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Written with input from director Rian Johnson, this official adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi expands on the film to include scenes from alternate versions of the script and other additional content.

From the ashes of the Empire has arisen another threat to the galaxy’s freedom: the ruthless First Order. Fortunately, new heroes have emerged to take up arms—and perhaps lay down their lives—for the cause. Rey, the orphan strong in the Force; Finn, the ex-stormtrooper who stands against his former masters; and Poe Dameron, the fearless X-wing pilot, have been drawn together to fight side-by-side with General Leia Organa and the Resistance. But the First Order’s Supreme Leader Snoke and his merciless enforcer Kylo Ren are adversaries with superior numbers and devastating firepower at their command. Against this enemy, the champions of light may finally be facing their extinction. Their only hope rests with a lost legend: Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.

Where the action of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ended, Star Wars: The Last Jedi begins, as the battle between light and dark climbs to astonishing new heights.

Featuring an 8-page color photo insert of thrilling images from the hit movie

317 pages, Hardcover

First published March 6, 2018

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About the author

Jason Fry

116 books287 followers
I am the author of The Jupiter Pirates series published by HarperCollins -- visit the official site at http://jupiterpirates.com.

In addition to Jupiter Pirates, I've written or co-written more than 30 novels and short stories set in the Star Wars galaxy, including The Essential Atlas, The Essential Guide to Warfare, The Weapon of a Jedi, and the Servants of the Empire quartet.

I spent more than 12 years at The Wall Street Journal Online, where I wrote or co-wrote the Real Time and Daily Fix columns. My non-fiction work has appeared on ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports, Poynter.org, Deadspin and Baseball Prospectus. I blog about the New York Mets at Faith and Fear in Flushing and live in Brooklyn with my wife and son.

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1,597 reviews6,645 followers
April 28, 2023
Easiest 5 stars every. I am a huge Star Wars fan and loved the Last Jedi movie. I love this book even more than the movie. It does exactly what a book should add to the story , adds to my Star Wars experience, and has great continuity between the books and the comics. Some people do not like having read other books/comics or playing the game. I love this continuity. I am so glad Disney continued it when they took over the franchise.

From the intro, the book starts with Luke having a Force dream telling him a change is coming. There are honourable mentions to people from the Aftermath series and an incident that happened at the end of the aftermath comics. There is also a reference to the Inferno Squadron. The context of this is a bit confusing, which could be hinting at things to come. They also mention bits from Leia Princess of Alderaan.

The character development is also great. I like the fact that Rose did not just forgive Finn for his attempted desertion. I saw her attitude change slightly along the way. Poe’s change from hot head fighter pilot to a leader is also better developed in the book. Finn’s journey is also done well. Remember, he did not actually join the Rebellion in the Force Awakens. What he did he did to save Rey. This is carried on in the book. Remember, the movies have a very little gap between the movies.

All in all, it is a great addition to the Star Wars universe. I have heard there is an extended version of the movie when released on the Blu-ray. I hope it is as good as this. I loved this book. I even like the extra 8 page of colour photos in the centre. The book is awesome, and I would have loved it to be extended by another 200 pages. This is a must-have for all Star Wars fans.
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March 20, 2018
Star Wars novels are always hit and miss, and the movie novelizations almost always seem to be misses. This one was somewhere in the middle.

A good movie novelisation needs to expand on the film. If it’s just an exact repeat of what we saw on the screen then it’s just not worth reading. It gives us nothing new. What this book expanded on was the connections between characters. Leia’s ability to sense through the force was considered in greater detail. She could sense her son and the conflict within him, though she has by this point almost given up any hope that he will return to the light.

It’s unsurprising after what he did in Episode VII. Rey, on the other hand, believes that he has the potential to turn again. And this was something that I felt was much stronger in the writing here. When she met Luke she was disappointed in his lack of motivation; she looked toward another source of power and knew that he could possibly be good again. Although the connection was fabricated by Snoke, it felt more powerful and genuine in these pages. Their destinies are linked together no matter how it all ends.



As such, the main plot line was very engaging; however, the side plots were a little lack lustre. Finn and Rose were quite boring to read about. Poe was a little better though there was nothing new in these sections of the story. The pace was slow, but that is because the film was very slow at times. For me this is only good in parts.

When the Last Jedi hit the screens last year it divided fans. Many liked the new direction Star Wars was taking, and just as many thought it no longer stayed true to itself. I’m of two minds. I appreciate the newness but I’m not ready to celebrate it yet. For me, it all depends on how episode 9 finishes. This is the middle of the story and I can’t fully judge it until I have seen the end.

Overall, it’s a good novelisation of a film that may or may not be great. We shall see when it all finishes.
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December 21, 2017

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July 4, 2018
The slowest space pursuit ever!

Once again, fellow readers in the Force, if you have been reading my reviews about Star Wars film novelizations, you already know that I’ll do several spoilers in this review (which is quite the opposite to my regular kind of review, but with Star Wars movie novelizations is quite hard not to fall into spoilers in the reviews about it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


OK, most people didn’t like Episode VIII in its movie presentation, and I guess that could go as well into its expanded novelization, BUT...

...while certainly I can understand why was so poor received, I want to play “Sith’s Advocate” and expose some points that the script wanted to explore and/or expose and maybe, just maybe it wasn’t so clear to some people, so…

…sometimes the scoundrel guy doesn’t have a heart of gold.

…sometimes the desperate mission just failed, not matter how much the heroes tried.

…sometimes a great hero didn’t age the same as great.

…sometimes while the student is ready, the teacher isn’t.

…sometimes you never will be able to know the real truth about an incident where you weren’t present, even if you hear the points of view of each side involved in the incident.

…sometimes your allies won’t answer your calling for help.

…sometimes the fallen one isn’t just interested in redemption.

There isn’t anything wrong in all that. It’s just life. Not fair or unfair. Just life.

And I admire the boldness to show things like that…

…however, usually people aren’t looking for life-like situation in a worl of fiction.

Usually, we want in fiction that order that the chaotic life lacks.

And maybe…

…just maybe…

…all that life-like stuff could be better received…

…if the story wouldn’t present THE DANG SLOWEST SPACE PURSUIT in the history of science fiction!!!


At the end, that tedious and maddening “pursuit” drags down everything else that the story tried to do.


Almost any novelization differs from the movie, usually since movie production does changes after the writer gets the original script, but in this particular time, this novel is presented as an “expanded edition”, so more than ever, definitely you will find several new stuff in the novelization of this episode in the Star Wars saga (while some of those “expanded” scenes are available in the deleted scenes section of the blu-ray…


Movie versus book, you can find here…

…before the scene where the First Order fleet attack the Resistance base, you get Luke Skywalker meditating and having some kind of “Force vision” about how could his life may evolve if he hadn’t join old Ben Kenobi to go and saving the princess.

…a very good thing is that there is a scene to give honors in a funeral to Han Solo as the hero that he was.

…there is an extra “lesson” to Rey about not intervening in a situation if you can’t get balance out of it.

…when Finn, along with Rose, BB-8 and DJ, infiltrated the First Order’s flagship, he encounters in a turbolift, an old comrade of his days while training to be stormtrooper, which is a really hilarious moment.

…since Rey and Poe met face to face in the novelization of the previous episode, the meeting shown in the movie isn’t on this novelization.

…Leia and Chewie sadly realized that of the original rebels, now they are just them now (while I feel kinda “racist” not recognizing that R2-D2 and C-3PO, while droids, are part of the original rebels too (but maybe it’s just me and my pro-doids civil rights sentiments!)).
March 7, 2018
Ship Reylo? Who, me? No way! I don't like Reylo at all! They hate each other and I definitely don't think that there is any kind of romantic subtext there AT ALL. Nope! Don't ship it!


...I hate myself...

Like... I hate this ship but I also love it?

Also, did Kylo Ren learn how to propose from Mr. Darcy?


Cuz literally, that whole "You're nothing, please rule the galaxy with me" thing Is like when Darcy proposes to Elizabeth the first time and he's like "You're poor and your family sucks and I've tried my best not to love you but for some reason I do, marry me." And Elizabeth is just like "Umm, no... why are you telling me this?"

Star Wars Connections touches more on this with their Reylo theories. You should check out their podcasts, they are excellent.

Alright, I'll see y'all again for more speculations when this is published.

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Author 8 books353 followers
August 16, 2018
This really picked up in the second half. Enjoyed the scenes between Rey and Ren, especially, and thought the author added a lot to those scenes, and especially the conflict between Ren on whether to stay dark or go back to the light. I am neutral on the whole shipping debate. Personally, I have always pictured them as siblings, but don’t really have a dog in that fight.

I also found it interesting at the VERY very end where it was included three times that the caretaker aliens

Please excuse typos/name misspellings. Entered on screen reader.
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448 reviews837 followers
March 10, 2018
”You’re not alone.”
“Neither are you. It’s not too late.”

Was the book perfect? no

Was the movie perfect? definitely no

Was the Canto Bight scene still boring and unnecessary? yes

Was Rose's character unnecessary? ... eh yes (I adore Kelly tho)

Was Phasma's death anticlimactic and a complete waste of what could have become a very interesting character? yes

Was Finn's crush on Rey annoying af? oh my god yes, in the book he's literally obsessed with Rey

Was Kylo's character arc amazing? yes

Was Kylo and Leia's scene as heart pounding as in the movie? yes (and here it was even better, it's canon that if Kylo hadn't been so surprised by his wing mate shooting, HE WOULD HAVE SAVED LEIA BECAUSE SHE WASN'T SCARED OF HIM BUT F O R H I M)

Do I still believe in his redemption? Y E S

And ok I ship reylo, too even if I'm waaaay more invested in Kylo's character than Rey's (but I like her, I really do. And I don't think she's a mary sue)
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1,569 reviews1,039 followers
March 11, 2018
So much hate in the Star Wars fandom. It's insane. God forbid you say The Last Jedi is your favorite movie in the whole franchise or that you ship Reylo.
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860 reviews66 followers
May 3, 2018
I'll be perfectly honest, I skimmed most of this book and read it for the scenes with Rey and Kylo.

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991 reviews166 followers
March 23, 2019
WOAH. This was so much better than the novelization of TFA! And I actually liked that one, but Jason Fry's work feels like, like, a real book. Like something completely new even when you can tell the source and not just a retelling of events in a screen.

A lot of new scenes, a lot of thigs that aren't mencioned in the movie (Snoke's background and past, How did Rey managed to beat Kylo at the end of VII, Ben Solo's past as a padawan and feelings, Leia's memories, Maz force sensitivity information, Luke's Ahch-to years, etc.), details that conect this to the other books of the CEU and TV shows, more deep in every character and a clearer picture of what could be EPIX. Canto Bight is still the weak-ysh part, but the BB-8 POV helps a lot (it also help how Rose is more defined here). Now I need that my paperback arrives to being able to fill it with post-it and tears.

Ps. There's a scene at the end with Leia and Chewie that had me crying a lot :( Why wasn't that in the movie? :((((
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99 reviews32 followers
December 19, 2017
i’m waiting to see how this will turn out

...and also how the sexual tension in the movie will be displayed in the book too lol
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260 reviews24 followers
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January 9, 2018
Reylo is real 💖
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February 21, 2018
Dec 28, 2017:

It's been two weeks since I watched The Last Jedi, my FIRST EVER Star Wars movie. The characters', stellar acting and plot completely blew me away.

I can't wait to see how the novelization will bring more into the characters' minds and actions.

March 2018 cannot come by fast enough!

Also- Really looking forward to both Rey (Badass female protagonist) and Kylo Ren's POV as he's one of the most interesting and conflicted character I've ever come across.
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683 reviews4 followers
March 24, 2018
I have a terrible flu so I can't write a coherent review yet ;__;



So, because I was bored, and it was the holiday, I decided to watch The Last Jedi LOL even though I heard some butthurt fanboys hated this movie.

Aaaaaaannd holy shit why is Adam Driver's acting SO GOOD???!! He delivers as Kylo Ren. I was mystified and confused because I don't remember liking him in the first movie. Suffice to say afterwards I spend my times listening to Kylo Ren's Official Playlist on Spotify that is filled with angsty rock and emo love songs about Rey.

Of all the characterizations, I think I feel sad because General Hux (Hugs?) is treated as a comedic relief in this one though. I like Domhnall Gleeson, ok?! Just like Finn is treated as a comedic relief in the first movie/novel.

I can't wait to read this novelization by Jason Fry to see mostly Ben's POV. I just hope that this novel isn't as bland as the first one. And also, Disney, please don't kill my emo garbage son in Episode IX. Haters gonna hate.

Trust Matt the Radar Technician!
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2,657 reviews1,692 followers
May 15, 2018
The movie did it better. To be fair, the movie always does it better than the novelization. Novelizations are nearly to a one marketing ploys. But after having read the novelization for Rogue One, I am now spoiled for all future movie novelizations. That book was fantastic. It was a piece of art all on its own, and I nearly liked it better than the movie.

This was not that. It was competent. Nothing was wrong. But most importantly, it didn't really translate; the big moments did not hit here like they did in the film. They mostly just zoomed by and no emotional impact was recorded. I'm thinking specifically of two of my favorite moments, the Kylo Ren/Snoke/Rey sequence, and Luke vs. Ben at the end. Fry wrote those two scenes, the whole book really, as if relaying what happened. There didn't seem to be any attempt to evoke the same feelings the movie did through different means. There was no art to it.

Still, it was a good enough reading experience. Like I said, now that I know that novelizations can be great, I will be holding all the rest of them to that standard. Rounding up from 3.5 though, because this was way better than The Force Awakens novelization, which was not great, and also because the "deleted scenes" were legitimately fun. Especially the prologue, which was an extended fantasy sequence into what Luke's life would have been like had he never gone to find old Ben in the desert back in the first movie.

[3.5 stars, rounded up]
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3,606 reviews192 followers
April 14, 2018
3-3.5 stars. Interesting and helpful to get some background and details on character motivations. Much of the story action made more sense.
The audio was well done with beeps, boops and booms in appropriate places. I did not care for Marc Thompson’s interpretation of Rose, though I liked his version of Luke.
It was a little hard seeing Leia in action in the story, knowing the woman who had inhabited her for years was gone.
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4,641 reviews56 followers
March 17, 2018
DISCLAIMER: I have not seen the film this book is based on, so, my thoughts here will be solely on the novelization. Also, if you don't want the novel/movie spoiled, don't read any further.

When I first saw The Force Awakens, I was shocked to see Han Solo get killed. He wasn't my favorite character or anything, but, after hearing and reading many complaints about Chewbacca's death in the first New Jedi Order novel, I knew many fans were going to be upset.

Well, even though I knew thanks to some online reviews with spoilers that Luke was going to get killed, I'm still kind of upset about his death. Granted, the Expanded Universe had him living way too long, but, I would have liked to have seen more adventures with him at the center.

Despite my quibbles with the ending, I still enjoyed the book overall; now, I'm excited to see the movie...and to find out what happens next. I especially enjoyed the surprise appearance by Yoda; was that in the movie?
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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781 reviews57 followers
April 21, 2018
I LOVED this! I love the film as well, so there was a good chance I'd enjoy the novel, but unlike The Force Awakens, there's more depth here. It feels like you're reading a novel, were TFA felt like you were reading a movie made into a novel? That probably makes zero sense. But go read it anyway.
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221 reviews81 followers
October 9, 2018
The novel helped me view the movie better, I liked it, but the writing wasn’t my favourite. I felt it didn’t flow well. 2 1/2 stars.
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1,846 reviews69 followers
April 10, 2018
Rian Johnson’s “The Last Jedi” was a phenomenal “Star Wars” film, and an excellent film in general. Let me start with that, mainly to clarify where I stand with my fellow Star Wars fans, many of whom either have problems with the direction in which the franchise is currently heading or simply didn’t like Johnson’s contribution to it.

I loved the film. It’s everything one could ask for in a “Star Wars” film---action-packed, funny, beautifully-filmed---and more. Actually, though, I think it’s the “more” part with which most fans seem to have a problem. Johnson did some things differently in this film. He kind of strayed from the basic formula. Some purist fans don’t like it. I get it, to an extent: don’t mess with a winning formula. Stick with the program. Don’t rock the boat.

Except, sometimes, one needs to shake things up a little. Doing it the same way, over and over again, gets dull. One needs to keep it real.

I remember certain fans hating “The Force Awakens” because J.J. Abrams had the audacity of following the EXACT SAME FORMULA as the original Lucas trilogy. It was, in fact, “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” simply redone with new characters. It was a choice Abrams made, and it paid off. Now, the haters are criticizing Johnson for doing the opposite of what Abrams did? Seriously?

Whatever. You can’t please everybody.

Before I ramble on further into a lengthy film review when I should be focusing on a book review, let me just say that, in all fairness, Johnson’s film didn’t actually stray too far from the formula. If “The Force Awakens” was “Episode IV”, then “The Last Jedi” was almost a perfect by-the-numbers rehash of “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”. It separated the characters into several different storylines. The tone was somewhat darker and more maudlin. It didn’t end well for everyone. And while it left an iota of hope alive for the distant future, it essentially ended with the Resistance pulverized into a powerless shambles with very little hope for the near future.

What I think many fans didn’t like about the film is that it is about failure and regret. Every character in the film fails miserably in their particular mission or goal. The only character who doesn’t is Kylo Ren, who actively refuses to have any regrets about anything he does and is either unwilling or unable to see the failure in his own actions. He’s a lot like Trump in that regard.

But what harsh critics don’t seem to get is that Johnson is saying that failure can be a good thing. As Yoda says in the film, “The greatest teacher, failure is.” This isn’t a lesson many people want to hear or learn. Failure represents weakness. It also means acknowledging it, taking responsibility for it, and facing the consequences of it. In this Trumpian Era, that shit is scary for most people, especially when they know that they are the smartest, the strongest, and the most morally right.

This is what Master Jedi Luke Skywalker is referring to when he talks about the real failures of the Jedi Order and why he shouldn’t have bothered starting up a new one. It was hubris on his part to believe that he could. It was, he felt, ultimately hubris that brought about the end of the Jedi in the first place.

Jason Fry’s novelization (based on the screenplay by Johnson) is decent but not great. It’s a run-of-the-mill novelization that succeeds only in doing what any decent novelization does: making the reader desire to watch the movie again, this time with a keener eye.

It’s not to say that Fry doesn’t do some interesting things in the book. Besides adding some extra scenes not included in the film (which may or may not appear in the “deleted scenes” section of the blu-ray version), Fry does, subtly, make references to characters and events not mentioned in the film version that tie in past books and graphic novels within the new canon as well as the TV show “Star Wars Rebels”. Only fans who have read the books and watch the show will get them, but it’s still pretty neat.

One of the more notable things Fry incorporates is an alternate opening scene, one that involves a lengthy dream sequence in the mind of Skywalker. In this scene, Luke is an old man living on Tattooine with his wife and elderly Uncle Owen and Aunt Baru. In this sequence, Luke looks back on his life as a moisture farmer with some regrets, like the time he let the Imperial stormtroopers take newly-bought droids away for interrogation. He always wondered what those droids were hiding. He recalls watching the galactic news videos of Princess Leia of Alderaan being executed after admitting to being a leader of the Rebellion and then watching the Death Star blow up Alderaan and three other planets as a show of force. He wonders what life had been like if he had joined the Rebellion and helped fight the Empire. Then he realizes that life wasn’t so bad as a moisture farmer. He had a home, a wife, security, a place far enough away---and insignificant enough---to not be bothered by the Empire. One should never dwell on the “what ifs” of life.

It makes me wonder if Johnson had originally planned on filming this scene, or if he had filmed it and simply edited it out for various reasons. I wish it had been in the theatrical version because I think it is an extremely demonstrative and significant scene, given the film’s over-arching theme about regret.

It works well in the book, however, because it lingers in the mind like an unsolved puzzle that one continually goes back to time and again.
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November 20, 2019
Somehow she was certain of his presence—it was like a fleeting something captured in peripheral vision, or the tickling sensation between the shoulder blades that hinted at a presence behind you.

Goddamn, was this a good novelisation. Faithful to the movie while including a few extra cut scenes and moments, and expanding on the interiority & psychology of its characters -- everyone from Leia to Rey to Poe to BB-8 to freakin' Captain Canady (I really love the old grizzled Imperial veterans who just kind of secretly eyeroll at each other behind Hux's back? they were great). The voice is good and varied throughout, appropriately capturing things like Luke's melancholy; Leia's grief and determination; Rey's feisty stubbornness and yearning; Poe learning to rein in his hotshot impulsive nature; and Hux's hilarious snootiness and prim arrogance.

There's the occasional line of characterisation which just nails it, like: As the turbolift doors shut, General Hux tugged at the cuffs of his uniform even though he knew they were perfect.

Or this from Maz's POV: Maz recognized two of the others. Poe Dameron looked like he'd stepped out of one of Leia Organa's recruiting posters, but war heroes were a decicred a dozen. He needed to fail a few times to become intriguing.

The long tangent on Canto Bight drags a bit here, as it did in the film, but mostly because Rey's interactions with Luke and with Kylo are absolutely electric and nothing can compare. Fry's prose is lovely: descriptive and emotive at all the right bits. It doesn't hit the heights of Alexander Freed's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but it's also far, far, far better than the dreck that was the Force Awakens novelisation.

The only downsides are:
• Finn's haplessness & ineptitude is really played up for laughs and emphasised in a way that I don't like, because it just doesn't jive with my image of him; he is a precious cinnamon roll, yes, but he was also a trained stormtrooper and I wish the canon wasn't so inconsistent about this. I read Before the Awakening quite early, which depicts him as one of the best and most talented stormtrooper trainees but who landed on his superiors' shitlist because he was helping his squadmates too much when they failed. I prefer something more balanced and in-between, if that makes sense.

• Honestly, Poe's mutiny makes even more sense in this book, and Holdo's reticence seems even more absurd when you have the extra expanded backdrop of all the miserable, dispirited rebels and how morale is at a crushing, crushing low. Poe comes across less a renegade mutineer and loose cannon; more a mouthpiece and figurehead for literally everyone's else's feelings. I love Amilyn Holdo but this novelisation made it harder for me to square with her plan.

But! Anyway. I still love The Last Jedi so very, very much, and this is a solid novelisation.
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828 reviews89 followers
March 10, 2018
4.5 stars

From the moment I saw The Last Jedi for the first time in theaters, I became completely obsessed with it. It's almost been three months since it came out, and I still haven't calmed down. I hope I won't any time soon. I watched this movie ten times in theaters, when I'm not great at watching movies, I thought about it all the time, made a playlist about some characters, started reading Star Wars novels, because I can't get enough out of it. So you can imagine that I was eagerly anticipating this novelisation.

I wasn't expecting to be completely blown away by it, as I already knew the entire story, but I was still anticipating it to be enjoyable. WELL, it was so much more than that. While revisiting this story I adore, Jason Fry's novelisation captured perfectly the characters' emotions and expanded even more on everything (that's why it's called the expanded edition, after all, well-done, Lucie). The author added so many new scenes, so the entire story would make even more sense than before. It included so many points of view that I got to know every single character's motives and backstories even better. From Snoke to BB-8 or even Maz, having their insight on what was happening made the story even richer than before. I particularly loved Rose's point of view, because I know that many people didn't like her in the movie, but the novel showed how strong and compassionate she was and built her relationship with Finn way better than the movie could (she wanted to turn him in for such a long time!). I love her so much more now. Same went with Finn and how he didn't want to be part of the Resistance and only came around a long way through the book. As Rey is one of the most important characters, her storyline didn't have a lot of new details, but I adored seeing her personal growth. In any case, it had so much of character development and that's all I wanted.

When it comes to Ben Solo... I thought I was ready, but everything about his past broke my heart, once again. Because of the leaks on Twitter, I already knew all the details, but it was so heart-wrenching to read. Seeing everyone he loved and trusted leaving him, time and time again (particularly when he was just A CHILD) was too much for my poor heart. Another thing I was 100% here for was the Reylo content and it more than delivered, I need to process and reread all of those parts for the next two years. AHEM. However, I wanted more Stormpilot content and it didn't deliver, as it focused on Finnrose (but it was amazingly done, so I can't complain too much)...

Overall, Jason's Fry novelisation of The Last Jedi was absolutely amazing and so much better than the one for The Force Awakens (which I still loved, but it can't compare). It gave a lot of new insight to the movie, to the point that it can totally stand on its own as a novel.

Finally, let me express my true feelings : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I'm so sorry, but I feel so much better.
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Author 1 book158 followers
March 27, 2018
4.3 stars + 0,20 for the hungry looks of Kylo Ren

I loved the movie. It has its (little) faults here and there, but it's a great film. Not just because of ReyLo, but overall I found it interesting and nuanced, highlighting the grey zone in which the good ones and the bad ones find themselves in such a vast conflict.
Let me say this: this book is a book. WHOA THAT'S ASTOUNDING.
But listen.
What I mean is: TFA novelization felt a lot more like a mere, dry literary adaptation of an action movie, adding barely nothing to the story for the reader.
This novel, instead, is complete and rich, it looks like the movie was the adaptation, not viceversa.
Even if I'll never praise enough the actors and actresses (Daisy "bae" Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are awesome, and don't even get me started on Adam fucking Driver because his Kylo is perfection) I have to say that I greatly enjoyed this book.

Ps. if you're a fan of The Darkling x Alina couple (Grisha Trilogy) just.. watch this movie. Because istg Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver slaaaaaaayyyy in their roles. Thank me later.
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829 reviews36 followers
June 11, 2018
3.5 stars.
I'll preface this by saying I -liked- the Last Jedi. (Feel free to ask me why, but it's too long to go into here.)

I'll also say that the "New Canon" have been hit or miss with me: while there's been a few standouts ("Lost Stars" springs right to mind), none of them have truly spoken to me.

This book follows that trend: while it expands pleasingly upon some elements of the film, it still feels a bit rushed and anemic to me. (The best novelizations can still add to it's counterpart film while not sacrificing it's own identity- witness the "Crimson Peak" and "Shape of Water" where book and film each improve upon the other.)

Just because it's Star Wars, doesn't mean it can't be good, and doesn't mean you should relax your reading standards (whatever they happen to be) just because it's a pop culture touchstone.
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May 24, 2018
~4.5 stars~

This was another audiobook read, and I enjoyed it a lot! Loved the sound effects and music that are in there occasionally :) It has been a little while since I finished this...I really need to write my reviews AS SOON as I'm finished reading the book XD Or at least within a day or two lol So I apologize for another not so great review. I did enjoy it though and I can't wait for the next Star Wars movie to come out so I can see how this all ends!!
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June 18, 2019
This book is exactly like the movie, with a few exception.

I really wanted more from this book than I got. You would assume going into a novelization that you would get more internal dialogue, maybe some important thoughts going through character's heads in emotional scenes? While you do get some of this, most notably from Luke and Snoke, its never to the extent I wanted.

The best scenes were the scenes that weren't in the movie, clearly Jason Fry had a better time writing scenes that didn't need to correlate to a movie scene, that in describing the movie. The best I thought were Fry's writing of high emotional scenes was severely lacking and came out dry and without impact. His best writing came out in the last face off of on Crait. I thought he did his most informative writing in this part of the book. Not only do you get some insight into how strategic Kylo Ren is(when he's not a emotional mess of betrayal and rage), but also some good reflective inner dialogue from Luke, Poe, Finn, and Rose at times.
Another great element of this book was Hux's perspective, and to me, it looks like he's gearing up to perform a coup of some sort. He doesn't like Kylo Ren and see's his weaknesses, and very clearly intends to exploit them to assert himself as the man in charge. How successful this endeavor will be who knows? I also really liked getting Canady, Yoga, and Peavy's pov, its interesting to see inside the heads of these well trained First Order officers. I also loved how Luke talked about Living vs Cosmic Force, bc Kylo and Rey are still connected even after Snoke dies y'all, how is that not the Cosmic force at work? Leia was also just such a badass, whenever we got to be in her mind it was awesome and I love her.

Things I didn't like:

-Whoever edited this book clearly didn't catch the fact that spelling names as BeeBee-Ate, Ceethreepio, and Ar-Too is stupid. And it was INCONSISTENT-they would jump between BB-8 and BeeBee-Ate, like wtf? Just use their names, not the pronunciation. We all know who they're talking about.

-How we got basically zero inner dialogue in either Kylo or Rey perspective during they're force bonds. We got a tiny bit of their POV's but not as much as other characters. I really wanted more of Kylo or Rey's POV (since they are basically the two main characters) and there wasn't a lot. There was maybe only four short instances I thought were significant. And this may just be me, but just from this book I would think Ben barely cared for Rey, which is crazy because on screen its so clear how obsessed/invested in their relationship Ben is, even at the end after his temper tantrum. That just goes to show how little internalization you get from him, but maybe they're just waiting for episode IX...

-The droids and ships POV I thought were extraneous and silly. They were kind of cute, but I just thought they were unnecessary.

-the characterization of Finn and Rose throughout the entire first half. Idk what Jason Fry was thinking, but Finn was reduced to an annoying and clueless Rey-broken record, holding little to no personality or agency until the very end and even then it wasn't to the extent I saw in the movie. And Rose was jealous and mean to Finn for a long time. Idk about you, but I never thought Rose was ever JEALOUS of Rey in the movie. After her sister died, she was somehow reduced to the jealous girlfriend who hounded Finn by pointing out everything he did wrong. Later she gets much more in character, but still resides as this love smitten Finn groupie with no personality. Fry really failed in bring Finn and Rose to the page.

Overall I think its a good read for the scenes not in the movie and for those small, tiny, infrequent but important looks into some of our main characters.

P.S. Kylo is an emotional mess y'all, and he's had an unintentionally really fucked up life (), and he's still pretty scary, but I wouldn't say he's good person even though he still loves his mom. But I'm now 100% sure, based on what Rey and Snoke both discussed, that we are going to get a redemption arc for Kylo, but I think it'll have to come from him wanting to change and forge his own path. I'm so excited.
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July 8, 2018
Si han estado al tanto de mis estados habrán notado cuanto disfrute este libro, y por mucho se catapulta al mejor libro del 2018, y se va directo a mi lista de favoritos.

Voy a disfruta muchísimo hacer esta reseña, así que probablemente me tarde un poco en publicarla…
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