 8 years later his deceased daughter's best friend has changed a lot and in need of help Noble's friends take her in before anyone even knows of the connection between Brinley and Noble. Then of course Noble's sense of honor and moral code prevents him from acting on his feelings, but when they finally do, fire works! So happy with this ending, I've loved Noble from the start and he deserved a way to let the past go and start fresh. Great story!
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371 reviews2 followers
June 4, 2019
I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review.
Anna has done it again, this book is amazing.
Once I started this book I couldn't put it down until I'd finished, so no sleep for me until the early hours of the morning 😁
This book is both heart breaking and heart warming rolled into one.
Both Noble and Brinley have had there share of hell and this book is about how they come to terms with sharing their lives with someone else and trusting to give all of themselves over to someone else fully.
I would absolutely recommend this book, there are twists that you don't see coming, there is also some steamy sex 🔥🔥😍😍 who doesn't enjoy a bit of that 😉😉
Profile Image for Kim  Brewing.
3,143 reviews31 followers
June 7, 2019
There is that one person that just gets you. Nobel and Brinley are that person for each other - or they could be if they would lower their walls and let the other person in. I loved them both individually and as a couple.

I really wanted to 5 star this, but for myself there was just something missing to tip it over the edge. The writing is great and the characters wonderful to read about. I liked and disliked Nobel "alphaness". Sometimes the conversations just didn't work for me.

Overall this is a good read. It has emotional moments, a bit of suspense and some hot times too!
Profile Image for Jennifer.
483 reviews6 followers
May 16, 2019
Wow what a story! I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Noble and Brinley's relationship since she was his daughters best friend...but the way Ms. Brooks writes this story is so touching and healing for them both. Noble sees Brinley as a woman now, not as a child but he fights his feelings for her. She has always thought he was handsome and a safe place for her and it's no different now. This story is sexy, tender and romantic! Enjoy!
Profile Image for Lori.
30 reviews
June 6, 2019
So good!

This story sucks you in and doesn't allow you to put it down till you see how it ends. Talk about holy alpha Noble! His brief appearances in the other books made him so mysterious and left you wanting to know his story and believe me Anna Brooks doesn't disappoint. The tragedies in both Noble and Brinley's past and their journey together to heal and move forward together is beautifully written. Plus the chemistry between them is red hot! I'm sad that this was the last book in the series but glad she left Nobles story for last because it was so worth the wait!
Profile Image for Edel.
41 reviews
June 10, 2019
Thoroughly enjoyable read!

Love the storyline, loved the characters and especially loved the relationship between Noble and Bringley. His protective instincts and her vulnerabilities created a perfect match between this pair.

Noble by name and Noble by nature, him holding back was frustrating but as a story it helped build chemistry between the two. And build it certainly did. The chemistry was off the charts.

One of my favourites!
298 reviews2 followers
November 13, 2019
Ms. Brooks blew it out of the park with Noble and Brinley's story!! From the snippet we got before this book it was obvious this story was going to be great, but I'm speechless. This story has been so beautifully elaborated; there is heat, sweetness and love, but there are also challenges, grief, guilt, and, for some, a taboo relationship. All of the above make this one of the best in the series.
Profile Image for Kate Bailey.
Author 7 books286 followers
December 1, 2019
This is the first book I've read by Anna Brooks so I really wasn't sure what to expect. Brooks totally blew me away with Roam and has a new forever fan. I loved everything about this book. The characters were perfect. The plot was fast paced. My heart ached as I read, wanting to fix everything for Noble and Brinley. I loved the side characters and now I need to go read the rest of the books in this series so I know their stories too. I will definitely be recommending this book to everyone.
Profile Image for Lauren.
853 reviews2 followers
June 7, 2019
Omg! This book was more than work the wait! Noble and Brinley broke my heart and fixed it in a way that will never leave me the same again. It was such a great story that I completely lost myself in and devoured all the words. Another amazing read that I will definitely be reading again in the future.
468 reviews1 follower
June 12, 2019
What else can I say but WOW!! This was such an amazing book with a story line that keeps you so invested you won't want to put down your book/kindle. So many emotions and feels with this story that you will definitely need tissues handy. Noble and Brinley are awesome characters and you will be routing for them and their happiness. This one is a must read.
Profile Image for Amber.
386 reviews1 follower
July 23, 2019
Roam right on up to four stars⭐️

This book picks up right where paisley story ended and keeps on going from there. I loved the characters and how well they complemented one another. Both of their lives held tragedy but their broken pieces fit together perfectly. Definitely worth a read!
117 reviews1 follower
December 27, 2019
This is the first book I've read by this author and it was fantastic. If you love age gap romance then this book has it all. Noble and Brinley are two lost souls that find each other after many years. Their connection from the past has them fighting their attraction to one another. Five Star read. Don't miss out.
656 reviews
September 5, 2020
Noble and Brinley

I have mixed feelings on this one. Their love story was beautiful and heart wrenching but the age difference did bother me a little. It's one thing to be older but to have a daughter the same age. What would he feel if his daughter had grown up and fell in love with someone his age?
Profile Image for Justine  Reed.
78 reviews1 follower
June 8, 2019
Omg this book will rip your heart out then put it back together again.
I was hooked from page one and couldn't put it down.
The characters take you on such an emotional journey that you don't want to stop reading.
A wonderful story.
Profile Image for Laura Thomas.
182 reviews10 followers
July 21, 2019
Best one by far

I really enjoyed noble and Brinleys story! Out of the 5 this one had me teary at the end! Loved their story! Can’t wait to find the other royal guys in different series’
Profile Image for Sara Cotton.
67 reviews
October 8, 2019

I started with book 5 ( you don’t have to read the others first) your going to want to though. I’m off to read surface ( book 1) I know it’s going to be just as well written as Roam is!!
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