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Ancient Ink #1

Guardian's Bond

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For decades, he’s been alone.
Now, she’s here. His fated mate.
His to win. To protect.
To provide for and pleasure.

Priest Rahandras has lived with the darkness trapped inside himself for years. Betrayed by his own brother and forced to watch his clan’s brutal annihilation, the only thing Priest wants more than to escape the curse that haunts him—as both man and beast—is to rebuild.

Until the mate he’s longed for walks into his life with an elder from his past. She’s everything he’s wished for, and the key to the clan’s very survival.

Kateri Falsen is a woman of logic and facts. While Priest’s cat can sense her arousal, telling her they’re fated won’t be enough. He’ll have to show her his love: with his words, with his actions, and with his body.

Protecting Kateri from the evil trapped inside him is paramount. But when lost clan members are systematically murdered, he’ll have to choose between exposing his mate to his black magic, or risking her as the next victim.

This book is approximately 90,000 words

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise!

Edited by Angela James

393 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published March 12, 2018

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About the author

Rhenna Morgan

27 books1,058 followers
A native Oklahoman with two beautiful girls, Rhenna Morgan is a certified romance junkie and has a resume that reflects her passion for new experiences. Since graduating with a Bachelors in Radio, Television, and Film at Oklahoma State, she’s racked up positions ranging from on-air radio talent, skip tracer, and promotions director, to real estate agent, project manager, and business analyst.

Like most women, she’s got obligations stacked tight from dawn to dusk. To combat the crush of reality, she’s turned to romance as her primary source of escape ever since she cracked the spine on her first Christine Feehan book years ago. Whether it’s contemporary, paranormal, or fantasy you’re after, Rhenna’s stories pack new, exciting worlds, and strong, intuitive men who fight to keep the women they want.

For advance release news and exclusive content, sign up for her newsletter at http://RhennaMorgan.com. You can also find her social media links there, along with her smoking hot inspiration boards.

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2,304 reviews24.7k followers
March 16, 2018
Guardian’s Bond is book one in Rhenna Morgan’s brand new series, Ancient Ink. I’ve loved everything I’ve read of Rhenna’s and have been so excited about this new series. It proved to be well worth the wait. I feel like it’s primarily a romance, steeped with ancient traditions and erotic dreams. But there is also darkness in this world she has created. Darkness only Priest can triumph over.

“Safe with the Keeper. Guarded from the dark.”

Eerikki Rahandras has been known as Priest since he relocated to Eureka Springs. He lives here as a tattoo artist along with his two wards, Jade Mitchell and Tate Allen. Priest, Jade and Tate are all Volan, and Priest is actually the High Priest of their kind. When Volan reach a certain age, they are called to their spirit quest where, if they choose to accept their gifts, they are assigned a companion, an animal that lives within them which they can shift to whenever they want or need to. Priest’s companion is a panther.

Many years before, Priest’s brother, Draven, chose dark powers over the light. He was trying to absorb all of the powers of his clan by killing them off. When Priest and Draven fought, Priest killed his brother. But in the process, he absorbed some of his darkness which now lives within him and battles his own light.

Priest is shocked and thrilled to be visited by a long lost member of his clan. But it’s her granddaughter that tilts Priest’s world off it’s axis. His reaction is immediate, his knowledge of who this woman is to him. His mate, the woman specifically made for him to be at his side. But in their culture, the male is the only one that has this immediate response. It is his duty to woo his mate, to win her heart so that she will except his bond. He’s going to have his work cut out for him with this woman.

“You belong to me.”
“Of all the people who walk this Earth, there is no one safer than you.”

Kateri Falsen knew nothing of this unbelievable world her grandmother had filled her head with during the last two weeks. Kateri is a scientist, she sees logic, black and white. But two weeks ago, she and her brother’s parents were brutally murdered and an ancient weapon was left behind as a calling card. Kateri is told that her parents were also Volan but her father had refused his gifts and prohibited anyone sharing any of their heritage with his two children. So now it all comes as a shock to them. Her brother Alek seems to be accepting it much easier than she is. Then there is Priest. She is afraid of him and drawn to him at the same time. When he shifted to his panther for her, she wasn’t afraid at all, she felt more comfortable with his panther than with the man himself.

“A hunter. A warrior. A protector. And he was hers. Every dark, deliciously muscled inch of him.”

The weapon that was left behind at her parent’s murder was evidence that Priest’s brother was not dead after all. Now that Priest had found his mate, it put her in more danger than anyone else. It would be the perfect way to get to Priest, by killing his mate.

“I knew you were my light. But I didn’t realize you’d be my redemption too.”

you are mine

This was such a different and beautiful take on shapeshifters. I love that every clan member was a different animal. As I said earlier, the book is primarily Priest and Kateri’s love story. Kateri had so much thrown at her so fast. I loved watching her accept and grow within this new world. She was so strong. And Priest…he was most definitely all alpha. He was soft and sweet one moment and bossy and demanding the next. As they find their way towards each other, they are also tasked with trying to both track other clan members that might be in danger, and also finding his brother before he kills again. This is actually a pretty long book and I enjoyed it so much. It looks like the next book might be Tate’s story. I can’t wait.

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793 reviews866 followers
February 23, 2018

Review @ Vanilla & Spice Books

Guardian's Bond is the first book in a new paranormal romance series by Rhenna Morgan. I've read the Haven Brotherhood series this author and have come to appreciate her alpha males and strong female leads.

Guardian's Bond takes a different and new approach to shapeshifter stories. Here the beast is not another form of the human but a companion. Both human and animal are separate entities, sharing both forms. I really love this concept.

Volan are the people gifted with special abilities and a companion once they reach a certain age and are pulled into their Soul Quest. It is up to them to decide whether they accept their heritage or not. Kateri's father hid his from her and her brother so when their parents are killed she is pulled into a world of magic and has to learn fast what it means to be Volan.

Priest is the High Priest of his clan. When he lays eyes on Kateri something inside him slips into place, like a puzzle piece that was missing. The mate bond, however, needs to be accepted by the female and Kateri's upbringing works against him.
"You’re my mate. Nothing ranks higher for me than winning you and I won’t quit until you accept me.”

While living as a Volan means relying on gut feeling and instinct it's the exact opposite of how the young scientist was raised and used to live her life. It is hard for her to disconnect her mind, and acceptance of all things Volan and especially her mate comes slowly. Rhenna Morgan gives us a smart, spirited and beautiful heroine who is more cautious than suspicious. The more I got to know Katy the more I liked her and ultimately I loved her.
“There is no peace in being who others want us to be, and no greater injustice to ourselves."  - The Keeper

Priest's brother has caused a lot of grief and despair. Draven killed Kateri's parents and that is only the tip of the iceberg of atrocities committed by him. He robbed the clan leaders of their magic with the intent to take over leadership and killed them. Priest managed to get the magic back but with it came a darkness that now lives within him. And that darkness is so deliciously dirty and sexy. I loved Priest.
“I need you safe, Kateri. Of all the people my brother could use against me, you’re the ultimate weapon. You have no idea how far I’d go to keep you safe."

He is commanding, dominant but has a tender, sweet side about him like all of Rhenna Morgan's heroes. He is fiercely protective and a little troubled. But there is also a playful side about him that was a counterpoint to his darker thoughts. And sweet mother of Jesus, that man can talk dirty!

Their connection grew continually and I really loved that - while the attraction was insta (it's the nature of a mate bond, duh!) they took the time to get to know each other. I also loved their interaction when they shifted into the body of their companions.
She opened her mouth and let out an angry huff. Not quite a hiss, but close enough his panther bristled. Seriously cute. So much so, his chuckle slipped out before he could check it.
“Keep acting like that and I’ll let my panther out. I guarantee he’d give your kitten’s sass a run for her money.”
Pairing an indelicate snort with another snap of her tail, she pushed to her feet and padded toward the clearing, her chin lifted with the same universal defiance of pissed off females everywhere. Oh, yeah. Totally cute. And chock full of attitude, to boot.

Like with all complex paranormal/urban fantasy novels the first in a series always needs a whole lot of world building. In the beginning I'm usually a little confused because you are bombarded with a new vocabulary and a whole lot of explanations. This is definitely the case in Guardian's Bond and made for a little slower beginning but once the story picked up I was completely immersed in it. I really loved spending time in this world.

Don't let my 4 stars fool you - this is a strong introduction into a new universe that has a whole lot of sexiness, enough action, a delectable hero and an independent, sweet heroine. If it hadn't been for the slow start it would definitely have been a full 5 stars.

So I suppose now I need to practice some patience until I can read more of the Volan people and this wonderful set of characters. If all of of this appeals to you and you love PNR give this a whirl!

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2,640 reviews609 followers
March 12, 2018
Rhenna Morgan has taken quite a unique take on a shifter series. In fact, it doesn't even feel like a shifter series. It's so much more.

The descendants of the clan have an option of accepting their destiny or refuse it and remain a singura, a human. They go on a quest where the keeper will offer them their companion and the magic that best suits them and signifies their clan house.

Eerikki, known as Priest since he was chosen as the High Priest by the keeper, is the hero in book 1. He is the one who guides the clan. He goes on the quests with them and trains them.

Kateri, known as Katy is the heroine and Priest's mate. She and her brother were not raised on the knowledge of the clan. Her father refused his quest and raised them as singura. when he and their mother were brutally murdered, their Nanna explained to them their heritage and brings them to Priest.

Draven is Priest's brother and the evil villain of the story. The keeper saw a darkness in Draven and gave the High Priest to Eerekki and ultimately what pushes Draven to attack the clan.

There is a lot to learn in this first book but it's not difficult to keep up. I love that this is so different from what I've read in a shifter series before. They do have mates in this series and it's instantly known by the male but not by the female. They have to earn their love and trust to accept the bond to form. It's the best of both worlds. You have instant love but a slow burn love as well.

Priest was a calm presence for an alpha persona. He was patient and protective but his possessiveness reared it's ugly head when provoked. Katy's father squelched her open mind when she was young and molded her into a scientific mind. Despite seeing the truth to this new knowledge, she still struggles to let go and accept.

Priest is determined to keep her hidden from his brother but she is ultimately what he needs to beat back the darkness.

I'm excited to see where the author will take us with this journey. There are so many possibilities and I look forward to the next book. ARC provided by NetGalley.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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March 4, 2018

Title: Guardian's Bond
Series: Ancient Ink #1
Author: Rhenna Morgan
Release date: March 12, 2018
Cliffhanger: No

“I knew you were my light,” he said, “but I didn’t realize you’d be my redemption, too.”

I've read quite a few paranormal shifter books, so I'm pretty versed on all of the average storylines by this point. Guardian's Bond is the first I've read in a long time that offers a refreshing twist to the genre. Rhenna Morgan has built a rich and detailed world with magic, fated mates, and shifters with companion animals that are gifted to them by the Keeper.

In this fantastical world, there are four houses that categorize the Volán clan's people: seer, warrior, healer, and sorcerer. Each house is assigned a leader called the primo who serves the high priest and acts as a mentor. Once they are deemed ready, everyone who is part of these ancient families will go on a soul quest in the Otherworld. The purpose of this emotionally draining experience is to test each individual in order to judge their strengths and weaknesses. This will allow them to accept the specialized gifts and companion animal that's tailor fit by the Keeper. Rather than a physical challenge, this is If they chose no deny, they will hold no magic or power, and become a companionless human called a singura. If this is the path they choose, they will never be able to recognize their mate through their aura as others of their clan can. And they will not live to the typical average age of 175, but a normal human lifespan.

Eerikki "Priest" Rahandras is the Volán's high priest but his day job is a highly sought after tattoo artist. The intricate designs that he creates are composed of ancient symbols infused with magical protection against those who would do them harm. His duties for the clan are extensive, and the weight of his responsibilities lies heavy on his shoulders.

He might have been an innocent when he’d stepped into his position fifty years ago, but now he reflected the hardened years in between.

Ever since his brother betrayed their people in a murderous power struggle, their numbers have been wiped out. He barely managed to put a stop to the powerful sorcerer, but in doing so, his brother's darkness was transferred and has been trapped inside of him for decades. It's a constant internal battle with him that he is determined to master. Despite the many years of hardship, he still remains a man who wants to do the right and honorable thing.

Shortly into the book, Priest is struck with that powerful rush of endorphins and laser focus that tells him his long-awaited mate has entered his shop. This is your typical protective/possessive alpha mate reaction that you find in most shifter books. However, what I found really refreshing was the fact that the female in their clan does not have the same power of recognition. So while there is some paranormal insta-love going on here, it's only one-sided. Priest must prove himself to her in order to earn her trust and affection. This was such an invigorating spin on the connection that so many shifter books have. As Kateri has been raised by her father outside of the Volán's ways, she's even more in the dark than most females of the clan. But Priest's determination for his mate to be at his side and marked as his mate is relentless.

Whatever the cause for the rigid structure that controlled her life, he was prepared to fight it. To annihilate whatever barriers caged the woman inside and show her how sweet life felt when lived outside any pre-defined paths.

Kateri is a very disciplined woman, who likes order and predictability. Impulses and passion don't factor into her decisions...yet. Just because she doesn't acknowledge her innate passion doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Stifled her whole life by her father, it's going to take her time to identify and accept her true nature AND her fate before she's called to her soul quest.

This was a decent introduction to the series, and I'm intrigued enough to continue with future installments. My reason for giving it a middle grade rating is due to the fact that there was a lack of engagement on my part for Kateri and Priest's emotional connection. Their physical connection was very present, but I feel like there was more emphasis on that than the true core of their relationship. As a lot of first books in a paranormal series go, the world building and character development of the entire group took precedence. This tends to cause a disconnect with the main couple, but they were interesting to read about after getting accustomed to the excess information. I also felt as if the confrontation at the end was a bit of a let down and pretty short, though I'm sure that was only a taste of what's to come in the future.

If you're looking for a paranormal romance with elements that are unique to others in the genre with plenty of potential, pick up Guardian's Bond. I have my eye on Alek's book in particular, and will be stalking for future news.


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Author 34 books2,326 followers
March 12, 2018
5 Alpha-lovin' stars! Super sexy new shifter series you don't want to miss. Morgan introduces a cool new contemp PNR world with an alpha leader named Priest. And when he meets his mate, look the f%*k OUT. He's going to have her. But I loved his gentle side, too. It was an intriguing, compelling contradiction that had me turning every page till the end.

Recommended for all lovers of paranormal romance with an extra dash of dominate alpha.
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2,037 reviews691 followers
March 12, 2018
As the High Priest of his clan, Priest has some of all the gifts his people control. After a showdown with his brother, he is left with a darkness that threatens to consume him. Struggling to rebuild his clan, the last thing on his mind is finding his mate. However, the moment he comes face to face with Kateri he recognizes her for what she is and he will do anything to make her his.

Katy grew up without knowledge of her birth right. After the brutal death of her parents she learns of the mystical world that exists and is hers to one day accept or deny. She was raised to always take the path with the most logic. The decisions she has made for her life were compelled by not her own longing but that that had been forced upon her. Now she is faced with a decision to accept Priest as her mate as well as the magic that could be hers.

I loved these characters so much! Priest is the perfect protective hero of not only his heroine but of his people. Even as he worries that his darkness will consume him he yields to the light that he finds with Katy. Katy had no reason to trust in this new world she had just learned of. It makes no sense even if she has seen it with her own eyes. Learning to accept it demanded acceptance of who and what she was and I enjoyed the journey she traveled to find her truth.

This was a well written, fast paced read that has a little different slant on most shifter books I’ve read in the past. I enjoyed the world building as the author laid out layer upon layer of foundation for not only this story but for further books in this series. The characters are fully developed and secondary characters added to the overall depth of the story without stealing from the hero and heroine. The ending is a happy for now with a set up for the next couple.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by Netgalley and Carina Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Dual POV
Safe – no ow/om drama
No apparent triggers
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Author 28 books61.3k followers
Shelved as 'edited'
October 18, 2017
I can't wait for readers to get their hands on this. It's fantastic. Here's an early scene between Kateri and Priest:

“Are you afraid now?” No superiority. No command. Just a simple question rooted in genuine concern.

“No.” Insane or not, there was something about this man her instincts and body trusted. Completely. Which only made her mind want to rebel twice as hard.

Drawing in a slow, deep breath, he slowly rubbed his temple against hers, the action unsurprisingly similar to how his cat had marked her outside. “You’ll never be safer than when you’re with me, mihara. What you feel right now will never fail between us. Will be there even when you’re infuriated with me. When you’re ready to accept it, I’ll give you everything you need.” His lips brushed her cheek for the barest second and he stepped away.
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2,753 reviews791 followers
March 12, 2018
This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Carina Press in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Rhenna Morgan is one of those authors that I just count as my favorites, and I will seriously buy anything that she writes because her books work for me in just the ways the I adore a solid romance. So when I heard about her new series, I was over the top excited because I was curious to see what she would do. She tends to do wonders with switching genres, so I was so intrigued. I honestly don't even think I read the blurb before reading it, I just started reading and my world was blown away....so let me tell you why....

Priest Rahandras has lived alone for so many years. Ever since his brother betrayed their people and slaughtered so many of them, Priest has had a part of that darkness living inside of him and he wonders if that darkness will overcome the good in him. He is focused on protecting those he protects and teaching everything he can to those vulnerable. His primary goal is to rebuild his clan, never suspecting that he would meet his mate. Everything in him, the man....the jaguar...and the darkness all pay attention from the moment he sees her walk into his shop with her brother and her grandmother, an elder that he never thought he would see again. But now he will have to prove himself worthy to his mate, who is clueless to their ways and customs, and show her that she is worthy of love and passion.
You’re my mate. Nothing ranks higher for me than winning you and I won’t quit until you accept me

Kateri Falsen has been trained her whole life to focus on the logical and the "facts" and to not ever to rely on her emotions. But her life gets turned upside down when her parents are murdered, and both she and her brother's lives are in grave danger. Her grandmother insists that they go to the one man that can protect them. Kateri doesn't understand her connection to this scary male who is very intimidating, but she senses something deeper and even though she isn't used to relying on her instincts, she starts to realize that he calls out to the deepest part of her.
“I���m not a kitten.”
“Yes, you are.” Spoken right beside her ear, low and daring her to argue otherwise. “Fearless and so ready to grow into your claws you can’t hardly stand it, but curious enough to get into trouble.”

From the first part of the story we are sucked in completely into this book, I mean honestly, I read a few paragraphs and I was HOOKED....Rhenna Morgan surely knows how to bait me the right way because this book did everything I am looking for in a romance and MORE. What we see in this story is seeing a group of people trying to survive a great evil that is hunting them but there is only one powerful enough to save them...Kateri.

A young woman who was never told of her talents or her heritage because of fear and now Kateri will need to make a choice...ignore what she feels, or embrace her destiny and save her people that need her. We see such growth and changes in Kateri and such a beautiful journey that she goes on. Seeing this logical thinking woman learn how to rely on her instincts and her heart. And boy does our hero know how to court a woman. Man just thinking about our hero gives me all the yummy tingles.

I love that in this book, he has to prove he is worthy, that he doesn't rush her before she is ready and that he accepts her for who she is and only wants to stand by her side and be her support. LOVE that so much. We see that Priest slowly teaches her how to defend herself, to embrace those parts of herself that she has ignored, and shows her the desire they feel for each other and a tender yet powerful love builds between them.  There is a great villain in the story and I am guessing will be in the series too, because wow he is craft and cunning but our Kateri is one powerful woman!! She really packs a punch and when she is protecting those she loves....watch out folks because she kicks ass.
Whatever the cause for the rigid structure that controlled her life, he was prepared to fight it. To annihilate whatever barriers caged the woman inside and show her how sweet life felt when lived outside any pre-defined paths.

We get introduced to some fun characters and I do want to mention the worldbuilding in this book which is so superb. Honestly, I LOVED the details and getting pieces of the puzzle with each chapter and learning more about the nuances of this world that Morgan introduces to us. I seriously was so drawn into this world that when the book ended I was like WHAT???!!! It can't be over already....but alas it is....I will just have to try to be patient (not my strong suit) and wait for book two.

Overall I found Guardian's Bond to be a stimulating, edge of your seat, give you a thrill straight down the spine and strikes emotionally provoking to the heart that leaves you breathless and aching for more!! EXHILARATING!


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2,116 reviews25 followers
February 13, 2018
Wonderful paranormal romance with shifters. Definitely heavy on the romance with smoldering hero Priest. He is a dominant alpha male in every sense of the word. When he meets Kateri, he may well have met his match and be brought to his knees by his mate. Kateri isn't sure what to believe about the things she is being told. Ever since she was a little girl, her father told her everything was nonsense. Now she'll have to trust in Priest to keep her safe and trust her heart.

A great setup in the first book of this series. It leaves you ready for book two. There's plenty of room for growth with all the different shifters. I look forward to reading Elise's story.
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328 reviews3 followers
March 19, 2018
Really good paranormal read. The world was slowly built as I read along but felt complete and not overwhelming in the end. Some aspects of the love scenes were a bit heavy for me, but only because they aren’t my style. The passion was heady and emotions were on point!
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9,520 reviews147 followers
January 22, 2018

I loved when Priest's animal instincts decided to come out, “I said stand, not run.” He prowled closer. “Running only makes me want to chase you.” Seriously I loved the man's animalistic side, “and you’re not in heat.” His hand covered hers, his strong fingers adding more pressure to her own. “If you were, I’d have carted you off and effed you days ago.” I liked this book, I fell in love with Priest and all his growly-ness.
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2,012 reviews105 followers
March 1, 2018
***5 Stars***

Rhenna Morgan doing up a new series? A PNR series and has a character named Priest?
Ummm...Yes. Please. *making grabby hands* Hand it over. Now. (Mind you now was when the series was announced many moons ago but I needed to make a point)
Soooo I may have followed *cough* stalked *cough* a certain site closely for it to become available and quickly clicked on that baby when it did. And though I did have to wait a bit before diving, I was not disappointed. Guardian’s Bond is a lush, vibrant, smexy, sensual start to a and all kinds of intriguing start to a new series with a bunch of characters I want more of, even the baddie.

Priest. Yup, I’d totally worship at the altar that is Priest. No questions asked. No shame. Total kowtow and be absolutely at peace with the decision. The man is the kind of Alpha AF that is calming while causing you to anticipate more, even when that more is not something you cannot put into words, but know you simply want more of. He’s kind, compassionate and has a sensuality that radiates off him without effort.

Kateri. The funny thing about Kateri is that while she did frustrate me, I totally got where she was coming from. I understood why she held back because I would more than likely do the same, at least on some level. But outside of her hesitation about certain things, she’s intelligent, fierce and sassy. She’s also protective of those she calls her own and gives as good as she gets.

Priest and Kateri’s journey is that perfect blend of insta and slow burn that has you loving how the intensity builds between them as they get to know each other, but wanting one of the to desperately pull the trigger so all that nummy sexual tension can be released because you know it will be explosive...and OMG it was. Seriously, don’t bother with panties...just don’t...and have B.O.B nearby and ready to go. The angst was low, but the push/pull was real and with all going on around them I definitely didn’t mind at all and loved where they were at in the end.

This is very much a first in series where there is a lot of world building information being doled out, but it’s done in such a way that it didn’t feel like a full on information dump, it’s more of a learn as you go situation. This does keep the pace of the story at moderate one, but I never felt as if it dragged. I actually liked it because I could absorb all the little details without feeling overwhelmed and found the world simple, yet plausible and intriguing. The characters are all distinct and well written, and I have made it known that certain ones are not to come to harm *BSEG*. And with how things were left at the end of the book, not only with the whole baddie sitch, but that little tease of what’s to come next, I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book!

~ Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley & voluntarily reviewed ~
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3,141 reviews1 follower
January 28, 2018
Title: Guardian's Bond
Author: Rhenna Morgan
Publisher: Carina Press
Series: Ancient Ink # 1
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Guardian's Bond" by Rhenna Morgan

My Thoughts....

What a interesting paranormal romance featuring Priest and Kateri in this shifter series. I will say it did take me a minute to get into this story but continuing to move on into the read the story picked up and I did enjoy the read. I really liked the main characters with them both so opposite in the beginning but when they finally came together what a romance with it all in the sexy steamy stuff that finally went on between the two. It was quite interesting to see how Kateri who was 'all about facts and tangible proof and where as Priest being about faith and trust' finally coming together.

The secondary characters also added entertainment and amusement to this intriguing fantasy read. There was a lots going on with this story as the readers will get a lots from the story of its histories and backgrounds that lead up to this time in the read.

What will happen as Priest who was betrayed by his brother wants to escape the curse that haunts him? Well to learn more of this story you will have to pick up this read to see how well this author brings it out so well to the reader. As the series moves on I am sure we will find out so much more as the plot continues.

I voluntarily read a copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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2,993 reviews634 followers
April 12, 2018
Guardian's Bond the first in the Ancient Ink series introduces us to the Volan and promises an exciting series arc. This race of shifters unlike most shifters we know view their animal as a companion. Both their animal form and abilities are gifted to them at the time of their quickening. Priest Rahandras is the spiritual guide of the clan. There are different families and branches each with its own healer, protector, sorcerer etc. When Priest was chosen as leader his brother in a fit of jealousy turned to the dark. During an attempted coup he wiped out almost a generation of the clan. The surviving clans scattered and Priest thought his brother was dead.  Now, dreams warn of danger to come and a knock on the door soon alerts him that the threat isn't over. Now he must assemble the clan and prepare to stop his brother once and for all.

In this first book, Morgan builds the world, while introducing us to key characters and allowing Priest to find his mate. The story is heavy with sensuality and pushed into the erotic genre with heated and detailed scenes. While the scenes were well done, I found myself eager to return to the action, threat, and development of the world. I like my stories to be balanced and this was not.

The worldbuilding was clever in that Kateri and her brother know almost nothing about the Volan until their parents were murdered. Through their spirit walks and training, we learn about their clan. It made for a fast-paced story with virtually no info dumps. I loved events in the big house that Priest owns, and like how tattoos play a part in their clan.

The mythology, the structure of the clan and the different types of companions from owls to panthers was fascinating. I like that each clan member is tested and that Priest in his role acts as their spiritual guide. Native American stories came to mind as I listened and the paranormal elements had a believability to them.

Nicole Poole narrates and as always does a wonderful job with pacing, character voices and setting the tone. She is one of my favorites and as I said, it was her name that pulled me to this story. This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer
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March 12, 2018

I'm a big fan of Rhenna Morgan's Men of Haven series, but this is the first time I have read one of her paranormals (despite having her Eden series on my TBR forever). So I'm glad to be getting in on the Ancient Ink series at the outset, and this will spur me to get started on Eden.

Ancient Ink centers around a race of magical people in a somewhat clannish society. Their various powers are tied to the Otherworld and they have a animal companion, which allows them to shapeshift into that form. They are a long-lived race integrated with human society, but don't seem to be "out" as far as their magical abilities go. The world setting is the modern United States, so not a ton of world building is needed and you instead will be focusing on the characters and their relationships.

I will start with our slightly dark and damaged hero, Eerikki "Priest" Rahandras, who is the high priest of his fractured clan. After betrayal and tragedy, Priest and his clan scattered and are in semi-hiding. For nearly fifty years, Priest has been struggling with guilt, shame, and a darkness inside him that threatens to take over. He has also been attempting to rebuild his clan and guide them on their spiritual and emotional quests into the Otherworld to receive their magical gifts. When someone from Priest's past has come back into his life with bad news, the timeline must accelerate by necessity as everyone is in danger. Priest is one of my favorite types of heroes... the strength, caring and protective nature of an alpha male, with a little bit of vulnerability to draw you into an emotional connection with his character. Rhenna writes these types of heroes particularly well.

Our heroine, Kateri Falsen, has forced herself into a scientific and logical mindset and does not believe the stories of her magical heritage. But when a tragedy forces her to face the truth, her world is turned upside down and she will be forced to adapt. Katy was a doubter and reluctant to enter the life, or accept or hero, so she is not my favored type of heroine. Though she didn't drag out her acceptance a horribly long time... I was really surprised that she lasted as long as she did when faced with all that was Priest. I liked Katy's journey thru the Otherworld and the companion she was gifted. Though I don't feel like we got to know her character overmuch. I hope that there is continued character development for both Katy and Priest in the future books.

This story is in the fated mates trope, but the relationship was not an instalove situation. There was definitely instant lust and chemistry on both parts, and instant recognition on Priest's part. However, Rhenna did a great job of dragging out the romance to keep you interested instead of hitting you with everything at once. I liked the build up, and Priest definitely kept my attention as he attempted to win his mate.

This series will have a continuing story arc with romantic interludes for different couples along the way. I am looking forward to what Rhenna has in store for us with the future books.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from the publisher, Carina Press.
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March 20, 2018
Guardian’s Bond is the first book in Rhenna Morgan’s Ancient Ink series, and I’m excited to see where things go from here. As a lover of paranormal romance, I’m always looking for the next series I want to dive into, the next series I wish to obsessively follow, and it seems as though Ancient Ink may well be the next series to be added to my list.

I will be completely honest, it took me a couple of chapters to get into this one. I was a little bit lost by the world, unsure as to whether it was linked to another series. It quickly became clear such was not the case, however, as the air of unknown was intentional. It was a way to suck us into the book, to put us on the same footing as our leading lady. Once the explanations started to come, once the world started to open more, I found I could not put this one down.

There are so many shifter stories out there, I’ve read so many, that I often wonder whether it is possible for me to find a series where something unusual comes about. The Ancient Ink series promises that difference I always look for. In Guardian’s Bond we are introduced to a whole new shifter lore, one that provides us with something very different to the norm yet is ridiculously engaging. It is a world of shifters and magic, a modern world with a deep connection to nature. I could write masses about how much I enjoyed the way the supernatural world developed, how I enjoyed digging into something new, but I’m going to hold off on any ramble I could give. It’s better if you experience it, if you dive in and see what I mean. Just know it was a nice change, and so many possibilities have been opened for the future.

Not only was the world building wonderful, but I had a lot of fun with the characters too. It was such a fun cast, we got to meet so many people, and I’m excited to see how some of the stories play out in the future. I feel as though it was a nice change to be thrown into a series with the romance storyline being that of the most powerful person – usually we build up to this, they are a person in the background and the final romance story we are given, making it a nice change to start with the most powerful person. Through being thrown into the deep end, we get to find out so much about so many of the other characters, we get to see so much of the storyline, and I’m excited for more.

The one thing I will say is that I wasn’t completely won over by the relationship between the two main characters. It was hot, the story had a lot to it, but I never really shipped them to the degree I had hoped. I liked them as individuals, and as a couple, but I was never as attached to their relationship as I would have liked to be. I was much more invested in the world building than I was the romance with this one. It’s not a bad thing, as I adore powerful world building, but I would have liked just a little bit more by way of emotional connection to the relationship between the main characters.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this one. I’m so excited for book two, desperate to see how the story plays out. There are so many things I wish to see more of, so many questions I need answering, and elements I’m excited to play out – not to mention, I’m so down for the promised romance.

Bring on book two!
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March 10, 2018
Holly cow PNR!!! Just by reading the 1st book in Rhenna Morgan new series. Ancient Ink. I am all in to read the outcome of this exceptional world Rhenna Morgan has created. In Guardian’s Bond, published under Harlequin Carina Press brand(March 1, 2018), we're introduced to Priest Rhandras who has lived for years helping to protect his remaining people from the evil within. But when a visit from his past, come barging in. He finds that the stacks are higher. When he comes in proximity to a young female, and the animal that consumes him, claims her as the one.

Guardian’s Bond a high-octane story with over the top chemistry between the two main characters. With fast-paced action and romance. This story without a doubt will hold your interest until the very last page.

I would recommend Guardian's Bond for any and all fans of PNR. This is a series that will have you asking "Why isn't the second book published yet!"
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March 20, 2018
I'll be real with you... I literally read this in a day and I don't even remember half of it. It was okay, but it clearly didn't manage to really hold my attention. I might try a different book/series by this author in the future, though. It might just be my current mood.
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February 22, 2019
I'm on a quest to fall in love with a new shifter romance series.  This one has been on my radar since the first book came out and also because I've been wanting to try Rhenna Morgan for years.  GUARDIAN'S BOND was really easy to fall into.

The heroine, Kateri, and her brother were raised to believe they were fully human.  When their parents are dead, their grandmother decides it's time that they finally find out about their supernatural past. To get protection and rejoin the pack she brings them to the Alpha, Priest Rahandras, who immediately recognizes Kateri as his mate and their path goes from there in learning about who they are and becoming part of the pack while having the threat of Priest's evil brother looming.

I'm not the biggest fated mates fan because usually there's a lot of caveman behavior from the hero in saying "you're my mate and you have to be mine and be by my side".  I was really into the way Rhenna Morgan handled that making it necessary for the male to woo his female without playing the mates card.  Another thing I found fascinating was the shifter culture.  To me it had some parallels with Native American culture in how the spirit animal is seen, the spirit walks, and even the role the Alpha plays in a new shifter finding their spirit animal for the first time.  Also, they can be different animals.  Basically the whole concept of the shifters in this series feels new and interesting to me and is the thing that will keep me reading this series.  I haven't read shifters quite like these before.

I think this is a great entry book if you are not a PNR reader, but it's also a refreshing take on shifters if you are a seasoned PNR reader.  I know I'll be looking out for more in this series soon.

*ARC provided by publisher
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March 30, 2018
I found this book on the Addicted to Romance blog recently and knew it wasn’t going to be hanging out in my to be read pile long, after that wonderful review. When I found out Nicole Poole narrated it, I had to listen instead of read.

Priest is a high priest for his race. He is a tattoo artist in his regular life, but also serves to protect and guide young adults as they come into their powers. He is able to ink protections and magic wards onto the bodies of his clan members, as well as make a good living as a highly sought after tattoo artist. When he meets Kateri he immediately knows she is his mate. On Kateri’s part, she has only recently found out about her race and is very skeptical about all of it. Priest has to break down walls and teach her about their race before he can even hope for something more. Of course, it’s not that simple because an evil from Priest’s past is determined that Priest won’t ever be happy.

I enjoyed Kateri and for the most part, Priest. Kateri goes from pretty much dazed and confused due to circumstances at times, to a bonafide member of her race. She’s strong and beautiful and I was afraid for about a second that she was going to be one of those heroines that makes a huge mistake or a bunch of little ones. But not. So she was a great heroine. Priest has been alone for a very long time and when he finds Kateri, he amps up the mega alpha level quite a bit. And that was fine. For awhile. Further into the story, the book became erotica and I am usually not a big fan. Some of Priest’s actions were just not for me. That being said, since I loved the unique story, the characters(including side characters), the extremely creative world building, as well as the action, I ending up enjoying this listen immensely, even if I was blushing and/or mad at Priest for things he does.

One of the things that draws me into a paranormal romance or urban fantasy read/listen is good world building. All the way through this listen, I continued to be amazed by the author’s different take on the shifter world. A world of clans, different magic and a race of shifters that are given their magic and animal companion in a unique way was just part of the appeal for me. In this world, members of the race can be all different kinds of shifters, and each has a special gift. For example, sorcerers, seers,and warriors to name a few. The members of the race have their fated mate, but sometimes it takes a long time for them to find them. The male knows instantly, the female not so much.

Narration was outstanding. I am a huge Nicole Poole fan so she really was the reason I listened, instead of read. She has so many voices in her arsenal and is very adept at male voices which is major for me when listening. So as is usual with her, I rate her narration 5 stars. I highly recommend her.

Not a fan of erotica? I still recommend this book to paranormal romance readers as it was just so unique and the romance was pretty great. I can overlook things like that if it’s well written and not just in the story as filler and this definitely was not. Most, if not all, of the sensual scenes had a purpose to move the romance along and not just for no reason-if that makes sense. I couldn’t stop listening so there’s that as well. Recommended and I will be reading/listening to any follow-ups!
Originally post on Rabid Reads.

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March 1, 2018
5 Stars - 3 Flames

Oh. My. Holy. PNR!!!! I can't you guys. I'm so excited about this one that the words are actually stuck. I've found my new PNR obsession. I honestly haven't felt this way about a new series in a very long time (this doesn't count the 2nd, 3rd, etc. installments of series I'd already been involved in).

Normally when reading a shifter PNR, it's pretty specific as to the type of shifter the story will revolve around. Although this book specifically revolves around a panther shifter, you will meet and fall in love with MANY different shifters and magically beings. Not 5 clans, but 1. Where everyone has a purpose, a need and a cause. OMG....this is amaaaaaaazing!!!!!

Priest is the ultimate. Think of it as the highest ranking leader of all species. Why? Because he was chosen. He carries a little bit of everyone's magic and is the ultimate warrior. But there's an issue. His brother became greedy many years ago, killing and destroying clan families (so much more to this, just summarizing). Now it appears that although Priest thought he killed his brother long ago, he's very much so alive and back at his old ways. Priest's duty to protect has become even more dire now that he's met his mate. And nothing will get in his way.

Kateri has just been blindsided. Her parents were brutally murdered and now her grandmother has told her stories about her family, even showing her the impossible, yet she's still having issues believing what's she's seeing. Add in the fact that the grandmother has taken her and her brother to meet some man that's supposed to help them find the person who killed her parents and she's a little out of sorts. Once she meets this man (Priest), it becomes very clear that her life was going to be changing. But can she handle it?

YOU GUYS!!!!! This story! These characters! These creatures! THIS STORY!!!!! Words...I have non. I don't want to give anything away. I want you guys to read it the same way I read it. Blind. Enjoying each and every page for what it's worth. Something new. Something exciting. AHHHHHH!!!! Ok, I'll say this...The magic is magical. The shifters are beautiful. The people are loving. The dream scene is probably one of the best ones I've read. The intimate scenes are even "more" than you can imagine. And if I can't get my hands on the next installment before summer, I might go crazy.
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March 12, 2018

I liked the main H and h. Kateri was all about facts and tangible proof where as Priest was all about faith and trust. As they say, opposites attract and these two provided some entertaining fireworks! Their romance had a sexy vibe that was highly charged and easily combustible..and I’m just sayin you may want a fan:) The side characters were amusing-Kateri’s Nana is my favorite because she lays it out there and tells you like it is-and I’m curious to see who meets their “mate” next.

Overall, this was a good read. Guardian’s Bond is the first book in the Ancient Ink series and I think things are off to a good start. Establishing backgrounds, histories, and characters did cause some slow moments, but zippy lines and sexy innuendos kept things moving along at a decent pace. The setting is fun, the characters entertaining, and the romance was spicy! Definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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April 27, 2018
This book felt like a couple of other series I’ve read mashed together. There was a big info dump at the start, but it was done in a way that new characters needed to know what was going on, so as a reader you got it too. I liked the community that was being built back up, how each of them celebrated when someone new found their companion and how the newbies were learning from those in the know. The rest was a bit blah for me.
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March 16, 2018
This was an awesome introduction to a new series! I loved the details, all the different dynamics, and this excellent story of Priest and Kateri coming together. A truly great read!

I really liked Priest, his pull towards Kateri, and this captivating alpha presence he had. He oozed sexiness and power. Kateri I liked a lot. I loved watching her discover new things and fight her feelings against all the changes happening. It made for a great push and pull between the two. Together they were challenging and playful and really entertaining. I thought they had great chemistry and heat, there is definitely a good amount of hotness for sure.

I loved learning all the ins and outs of their world even though it was a lot to take in at the start. After it was laid out and I had the gist of everything, I was all in. There's a good cast of characters introduced and really like the different connections. It's a really intriguing, well thought out world and I enjoyed learning all the ends and outs of how everything works, the shifter element involved, and all the different rolls that people play.

The couple coming together are the main focus but there's a nice bit of underlying drama happening as well. I thought there was a really good build to the action and I liked the intensity of it. I assume this is something that will play out over the course of the series.

Overall I thought this was great and I found it exciting to read. There was a lot to learn but I really like the building world presented, all the different shifter things happening, and how everything ties together. I also loved the growth both the main characters experienced as they came together. I'm ready for more!

Complimentary copy received for honest review.
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April 8, 2018
Guardian's Bond by Rhenna Morgan is the First book in the Ancient Ink series. This is the story of Eerikki 'Priest' Rahandras and Kateri Falsen.
Priest has been longing to find him mate for 77 years and thinking that he might never meet her. But when his old friend Naomi comes forward she brings her adult grandchild with her...one being Kateri. As soon as Priest lays eyes on her his cougar knows she is his and doesn't want anyone to touch her or take her from him. Kateri and her brother just lost their father and didn't really know about this mysterious world that Naomi and Priest are so familiar with...nor the powers that it brings.
Wow...this book did not disappoint with excitement and hot alpha male wanting to claim his mate but at the same time dealing with showing his true self.
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March 11, 2018
Wow! My first PNR was written by Rhenna, so she set the bar for me, and she set it high. I have read others that were wonderful (I see you RVD) but NONE that have captivated me like Guardian's Bond. The Ancient Ink series is sure to be a series that sticks with me, and gets revisited time after time. Let me also say, Rhenna really knows how to write THE HOTTEST ALPHA MALES. I've yet to read anything she has written that didn't have me wanting to be claimed, possessed, and worked over in all the hottest ways! I don't know where your muses come from, but Keep. Them. Coming!

The male lead, Priest is the high Priest of his clan, which has been scattered and dismembered far and wide. His own brother is to blame, and it has left Priest with hordes of darkness trapped inside him. His world is literally up-ended when his mate (Mihara) walks into his tattoo shop one day with a clan elder. Kateri is a strong female driven by the logical ways the world works--rather than feeling things and letting them guide her. Priest has his work cut out for him with Kateri, but love will always find a way. There is a tattoo scene so hotttt hot hot, I think my kindle went up in flames! (<~~ total MUST read!) They were made for one another, and I was totally sucked into every facet of this story.

It's safe to say I am definitely anticipating the next stories in this series! top read of 2018
December 30, 2018
Love this author so much! Great world building! Loved the premise and the mythology behind the characters. I have read many paranormal books and I loved the twist this author gives us on the shifter world. Priest is the guardian of the clans. Super hot alpha male who happens to be a tattoo artist for his day job. When the scent of his true mate hits, he becomes almost frenzied. Lots of world building, action and of course steamy romance. Can't wait to read more about this clan.
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