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Ward Security #1

Psycho Romeo

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The Ward Security Series is a spin-off of the Unbreakable Bonds Series.

Geoffrey Ralse is known for being the life of the party. He loves the club scene, hanging with his friends, and flirting with whomever catches his eye. He certainly isn’t going to stop living his life just because some would-be stalker starts sending him threats.

But it all changes when Geoffrey is drugged and wakes up half naked in his own home with a new message from his stalker.

He needs help and there’s only one person he trusts…

Protective Agent Sven Larsen has been fighting Geoffrey’s flirtatious advances for months, even though he’s impossibly drawn to the man. There’s no way he can be around him twenty-four/seven and not finally crack. But one look at Geoffrey’s haunted eyes, and he knows there’s no way he’s letting Geoffrey walk out of Ward Security without him.

Even if it means breaking his own rules, he will keep Geoffrey safe.

Trigger warning: There is a very short section with sexual assault that some could find upsetting.

260 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 27, 2017

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About the author

Jocelynn Drake

106 books2,617 followers
New York Times Bestselling author Jocelynn Drake loves a good story, whether she is reading it or writing one of her own. Over the years, her stories have allowed her to explore space, talk to dragons, dodge bullets with assassins, hang with vampires, and fall in love again and again.

This former Kentucky girl has moved up, down, and across the U.S. with her husband. Recently, they’ve settled near the Rockies.

When she is not hammering away at her keyboard or curled up with a book, she can be found cuddling her cat Demona, walking her dog Ace, or playing video games. She loves Bruce Wayne, Ezio Auditore, travel, tattoos, explosions, and fast cars.

She is the author of the urban fantasy books: The Dark Days series and the Asylum Tales. For gay romance, she has completed The Exit Strategy and is now working on MM paranormal series, Lords of Discord. She has also co-authored with Rinda Elliot the following series: Unbreakable Bonds, Ward Security, Pineapple Grove, the Weavers Circle. She can be found at JocelynnDrake.com.

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724 reviews2,600 followers
October 26, 2017
5 Stars.

The Unbreakable Bonds series is most definitely one of my favourite series so I really wasn't sure what to expect from this spin off series.Could Jocelynn Drake and Rinda Elliott equal that? The answer is,most definitely if this first book in the series is anything to go by.I loved everything about this and,as usual,the writing and story telling was totally on point.

Geoffrey Ralse,

-5ft 5in,a pretty party boy with the twink vibe going on.Darling of social media,he has a large group of ' friends' and followers but is still lonely.Self made millionaire at the age of 19 after creating a highly successful hook up app.When his parents died he fought with everything he had to bring up and be there for his younger brother.There's a lot more to Geoffrey than his beautiful good looks.

Sven Larsen,

-6ft 7in,Norwegian his outward appearance might be intimidating but he's about a lot more than that.Working as a bodyguard for Ward security he takes his job very seriously.He's more than aware of Geoffrey as he previously attended some of his self defence classes.And Geoffrey made it perfectly clear he was interested in Sven with his sassy,flirtatious ways

When Geoffrey's carefully constructed life implodes due to a stalker he requests Sven to be his bodyguard.But will Sven be able to resist the pull of the blonde tornado that is Geoffrey?

Geoffrey moved in a sinuous, boneless fashion to the throbbing beat of the music. He was sex and temptation. Sven blinked and Geoffrey beckoned him closer with one finger. His mouth went dry. God, what was he doing with Geoffrey? And yet his feet moved, taking one step after another, while his mind still warred with his sense of self-preservation(...)

This was just delicious.These Authors have created some extremely sexy couples and Sven and Geoffrey are right up there as two of my favourites.I was practically salivating at the mental image of a 6ft 7in hunk of a man losing his carefully constructed composure over Geoffrey.But it's not just about sex.Their developing relationship was one of best I've read as they slowly begin to really get to know each other.

The stalker element is very well done,I really had no idea who it was until the end.

Highly Recommended....

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1,550 reviews3,810 followers
October 18, 2017
4-and-a-half-stars.png (716×127)

I have been on pins and needles ever since I found out, that these wonderful ladies, we're gonna write a spin-off of the "Unbreakable Bonds" series. All the books from that series have made it to my "favorite reads" list, so my expectations for this new series was pretty high.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-26712-1370537947-21.gif (500×281)

Thankfully it did not disappoint...I was hooked from the very first page! :D 

Geoffrey has been one of my favorite characters, since he was introduced in "Shatter", and I am so happy he finally got his own story, and his very own handsome and protective Viking.

Technically, since this is a new series, I think this book could be read as a stand-alone. I would advise reading the "Unbreakable Bonds Series " first though...Not only because it is a freaking awesome series, but also because it gives a little background on Geoffrey and Sven.

Drake And Elliott  22141313_2005745846374351_2429206642941445211_n.jpg (635×953)

Geoffrey was introduced in Shatter, as the sweet, hot, very persistent and young looking twink, who had a huge crush on Snow. Of course, we all know how that turned out...and if you don't...GO READ SHATTER!!

For months now, Geoffrey has had his eye on the huge handsome Viking Sven, who is not only a bodyguard at Ward Security but also teaches self-defense classes. Geoffrey loves those classes because it gives him a chance to feel Sven up.

jaydenkiss GIF

Sven has been ignoring Geoffrey and his fast and wandering hands, but he is not as unaffected as everyone might think. He has actually been attracted to Geoffery from the very beginning, but his fear of hurting someone smaller than him, has him holding back.

jaydenkiss GIF

When Geoffrey becomes the target of a stalker, the only person he trusts to keep him safe is Sven. Sven knows it will be hard (pun intended) to be around Geoffrey 24/7, but he also knows he would do anything to keep him safe...Being pushed together like this, Sven soon finds out, that keeping his distance won't be an option. Geoffrey knows exactly what he wants, and he isn't shy about it either.

Resistance is futile and Sven just doesn't have the strength to fight his feelings anymore.

kiss.gif (500×235)

These two were awesome together. I loved how sweet and caring Viking Sven was, but what really made the book for me, was Geoffrey. Like I said, I have loved him since the moment he first made his appearance, and I really appreciate, that he still has the ability to make me laugh out loud! :D

open q "Oh God," Geoffrey moaned as he grabbed the soap. "Just so you know, in the future, I plan to drop this. A lot." close q 

I found this an excellent start to this new series!

It was very sweet and hot and the mystery/suspense was very nicely done...I didn't have a clue until the end. I can't wait to see who will be next. I myself am hoping for Royce...maybe with Quinn? :P Whomever it's gonna be...

I know it's gonna be awesome and I hope there will be many many more books in this series!

I highly recommend! <3

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February 16, 2018

I stayed away from this book for months and months because of the cover and title. I don't do slasher flicks, and the word "Psycho" screams horror.

But while Psycho Romeo IS romantic suspense, it's far sweeter than a slasher flick and has no slashing, not really. That's not to say this story isn't a little scary, because it is.

Geoffrey, who invented a dating app that made him very wealthy, is a social media star. He parties with his large group of "friends" almost every night; he posts what he's going to wear and where he's going, and his groupies follow.

When Geoffrey is drugged at a nightclub and ends up at his house with no memory of how he got there or who undressed him, he's freaked out enough to hire a bodyguard.

Enter Sven.


I want a Sven.

Sven is a modern-day Viking with a heart of gold. He's big and intimidating-looking, but he cuddles babies and plays Frisbee golf.

Geoffrey has wanted Sven for ages and is not shy about showing his desires. But Sven is reluctant to get together with a small, slight man (he has reasons, although Geoffrey is SO his type), much less a client. But Sven's rules fly out the window once he gets to know the real Geoffrey, the one who takes care of his brother and has a smile for everyone.

I loved the dialogue, the plentiful steamy times (Sven and Geoffrey are ridiculously hot together), and the tentative HEA ending.

The sense of danger never overshadowed the romance; the story was nicely balanced to include both the suspense-driven plot and the relationship.

I think I've found myself a new series.
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574 reviews245 followers
December 30, 2017

Woooaaahh, this was one AMAZING book!

Right when the book started, I was sold by Geoffrey and later on by Sven. They were both sooo strong characters. The incident with Geoffrey shook him up so much that it left him reeling and feeling violated. But the efforts he put it to rebound from the dreary mood and the safety and comfort he surrounded himself with in the form of Sven, and then the efforts Sven put forth to bring the cheerful, saucy Geoffrey back, all this made me realise that their story is going to be one worth savouring. And, boy, was I right!

This was such a thorough romance (wink wink), which got helped along by Geoffrey’s quick hands, and I enjoyed the whole journey. It was great to see the short glimpse of Finn, Geoffrey’s brother, because in that short phone conversation, he showed us that he deserved all the sacrifices Geoff made for him at the age when I’m sure we all are extremely selfish and only think of our own happiness.

I fell in love with the Ward Security guys, and I am now a few moments away from buying the Unbreakable Bonds series, because the glimpses I got of the camaraderie shared between all the guys is just something that I need to read about.

And I absolutely ADORED the epilogue.

A great read, and definite recommendation for those who occasionally enjoy some suspense and fear in their romance stories. :)
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2,181 reviews387 followers
August 8, 2021
Re-read August 2021

Well, after my 6th read it seems I've gotten a bit tired of Geoffrey and Sven. ;)
I'm going with 4 stars this time.


I LOVED this one. This duo can’t seem to stop writing amazing stories.

This is a spinoff of The Unbreakable Bond series and while this can be read as a stand-alone, you would be missing out on a part of background if you skipped that series.

We met Geoffrey before as the happy twink who was crushing hard on Snow, and then flirting endlessly with Sven, the bodyguard. But Geoffrey is not just an airheaded twink, he is a young self-made millionaire who took care of his 14 year old brother after their parents died (Geoffrey was 20 at the time).

Geoffrey hires Sven when he it is clear he has a stalker. At first there were only messages, but then someone drugs Geoffrey and undresses him without his consent. Geoffrey feels shaken up by what happened and asks Rowe to please send Sven as his bodyguard, because the big blond Norwegian man makes him feel safe.

Sven has been resisting Geoffrey for months. Ever since Geoffrey took self defense lessons from him, Geoffrey hasn’t stopped flirting with him. But Sven doesn’t want to be a conquest and he is also afraid to break Geoffrey since he is so much smaller than Sven is. But of course being Geoffrey’s bodyguard 24/7 is not helping with his attraction…

I really loved these guys. Sven was the big silent type and Geoffrey the fun and happy guy with a lot of hidden depths. This book was also incredibly sexy and I loved how these guys got to know each other first before anything happened. It made the sex scenes that much more intimate, and hot, since they could both really let go.

I can’t wait for the rest of the books in this series! There is just something about this author duo that makes me want to buy any book they write.

There is great build-up, authentic dialogue, and lots of amazing sexy times. Just go read it.
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669 reviews43 followers
April 15, 2018
They couldn't have been more opposite in personality, size, income bracket... pretty much everything.
Except for the loneliness.

The twink and the gentle giant... Who would have thought they would be the perfect match?
original.gif (460×520)

Geoffrey hides his ingrained loneliness behind his sassy party boy behavior and not only that, but basically everything that defines him. None of his so-called 'friends' knows his true self and only when somebody suddenly becomes obsessed with him and stalks his every move, he desperately needs someone he can trust and feels safe with and the only person who fits the bill for him is a certain Protective Agent.

Sven Larsen resigned himself to leading a lonely life a long time ago. Except for his family, there is no one he feels comfortable enough with to share his life. Well, until he meets Geoffrey, that is. But Sven doesn't do twinks. Due to a incident in his past he shies away from men who could virtually break when he touches them. Geoffrey does his damnedest to break his resolve, though, and when he needs Sven's protection and both men are forced to be around each other 24/7, Sven recognizes Geoffrey's inner strength and his determination is crumbling faster than he can build it up again. Now he just has to keep Geoffrey alive to have a chance for love with him.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the Unbreakable Bonds series and so you can probably imagine my happy dance through my living room when I heard there would be a spin-off. Umm, okay, come to think of it, it's probably better you do not imagine it, since this could get pretty awkward. ;-) And let me tell you that my happy dance got even more frantic when some of the guys from the Unbreakable Bonds series also made an appearance here. I just love these guys!!!

And the first book in this new series did not disappoint, either. I was surprised how much I loved the characters, because I'm not really into twinks and yeah, giant men with long hair and beards are not something I find pretty sexy. So consider me surprised that both men not only worked for me, I found them simply adorable and absolutely hot together.

As to the mystery part, my inner perv was once again intrigued by the stalker trope, although I have to admit that the wrap up felt a bit rushed. For me it was fairly clear right from the start that there was only a limited number of suspects and I was so sure having figured out pretty soon who the perp was... well, until I wasn't anymore. ;-) I just love to try solving a mystery myself, and even better... I was not alone this time around.

This was a planned BR with my partners in crime Karen, Josy and Christelle and we were more than happy to welcome Jan into our circle this time. What can I say? Although the score was only 3:2 in the end as to who loved the book and who only liked it, we had a blast with this BR and I can't wait to read the next book with you, ladies! Thank you! ❤️
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1,269 reviews40 followers
September 18, 2018
*1.5 stars*
"He'd kill for his inhaler to open his airways up, but the bodyguard was a great stress reliever."

Yup. What asthma patient needs an inhaler after all that smoke when you have a hot bodyguard at hand? And that pretty much sums up my experience with that book. Sven had a magic dick allright. Geoffry's life was at stake many times but he acted like an immature, horny puppy, thinking about fucking his bodyguard in the most inappropriate times.

Flat characters, mediocre suspense plot, endless inner monologues that sometimes interrupted scenes in the most awkward way (a chair starts to fall, Geoffrey spends ten minutes thinking about Sven's ass, and then the chair finally falls). The prose is either repetitive or weirdly formulaic (the curt bodyguard said, the younger man nodded.....OMG I hate that). And so DRAMATIC!!!

Needless to say I didn't like it. At all. But I'm the minority, so take it as you will.
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2,107 reviews432 followers
March 28, 2021
3.5 Spinoff Stars!

It’s been quite awhile since I finished the 1st half of the Unbreakable series, one in which I enjoyed immensely, and the thought of a spin-off always appeals because one doesn't want to say goodbye to beloved characters. This new series features the men who work for Rowe, and all the trials they go through in finding love soooooo, realistically one should strongly consider starting with Shiver first to get the most out of this universe of kick ass men and their equally kick ass partners.

The first installment starts off with fiesty Geoffrey, who has made an appearance consistently throughout the aforementioned Unbreakable series, and though the successful rich guy portrays himself as a party hungry socialite, in reality, all he wants is to be loved and cherished. Don’t we all? When Geoffrey’s life is threatened by a stalker, Rowe and company step in to help their friend out, and Geoffrey specifically requests Sven.

Now Sven is the complete opposite of Geoffrey. A fabulous gentle giant who doesn't have a lot to say and definitely, avoids attention if he can help it. However, Geoffrey has been flirting with him for forever and close quarters and getting to know the generous outgoing man, brings down all of Sven’s defenses. Duh.

This was standard issue bodyguard falls for his charge trope, and it had good snark and chemistry, and I loved revisiting Rowe, Noah, Andrei, Snow, and Jude, as each scene brought a smile to my face.

I’m happy I finally took the plunge with this spinoff, and I quite enjoyed myself, thank you very much! I look forward to reading about the next team member finding his one and only!
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1,380 reviews649 followers
February 8, 2019

***2.5 Stars***

I absolutely love the Unbreakable Bonds series so I've been really looking forward to this spin-off. Especially knowing that the first book was going to feature Geoffrey, our energetic and flirty twink, and Sven, our quiet and hulking Viking boyguard.

However, this book was clunky and repetitive.

There were too many times where I was easily distracted....and the repetitiveness of the constant mention of the size difference between 5'5 Geoffrey and 6'7 Sven got real old, real fast. If it wasn't mentioned in comparison to each other, it was mentioned in comparison to others or just as just plain filler.

Also, while I'm used to the sweet romance and at times cheesiness of these authors, this book tipped over the edge of "too much."

Let me address the suspense element.

The scene where we discover that Geoffrey's stalker had molested him on videotape after drugging him was heartbreaking and jarring since it didn't seem that the plot would go that far. Geoffrey dealt with the realization that he was sexually abused for about a day before Sven's affection healed everything. Seriously???? Magic dick comes to the rescue. Why? Why do authors do this?

Also, later on, a simple "I love you" erases any trauma of being kidnapped, stripped naked, tied to a bed, and having the whole ordeal live-streamed on social media? For real?

"You just took the worst day of my life and made it the best. Do you hear me? The absolute best. That cancels all of that other bad shit out."

I mean it.....Seriously???? FUCKING SERIOUSLY??????????

In a nutshell, the suspense element in this book is a real head scratcher...somehow it felt underdeveloped and throwaway(ish), and yet over the top at the same time...especially the big climax.

As is usually the case for a first book in a series, the authors dropped little tidbits of information for secondary characters that will eventually get books of their own. Even though sometimes the inclusion of that information felt forced or out of place, I am intrigued about almost everyone we've met.

Though I have to admit, my favorite thing about this book was seeing the men from the Unbreakable Bonds series. All of the men are mentioned in some way and most even make an appearance, but given the way everyone is intertwined it didn't feel forced or awkward, which I'm thankful for.

Overall, this ended up being a very shaky start to a spin-off series that I'd been looking forward to.
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1,560 reviews374 followers
February 24, 2018
**4.5 Stars**

Geoffrey's got a creepy stalker. One who is leaving cryptic messages on his phone. When things escalate, he turns to Ward Security for help. His one demand is he wants Sven as his bodyguard. Sven, whom he can't keep his hands off of during self-defense classes. Sven, who stars in his late night fantasies. Sven, who keeps Geoffrey's wayward hands at a distance. But Sven isn't as immune as he thinks. Geoffrey, the blonde twink who has a social media following in the millions has been starring in a few fantasies of Sven's too.

Sven, Sven, Sven...what can I say? I want to climb you like a tree. What's not to love about a 6'7" blonde Norwegian god? I'm jealous Geoffrey got you first. He was the epitome of the perfect hero. Once he decided to make Geoffrey his, there was no holding back. He's protective and sweet. And he sees the man deep inside that Geoffrey is, not just the social media presence he shows to the rest of the world.

Poor Geoffrey. How can someone be so lonely surrounded by so many people? His "playboy" lifestyle is just a front. He aches to have someone of his own who sees the real man not some persona that people flock to for what he can do for them. I felt so bad for him at times especially when things escalate. I love how he relentlessly pursued Sven. He wanted the man and he was going to get him!

The author did a good job of keeping the stalker a secret until near the end. I had many suspects but couldn't pinpoint one. The suspense part, especially at the end, was a little too cheesy but like I said, I had no real clue who the baddie was.

Thanks to by bestie Lyn for telling me to read this book because I was going to swoon and swoon I did.
“I don’t want this to be a fling. I want… maybe… just something… you know where we go out and do things like Frisbee golf and dinner. Or movies at home. And I get to call you mine.” “And you’re mine,” Sven replied.."
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1,108 reviews755 followers
December 19, 2018
*** 3 Stars ***

Well crafted MCs
Good chemistry - in fact they were super hot.
Great banter - sassy Geoffrey

with his quick grabby hands

and quiet and taciturn Sven,

couldn't be more different but that was the beauty of it. They really meshed.
Now, the bad news: the suspense and mystery were crap. There was no thrilling moments no fluttering feelings, no butterflies, I didn't feel scared for Geoffrey - even in the final moments, meh.
On another note, I had a blast buddy reading this with Karen, Christelle, Josy and Simone.
Josy and I are sticking together around 3- ish stars, the other trio enjoyed it much more! So, better wait for their reviews ;-)

Thank you girls !! <3
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3,428 reviews
June 5, 2019
Another wonderful collaboration between two very talented authors. I am a huge fan of the Unbreakable series and the new Ward Security series is going to be just as good.

We met Geoffrey in the Unbreakable Series and all of the die hard fans of that series was looking for his story......and boy was this ever good and so worth the wait. With Geoffrey picking up a creepy stalker, he seeks the help of Ward Security, specifically the tall, gorgeous Sven. It was amazing to see the shift in dynamic between the two. There was an amazing story here and the twists and turns were written especially well.

Let's not forget how steamy these two men were together. I'll never look at a bedroom door again without thinking of those two!!! This book has it all: mystery, laughter, hot and steamy relations between two beautiful men and the start of a wonderful new series. We all can't wait for the next book...........we know it will be good!
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1,894 reviews401 followers
November 2, 2018
I'm all for the strong, silent type so it's a no brainer that I was going to fall hard for Sven and I was a little worried I wasn't going to be too crazy about Geoffrey. How wrong I was! They say dynamite comes in small packages and Geoffrey is all dynamite. Strong, resilient, knows what he wants and works for it. A total cutie and just what Sven needed.

Loved it!

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808 reviews
November 6, 2017
Spin-off of the “unbreakable bonds” : what made me enjoyed this previous series is all there. I like the trope with the bodyguard with some suspense and very hot MCs, so I enthusiastically dived into this one with Karen, Simone, Josy and Jan (IKR : great company !!...not to mention, great visuals) and was not disappointed.

Geoffrey is a Golden party boy and is all over the social medias. It’s fun, until it’s not fun anymore : one night, he got drugged and lost the memories of a secret “admirer” putting him back home in bed. The police are not really interested, so he decides to hire Sven, a bodyguard he has been flirting with for quite a time.
Of course, Sven did notice the flirting but always keeps a professional and cool façade. But not for lack of interest, quite the contrary. And being with the sassy, touchy and teasing Geoffrey, “the Tornado”, 24/7 is not helping to stay composed. Especially when the threats against Geoffrey escalate.
“You’re the only person who has ever taken the time to truly pay attention to me. To truly look at me and see beyond the surface of just another clichéd twink”.
Sven couldn’t stop his snort. “I’m a six-foot-seven blond Norwegian named Sven. I dare you to out-cliché that one”.
“True. You win”.

Lots of chemistry and UST, with the promise of one partner being "thorough" and the other one being “limber”. When the pretence is over, it’s hot, hot, hot…in the shower, in the bedroom, in the pool,…

You add a decent plot with a crazy and mysterious stalker to support the romance (right until the end, I had no idea of his identity) and the cherry on the top, the appearances of the “Unbreakable bounds" characters (banter and friendship guaranteed).

All this leads to a very entertaining and sexy time. And the prospect of more to come, with this dating service security agency !!
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437 reviews328 followers
May 26, 2018

DNF @42%

Simply put, I got bored.

Geoffrey's sassiness and Sven's reluctance to admit that he is into Geoffrey was fun at first. But when you almost reach half the book with them still toying around like teenagers, it gets kinda boring and repetitive.

Plus, the mystery stalker seems kinda lame. I mean, the idea was great. But the execution could have been done a little bit better IMO. Everything seems like a child's play. Like a plot that is over-sweetened. Even with the stalker and the "dangers" in place, it seems pretty predictable and obvious to me that in the end everything will end well. I could be wrong, but hey, at this point, I ain't got no more shit left in my pockets to give.


Blog : Ya girl got a blog. Click here for more
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1,109 reviews171 followers
September 18, 2018
Spin off de la serie Unbreakeable bonds, de esta leí dos libros y me parecieron los plots tan absurdos que decidí no seguir. Pero, soy débil, y lo he vuelto a intentar con esta serie. Y las razones no pueden ser más superficiales, uno de los protagonistas mide más de dos metros, enorme, y con man bun y barba, noruego. El otro es muy bello y bla bla y por supuesto mucho más pequeño. El grande es guardaespaldas y al otro le persigue un stalker. Lo que dije, soy débil, no puede haber más cliché y yo no me podía sentir más atraída.
Al final, ha sido entretenido y los protagonistas me han gustado mucho, pero lo que es el plot y algunas situaciones, tan ridículo como en la otra serie.
Perdonadme, porque sé que tiene muchos seguidores.
Da lo que promete, yo me lo he pasado bien.
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3,279 reviews299 followers
October 24, 2017

There may be spoilers for Shiver Shatter Torch Devour from the Unbreakable Bonds series if you haven't read those yet.

Right, having had time to sit and digest this book, I have to say I don't think it could have been more perfect at telling the story of Geoffrey and Sven, two characters who appeared on the sidelines in the Unbreakable Bonds series and almost >< stole the show in their respective roles.

I've been pushing for #Geoven since Sven, all 6ft 5in plus of Viking gorgeousness, boldly walked into Rialto in Shatter to help protect Ian Pierce, a perfect mate for Geoffrey and his hands
We were introduced to Geoffrey in Shiver, with his immense crush on Snow, and he turned out to be far more than his party boy exterior when

In Psycho Romeo, the first in the spin off Ward Security series, we catch up with both Geoffrey and Sven a few months after the events in Devour and I have to admit to going into the book with some trepidation.

Could Jocelynn and Rinda pull off #Geoven - a couple that had originally started out as an "online joke" (sort of) pairing but which had taken on a life of its own when these authors decided to continue the fully fleshed out world they'd created in Unbreakable Bonds?

Well, here's where I stand up and applaud because my faith that they could pull it off was not only justified, it was taken beyond expectation to produce a story which is so perfect, not only to the two men themselves, but also to the roles they occupy within the ongoing narrative.

Geoffrey may seem like a one-dimensional party boy with his millions of social media followers and a bunch of hangers on who trail around him like bees with honey, but underneath he's lonely. He's crushing hard on Ward Security bodyguard Sven, a powerhouse of quiet muscles and a shy and reserved persona but he doesn't know how to break through and his behaviour chasing Snow has left him embarrassed around this group of put together men.

But when he wakes up practically naked with no memory of how he got home and with a threatening message on his phone, he knows the bodyguard is the only one he wants to keep him safe.

As with their previous works together, the narrative is seamlessly weaved into one cohesive plot, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint which bit Jocelynn wrote or which bit Rinda wrote outside of the obvious - Jocelynn likes blowing things up :) and the tensions are amped up as the search for Geoffrey's stalker intensifies.

Sven's busy fighting his attraction to Geoffrey while trying to keep him safe but a close call with the stalker brings all his barriers crashing down and what follows is one of the most emotional and erotic sex scenes I've ever read - especially given it happens with a door between the two protagonists!

I could write about this book ad infinitum but I think it's best experienced by someone picking it up and reading, so I'll end this review on the note that it is every bit as sexy as you would expect from these two authors.

It has high level action, it has moments where your heart is in your mouth, it has emotional connection between two men who are perfect for each other, there's the trademark humour which stops everything from becoming too dark and fraught and it has an ending which is perfect for the narrative told.

Now, who's next? I'd like to see Royce & Quinn because I think there were definitely some teasing niggles between the two but I can't think of a decent shipping name (and Rinda's already let the cat out of the bag that Quinn's getting another guy) ;)

ETA: Okay Rinda and Jocelynn spilled the beans at #GRL2017 and Quinn's going to be with Jude's ex with benefits Shane, who runs the PI agency Hollis has gone to work for - I CANNOT wait for this pairing!
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2,066 reviews
October 30, 2017
4.5 stars for the start of the spin off series .... and I loved it ! Geoffrey was the victim of a psycho stalker where threats, notes and photos were being left for him. He got scared enough that he contacted Ward security and asked for Sven, the 6’7 Norwegian Viking - Geoffrey’s dream guy. Of course there was banter between these two in Ian’s book but Sven remained stoic. However once the threat became physical and the 24/7 bodyguard role became a friendship the chemistry was undeniable and finally Sven relented. It was actually very sweet ❤️ it was awesome to have some of the guys follow through into this series and it was linked perfectly. Really looking forward to more !
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November 18, 2017
3.5 Stars!

Not bad, but didn’t wow me. Reminded me a lot of the unbreakable bonds series.

I️ thought the suspense aspect was sub-par at best. The romance was better. But I️ still wasn’t super invested in the MCs.

And much like the unbreakable bonds series it leaned towards the cheesy side at times.

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June 5, 2020
4 Stars

Effortlessly engaging, deliciously sexy, and low in angst, Psycho Romeo is the first story in the Ward Security romantic-suspense series.

Short in stature, but big in personality, Geoffrey Ralse is a social media sensation who happens to have more followers than true friends to his name. As a self-made millionaire, Geoffrey spends his time working tirelessly on his next app idea by day and frequenting Cincinnati’s hottest clubs by night, sharing his party adventures with his countless fans and followers. He’s popular, but it’s only when Geoffrey’s life becomes threatened by a stalker that he realizes the depth of his loneliness.

Enter Sven Larsen. The Norwegian born bodyguard is the definition of a gentle-giant; he’s physically intimidating at 6’7” but he’s a kind, quiet soul, taking pride in his job at Ward Security. When Geoffrey hires Ward Security to help him with his stalker problem, he requests Sven on his personal protection detail—a preexisting acquaintance that links back to previous stories from Drake and Elliott’s Unbreakable Bond series. Sven is apprehensive about getting too close to the beautiful, flirty man, who has been tempting him for over a year, but he also doesn’t trust anyone else to do the job with quite as much focus and care as he will where Geoffrey is concerned.

Although professional standards demand that Sven keep his head in the game while on the job, he can’t quite stop the growing attraction he feels for Geoffrey, which he knows once acted upon, could lead to the once-in-a-lifetime kind of love they’ve both been longing for, for so very long.

What ensues is a story full of suspense and romance, with off the chart’s chemistry between Sven and Geoffrey that is simultaneously hot as hell and deeply tender.

The whodunnit nature of the stalker plot was a bit confusing, simply because there was an overabundance of smaller characters introduced into the suspect pool very early on, and I couldn’t quite keep them straight, but other than that, I don’t truly have any complaints about how the story played out.

As a spin-off of Drake and Elliott’s popular Unbreakable Bonds series, some readers will be pleased to know that many fan favourites make welcomed appearances here—probably to the degree that I wouldn’t recommend reading this as a stand-alone, if given the choice. As reading order goes, Psycho Romeo is probably best read after book four of the UB series (Devour), but if new readers are ever in doubt, I simply recommend tackling the two interwoven series in their entirety, preferably in release date order!

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun reading this one. I adored Geoffrey and Sven and was so happy with how their romance played out. If this series is anything like its predecessor series, then I know I'm sure to love it!
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October 29, 2017
I really enjoyed the Unbreakable Bonds series and loved all its main characters. I was delighted and worried at the same time when the news about a spin off series came. Of course, I wanted ‘more’, but we all have seen spin offs go seriously wrong or end up as pale imitations of the original.
I needn’t have worried.

We met both MCs of Psycho Romeo as secondary characters in Unbreakable Bonds.
Sven was a reliable bodyguard to Ian at one point, and Geoffrey, the golden party boy, was notoriously infatuated with Snow in book 2.
While Sven always came across as one of the good guys (solid, dependable, quiet and dedicated), Geoffrey gave a different impression altogether. He is the ultimate flirt, never serious and always out to have a good time.

While earlier books gave us clear hints that there was some interest between the two men, we could never be sure … until now.
Geoffrey’s partying life style and presence on social media seem to have a serious backlash – he has got a stalker. When things get out of hand and his privacy is compromised, he asks Ward Security to protect him, with Sven as his bodyguard.

So, a typical ‘bodyguard romance’, and three ‘yeses’ to that!

Sven likes smaller guys but has severe reservations of giving into Geoffrey’s advances. Of course, you don’t ‘fraternize’ with clients. There is another reason why he keeps denying himself what he really wants, which imo could have been explored in more depth, but I was happy enough to roll with it.

Geoffrey loves big guys like Sven and has hankered after his ‘Viking’ for months. He would also like to be taken seriously for the man he is, not the one that millions can see on social media. The guy who brought up his brother and worked his socks off to get to where he is now.

I really loved both of them, the slow burn between them, the increasing UST as they spend more time together, and the slow development of deeper feelings.

The plot itself did remind me of Unbreakable Bonds a lot, albeit not as tense and action-loaded. Most of the book is relationship based which was fine with me!

I would definitely recommend reading the Unbreakable Bonds series before you embark on this one. Although you could manage reading it as a stand-alone, quite a few of the characters from the original series make appearances and lots of references to the earlier books are made. So knowing them will definitely help you get to grips with all the people mentioned.

Final verdict: great entertainment, lovable guys, fun story

ARC received from author via Indigo Marketing And Design in exchange for an honest review
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June 7, 2019

Talk about opposites attract.

We got to know both these characters in Unbreakable Bonds. Sven Larsen is the quiet gentle giant. His size may be intimidating but he’s not. It does however alienate him a bit since he’s worried he could hurt a smaller lover.

Someone like Geoffrey Ralse for example. The attraction between these two has sizzled for a while now but Sven would never act on this attraction.

Geoffrey is the life and soul of the party. The handsy guy who looks way younger than he is. The one with the massive crush on Snow.

Geoffrey appears to have the perfect life. He’s young, rich, successful and popular. He’s always on social media living his life in the spotlight. But this has gained him a stalker. A stalker who’s just upped the game.

Geoffrey’s life is a bit of a facade. It’s all superficial really including most of his so called friends. He’s lonely. He wants a partner someone to love and someone who’ll love him in return. He wants Sven.

But the stalker is getting closer. Far too close and the only person that makes Geoffrey feel safe is the big Viking.

I loved Geoffrey in Unbreakable and I loved him here. Same goes for Sven. These two are perfect together and it’s true opposites do attract.

So it’s straight onto the next one for me.
May 29, 2022
*looks at those eyes*


*Looks at the Swoon Worthy Viking*

*Deep breath*
Ooh my yes...

Geoffrey big heart, smart kind responsible and lovable. His family aspect ...his brother I wanted more.

Sven. Just wow! He was such a beautiful character! I loved everything about him, kind, beautiful inside and out, protective and simply precious. And his sis...awesome!

Their chemistry was super good. This romance was a sweet sexy slow burn.

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November 6, 2017
4.75 stars.

This is Sven and Geoffrey's story and ever since I read about them in the Unbreakable Bonds series, I knew that I needed to know more about them. They intrigued me so much. And it was everything I wanted.

And to be honest? I liked this a tad bit more then the other series. Their chemistry was off the charts and I loved all the action that was involved. Sure, I was hesitant to get into this because I wasn't sure if they'd - Jocelyn and Rinda - be able to pull it off after writing some of the most unforgettable books I've ever read but they did it.

And I couldn't be happier. I do hope that there's more books! Because I love all of these guys and I was so happy that majority of the people made an appearance here.
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September 18, 2018
Reviewed for Sinfully.

3.5 stars

This was my first book by these authors and it was an entertaining opposites attract romance between intense bodyguard Sven and his outgoing client Geoffrey.

I did like both main characters, especially Geoffrey. A self-made millionaire at a very young age, he has cultivated an online persona that doesn’t fully represent him and has garnered him a group of hangers-on, none of whom he is sure are really friends or people he can count on. This comes even further to light after a video surfaces of the night he was drugged at a club and then sexually assaulted. He had been receiving threatening text messages previously, but since the police aren’t taking him seriously he enlists the help of his friend’s company and hires a bodyguard.

Sven is a big, giant of a man. The perfect bodyguard type, he is tall, quiet and intimidating, but really he’s a big softie, especially when it comes to Geoffrey. Geoffrey is a non-stop flirt and rather than being put off by it, Sven has been fighting his attraction for months. Now that he is Geoffrey’s bodyguard he has another reason to put off the client who never misses an opportunity to touch him. But being near Geoffrey 24/7, it doesn’t take too long for Sven’s good intentions to crumble. The question is then, can he continue to assure Geoffrey’s safety once the two of them are involved?

I had trouble buying Sven’s fear of being with a smaller man. Sven is all control and holding back, but an incident when he was a child has him swearing off ever being with a smaller man as an adult, which is just the type of man he is attracted to. It was a bit of a stretch for me, but he did seem to get over it rather quickly. The not sleeping with a client was the issue that made more sense.

Once they break that final rule and start a personal relationship there were definitely some very hot moments. The two men have great chemistry and I enjoyed Geoffrey’s snark and the fact that Sven is thoroughly entertained by it. I thought Geoffrey’s character was better developed than Sven, and I really got a sense of the person under the outward good–time party boy.

The mystery also worked for me as I had no idea who in the small group of possible suspects the stalker was until the reveal. I have to admit I was expecting a darker story based on the title, cover and blurb, and what Geoffrey goes through is very serious and disturbing. There were plenty of joking and light moments between the two main characters though and the story was definitely more relationship focused much of the time. There was also a good bit of action as Geoffrey’s stalker gets bolder.

When I first picked up the book, I hadn’t any indication it was a spin-off of the authors’ popular Unbreakable Bonds series, which I haven’t read. I think if I had previously read those books, I would have enjoyed this one even more. Every character has appeared in those books and while I had no trouble following the plot, the two men have a history that started in those stories and there are a number of other characters and events referenced from that series that, if I had read it, probably would have meant something to me. Instead there were times where it felt like I was being given a lot of background information about past events and characters who playing a very small part in this story. It really felt like a continuation of a series for me rather than a distinct spin-off.

Based on this reading experience though, I will be giving the previous series a go. The story flowed well and kept me entertained throughout. It will probably work best for fans of the authors’ prior work, but can be read as a standalone, especially if you’re a bodyguard-client romance fan.

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May 28, 2019
3.5 stars!! 💕💕. The plot was high on action, mystery and steam.... and Geoffrey, who had come off looking a little shallow in the previous books in the Unbreakable Bond series, is a pleasant surprise since we get to know him a little more and see that his shallowness is just a protective shell to hide his loneliness & vulnerabilities. However, for the first time in his life he feels scared by an anonymous threat and goes to Rowe for help. There is a stalker threatening Geoffrey who is most likely one of his million followers and Sven and his Ward Security brothers get tasked to hunt down this stalker while protecting Geoffrey. He brings out all of Sven's protective urges and that's when all the fun begins. 😍.

The mystery aspect was a little OTT but the sizzle between the two made up for the improbable parts. Also, the story was a great showcase on how social media can become a menace and how one can get a false sense of society and friendship in this virtual world and miss out on real friends and actual relationships. Highly recommended to all fans of the "Unbreakable Bond" series. While not quite like that series and without the large personalities of Lucas, Snow etc.. this is still a nice start to a series with familiar names and similar plot themes. 😍👍
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August 19, 2018
Finished and omg, I could not put this down. The relationship between these two sparked and sparkled and lit up the pages.

I absolutely adored Geoffrey and Sven together. I fell in love with BOTH of them.

As much as I didn't care for the short stories following the Unbreakable Bonds books, I desperately want the same short stories for this one.

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