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Canada In Decay: Mass Immigration, Diversity, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians

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Canada In Decay is the first scholarly book questioning the undemocratic policy of mass immigration and racial diversification in Canada.

374 pages, Paperback

Published August 1, 2017

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Ricardo Duchesne

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October 10, 2019
Superb read

Richard explains the treachery placed on the English speaking European settlers by vote hungry politicians commencing with Pierre Trudeau Their culture has been destroyed by ruthless attacks by traitors both conservative and liberals. Their country has been besieged by tens of millions of immigrants whom are encouraged to celebrate their own native culture and identity while mocking and insulting the original English speaking settlers of European descent that built the country
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6,643 reviews25 followers
July 6, 2019
A racist book about how the sky is falling if there are less than 99% White Christian trash. Two centuries ago when the trash was overflowing from Europe 20:1, now that was different.
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2 reviews
November 6, 2022
The July 5, 2019 review is proof of how much Canada is in decay when you can publically dehumanize a race of people, and their religious affiliation by referring to them as "trash".
1 review
February 6, 2020
Very interesting and insightful. Canada truly has taken a shocking turn away from the Canada we knew of our youth.

Also, for the readers: Amazon seem to want to hinder the book - they've selectively deleted 70 customer reviews of the book (read the story here: https://www.eurocanadian.ca/2020/01/a...)

I also hope to read another of Duchesne's books, so I'll try review that when I have.

Readers may also be interested to get a taste of Duchesne's work by listening to one of his interviews - there are several online. Here's one I found which seems to have some reference to Canada: https://redice.tv/red-ice-radio/canad...
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41 reviews
January 26, 2022
A classic book of Canadian type of racism, I used some quotes from this book several times in my grad school and every time my white Canadian professors and peers seemed embarrassed . Can’t say I don’t like this book for the author is a brave racist and he does have a way to legitimize his views. He has every right to express his hatred towards nonwhite Canadians, that’s the spirit of western free speech. It might sound sarcastic what I wrote, which I am, yet not entirely. I do appreciate the author showing me the mindsets of a certain group of Canadians, which otherwise I would’ve never know.
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338 reviews32 followers
September 23, 2019
Primarily about demographics and the process of depoliticization of immigration policy along with some insights on communitarianism. Seems to want to say collective values can only really result through ethnogenesis and can't be successfully pedagogically imposed by a [post-national] state. The quantitative economic criticism is probably contestable and a lot more emphasis on the juridical transformations would have been nice. Lots of valuable citations but could of been presented in a lot less polemical fashion.
120 reviews
December 13, 2019
This is like an autopsy report for Canada. Canada's well on its way to collapse and the electorate is in favour of it. The battle was already lost before most even realized there was a fight.
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