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First Position

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Alternate Cover Edition for B00CDW3SDE.

Emory faces life’s challenges at the one place that’s never failed her, the ballet barre. But even the barre can’t steady her when fate brings her face-to-face with her old college flame, Mason, who’s hoping to return to the NFL after a career-threatening injury. Before they can surrender to their sexual desires and find salvation in each other’s arms, they need to come to terms with their past. Mason must confront the demons that have set him on a path of self-destruction, while Emory must decide whether to keep her painful secrets locked away, or expose them and risk losing the love of her life. But nothing can prepare Mason for what Emory has kept hidden, or the possibility that he himself may be to blame for the very secrets she keeps – and why they continue to haunt her.

272 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 15, 2013

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About the author

Prescott Lane

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Prescott Lane is the USA TODAY bestselling author of ALL MY LIFE.. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and graduated from Centenary College with a degree in sociology. She went on to receive her MSW from Tulane University, after which she worked with developmentally delayed and disabled children. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren't enough happily ever afters in real life. Connect with Prescott Lane on facebook.com/PrescottLane1 and www.twitter.com/prescottlane1.

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September 12, 2013
The set up
Emory Claire was abandoned by Daniel (Mason) Mason six years ago, right before college graduation. She's tried to move on with her life but hasn't ever really gotten over Mason. She'd planned to be a prima ballerina and he moved on to a successful NFL career. That is until a recent accidental encounter where both had a flood of old feelings overwhelm them.

The issues
Mason is an NFL quarterback recovering from a potential career-ending injury and is being considered by teams in Charlotte, NC (where Emory now lives) and Seattle. He's also in the middle of a divorce from his pretentious wife and Emory is engaged, for the moment, to someone else. She's not forgotten how much he hurt her and Mason will do just about anything to get her back.

What works
I really liked Emory, a young woman that took some really serious blows and survived. She's recreated herself and is pretty successful in her new career and isn't willing to let Mason just waltz back into her life. She's very clear about her needs and isn't afraid to be straight with him about them. We get alternating perspectives from both of them and the author uses some unique devices to manage the conversations skillfully. It helped keep the story moving at a good pace. I also liked the integration of Mason's family into the plot as they were really entertaining.

What didn't work so well
Mason's behavior was really immature and he needed to grow up fast (he's 28!). His temper tantrums were over the top and his relationship with his mother was telling (overbearing doesn't even BEGIN to describe her). Emory was keeping a HUGE secret but was berating Mason and being highly judgmental for withholding important decisions and information from her. It didn't make sense. I also didn't like how her gay roommate was portrayed as it was too stereotypical. He deserved better.

The bottom line
This was a sweet romance between two really nice people (though Mason needs to put on some big boy pants) who made some serious errors in judgment that ended up keeping them apart. It's a feel good story with highly emotional intersections that gave these characters depth. I loved Emory even when she was being unreasonable in her thinking and liked Mason, too, though it may sound like I didn't...his devotion to Emory was never a question and kept me connected. I liked the story and it was nice to read a standalone book for a change, especially one with a heartwarming epilogue. Rated 3.5 stars

(I received an ARC from the author)
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September 9, 2013
3.5 Stars

“Breath, First Position.”

Mason and Emory were in love in college until he got an offer to play pro and Emory got a chance in a lifetime to dance. Decisions are made and Mason and Emory are no longer together. Fast forward 6 years and Mason and Emory are at different places in their lives. After 6 years they literary bumped into each other. Mason wants Emory back. Emory has always loved Mason, but things are different now. They are different people.

My favorite scenes were the initial scenes with Emory and Mason. I understood her thoughts. I understood her fears. On the other hand, even though I thought Mason grew up and “saw the light,”
I was mad at him for a good portion of the book.

The secondary characters that were in the book were great support groups for Mason and Emory, but I think I would have liked the book to focus on the main characters. Written in third person and getting the different POVs of the secondary characters sometimes confused me. At times, I had to stop and think about whose POV I was reading. I loved Mason and Emory, so I just wanted more of them.

I do not want to give too much away with all that happened to these characters during the 6 years they were apart. Mason went through some things as did Emory; things that they had to get through in order to move forward.

I love books about second chances. The whole idea of a couple who once were in love separated because of one read on or the other, only to reunite later in love is my favorite type of love story. So I devoured First Position in one sitting.

A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

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439 reviews
March 9, 2014
Amazon Freebie.

I read this book, because:

a. It was the last freebie I grabbed on Amazon.

b. I wanted a break from my usual reading of choice - Erotica Romance.

It's a low pace, building pace, but I didn't expected her "secret" could be the one that was revealed at the end of the book. I thought the other options.

This book is about college sweethearts, that because of their own goals, they split apart, but never stopped loving each other... and they have a second chance.
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3,436 reviews443 followers
November 23, 2013
What a delightful surprise packaged in this Amazon freebie! One of my favorite tropes is the second chance at love. College sweethearts -- one a football player on his way to the NFL; the other a prima ballerina on her way to NYC. Misunderstandings and jealousies stand in the way of their happiness and they each go their separate way. Six years later, they literally bump into each other and find themselves facing a love for one another that never died -- but rekindling and making a go of it the second time around has its ups and downs, its hurdles, secrets and destructive behavior and interferences. Yep, it's filled with angst. Although not a perfect package, this one kept me enthralled and cheering for the home team.
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July 4, 2013
“So you’re telling me you’re naked and wet?”
“It seems I’m always wet with you.”
“Is that so, baby?” Mason smiled broadly.
“I was talking about the rainwater and the barbecue sauce.”

Buahahahaha. You were PAWNED Mason!! So evil Emory! :D


A couple of days ago, I received a request from Lane Prescott to review "First Position" for an honest review. Of course I couldn't turn her down after reading the synopsis of the book and boy am I glad I did!

"First Position" was an enjoyable tale of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

Albeit, there was some pacing issues (since the middle was very slow and draggy), a couple of typos, some unnecessary character POV's, and and a couple of annoying characters BUT OTHER THAN THAT it was fine.

I thought that Mason and Emory had a very sweet and fairy tale romance that most of us wish they had. They were college sweethearts who were torn between their love and their dreams colliding and make a hasty decision (well Mason does anyway) that changed their lives forever.

Fast forward, six years, Mason is now a fallen football star trying to get back on his feet and Emory is now a former ballet dancer. They run into each other at a bar and let's say the sparks are still there and the rest is history!

Only problem is, *spoiler* is that Mason is in fact married!! Omigah!!

I HATED Mason's wife, Alexis!! What a gold digging social climer!! She was such a b*tch!! Grr. I don't get why she agreed to marry Mason aside from the obvious when she clearly knew that he was not in love with her. What kind of respectable woman does that? I say this because at one point in the book she b*tches to Mason about how he didn't love her and only thought about Emory even when they were having sex and yadda yadda yadda. Oh please! Cry me a river! All I have to say is, is that you're a stupid dumb bimbo and what did you expect?!

And Mason, what's your problem man?! How could you have claimed to truly love Emory but not even try to compromise with her so you break things off and suffer in the next few years in a loveless marriage?! I don't understand! Your reasons for it are so ridiculous that I wanted to slap you. You did, however, redeem yourself (THANK GOD!!) throughout the book and were amazing to Emory so in the end you're forgiven.

P.S: You're mom is a trip!! At first I was quite annoyed with her but after she set Alexis in her place I was grinning so wide. You go Mama Bear! :D

As for Emory, well I LOVED HER to pieces!!! I could feel all of her actions, thoughts, words, and feelings come through the book. She was a genuine gem. Emory's one of those rare characters who you can put yourself in her shoes and understand why she says or does the things she does and why she was so reserved in getting back into a relationship with Mason. My heart literally broke for her when she confesses to Mason near the ending about a secret she held from him. It was so sad my heart broke for her.

I was so glad by the ending that everything works out. Although I'll admit it was kind of a rushed conclusion, I still liked how things panned out.

On an end note, I'd like to extend much love and gratitude for Ms. Prescott for reaching out to me and allowing me to read her lovely read. It was nice to officially meet you and I look forward to your future works. ;)


“That was embarrassing,” she said, walking into the kitchen.
“I was really enjoying myself, too,” he said. “I liked the mirrors.”
Emory blushed, getting a vase for the bouquet. “Me too.”
“Do you think he looked at my butt?”

Lol Mason!!
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December 27, 2013
I'm just going to start by saying I really liked this book. I'll be honest- there are some religious aspects to it, but if you aren't into that (like me), you won't be turned off. They aren't all over the place and you'll be fine.

I really want to tell you what Emory's big secret is but I can't because it will absolutely ruin it for you. Totally ruin it. But let's just say- her hesitancy about sex makes absolute sense once you get to the end. She makes the comment that the only person who ever hurt her was herself and you're left wondering what the hell that means, but once you get to the end and you learn of her secret, it all comes together. You see how she blames herself and then you realize why she is the way she is at that point in her life. Totally makes sense.

I'll just say it- I loved Mason. He's kind of a self centered moron who finally gets that he was a self centered moron, and that's just the best. He makes real strides to do better for Emory than he did in college and his decisions are thought out, if not flawed. I also LOVED his mother. Sure, she's meddling and she wants the wrong things for him for the wrong reasons. But she calls another woman a cunt in a really epic smack down and I thought- bravo to this author for going there. For going there, and going all the way. Anything less would have felt contrived. You get the sense that the mother is a true Southern mother and she isn't afraid to lay the law down when it's needed but that she also always knows what's going on.

Without giving too much away, I would have really loved an Alexis versus Emory showdown. You don't get one, and it doesn't ruin the book, but it could have been great. You're shaking your fist at Alexis the whole time because she's clearly a terrible person, but in her final meeting with Mason- you almost feel sorry for him. You get the impression she actually loved him but could never come up to the standard Mason set with Emory. To live in another woman's shadow is rough, and so I felt sorry for her. For like a nanosecond, but it was still there.

Oh! And Wesley. I loved Emory's gay room mate, Wesley. He's like the gay friend you wish you had. I also loved at one point in the book where Emory, Olivia, and Wesley are with Mason's mom and they are all ribbing the mom. Her response that she's not above a homosexual hate crime, cracked me up. Which it shouldn't because hate crimes are bad and wrong. But you could almost picture Wesley's face and know that the point came across to him.

Overall? I'd give this one 4/5 stars. I flew through it, it had romance, it had sex without being vulgar (if you like vulgar, you'll be disappointed), it had thoughtful relationships and the dialogue didn't make you want to roll your eyes. It also had just enough humor to make it almost feel like a novel by Dorothea Benton Frank. Which is huge, because I really like her too. So if you are looking for a solid romance that isn't over the top with ball gags, this is a good fit for you.
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November 29, 2013
I think that there is an audience for this book, however, that audience is not me. The book is full of religious/churchy moments, which is fine, there is a big market for religiously oriented romances, but as an atheist I’m not really looking for religion with my romance and wish I had known about this theme before deciding to read the book. This does not really impact my rating of the book, but I feel the need for a disclaimer on my review, same as with kinky reviews. And I bet this is the first time that kinky romance novels and churchy romance novels have been put in the same category. Moving on…

I am usually a big fan of second chance romances, but this one fell a little flat for me, mostly because I just do not buy it. Dude basically tells you that you are not important, dumps you, hooks up with the first skank who comes along and then exits from your life. Yet six years later you run into him out of the blue and then seemingly have little problem picking things back up again? Yeah, no. Why would you even agree to meet up with him for lunch in the first place? Why not tell him to go fuck himself, who cares whether or not he thinks you’re still bitter? On top of that the story is very predictable and the “big twist” is in no way shocking.

What I do like about this book is that Mason is not the typical hotshot star QB that you typically get in football romances. Instead, of being an Eli Manning he’s kind of Matt Leinert; which for you non-football fans means he was a college QB with great potential who had a less than mediocre professional career. This is a welcome change from the usual genre jock stereotype. I also like the secondary characters Olivia, Steven, Tomas and Wesley.

The writing and editing of the book are good. The story is free of glaring typos, etc. I found the writing style a little weird, however. POV shifts back and forth between characters throughout scenes, which I find quite disconcerting. At points I’m not quite sure who is talking and whose head I am supposed to be in.

Read the rest of my review at: http://www.sexybooktimes.com/?p=661
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4,074 reviews314 followers
June 3, 2013
Can Emory and Mason forget the past and have a second chance at love?

When Emory and Mason meet in college, she is an aspiring ballerina and he is a college quarterback hoping to make it into the NFL. They date, fall in love and make plans for the future. When Mason's dream comes true and he is drafted into the NFL after college, his relationship with Emory falls apart and they break up.

Six years later they have a chance meeting while Mason is in town interviewing with the Charlotte Panthers. Emory is now a successful photographer living in Charlotte. They realize they still have stong feeling for each other and start to date. However, they both have secrets they are afraid to share with each other.

Mason and Emory are strong likable characters and have a powerful chemistry. Mason is an alpha-male who is protective, warm and caring. I fell for Mason instantly and admired the way he treated Emory. Emory is a loving, strong-minded woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to speak her mind.

Besides the two main characters, there were some great secondary characters that added to the story. For example, Emory's gay roommate, Wesley is funny and always there for Emory when she needs a shoulder to lean on. Than there is Mason's brother, Steven who negotiates all of Mason's contracts and also insists on giving his opinion on everything in Mason's life.

This is a wonderfully written, heartwarming story. I loved everything about this book and once I started it, I found it hard to put down.

Reviewed by Lucy for Cocktails and Books
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212 reviews
August 29, 2013
For more on this review, please see...


What do I love most about reviewing books for Scandalicious Book Reviews? Well, beside my nerd herd girls that make EVERY day entertaining, it’s the opportunity to peruse the request for reviews and possibly get my hands on a book by a first-time author that does not disappoint. When the request for First Position by Prescott Lane came across Ms. Scandal’s desk, two things caught my eye. First, NFL; and second, the name Mason. Let’s start with the first…NFL. I love me some football! Yes, I am a girl. Yes, I like sports. Deal with it! I grew up playing soccer, volleyball and field hockey through middle and high school. I was THAT girl that dated one of the captains of the football team. Actually I dated two of them…but NOT simultaneously in a skeezy way! After spending two years in a serious relationship, my first football boyfriend went off to university to play college ball. I learned two things at this time, one, his dick saw more action than my credit card (have I mentioned I’m a shopaholic?) and two, what a ‘team player’ aka ball-ho was. Although that experience left a sour taste in my mouth, my love of football never wavered. I am a Canadian girl but hockey is not my first love. My husband gets the NFL Sunday Ticket every year and let me tell you, this is NOT a hardship for me! So now that we have established that if you put a football player (or really any athlete) in a book, I will most likely read your story (yes, our southern belle calls me a ball chaser), let’s move on to the name Mason. Oh, the name of my sweet baby boy…well, less baby and more boy. It has taken me a while to come around to reading a romantic book with his name in it. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to envision some unworthy girl screaming out my son’s name in ecstasy, something I better NEVER EVER have to experience in this lifetime! Nine years ago when we chose his name, it wasn’t too common, but leave it to a Kardashian to use it and suddenly it is on the rise in popularity. Thank God my son isn’t named Christian…*ahem* Grey.

I went into First Position assuming it was a New Adult book. I am not sure why I thought that…maybe it was the cover which features ballet shoes and a ballerina? Not sure, but regardless, it is not new adult. Emory and Mason are grown ass adults, with grown ass friends, careers and family. I LOVED the support characters in this book and they are just as integral to this story as the main characters! The POV is continually shifting between all the characters which occasionally I felt did not always transition smoothly but overall, I liked the effect. I felt like I was sitting smack dab in the middle of this watching it unfold all around me with real live actual people because I knew what all the major players were experiencing.

First Position begins six years post college graduation with Emory Claire, a child and maternity photographer, engaged to a very handsome pediatric cardiologist, Eric. Word to the wise, if you find yourself experiencing a panic attack while planning your wedding and can���t commit to a date, this MAY be a red flag you might want to pay attention to! There is nothing pretentious about our beautiful heroine and she is quite easy to love. She may look like an angelic ballerina on the outside but she can talk sports, hustle the best at pool and poker, and my heart warmed every time she called Mason on his bullshit! Yeah, yeah, she is hiding some secrets of her own which makes her a bit of a hypocrite with her demands of honesty and full disclosure from Mason, but no one’s perfect. See, I can be a heroine cheerleader too!

Prior to children, I subscribed to the belief that you NEVER left the house without hair and full makeup in place because you never knew who you might run into (now I am the yoga pant wearing, hair in a ponytail sans makeup mommy at school drop off) so it only seems fitting that after having a completely shitty day, soaking wet from the rain, and covered in sauce from her take-out that Emory would run smack dab into Mason, the love of her life who ripped out her heart, shredded it into tiny pieces and walked away. Mason is recovering from a potentially career ending injury in the NFL and is in town hoping to find a team that will take a chance on him and his shoulder.

“…Lately, I’ve prayed only for my arm to heal and another chance in the NFL, but I’ll give it all up for her.”

Throughout the story there are flashbacks to their relationship in college together. Yes, Mason has that one defining moment where he takes the crown as the king of doucheville because he is too scared to see beyond his own needs, which then leads to more bad decisions, BUT if you look beyond that less than stellar performance, Mason is all hearts and flowers. HE. LOVES. EMORY. And the fact that he spends the next six years in a miserable situation is enough penance for me. He is positive that some sort of divine intervention must have brought them back together and he is willing to do everything in his power to get her back.

Let’s talk support characters because I had a serious love for these people too. There is Wesley who was Emory’s dance partner in college and is her best friend and roommate. Wesley is an amazingly supportive best friend who nursed Emory through her darkest times after her breakup with Mason and a broken ankle that ended her dancing career. Wesley has his own issues going on in his personal life with his family and his boyfriend Tomás which is woven nicely in with the rest of the story. Steven is Mason’s older brother and his agent with his own law practice. Steven’s wife Olivia is another strong female who has a mouth on her and isn’t afraid to use it and they also have their own storyline unfolding. Emory’s father John loves his daughter and only wants the best for her. His love and emotions for his daughter is written so well that there leaves little doubt that the sun rises and sets to her. And of course, daddy can be a wee bit overprotective…

“If you hurt my daughter again, I’ll fuck up both your arms. And then I’ll kill you slowly. I’m not kidding about that.”

And finally, Kathleen, Mason and Steven’s mother. She is the epitome of mother-in-law from hell! I was left wondering how a strong independent self-made woman who raised two successful sons on her own could expect her son’s significant others to be nothing more than the pretty face behind the man. I had a serious dislike for Kathleen through most of the book but momma bear earned my respect when it come’s time to protect and destroy.

“If you ever again fuck with my son’s career…I will bury you under the new wood floors I’m installing for a client…”

Spoken like a woman after my own concrete shoes loving Italian heart.

Emory has her own insecurities about getting involved with Mason again but he holds strong doing everything in his power to earn her trust. Seriously ladies, HEARTS AND FLOWERS! Mason is the complete smoking hot package…there is so much swoon in that one! Emory also has her own painful secrets that haunt her and as they are slowly revealed, I thought I had it all pieced together but what I so easily assumed was not correct. The truth sends Mason into his own drunken dark depression and even dance, where Emory always turns to find solace, can’t help her this time. They will need each other to find the strength to overcome their past and claim their future a second time.

I will end on a little advice Mason was giving to his nephew that gave me a good laugh because it reminded me of my husband and his dislike for a certain Dallas based team…

“And you also must remember that even though we are from Texas, we hate – and I mean, hate – the Cowboys. They passed on Uncle Mason in the draft.”
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1,425 reviews
March 15, 2023
Six years apart - second chances.

On the night of her broken engagement she collides with her ex.

Unable to commit to a wedding date, her fiancé, Eric presents Emory with a fait accompli and hires a wedding planner. Railroaded into setting a wedding date, she cannot commit...he asks for the return of the engagement ring. Stopping at a local bar for a takeaway order, she collides with her college boyfriend, the one that deserted her because she chose her career over him. In act of pique he moved on to Alexis and married her. He deserved her.

Emory stared in shock. The guy who six years ago broke her heart. “Let me help you.”
“So good to see you,” Mason said, leaning in for a hug. Emory backed away. “Oh, I don’t think you want to hug me right now.”
“You look great, Em, just the same.” His eyes softened as he reached to push her hair back from the side of her face.

“It’s your wife.” “I told you to just make the divorce happen,” Mason barked. “I don’t want to talk about Alexis.” Alexis was a college debutante -- large breasts, sweeping hair, and perfect make-up -- always on the prowl for a husband. Her type had never appealed to Mason until he no longer had Emory. “She knows teams are looking at you and wants to get her claws back into you. He remembered turning to Alexis after his break-up with Emory in his senior year, just weeks prior to the NFL draft. Alexis was everything Emory wasn’t. Steven insisted Mason have a prenup and drafted it himself and ensured Alexis signed it. Far from any coercion, Alexis was thrilled she’d get $500,000 and certain other assets if they ever divorced. “I know you want to make this quick and get her out of your life, but divorce doesn’t work that way. I can’t let her railroad you, just because you want to forget her. I wouldn’t be a good brother or lawyer if I let her take everything you’ve worked so hard for. We need to fight her.” “I’m through fighting with her. Our whole marriage was a fight. She got what she wanted when she married me. Poisonous little social climber! So much for ‘in sickness and in health.’”
Alexis married Mason to be in the spotlight, spend his money, and soak up his fame. Over his five seasons in the NFL, she cheered in the stands on Sundays -- not so much for him, but for herself and the cameras.
“Do whatever it takes to get rid of her,” Mason ordered.

Emory and Mason were together six years ago. They met when Mason was a junior in college, making his first start at quarterback. Mason showered and walked out to nowhere in particular. He strolled aimlessly around campus, replaying the game in his head and the biting words of his coaches. “It was a mistake to offer you a scholarship” was one that kept ringing in his head. As he wandered, he heard classical music coming from an open door of the college theater. The theater was empty and dark, except for one light shining on the stage where a slender, tall girl in a pink leotard moved alone, her blonde hair pulled in to a bun. Mason stood, transfixed. Mason’s whole body reacted to her. She extended a leg over her head, and he imagined how her flexibility could benefit him sexually. He turned to leave but bumped a folding chair in his blind spot. The girl froze. “Who’s out there?” she asked nervously and turned off the music. “Shit, sorry,” Mason said. “I just heard the music and wandered in. I didn’t mean to interrupt. By the way, you’re amazing.”

Emory was invited to audition with the American Ballet Theatre in New York, the premier dance company in the United States. It had been her dream to dance professionally, and she planned to shoot for the top. Only a few applicants each year were even selected. Leading up, Mason’s mother, Kathleen had asked if she had considered not attending.

On the day she’s accepted, Mason unreasonably expects her to choose him over ballet since instead of being happy for her he’d hoped for her failure. Following his ultimatum he walks out.

“We can have all that back. We can make it right.”
“That’s your busted arm and broken marriage talking.”
“Is that what you think? I’m not looking for a rebound here, Em.”
“Rebound? You married your last rebound! Alexis of all people! That slut from your bullsh*t team parties. You married her! To see her gloating around campus, with her huge t*ts, flashing that ring. You f-g married her!”
“I’m sorry, it was a mistake.”
“You’re damn right! You wanted me to give up my dreams and follow you around the NFL like a good little wife, just smiling silently beside her man. You didn’t even try to meet me half way. You just gave up and f-g walked away.”
“I’m sorry,” he said again.
“I heard that already. Shut the hell up! You were the only man I ever loved! You have no idea what I went through after you left me”!

“I’m sorry I ever put a finger on Alexis. That I hurt you like I did. It makes me jealous to think of you with anyone else. I can’t imagine what that must’ve been like for you, knowing I was off with Alexis, so soon after we broke up.”
“Do you still love Alexis?”
“Our relationship was never about love. It was about career and convenience.”
“But you married her! I know you were screwing her within days of our break-up.”
“You don’t know that!” Mason objected.
“Oh, please! Don’t even bother saying sh*t like that. How could you do that? I thought you loved me. I was going through hell, and you were off screwing that b*tch!”
“Look, Em, after we fell apart, I was sad and on the verge of an NFL career. I didn’t want to do that alone. I was scared, and she was there. She had no problem making my career her priority. I thought that meant she loved me, and I thought that was enough. I was young and stupid”.

Emory got up from the sofa and walked to the window, staring out to the skyline, remembering she’d waited for hours for Mason to come back to her in the weight room. But Emory wasn’t sure about a second chance, still angry he’d left and moved on so quickly with Alexis. It still hurt, but some part of her could understand settling for someone less than perfect. Eric. If she got back together with Mason, she wondered whether she’d be treating Eric the same way Mason had treated her with Alexis. She didn’t want to hurt Eric like she’d been hurt but knew she still loved Mason.

“A baby heart doctor”....let’s try for the big words writers, repeat ‘paediatric cardiologist’...depicting Mason as intellectually deficient (Mason’s description of Eric). Eric as a last resort, ambushes Emory by being caught in the shower with the Molly, the wedding planner. Words to the wise, being caught in flagrante delicto in the shower with the wedding planner, will not win her over.

Between his lies and his secrets, withholding his Seattle offer, the seriousness of his shoulder injury and Alexis challenging the prenup. He kept secrets and continued to make colossal errors of judgment. He was a caveman, jealous, territorial and possessive; deserving of her derision.

In Uni. Mason was shallow, cowardly never confronting his mother, never defending Emory to her and easily tempted by alluring women. Six years later, much of the same. To give his mother credit, she is one that finally gets rid of the piranha.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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February 2, 2018
I have to say wasn't a big fan of this book. It was ok. I didn't really like the male character Daniel Mason. I don't know just something about him. It was strange how he was just all of the sudden I miss you love you lets get back together, with it having been 6 years. Just seemed really strange.
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September 6, 2013
Mason and Emory were college sweethearts. They were in love and had planned their future together. She was going to be a ballet dancer and he was on his way to the NFL. Until Mason made a very stupid mistake that completely shattered Emory's heart and caused him to lose the only girl he ever loved. He went on to play in the NFL and ended up marrying someone else but she was nothing compared to Emory. She was someone to be by his side while he lived out his dream, she was basically his trophy wife. Their marriage was one of convenience rather than one of love. He was living the dream, playing in the NFL, but that didn't mean he forgot about Emory. His heart belonged to her and always would. It's now 6 years later and he has suffered an injury that could end his career and his marriage. He has been in talks with a few teams about playing for them next season. One night while in a bar at Charlotte he bumps into her, Emory Claire, the woman who has held his heart for all these years.

Emory loved Mason and 6 yrs ago her heart was destroyed when they broke up. After that she suffered an injury that ended her dancing career. She never got over Mason, but at the same time she hated him for what he did. She is now engaged to a wonderful doctor named Eric. Eric is wonderful, hot and successful, so what could be wrong? Emory loves Eric, just not in the same way she loved Mason. She knows marrying him will be the wrong decision and decides to break it off. After the break up she goes to a bar and that's when she literally bumps right into her past. Seeing Mason again after all these years brings back so many feelings. Mason lost Emory once and does not plan on losing her again. She is here, in his life again and he will do what it takes to keep her there. Yes he is technically still married but at this point, nothing else matters to Mason. Emory is a little hesitant in the beginning. As much as she wants to jump back into Mason's arms, there are some issues that need to be dealt with. One being his marriage, and the fact that he hurt her all those years ago. Can she trust him after all he put her through? Will Mason get his second chance at love with the only woman that he has ever loved?

Mason screwed up when he was with Emory in college, but he has definitley suffered over the last six years and definitley deserves a second chance. Mason is sweet, caring, romantic, a little possessive at times, but totally loveable. He loved Emory and will do everything he can to prove it. He has another chance with her and he is not going to blow it this time. He will give it all up for her. Mason was such an amazing hero who I instantly fell in love with. I loved Emory but there were times when she completely frustrated me. Mason kept things from her, while in my opinion they were minor issues compared to the secret she was keeping from him. But when she would get mad at him for keeping things from her, when Emory herself had a big secret, I just wanted to shake her and knock some sense into her. But overall I did like her and I loved her and Mason together.

I think the author did a fantastic job with this story and the characters. You fall in love with Mason and Emory. They have a history together, you can see how much they love each other despite everything that they went through. I loved how Mason fought for her. I loved his romantic side, especially at one particular moment in the end, which I will not give away. When Emory finally did reveal her secret it was one of those WOW moments for me. Not so much because of the secret, which was a big secret, but because the author did a fantastic job with the scenes that followed. You felt the pain that the both of them went through. You felt what it was like to be Emory and relive that experience with her. And then there was Mason after he found out. It completely broke my heart. His feelings and emotions at that moment were so real. I was crying along with the both of them. The scenes were so real and heart breaking.

There was more to this story than just Mason and Emory though, which I loved. We get to see Mason's brother and his wife and their relationship with Mason and Emory. I loved Olivia, Masons sister-in-law. She had no problem speaking her mind and I loved that about her. And there is Emory's best friend and room mate Wesley who has his own issues with his family and boyfriend, but he was an amazing friend. I wanted to slap Mason's ex-wife, that's really all I need to say about her. And then there was his mother who I was not a fan of in the beginning, but she ended up completely surprising me.

Overall I loved First Position. It is a wonderful story of second chances and forgiveness. It has everything that I love in a book. I laughed and cried, both happy and sad tears. There was definitely drama and some angst. But I was left smiling in the end. A wonderful job by Prescott Lane!

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review
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March 23, 2015
Jillian - I really liked First Position. I got sucked into this story right away. Especially with the way the book opens with Emory and Eric. Prescott Lane did not waste anytime get right into this story and the Characters.

Saffron - Eric was a douch bag. Seriously. Talk about trying to pressure Emory.

Jillian - He only cared about himself. He did not have a care how she felt and he thought pressuring her would make her want to get married sooner. He should have taken a hint the first two times she turned him down.

Noemi - OMG I don't think we have enough time to go into how I disliked Eric. The way he tried to pressure her and manipulate her ugh.
Saffron - She wouldn't have run into Mason had Eric not been an ass!

Noemi - Well thank the fates for that lol

Jillian - And BBQ Sauce

Saffron - And later Clive!

Jillian - Mason made some bonehead decisions which lost him Emory in the first place.

Noemi - Well he was young, stupid and being pressured by others.

Saffron - Yeah he did! But not too many young men can think properly at that age

Jillian - He paid for years for his mistake and I mean paid and in gave that nasty bitch too much of his money for nothin'. Alexis was such a skank!

Saffron - Emory was lucky she had Wesley by her side though.

Cue Jamie Foxx "Gold Digger"

Jillian - Wesley was heaven sent to Em for sure. He helped her through the very toughest times in her life. Things other people didn't even know even happened.

Noemi - Everyone should have a Wesley in their lives

Jillian - Yes they do

Saffron - I want a Tomas to cook for me! How were they not fat?

Jillian - How in the hell did Emory eat all the time and gain nothing. It was so funny every time she was upset he would try and feed her.

Noemi - Duh....dancing lol

Jillian - It's pretty awesome that Wesley had the dance studio underneath there apartment.

Saffron - I guess ballet would do it! We know it wasn't all the sex! LOL Yeah, I went there.

Jillian - LOL it definitely wasn't the sex. Over six years without sex that's pretty crazy.

Saffron - Right?!

Noemi - It was pretty amazing that the spark was still there between Emory and Mason.

Saffron - And not just a romantic spark but was she ever feisty with him! He had a reason to hesitate to call her up!

Jillian - It was like no time had past other than her being pissed off at him. She still loved him with everything she was.

Noemi - She had to make him work for it!

Jillian - After the way he dropped her like she was nothing I would have made his ass work for it too!

Saffron - No doubt! He really tried hard to make it up to her!

Jillian - He did such romantic things for her he even took her to the ballet just to see her smile.

Noemi - He knew what he had lost and she wasn't going to let her go again.....sigh.

Jillian - I liked that Mason wasn't flashy with his money he was really tame and just tried to be a normal dude. Plus he had to keep it away from Alexis. God that Bitch was a real piece of work. Her and Eric should have hooked up.

Saffron - Eric was busy with the skank Molly! And Alexis was all over the NFL money.

Jillian - That shocked me lol

Saffron - I really liked Olivia though

Jillian - Me too! I loved that she spoke her mind. No filter!

Noemi - She reminds me of you ladies

Jillian - We really do have no filter most of the time. LOL

Saffron - Kathleen had no filter! I loved her line about being older meant she was a bitch longer

Noemi - OMG that was the best line!!! I want that hung on my wall lol

Jillian - Kathleen was a crazy person.

Saffron - Hell.Yeah! But as a mom, I could see where she was coming from.

Jillian - I did not like her at all at first but she stepped it up and realized what needed to be done and what needed to be done for Mason to be happy.

Saffron - What did you think about the football talk? I thought it wasn't too much. I think anyone who isn't a football fan wouldn't be turned off.

Noemi - I found it interesting. But I do hear a lot about football from the hubby since he used to play in college.

Jillian - I actually really like football and I think it was a perfect amount for a football fan and non football fan. They were killing me with being so secretive with each other.

Saffron - No doubt! Really showed how they couldn't move forward without trust.

Jillian - They really had to lay it all out there and tell each other everything.

Saffron - So many great things happened as the story continues! The Epilogue was great too! I wish we could talk about the rest.

Noemi - I think Prescott did an amazing job with her first book. I loved it and hope for more. It 4.5 stars from me.

Saffron - I gave it 4 stars

Jillian - I give it 5 Stars. I really liked this book
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July 28, 2013
***I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review ***

I think the first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover, and I really like it, and after reading the synopsis, I knew I wanted to read it. Not that I have ever aspired or even had the figure to be a ballerina, but it was also about an American football player, so what was there not to like.

Literally a few hours after breaking off the engagement Emory Claire bumps in to Daniel Mason the boy who broke her heart six years ago, Seeing Mason again is a big shock, as Emory knows that deep down she has never fully recover from the break up. In town, to negotiate a deal about playing for a new NFL team next season Mason is just as shocked to see Emory as has always regretted how things ended and believes that it was the biggest mistake of his life and that one mistake lead to many others.

Emory was a strong character who knows what she wants and say what she thinks. She has a loving and caring side, she has tried moving on with her life, she has a great job as a photographer, is living with her best friend from college Wesley. However mistakes she felt that she made and secrets that she has from that part of her life still haunt her to this day, and with Mason in town and wanting to reconnect she will need to confront her past and her secrets.

Mason was a good guy he was sweet, caring and very proactive. He was dealing with a football injury could cost him his career. I did think he needed to grow a pair especially when it came to his mother, I loved that from the start all Mason wanted to show Emory that he was not going to make a mistake again and lose her for the second time, and he was willing to make some big sacrifices in order to do that.

I like Emory and Mason as a couple. From the start, I could see that the love, feelings and chemistry that they had for each other six years ago is still there. Their relationship is not a smooth one; they had their ups and downs. Both had issues and demons from their past, crazy ex- partners to deal with, and a secret that may they not overcome. I will say a few time their actions frustrated me, and I want to bang their heads together.

When I started reading the book I thought it was going to be told just from Emory and Mason’s POV, but you also get the POV of secondary characters, although at first I thought it was too much and a little confusing as I couldn’t work out who was saying what. I will say that as the book when on and I got use to it, I did enjoy reading their POV’s and seeing what was happing in their lives. I loved Wesley and Olivia two characters that had me laughing out loud several times.

Prescott Lane has written heartwarming story about second chances and forgiveness. It had the romance, the drama; it had a religious element that did take me by surprise, but it wasn’t over powering and its work well within the story. It was emotional especially when Emory finally tells Mason her secret tissues were needed. I did think that some parts of the book were too descriptive, and I found myself thinking, honestly did I need to know that. With that being said, I did enjoy this book as if was one I didn’t want to put down.

First Positions get 4 stars from me.

A few quotes:

“Leaving you that day is the biggest regret of my life. I’m not sure how we found each other again, but I’m going to make it right” ~ Mason

“I had no idea all those years that I was longing for you that you were doing the same” ~ Emory

“Good grief, keep your voice down, girl. He’s like ten feet away. I don’t think sex is what he’s looking for, but even if it is, you’re both single. Let him be your rebound from Eric. Have lots of hot sex. You be the one to use him” ~ Wesley

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December 23, 2013
Emory Claire's dream was to become a professional ballerina. She met Mason in their junior year of college, and fell in love with the college football quarterback. They had made plans for a future together, but when he gave her an ultimatum to forgo her chance of joining the American Ballet Theatre in New York to follow him in the NFL, she didn’t expect was Mason to break her heart and leave her prior to her graduation. A broken ankle from a bad fall just weeks before graduation ended Emory's professional dance career before it even got started, and Mason had become involved with another woman. She had loved him with all her heart, and moving on was hard. Six years later, Emory lives in Charlotte and is a children's photographer, she was engaged to Eric, a pediatric cardiologist, but when they started planning the wedding, she got cold feet and called off the wedding. While at a bar, she literally runs into the last person she expected to see, her old flame, the one who broke her heart, the one who left her, the one she was never really got over – Mason.

Daniel Mason’s dream was to become a star quarterback in the NFL. When Emory chose to follow her dream of becoming a professional ballet dance instead of following him to the NFL, he made a stupid decision and walked out on Emery. After five seasons in the NFL, Mason suffered a devastating shoulder injury that could end his football career. Now he is trying to put his life and his career back on track, and is in Charlotte looking to secure a place on a team for the next season. Mason's life is a mess, his trophy wife Alexis is giving him a hard time with the divorce, and he only has a 50-50 chance of ever playing football again, so when he runs into Emory, he knew he had done her wrong in the past, and he is determined to get her back into his life.

Emory and Mason's second chance at love becomes even more complicated when Eric wants Emory back, and Alexis will do everything to make Mason stay. And if that isn't enough, both of them have secrets that they have been keeping from each other. Emory is hiding a devastating secret from her past, and Mason is keeping something from her about his future. Can Emory and Mason's lost love be rekindled, can they get a second chance at love?

First Position is a wonderful love story about love lost and found, forgiveness and second chances. Author Prescott Lane weaves an emotional tale about two people who in the past made wrong decisions that tore their love apart, both had secrets that kept them apart, and now six years later fate has brought them back together. The passion and feelings of love for each other are still there, but they have to overcome the past hurts and the secrets that have kept them apart, and make things right in order to get a second chance at rekindling their love.

The story is written in the third person narrative with alternating perspectives and interwoven storylines from both the primary and secondary characters that draws the reader into the story and makes it easy to connect with all the characters. Emory and Mason's emotional story is full of passion, angst, romance, drama and secrets, with flashbacks to their past that keeps the reader on their toes and turning the pages, hoping that they will get their HEA ending.

First Position is a heartwarming story about second chances and forgiveness that proves that true love can overcome obstacles and survive anything.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Publicity Tours.

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September 24, 2013
The Ballerina
Emory Claire was a stunning ballerina in college. She was hoping to make it professionally someday. She met Mason, and fell in love with the football star. Everything was just in place, what she didn’t expect was for Mason to break her heart and leave her prior to her graduation. She had loved him with all her heart, and moving on was hard. Then an injury had shattered her dreams and left her more broken than before.

Years later, she was about to get married to her fiancé, Eric when she got cold feet and decided to call off the wedding. That night, she stumbled upon the least person she expected to see, her old flame, the one who broke her heart, the one who left her, the one she was never really over with – MASON. Her life had been through a serious dramatic change, but with her friend Wesley, she had survived it. Mason is going to have a very hard time to convince her to just accept him. If he thought he could just strut in back into her life – then he was in for a big surprise. She’s now a woman who knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to tell him so.

The Football Player
Mason’s dream was the NFL. He wanted to make it big – so when insecurities and doubts about his future set in he made a stupid decision and walked out on Emery. It was immature, unintelligent decision which made me hate him (for a while at least). After a devastating injury,
Mason is trying to put his life and his career back on track. He’s scouting for a new team to play for. His life is in jumbles – his trophy wife is giving him a hard time with the divorce, seeing Emory and learning that she’s engage is even harder. He knew he had done her wrong back then and he was willing to make up for it to have her back into his life. BUT – Eric still wants Emory back and Alexis will do everything to make Mason stay.

The Secondary Characters
Besides our couple, Prescott Lane also gave us a glance of other characters in the story. Wesley, the gay best friend is an amazing friend and would always be there for Emory although he has his own family and boyfriend issues as well. We are also introduced to Mason’s brother Stephen and his wife, Olivia – an amazing couple, especially Mason’s sister-in-law who is brave enough to speak her mind.

The Secrets
Both of them had secrets that they have been keeping from each other. Emory is hiding a devastating secret from her past, and Mason is keeping something from her about his future. I can’t understand Emory – she wanted him to be very HONEST with her and yet she had been keeping IMPORTANT things from him too. I was waiting for her to finally tell him. After all, she demanded honesty from him. It would just be fair if she’d be honest too, right?

Second Chances, Old Flames Rekindled
First position is a love story about between two people who had done wrong to each other in the past, made awfully wrong decisions that had kept them apart, but is now given another shot at love and making things right. They may have imperfections: Emory might be unreasonable at times and Mason can be immature – but their love and devotion to each other would make you love them more. The epilogue was perfect ending to wrap up this amazing tale of old romance and second chances.

*ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.
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October 11, 2013
First Position by Prescott Lane

3.5 stars!!

“Leaving you that day is the biggest regret of my life. I’m not sure how we have found each other again, but I’m going to make it right.”

This was a really enjoyable read, My only criticism would be I would have liked to have felt a bit more chemistry between Mason and Emory. I just wanted to have connected with them a bit more than I did. They were fab characters but just needed that little bit more.

Emory is a feisty character, she tells it how it is. What you see is what you get and whether you like it or not she will let you have it. These are good traits but can also cause problems. She also has a really caring and compassionate side and this really shows when she is doing the job she loves…photography. She has a knack with children and parents alike and gets the most out of her subjects by putting them at ease. She lives with her gay best friend Wesley (who incidentally deserves a book of his own).

After breaking off her engagement to her fiance Emory literally stumbles into her first time love, what are the chances! He is now a professional football player and is in town for tryouts with another team. Both are shocked that their paths have crossed for a second time.

Daniel Mason was the sole reason for Emory’s heart being shattered. 6 years ago he broke her heart, something that she has never recovered from. Now that he is back on the scene and wanting a “do over” can she really go there again? Could she put her heart back on the line again? Would it survive if they didn’t make it? Would her past come back to haunt her? Emory made some difficult choices and decisions after she split from Daniel the first time, these still haunt her to this day. Can they both overcome their past so that they can live their future?

Mason, he was an NFL player recovering from a significant shoulder injury. He has his own demons to battle. He is separated from his wife (she decided after his career threatening injury he was not worthy of her presence in his life) and he now has to prove to other teams that he still has a few years left in him. He is shocked that he has crossed paths with Emory again and he vows that he will never make the same mistake again. He has never gotten over his one true love and rues the day that he walked away.

Even though I loved Mason, he was dictated to by his family. He did as he was told, he was tied to his mums apron strings and she was the reason behind their break up in the first place. Although she does eventually come good, I truly resented her for the majority of the time she appeared in this book, but I just wanted Mason to stand up to her.

I love second chance love, it is one of my favourite plot lines and I did really enjoy reading their story. It was full of ups and downs as you would expect and it kept me reading. Mason makes a lot of sacrifices to get what he wants in the end and this shows just how much he has matured and has grown a backbone. However I was spitting feathers when he was willing to roll over for his ex-wife!!

Overall an entertaining read.

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November 29, 2014
The Ballerina: Emory Claire inspired to be the best ballerina, accepted to the finest school “The American Ballet”, dating her college sweetheart Daniel Mason, she had it all. Then things with Mason ended because of his NFL career and her choice to attend ballet school and become a prima ballerina. Emory’s dreams were shattered when she broke her ankle ending her dream of a dance career. It was the darkest time of her life. With no Mason or Ballet in her life after graduation she left her home and went to Europe to study photography.

The NFL Quarterback: Daniel Mason, he prefers to be called Mason, had everything in college the love of his life, his football career. Mason thought Emory would follow him after graduation once he was drafted by the NFL. She decided to follow her dreams not his and they ended up breaking up.

Fast forward six years later: Emory is now a child and maternity photographer, engaged to the perfect man Eric a doctor whom she loves but just not enough to settle down with him, her heart belongs to someone else Mason.

Mason is now an NFL quarterback recovering from a potential career ending injury to his shoulder. He’s being considered by teams in Charlotte, NC where Emory now lives and also Seattle. He’s also married to the biggest BITCH and is in the process of divorcing her. Alexis the wife will do anything to hold on to Mason, the money, and the status of being married to an NFL payer. She also knows she was Mason’s second choice and his heart has always been with Emory.

The Encounter: Gus ‘ Bar where Emory literally rammed into a hard body, Mason the one she still loves, the one who broke her heart. One look at each other …. the sparks were still there between them. From that moment on Mason knew he wanted Emory back after all she was the love of his life, he vowed to do anything to get her back.

After that day of seeing Mason all of Emory’s feelings, emotions, and the secret she has kept from him for the past six years all come back to the surface.

Can two broken souls rekindle there relationship….especially when one holds a secret that has the potential of destroying the other?

Is it possible to rebuild there relationship when they both harbor so much hurt?

Can Mason forgive Emory for the secret she has kept from him for six years?

Secondary characters in the story played a big part in Emory’s and Mason’s lives. Her best friend and roommate Wesley. Mason’s brother/manager Steven, his pregnant wife Olivia. Mason’s bitchy mother had a few scenes one in particular where she showed her true colors and defended her son.

This was a simple love story proving sometimes you never really do get over your first love.

Over all I would recommend First Position, the author portrayed both Mason’s and Emory’s feelings and emotion with depth. I was a little emotional myself during certain parts of the book.
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167 reviews
July 18, 2014
Without a doubt, a truly amazing debut. It usually takes authors a few books to reach this level of perfection.

This a book well written with an excellent plot, a plot unique in its own way. The story is complex even though I felt like the exposition was incomplete or maybe the line between the exposition and the rising action is a little bit blurred. It is not a bad thing, it actually makes the book a little bit more interesting as we do not have a thorough introduction and presentation of the characters and places.

I loved one of the first scenes, mostly for its significance, but it made the book a little bit unrealistic as something like that seldom happens in real life, but it was necessary for the action.

The number of characters is a little bit limited, but it is good for a book of this size and taking into account that the action focuses on Emory and Mason’s relationship, I would say it is perfect. It is just enough so that we can see that not everything is about the two main characters and that they are social human beings just like any other. In addition, the small scenes about the other characters were a nice touch.

The relationship between Emory and Mason felt a bit rushed. I know that they have a history and all that, but I do not believe that two people can start over before discussing what they left unresolved. The solve their problems on the way, that’s true, but still…

Emory is a strong woman, who went through a lot of things, but fortunately she had her best friend and her father there to support her. I was able to imagine her having the grace of a ballerina until the moment she started talking. That is something I loved about her, she is so contradictory – one moment is she sweet and graceful and the next she is her father’s daughter. I believe it’s hard to pull something like that off. I like the fact that she does not give up and that she speaks her mind.

Mason, on the other hand, it 99% a football player. The first thing that comes to mind is “he’s such a guy”. He is a bit of a jerk, but he also has his sweet and caring side. His religious Texan upbringing surely had something to do with it. I like the fact that compared to the other players he is a family man. His mamma raised him right.

One other character I really liked is Olivia. I loved the fact that she did not hold back and always said what was on her mind. I believe that she often spoke without thinking, but despite that she only meant well. Everybody needs someone like her in their life.

I recommend reading this book because despite being a romance novel it is not overly emotional plus it is very well written and like I said the in beginning, it is an amazing debut.
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July 31, 2013
4.5 Stars

"What saved her - the only thing that ever saved her - was dancing. First position."

Right at the beginning we meet Emory and Eric. They're probably what the outside world might consider the "perfect couple"... happily making plans for their wedding. But really, it just was Eric pressuring Emory to make a decision she'd been avoiding. After an argument, they end up breaking up... allowing Em to walk away without making another huge mistake in her life.

Later that night, fate stepped in. Em literally ran into Mason, her college sweetheart... the one that broke her heart, yet the one she could never forget. After spending six years apart, they both realize their feelings are still very much there. Learning from past mistakes while trying to overcome present day drama, Em and Mason decide to give things another shot.
"Please let me go." She tried to wiggle away.
"No." He held her tighter. "I'm not letting you go again. I'm still paying for that mistake."

"I never stopped loving you."

Both Mason and Emory have to slowly learn to trust each other and in a way, re-adapt to being in each others lives again. All this while trying to move forward without allowing their past, and the pain that comes along with it, from haunting them.
"This is what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Making Em happy."

A lot of obstacles, which I won't mention, come between Mason and Em. Secrets surface one after another... well, those minus the huge one Emory was keeping. This was something that kept me turning the pages because I really wanted to know what she was hiding. Let me tell you, Prescott Lane did not let me down. Even though I had my theories and I kind of had an idea of what it might be, the way it was written, still broke my heart. I felt so bad for both Emory and Mason.

This great debut novel is full of passion, romance, drama, and secrets. Along with its happy ending, really, what's there not to love about it???! Also, the fact that its written in a third person POV allows the reader to not only connect with all the characters, but also understand them.

"First Position" is a wonderful story about a second chance at true love that should not be passed up. Go buy this book!
"Our time is just beginning."

***ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review, Thank you!!!

July 11, 2013
see more reviews on my blog! http://sparetimebookblog.blogspot.com/

I was contacted by the author to review this book in exchange for an honest review. Once I started reading this one I had a hard time putting it down. First Position is a story about a second chance at true love. It doesn't always work out the first time. That is what happened to Emory and Mason. This book brought together all the things that I love. Sports, love, and super hot romance. Emory and Mason happen to bump into each other at a bar. This causes the spark to reignite between them. Their relationship in college did not end well and neither of them have really recovered. There are a lot of insecurities and broken hearts to get over before they can really have a relationship. Will the secrets they are both keeping ruin their relationship? Will they be able to get over their insecurities and move on? Will Emory be able to tell Mason her secret?

I love the other characters in the book. Wesley is amazing. He is such a good friend to Emory. He was there for her since the day they met. Through some truly terrible times when Mason wasn't there. Oh yea, he's gay so not a romantic threat. His boyfriend Tomas is an amazing cook and that's a good thing considering how much Emory likes food. Steven, Mason's brother, is great too. He is Mason's manager and I love when he nags on Mason! Olivia, Steven's wife, is hilarious. She is a loud/speak your mind type. She is a great comic relief.

Mason is an NFL quarterback recovering from a shoulder injury. It was the type that may end his career so he is now looking for a team that will sign him. He doesn't admit it right away but, he never stopped loving Emory. He always regretted the way things ended between them. I am glad he finally admits it because it was a crap thing he did to her. He makes up for it though. His secrets have a way of getting out and I was mad at the way Emory reacted. Considering her secret was HUGE! She was being a tad hypocritical. These two are perfect for each other despite all that. Their love is true and heartbreaking at the same time. I loved their story. It seems that true love transcends time.

This was an amazing love story. It had its ups and downs but, was great. I had some trouble sometimes figuring out who was taking or who's thoughts I was reading but, other then that it was a great story. I am so glad the author reached out to me!
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May 28, 2014

The name of the book comes obviously from dance. This is NOT a book about dance, but a book about a dancer. Emory uses dance to relax and whenever she gets troubled she dances, saying out loud "First position, breathe" it calms her, lets her think, and is an escape.

yelp yelp In the end I am a little bit torn and for the sake of the plot I cant even tell you why. ggrrr I like Emory and her BFF room mate Wesley. The author creates two very likable pals who are there for each other with an unbreakable bond. So the story is like this: Emory and Mason break up, he marries her nemesis, well I hate Alexis as I am sure most will. Mason is recovering from an injury and runs into Emory for the first time since he left 6 years prior. He has become a pro football player and is currently healing and searching for a new contract.

The author creates a love story for these two. Sadly there are secrets, family's hurt by divorce, and hope. I think it would have been epic had some edits been made. I wanted this black cloud to be explored and weighed against the other person's secrets. Sounds confusing, sorry! I will put it this way two people have secrets and one has a big one and the other has a few little ones. So I wanted to know more about the feeling surrounding the secrets.

The author also creates Steven and Olivia who are Mason's brother and pregnant sister in-law too. He is a lawyer and he is negotiating everything for Mason. I feel bad for him having the burden of his brothers contracts and injury lay at his feet. There are a lot of light comedy moments about pregnancy that I find endearing. Katherine who is the mother in-law from hell makes a few appearances. Gosh I hated her too.

I will add it was a little confusing at times and things were said for example: blank-for sake of the plot- peeps her head out of the bathroom and asks for a pair of panties ??? Who does that? It seemed to me there were a few things that were misplaced. I think in my opinion things were added to appeal to more people.

Lastly I like the no sex thing the author adds. I agree that Mason is married and until he is not there shouldn't be sex but it was a little scattered for me in this subject matter. I think if you make a choice to wait then you don't prance naked in front of a man. Not that that happened here I am just saying. Overall a good book with some good base characters
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September 14, 2013
~*~ 4.5 Stars ~*~

Emory Claire is trying to plan a wedding with her fiancé at the start, her boring , stuffy fiancé Eric. She is hesitating about setting a date, he says no date, no ring . She stops at the local food joint to get some good comfort food to eat with Wesley, her gay roommate. She gets wet in the rain . Picking up the prized ribs with extra sauce she turns and slams into a hard chest dumping the sauce all over them. EEEK, behind the hard body is Mason the only man she has ever loved, the one who dumped her in college, the one who broke her heart, the heart that has never really healed.

Emory was a beautiful ballerina in college while dating Mason and had plans to make it a career before a devastating breakup and injury smashed those plans. It is hard for her to be around Mason, she still loves him but he hurt her so badly.

Turns out Mason is scouting for a new football team to play for. He and Emory spend some time together talking and getting to know each other all over again. Of course Eric the stuffy ex-fiancé makes a come back effort as well. Then there is Alexis the bitch that Mason is in the process of divorcing, the girl that he started seeing days after he and Emory broke up.

All the characters in this story are very fleshed out. The relationship between Wesley and his boyfriend Tomas was amazing. Mason’s bitching mother had a few scene stealers of her own as did his brother Steven with his pregnant wife Olivia.

This story was simply a well done love story. It was great that all the intimacy was emotional, there were not distracted by jumping into bed all the times. We had time to really get to know the characters and their struggles as they get to know one another again and deal with the past and all the heartbreak there. They have a lot of hurt feeling to get through and a lot of trust to rebuild. The author portrayed both the feelings of Mason and Emory with a lot of depth, I was teary eyed for both of them on a number of occasions. They were real people in love trying to figure out if forever would work for them. Loved it 4.5/5. I picked a night to read it when I was alone in the house with no interruptions and I really enjoyed myself.

Reviewed by Monica - Guest Reviewer on Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads

*Review copy provided by author*
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July 12, 2013
Emory faces life’s challenges at the one place that’s never failed her, the ballet barre. But even the barre can’t steady her when fate brings her face-to-face with her old college flame, Mason, who’s hoping to return to the NFL after a career-threatening injury. Before they can surrender to their sexual desires and find salvation in each other’s arms, they need to come to terms with their past. Mason must confront the demons that have set him on a path of self-destruction, while Emory must decide whether to keep her painful secrets locked away, or expose them and risk losing the love of her life. But nothing can prepare Mason for what Emory has kept hidden, or the possibility that he himself may be to blame for the very secrets she keeps – and why they continue to haunt her.

The story of a second chance at the love of a lifetime, Prescott Lane gives us the emotional story of two people who have lived through happiness and heartbreak and have been given the chance to begin again.

Its been six years since Emory has seen Mason, the boy who broke her heart in college. Living her life as a photographer and dealing with the impending pressure of an engagement she isn't ready for she never expected to see Mason again.

Mason is dealing with his own struggles, a football injury that could cost him his career and the ever present guilt over letting Emory get away. He'll do anything to have a second chance with her knowing he cannot let her get away twice.

Emory and Mason make a great couple, you can feel the energy and the chemistry that the two of them give off. They haven't had the easiest time after losing each other six years earlier and although the past continually makes a reappearance in their lives it doesn't stop them for fighting for what they have. Not only do we get Emory and Mason's POV but also all of the supporting characters as well. I think this makes a huge difference in the novel and makes it so their story involves everyone around them.

Overall 4 out of 5 Stars!
**I was provided a copy for an honest review
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July 20, 2013
4 stars!

This book was a bit different than what we normally read. It has all the makings of our normal reads: drama, hot guy, gay friend, sex and secrets. But it also had something that most of our books don't: religion. Now, I have beliefs but I am not an overly religious person. While reading this, I was concerned that this was going to be a turn off. How could I get in to the sex in this book when I was worried about God reading over my shoulder?? But I was surprised to find that I wasn't bothered by it and it worked!

Mason is H-O-T!!!! An NFL quarterback, he is strong and confident. However, as we read we learn that he is also a GOOD GUY!!! So many times professional athletes let the game go to their head and get involved with the wrong things. But not Mason. Faithful, loyal to his family, and determined to do the right thing when he gets the second chance he has been longing for.

“Mason recoiled, no interest in illegal drugs. He was as straight-laced as NFL players come — no arrests, tattoos, or steroids — and married and faithful to his wife, a woman he never even loved. Alcohol was the extent of his vices, and it was working fine at the moment.”

Emory is also a very easily lovable character. Often the lead females in novels are whiny, needy, or have no self confidence. Emory is none of that. She stands up for herself and those she loves and doesn't take any crap off anyone.

“I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to your boy, Kathleen.”
“Ever since he left me, his personal life has been shit. For some reason, you don’t seem to care. But you should — more than his career.” Kathleen waved her arms dismissively, a fire burning inside. “As for me,” Emory continued, “you are entitled to your opinion, but you should rethink it.”

I loved the progression of this book. There wasn't any part of the book that dragged or that I felt the urge to skip over. And never once did I feel the urge to jump in the story and shake any of the characters, which I often do....... All of the characters stayed true to who they were supposed to be.
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September 9, 2013
First Position by Prescott Lane is an emotional ride from beginning to end. You'll find yourself yelling at the characters for creating problems for themselves that don't have to be. You'll find yourself crying for the pain they are going through. And you'll find yourself rooting for them to make it, no matter what.

Emory and Mason were college sweethearts. Actually, they were the perfect pair. Both were pretty conservative by college standards, they were dedicated athletes (albeit in very different fields) and they were committed to having a marriage and family one day. Then the unthinkable happened; Mason broke Emory's heart. Coming to him with great news that she's been accepted into a prestigious ballet group after graduation, Mason allows his insecurities to bubble over and tells Emory if she can't give up her dream to follow him as he pursues his NFL dream then it's over and he walks out.

Now years later, fate has thrown the couple together once, again. Mason is working to overcome a football injury and hoping to be hired on as the new quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. Yes, he wants his football career back, but more importantly, it's the very town that Emory lives in and Mason will stop at nothing to get her back. The passion and feelings are still there, but can the couple overcome the past hurts and the secrets they insist on keeping from each other.

I found Mason and Emory likable and I was pulling for them, while simultaneously wanting to shake them. But, the supporting characters are awesome! Emory's gay roommate and his boyfriend were absolutely fabulous! I loved them and their quirky personalities! Mason's sister in law and her lack of filter made me laugh out loud.

Thank you so much to Prescott Lane for the loan of this book in exchange for my honest review.

You can find this review and others at http://riverinaromantics.blogspot.com and http://tinar1121.blogspot.com
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November 30, 2013
When I read that this was a second chance love story involving a gorgeous Ballet dancer and a hot bodied NFL player I couldn’t wait to get started on it and I’m glad I did! I really enjoyed their story. It was filled with angst, regrets, sexual tension, passion and love.
Throughout the book, the story took us back for snippets of their past which gave a great insight in to their relationship, which in turn gave a good understanding as to why they react as they do to each other the second time around.
The story wasn’t just the relationship between Mason and Emory, we had little glimpses of the relationships of their friends and family too. I liked the varying points of view between everyone. This isn’t something I come across a lot in books but it made for an all-round picture and understanding of every character.
Although both Mason and Emory had their secrets, it was refreshing that they as a couple spoke out their feelings without it dragging on for pages and pages. There were some really sweet moments too!
Mason had made some bad decisions in the past and I didn’t get quite why he would split with Emory and move on as quickly as he did, but he certainly tried to make up for it. I loved how generous and protective he was of Emory. It was also warming to see that although Emory accepted this about him, she remained her own person and didn’t get swept away with all the attention he was lavishing on her. They really were a cute couple.
After finishing, I was left wanting a little more, which for me is a sign that I had just finished a good book. I look forward to reading more from this Author.

An ARC was kindly provided by the Author for an honest review.

Review posted at Love Between the Sheets
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September 26, 2013
Who wouldn't want to marry a Doctor on his way to being the head of Pediatric Cardiology? A girl who already gave away her heart. Emory thought she had moved on from her relationship with her ex Mason. But more than her heart was damaged when they parted ways in college. Now her past and present collide on the day she breaks her engagement to the good Doctor and then runs into, literally, the ex-love of her life Mason. Mason moved on with life rather quickly after their breakup by marrying the money hungry, attention seeking, arch nemesis of Emory. Now he can't get rid of Alexis fast enough. His heart was never in the marriage. Emory found a fulfilling career as a photographer though in her heart she's really a ballet dancer. She lost that dream as well when Mason left her for the NFL. He really screwed the pooch when he chose to walk away from Emory. I loved that the author gave us peeks into their past as the characters would remember back about choices they had made. And though Mason really hurt Emory by his choices, you have to love him when you see the things he did because his heart always belonged to Emory even though he married someone else.

I loved Emory's character. She's strong willed and speaks her mind quickly. She has secrets that only her best friend and room-mate Wesley know. Wesley's character adds so much to the story as well. The other supporting characters, like Mason's brother Steven and his wife Olivia are fantastic and make you hope they will get they're own book. I hated Mason's mother through most of the book. She's a meddling old hag until she saves the day in the end. All of these characters make the story complete as Mason and Emory navigate through finding each other again and trying to get back on a path that keeps them together this time. I loved this story and the happy ending.
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September 14, 2013
* I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review from the author*

First Position was a very well written story. The story starts out with Emory and her fiancé breaking up, she realizes that although she loves Eric, but her heart truly belongs to the one who left her because she wouldn't give up her dream of being a dancer. She goes to get food for her and her roommate, Wesly, who I love by the way, and who does she run into(literally) Mason, her ex. He knows he made a mistake when he left her, so he decides he wants to try to get her back.

Mason is married to a real BITCH, a woman who only married him to get the fame from him being in the NFL. And as soon as he was injured she wanted a divorce. Emory struggles with things from her past, and is afraid of getting involved with Mason again, because he hurt her so bad before. So they decide to take things slow.

This is where the drama starts, Mason's wife wants more money, Mason hides things from Emory, Emory is hiding something from Mason, so much stuff happens to them. But the worst of it all, was when Emory finally decided to tell Mason her secret.....I cried like a little baby over that scene. Seeing Mason all tore up, and then lashing out at her, even though clearly Emory was just as devastated as he was.

In my opinion the story was compelling, I connected with the characters, and the story was well written. My only complaint was how you got thoughts and feelings from every character in the book. Even the bartender Clive got to speak. this is the first book that I've read where you get into everybody's head. It didn't make me dislike the story, or the writing, it was just a little different than what I was used to.
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