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Mure #2

The Endless Beach

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When Flora MacKenzie traded her glum career in London for the remote Scottish island of Mure, she never dreamed that Joel—her difficult, adorable boss—would follow. Yet now, not only has Flora been reunited with her family and opened a charming café by the sea, but she and Joel are taking their first faltering steps into romance.

With Joel away on business in New York, Flora is preparing for the next stage in her life. And that would be…? Love? She’s feeling it. Security? In Joel’s arms, sure. Marriage? Not open to discussion.

In the meanwhile, Flora is finding pleasure in a magnificent sight: whales breaking waves off the beaches of Mure. But it also signals something less joyful. According to local superstition, it’s an omen—and a warning that Flora’s future could be as fleeting as the sea-spray…

393 pages, Hardcover

First published February 9, 2017

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About the author

Jenny Colgan

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Jenny Colgan is the author of numerous bestselling novels, including 'The Little Shop of Happy Ever After' and 'Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery', which are also published by Sphere.' Meet Me at the Cupcake Café' won the 2012 Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance and was a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller, as was 'Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop of Dreams', which won the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2013.

For more about Jenny, visit her website and her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter.

Jenny Colgan has also been published under the name Jenny T. Colgan.

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2,833 reviews500 followers
January 6, 2018
Easily without a doubt in my mind, the best book Jenny Colgan has ever written. My only regret was that I hadn't started it earlier in the day so that I could have read it in one sitting.

In fact, please don't waste your time reading this review, just go buy the book now, settle down in your comfy reading spot and read that instead, it will be a far better and more enjoyable use of your time.


Well that's because the book is brilliant. It is heartwarming, it is emotional and I just didn't want to put it down at any point. I adored being back on the island of Mure with Flora and her family, and although Flora is arguably the main character, I found it was all the other storylines that I was loving even more.

I loved catching up with Fintan, one of Flora's brother, and seeing how his relationship was progressing. In fact Coltan is pivotal throughout the book, and yet although you know he is up to something, I was open mouthed in shock when his big secret was finally revealed.

Then there is Saif, the refugee doctor on the island, who has been working hard to be accepted by the islanders, while continually awaiting for news of his family. Saif's story was gripping, I absolutely loved him so much, especially when seeing what he had to cope with in this story.

Joel who we got to know quite well in The Summer Seaside Kitchen is also full of surprises and we finally get to find out more about his background, as well as him being responsible for some of the rather shocking bits of the book.

This book is a sequel to The Summer Seaside Kitchen, but it could be read as a standalone. There are a good reminder in Jenny Colgan's ever present, and always useful letter to her readers at the start of the book, that even as someone who had read the first book, brought my mind right back to Mure and the story before it even got going.

Such wonderful writing, it draws you in and won't let you go, I really cared about every last character, and the children that are present in the book are fabulous too - including Agot who has such a great personality for a 4 year old and is a real tonic for any scene she is in.

I found the first bit of the book started slightly slowly, as it took a bit longer than I would have expected to be completely engrossed, but once I had a grip on the new characters, and recalled Mure fully, I had to keep reading and reading it. The many storylines are fantastic, and I really wouldn't have predicted a fair amount of the book.

The Endless Beach is already one of my favourite books of the year, I think this may be they start of a slight change in the writing from the author, as I don't recall feeling this emotional and churned up after other books by her in the past, and if that is the case then I am incredibly excited for the next releases.

Thank you so much to Sphere and Netgalley for this copy which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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952 reviews373 followers
June 29, 2023
I was looking for a light read to lift my moods, and thought I would get a standard cute chick-lit. The second installment of the mure series wasn’t that at all. It describes dark subjects like abuse and sickness, so it was at times hard to read on. I felt however that the author handled those issues with respect, and the plot felt more real than the standard novel where everything is rosy and sweet.
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563 reviews10 followers
January 28, 2018
A generous 2 star read, that really only merited 1 and a half stars at most.

I usually like Jenny Colgan for some light reading. But this is just awful. Not only does the storyline drag, but the writing is abysmal. There are far too many offshoots, hyphenated additions and bracketed information, that it disrupts the flow of the reading. Not only that but four year old Agot is the singularly most annoying character I have ever come across. Has Jenny Colgan ever spent any time with a four year old?! Because this is NOT how they speak (“Aunti Flowa. I want!” - aargh!!)

For a book of this length there is also a spectacular lack of story. By the end of the book so little has happened that you just feel you’ve wasted a good few hours reading this twaddle. The characters are two dimensional. And even the ones that should make an impact - such as Saif and his children - just don’t.

I think I’m almost talking myself out of giving this 2 stars now!
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1,081 reviews1,412 followers
May 21, 2018

Flora quit her job as an attorney in London and moved back with her family on the Isle of Mure in the Scottish Highlands to work in the bakery.

Much to her surprise, her boss, Joel, decided to join her.

Flora didn’t know what to expect, but she didn’t expect love. She finds out Joel had a difficult childhood in foster care and doesn’t want to open up about it. That is a secret Joel keeps, a secret that causes problems for him as well as Flora, but this definitely adds interest to the story line.

THE ENDLESS BEACH sounds like a wonderful place to vacation and relax. I don’t think I would want to live there because of the remoteness, but the simple, stress free life would be lovely.

We follow Flora, Joel, Saif and Flora’s brothers as lives, interests, secrets, and personalities are revealed. Each character had a story - some sad. some happy.

It took a few pages to get everyone connected and to grab my interest, but the bakery, the whales, and the atmosphere on the Isle of Mure made it a very appealing read.

If you enjoy being in a quaint, lovely place and enjoy visiting with unforgettable, lovable characters, THE ENDLESS BEACH is a book you won’t want to miss. 4/5

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation by the publisher in return for an honest review.
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1,937 reviews798 followers
June 17, 2018
Reading a Jenny Colgan book always fills me with contentment. I know the story will draw me in and the dialogue will be both funny and serious and I will love the characters. I just know it. And, I was not wrong this time either.

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865 reviews
November 30, 2022
I guess it would have been hard to top The Summer Seaside Kitchen, which I thought was excellent (trite Joel element notwithstanding). Why even try? What’s wrong with a perfectly good standalone! I know that series are lucrative but that doesn’t mean every single story warrants a box set! I had the same thoughts about Beach Street Bakery, to be honest.

Speaking of which....
The Mure books have an eerie similarity to the Beach Street books:
Fairly normal, sound woman in first book (Polly/Flora) falls apart in second book and almost loses restaurant (Beach Street Bakery/Seaside Kitchen) due to tedious obsession with obnoxious American man-child (Huckle/Joel).
There is a loveable animal (Neil the Puffin/ Bramble the Dog) that makes the first book brilliant but barely features in the second.
The female MC tries to get off with a local, married man (Tarnie/Charlie) because of some stupid spat with the American man-child.
There is next to no new story or conflict-driven plot but instead, a forced relationship between the two incompatible people (Polly and Huckle/Flora and Joel) gets a lot of airtime. It mostly consists of a refusal to communicate, lying, throwing tantrums and acting like petulant children.
We are also subjected to the PDA, in-your-face belligerence and sheer fuckwittery of an odious contact of the main female (Kerensa/Fintan) and another obnoxious, wealthy American (Rueben/Colton). Then we get two terrible couplings and are expected to feel good about it.
It’s basically the same book!

I was already annoyed with the book less than one hundred pages in: the over-explaining, the lack of plot, the forced political-correctness of everything, the anti-London, the self-pity, the melodrama... it was painful. The overall effect was whiny, forced, trite and cumbersome. This doesn’t even feel like a Jenny Colgan book.

I was disappointed that Flora had become nasty, shrieky and belligerent. All she does is feel sorry for herself and moan on and on about Joel the Twat. Even the sheep on Mure can see they aren’t compatible. Let it go for feck’s sake! I really didn’t enjoy spending so much time inside her head space. I’ve read teenage characters with more personality, self-esteem and depth than Flora.

The pair of them are so immature and melodramatic. It was sickening.

Why did Joel keep referring to Charlie as “Flora’s ex-boyfriend”? Is this just further proof that this relationship is built on assumptions and zero communication? They weren’t an item. Flora just tried to snog Charlie because she was mad at Joel (eye-roll) even though Charlie was in a relationship with Jan.

The villagers and family that made the first book so enjoyable barely featured in this story. It felt more like a really bad soap opera than anything else which may appeal to some but certainly not to me.

I was a bit surprised in the author’s note that Jenny Colgan had received nasty correspondence from whingers for writing a villain that does the same job as they do (therefore, presumably, making an irrefutable claim through a work of fiction that people who do social work as a job are therefore villains *eye roll* The mental gymnastics!). What surprised me was a) she gave them airtime in an author’s note and b) she felt like she had to remedy this by shoehorning a social worker into this book (presumably to offset the villain in a different, unrelated book). That’s ridiculous. It’s called a caricature - sheesh!
This shouldn’t even warrant saying but here we are: Not everything is about you; stop taking personal offense to works of fiction!

The usual feel-good cheerfulness and humour that makes Jenny Colgan so wonderful is totally missing and it makes for a bleak and dragging story. Nothing of consequence happens, there is no character growth or development, which brings me back to my first point: what was the point of this? To turn it into a soap opera?

Lastly, I need to comment on that Agot brat since I let it slide in the first book. That child is so bloody obnoxious. (It wound me up in the first book but it was at least counterbalanced by a plot and likeable characters). If I had spoken like that at four, my parents would have given me a right bollocking! That’s far too old to be baby-talking, shrieking (I assume that’s what the CAPITAL LETTERS represent) and not having the social awareness to communicate properly. Is it supposed to be cute? It’s really, really not.

Given how the Beach Street Bakery series deteriorated over time and the rapid deterioration of the this series, I’ve taken the final instalment of this series, An Island Christmas, off my TBR list. I can’t even imagine how horrible a pregnant Flora will be. I’ll bet you ten bucks that the “drama” (I can hardly call it conflict, can I?) will be her refusal to tell Joel followed by tantrums and breaks ups and shrieking on all sides and probably a bloody marriage proposal... *eye twitch*... just go on without me, guys.
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1,349 reviews3,004 followers
June 8, 2018
Flora MacKenzie has recently returned to the place where she grew up, the Scottish island of Mure. She is busy running a cafe and is in the beginning stages of a romance with her former boss, Joel. This is the second book in the Summer Seaside Kitchen series but can be read as a standalone novel as the author does a good job catching the reader up on what happened in the previous book.

What I enjoyed most about this book was the focus wasn't solely on the two main characters. Instead the book also explored the lives of other characters who lived on the island. This definitely wasn't a complete lighthearted romance as there were some serious things going on although they never completely overpowered the book where it felt too dark. Would love to see where the author goes from here in the next book as I am interested what she has in store for the supporting characters. Definitely recommend if you like romance books that aren't complete fluff and have a little substance.

I won a free copy of this book in a giveaway but was under no obligation to post a review. All views expressed are my honest opinion.

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1,164 reviews140 followers
August 12, 2019

Yes, dear readers, I am “slightly” irritated that once again I have fallen into a series, completely unawares of what I was doing. Readers, you know me by now – reading mid-series irritates me beyond belief, not to mention you are missing half of the backstory. Well, here I have done it again. I didn’t realise what had happened until I opened the book and saw a dear authorial note, reassuring me that it was okay. Okay, that I was about to start a book that is the second one of a series and that it was fine, this could be read as a stand-alone with no knowledge of the previous story. Wrong. Oh so very wrong.

I felt so disconnected from the characters that it did not feel that I was reading a heart-warming Jenny Colgan novel. I have read several of her novels in the past and looked forward to indulging myself, particularly as some of my more recent reads have been quite dark with plenty of death. Yet, despite the reassurance from Colgan, it was obvious that I had visited Mure (the Scottish island that the novel is set on) without knowing the entire story of previous events. It felt like starting to watch a film from half-way through, to be honest. Whilst I did become engrossed in the story, it took longer than I would expect it to because of the missing pieces. Remembering the characters and their backstory was more challenging and I couldn’t forget that there was another book before this one…

Don’t get me wrong, this is a lovely story and, had I approached it as a sequel, would have undoubtedly awarded this the full five stars. Yet, the simple marketing error left me feeling discombobulated (yes! I love this word! First time for it to feature in my blog!) and a little sad that I had missed out. I am certainly going to schedule in a library visit to return this offering and starting hunting for the predecessor.

Moving on now, (I don’t want this to be a post full of moaning and criticisms)… What surprised me the most about the plot was that I did not feel that Flora and Joel are centre stage in this story. Following Fintan and Said’s story made this read more enriching and interesting. In fact, I was most captivated by Said’s touching character as he rediscovers his position in the community – now not only just the island’s doctor. Yes, the whole book does focus on romance, but, what I have found about many of Colgan’s books, there is a whole plethora of other themes and issues that make this more of a wholesome romance story. I guess you could call it a romance book with a bit of bite.

I didn’t find the main plot line as enjoyable as I should have done. Joel and Flora’s relationship felt unconvincing and whilst I loved Flora’s story of running the cafe on Mure and being her own business woman, I struggled to see the connection with her and Joel. He is presented as so stand-offish that I believe Colgan could have done a bit more to reassure mid-series readers that yes, this is supposed to be a genuine relationship and that they are a couple that have been through a lot.

Overall, the plot was delightful to read and I did enjoy it. There is a third book in the series, set at Christmas time, which I intend to read when the nights are not so warm and balmy! If you are after a holiday, beach read, but don’t think you can stomach something so gushy, then I would certainly recommend this book. Only after you have read the first one of the series. Obviously.
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859 reviews106 followers
October 11, 2022
October 16, 2019: Best. Jenny. Colgan. Book. Ever!

July 4, 2019: This is absolutely Jenny Colgan’s best book!

September 1, 2018 Update:
OK, so I just finished listening to this and it was EVEN BETTER! Jenny Colgan makes me laugh, cry, laugh again, cry again, hug my husband really hard, and then want to experience it all over again. How the heck am I going be able to wait for the sequel?

This was even better than the first one which I’ve, by the way, read twice and listened to once already.
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558 reviews3 followers
April 26, 2018
Sorry Jenny, I just didn't dig this one. It was an endless drudgery of self-loathing, worrying, lacking humor and other factors book that just couldn't get over itself. It wallows in the pain of its subject matter and won't let you up for air. It's just flat out soul sucking in the end for my taste.
1,132 reviews84 followers
May 9, 2020
Loved this book. I love Jenny’s books and have read loads of them over the years. I’m always pleased to see a new one come out and can’t wait to get my hands on it. She never disappoints and her books are always a joy to read.
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315 reviews680 followers
September 29, 2020
Una delicia volver a la isla de Mure, una continuación que pensaba que iba a ser de transición pero todo lo contrario, continúa de forma muy atrayente tanto la historia de Flora como la de su hermano Fintan y la de Lorna y el doctor Saif.
Tres pilares que se siguen entrelazando con la vida en la isla, mucha comunidad, familia, pasado y futuro ante todos.
Una de las series más feel good que he leído últimamente. Con ganas de seguir.
Reseña completa:
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878 reviews33 followers
January 10, 2018
I was really looking forward to reading this follow on to the seaside kitchen and hearing more about the people who live there and it didn't let me down at all so well written and a simple read with great characters you can really imagine yourself there on the island as described it so well. It's romantic I'm places but upsetting in others as well and you are hooked from the first page. So readable I really do recommend you get it.
The book is still about flora in a big way as she rubs the seaside kitchen and is in a relationship with Joel but he's always away with work and very distant with her. Flora goes out to America to surprise her boyfriend is this the best move for her to do and does he slowly start to open up about his past as a child. Lorna is very keen on the dr but he is married but his wife and two young children are missing and he's about to get shocking news that will change his life and how does he and the people involved cope with this as its not an easy time for them all. As the winter turns to simmer can everyone be happy or is there more shocking news still to come with more of island people.
Great characters and I highly recommend reading as hooked from the first page.
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2,306 reviews724 followers
August 13, 2018
This is a sequel to the Cafe by the Sea - so don't read this without reading Cafe first (Also a 5-star read for me)

I ADORED this book. I adored book one too. The character are so rich, so engaging, so real....I fell in love with them and the entire town. I absolutely adored every single page.

In this one - although very romance-centered, there is a storyline that will hurt your HEA heart. The main couple has a HEA but there is a storyline that a romance-only book fan will not like.

But this town and the people in it - can not be missed. I can't believe this author has never come onto my radar. HUGE thanks to Angie (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5...) from Angieville who has been tweeting about this series. It's a must read.
1,557 reviews25 followers
January 19, 2018
Doesn't the cover make you want to dive right in? Well it does for me as I am a huge Jenny Colgan fan. If you haven't read any of her books I would strongly recommend them with a big mug of tea and a biscuit or two. This story is all about life on Mure it follows on from the seaside kitchen where we first meet all the wonderful residents that live there. The characters make you feel as though your part of the community and shows you that no matter what your going through they will always pull together to help you. The added bonus is when you finish the book and there are some cracking recipes to test out yourself.
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319 reviews
January 22, 2018
I am a huge Jenny Colgan fan and it's usually a real highlight for me when a new book comes Out. Her books are usually funny, charming and provide a much needed light escape from the real world. This was not one of those books. This tackled some really serious issues and at times was really depressing. I read these books for a laugh and an escape from serious things not to be clobbered over the head with them.
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888 reviews120 followers
January 12, 2018
Without doubt The Endless Beach is the best book Jenny Colgan has ever written. Once I started this brilliant read, I easily finished it within a couple of hours as I became so entranced by the magic of the island of Mure and by the astonishingly excellent storylines and characters. This books packs a real emotional punch and readers would be forgiven that they weren't going to find such emotions and feelings running through what many would term a 'chick-lit' book. No this goes way beyond that, dealing with plot lines that would in the most recent past never have been dared to be mentioned in books in this genre. Not once did Jenny shy away from her subject matter but in fact the male characters really come to prominence in this book and that was so refreshing. To get the male perspective of things, although in this case one or two are hiding things with what they think is good reason, rarely if ever happens in most of the books I read. The women weren't forgotten but I sensed we had come to know both Flora and Lorna previously and although we see how they are feeling as well the men get their chance to step into the spotlight and in doing so provided a really well rounded view of all the characters and the ups and downs they are experiencing on the tiny island of Mure in Scotland.

The Endless Beach can easily be read as a standalone as Jenny has written an authors note bringing readers up to date with the characters. We first met Lorna and Saif in the Quick Reads novella A Very Distant Shore and then last year we made our acquaintance with Flora and Joel in The Summer Seaside Kitchen. But I think if you read this on its own although you would love it as much as I did I feel you would be missing out on what makes this series so compulsive and you would want to fully understand why said characters act the way do. So do indulge yourself and read all three books preferably one after the other without any interruptions.

As I was already familiar with the characters I felt I wasn't looking out for hints as to their previous stories and I could just launch straight into the story and see what was going on now. Admittedly I was reading along and at first I wasn't finding Jenny's writing as gripping as I usually do, there was nothing wrong with the story per se it's just that compulsive urge to keep turning the pages wasn't there. At this stage I was getting slightly worried as this has never happened to me when reading a book by this author before. Then all of a sudden everything started happening and I couldn't get enough. There was no way I was going to bed until I had finished this captivating book which provided so much more than your usual run of the mill boy meets girl story. It was great to discover what happens next to the characters after we have left them behind in the previous books so the reader is not left wondering 'is it all plain sailing in a bed of roses or are you meant to work at things to keep the romance alive?' 'What happens when obstacles are sent to try and test your relationship to it's very limits?' In this case Flora and Joel will certainly find out if their romance can go the distance through tough and turbulent times.

The setting for The Endless Beach was just perfect, the wild and rugged island of Mure which I had fallen in love with when reading Flora's story. All the characters I had come to know were once again present and I am glad there wasn't that many new characters bar maybe Mark and Marsha introduced. This allowed us to get to know the ins and outs of the small rural community even more, Island living is all about community and sharing. Gossip is the lifeblood of so many residents and where better to indulge in the latest goings on than in Flora's seaside café which is going through its own ups and downs businesswise. Not partly due to the fact Flora is that bit too generous especially when it comes to the boys who visit thanks to Charlie and Jan's outward bound charity. Flora has such a good heart and I was pleased to see her romance with Joel was in the beginning very much on an even keel. You could see the passion, love and deep appreciation they had for each other. Flora had battled for her man and won and she wasn't going to let him go that easily even if his city colleagues wonder what he is doing with her and the islanders question whether Joel is really suited to small island life. Joel is a lawyer and a very busy one at that. Colton, a billionaire who hopes to open The Rock hotel, has employed him to do some work as a matter of great urgency. This in turn takes Joel away from the island and there in lies the problem for the majority of the novel.

Flora feels Joel slipping away from her, the longer he is away from the island working. Initially I thought woah hold on Flora you are totally over acting. if a man has to go away to work let him be. If he is busy of course he can't answer every time you ring. I thought she was reading far too much into things and should just enjoy the relationship and hang on until Joel could return. Colton seemed to have some sort of hold over Joel and I was worried that something nasty was afoot. Things seemed to spiral out of control fairly rapidly and maybe Flora had been intuitive enough to see her worries at such a distance may have been justified. I wanted everything to be OK for the pair, for them just to enjoy being together, but as is true to life things have to be worked at and some times distance and time may help to put things right. But still at the back of my mind I wanted to know the underlying things going on. Surely behind all this stress and worry was a very valid reason for Joel remaining so shut off and aloof, for that was what he was for most of the time. When the reasons become clear I understood Joel so much more. It was lovely too to see things between Colton and Fintan, Flora's brother, stepping up a gear and also the author acknowledged the fact that in such a small community where narrow minded views could abound especially in a traditional family that maybe people were starting to became more open and understanding.

The other male getting more of a storyline was Saif, the Syrian doctor not long on the island. Oh how I felt for Saif, his feelings of utter desolation and hopelessness. He feels like a fish out of water in this alien community. Yes he goes through the motions of doing his job caring for the sick and for those who claim to have an illness but just really need a chat. He may be present in body on the island but his mind is firmly rooted with his wife and two children whom he left behind in Syria several years ago. He has heard nothing from them and as each day passes he never gives up hope that they will all be reunited. Again the author was highlighting a modern day crisis which all too often tends to be brushed under the carpet and never gets explored in books. Saif is living a daily hell full of nightmares and although early morning walks on the endless beach and bumping into Lorna every now and again soothe his soul momentarily, the thoughts and horrors soon come rushing back into his heart and mind. Saif keeps himself distant and separate from the islanders bar treating them when necessary as he continues to wait on news. But all the islanders want to do is help to show their community spirit is alive and well and sincere not fake or false. Will Saif see a change in fortune or are things going to get much more challenging before any hope is in sight? I couldn't begin to understand what Saif was experiencing but the author certainly did a remarkable job of conveying what turmoil he was going though on a daily basis. I hoped Saif would eventually find some comfort.

The Endless Beach provides comfort and escape for the reader. It felt like returning to old familiar friends and for several hours the real world remained at bay whilst I enjoyed everything the island of Mure and its residents were offering me. This was certainly an emotional roller coaster which offered numerous laugh out loud moments ( Agot springs to mind – I think she now rivals Neil the puffin for my affections) but at the same time a deeper more hidden depth of feelings were explored mainly from the men's side and for this I applaud Jenny Colgan. There were two crucial points where I exclaimed oh no out loud because I couldn't believe what I was reading. I was saddened and disheartened and then several pages later hopeful. The islanders and Flora, Joel, Saif, Lorna and co are resilient but times are testing them. The way the book ended I felt left room for another story and I do hope Jenny has more in the pipeline. I loved this book and am gutted it had to end if only it could have been as endless just like the beach in the title.
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654 reviews163 followers
January 11, 2018
All reviews can be found on my blog at https://thewritinggarnet.wordpress.com

I will warn you now - my review of Jenny Colgan's new novel will not do the book justice in the slightest. The only way you're going to be able to appreciate such outstanding, literary craftsmanship, is by grabbing a copy for yourself, turning off every link to the outside world, and delve into a story which you will never want to leave.

I have been a huge fan of Jenny Colgan's novels for as long as I can remember, with every new release raising the bar just that little bit higher in terms of brilliance. Until now. 'The Endless Beach' hasn't just raised the bar of brilliance a smidge, no. It has completely sent the bar skyrocketing into space. 'What do you mean by that?', I hear you ask. Well my lovely readers, I mean that Jenny Colgan has written her best book ever with 'The Endless Beach', without a doubt.

Hand on heart, I have never read a book which I took me a couple of hours to read without stopping, due to me not wanting to break the hold which the author unknowingly had on me. The storyline pulled me in to a world I never knew existed. A place where friendships weren't just friendships, they were lifelines. A place where helping each other wasn't expected, yet the community helped those who needed it without question, or judgement. A place where a cafe wasn't just a place to grab a coffee and a quick bite to it, it was a place where the community could go whenever they felt lonely, knowing full well that someone would be willing to have a natter. A place where romance isn't determined by whats in your trousers, but what is in your heart.

Before starting 'The Endless Beach', I had absolutely no idea what sort of journey the book would take me on and, if I'm being totally honest, even after reading the book I couldn't even begin to tell you what sort of journey I went on. All I know is that it was a journey I had never been on before. A journey which I will be remembering for a very, very long time.

I wish I could go into detail about what I loved about this book, but because I don't want to give anything away, you're just going to have to trust me when I say that you need to read this book without stopping. Seriously. Ignore everyone. Ignore your bladder, and just read. This enchanting storyline needs to be cherished without the spell being broken.

Not only did 'The Endless Beach' make me smile until my cheeks hurt, it made me cry tears of joy and tears of pain. I felt the pain which certain characters endured. I felt the joy within joyous situations. Everything about this book was perfection - I cannot recommend 'The Endless Beach' enough.

Never mind being a book about an 'Endless Beach', it's a storyline with 'endless' possibilities, 'endless' joy, with 'endless' reasons to keep fighting when life throws you sand balls.

'The Endless Beach' has blown me away and ignited the fire in my belly which has been hidden for a very, very long time. This is, without a doubt, Jenny Colgan's best book yet, and it deserves to be cherished like the magnificent book that it is.

Beautifully written, enchanting, heart stopping, and utterly poignant; 'The Endless Beach' will warm your heart like the sun on a summer's day - absolutely incredible.
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January 7, 2018
If you love Jenny Colgansbooks as much as me then this is not a book to be missed. Or if you haven’t read a Jenny Colgan book before and you are a fan of romance/chicklit this book is for you. Without doubt a must read for all.

I simply loved this book. It was beautiful, romantic, emotional and heartbreaking. I greedily gobbled up this book in one sitting and absolutely loved it from beginning to end.

It was so lovely to go back to Mure again. A place I would absolutely love to live. Even though I know it is fictional it sounds such a beautiful place to inhabit. Being surrounded by the sea and the rolling hills sounds idyllic.

Although this book is mostly about the main character Flora who owns the Seaside Kitchen. It is the other stories that run along side it. That make this book so beautiful.

Especially the story of Finton and Coltan. Their love story is so beautiful and really moving. It had me in floods of tears.

It is so nice to meet up with Saif again. The refugee doctor that we meant in the little book that runs along side the Summer seaside kitchen. His love story and learning about his life and what he has, had to live through were really moving.

Joel is also a pivotal person in this book. Who has his fair share of secrets and shocking announcements that we learn more about in this book.

This is the second book in the Summer Seaside kitchen, and although I would recommend you to read the Summer Seaside kitchen book first. Just so you get some more background and content to the story. This book can be read as a stand alone. Also while you are reading the first book. Make sure that you read the mini book that goes along side it. Which introduces Saif to the little island.

I always really love reading Jenny Colgan book as they always manage to put a smile on my face. All the characterisation in this book are Wonderful and you can help taking them all to heart and wishing them all lots of happiness.

This really is a lovely book. That I recommend you all to read. So don’t forget to go and get it on the 11th Jan. it is sure to make you smile on these cold and dreary winters nights. I for one absolutely loved it. Another gem by the fantastic author that is Jenny Colgan.

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July 4, 2018
I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.A character driven book that takes place on a Scottish Island of Mure.

The book follows Flora MacKenzie, who moved to Mure for a fresh start and opened up Cafe by the Sea. She never dreamt that her difficult but adorable boss would follow her. Joel is fed up with city life and is tired of sleeping with supermodels and is now looking for some peace and quiet and Mure seems to bring that peace to his soul. Joels walls are still pretty high due to his past and he is now harboring a secret that causes him to feel sick.

The book also follows Saif, a refugee doctor who is awaiting news of being reunited back with his wife and children. This storyline to me was my favorite, I really liked Saif's, character and it just felt emotional and more interesting. It really hit me in the feels. There is a schoolteacher named Lorna who is absolutely in love with him, but things are complicated for Saif so it be interesting to see if there is another book.

The ending was kind of sad and happy at the same time, there is a bit of heartbreak added to the end of the story and as I did not read book one, it felt a bit like it was added for a shock factor or to add more substance to the story.

The book is character driven, so you kind of have to like the characters in order to enjoy the book. It follows these people in their life so not much happens for a while in the story and it can feel a little slow at points. I had a difficult time with Flora to be completely honest, she just could not seem to respect Joel's wishes. I understand why she did it, but she felt pushy. Also, she was a complete push over and I wish should would stand up for herself in the end, and I was waiting for it to happen but it never did. What happened with her Cafe and the wedding, she should have used her voice.

Going to end this review on that note because at this point I am rambling. Overall, it's a really great beach read.This review was originally posted on Night Owl Book Cafe
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March 25, 2019
I waver between 3 and 4 stars for this novel because there were parts of it I really liked and there were parts of it that totally annoyed me

I enjoyed seeing Flora and Joel again and getting to see how they make (or don’t make) their relationship work. Most books end with the couple getting together so it was nice that this was one was a direct continuation of book one and thus we can see what they must deal with being in a relationship with each other.

I am upset with . I was okay with Lorna and the doctor’s storyline but I felt it dragged out a bit. And there is no resolution for anything really, and according to the synopsis for book three there is more drama and I am on the fence if I want to read it or not.

I preferred the first book, it felt more contained oddly enough. But this one is solid overall and I really enjoy these characters and the setting so hence the 3 stars.
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June 16, 2018
I have 5 authors that are guaranteed winners for me. Jenny Colgan is one of those writers that never disappoints. She crafts a sweet, romantic story about life on the small Scottish island of Mure. “The Endless Beach,” centers around Flora MacKenzie, the owner and proprietor of the charming local bakery who is in love with an American attorney with lots of secrets. But for Flora, when she loves, she goes all in. I so enjoy how Ms. Colgan develops the various island relationships, small town country atmosphere, and keeps each character interesting. 5 stars for pure, sweet fun and some recipes thrown in for good measure. This is the second novel following “The Café by The Sea” but you can read them as a stand-alone. Just read them! #sigh #FloraMacKenzie #Mure #Scotland #selkie #bakery #scones #food #fun  #enjoy #fivestars #books #book #read #literary #reading #fiction #novel #booknerd #Ilove2read #iLive2read #booklover #readit #bookstagram #reader #romantic #booknerd #bookworm #bibliophile
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January 12, 2018
This book encompasses such a lot – love, family, resettlement of refugees, island life, to mention just a few – and it’s so well written you feel yourself being absorbed into the island of Mure and the endless beach.

The author includes a small section of information catching you up on who is who, what, where and why and this sets the scene beautifully. Instead of trying to work everyone out, I just sank into the story – and a wonderful story it is. Life is real on Mure, everyone has their everyday issues to deal with and while they spend their lives in an idyllic setting, very few have idyllic lives. Getting to know the inhabitants is a sheer delight, and it wasn’t without a hint of sadness that I reached the final page. The characters are, without exception, very endearing and island life is clearly laid out for the reader. I’ve always enjoyed Jenny Colgan’s novels but I think I have a new favourite in The Endless Beach.

My thanks to publishers Sphere for approving my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.
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July 27, 2018
Quite simply, this is the best audiobook that I have ever listened to. It was like getting a hug from a book. Jenny Colgan is the perfect summer read and the The Endless Beach was a delightful follow-up to Cafe by the Sea. I loved going past the supposed "happily ever after" of the first book with Flora, Joel, Fintan, Coltan and the rest, only to discover that this happiness is something that doesn't come easily. This one was both sad and uplifting. If you get the chance to listen to the audio version, it is well worth it. Sarah Barron moves effortless through accents, making this book something special.
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August 20, 2019
I really enjoyed the first book in this series but this one was just ok for me. I usually pick up her books when I'm looking for a light escape read, but this one had quite a bit of darkness in it.

The refugee crisis was part of it, which is the part I'm actually glad she included, but then someone had a nervous breakdown and someone else became terminally ill, and I just didn't want to go there. It just became too dark as a whole.

So it was just OK. The audio version was also, for me, not great. The Scottish accents were excellent, but the American ones left a lot to be desired.

Pretty meh overall.
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September 18, 2018
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Jenny Colgan and everything she has ever written. This series is especially magical :-) LOVE.
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January 23, 2018

Lately Jenny Colgan was proving with her every new release what a brilliant author she is, and each of her book was better than the previous one. However, with "The Endless Beach", she has probably outdone herself - this book is perfect in every way. I would go that far and say that it's probably Jenny Colgan's best yet. This book has fulfilled all of my expectations and more. It is heart - warming, uplifting, emotional and incredibly realistic, and written in this brilliant and unmatchable Jenny Colgan's writing style.
This is a sequel to "The Summer Seaside Kitchen" that can be read as a standalone, but I personally would recommend to read the first book as well - even though there is a reminder in the letter from Jenny at the beginning of "The Endless Beach", which is very helpful btw, the first book was equally gorgeous and I think it will let you to understand the characters and their actions much better.

In "The Endless Beach" we're back to the island of Mure and the characters that I already love plus some of the new ones, that are equally adoring. Flora's storyline was supposed to be the main one, and well, yes it was, but she shared the book pages equally with the other characters, whose stories and backgrounds and present were as intriguing and hooking as hers. To be honest, I have a feeling that this time the male characters' subplots were more prominent in this story, which only made it feel refreshing and even more interesting (as if it were possible!). This time it were the men that were hiding something, not the women! The story of Saif was heart - breaking. It was very actual and even though I may think it is a topic that doesn't necessarily belong in fiction, I could give the author a standing ovation for writing it this way and for finding the courage to make one of her lead character a refugee. It was brilliant to see that the islanders - of course, after initial reservations - accepted him with open arms and what they did later when he brought someone to the island was absolutely gorgeous. His story was such an eye - opener, too, and I fell for him immediately, and I could cry when reading about his past. It was great to be back with Fintan, who can finally be himself and I loved his relationship with Colton, how much in love they were with each other, how they were around each other. There was of course a secret involved and even though I might have started to suspect something, the reveal has totally took me by surprise, took my breath away and made my cry because it was written in such a beautiful, sweet, gentle way, and you could feel through the pages the love and desperation there. Joel... I really don't know how it is possible to write such raw emotions, I think Jenny Colgan has just got into his head.
The author didn't forget about our girls, of course. Flora and Lorna's feelings and emotions are true to life. It was brilliant to see what's happening in their lives after we have left them behind, closing "The Summer Seaside Kitchen". I must admit, I have expected that Flora's life and her relationship with Joel would be plain sailing but it turned out it is far from this. They had their ups and downs and there were some moments that I got a headache as it seemed they just can't communicate with each other in a normal way. I so wanted to bang their heads together because I so wanted this relationship to work and it just seemed that they rub each other up the wrong way, they're getting hot and cold with each other all the time. This relationship was so genuine and so raw, they both felt so vulnerable in it because they loved so much but didn't know how to show this, and it made me feel so, so desperate! Flora has such a big heart, and not only when it comes to be generous when running her own business, no, she's just a wonderful, good natured person. There is so much passion in her in all aspects of her life, she doesn't do things halfway through and I just kept everything crossed for her and for Joel. He was distant and sometimes I wanted to shake him but I also knew that there is a reason to his behaviour, and even though we don't know till almost the end what it is, there was something in Joel that made you fell for him immediately and to understand him without knowing more.
But one of the best characters must be AGOT, and when you read the book you'll know why I write her in capitals.

The way the story went and the many subplots took me by surprise, I must admit, I think I have expected something different. Not sure what but whatever it was, this story just tug at my heart strings, it was full of emotions and feelings. There was this magic that you always look for in the book that you read, there were brilliant storylines and characters that you could die for, as they so got under your skin. This writing was just one and only. It was beautiful, it enveloped you and you just didn't want to put this book down.

The setting in this story couldn't be more perfect! I fell in love with the wild island of Mure when reading the first book, and this story only reinforced me in this feeling. I think I would feel completely contended there. There was a brilliant community feeling that was especially visible at one of the weddings when the author so beautifully put it into words that it is the most important thing for the islanders and even though they're not officially invited, they are invited, they can come and feel at home, and it was brilliant. The author lets us know the ins and outs of the little school run by Lorna, the island living and its villagers, when they know your comes and goes better than you yourself but they only mean well.

"The Endless Beach" was a real escapism and it is really so hard to put into words how great this book was. There was everything I was looking for from Jenny Colgan and even more. It was full of laugh out loud moments, as well as many poignant ones, it was full of heart and understanding and with incredible depth. It made me hold my breath and then start to hope again. There was the lovely mention of the mystery of myth, that I simply adored, there was this close knit community, it brought to us some new and fresh perspectives of characters that usually are not introduced in such stories. I really didn't want this book to come to an end and if you haven't read this enchanting story yet, drop everything and treat yourself - but be warned that you're going to disappear for a few hours, as it's just unputdownable.

Copy provided by the publisher in return for an honest review.
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April 6, 2022
This was a great book to follow up on the Mure series. I read book 1, but had not had time to go through and read the next book in the series until now. I liked this book, didn't love it. I think it clearly shows the issues between Flora and Joel and how unhealthy their relationship was and honestly I really thought the whole thing got tied up way too neatly. I assume that will come back to bite them in the next book. But the clear star of this book was Saif. We get to follow him and all of things he had to do to get his children back and get them back to Mure. The biggest issue why I could not give this book 5 stars though was the whole plot with Colton. I am sorry, I ended up disliking the character a lot for what he did and I just in general hated the entire thing. The book has a nice rhythm to it, but certain parts felt a bit hollow. I think when Joel came back to Mure the flow of the book just got kind of hazy at that point. I just lost interest in him. And I don't think Colgan meant to do this, but Joel's mental health seemed to be just hey get some rest, eat some food, etc. and not really getting into what was going on there. It still felt even at the end that Flora and Joel were not on equal footing.

"The Endless Beach" follows Flora who is thrilled that she is finally with her former boss, Joel. They are on Mure enjoying the winter days/nights with each other. Only one fly in the ointment is that Joel is constantly being flown all over the place since he is a lawyer for the rich Colton. Joel doesn't share much of himself with Flora and all they tend to do is sleep together. Joel needs Flora to keep him centered and happy, but she needs more. After a disastrous trip to surprise Joel in New York (sorry I was on his side on that one) the twosome seem to drift apart. Along with that there is a secret that seems to have come between Colton and Joel. And Saif finally hears news of his children and tries his best to keep things quiet, but the residents of Mure have no qualms about butting in.

Flora reminds me a bit of other characters that Colgan has written. I just got bored by the whole Charlie/Jan thing. It was dumb. You did not date. You kissed him. The end. I was over it and started to hate to see those names at all. But Flora deciding she needed more than what Joel was ready to give her I thought was good. Too often we have romance novels where you have a woman just get crapped on by the hero, but they say they love you and everything is okay. I still don't know if this is a relationship to be rooting for.

I loved, loved, love Saif's character and the whole star-crossed love aspect of his relationship with Lorna. His plot saved this book for me.

I don't want to spoil, but the other plot point...sigh.

The writing was very detailed and the flow was really good throughout the book.

The setting of Mure always feels magical and otherwordly and it definitely feels that way again at times.

The ending though. Sigh. There's so much tension and I just don't know if I want to read the next book or not.
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October 15, 2020
3.5 Me ha gustado menos que la primera parte , supongo que tiene algo de continuación porque queda un tema sin cerrar....
La actitud de Joel me ha desesperado en muchos momentos, lo siento pero no he podido empatizar con el .
Sigue fascinandome la historia de la isla, sus habitantes y los secundarios
Hay momentos y diálogos muy buenos que me hacen dudar a dar más estrellas....
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